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  1. I just downloaded the file and can confirm there is a readme inside the archive.
  2. In my k1 testing the idle animations only go wonky when the ready stance goes too. In k2 it's always wrong. On the other hand k1 ready stances are problematic sometimes while in k2 they were always correct. Turns out the issue isn't so random, after a bit more trying around in k1 it seems if you flourish your weapon while running everything's fine, but if you start your flourishing from an idle position it clips through the hand. Also, I didn't mention it but the clipping issues aren't just in the melee weapons... The blaster rifle thing I know it's outside the scope of your mod and It's also k1 only, where the only guns players use are heavy repeaters and dual blasters so no biggie.
  3. 100% Though it might be worth it to address the k2 supermodels mod over k1 if time's short for you since that one's issue (If true for everyone) is always present.
  4. Hey jc, first of all apologize for the bad screenies (Couldn't get widescreen to work so I got stuck with some crappy res) but I found some issues with the mod. Once again, I have no other mods that alter body models or anything related to your files whatsoever. The star forge robes type body model has clipping issues: Star Forge: Others: Also, and this is a tricky one, sometimes the clipping issues happen no matter what. When changing attire and flourishing your weapon the results are always random. Sometimes it's okay: , But sometimes it isn't:
  5. That's quite impossible unless you messed up something. This mod which i linked in a post above is for KOTOR 2. Did you follow the install instructions on the readme correctly?
  6. Once again, what is your game language for kotor 2?
  7. Call of Aid is a kotor 1 mod. And the warpband definitely can conjure up npcs: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  8. Wish I could help. Just to be 100% sure you can change the language on Steam to English and try the mod to see if it works.
  9. If you followed the install instructions correctly then I believe the language is the problem. It's not unheard of for certain mods to clash with non-English versions.
  10. What are your mods? Additionaly, there is the possibility that your game language is the issue.
  11. just from googling
  12. There are a couple of "armband" mods out there that allow you spawn some npcs, for example this one: I myself am using a custom armband for testing purposes based on the one given to me by fellow deadlystream member @ebmar, though it's not what you're probably looking for as it spawns a single npc only and for what you wanna do, you would have to exit the game constantly and edit the utc everytime you wanted something different, which implies that in your "sandbox battles" npcs would start engaging before you could get everything set up. There is no simple 'spawn npc' command I'm afraid.
  13. It's supposed to be on Malachor (at the epilogue?) though I don't remember ever seeing it, only Atton.
  14. Hey JC it appears that "ready" stances are fixed But idle stances aren't I have no other mods that mess with mdls or mdx or nothing except for tslrcm, and yet I think it must be from my end otherwise you would have noticed this right away.