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  1. You didn't include the " when you wrote N_SithAppren did you? If not, rest assured that I have fixed it regardless and will be coming soon so no need to "troubleshoot" the mod. When the update is out please use the earlier save This has been reported and will be looked upon soon. This hasn't been reported yet, I'll have a look at this as well. This is a bug that was here before, I fixed and somehow restored. This will 100% be looked at as I am certain I know what's causing it. Um... how? Are you suggesting that Davik's body is so close to Calo Nord's debree that you can't loot him? This is very new. Odd, I'll take a look at this? Was he the Human Pazaak Player, the Rodian or the Manager? This is also prevalent with Simple Weapons feats, for Canderous he's suposed to auto get Toughness via leveling up for free like how Implants used to work. At some point I will look deeper into what is causing those errors though their may be more than u can see so this won't be fixed overnight to my misfortune. Considering Canderous "Should" now have a unique clothe set for him maybe I could remove the armor, if his shield is a "Power shield" then yes I can swap that for a "melee" shield because melee shields are pretty balanced for that part of the game. Some items may be too expensive because you might be able to upgrade them, if not if you can specify any items I can take a look. The logic behind the blaster system is that only a Sniper Rifle can use "Snipe mode" or a Heavy Repeater use "Rapid Shot". You can get the prerequisites for blasters, rifles and heavy weapons but you cannot get focuses or specialists because you'll get them with a certain type of mask or implant (the same also goes for Sneak attack). Essentially, as long as you purchase the right items like you said can allow you to experiment with weapons with certain characters and allows you to change your mind on the fly (where as if you've built Canderous into a heavy repeating tank you can't just swap to a Vibrosword on the Star Forge and expect him to be a good fighter) I am going to redo the droid items at some point because A) I think they're pretty bland and I feel Kotor 2 droid items aesthetically looked better stat and description wise and B ) all droid utilities like flame throwers are infinite right now which I can agree is a bit too OP.
  2. If you can open up the "appearance.2da" using "Kotor Tool" (which can be downloaded from this site), scroll down to line "433" where it should say "Unique_Jorak" and at every instead of his line where it says "N_DarthBand" you need to replace it with "N_SithAppren" (Copy and pasting should do the trick). If you can't you can wait for the update which shouldn't necessarily be too long which will fix the bug plus more.
  3. Hello, Tulak Hord's tomb was one of the very few modules which were left untouched. In earlier builds of the mods I gave both Jorak and Uthar a Darth Bandon style armor set, I accidentally wrote a typo within Jorak's 2da line which results in the lack of model and because I didn't officially start the development of Tulak Hord's tomb I didn't notice it until ironically yesterday when it was privately reported. Within the next content update Jorak will not only be fixed but will have a reworked dialogue alongside some other Improvements to the overall tomb. Other modules which haven't done will of course be added in the next update before I begin development of the Star Forge.
  4. Interesting, I am confident those with weak PCs will find this enjoyable.
  5. A lot of them do, you'll get them from loot drops on the first visit on the Citadel.
  6. I would like to ask this: Because I see no dlg files within the zip file I'll assume that Selkath dialogue do use "Talk_Forceful" but because they lack that animation nothing happens during those animations? Because your mod adds Selkath forceful animations this should make the animations visible.
  7. I forgot to answer this, yes, this mod changes Lightsaber damage. In vanilla, Short sabers do 2-12, normal sabers do 2-16 and double sabers do 2-20. My mod makes it so that Short, normal and double sabers all do 2-20 damage (Though there may be a bug where purple sabers do 2-24 damage unintentionally).
  8. Thank you for reporting this, I will get around to checking this bug out so that it may be fixed in the next big content patch. Reason for this, I'm certain we've all had enough of downloading the same 195 megabyte file for one little fix.
  9. That's 100% a bug which will be dealt with shortly.
  10. At this moment, no, unless you're ok with hearing nothing at all then all you'd need to is delete the streamwave mp3 files. I told you this mod was going to be a whole new experience, the music is from the cancelled Revenge of Revan and vanilla TSL. In the future, I will go through and create the files for an optional installation which restores the vanilla music (But this may be a while).
  11. I think these are the droids you're looking for- https://www.lonebullet.com/models/download-padme-amidala-pc-knights-of-the-old-republic-model-free-3825.htm