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  1. N-DReW25

    JC's WIP (Now taking requests)

    I agree with that. Most people are interested in the actual machine than the new crystals anyway but you could work on the new crystals as a later update or addon mod when you get the chance to fix whatever broke. I've actually made mods on those items you are referring to. Arca Jeth's robes existed as some sort of placeholder item in the 401dxn module, along with other items, and where called "Master Arca's Robes" and had totally different stats. I restored these cut stats in this mod but kept the original name, price and texture. I am fairly confident Arca's Robes are in the random loot because the Master Arca Robes in the Dxun placeholders is entirely separate from the actual vanilla robe, if the vanilla Arca's robe wasn't in the loot in vanilla it definitely would be in TSLRCM. Also nearly all of those other Dxun placeholder items I've restored with my Dxun/Onderon Item Restoration Pack, most them where done except for some descriptions which I wrote up for them and the stats of some of them where horrible so I added a "Booster Pack Addon" to make them at least useable for the player. (I also restored an unused Pilot Texture for one of the items shown on the page) https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1334-dxun-and-onderon-item-restoration-pack/ I got a feeling these are all related, perhaps a third robe tier was to be added which would be the armoured robe (It'd go something like Jedi Padawan Robe, Jedi Armor, Jedi Master Robe) but it was modified into the Zeison Sha armour with the weird skirt thing. Something called "restrictive robe" exists in the baseitems.2da and it is essentially Jedi Padawan Robes with a max dex of 5. If you asked me, from the looks of the textures the unused 05 texture is the ossus robe, Novice is texture 08, advisor is texture 07 and sage is texture 10 (Assuming the advisor robe is the middle tier robe). Might I ask, what are the stats of the Novice and Sage robes again? I think we also got to look at the stats of those robes to determine the would-be stats of the advisor robe.
  2. N-DReW25

    Update From Logan23

    I'm sorry to hear that but I think you made the right choice. By any chance can the Revenge of Revan Demo be considered a Modders Resource now in addition to the source you are releasing? I hope this doesn't sound rude but it is already released and we won't have to wait a week for it to be available for us.
  3. The Sonic Imprint Sensor is used as a microphone that can record audio and play them back, apparently, this item can also act as a translator thus is how the Exile can understand aliens though my memory on that is sketchy. Let's face it, we all destroy the terminal and the door opens but if you stayed to do the puzzle the terminal has in store you would need to either go through peragus and listen to the Dock Managers (Ginger guy with goggles) logs and splice together the code to unlock the door or trick the HK-50 into speaking as the Dock Manager saying the code that you would need to open the voice locked door that required a code in the Dock Managers voice. Deleting the option to skip the puzzle would force the player to get the item.
  4. Well N-DReW25 knows how to port NPCs between games, all without the need of creating a help thread.

    1. ebmar
    2. Thor110


      This is good to know, I was going to port all content between games in order to allow for incredibly diverse level creation, stories and Total Conversions set during the Old Republic era or in the Star Wars Universe.

    3. TheRealDarthRevan


      Impressive. Most Impressive...

  5. HassatHunter made this mod so that means you should probably take his advice here.
  6. I like the sound of that. I'd like to point out though that the modules can also be used in different ways than just porting all of Tatooine to K2 for example, people could if they wanted to Port Anchorhead and maybe the K1 Dantooine and reskin it and add it as part of an Onderon Expansion where the player can leave Iziz and go explore the outside of the city, the possibilities could be endless.
  7. N-DReW25

    Carth in TSL

    Carth didn't die if you are male, he simply runs away never to be heard from again. I think on Wookieepedia someone wrote on his article that apparently Carth went into some sort of Exile should a male Revan chose to be dark side. As @DarthVarkorhas already made a Dark Side meeting in TSL for Revan I suggest, with Varkor's permission, we someone port Carth's K1 lines that were used in the movie and base the cutscene on the movie. Of course, somethings may need to be swapped around because in light side Carth knew Revan took the Ebon Hawk to Dromand Kaas and disappeared but mysteriously the Exile has returned in Revan's ship that was thought to have been gone forever, he wanted to know if the Exile knew where Revan was and if he/she found Revan tell him/her that Carth was waiting for him/her.
  8. N-DReW25

    Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge

    Is the file "ship.mod" inside the zipped BOSSR package? Maybe that, and possibly other, files didn't get extracted with the rest.
  9. This is a new one! Whenever I try to open DLG Editor to work on my GenoHaradan Legacy mod I get this strange error: Does anyone have a clue what has happened here and how I may fix it?
  10. N-DReW25

    Mira's clothing Ported to K1

    You could release that in our Download Section: https://deadlystream.com/files/
  11. N-DReW25

    MOD:JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1

    Which mod did you install first? On the top of my head, Segan Wyndh Jedi Armor has no Patch meaning if you installed that on top of JC's Cloaked Robes all I have to say is "there's your problems".
  12. N-DReW25

    Download:Helena Shan Improvement

    Kotor Tool has an option to use the game's override folder 2da files meaning it will instead use the modded 2da file instead of the vanilla 2da. Going to "options" and then "other" will get you this check box option.
  13. Try the Tomb of Az'gath Indel for TSL (I think it's called that) by DarthInsidious.
  14. N-DReW25

    Yet another Kotor Tool problem

    I found my problem and a part of me feels like an idiot but the other part tells me it wasn't my fault for not seeing this sooner. So when I reinstalled Kotor Tool it asked me for directors and if you look closely on the pic I showed it says "Illegal Characters in Path". After trying all of the above which didn't fix the problem I read my directories and Kotor 2 is set to "X:C?:\Program Files (x8?6)\Steam\steamapps\common\Knights of the Old Republic II??" I have no idea how that happened or why it would break my Tool but at least it's fixed... for now. Thank you to both of you for helping!!