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  1. To clarify, the "placeable" sitters are placeables who appear like Rodian and Aqualish but are sitting down. You see these a lot in Cantinas and the the reason why you cannot interact with them is because they are placeables and not NPCs. Calo Nord, on the other hand, is standing inside the Speeder using a "Computer Use" animation to make it appear as if he was on the bike. I'd say you'd want to make "clones" of your NPCs and make them do the same thing Calo does. (And when I say "clones" I mean you need to remove the placeables and replace them with "clones" and just before they get off their bikes you'd need to remove these computer use "clones" so you don't see double)
  2. N-DReW25

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    Yes, in fact, GenoHaradan Legacy acts as a fix for M4-78EP because in 1.3/1.5 Grenn's fuel dialogue when you use M4-78's fuel it is poorly organised and you don't get the 1000 credits as promised. Legacy actually fixes that so it is both organised and gives the right reward! Are you using the Workshop M4-78? Because if so you'll need to install into the workshop override ofc. Sorry for not replying earlier, never got the notification. If you still experience bugs or issues please inform me of them and I will see if there is an issue. From what you've told me, it doesn't look like my mod is directly the issue though it may be a problem with something else.
  3. CarthOnasty is actually the developer of a mod which gives the Star Map a new HD Model and Texture which I am certain would be compatible with Sleheyron. Can I ask what happened to the old road modules? I recall one being in the Sleheyron Demo and one Xuul showcased a while back (That one was brimming with NPCs btw).
  4. @JCarter426 If I'm being honest with you, looking at that screenshot it looks like a fix would be quite easy to pull off... unless I'm not getting the full picture. Wouldn't this be a fix for this issue?
  5. You are aware that Lashwoe the blonde female Sith apprentice on Korriban uses her head model as well, right? This might work for her as well.
  6. After several years, and 19 updates, my K1 Gameplay Improvement mod now has over 1000 downloads. 


    And what a better way to celebrate with with version 1.20, complete with Taris bug fixes, new Twilek heads from K1EP and even a new Cameo on Korriban!

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    2. N-DReW25


      @ebmar Thx! As for the Taris Duel Announcer: He is now an NPC you can interact with in the Cantina, kinda like in K1R. But, like with most other cut content I restore, it has my own twist to it.


      Occasionally, the camera will focus on the announcer instead of the arena and it will show the announcer actually doing his job. After each match, your fans will converse with you briefly.








    3. jc2


      I like it, I will certainly check this mod out some time, but I know it will be some time before I run through kotor again, I still need to finish some modding projects. Congratz with reaching 1k!

    4. N-DReW25


      @jc2 By then they may even be more updates released, of course meaning new fun content! I'd recommend installing my mod into a fresh swkotor just so everything works. Feel free to PM me if you want to check compatibility with some mods.

  7. I'd say you're in luck if you intend to go ahead with it, the child NPC model has full unarmed combat animations but it cannot visually use any weapons (Any weapons are rendered invisible) and the Male Child soundset exists in TSL (Of course you'd need to rename the female child soundset which exists in the files so you could replace the male child soundset with the female one, or just use the male one as it might sound authentic enough to be pulled off). Evidence shows that killing Adana was actually an option before it was cut early, fully voiced dialogue reactions from the refugees and her mother exists and a single Adana line exists where she says "What?" presumably just after you announced to kill her. The only problem I could see is actually implementing it so that it has proper journal updates and conditionals, from my investigation of the refugee sector all I can say is that you'd need a lot of brains and free time in order to work out what everything all means. I originally wanted to do this as an optional install for my "GenoHaradan Legacy" mod because this would be considered "Restored Content" which would go great alongside my "ReStOrEd" GenoHaradan plot, I didn't do anything much with it because it all didn't make much sense to me at the time and I didn't know if killing children would be accepted on DS and of course I don't want to be THAT guy to ask that question.
  8. Fantastic, I have a couple of questions regarding the landing pad sequence. When you say "filler Star Map vision sequence" is that referring to a placeholder or is the sequence already made? Will the convo with Bastila regarding Sleheyron's Star Map use new VO, reused VO or spliced VO? Once the player reaches the landing pad, will the NPCs be anything like the old Sleheyron Demo from 2008/2014 or will it be different? (With a Czerka Twilek guy to charge the player to enter Sleheyron and answer questions, Gamorrean Guards watching the ship and an Aqualish Merchant)
  9. Everyone: We need more people to visit Deadlystream and encourage modding because more than 50% of users use Nexusmods or the Steam Workshop.


    PCGamer: Let's advertise a Kotor Nexus Mod- https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/see-knights-of-the-old-republic-with-a-3gb-character-overhaul/

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Well, you could always send an email to the article's author and promote other mods that are here.

    3. Mr Ardvark

      Mr Ardvark

      Do we really need to encourage people to join the forums? I figure if people are truly interested they will find their way here one way or another. 

    4. Mephiles550


      TBH, I might still use that mod for the default armors and alien NPCs.

  10. The Brotherhood of Shadow, whilst I am unopposed might conflict with my future plans regarding Bastila's empty slot which gets replaced in BOSSR. The first mod, considering it has a tslpatcher it would most likely be compatible installation wise though it *may* cause an issue later on in the game, it would really need to be tested though. The second mod, absolutely. As for why there isn't a Patcher in this mod, it is because this mod is being constantly updated meaning if I did use a Patcher I would also need to constantly update the Patcher making updates less convient. When the mod is done I will definitely consider a patcher though I am more interested in a TSLRCM/M4-78 installer as this mod is meant to be installed first. Thank you for the report, I am currently messing around with Taris at the moment anyway so these will most likely be looked at.
  11. At some point, I plan to integrate JCarter's TSL Jedi Robe by having his robes replace the Revan armour slot in the 2da (Meaning you still get the K1 Jedi Robes alongside TSL Robes, the player will still be able to obtain a unique 'Revan' robe of some sort though). I plan to use different TSL textures from the Force Fashion mod which has 40+ textures meaning the player can get a large variety of new TSL robes in K1 in addition to K1 robes. So that mod isn't compatible and isn't recommended for the future. Anything which is just a simple texture such as planet reskins are fine (As long as you don't install the Blue Endar Spire) though when the mod is completed (Which will probably be in less than 2 years granted nothing gets in the way of things) I will probably make a list of mods which are compatible and incompatible with the mod. Are there any mods you'd like me to check if it can be used with K1GI?
  12. N-DReW25: "So Battlefront 2 used to cost like $100 back in 2017, I guess I could buy it now for $40 in 2019"

    *Buys it*

    The never ending loading screen:


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    2. DarthVarkor


      The load times can still be pretty horrendous, that's for sure. But, the game itself has come a long way since its release. I wouldn't exactly call it "great", but I have fun playing the occasional Capital Supremacy and Heroes vs Villains modes on it.

    3. Mephiles550


      You know, I honestly think BF2 now is a really good game! I love playing it. The multiplayer is great, the instant action/customizable singleplayer fights are also really fun.

      The campaign story still sucks. But hey, so does the storyline for the new trilogy in general. 😧 Can't blame the game devs really for that.

    4. downloadman1


      Fair enough dudes glad ya like it! I might have to pick it up for cheap and then force (persuade) my mate to buy it for online fun hha.

      Yeah that campaign looked bad though. Wouldn't touch that. Such a shame

  13. I think some some of those lines are restored hence is why they may not make sense. "Played into the hands of the enemy"= walked into the enemies trap "caused Revanto choose the path he did"= maybe they ignored the signs that Revan was craving knowledge and power as a Jedi before the war, in K1 the masters say they thought it was just a padawans curiosity but they where wrong. Also in K1, Vrook thought it was the crystal cave on Dantooine that made Revan and Malak evil as if it where like the Dagobah cave "What were they referring to, about how the exile may be healed? Does that ever come up again"= The Jedi masters didn't cut her/him from the force but rather it was the deaths at Malachor that did it and they knew this. The Exile eventually gets healed on Peragus at the first level up and is a wound in the force which means she/he can kill others and get stronger for it (xp and leveling up)
  14. Label IDs (Name)? or Row Label IDs (Number)? I did indeed replace the Label IDs that broke with "****" but I wouldn't suspect that would break the 2da so I took @JCarter426 and @LiliArch's advice and I checked out the Row Label ID numbers and sure enough I found a typo. How it's meant to be: How I did it: 605 605 606 606 607 505 608 607 I think as long as I don't make typos in the 2da file I should be good, thank you guys for your assistance. @ebmarIf you do go ahead with checking for me and it does break then we'll both know for sure that any typos in the 2da will break it.
  15. Those rows with **** are actually the rows that broke for me and the **** are actually there to tell me that those lines are broken and cannot be used. For some odd reason, skipping a few lines and keeping the broken lines blank worked for a time until now somewhere in the 630 area skipping doesn't do anything and the problem persists. As @ebmar most likely has the mod in reference installed I would like to ask @ebmar to see if replacing the blanks with another 2da line like Carth's line, for example, to see if on his end the bug still persists on his end. If not, this may be a problem exclusive to Steam Kotor (Granted he isn't using the Steam version as well).