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  1. Helpful Items

    I created this while trying to find a spawn trigger. A metal cylinder in the droid shop on Tatooine can be bashed open (you would otherwise need very high security skill). It has a beam splitter, an improved energy cell, an energy projector, and Jedi Master robes (two blue, two red). This was to help finish upgrading weapons and to give the player more robe options. Further, if you add all .utp files in this to your Override folder, you will find Ulic Qel Droma’s Mesh Suit if you search the corpses in the Shyrack Caves on Korriban.



  2. Larger Text Fonts for KOTOR 1!

    Have you tried playing KOTOR 1 at any resolution above 1080p? Then you have surely noticed that the text and font do NOT scale with higher resolution!
    As a result, text can look embarassingly small in the menu, dialogue, and HUD.
    Fortunately, this mod contains many sorts of font files that the game can use, sorted by size! Now you can play KOTOR in 4k resolution without needing to squint to see important text.
    These fonts were NOT my creation, they were found and extracted from the Russian version of the game which inexplicably has larger fonts with a variety of sizes (on top of being able to work in English as well).
    Hopefully everyone who wishes to play KOTOR in high resolution will get to have a more enjoyable experience, and one of the more common problems facing the community can be properly addressed.
    WARNING: This is NOT compatible with KOTOR 2 TSL. This only exclusively works with K1.
    As far as I know, there are no compatibility issues with other mods.
    However if you come across any errors or something that is not working as intended, please let me know here or via my Discord: Xela#6419