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  1. Top notch work, kudos in making this truly feel like it belongs in vanilla.
  2. Rather not have some random npc sell all the crystals, kinda immersion breaking and pops out like modded content. Optimally they would come at different times, not from the same source etc. which then would make me have to compat. check many stuff...but whatever.
  3. Done! Works as intended. Thank you for helping me out.
  4. Threw it in the Override. Compiled the script? I'm not sure, all i did was delete the contents of the default script from one of the templates and replaced it with your code.
  5. Ah OK i didn't know that was an issue, thank you! EDIT: Still nothing @DarthParametric
  6. I don't get it, isn't this all there is to it?
  7. Well yes, I'm well aware. I'm always warping to a module which i didn't reach yet for testing.
  8. It' didn't work, the container still has no effect.
  9. Okay So... replace OBJECT_SELF with this? :
  10. What do you mean by onSpawn? Sorry I'm not familiar with scripting and whatnot
  11. Say I want a container to have a permanent energy shield visual effect, how would i go about that?
  12. Dang, kinda looked like them at first glance but those aren't it. Thanks for trying to find them anyway.
  13. Those are pretty cool. They alter the model, however, and therefore aren't skin like the ones on the screenshot. Thanks for your alternative though !
  14. Asian man with lines on his face ? @Malkior send nun 😐
  15. Positive. I remember I was using Atton in the cantina duel vs the Twin suns. I can't remember if he was a scoundrel or a jedi sentinel but he wasn't unarmed, he was using some vibrosword.