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  1. I do not know what the reason is, but in my case, one of the GenoHaradan leaders, who is a representative of the Gran race on Dantooine, was replaced by a Mandalorian, while K1R was installed.
  2. Could you fix the animation for Revan's cloak for compatibility with the mod: "JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes"? Perhaps by converting Revan's cloak models from your similar modification for kotor 2 ("Revan's Hoodless / Maskless Flowing Robes For TSL") .
  3. It looks amazing. It would also be great to make a variant with the original model:
  4. A very interesting idea! When I passed kotor 2 during my youth, it was an unpleasant surprise for me that I did not get there, because I did not do good or evil enough. This game condition looks delusional, since the condition for entering the tomb designated Kreia (sufficient character strength, experience) does not depend on whether a Jedi, a gray Jedi or a Sith is the main game character.
  5. We are waiting for the author of this wonderful modification of the sublevel of the Jedi Enclave from kotor 2 to kotor 1
  6. For me personally, if the restored content is installed on the game, its assortment is very rich. I, too, literally cannot reproduce the names of the crystals, but there were very powerful crystals (spherical red, ore, blue crystal and many others), as well as the mantles of knights and Jedi masters. Check it out next time, it really is.
  7. Thank you for your comment. It will be fixed when I have time.
  8. In my opinion, this is a very good idea, and I would advise the author, when updating this modification, to add in addition to the honest brother-trader Duros, also a fix for the assortment of the main collector of Jedi artifacts on Dantooine (dressed in durustal armor), since with TSLRCM her assortment includes all the unique crystals and stones that, in a normal game, we can not find at all-only after passing a huge part of the game (for example, the room of Queen Onderon in her palace, where the container requires a great hacking skill). In addition, there are also robes of knights and Jedi masters in the assortment, which are extremely rare in a normal game and finding such a robe in the first half of the game is a great success. At one time, I was content with only the mantle of the gray Jedi, because I could not find anything else. I want to add to what has been said that in TSLRCM, the generator for finding random things in boxes and containers works more cheat-like, where we can find valuable things early enough. For example, the mantle of a Jedi master in a normal game could only be found by removing the bodies of the slain Sith lords (during the war on Onderon and its moon). While in TSLRCM, it was quite possible to find it in the sublevel of the Jedi enclave, passing Dantooine by the first planet. Of course, this would be rare, but such a practice exists. A more obvious example is Nar Shaddaa. There was a time when my hero killed the master of Vrook only because of his mantle, which, in fact, could only be removed without problems from him. Nothing drops out from other masters (not to mention the elements of the lightsaber or the lightsabers themselves, if the elements have already been found and the zabrak has collected us a lightsaber). By the way, there are a lot of cases in TSLRCM when we get a lightsaber, which discredits this Jedi weapon, because in the first half of the game we can play without a lightsaber at all. And what is our surprise and incredible feelings when we get the first lightsaber. The emotions are similar to those when Revan collected a lightsaber in kotor. In TSLRCM, the fate of the lightsaber is not enviable - it is devalued and turns into junk. I fully support the idea of limiting things in TSLRCM!
    In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated and coolest modding tools in kotor! Today, due to the lack of the necessary knowledge, I "racked my brains" all day, trying in vain to hear the necessary voices. With this program it became possible! Thank you, @JCarter426!
  9. Yes, yes, yes, you are right, a blue robe would be very appropriate here, since in the courtyard of the Jedi Enclave, all Jedi are, if you install a modification (I do not remember, @DarthParametricpointed to it in the comments under some modification, perhaps even yours), which dresses all Jedi in the courtyard in PC-accessible robes. Moreover, they are all brown (brown) in color. Blue will add variety and blend with her textures. Your update will allow us to revise the order of passage of the planets to see Yutura and Kel (I can't remember the last name), which we can return to the light side. It is a pity that Mikel is absent from the enclave, whom we can also save from the crazy former master of the academy.
  10. @JCarter426, Excellent! If you had not done this, I would have done it in my modification, which I would like to eliminate technical and logical problems on Dantooine. By the way, Yuthura Ban's model looks as if on the dark side of power (pale skin, eyes and other elements), it would be possible not only to add a Jedi robe to her, not dark, of course, but also to change its line (or make it more simple - add a new line) in appearance.2da and heads.2da files, adding new textures that can be borrowed from @Ferc Kast with his permission. This will combine with Yuthura's final redemption and return to the bright side. You can, by the way, make a second alternative, but the usual addition of a dark robe.
  11. @JCarter426, Can you please tell me if this modification contributes to the appearance of Yutura Ban on Dantooine in the robe of a Dark Jedi?
  12. @DarthParametric, Let me ask you if this modification changes the two Darth Bandon satellites to Kashyyyk?
    Perhaps in this modification several of my personal preferences are combined at once - a look without clothes, and tattoos like Yutura Ban.
  13. @Effix, By the way, I'm your fan! You have great modifications! You have a lot of publications in your steam workshop (my favorite is Bao-Dur (reskin in the style of Darth Maul, but also in yellow and gray)). I especially like the quality and thoroughness of the elements. Especially female versions of characters (which is not surprising, because I am a man). My range of knowledge is even more limited. I concentrate on ready-made models and textures, and mainly deal with changes to 2da files, including by eliminating actual or logical errors. A lot of my modifications on the site are in need of improvement, ahaha, because I have acquired the necessary knowledge only recently. I will deal with this after implementing all the ideas I have now.