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  1. From the looks of it, I can't tell whether or not the .mod files would merge with other .mod files. I'd say, install my mod first and then the MSRH mod though I'd suggest you wait for DP to confirm the details. It could be a simple model replace mod, where as the Hologram model is the only thing changed though again DP would know for sure. I am sure my mod didn't use JCarter's robe model, unfortunately, in addition to not using JCarter's robe model I also made the TSL Robes replace the Revan armor model so that I could have both K1 Robes and TSL Robes at the same time. So far, only the master robe uti files are TSL robes while Jedi and Jedi Knights robes use the K1 models, I'm confident a K1GI patch which swaps out any master robes with the K1 Jedi Knight and Jedi Robe item would fix any conflicts in that area.
  2. Been a while since I made a WIP thread, this is a mod which many would consider small depending on how you want to look at it. If you haven't been living under a rock over the years you might have noticed AFP's K1 and TSL Community Patch mods, these mods are like a mod pack which contains dozens of AFP's work and other peoples mods which all fix a certain bug in both games. What makes this mod pack so great is that it makes installing all of these mini mods easier by combining them into one mod. This mod I am developing is similar to his mod without the whole permission business as everything within my mod will be my own work, hence the title "N-DReW's Mini Mod Collection". The premise of my mod is to merge all of my current (and future) small/obscure restoration mods into this big mod to make installing them all easier. In the first release of this mod it will only contain a single mod, thus is why this thread was been made so that I may announce future updates as well to allow players to leave feedback and suggestions for future updates ("Which mod I should include", "What you think about an upcoming mod" etc). For now, I will leave you with a little preview of the 1.0 release: Full Context:
  3. Should I even bother putting my two cents in on the K1CP drama? 

    1. Mellowtron11


      What drama happened now? 

    2. N-DReW25


      @Mellowtron11As usual, the trigger was some guy asked "when is the mod coming out".

  4. Mod Number 1: I'm willing to say that my mod, in terms of the files that mod edits, would be treated the same as the NPC Overhaul. Simply install my mod first and then DP's mod on top and it should work perfectly. Mod Number 2: Now I'm confident I didn't mess with the Kashyyyk on-enter script so that shouldn't be a worry, it appears to be the same case as the first mod. Mod Number 3: At the current moment, I haven't edited anything this mod has edited so that one should be good. I *may*, at some point, want to replicate some of DPs fixes from the Leviathan into this mod though that would probably just be it. Mod Number 4: This is probably the one that won't be compatible. While my mod doesn't change the duel ring visually it relies heavily on dialogue modification. I do think a compatibility patch would have to be released for these two mods Mod Number 5: This mod I am confident will be incompatible with my mod due to my modification of the Jedi Robe uti files and the implementation of TSL Jedi Robes alongside the K1 Jedi Robes. If @DarthParametric would like to add anything to this feel free.
  5. I don't intend to use that scene, you can safely use that mod in future updates.
  6. What happened to the old "Spoiler" mechanic the site used to have? A while back, I remember in the new site update you could use spoilers similar to how "quotes" work and the spoiler would hide the content written inside the spoiler so that people viewing can avoid seeing what you say. With the release of Episode 9 happening in 2 months time having this feature restored by then would be handy. Personally, I use spoilers in my PMs so that I can tidy and organise the PM's up so that the user I PM isn't flooded with walls of paragraphs, paragraphs I would rather hide in a spoiler so that the user I am PMing doesn't have to immediately see an overwhelming wall of text whenever I PM them.
  7. Sub as in "this thread"? or the "ROR Sub Forum"? It would be kinda pointless to remove the one ideal place to discuss the ROR mod, even if it is cancelled.
  8. Those crystal horses running on the side of that Star Destroyer... that probably isn't a good sign that this movie will be any better than before.
  9. Wait, so you downloaded Party Swap and Handmaiden for Female at the same time? I'd recommend just using PartySwap, Handmaiden for female and Disciple for male does as the title says whilst PartySwap adds both Disciple and Handmaiden for whatever gender meaning you get both characters. As you installed the mods through workshop I would suggest unsubscribing from all the mods you're subscribed to and delete any file which remains in the Override. Then you'll resubscribe to the mods and install only PartySwap into the Workshop override, not Handmaiden for female. This should hopefully fix your bug.
  10. Did you install PartySwap into the normal Override or the Workshop Override? The workshop override contains all of your TSLRCM files and other Workshop mods, to install a mod from the internet and install it into K2 you would need to install it into your Workshop override. If you don't, it causes problems because you have mods inside the normal Override and the Workshop Override at the same time.
  11. Important question, you are playing on Steam but did you install the mod through the dowloaded installers (The normal way) or through the Steam Workshop (Subscribing to mods via Steam)?
  12. I really do like the concept and idea behind this mod.
  13. During the quest to find the Jedi Masters in Kotor 2 you are able to learn varies Force Forms and Saber forms, these forms give the player benefits and disadvantages during combat. I was wondering, how many forms can the player learn and are these forms learned in any specific order or does the player learn them in a totally random order?