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  1. This seems to be a very good mod, very innovative and worthwhile to see a Varko fix included as well!
  2. If that is the case, why not just load an earlier save and just play from there? If your mods are fine with the other saves simply reload an earlier save and from there simply progress to the game's end.
  3. Well, there's your problem. You will have to list every single mod you've installed before we can determine what your problem is, the reason for this is that without knowing what you have done no one can determine what your problem is (Think of it like this: A Doctor cannot prescribe medication to you if you keep your mouth shut the entire time). Ideally, you are required to fill this questionnaire down below as this will give modders the most detailed information to assist you.
  4. "Pure Restoration" is the 'Dustil Restoration' which was left in the game files aka this version is almost exactly as the Obsidian devs intended. The "Added Content" version has some made up content created by Fallen Guarden to fill in some holes with Dustil's plot expanding his story in TSL and what not. Hope this helps!
  5. It's literally just advertisements for other people's old mods! 😆😆😆
  6. N-DReW25


    *Sees younglings doing Fortnite Dances in the Undercity* Revan: "You get what you F*CKING DESERVE!" *Activates Lightsaber Anakin style*
  7. Strange, clicking "Load KotOR" in the instance editor doesn't do anything. I'm guessing it isn't detecting the 'chitin.key' file, for the directory does it mean "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor" for example? Or does it want something else? Here is the new error message if it helps.
  8. Speaking of Christmas come early 😃 Now, after one sets their directories in the tool are their any additional steps when it comes to opening a module in the level editor? Go to "Kotor", "Module Editor" and when I click on the "Load Module" and select .mod or .rim file it does nothing at all at the moment. Opening a .mod or .rim file gives me this error message.
  9. No. BUT... I am making a patch for Brotherhood of Shadow as we type. Previews of said patch will be released somewhere on this site at a later date. As it has a TSLPatcher I am willing to say yes.
  10. I guess after all these years some traditions just never die...


    Like releasing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords just before Christmas... and just like the last time somebody has to come along and release a special mod for it to make it playable 😆

    1. jc2



  11. For Mobile? I'd say the ES File Explorer for Android works well, for iOS I wouldn't have a clue.
  12. Does this same logic apply to 'lip' files? And if so will the lip files still work in lower case even if the audio is in upper case?
  13. Here is the problem with Extended Korriban Arrival, the mod would work with M4-78EP but the issue is that it reuses the cut lines restored in Extended Korriban Arrival which means if you use both M4-78EP and Extended Korriban Arrival you shall hear the same audio twice... though it won't break your game. Other than that, I'm unaware of any other mods from that list that would be incompatible. Oh, btw, you will need this patch in order to get M4-78 and Coruscant to work together.
  14. Compatible. Compatible. Compatible. Most likely Compatible.