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  1. N-DReW25

    Extended Enclave (TSLRCM add-on)

    TSL was released unfinished meaning it lacked some content and was full of bugs. In the leftover files, modders have found the incomplete content and unused audio VO to make this mod and the big "The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod" which restores most of the content. You will, of course, find "custom/restored" content mods like this which restores content that lacked too much content, to begin with. Some VO lines have been spliced together in this mod to make a new custom line using the original VO actors, though this method is quite limited. I'd recommend TSLRCM 1.8.5 from this website or moddb as a mandatory mod and this mod on top of it as well as any other mods you want to install, as long as they are compatible with TSLRCM. If you use PartySwap the mod which allows you to recruit the Handmaiden and Disciple at once you require an additional patch also found on the site.
  2. N-DReW25

    Game breaking bar shaddaa glitch

    Have you completed every single thing you can possibly do on Nar Shaddaa? It won't trigger if you haven't done enough side quests.
  3. N-DReW25

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    Would textures worth 500MB, and the fact they are skyboxes, cause any severe lag during gameplay and/or increased loading times?
  4. N-DReW25

    N-DReW's K1 Gameplay Improvement DEMO

    I'd say there would be a handful of aliens serving in the Sith, though clearly not as many as humans though. Whilst the Empire was anti-alien some aliens did, in fact, work for the Empire, Thrawn is the biggest example of this. The Empire was inspired by Nazi Germany who used "Storm Troopers" as their paramilitary for the party, but more importantly, they did use foreign volunteers from both their occupied territories and overseas including a "Free Arabian Legion". So using both NG and the Empire in the context of Kotor Sith it would make very logical sense to use small amounts of alien Sith. That, and using aliens is easier when it comes down to the VO.
  5. N-DReW25

    Backstroke of the Old Republic

  6. N-DReW25

    TSL Restored Content Mod

    What other mods did you install along with TSLRCM? If you did install mods I'd suggest reinstalling TSL, install TSLRCM and not use the mods which are incompatible with TSLRCM because those mods are what are breaking your game.
  7. N-DReW25

    N-DReW's K1 Gameplay Improvement DEMO

    I imagine that DP's TOR Rodian handed models will essentially be a new body model which will require the Rodian hand texture be attached to the armour textures from the mod and have them mapped correctly to display the armour and the hands. Should I do try this I will need to wait until the mod is done because I might add more armours for Rodians as well as the fact Rodians in my mod wear more than just armour, for example, Rodians can be Sith Officers and in the future, there might be more.
  8. N-DReW25


    I'm not going to say your idea is bad but rather... infeasible. What with TSLRCM being used by 99% of TSL Players you would need to make it compatible, not only the complex plot of TSL and the complexity of how TSL is set up, but you will also need to make it compatible with that mod. Considering you are removing Goto, a central character to the plot, you would likely break the existing plot as well as the compatibility of other mods for such a minor and insignificant character. Plus, why are you even asking that here? This mod simply adds Disciple and Handmaiden into the TSL game together and adds an item to "swap" them out as there aren't enough slots to accommodate the both of them.
  9. N-DReW25


    Cloaked Jedi Robes belong to JCarter whilst this mod belongs to Jc2... two completely different people. And no, these robes in this mod use the vanilla K1 model... unless Jc2 ever decides to do a "cloaked patch" of sorts.
  10. The more you look at this mod download page the worse it gets


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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      To those wringing their hands at this model's existence and commenting in this Status Update: Congratulations.  You've successfully advertised it.

    3. Canderis


      I'm going to remove that link now.

    4. Mephiles550


      I don't see the problems, feels like a pretty good tribute to all those wonderful MS paint reskin mods we got back from around 2004-5. I almost feel nostalgic.

  11. N-DReW25

    MOD:[K1] Tach's Grunt Readjustments

    I guess in the end I guess you could say @ebmarwas the one who got fooled by the administrators.
  12. N-DReW25

    N-DReW's K1 Gameplay Improvement DEMO

    Yep, which obviously means more aliens that usually can't wear armour will be added to wear armour just like the Rodian.
  13. N-DReW25

    N-DReW's K1 Gameplay Improvement DEMO

    As for the two alternate downloads with simply the visual changes and the gameplay changes being separate that will have to wait until the full mod is released so that I know exactly what is final and what isn't. Do keep in mind, this is a Demo and bugs are to be expected but if you do find a bug I will happily fix it should it be reported. As for the picture, at some point, I will go back around to Tatooine and fix them up by adding more variants of miners for Anchorhead.
  14. N-DReW25

    TSL Restored Content Mod

    It is included.
  15. N-DReW25

    Bugs and minor inconveniences with TSLRCM 1.8.5

    I played through a leaked Beta of that and when I got to the Red Eclipse Boarding scene the camera was never animated and instead just showed various cameras of various parts of the ship showing it to be empty.