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    Version 1.0.0


    The mod replaces the textures of the costumes. Resolution 2048x2048. The distribution will be updated - new textures will be added to other costumes.
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    We released a surprise new patch recently. If you're subscribed to the mod on Steam workshop, it should have auto-downloaded for you. Otherwise, feel free to grab either the new installer or the updated mobile version in usual places. Patch notes below. May contain spoilers if you haven't played the game yet. * New logo by @Sith Holocron * [PC Installer] The installer will now always ask you to confirm install location * [Mobile] Fixed tutorial popups using PC controls * Fixed a possible dialog break when talking to Kreia * Fade out/fade in animation instead of a sudden black screen when teaching companions force forms * Telos: Lt. Grenn turns to the player when talking to him after Batu Rem's death * Telos: No longer possible to trigger mercenaries / Lorso cutscene as B-4D4 * Telos: Removed a random black screen and immediate fade in when Atris takes out your saber * Telos: Atris no longer plays "talking" animation when standing silently * Telos: Changed a camera angle in a cutscene where Atris talks to Handmaidens to avoid an awkward jumpcut * Telos: Handmaiden no longer uses "talking" animation when thinking * Telos: Added autosave before Handmaiden fights her sisters, so you don't have to sit through four different cutscenes again if you die * Telos: Atris and Handmaiden stay with lightsabers active and in "ready" pose after their fight, until Atris lightnings Handmaiden * Telos: Rebalanced the HK Factory * Telos: Asking for a finders fee when delivering fuel no longer grants less XP than other dialog options * Nar Shaddaa: Removed animated camera from the Red Eclipse boarding cutscene * Nar Shaddaa: Fixed an issue where two music tracks sometimes played at the same time during the Red Eclipse boarding * Nar Shaddaa: Party members will no longer randomly activate their shields and/or stand up when getting knocked out by the Red Eclipse * Nar Shaddaa: Party members now play "working on computer" animation instead of just standing next to the galaxy map in the Red Eclipse cutscene * Nar Shaddaa: Added missing lip animation when Ratrin boards your ship * Nar Shaddaa: Randomized Duro VO in the cantina cutscene * Nar Shaddaa: Fixed a skipped animation when Atton warns the party * Nar Shaddaa: Removed Visquis' sound from an empty line when he releases Kath Hounds * Nar Shaddaa: Atton can no longer pick T3-M4 as a third party member if he was sold to Kodin * Nar Shaddaa: You can now try again if you didn't have enough money to bribe Kaalanah the first time * Onderon: Atton now pilots the ship in planet's intro * Onderon: Soldier in the palace no longer starts a dialog for a single line, uses a "bark" instead * Onderon: Fixed a typo in Kiph's dialog (two dots instead of three) * Korriban: Sion no longer uses "talking" animation before approaching player * Korriban: Fixed fade-out animation after escaping Sion * Ravager: Lightsabers don't turn off for a cutscene halfway through the Nihilus fight * Malachor: You can now fast forward through "precognition" cutscene of your party members in cells * Malachor: Fixed Sion & player sometimes not jumping to proper positions for post-fight dialog, therefore not being visible * Malachor: Restored a previously skipped shot of player approaching Kreia * Malachor: Some additional animations in party vs Kreia cutscene, like Visas holding her weapon ready when Handmaiden/Disciple attacks Kreia * Ebon Hawk: HK-50 torture scene now fades out at the end, instead of hitting you with a sudden black screen in the middle of HK's line * Ebon Hawk: Fixed Handmaiden's empty {frowns} line always skipping instead of playing animation before training her as a Jedi * Ebon Hawk: You return to the cargo hold instead of being moved to the cockpit after training Handmaiden as a Jedi
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    So there's a droid type - C_ConDrdL - that I have seen mostly seen on M4-78 but may exist elsewhere in the game. Unlike HK droids, this droid doesn't have lighted eyes that flash when they speak. Is there a way to add that feature to a model? And here's the type that I'm talking about. And here's the model type: If this is something that interests you but you don't have the ability to work on, please add a like to show your support.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod will replace and update Darth Bandon texture files. To Install 1. Download: Darth Bandon HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    Honestly, it's a pretty good point
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    Just released updates for my 2 most popular mods. Finally found the drive that had all my KotOR mod tools on it, so I was able to tweak some lines and fix typos in my Leviathan dialogue mod, and permanently removed the hella buggy manual install for Bastila's Dark Bodysuit.
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    The best thing to do is report the issue to the author of Holocron toolset in the proper thread. This is a very promising and very actively maintained tool we're talking about, with an author that's been very present and receptive to feedback since start.
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    View File Darth Bandon HD This mod will replace and update Darth Bandon texture files. To Install 1. Download: Darth Bandon HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love. Submitter Dark Hope Submitted 09/22/2022 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
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    Headed to CA (Bay Area) for a vacation. If you have a message for me, please consider holding off until next Wednesday. See y'all when I get back!
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    Well. I could cram one more in....should Kaevee have a custom hilt? Also, why wasn't I doing this before?? I mean I know I'm lazy but.... "Directional industrial steel" at 62-66% with a baremetal .txi Kinda kewl yeah?
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    For my participation in Cathalan, it started from me complaining about the NPCs having an orange tint to them - and it's a criticism I just kept repeating and mocking him for over the years, particularly in one thread here where I publicly aired some drama (that I ultimately instigated) and posted a review video of Cathalan for the sole purpose of mocking him. It's something I deeply regret. I'm still not 100% sure of what my motives were back then, but I know that I had the wrong attitude toward him and his mod. I agree with what LDR has said, it was a great idea and had the potential to be something great and special, and I'd love to see Cathalan get an update and for Jaevyn to be in good standing with the community again some day. I don't know how that will all happen, but I think we can start by changing our disposition towards Jaevyn and Cathalan - offering up constructive feedback and taking a more positive stance on the mod - at least for anyone who hasn't already started doing that. For this, I think you are on the right track @LDR @Basil Bonehead I recall your stream testing 90SK's Edge of Darkness was pretty fair and helpful, I'd recommend reviewing Cathalan with that same positive lens.
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    I always wanted to import KOTOR ships like Leviathan, Endar Spider, Ebon Hawk or other fighter into Blender and I found a way I found a page in moddb which contains those ships. Those were .max files but I converted them into .fbx format and managed to import them into blender I also used Holocron Toolset to extract ebon hawk or other ships to use them in Blender as well. With space backgrounds I managed to render some good images with those ships
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    Finally set up my own website on Neocities: https://leilukin.neocities.org/
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    The file is queued for publication.
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    Sorry for the late response : Overall it's much more noticeable, but I think the shapes should recess into the eye as opposed to extrude from.
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    The default Sith Apprentice soundset (n_sithappren) is empty. See this K1CP issue for more info. This will be fixed in v1.10 (per 90bc449).
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    Streaming Czerka Commando now
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    Given the usual quality of said input, he was probably at that stage about a decade ago.
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    The some reason is that the hen in k_hen_damage01 is short for henchman. Henchmen from NWN evolved into the party members of KotOR, so party member scripts are marked hen. The def scripts, meanwhile, are the default scripts. Anyway, this is normal behaviour for both games. Despite its potential for interesting effects the onDamage hook is basically only used for AI purposes so it's automatically skipped when the player controls them. Still good for having things happen when enemies are damaged though.
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    Thanks to precious input and help from @brents742I have come to a possible final version of this. There is space for further improvement (better camera placements, additional props / creatures roaming the hangar) but I think this is already a big improvement over the original restoration. Here's a video of it I uploaded on my YouTube channel.
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    Version 1.0.0


    --------------------------------------------- Knights of the Old Republic --------------------------------------------- TITLE: Effixian's Class Outfits Redone AUTHOR: Effix(ian) CONTACT: PM me on the forums or find me on Steam ----------------------- DESCRIPTION ----------------------- This mod updates the default clothing for the 3 different classes. The textures are upscaled by A.I. (waifu2x - caffe). Only the soldier outfit had an alpha layer (which tells the game which parts should reflect light), I redid that one because it was a bit crude. The scout and scoundrel outfits didn't have one, now they do for a bit more dynamic/interesting look. The screenshots don't really show off the differences very well, things look nicer in game with the light shining on the outfits. ------------------------- INSTALLATION ------------------------- Unzip and copy the files from the subfolder to your Override folder. --------- BUGS --------- None known. -------------------------- COMPATIBILITY -------------------------- Not compatible with mods that do the same/contain the same files. -------------------------- UNINSTALLING -------------------------- Remove from the Override folder: PFBBL01.tga PFBBL01.txi PFBBM01.tga PFBBM01.txi PFBBS01.tga PFBBS01.txi PMBBL01.tga PMBBL01.txi PMBBM01.tga PMBBM01.txi PMBBS01.tga PMBBS01.txi ------------------------------------- DISTRIBUTION NOTES ------------------------------------- You can use the files from this mod in your own mod if you simply credit me. -------------------- THANKS TO -------------------- Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool ----------------- Donations ----------------- My mods are free. If you would like to show your support then you can buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com/effix ----------------- THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE, OBSIDIAN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
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    So I found a folder with some old never seen before hilt models I abandoned years ago.... Wondering if I should skin and rig them. Or just leave them to the ravages of time lol...but maybe rig and convert em as stand alone hilts...maybe.
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    Module injection is less compatible, not more; WAV files are already setup to go to streamwaves and lip files have to go in Override to work for K1, IIRC. Looking quickly at the files I can't see anything that should be incompatible per se; the modules affected by DP's mod mostly aren't the same as the ones affected by this one. If I'm reading the files right for DP's mod though (without installing), it creates a whole new range of Dark Jedi for the Star Forge, who won't be equipped with lightsaber forms from this mod. Most things in my mod are set up to modify, rather than replace, existing Override files though, so unless DP has changed some very specific dialogue files (dan13_belaya ; k_player_dialog ; kor35_utharwynn ; kor39_utharwynn ; unk44_sparty) there shouldn't be any major incompatibilities.
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    To me that seems like a series of stills would fulfill the same function, according to the dev note, and would better fit the quality of the rest of the game. The custcene was a little jarring and never really fit into the game right imo
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    View File Topaz GigaPixel AI Upscales - K2 WARNING : THIS IS A MODDERS RESOURCE NOT INTENDED FOR USE WITH THE GAME! Modder's Resource - Topaz GigaPixel AI Upscales - Source These are all of the second games textures upscaled by Topaz GigaPixel AI. While they are intended for use eventually with my overall project, for the time being I have handed them off to a texture artist to clean up beforehand, after which they will also be released for the standalone game as well. It was also suggested to me that I should upload them here as a Modder's Resource and backup for people to use when repainting any textures for the game. So here they are. The images shown aren't from the game, but they are the only reference imagery I have to show the upscaling in action. All TXI files as well as the few textures that had issues being upscaled in their own packages. Submitter Thor110 Submitted 09/10/2022 Category Modder's Resources  
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    Red eclipse is at 3:58. The updated scene is literally the same thing just without the 30 seconds animated camera, so start at 4:30.
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    I wish there was a video so we could see the difference between them.
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    Good afternoon, first of all I apologize for my bad English, I speak Spanish and I am using an English translator, this time I wanted to show you the mods that I have managed to make work on xbox 360 since I do not have a good PC to play the game, in a originally i had to lower the textures but a friend of mine named jeyson figured out how to convert the textures to txb and now they can work without having to lower them the only thing I need is to learn how to translate mode, if someone would be willing to teach me I would appreciate it I want to thank the original creators of these mods for their work, I will put their names and download links so they know where you got them from I also want to thank my friend Jeyson who was the one who discovered the most how to grab the mods and even made the tools to carry them easier and make my experience easier I have not tried porting the content restorations, I have not tried the Kotor 2 version due to lack of time, and the Kotor 1 version, although I did have time, I did not try to convert it since I wanted to translate it when installing it to be able to confirm that it works, since I have Kotor 1 in Spanish and if I have a mod in English, the texts of this do not appear kotor 1 canon revan By Darth Vhail: fen chapters by Fenharel:https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/1182 kira By DarthParametric: revan armor by ChAiNz.2da:https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/23 and ahsoka tano that I wear them today By Effix: here is the proof that everything is on xbox 360 Kotor 2 revan armor and starforge armor by GreyGhost8765k,Jeyson helped me with this one, since he couldn't grab the mod due to problems with the model :https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/918 sith mask by TheDarthRevan: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/999 Revan's armor without a mask (I don't use it anymore since I was able to get the cape and mask to work) by Indiana_Revan77: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic-ii/file/revan-s-robes-star-forge-robes-for-tsl nihilus robes and fing malak armor in korriban malak armo by MVacc224: nihilus by Shem: Visas Marr's Robe fix by todevuch: Handmaiden retextures robe by SWCarnage:https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/957 head by corpsecotillion:https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/943 meetra surik, I don't know if the owner of the video is the creator of the mod, since I see it very similar to one that passed by here with brown hair, so I leave the link where I got it from (this is a port of an android mod, the one who passed by here with brown hair gives me restarts the game when I finish creating the character and I give him to play): kira by By DarthParametric: retexture malak armor by DarthParametric, Jeyson helped me with this one, since the texture gave me problems: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/9 and ahsoka tano version kotor 2 that I wear them today, by Effix:
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    I'm the developer for Holocron Toolset. Do you have Discord? I'd be happy to help you but it might be more efficient to work through the problem over that rather than a message board. If not, just send me a DM over Deadlystream. I'll need to grab what version of the game you have installed (GoG/Steam/CD) and on what platform (Windows/Mac). Also make sure you have the latest version of the toolset installed.
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    Ah, the foreman droid's eye flash is a lot easier to see, given the size. I guess the construction droid's eye meshes need a little more surface area. Edit: Created new eye lens mesh, although there's not much to work with in terms of the texture. Also tweaked the position of the camerahook. TSL_Construction_Droid_Talk_Anim_v4.7z
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    This is v3 in action and I will grab a recording of the Foreman droid in just a moment. And the Foreman Droid.
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    Well it was just a quick and dirty addition to test the principle. The animation was the important part. It's easy enough to fancy it up later. Looks like the camera hook needs some adjustment. I guess they never intended for it to be in a conversation.
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    Above is DarthParametric's Edit. Below is how it looked originally ( no edits ) so it seems they already had flickering eyes, though it's not very prominent. ( update : no it's just my eyes playing tricks on me I believe, the reflection as the head moves made me think there already was a slight flicker )
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    This post has been edited a few times. If you read it before, please re-read it. Malkior reached out to me and reminded me that I have requested something like this before but for a different droid model - . So this sort of thing is definitely possible, as can be seen here. But to continue, he replied to my question about droids on Discord and said: So I don't have share his GoogleDrive link, I've put that other droid's files up on my Dropbox here so it can stay there until there's an official release. So this request for the droid I asked about - C_ConDrdL - is still being requested. Oh and for those looking for the first time I asked about a request along these lines, here's the link to that. It seems I was looking for the texture and I didn't know about emitters back then. I still don't know they work but at least I know they exist this time 'round.
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    Ah of course, I was just thinking of a lazy approach such as flickering lights. Not long woke up so mistook your request.
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    It's not a matter of textures per se. It has to do with the model. I don't know how to work on emitters.
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    how 'bout something simple? Like... ....where the inner glow would denote the color of the blade?
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    the supplied dialog.tlk is a valid file and should not break your game, it's just not finished yet. Oh pleeeease make a backup of your original .tlk ! If it breaks I cannot, will not and should not be held responsible...
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    Leilukin graciously offered to beta test for me. The K2PCIP mod is now up here at Deadly Stream. Looking for a beta tester or two for a new mod of mine. It's the KotOR2 version of my Polished Crystals Icon Pack. I just want to make sure it works as intended and to have a few screenshots to go on the download page. Beta testers would of course be credited. I only need 1 or 2 so first come, first served.
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    I've especially been wanting a fix for that Sion fight post-scene for such a long time, that was something that's been bugging me about Malachor forever. So glad to see it fixed! This mod basically covers nearly all the little gripes I've had about the game that I always found odd.
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    I personally like it as I mentioned over on Discord to you already. I think this sort of thing is best served by a poll on this thread. That's up to Aspyr at this point. I've heard many people ask about this in the community but you really want to be directing those questions to Aspyr.
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    Here you go, got the right one this time: Edit: Removed No idea. Haven't played TSL for a few years.
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    The real answer is that you don't, at least for a given definition of "controlled". Basically scripted fights are essentially just setting two (or more) NPCs to opposing factions and telling them to attack each other. You can script certain specific attacks and powers (you get a lot more fine control in TSL than K1 due to it allowing all animations to be scripted), but if you want true full control then really stunt animations are the only solution. But given the level of effort and skill required for that, scripting is really the only practical approach for most people. I would suggest that your starting point, as in most things, is to look at the vanilla scenes in whichever game you are targeting and see how Bioware/Obsidian handled it.
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    The correct approach is to apply self-illum to the eye meshes. The level of self-illum is then animated by the talk anim (which requires the LIP files to work). The appropriate keys could be copied from HK's talk anim. Using an envmap texture-based approach won't work, as there's no way to animate that from the model. Edit: As I recall, the model lacks separate eye meshes (they are just painted onto the head). I believe I gave them some years ago, probably back in the LF days. Also possibly did the same trick as with that recent TSL HK issue, added keys for the self-illum to be off during the disabled anim so the eyes only light up when the droid activates, specifically for that scene on Dxun. Edit 2: Oh, it was from your original thread. The model was supplied by ndix UR, since ye olde MDLOps couldn't handle droids properly back then. Not sure that the animation was actually done or not though. Guess age old is playing tricks on me. Edit 3: OK, try this. I didn't look at ndix UR's previous one, since there was talk of retextures with normal maps in that thread, so I just made my own. Added new self-illum eyes, added a talk anim, edited the disabled anim to turn the self-illum off. I haven't tested it at all, but it will need LIP files to work correctly. You can probably just steal some from T3 and rename them. Edit 4: Removed.
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    I actually have a handful of pre-release screenshots of the game which shows actual NPCs in the place of Lite NPCs in the final release, so you probably are correct. The Lite NPC Restoration feature really is just to satisfy my own OCD and for the lovers of the original Tomb Raider.
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    Version 1.0


    This mod will replace and update Yuthura Ban textures. In the modification there are three types of textures. Original Tattoos, Modified Tattoo, Without tattoos.
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    If you can figure out which Override folder is the right one, install the attached file to it. k_pkor_las36!plt.ncs