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  1. Unfortunately for me, my Wifi at my house has broken which means my PC cannot connect to the internet.


    This may be bad for some of you because I havr an update for the K1 Gameplay Improvement ready to ship out (In the mean time, I will just be fixing whatever bugs I find in it so expect a long list of added/fixed features)


    My Steam has also logged me out meaning I can't access Kotor 2 at all (Kotor 1 is fine as I can use the exe for that) meaning that any Kotor 2 mods I was making will be put on hold.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Good luck getting the wifi fixed.

    2. Domino5555


      What changes are you going to make to K1GI?

    3. HK-47


      You can't pay in offline mode?

  2. In the Android version I think all of the streamwaves audio is inside a file called a .ogg file, this ogg file is about 3 gigabytes or so (A big file) and this contains all the audio. I suspect the game checks this file to make sure the game was legitimately purchased and wasn't pirated thus modifying it wouldn't work (Hence is why custom audio mods for Android don't work as its impossible to get the new audio to play in-game).
  3. And what is this "silent line" of Vandars? Can you quote it so we can validate if it works on PC?
  4. With this, I do believe I have achieved what I was looking for. Thank you for your assistance.
  5. Fortunately for me, my scene with this animation is where an NPC uses the Force to levitate choke the PC like with Tobin (I used the Atton scene to demonstrate the animation I wanted, not the scene I was trying to make. Sorry for the confusion). Tbh, I didn't even see this last bit. I have an issue where as soon as the player picks a reply option he suddenly just falls to the ground and doesn't perform an animation even if the dialogue reply has another script which is supposed to raise him again, I suspect the reason he prematurely drops is because of the "-1.0" (As long as any party members under the effect don't speak, they will remain afloat). Setting the "-1.0" to "9999.0" fixes that but I do suspect that "9999.0" is a timer meaning in about 2 real life hours the animation would stop, the problem with this is that the animation won't stop even if I try to force the player to perform a new animation. Would you know of any means I can force the player to stop?
  6. Oh, alright. I have investigated a little bit and I think 1024_LIFTED_CHOKED is the animation to begin the choking animation while 1425_SIT_CHAIR_DRINK appears to be the continuation choking variant and 1026_CHOKED_DROPPED appears to be the end of it. I tried adding "11024" to the script and as it turns out it worked. The choking and rising animation played out but since the choking and floating animation is a separate animation the player simply went back to its normal idle position.
  7. If it is the animation seen in these screens then yes, those are the ones I'm looking. (Atton and Tobin) I do have a script here where an animation does play via said script though I cannot seem to find the ID value for the generic Force Crush animation "10460" in the dlg editor where the animations generally are located... yet alone the animation I'm looking for (The animation ID seems to be 1024 in the dlg but not for the script) Would it be possible to modify this script with the correct ID I need and make it so the animation plays indefinitely until a second script later on removes it and/or overwrites it with the "dropping" animation which would free the player from this animation.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if it would be at all possible to have the player character perform animations during a conversation with an NPC. What I want is for the player to play an animation during the entirety of an NPC line but also perform the same animation during the "reply menu" like the one shown down below. This specific animation is the animation in TSL where the NPC is picked up off the ground and is choking in mid air.
  9. You couldn't have said that any vaguer. Are you on a new PC? Do you have any mods installed? What exactly isn't loading? There are some essential questions that need to be answered before anyone can give you a solution.
  10. N-Drew, is there where you got your profile picture from > https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic-ii/file/new-player-character-dmhc02 ? I've always wondered...

  11. Is someone able to make contact with "Danil-ch"? The modder who made the Extended Enclave Mod.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      How long ago did you try to PM @danil-ch?

    2. N-DReW25
    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      He last visited on the 24th and he may not have the PMs set up go to his regular email.   All I can suggest is patience.

  12. I've managed to get eveything set up in the script and the git file and everything has worked out perfectly. Thank you for your assistance!
  13. N-DReW25

    Train The Disciple

    What is up with the whole "broken comlink" concept you have going here?
  14. That one worked! Thank you, I still have the med bay to worry about though. So what I want to do is show the Exile lying down on the bed, the Exile will not be going anywhere during the duration of this scene. From my quick examination of the prologue, it uses a dummy NPC with a commoner's appearance and a "<FullName>" as its name, my guess is one of the scripts (probably the onenter script) is the script which sets this dummy to look like the PC based on whatever they chose at the main menu.
  15. So I put that code into my onenter script and I got this error. In case it matters, here is the script I am trying to modify (It is a stunt module btw)