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    Hello DeadlyStreamers! To think all it took was a pandemic and an overly long SWTOR content update to get me to announce the 2018 Mod of the Year winners. And of course, keeping in tradition with my minimum effort work ethic, here they are: Best Texture Enhancement: Best Content Restoration / Addition Most Helpful Community Member @DarthParametric and of course Mod of the Year Each winner will receive their new Mod of the Year 2018 medals. Also due to the nature of the nature of the 2018 Mod of the Year winner, I'll be awarding two versions of the medal - one black and one gold! So what's the deal with Mod of the Year 2019? I don't know yet. Due to all this COVID-19 business, sounds like I'll have more time for DeadlyStream business. I think it'd simply be a matter of choosing the categories and then starting up nominations. We'll see.
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    Anticipation building for the announcement of the winners in 2021.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Description This mod aims to completely change Juhani's appearance and to bring it close to artist Corbin Hunter's redesign of the character. As a result, her head has been significantly reshaped and slightly retextured. An all-new body model was created and hand-painted from scratch. A new custom lightsaber has been created as well. As several aspects of Juhani have been changed, this mod has been divided into four editions to accomodate the final user's preferences: 1. An All-in-one edition which includes all the changes to bring her close to Corbin Hunter's vision of the character. 2. A head-only edition, which only includes Juhani's revamped head. 3. A body and lightsaber edition, which includes her new body model and lightsaber. 4. Finally, a head and lightsaber edition, which includes her new head model and lightsaber. Please refer to the included images in the 'Editions reference pictures' folder included in the archive to help you determine your preferred edition. Installation 1. Extract the archive's content somewhere on your computer. 2. Double-click the "Juhani Appearance Overhaul.exe" file. 3. Choose an edition to install. Refer to the images included in the 'Editions reference pictures' folder to determine which one you prefer. 4. Click on the "Install Now" button once you're ready. The installer will try to locate your game installation directory. If it can't find it on its own, direct the installer to the correct location. 5. The installer will proceed to install the mod's files into your Override folder. Once it's finished, you may exit the installer and launch the game. IMPORTANT If you choose an edition that includes Juhani's new body model and lightsaber: Juhani will have her new items only if you are using a save that is prior to the moment she joins your party right before leaving Daantoine. If you are past that point in your playthrough, she won't have her new items. You can get them using KSE or via entering the following commands in the in-game console: ⦁ giveitem j_juhsaber01 ⦁ giveitem j­­­_juhbody01 CREDITS Original design by Corbin Hunter: Artstation link This mod uses JC’s TSL Supermodel port in order to animate the skirt. SPECIAL THANKS to Artist Corbin Hunter for granting me permission to use this concept art @DarthParametric for his help and advice throughout the development process @bead-v for the incredible tools MDLEdit and KoTORMax
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    I have zero motivation to do any of my coursework online.
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    I've been doing some more modding to practise different areas and I have added a new Force Power to the game. It is based in the Retribution ability Anakin has in Battlefront 2 from EA. The Power doesn't check for any saving throws at the moment so it's kind of OP right now. It has a radius of 18 units and I don't know how much Force points it should consume yet. Here's a demo: As you can see, the Power has a custom animation, icon and sound. I have also modified the original choke animation to look closer to the one in Battlefront 2 when you are being affected by this Power. I also realised that we don't have a "multi" choke Power in the games since all three levels of choke are on one individual person, so this could cover that. But it has some inconveniences: · For some reason, the game uses the loop animation for the saber throw as the default cast anim, so I couldn't just make a new one and play it in the impact script because it would get overridden by this one. So this new animation replaces the saber throw loop animation. · Sometimes the enemies don't get affected if they are behind you or really far (but inside the Power radius). · For the new choke animation to play correctly, I had to change it from looping to fireforget. And that not might be ideal with the original one since it's really short. · If you move or kill the enemy you were targetting before the 9 seconds that the Power takes to cast, the animation of the player will get interrupted, just like with the vanilla Powers. Also you will not be able to attack again until the cast time expires. I will release this if someone thinks it is still worth it even with all of these little problems I mentioned. I will also include the source script in case someone is curious and wants to take a look at it. On another note, Ӄhrizby has finally contacted me and given me permission to use his Darth Nihilus animation fix. I have also managed to fix the icons so I have attached the two ports here just in case anyone wants them although I haven't been able to fix the character support problems so they don't have that. Type "giveitem darthnihilus_k1" without quotes for the Darth Nihilus robe item and "giveitem darthmalak_k2" for the Malak one. Also, I don't know what happened to Darth Malak. It's still pending approval. I assume if I did something wrong the admins would have told me or something. I wanted to release these two ports as well, but I want to solve any problems there are with Malak first, so that it won't happen again with these two. Anyway, hope you enjoy this. Darth Nihilus K1 Port.rar Darth Malak K2 Port.rar
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    Mercy of the Sith holocrons? You don't know us very well, do you?
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    So its been a few months since posted an update on this. Just letting people know I am still working on this. Back in January I started to rewrite this from scratch, currently there is still functionality missing from the older versions that need to be re-implemented. However that said, I've completed editors for all the .ut* file types, but some other things like a dialog editor still need to be made. I've also done some changes to the UI. I'm going to postpone pushing out updates until I have editors/viewers for all the file types which hopefully will be a few months tops.
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    Redhawke's mods, as listed on jumpstationz, have been completely backed up on deadlystream with several of them undergoing tslpatcher renovations.
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    First, let me go ahead and say that not only is this possible, it's actually extremely simple. It's also extremely tedious to set up as the global default, unless you're building from the ground up anyway. Now, a little background info: When I was younger and more naive (read: four years ago), I had the idea to start working on a massively ambitious project (read: total conversion mod) all on my own just to see how far I could push the envelope when it comes to modding. I was no novice when it came to ingenuity in KotOR modding, having already cut corners to introduce the community to a mod that had been wished for many times since the release of TSL (insert shameless PartySwap plug here). It quickly hit me that there was something else about the KotOR games that bugged the crap out of me, and that was that they were fully voiced - with exception to the most important character in both games. I quickly decided that would be the next hurdle I tackle. It didn't take too long to figure it out. That's right - I've been semi-selfishly sitting on this information for four years. Why? I don't really know, maybe because I wanted to present it to the community in a large project that I was happy to be a part of and blow everyone's minds. But it has become clear to me that others have been looking for a way to make it work, and I'd be remiss to not share my experiences with this particular endeavor. With all that said, here's a bit of a disclaimer: All instructions in this tutorial are given under the assumption of modding TSL, NOT KotOR. The reason for this is simple - TSL scripting, especially when it comes to dialog, is a lot more malleable. I'm not saying this is the only way to pull it off, it's just the easiest to illustrate. The first question is "How do we enable the PC to be a valid speaker?" The answer: We don't. Simply put, any time you type 'PLAYER' into the Speaker tag line in a DLG node, the dialog will crash. This alone has turned others in the past off of pursuing this endeavor. "So, we can't use the PLAYER tag to make the PC talk, and we can't assign a new tag to the PC, so how do we make this work?" This is where one's fundamental understanding of how dialogs work comes in handy. There's always one performer in a dialog that doesn't need a stated speaker tag, and who is that? The owner. So necessary workaround #1: Make the PC the owner of the dialog. This presents a new problem, however. The game is coded to always assume whatever other valid object is in the command chain in game scripts that fire dialog is supposed to be the owner, whether it's the object starting a conversation with the PC or vice versa. You know what the solution for this is? Remove those objects from the command chain. So necessary workaround #2: Make the PC start the dialog with their self. That's right, the PC is going to be starting up conversations with him/herself that you will need to invite all other participants into through the use of the Speaker/Listener tags - and those tag lines are going to be used a lot, unless you literally want the PC to be talking to him/herself. The way to set this up in a script is quite simple: AssignCommand(GetFirstPC(), ActionStartConversation(GetFirstPC(), "name of dialog")); Note: I'm including a Modders Resource (jb_func.nss) that functions as an #include script, which already has this function set up as a custom function, so all you need to type up is PCStartDialog("name of dialog"); jb_func.nss Any dialog fired by this function will have the PC speak all the entry nodes with blank speaker tag lines. Yes, you are still required to put VO on Entry nodes, not Reply nodes, which means having the PC speak a line of dialog that the player chooses from a replies list requires creating an entry after said reply with the VO information attached. Of course, this particular solution only covers game-triggered dialogs so far. What about click-started dialogs, the ones triggered by the player? This is where we get into potentially tedious territory. See, player-triggered dialogs are fired by the game gathering the name of said dialog from the objects Dialog string entry. This data call is hard-coded - we have no access to it through scripting. The obvious solution would be to set up a custom script for that object's OnDialogue event, but when one such object becomes a hundred or a thousand, that's a lot of OnDialogue scripts. This is where I came up with a different solution, which proved to be quite ingenious. Simply put, convert the player-triggered dialog to a game-triggered dialog. So necessary workaround #3: Make the dialog re-trigger itself. Note: Regarding the steps below, If you want to skip most of the work, I'm including here the script that I use to re-trigger the dialog, as well as a new dialog template to start from. Sadly, you'll have to do the globalcat.2da editing yourself. a_load_dialog.nss a_load_dialog.ncs newdialog.dlg How do we set this up? First, you need to create a global in the globalcat.2da. It can be a boolean or a number, doesn't really matter. For the sake of this tutorial, I'll be using a boolean and naming it "dialog_pc_owned". Next, create a blank entry at the very top of your DLG. Set its first conditional to "c_glob_bool_set", set the String Param to be "dialog_pc_owned", and check that "Not" box. Right now, this node does nothing but always fires. What we want to do next is make something happen. Specifically, we want to set the global, so in the first script field, insert "a_glob_bool_set", set the first parameter to 1, and the String Param to "dialog_pc_owned". This means the next time the dialog is fired, it will ignore this top node because the condition isn't being met. Obviously, there's still something missing. We need to trigger the dialog to fire again under ownership of the PC. So leave the DLG as is for a moment, and create a new script - I'm naming mine "a_load_dialog.nss". Now, in order to avoid compiling a ton of different versions of this script, we'll be making use of the String Param in the TSL dialog system. So if you're using my include file, the script would look like this: #include "jb_func" void main() { PCStartDialog(GetScriptStringParameter()); } Compile that bad boy (make sure the include script is in the override folder in your game directory), then go back to that top node in the DLG file. Insert "a_load_dialog" into the second script field, then in the String Param field, insert the name of your DLG file. So now your dialog will re-trigger itself with ownership belonging to the PC. We're done, right? WRONG! This is where I reckon I'll lose most of you, because it's a bit difficult to put into words, so please bear with me. When you trigger a dialog like this, you're setting a variable that wasn't set previously so that you can call it to re-trigger itself. The downfall is that variable will not automatically reset so that the top node triggers every time. In order for this to work, that top node needs to trigger every time, which requires resetting the global after the dialog re-triggers itself. How you set this up in the Dialog file is completely up to you, but my preferred method is to create a second blank entry underneath the first one, set the first script field to "a_glob_bool_set", first parameter to 0, and String Param to "dialog_pc_owned", then let that node be the master root for the rest of the actual dialog tree. That's all there is to it, obviously the rest is on you to write the dialog and acquire the VO in the typical way. I hope this helps, folks. Until next time... DarthTyren has spoken!
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    I can confirm that your appraisal was correct. At least with the two files I have tried so far. If I hex edit them and replace 03 00 00 7E 21 05 00 00 EF 01 with 05 00 0E 44 45 43 4F 4D 50 5F 52 45 50 4C 41 43 45 (effectively replacing string RACE_DEFAULT = GetStringByStrRef(32289); with string TEST_REPLACE = "DECOMP_REPLACE";) then DeNCS decompiles them. Many thanks, this will open up a lot of previously closed doors.
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    Veeeery interesting. I'm seeing the same thing in all files, so I hope it's the culprit. Basically, every NCS file I've worked on uses global variables initialized from constants. However, the files you've given me all include a global that's initialized from an engine routine! I'm wondering if DeNCS is choking on that. 0x00000c67 RSADDS 0x00000c69 CONSTI 32289 0x00000c6f ACTION 239 1 0x00000c74 CPDOWNSP -8 4 0x00000c7c MOVSP -4 // 239: Get a string from the talk table using nStrRef. string GetStringByStrRef(int nStrRef);
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    It's me again. The mod roundup has most definitely served its purpose this time. It tipped me off that I never got around to updating the K2 version of a mod that I updated for K1 in January. The work was nearly all done and I was just too lazy to take new screenshots at the time. So good job, mod roundup. Updates Robe Adjustmnet – Fixed an issue that made the training cutscene wonky if you skipped through dialogue too quickly. Jedi Tailor – While testing a while back, the Tailor's shop spawned inside a Jawa. So I tried to fix that for this update, but because it's a random occurrence I'm not sure if it actually worked. Also fixed another bug in the Tailor's dialogue. Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes / Cloaked Jedi Robes & Supermodel Port – Redid all textures. Higher resolution and ideally higher quality. Lightsaber Visual Effects for K1 and K2 – Added new options for blue and green lightsabers and converted all texture files to superior TPC format. New Mods Player Soundset Restoration – Restores the player's voice to K2 so you say random stuff when performing actions like you do in K1. Romance Enhancement: Biromantic Bastila – Allows a female player character to romance Bastila. Something Completely Different I have two somethings this time. I suspect certain individuals might be experiencing an increase in productivity on account of having more extra time than usual for certain reasons. First, @VarsityPuppet has finally gotten around to announcing the winners of the 2018 Mod of the Year awards. I hadn't realized that my Cloaked Jedi Robes had won for one category, so thanks to whomever voted for that. VP has also promised to get the 2019 competition running soon. Second, @AmanoJyaku has been working on a new script decompiler to address some issues with DeNCS. If successful, it will be a boon to modding as there are many scripts that cause DeNCS to choke up, preventing us from fixing bugs in them or otherwise improving their performance. We ran into several such unfortunate cases during Community Patch development, and there are also many scripts in K2 still running the bugged original random loot code even though TSLRCM fixes some of those bugs because the scripts without source code couldn't be recompiled. Any progress on that front could help make those fixes and other mods possible.
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    It's been quite interesting these last few weeks, eh? I hope you are all doing well. There's been progress in analyzing the NCS byte code. Graphviz has been invaluable in producing the maps necessary to visualize the program flow. At the moment, one script has been reverse engineered. By no means is a decompilier close to being ready, but it is a significant step in analyzing the program flow. At the moment, several NCS code patterns have been identified that map back to NWScript: Dead code (e.g. perfectly valid code that never gets called, and theoretically could be removed) Assignment (e.g. i = 5) Named variable declaration (e.g. int i, float f, string s, object o) initialized from constant (e.g. int i = 5, float f = 0.0, string s = "Jello, World!") initialized from engine routine (object o = GetFirstPC()) initialized from subroutine (bool b = IsItTrue()) initialized from named variable (int i = integer_i ) Selection If (GetLocalBoolean(55)) If (!GetLocalBoolean(55)) If (IsItTrue()) If (!IsItTrue() Switch (i) {case 0: break; default: break;} Attached is a control flow diagram of the script k_sup_galaxymap.ncs. Red blocks are dead code. There are three switch statements in the code. Can you find them? Expect more updates in the next few weeks!
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    The custom .tga (or photo file) isn't included within the folder linked. Therefore, despite the UTC correctly linked to the correct portraits.2da row, there is no photo for the game to input, thus it resorts to the default portrait of T3-M4. Edit: nvm there is... Mmm i'm going to see what's going on here. Edit2: You need an appearancenumber. Inside portraits.2da there is a column labeled appearancenumber that needs to correspond with the appearance.2da row number of that UTC. Which should be 185. Let me test that real quick. Edit3: Now she's a white square instead of t3m4 portrait, so progress, but not quite there yet. Edit4: May be that 9 characters is too short, jolee has an additional "p" testing additional letter. Edit5: Good news, those were the 2 issues holding you back, bad news is that you need another file and the current portrait photo is too dark. Notice that in the below screenshots there is no party DS/LS appearance. Instead of re-editing that post, I'll just make another. Okay so I fixed the issue of that White Box. I'll start again from the top, because my edits are a little hard to follow. First, edit portraits.2d to include appearance number of Selven (your files have her listed as appearance.2da number 185). Second, your custom photo must have a total of 10 characters/letters. Yours only had 9, which doesn't work (idk why). Therefore, I have used po_pselven, see po_pjolee row #38 for example of proof and what lead me to try this. Third, you need to add another portrait photo, one for lightside, one for darkside. Look at photo below, see how that larger image of the character has shifted from a WHITE Blank space to the same custom photo portrait you had. Kotor 1 has it as a static image (you can change this to animated, but this is beyond my scope of modding, see realrece's tutorial). You'll have to add 2 files and label them exactly as they were but add 3 and 3e, one of them is darkside the other is lightside if i recall correctly. So I added po_pselven3.tga and po_pselven3e.tga (by copying the original file and renaming it) and got the result shown below. As a general rule of thumb try to find a mod that has installed a custom portrait and recruitable NPC then reverse engineer it, you'll want to setup a tslpatcher for this mod, which is fairly easy, otherwise having a portraits.2da can cause incompatibilities.
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    From the Detailed information of 2da files thread: Everything else you wrote sounds correct to me.
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    It's been a month, so here's a progress report: Completed decoding of opcodes, data types, header fields Validating basic fields and generating (helpful?) error messages Embedded NWScript engine calls into program code No need for modders to provide nwscript.nss Created call graphs of subroutines Generating graph description files for Graphviz renderer Created control-flow graphs of basic blocks Generating graph description files for Graphviz renderer Created call stack simulator Keeping track of which variables are modified To do: Identifying iteration, selection and jump statements Operator associativity and precedence Type conversions Byte code conversion to source code Source code conversion to byte code GUI Setup new dev laptop (dropped current laptop last night, awaiting delivery of new one) 😢 Probably more stuff, but I don't know what I don't know, you know?
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    Lid lock her eyes a la A Clockwork Orange and make her watch this video on a month long loop. Not forever. Just one month. That would do it. But seriously, I think the point no one can specifically know what they would do or say to her and not knowing that is the scariest part. When you fill in the blanks, you'll come up with the scariest answer. Not everything should be spoon fed to the audience. It's the same with what Nihilus says any time he speaks or what the main characters in my linked video say - without subtitles, you as an audience member have to provide the context. If the rest of the material is worthy of your attention, the effort to fill in the context can be entertaining. If the rest of the material isn't - well - you're likely watching akin to the SWHS and your effort would be likely wasted. And capitalize the S in Sith, buddy! We're all strange.
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    Lol, you make a very valid point..... then again, I haven't had any run-ins with any Sith Holocrons....yet.....
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    "Closed doors" *AmanoJyaKreia, Dark Lord of the Script, mentors DarthParametric and boosts their security skill*
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    Not derailed at all. This is exactly what I will encounter when I get far enough. May actually be easier to troubleshoot than the parser and lexer I'm writing. 🤣
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    Presumably not coincidentally, both the Tatooine and Manaan module includes contain the following in their constants list: string RACE_DEFAULT = GetStringByStrRef(32289); And, as discussed previously, we know Bioware's compiler pulled in all constants from any listed includes, regardless of whether they were required or not. @JCarter426 also determined that the KOTOR nwnnsscomp also does this, despite the original NWN version being fixed to prevent that.
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    Once your work is far enough along and you have a spare moment @AmanoJyaku, I'm curious if you can finally resolve the problem I mentioned above regarding DeNCS choking on decompiling some scripts that doesn't seem related to recursion (or at least ncsdis doesn't report it). I just found another one (attached if you are curious) as I was poking through various things, again from Tatooine which seems to be heavily affected by the issue, so it reminded me. I'm extremely curious to know the whys and wherefores. Non-decompilable_script.7z
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    *Looks my own NCS tool* Famous last words...
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    New, small project I'm working on.
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    Well. that's a replay of the Mass Effect Trilogy done. That ending still leaves a bad taste in the mouth...
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    Just catching up on this awesome undertaking - I love how basically you're rectifying every slightly lazy design element in the game. Obsessed. Can't wait for Belaya, Sherruk, and the others!! If you want to circumvent the helmeted VO issue with the Bendak head (which I LOVE), I'd be happy to simply redo Bendak's VO.
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    I'm assuming these are all the debug functions? PrintString, AurPostString and the like? I was playing with those only yesterday and noticed that despite removing if (!ShipBuild()) checks, they still didn't appear to function. I assume they gutted them from the retail release altogether? While they are unnecessary for the code to run, I would argue they should remain in any decompiled scripts since, in the absence of commented source for the module scripts, the debug functions are the only thing remaining that can indicate developer intent. Additionally, the user can manually change them to SendMessageToPC for their own debugging purposes if needed.
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    Hello everyone, I am currently working on this mod for K1 where You can recruit Selven, the bounty huntress from Taris, Lower City Appartments! She is meant to replace Juhani. I have been following this great tutorial found here: https://web.archive.org/web/20121204063203/http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=131944 The mod is 99% done, but i have encountered a strange problem... Even though i made a custom photo and added it to the portraits.2da file, in the game T3-M4 appears instead of Selven! Can anyone tell me what i did wrong / what to do to fix this issue? I am attaching a copy of the mod along with a savegame here, for You to test it out and see where the problem is. Many thanks in advance! Recruit Selven Mod.rar Before Recruit Selven Savegame.zip
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    So I had my first day as an instructing solicitor... It ends with the courthouse being quarantined due suspicion that counsel had Cornoavirus. This is the same counsel I'd just spent 30 minutes with in a conference room discussing the case. What fun.
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    There are only two races in KOTOR, Human and Droid. Wookiees and Zabrak are a Human sub-race. So the User limitation property only tells the game whether it is for Droids or Humans. In K1, Wookiees are restricted from using robes and such via baseitems.2da. I thought that the Sub-race property added in TSL could be used to do the same directly in the UTI, but it seems selecting Human as the sub-race just acts the same as the User Limitation. You can limit and item only to Bao-Dur or Wookiees, but not restrict them. That would still have to be done in baseitems.2da. @JCarter426 might have to weigh in on that. I have vague memories of discussing the denysubrace column in the past, whether or not it can be tallied to cover more than one sub-race. Armour and robes are divided into body types for different armour classes. What model is assigned for each is defined in appearance.2da. Revan's robes uses its own unique body type, body J. Hence the model name is PxBJ. You'll want to read up on how that all works before going further.
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    Hey everybody, As you might already know, there are 3 different heights in KotOR 1, Soldier being the tallest (literally being able to look down upon Calo Nord) and Scoundrel being the shortest (requiring everyone in the galaxy, except Mission, to look down just to see you), while Scout is tall enough for a direct eye contact most of the time. There is a mod, "K1 Player Character Height Adjustment" (https://deadlystream.com/files/file/397-k1-player-character-height-adjustment/), that makes you as tall as Soldier regardless of the class but ONLY while wearing armors and Jedi robes. Problem is, I'd like to play through the game as a Scoundrel with the default clothing, which is a red jacket for the class, but because it doesn't qualify as armor (or a Jedi robe) like the mod requires, so you can't have a tall Scoundrel. So, I really would appreciate if a mod that makes Scoundrel as tall as Soldier could be made. Even if such a thing isn't possible, I thank and appreciate you all for at least taking your time to read this. Have a great day and a great life.
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    There's your next project: Hanharr Romance Mod
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    The mod works, there was an issue in the older version with the global.jrl file being older then the ones from TSLRCM AND M4-78 EP, and that is why you were getting that error! Now you can safely overwrite that file and it will work ok, just run the new TSLPatcher and it should automatically update your broken mod version! Here is a Youtube video of the mod in action:
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    Normally you play movies outside a conversation. You could try adding a delay, like so: void main() { ActionPauseConversation(); PlayMovie("MiraRomance", FALSE); ActionResumeConversation(); } You could also try setting a specific amount of pause, either in the script or in the DLG itself. If that doesn't work you'll probably have to break out of the convo, play the movie, then re-initiate the convo, which would require new dialogue nodes, new scripts, and possibly an invisible helper placeable.
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    You're not using the latest MDLOps by the looks. That's a non-compliant ASCII. If you had to decompile the binary this is not your original model presumably. Decompile it with MDLEdit. Grab the latest beta version from this post.
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    One of your blade planes likely has its scale value set to 1.0 instead of 0.0. Open the ASCII in a text editor and correct it, then recompile.
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    Wonder if the writers of the Geneva Convention went back and made an addendum that forced repeated viewings of the Star Wars Holiday Special and Batman and Robin would be classified as torture.
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    Yes. Lid locking in itself for a solid month would be torture. The clip in addition to that is a crime against civility, nature, and the Geneva Convention.
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    Beware of strange Sith Holocrons....
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    Hello! I'd not have any problems testing a modified script but I checked the Selkath and it has RACIAL_TYPE_HUMAN and SUBRACE_NONE and that's why it won't be caught in the second condition check of yours. I suppose I could just tweak this line: } else if (GetRacialType(oTarget) == RACIAL_TYPE_HUMAN && GetSubRace(oTarget) != SUBRACE_NONE) { to: } else if ((GetRacialType(oTarget) == RACIAL_TYPE_HUMAN && GetSubRace(oTarget) != SUBRACE_NONE) || (GetTag(oTarget) == "man28_inssel")) { This wouldn't break anything. I'll test it and then let you know. Cheers!
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    bead-v, thanks for the suggestion but I took another route. I used SetPlayerRestrictMode() which suits me even better in this particular case. DP, I followed your advice and now there is a choke effect for every HP loss. Of course if the player enter the conversation already with very low HPs there won't be additional damage thus no extra chocking animation other than the initial and final ones.
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    Ah, of course. In that case then you could always do the initial hit to take them to the point required for the wounded anim (below 50%?), then divvy up the remainder equally per tick.
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    The main limitation is that the engine will crash when attempting to cast shadows from a high poly mesh. This isn't a huge problem, since typically for characters the bones are the shadowcasters, not the body mesh itself. A dress may require some tweaking of the bone trimeshes to get the right shape, or you can always make some decimated skinned meshes that have the render flag disabled as shadowcasters. From memory the upper limit for a shadowcaster mesh is around 2,500 tris.
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    Send me the files. I can look at fixing them after I get home from work. A 7z or RAR file will do nicely. PM them to so folks in the future won't grab the wrong package. Luckily I had time to do this before jumping in the shower. Move or delete files in the folder from the file path: \SWKotOR2\StreamVoice\802\blackmark. If you renamed if as Obi Wan Pere suggest, return the folder to the original name. Add the WAV files attached to this post to the aforementioned folder. Report back with your findings, please - and tag me when doing so and that you are telling me about this specific character. Black Market Replacement Files - Test 1.7z
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    Sorry it took so long but as I said before, I have very little time with my main computer now. Here are some screenshots of some hilts that I have but I dont see around in mod sites. REMEMBER: those are not mine and I am uploading just screenshots, remember this if you see an image and find out that the mod is yours. The hilts are: -The two of Ahsoka from clone wars -Darth Bane's(the fan made using the novels as basis, not the official that ignores the novel description) -Ben Solo from episode 8(the only good thing of that movie if you ask me) -A generic curved hilt -A double bladed curved similar to Asajj Ventress -A generic double -Exar Kun double bladed (but being held as if it is a single hilt) -Kanan's from rebels -Rahm Kota's from the force unleashed game -Malak's official hilt -Darth Malgus's from swtor -Maul's from rebels (it even has a cane version, that I give to Kreia at the begining of the game) -A generic lightsaber pike -A variation of Revan's from swtor -Satele double bladed from the swtor cinematics -Savafe Opres's from clone wars -The spinning lightsaber of the inquisitor from rebels -And the temple guard double bladed