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    Remember the days when the Status Update section wasn't dominated by one person?
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    Since TOR released a set of the Star Forge robes not too long back, I figured it might be a useful basis for a hybrid version with the vanilla cape and loincloth (the TOR version is only painted on) married to SS's flowing robes animations. At this point I've done the initial import, scale, and pose, and am now ready for the transfer to the KOTOR rig. Thanks to the Blender I/O script, I was also able to bake out the tinted textures, which is much easier than trying to approximate it manually as I have had to do in the past. Here's where it's at currently: I still need to fiddle with a few bits and pieces, and there will no doubt be plenty of tweaking to do once the rig transfer is done and I can test out animations. I also have some folded down hoods taken from other sets that I will try to marry to this torso for a hoodless/maskless version. But that will require a fair bit of massaging to get them to fit, so I'm saving that for later. Still not sure about the cape. I think having it white as well would be a bit too overpowering, but I'm not entirely sold on the brown. And I haven't done anything for the DS black version as yet. Since there's no TOR version of that colour scheme for this set, I'll have to cobble something together myself.
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    View File Larger Text Fonts for KOTOR 1! Have you tried playing KOTOR 1 at any resolution above 1080p? Then you have surely noticed that the text and font do NOT scale with higher resolution! As a result, text can look embarassingly small in the menu, dialogue, and HUD. Fortunately, this mod contains many sorts of font files that the game can use, sorted by size! Now you can play KOTOR in 4k resolution without needing to squint to see important text. These fonts were NOT my creation, they were found and extracted from the Russian version of the game which inexplicably has larger fonts with a variety of sizes (on top of being able to work in English as well). Hopefully everyone who wishes to play KOTOR in high resolution will get to have a more enjoyable experience, and one of the more common problems facing the community can be properly addressed. WARNING: This is NOT compatible with KOTOR 2 TSL. This only exclusively works with K1. As far as I know, there are no compatibility issues with other mods. However if you come across any errors or something that is not working as intended, please let me know here or via my Discord: Xela#6419 Submitter sovietshipgirl Submitted 05/19/2021 Category Knights of The Old Republic  
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of Astromech droid, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 2048X2048. 1. Download: DrdAstro HD International Global mod 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated)
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    I guess I'm getting old... I feel like your posts are a bit of a bombardment. Anyway, I can't see the full body here, but it looks like what you want is in this screenshot? Or part of what you want? I'm currently replaying KotOR but I can't tell if this was your own texture work. If so then I'm sure you can tweak it some more to look more like that SWTOR artwork from that Galactic History entry.
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    The Bad Batch is turning out to be a bad batch. It's a shame, because it started off great.
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    I have returned, and I would like to ask everyone to stop uploading my work without asking. JDub, sorry, but no.
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    Took all day just to get the power button in the right place, re arrange the map, reskin, and export. Then to convert the saber to Crazy34's blade models. Best I could do really, not being too savvy anymore.
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    I have made requests similar to this in the past. My recruit mod, "Recruit Sarna", which provides a soldier to replace Bastila after her capture, is near complete, I believe, and there are many I will give credit to for assistance. Sith Holocron, SithSpecter, Qui-Gon Glenn, TamerBill, Thor110, LoneWanderer, AmanoJyaku, Effix, N-DReW 25. Sarna, at Level 1, has high dexterity, decent intelligence, wisdom 14. She carries a Mandalorian Blaster and has the feat "Dueling" to allow her to use pistols, swords, and blades. With all the help, I will release my mod for anyone to use freely. I need assistance with new textures, possibly a slightly modified model, to create the armor I wanted to give Sarna, though I have a .uti file ready, and I hoped to make my mod a voiced mod. I have some voice files for Sarna that fit the limited dialogue she has, but these work only for two or three lines. If anyone could help with these things, voicing lines or creating new textures, contact me for more detail.
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    Hi guys! Small update here. This time it's Manaan sith base. Here we have Arguing sith soldier in the first hall of Manaan (the only sith man26 modules I could edit). Now he's Sergeant. Security officer lady at the desk (man27_sithlieu.utc). Now she's Ensign Commander of the base (man27_sithdip.utc). Now he's in the proper uniform And some random captain (man27_sithcap.utc) was promoted to Major That's all for now. For other sith soldiers on Manaan the only thing I can consider is to replace the standart uniform texture. This way they all definitely will change. But there're diplomats, recruiters and common soldiers. So a uniform with a rank bar isn't a good idea. Maybe I should make the parade uniform or something. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions please leave your comments.
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    You're welcome, I wouldn't usually take on random requests but this took like 2 seconds and I wanted to avoid you or anyone else unfamiliar with kotor modding taking the time to cut up the audio only to realise that there was a much easier way to use that characters soundset. Guess I might release it in future as well, seems trivial / pointless, but I guess new soundsets probably change the game up a nice amount for some people.
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    Version 8.2


    DHRM 8.2 ---------------------- Kaidon Jorn May 2021 This mod will replace the default vanilla game saber models into new higher poly lightsaber models, each color of blade has it's own unique hilt, with Crazy34's new 3-D lightsaber blade models. This time I removed my old hilt for the yellow bladed saber and changed it to a model I made years ago for SotOR (K1) and made it into a double bladed version as well. I can't say enough about Crazy34's new blade model and textures (which I tweaked to my own preferences), his work has really changed the game on these and it's something a lot of us have been wanting for many years. Kudos to him for all his hard work, I might not have done all this if it weren't for him. They will be enjoyed for years to come. To install run the .exe and choose the location of the game (not the override itself). To uninstall take them all back out.
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    Version 0.92


    This mod fixes UI stretching that happens when playing K2 on ultrawide resolutions (21:9). In addition, even after patching the game .exe with UniWS to play in ultrawide, your character's replies are invisible, making the game impossible to play. I provide a method to fix this issue (using Hex editing). Simply fixing the UI stretching is unsatisfactory, as the game UI is not adapted for ultrawide screens. This results in an elongated, ugly and impractical UI. The text boxes are too large,the buttons too wide and too spread out on the screen. As a result, interacting with the UI is tiresome and requires way too much eye and mouse motion. Therefore I opted to redesign the game UI so that everything is centered on the screen and easier to access. The downside is that many spots are left black, which is not visually pleasing. I believe the letterboxing fix can be useful to people running 1366x768 and who cannot see dialogs. Disclaimer: This mod was only tested with the GoG version of the game (i.e. without the Aspyr patch), upscaled using UniWS to 3440x1440. I do not know how the UI files would look using either Flawless Widescreen or the Aspyr version. I have not tried any other ultrawide resolution. The UI fix is not fully tested, and some parts of the game may still contain some stretched elements. Installation instructions - stretched UI: Simply download and extract ultrawide_ui_fixes.zip, then copy the files from the downloaded override folder into your game override folder. Installation instructions - letterboxing fix: Here is the entire procedure to properly patch your game exe so that it runs in ultrawide. We are aiming at doing 3 things: 1. Use UniWS to automatically patch your swkotor2.exe to the right resolution, following this video 2. Manually Hex edit your swkotor2.exe to play movies in your native resolution, following this video. The hidden benefit is that it will speed up your game loading because you will not have to change resolutions to play the logos movie. 3. Manually Hex edit the game to change the letterboxing scaling, restoring your ability to see dialog options in game. In K1, this was done by the excellent KotOR High Resolution Menus, but there seems to be no equivalent for K2. Before doing any of this, backup your game exe !! 1. I will not provide any instruction for step 1 because UniWS is pretty straightforward. 2. Even though step 2 is well explaines in Xuul's video, I will provide here text instructions. Once you have performed step 1, you need to download and install a hex editor (such as HxD). Open your swkotor2.exe with your hexadecimal editor, and look for the Hex strings: 80 02 00 00 75 15 81 3D E8 C1 80 00 E0 01 80 02 00 00 C7 44 24 10 E0 01 In both these lines, 80 02 and E0 01 are the width (respectively height) at which videos are played, in hexadecimal. You need to change them with your desired width and height. First, use a hexadecimal converter to convert your desired width and height into hexadecimal. For the hexadecimal values to be read by the game, you need to swap the digits pair-wise for each value (if that is not clear, an example is provided below). Finally, you can replace 80 02 and E 01 by your own values in the lines above. Example: for 3440x1440. First you convert them to hexadecimal, giving 0D 70 and 05 A0. Then you swap the two pairs of figures, giving 70 0D and A0 05. Then you just need to replace 80 02 by 70 0D, and E0 01 by A0 05. The resulting lines should look like: 70 0D 00 00 75 15 81 3D E8 C1 80 00 A0 05 70 0D 00 00 C7 44 24 10 A0 05 That was step 2. Don't close the hex editor, we still have one step to do. 3. For step 3, we need to locate the letterbox scaling value into the game exe. You need to locate the hex string 5F 70 00 00 B9 6D DB 3E 20 EE 70 00 00 A7 40 00 The value of the letterbox scaling is B9 6D DB 3E. This is too small, making the bottom part of the letterbox -hence your dialog options- invisible on ultrawide. You need to replace it with a higher value ( 4A 92 A4 3E, as suggested for widescreen by K1 HR Menus works fine, but feel free to enter your own value). You need to replace B9 6D DB 3E with 4A 92 A4 3E, giving: 5F 70 00 00 4A 92 A4 3E 20 EE 70 00 00 A7 40 00 Now save and enjoy ! Known issues: the feat/power selection tree, at character creation or levelling up doesn't look nice and there's too much space between the icons. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to scale like the rest of the UI, and I don't know how to fix it for now loading screens still look stretched, the solution here is to edit the loading screens directly and not the UI I did not rescale the pazaak screen, as I would also need to rescale the background pazaak texture for it not to be ugly Incompatibilities: This mod will not be compatible with any mod that alters the UI. The only I can think of right now is TSL galaxy map fix pack, at least the version which changes the planet position. My mod will put the planet positions to their vanilla spot. Credits: Visual KOTOR Gui Editor, an awesome tool for gui editing KOTOR Tool, to extract game files tpcview KotOR High Resolution Menu for finding the letterboxing fix in K1,
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    Version 1.0.0


    Have you tried playing KOTOR 1 at any resolution above 1080p? Then you have surely noticed that the text and font do NOT scale with higher resolution! As a result, text can look embarassingly small in the menu, dialogue, and HUD. Fortunately, this mod contains many sorts of font files that the game can use, sorted by size! Now you can play KOTOR in 4k resolution without needing to squint to see important text. These fonts were NOT my creation, they were found and extracted from the Russian version of the game which inexplicably has larger fonts with a variety of sizes (on top of being able to work in English as well). Hopefully everyone who wishes to play KOTOR in high resolution will get to have a more enjoyable experience, and one of the more common problems facing the community can be properly addressed. WARNING: This is NOT compatible with KOTOR 2 TSL. This only exclusively works with K1. As far as I know, there are no compatibility issues with other mods. However if you come across any errors or something that is not working as intended, please let me know here or via my Discord: Xela#6419
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    Let's start this off with a very recent quote. I've thought that very thing too! Which led to a recent Status Update of mine. Wow. That's a lot of engagement on that Status Update. In case you're coming late to this party of sorts, let's bring you up to speed. I'm talking about a recent modder which I will not mention by name. In fact I will refer to them as "the modder in question" from here on. The modder in question has proved . . . problematic. In short, the modder in question is a spammer. Besides the previously alluded to inundation of the Status Updates section, this fellow loves make threads too. And a blog. And presumably, lots of Private Messages too. (I was a recipient too until I blocked them.) I won't even name the mod in question by the modder in question. But ask yourself this question: how often have you seen this picture posted lately? If it's more than once, you may have an idea about who I'm talking about. When you have a singular mod you're working on, how many WIP threads do you need for it? And I'm not talking about threads tangential to the mod that seek advice on how to do something. Oh no. I'm just talking about a WIP thread. The answer you're likely thinking of is one. The modder in question apparently doesn't feel the same way. The modder in question seems to think that posting several threads about the project is the correct way to go. Threads (in several sections), Status Updates, and PMs. Until very recently, there were two threads by the modder in question in the Works in Progress section alone. One of my last acts as Staff was to merge those two threads in the WIP section together. (Apparently, the Retirement papers took a few days to be filed.) But then, there was a new thread posted in the General Kotor/TSL Modding section. And it's basically yet another WIP thread. You know . . . by the modder in question. My musings aren't about a need or lack of one for the mod. (I could have another blog dedicated to that whole topic but I fear that may be overkill.) My issue is how the site itself appears to be gamed - or to use Effix's word "Bombarded" - in order to force folks to volunteer to make the mod for the modder in question. How many times must a thing be spammed before it's called a violation of the rules? Just wondering out loud.
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    Wait... 2015?! What kind of shenanigans are these??? I haven't seen one post by them before now.. Well how about that.. Yeah, these rules were created well after they've been around. My apologies, SH..
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    Aaaand here is the update. At last I understood what was wrong and why I couldn't change npc clothes in the man26XX modules. It's because race parameter of the npcs in these modules was empty. So now it works perfectly
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    Salk, Thanks for the comment! Well, originally I decided not to change pants colour so that the cap will still match (because the game has the single "Albino" model with cap one for male and one for female) In case with Commander he doesn't have the cap at all) But anyways, I can try and make recolouring with grey pants and show you the comparison screenshot 😃 As promised, here's the result. What do you think ? Funny thing is if you see this uniform in the bright room these grey pants look like pantyhose))
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    Thanks) Can you please describe in detail what you don't like in the Ensign uniform colouring ? The fact that only top is black or something else ? Here's a close-up look of the uniform
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    Hello there! Guys, I'm sorry for no updates during these 2 years. A lot of things happened but now I can say that I'm back on track) So. As ebmar suggested I made g_a_clothesXX files and added them to certain npcs I tried to change this way the outfit of the first officer on Taris (g_sithtrooper002.utc). But as I understand G in the filename means Global and this file is used both for this npc and for sith soldiers in the battle suit (at least the same npc is used on the Endar Spire, 4 sith soldiers in the last room before the escape pod with Carth ). As a result, if i change the battle suit to my g_a_clothesXX for this npc it will break the game (these 4 soldiers will change their appearance and become frozen. They can't be killed and script that let's you open the door afterwards won't fire). This was the original blocker and one of the reasons why I stopped working on this mod. The other reason was that on Manaan before the Sith base (manm26XX modules) the only npc that changed appearance was man26_sitharg.utc (sith who is arguing with republic soldier in the first hall after the docking platform where the Ebon Hawk landed) Others didn't want to change though I added g_a_clothesXX to their inventory and textures were for the same models as these npc used. For some reason it didn't work. Even for unique NPCs like Viglo, Duan and Vek. First two are drunk siths in the bar and the last one is the Twi'lek in the sith uniform. (The other thing is that I use K1RP mod. There's a little chance that maybe this is the reason but as far as I know this mod doesn't modify these npcs) But evetually I found out that in the modules where players is fighting with sith it IS WORKING. I mean, it works like a charm. So I've changed sith npx on the Taris sith base and on Manaan sith base tar09_recepti001.utc (the poor Twi'lek girl on the reception. I gave her sith battle suit whick was made by redrob41 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/726-modders-resource-specialized-combat-suits-for-kotor-and-tsl/ ) - actually i don't know if I can add this to my mod but this is a work-around because I didn't want to edit appearance.2da and I didn't want to change model for this NPC. And in the end I like the result better than the original idea (You know, she isn't a consripted soldier, she just works there) g_sithcomm003.utc (sith Captain. Though its a global file this one worked). I checked only Taris and Manaan, if this file will break something like g_sithtrooper002.utc I will sadly delete it. But for now everything works just fine. n_sithcomf002.utc (I've changed several techs to Sergeants. They looked to similar) tar09_shieldtech.utc (this tech is now female with rank of Sergeant-Major) tar09_sith092.utc (common sith trooper in the battle suit. Changed it to soldier in the Trooper rank without armor. The idea is that no one is waiting for the ambush so some soldiers are without battle suits) Ow. And one more thing. I added slightly more HP, medpacks and shields for these npcs (except Senior Technician) because without their original armor they're weaker so this way I balanced it a bit. Moreover, I left other techs in the original uniform and aside from tar09_sith092.utc there're other sith soldiers in the battle suit. So this doesn't ruining the original look of the npcs at the base. Just gives it variety.
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    TpcView On windows drag and drop while pressing alt. You will get the images in .tga format which you can then modify in photoshop or gimp.
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    Wow did I just read all that and @N-DReW25's entire message just for @Neville to not even respond to a single thing that had been said? @Neville As others have mentioned you really need to tear the game apart file by file and learn how it all works. ( this is the best approach to modding any video game in my opinion because then you know how it all fits together ) I had a similar experience when first arriving, my ideas outlandish or crazy ( though I don't think your ideas are crazy ) and possibly far out of my ability and it seemed not many wanted to listen or help, but I did get some help here and there which gave me headstart on learning, though at the same time before I knew it I was learning more by taking the game apart. Even now I know I am doing things wrong here and there, sometimes cutting corners, but regularly I go back to those cut corners, have a go at myself and try to fix them up. I wouldn't even be surprised if I talk too much or ask too much still from time to time ( as I know I do ) But sometimes you just got to take a step back, give yourself a kick up the backside and just carry on. Also it's generally considered nice to reply to what somebody has to say instead of once again repeating yourself...
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    Hi, hab dir ne PM geschrieben. Glaub du hast die übersehen ^^
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    Do I still need Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 to run KotOR Tool anymore? EDIT: I'm sure I do, but can no longer find it. Anyone have ideas? Edit 2: hey nvrmnd, I found it. Got it from Softonic. Reinstalled Windows last night and have to piece everything back together.
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    Version 1.5


    Bubbling up from the font of dark knowledge, ndix UR presents KotOR High Resolution Menus, a UI mod package providing full high resolution menu and UI support for Knights of the Old Republic. The tyrrany of 640x480 menus and 6-item lists is over. Normally, when you increase the game's resolution using a widescreen patcher like UniWS, the menus stay very small in the middle of the screen and the borders get larger. This package is designed to be used *after* the widescreen patcher has done its work. It scales the menu screens up so that they fill the screen. This package requires modification of the swkotor.exe file using a supplied patcher, and is only known to work with GoG, 4-CD, and macOS (x86) versions of the game. It should be compatible with any Steam version that uses UniWS. The main content of the package are sets of GUI files (.gui), scaled for specific resolutions. The package contains GUI files for over 30 common resolutions with the following aspect ratios: 4:3, 16:10, 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9. Here is a list of the currently supported resolutions: Installation Find the gui.WxH folder matching your resolution, modify your executable using the supplied patcher, copy the GUI files to your Override/ folder. The details for this process can be found in the package README.pdf file. Read it. Follow the instructions therein. The documentation includes everything you need to know to manually patch your EXE if the patcher does not work for your version. Uninstallation Remove the GUI files, restore the original backed up version of your swkotor.exe file. IMPORTANT NOTES: This is not a resolution hack or widescreen patch, such as you get from using UniWS. You should already be successfully running the game at the resolution you are trying to get menus and UI for. Nothing in this package will give you any additional resolutions available. That is not what this does. If you are trying to get high-res menus for one of the resolutions supported by default (800x600, 1024x768, etc.) there is probably no point to using the GUI files named 'mipc*' provided by this package (mostly the in-game "HUD"), however, this scenario is untested. There are a few of the GUI files in this package you can use without modifying your executable. Here is that 'safe' list, in case you are unable to modify your executable: It gets you the main menu, some dialogs, and the in-game HUD elements. Thanks DarthParametric for testing, contributing a double-clickable thing for Windows users, and prompting me to finally figure out the needed EXE modifications. tk102 for GFF2XML and XML2GFF source code, which made it a lot easier to get this up and running. Known Issues The patcher is currently incredibly limited, making no effort to search for values, only looking at specific locations where they are in the executables I have access to. This package does not contain any higher resolution artwork. At high resolutions, menu backgrounds will be blocky, and the striped list backgrounds are unlikely to line up with list items. For numerous reasons, you will want to get a high resolution menu art package. The game's initial character selection screen does not lay out the selectable characters properly according to GUI file field values. It is useable, but not perfect. The blue hilight borders had to be removed from around the characters to maintain a clean look. The map screen is scaled up, but the map itself is not. Furthermore, the position of the map within the frame is somewhat random/poorly understood. The map, however, is completely useable, and the points of interest and player indicator are all positioned accurately relative to the map. Some of the 3D models in menus, such as on the character stats or character generation screens, display line artifacts over them. This is caused by the very low quality graphics being scaled up to provide the border overlays. Extracting the graphics as TGAs, scaling them up, and placing them into Override/ sometimes solves these problems. This package omits statussummary.gui and dialog.gui. Scaling them up cause problems. The files don't behave as expected, and it seems to not require a customized version in order for them to work as one would want. You might notice 1280x1080 in 21:9 even though it is not 21:9. It is for split-screen on 21:9 monitors. Rescaling the dialog/cut-scene letterbox (which is optional) seems to introduce occasional issues with letterbox placement, particularly when the letterbox animation happens. This may be fixed at some point in the future. There is no scaling on font size, and as far as I know no one has figured out how to do it, so users on TV/couch setups may not find the help they are looking for with this. Upgrading 1.4 to 1.5: If your resolution was not previously supported, copy new .gui files to your Override/ Upgrading 1.3 to 1.4: If you have Polish version, you can run EXE patching process If you have 32:9 display, copy new .gui files to your Override/ Upgrading 1.2 to 1.3: Copy all the .gui files to your Override/ Upgrading 1.1 to 1.2: Repeat the EXE patching process on a backup EXE if you want letterbox scaling Upgrading 1.0 to 1.1: Remove dialog.gui from your Override/ Copy 1.1 pazaakgame.gui to your Override/
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    Having you considered recruiting more staff to fill in the gaps of the inactive ones?
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    Version 1.0.0


    Shaleena Original Head Restoration By StellarExile This mod restores a unique head which was originally intended for Shaleena but was cut. Luckily, it still existed in the game files and is still able to be utilized. K1R and NPC Overhaul restore Shaleena's head, but I decided to create a mod that only restores the head and alters nothing else. This mod also includes a fix made by Ashton Scorpius which adjusts the model so that her upper teeth are no longer hidden during conversations. Incompatibilities: The mod will be incompatible with anything that alters Shaleena's original head model and appearance in her utc file. Otherwise, it shouldn't be incompatible with anything else. Permissions: Please do not distribute the mod to any other sites without asking my permission and Ashton Scorpius for the model fix. If you intend to use this mod in yours, please contact me for permission as well. If you intend to use Ashton's models, you'll need to contact him as well. Special Thanks: @Stoffe and @Fair Strides for the TSLpatcher. Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool. @Ashton Scorpius for allowing me to use the model from his Shaleena Mouth Adjustment mod. @Sdubfor helping me with the utc file. Shaleena Head Restoration.zip
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    Some insight on the editing of STAR WARS (1977), intended as a rebuttal of the "How Star Wars was saved in the edit" video. It provides the reasoning behind the edit of one of the previous cuts of the film. Jump to the intercutting section starting at 28:28. > YouTube <
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    This just saved me, Thanks for taking the time to explain this all those years ago Works like a charm with windows 10.
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    Work on my "Recruit Sarna" mod nears its completion. Sarna was the Sith officer, Taris occupation force, who did not like her job. She finds a way off Taris and offers help to the Republic. I wish someone would help in my effort to give her unique armor, reflecting that the planet she reached did not have decent Republic military supplies. I believe a retexture of the Sith uniform (I had her wear one when I was checking possible appearance) with Republic officer shoulder pads could be used. The armor she has will be very light, but I will add special properties. If anyone is interested, I can provide more detail on what may be required.
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    "Might as well jump!" - Van Halen The last update mentioned the mystery of the unconditional jump at the end of a subroutine, and explained it's a return statement. Let's look at it in a bit more detail. 7054 CONSTS [ 7059 CPTOPSP -4 1 7067 ADDxx 7069 CONSTS ] 7074 ADDxx 7076 CPDOWNSP -6 1 7084 MOVSP -4 7090 JMP 7108 *7096 MOVSP -1* //Dead code *7102 MOVSP -3* //Dead code 7108 MOVSP -1 7114 RETN Why is this happening? It's the result of the compiler building the subroutine in stages. Let's separate the op codes into subroutine Parts: Part 2 7054 CONSTS [ 7059 CPTOPSP -4 1 7067 ADDxx 7069 CONSTS ] 7074 ADDxx 7076 CPDOWNSP -6 1 Part 3 (New) 7084 MOVSP -4 7090 JMP 7108 7096 MOVSP -1 Part 3 (Original) 7102 MOVSP -3 Part 4 7108 MOVSP -1 7114 RETN Oho! This subroutine returns a value (Part 2), clears local variables (Part 3), and clears arguments (Part 4). But, why are there two Part 3's? Top to bottom, the stack looks like this: Temporary return values Local variables Arguments Return values The compiler first writes the code for clearing the arguments (Part 4), which is easy because there is a fixed number. Then, it writes code for clearing the local variables (Part 3 - Original). In the example, the subroutine has 3 local variables. Next, the compiler calculates the number of values returned in Part 2 and adds that to the number of local variables. The result is 3 + 1. The compiler does not remove the original Part 3, so it's necessary to jump over it (Part 3 - New). So, why is there a MOVSP after the jump? As far as I can tell, it's a quirk of the compiler. Part 2 returns a value by evaluating a set of expressions. The result is then copied down the stack past the arguments. The result is then cleared in the new Part 3. However, the compiler inserts a MOVSP after the jump that would have cleared the result of the last expression. That leaves us with two MOVSPs that are jumped over: one to clear the local variables, and one to clear the last expression (in this case, the return value). I'm rewriting my code to take advantage of this. Instead of calculating all of the changes made to the stack in order to find the subroutine signature, it could be easier to look for a jump and evaluate the code around it. The question is how to handle subroutines that don't return values, and therefore lack the jump... This newfound knowledge is useful for another reason: I now know how to properly analyze switch statements. More in a future post.
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    An update which has a "1.0.X" is a bug fix or anything categorized as a bugfix (Such as Russian translations). So the next bug fix update would be called "1.0.4" for example. A content update which changes anything with the plot from little to big would be a "1.X.0" update. So the next update which has actual content to look forward to is "1.2.0" and when that update comes out it will totally have a list of changes and will be referenced in the readme file. Unfortunately, no new updates are planned for the foreseeable future as my efforts are now focused on the Revenge of Revan mod.
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    Now the only question is, how much would you pay to finally live out your childhood fantasy and get one for yourself?
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  36. 2 points
    Hey all So I wanted to place an invisible placeable on an enemy with his OnDeath script. So that I may have you loot him normally, but have another script fire after you've looted him and gotten the part to the quest. here's what I could think of... void main() { if ((GetJournalEntry("ache_saber") == 20)) { CreateObject(64, "ache_lens_cont", GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("infernal_sith", 0)), 0); } ExecuteScript("k_def_death01", OBJECT_SELF); } So the placeable is invisible and holds the part. Then dings the quest entry. Would this work or what am I forgetting/not doing right? I appreciate any help. EDIT: Hey nevermind. What I was doing worked. I just forgot to include the script that jumps the quest entry up. So then i moved the other items he drops to the invisible placeable so there's only one "Remains". Then looting that puts the quest up a notch. Woot. i did it!
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    The conjanim column will likely be referring to the VFX hook (handconjure in this case), not the animation. If you want them to activate a shield, it's probably easier to just fire the anim (ANIMATION_FIREFORGET_ACTIVATE) and then apply the shield VFX. Edit: Ah, there's an include function for it - GN_ActivateForceField(). Organic Shields are 99 to 107 Droid shields are 110 to 115 Scans through all of the shield talents to see if the target has a shield to use. If the shield is used then the person will never use another one. Party members will never use this function.
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    Thanks for your suggestion, Thor110. I will see if I can figure something out by looking at the impact script.
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    Just so everyone knows this mod is already included in the latest version of the Kotor 1 Restoration 1.2 mod here: So if you are planning to download and install K1R you don't need to install this mod again. Thanks again for making these texture fixes though Red Hessian!
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    Thank you so much! Yes, I feel that difference is pretty insignificant for the amount of time I spend in underwear within the game. I have made the changes to the existing portrait already, thank you for the 'heads up'. Thank you! I had no idea anyone else would think about this model, as a kid I always wanted to play with her head. A personal fave' for me!
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    Well... can't say I expected that to happen. Let's wait a bit for someone else to chip in. If it's not resolved in a day or so, just attach the appearance.2da file from your override folder and I'll make some tweaking for you. If you don't have one, I'll attach the vanilla file with the model swaps you want.
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    According to KTool it's Czerka_Protcol_OfficerF, which uses head 83. It's basically the Asian head with the bun, just Caucasian and with earrings and without the ribbon.
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    The mod only has provision for the vanilla female player heads in heads.2da and the associated player rows in appearance.2da. Retextures or model edits/swaps are irrelevant if they don't affect the row ID. Added female heads are not supported. The male version will work for any head, included custom added ones, as long as the vanilla PMBJ models are specified in appearance.2da.
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    Never used it before. Tried it now, and it couldn't open existing .dlg files because of some error. Funny thing is, this just happened to me too. I never noticed this problem before, because I always use DLGEditor to work with dialogs (I needed to open TSL dialogs and internal dlg editor of Kotor Tool doesn''t work correctly with TSL dialogs). So, once again, I suggest you download DLGEditor, set up TLK path in File/Set TLK File Path; set up Mod: KOTOR. Then: 1. Extract some .dlg file with KotOR Tool, but don't open it with KotOR Tool after extracting. 2. Launch DLGEditor and open extracted .dlg file, edit and save it.
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    Effix, Thank you so much, I am such a fan of your head mods! I understand the limitations when using the workshop. Thank you for taking the time to undertake this request for me! There is no rush, I am just grateful for your help! Kayleigh
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    Version 1.1


    HD PC Portraits for Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords v1.1 - 20200805 by ndix UR (DeadlyStream user) This modification adds high resolution (1K) portrait images for PCs. All 34 male and female vanilla player characters are provided, with all 3 light-dark variants, for a total of 102 new portraits. The 1K portraits have 64x the resolution of the 128x128 originals. The portraits are rendered to match the poses, colors, facial expressions, and lighting of the original images as closely as possible given the following constraints: Only vanilla textures (and my own additional maps based on same) are used While the textures are mostly crap, most of the work was in material setupusing a modern rendering engine, so even the vanilla textures still wind up looking much better than they have any right to. This is because of real lights, shading, and materials, of which the original diffuse textures are only a part. I didn't really redo geometry, beyond appropriate use of subdivision surface modifiers. See the included images in preview/ for an idea of how the portraits look. INSTALL / UNINSTALL To install, copy the files from the package Override/ folder to the Override/ folder for your TSL game installation. To uninstall, remove the TPC files for this package from your TSL game Override/ folder. LEGAL THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY OBSIDIAN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. The content of this mod is free for use and reuse, with no implied warranty, you can redistribute it, in original or modified form. If you do, a credit of some kind is nice but not required.
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    It sounds like you already have a fair handle on things, there are a lot of tools required for modding the game currently, depending on what exactly it is you wish to do. Personally I gathered them all and poked around until I decided which ones I needed over any other, that turned out to be the majority of them. In the tutorials I wrote is a link to a 2 hour video / stream that gives a rough overview of KotOR modding, not sure if that might be of any use to you. Alternatively I would primarily suggest KotOR Tool K-GFF Editor 2DA Editor ERFEdit TLKEdit Dialog Editor KotOR Toolset KotOR Find References Utility There are a fair few beyond that that I have, but these are the main ones I use or have been using up until now. And of course there is also KLE ( KotOR Level Editor ) which is a fantastic new tool which has made life a lot easier for modding the games and is no doubt going to end up a very powerful tool for modding these games. Hopefully that might help guide you in the right direction, though it sounds like you would have found your way to the right tools on your own eventually Thor110
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    Peragus looks great. Really makes it feel like a dirty, gritty mining station, while still keeping close to the original feel. Too many vanilla areas are endless seas of grey panels. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you can do with the Trayus Academy (assuming it's on the agenda). It's always been the blandest looking part of the game to me and I've never found any retextures that managed to make it look good.
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    Version 1.0


    I made this armor's cause id like to how theyre looks So thanks to KotorTool and some other stuff ofc Thx to Fred Tetra i can finally release these armors.