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  1. todevuch

    Mandalorian Armor Fixes

    I solved the problem. Now, if someone needs a solution: Correction for Heavy armor (for kotor).zip
  2. todevuch

    JC's Minor Fixes for K1

    Thank you for the good and necessary corrections!)
  3. todevuch

    [K1] Ajunta Pall's Blade "Legends"

    It looks exciting. I'd like to see how it looks in the game!)
  4. If you have time, try to fix it please, I tried to fix it in KOTORmax, it did not work out for me. Thank you.
  5. Hello everyone!) We have discovered a new problem with this modification, which requires a solution. The problem is in the model. I am grateful to ebmar for solving the problem with the missing heads of the Mandalorians. Nevertheless, we noticed a problem. Its essence is that the model around the neck (the lower part of the helmet (which is removed)) has a cut, with which the model looks ugly. It is in the model. Please, the masters, help me with fixing this problem. Thanks in advance!)
  6. todevuch


    Hello, thank you very much!) I went the shorter way) I solved the problem in two steps: 1) I took as a basis your N_Mandalorian01.txi file and renamed it into a txi file dependent on my model armor, after which the armor looked normal to the neck . Above it still shone through. 2) I found out which file is dependent for the neck (head) I found it txi, renamed and now the whole armor is working fine, thanks again)
  7. todevuch


    Hello) I Have armor Mandalorian transparent. Does anyone have any N_Mandalorian01.txi N_Mandalorian02.txi N_Mandalorian03.txi?
  8. todevuch

    K1 Republic Armor?

    In fact, I confused the name of my archive - version 1 is version 2, and vice versa, version 2 is version 1. I did not invent a bicycle, I simply borrowed textures from a good modification of Scout / Scoundrel Uniforms, the model remained the same for a scoundrel and scout. The soldier's uniform model became like a republican soldier)
  9. todevuch

    K1 Republic Armor?

    If I were you, I would replace models and textures of class clothes from the original to the republican one. Here, try this (in two versions: the first - all class armor is replaced by the republican armor, the second each class has a republican version of clothing for its class): If you want your armor (model and textures) worn by companions - replace their original clothes. For kotor TSL (if you are interested) you can replace flight armor (in the game you can find one option, but in fact there are at least three of them - they are in game files), make three variants, say republican, TSF armor and additional texture. Republic Armour by Todevuch (version 1).zip Republic Armour by Todevuch (version 2).zip
  10. todevuch

    Dxun and Onderon Item Restoration Pack

    For a long time there was nothing like that for scouts of Onderon. Very useful, and it is not clear what kind of soldiers in the Mandalorian light armor, now it will be clear.
  11. todevuch

    Revan's Head

    You can right now port this model to tsl
  12. todevuch

    Problems with textures in kotor 2

    Thank you!) Everything works, thanks a lot) indeed, I forgot about these files, thanks!)
  13. Good afternoon!) I've noticed one problem in kotor 2 for a long time, but I attached importance only now. The problem lies in the fact that the textures placed in kotor TSL FROM KOTOR 1 do not work properly. Textures shine through. Tell me please, what caused this problem and whether it can be solved. Thank you so much!)
  14. Good afternoon) I really liked the modification of Female Mandalorians: Please help, if possible, to remove the head from the model of Mandalorian women's armor (to make a model that can be used in the game) to look as beautiful as in the modification of the Canderous mandalorian clothes (the remote head of the original male Mandalorian armor). Much grateful
  15. todevuch

    looking for this HK-47 skin