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    Greetings everyone, My name is EAF97 and I have an exciting new and upcoming mod for those who wish to enhance the appearance of Kotor I in particular. I have taken the liberty to remedy the dreaded "clone effect" for many of the interactive NPCs which players meet in the game and am replacing many of the heads of these NPCs with Playable character heads from the game itself, as well as with PC heads which I have ported in along with some more minor but unique NPC heads from Kotor II and finally some custom-designed heads (with permission from their designers) as well in order to create more variety in the appearance for NPCs. Those who you don't talk to will still retain their generic appearance, but most conversational NPCs will indeed have more distinct appearances. This is what I have created so far and I am looking forward to releasing this project hopefully within the month. A big shoutout to any modders who agreed to allow me to use their work in this endeavor, especially to Effix for the great deal of advice and for Dark Hope in allowing me to use some amazing custom skins and textures and for the others who will be credited for allowing me to use their custom heads and skins.
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    When I used to play TSL on the xbox as a kid, I would spend hours in the Enclave Sublevel wondering what it would be like if it was cleaned up and restored to a functioning Academy where Jedi would live and train. Playing Jedi Outcast and seeing Luke's Jedi Academy and all the students training was incredibly amazing to see and helped to inspire my hopes for the Enclave sublevel. After I got my feet wet modding with some recruitment mods, such as getting T3-M4 early and recruiting HK-47 on Taris, and learned my way around the various modding tools available, I began work to restore the Sublevel as a central hub for a resurgent Jedi Order to train a new generation. So far, I have cleaned up all the debris from the sublevel, evicted the Laigreks, placed additional dormitories, created a holo communications room similar in function to what we see in Revenge of the Sith, as well as dedicating one of the rooms as a functioning Medical Bay. Presently, I am working on transferring the scripts that the Mandalorian recruits on Dxun use when sparring to have Jedi Padawans be dueling with lightsabers at set intervals in one of the rooms that I will dedicate as a training area. I plan to place holocrons within the Jedi Archives and training holograms that can either be sparred with directly or used as instructional vids for younglings. My ultimate goal would be for this to be end game content, with a light side player arriving on Dantooine to meet a Twilek who used to maintain the Enclave when the Jedi were around and he offers his help in restoring what he worked for years to maintain before the bombardment. Modules on Dantooine beyond the sublevel could also be changed to reflect the Jedi's presence on the planet again, with training missions to take out Kath Hounds, helping settlers, what have you. I have so many ideas and many may be beyond reality but I wanted to announce this here and see what people's thoughts were and if they had any ideas on what they would be interested in seeing. One thing that is presently beyond my abilities is restoring the Enclave main level to a functioning state via the removal of the large stone debris and changing the module to reflect areas that were present in K1 such as the landing area. It's definitely something I'd like to include, but I will need to learn more as I dive into fulfilling this childhood dream of mine. As a side note, I've begun thinking what a restored Sith Academy would look and function like so its possible this could be all be wrapped into an 'Academy Expansion' mod of some sort.
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    KOTOR's needed this for some time, glad to see it, hopefully it's a faithful remake that improves upon the original in more than fidelity. Then give us a finished 2, and a real 3.
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    Sneaky Peeky Final Coming soon: a new WiP thread showcasing my upcoming Duros replacer and more
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    Finally did justice to Yuthura's appearance.
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    As a lesbian who had written the most detailed Juhani Romance Guide in the KotOR community, my biggest personal wish for the KotOR remake is an expanded Juhani romance subplot, while still keep her romance exclusive to female player characters. My hopes for this get higher after learning that one of the writers, Sam Maggs, is a bisexual woman.
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    Figured I'd give Brejik an upgrade
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    I can't wait to see my favorite character in action again. Hopefully they don't do him dirty again
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    Porting Darth Sion is totally possible! He's an NPC in my K1 Gameplay Improvement mod. I believe it would be possible to make him a player head, however, you wouldn't be able to visibly see Armor equipped on him unless someone was able to do additional work to separate the head from the body.
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    Hey! The next mod I plan on having released is the Battle of Dxun. I'm not sure when I get around to LKIM 2.0, to be quite honest. I've recently started full-time employment in addition to my part-time gig and grad school, so unfortunately I do not have a timeline for you other that I plan on finishing it eventually at some point lol.
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    Well there it is. An official one.
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    Version 1.1


    Schematic Lightsaber Mod 2021 (SLM 2021) =============================================================================================================== for TSLRCM 1.8.5/1.8.6 Author: Kaidon Jorn Date: Autumn 2020-Summer 2021 This is a large scale lightsaber mod which was built using TSLRCM 1.8.5. This lightsaber mod will not work properly without TSLRCM installed. It should be installed directly after the **DeadlySteam version** of TSLRCM 1.8.5 and on the **LEGACYPC version** of the game from Steam (NOT THE ASPYR VERSION). In this mod every party member that is trainable as Jedi will have a uniquely named lightsaber to build on the workbench through new dialog options after they have become Jedi. These initial dialogs will require color crystals to access but will then unlock that specific lightsaber to be built as many times as you like, as long as you have color crystals. These dialogs have been expanded quite a bit to offer a bit more immersion. Huge thanks to Fair Strides. In version 2021, lightsaber schematics have been redesigned so that you must equip it on your forearm and activate it like a forearm shield. They are destroyed once you are able to use them (they have a one minute cooldown), but will open the workbench dialog option to create them. You will still need to have at least one color crystal in your inventory and you must have completed your lightsaber quest in order to open the workbench options for them, since completing your lightsaber quest grants you the power to learn a schematic. Both the Jedi Masters and Sith Lords have their own unique lightsabers to wield. These have upgraded stats, weathered and worn textures, and are collectible by the player. There are also two new quests to find the parts of two different lightsabers which you can then build on the workbench, one begins in the Telos military base and the other somewhere on Dxun. 2.0 ----------> 2021 Changes List ================================================================================================================ All SLM Lightsaber's now use Crazy34's New Lightsaber Blade Models with ambient lighting! Thanks very much to him. All lightsaber schematics are now forearm equippable items that have a one minute cooldown before you can attempt to learn another schematic. The Workbench dialog file has been expanded bigly to be able to deconstruct all SLM and vanilla game sabers. Sion's Pain and the Infernal Warrior's Lightsaber now use SithSpecter's Unstable Blade Textures with ambient lighting. The tank droid boss in the military base on Telos no longer drops the Telos Defender's Crystal. It now drops the first part that starts a quest to build that lightsaber model on the workbench. The saber itself is now called "Honorable Duelist Lightsaber", and has a gold blade and glow. A new (old) lightsaber model has returned and uses SithSpecter's Unstable Blade Textures. "Acheron's Frost" can now be aquired through a new quest that starts somewhere in the first visit of Dxun. Now compatible with Markus Ramiken's Workbench Crystal Attunement Mod. <<Only drop the .ncs script file into your Override folder, the workbench dialog file is already compatible.>> Training Sabers are now fully upgradeable and come with a 1-8 damage by themselves. Mandalorian War Leader's Lightsaber has been removed permanently and replaced by Redeemed Revan's Lightsaber. The schematic now drops in the tomb on Korriban. All of the looted lightsabers have been touched up in the texture department, giving them a weathered and/or worn look, and gave them all various stats. Eloquence now has a silvery blue blade and glow. Upgraded stats. All party member lightsaber building dialogs have all been rebuilt with excitingly new and fancy scripts from FairStrides of DeadlyStream fame and glory. They will all meditate on their crystals after building their lightsabers. Visas Marr now builds an old RandomSabers model I named "Miralukan Seer's Lightsaber". The Omen is held by her on the first meeting in the Ebon Hawk. Freedon Nadd's Lightsaber is now fully upgradeable standard blade saber. Bao-Dur's Liberator no longer uses the "chrome1" texture. Alderaanian Battle Saber had a model switch and now uses the old RandomSabers "Quillian" hilt. Master Vash's Redemption had a model switch, and now uses the old RandomSabers "Schism" hilt. The Solace sabers now have a "pale gold" blade and glow. Freedon Nadd now has a seperate standard bladed hilt that you can find in the Sith tomb on Dxun. The crystal cave on Dantooine has extra crystals to aquire, it is tied to the "Weapon of the Jedi" questline. Compatibilty for M4-78 has not yet happened, but I will get to it eventually. (I hope...) Many other improvements I don't remember since I began rebuilding the mod back in October of 2020. Install by running the .exe file called "SLM 2021" Removal: 1.) Open SLM's BACKUP folder - copy and paste all .MOD files into game's MODULES folder and let overwrite. 2.) Copy and paste party member .DLG files (including workbnch.dlg) and any .2DA files found in SLM's BACKUP folder into game's OVERRIDE folder and let overwrite. 3.) Copy and paste the dialog.tlk found in SLM's BACKUP folder into KotOR2's main folder. Let overwrite. 4.) Delete all saber files from the game's OVERRIDE folder. (tga's, .txi's, .mdl's, .mdx's, uti's) Notes: *Not compatible with any other saber mods (i.e. Varsity Puppet's Duplisaber, USM, HotOR, etc, etc) UNLESS it only changes the default hilt models. This mod uses (almost) every lightsaber model slot available (13 thru 255). *As always, do not try to put a crystal that was made for a double-bladed saber into a single-bladed saber (except Solace or the personal quest saber) or vice versa because it will crash your game. *As previously stated, you will not find Vash's or Kaah's hilts unless you have M4-78EP (1.2) and the SLM compatibility patch installed. *For companions like Visas, Mira, and Kreia, it's probabaly a good idea to stand off to one side of them when starting their saber making dialogs. They may get stuck trying to path find. *All 13 schematics should be in your possession after helping Talia or Vaklu on Onderon. All dropped saber loot should be in your possession after the Nihilus fight, except Sion's. *If you want Nihilus' lightsaber you must ask Visas for it. It will come with the mask. *Kreia's Peragus saber is lost after Sion cuts her hand off. Don't expect it back. * Do not try to disassemble a hilt that is already equipped by a party member. If you want to switch a party member's saber, make the new one first, then equip it on them before disassembling the one they had (or be controlling the character you want to disassemble on). No clue why this happens but it will crash the game. * At time of release, there may be a small bug in 903MAL where Sion dosen't walk to his spot where the assassins circle around him directly after the Atton fight. (903Kreia.dlg) (((UPDATE:7/7/2021 It works fine))) Credits: Special thanks to Crazy34 for releasing his new saber blade models and letting me convert all my lightsabers to his blade models. Thanks to Fair Strides for all the scripting help, he basically came up with the force power script that allows you to learn a schematic. I just modified it to what I needed. Thanks to SithSpecter for use of his unstable blade textures. Thanks to VP (and all the Holowan Labs modders) for coding and general modding help over the years. Thanks to Deadman for making the training sabers power on and off and providing the textures. Thanks to DeadlyStream for hosting my mods. 1.0 - 2.0 changes list ================================================================================================================== Redesigned lightsaber schematics into usable items that you "learn". Learning the schematic sets the boolean to "true" so it is memorized in the workbench dialog file, and the schematics are no longer cluttering up your inventory. It is no longer possible for Disciple to get stuck on the MedBay wall inside the Ebon Hawk since I made him jump to the workbench like Atton does. He will still walk back to the MedBay. Further developed party member saber building dialogs of all party members so alignment will matter. Added new scenes so that Kreia and Visas will now meditate on their crystals. Adjusted hit points or stats on some of the added bosses. Updated the dialog for Atris' Telos Academy schematic crate. Integrated Apostle Saber Addon patch and renamed them to "Solace", gave them unique blade color, made a new encounter for them in Dantooine Enclave sub-level. Returned them to the original chrome texture (baremetal didn't look right). Updated icons. Integrated Training Sabers from my TOR Sabers Mod. Credit to Darth Deadman for adding the energy fields that power on and off like a lightsaber on those. Added new double-bladed saber "Elite Assassin's Saberstaff". Made assassins in Sith Academy on Korriban wield double-bladed lightsabers. Remade alot of lightsaber icons. Updated textures on several saber hilts. Cut down on the use of chrome hilts alot. Reshaded most of the ones that still use it. Eloquence now has a cerulean blade. The cyan core/blue one from 1.0 was not up to par with the rest so I got rid of it. Master Vash now has an entirely new model from the archives, she now wields the 'Aggressor'. Updated all necessary files. Renamed Vrook's saber to 'Vigilance'. Updated all necessary files. Fixed Saquesh not giving the Alderaanian Battle Saber schematic as he should have been if you help the Exchange. Fixed Kreia taking the long way around to the workbench. Finally retired my beautiful 4900 poly Acheron Saber and gave Sion an old RandomSabers model ("the Banshee") with a "scratched up" texture, a much larger scaling and a deeper red blade/pinker core. Added new powerup and powerdown sounds for sabers. Renamed the old 'Warrior's Lightsaber' found in the Korriban Tomb to 'Fury'. Rewrote and rescripted the dialog for the Sith Ghost encounter in the Korriban Tomb. Added 'Infernal Warrior's Lightsaber' with a dark orange blade and a new boss in the late game Citadel Station to beat you over the head with it. Rescaled and reskinned Revan's TOR saber. Made a new saber mod (Revan's Canonical TOR Sabers) as a seperate add-on that is compatible with this one as the way to get that saber model - *though it will replace 'Mandalorian War Leader's'*. Readjusted stats on a few of the dropped sabers. Wrote descriptions for Master's sabers. Buffed Darth Traya (Atris) for Telos Academy fight and Darth Nihilus just a little. Permissions: You may not redistribute files contained herein and you may not use these files in your own mod without my consent. THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THESE FILES.
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    No, you have the right method, that's not the problem. First thing is to confirm that the game is actually reading your edited file. Try setting a class's level 1 feats to some other number and checking it in character creation. Secondly, check you're changing the right values. Scoundrel feats are the column 'scd_reg', and note that the level is the 'label' value, not the row number (because 2das are indexed from 0, not 1).
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    The difficulty slider actually only affects enemy damage, not their HP. So while you can tweak the numbers in difficultyopt.2da it won't help you with this goal. The simplest option would be to edit the individual enemy files to give them more HP. There's a lot of enemies, though, so I don't recommend it. You can change max HP values via script, so the best way to do it would be editing the spawn script to give more HP to all non-PC creatures.
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    Finally got around to upgrading most of the human duelists (except for Deadeye Duncan, who already has his own unique appearance), as well as the nearby duel spectators in the arena area in the Upper City Cantina. Gerlon Two-Fingers, Ice, and Marl are now distinguishable.
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    My biggest wish from the announcement of the Kotor Remake is the community coming back alive... looks like my wishes are coming true... mwahahhaha
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    Exactly, although there's a mod which enables you to select it. There will also be plenty of player heads from the game itself that'll appear but they dont repeat and are only used for very minor characters Anakin a.k.a. Kel Algwinn is feeling ambivalent about Korriban and the Sith because of all the sand there ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    Actually, the first time I heard rumors that Aspyr is working under Kotor I thought that they will make a remaster because the first game certainly needs one. (without mods it is quit uncomfortable to play in a windowed mode at least on the laptop). And I remember that several weeks ago they were asked about the project and the answer was that they are making a remaster, not a remake. At any rate, I'm super hyped that they decided to reboot it. At least now the cancelation of the Aperion project somehow is justified this way. And this is a way for new players who can't play games with old graphics (for some reason) to enjoy Kotor. I really hope that aside from the remake they will uplift the original game but only in the way of resolutions support with modification compatibility in mind. And in the case of the remake it would cool if they make the game moddable.
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    Hi guys! While I'm still in the process of testing the sith uniform mod, I made retexture (collar fix) for JC's Fashion Line I - Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 by JCarter426 Original robe texture of the ported model My retexture PS Here're some more bright screenshots if for some reason contrast of your monitor doesn't let you see the details:
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    Hey everyone, I know this isn't kotor related, but it's old kotor era Bioware. I decided to give Jade Empire a playthrough and noticed that no one has done a HD Texture Pack mod for JE. So I've decided to give it a go myself, making a HD texture pack for NPC's and the environment. I've never made a texture pack myself and it's taking a while,. But progress is certainly being made. When I finish the mod I'll be posting it here on DeadlyStream (if I can) and/or on Nexus. I'm using an AI upscaler, I've upscaled the textures 6x and here's a preview of one texture that's been done, Dawn Star. Let me know what you think. I understand that the preview images I uploaded are a small size so it may be difficult to see the improvement. But in game you can certainly see the difference.
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    Struggling with this Kotor Remake that will inevitably be butchered. Sucks because I love this part of Star Wars. but... Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. And the originals aren't going anywhere
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    Golden HK-47 reskin added to the metallic collection:
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    I actually got started on the robes, I've been juggling through multiple other mods in development as well as Revenge of Revan development. I'll just go through the drive to find it and see what's left to do! ๐Ÿ‘
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    Why yes, I believe the tool Logan uses is the Kotor Level Editor or KLE for short. This tool allows Logan to place NPCs and placeables inside of a module within a week instead of a month as it was manually typing in coordinates back in the day. At this current stage, Logan has just about filled each and every module which will be part of the Episode 1 release with placeables AND NPCs and the current bucket list of "things to do" consists of mostly dialogues, scripts and side quests (This might sound bad to a non-modder, but this Unity tool has made development SO much better!). Your questions regarding the Kotor Level Editor might be better answered in the Official KLE release thread down below:
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    Version 1.1 of A Crashed Republic Cruiser on a Nameless World is now up. Fixed a few bugs.
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    Bao-Dur's Liberator's\Oppressor's Armor 2021 ------------------------------------------------------- Authors: Kaidon Jorn/Effix Compatible with TSLRCM 1.8.5 - 1.8.6 This mod adds a small quest to have Bao-Dur build his own non-force restrictive armor once he reaches 10th level . It's important to talk to him as soon as he hits 10th level so you can get the quest parts afterward on Nar Shaddaa, which you will find in both Tien's shop and in the Serroco thugs area. The quest will have you find some military fatigues and armor plating so that he may build the new Liberator or Oppressor's Armor depending on your alignment. The armor itself is medium class 7 with a dexterity bonus of +3, and was lovingly reskinned by none other than Effix of DeadlyStream and Steam Workshop notoriety. All credit for the reskinned Jamoah Hogra armor goes to him. Run the .exe to install ***IMPORTANT*** I strongly advise to install TSLRCM (and SLM) first before this mod. ===================================================================================================================== Permissions: You may not redistribute files contained herein and you may not use these files in your own mod without my consent. THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THESE FILES.
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    I honestly don't know why, I found him to be one of the more enjoyable characters in the mod. Allow me to clarify what my plan is on that:
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    It's more entertaining to drag it out for a few more years anyway. Keep 'em thirsty.
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    Work in progress sneak peek, TSL Twi'lek Pack 2021: 20 chars, matching underwear, matching and unique dancer's outfits for the females, based on Bastila's robes.
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    For models like weapons, the texture needs to be specified in the model itself. I don't use Blender, so I don't know how KBlender handles this, but you can always edit the ASCII it exports manually in a text editor. You'll see a bitmap line amongst the various data for the mesh. For example: node trimesh BlstrPst02 parent w_BlstrPstl_003 position 0.0102975 0.131421 0.0833597 orientation 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 alpha 1.0 scale 1.0 selfillumcolor 0.0 0.0 0.0 diffuse 1.0 1.0 1.0 ambient 1.0 1.0 1.0 transparencyhint 0 animateuv 0 uvdirectionx 0.0 uvdirectiony 0.0 uvjitter 0.0 uvjitterspeed 0.0 lightmapped 0 rotatetexture 0 m_bIsBackgroundGeometry 0 shadow 0 beaming 0 render 1 dirt_enabled 0 dirt_texture 1 dirt_worldspace 1 hologram_donotdraw 0 tangentspace 0 inv_count 94 bitmap w_BlstrPstl_003 If your mesh doesn't have a texture assigned, it will say NULL.
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    Hi everyone, I know it has been a long ..long time since I last posted here. I have been thinking about getting back into moddingโ€ฆ Over the past few months I have been looking over the Revenge of Revan mod and seeing if I will return to it. Then came the new Kotor Level Editor (KLE).. which changed everything.. Also tweaked the story for the mod to help with the pacing. I decided to return to finish Revenge of Revan. The mod will be released in sections There will be no human VO till after the mod is fully complete. Using the KLE (Kotor level editor) to build the mod. Will be looking to build a team. I am looking for individuals to join the team - this would be for dialogue and quest writing. The writing team members will be using the dlgeditor. You will be adding your text in the dlg editor and once I have the file, I will add in the scripting to the dlg, for example jrl entries, LS/DS points, etc. If your interested in joining the writing team, send me a message ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Team members: Writer : N-DReW25 Art: Redrob41 Also included a video showing off the new kotor editor and showing how it will help in production. Logan23
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    I guess the era exposure is cool but I... don't really need this. KOTOR 1 works fine for me and I've custom modded it to my tastes. the only appeal it would have for me is if I cared about the vague rough KOTOR era being connected to the Disney universe, or to SWTOr. And I simply don't, on either count. Maybe if it turns out to be a remaster or somesuch it'll have something for me.
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    I've played the original too many times to be excited about this, honestly I'm just hoping for an andromeda style shitshow at this point. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Go down in flames baby!
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    Works good but there is a problem if you use anything but default font size for dialogue description. In the inventory menu you cannot see item quantity of any of your items. Unfortunately inventory text is the same as dialogue.
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    Alright, I think this should do it for Belaya. Do note that it only works with a save in which you haven't been to Dantooine yet, so as late as right before you enter the Ebon Hawk to leave Taris. Otherwise appearances get "locked" in your savegame, a bit of a pain making, testing and using a mod, but that's how it is. Effixians PFHC07 from K2 to Belaya K1.zip
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    Looks like the module OnEnter (k_punk_41aa_en) spawns the party and a separate trigger OnEnter (k_punk_fincs_en) starts the cutscene. If the party is not present but the cutscene triggers then the problem is that the G_FinalChoice global is correct (i.e. > 0) but the UNK_PARTYSHOWDOWN global is already at 1 (i.e. the party should already have been spawned). Seems like the only way that should be possible is if the scene has already been completed and everyone warped back aboard the Hawk for take-off. Load up a save at the top of the beach before you hit the cutscene trigger in KSE and check Globals -> Numerics for G_FinalChoice and UNK_PARTYSHOWDOWN and report what the values are.
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    Quoting @DarthParametric's reply to your status-update that happened to be on-topic with this thread: -- and it's likely be k_punk_41aa_en, but will wait for your confirmation on that as I think I know as well the mod that caused this. For a start, remove the said NCS if you find one -- see how it goes.
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    Version 6.0


    DEFAULT HILTS REPLACEMENT MEGAPACK 6.0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod will replace the default lightsaber hilt models in KotOR 2:The Sith Lords. All color crystals use one model, a gold lightsaber is still included but is only obtainable in game with the .mod file in the Optional Gold Saber Game Placement Folder(Daraala's Store, Dantooine.) which should be placed in the MODULES folder. Otherwise you will need to cheat it in (u_l_colo_11, g_w_lghtsbr12, g_w_dblsbr012, and g_w_shortsbr12) - or use KSE. Also, my new blade color textures have been made optional. Place those in the override folder, if you wish. This version now syncs with TSLRCM 1.8.3 restored bronze saber files. TSLRCM 1.8.3 is however not required to use this mod. Run the patcher.exe to install the main part of the mod. -QDJ
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    Version 2.0


    Authors: Kaidon Jorn & (Darth) Deadman This Version: April 2012 =================================== This saber mod now consists of 18 hilts - each in 10 colors, all of which are buildable on the workbench. The first set of 6 hilt styles are available to build as you are building your first saber with the vanilla saber quest. Then, once you've leveled up with an Advanced Class, there will be 12 more hilt style options. Some of these hilt models are leftovers from the HotOR Lightsaber mod, which fell upon hard times and was unable and unwilling to continue - but alas! A new lightsaber mod has risen from it's ashes, and most of the hilts were modeled based on TOR sabers. The vanilla game dialogs about Bao-Dur helping you build your saber have been removed, since you build it yourself on the workbench using any default game crystal. As well, the vanilla game's Lightsaber Quest journal entries have been modified to go with this saber quest better. Once you have built a new lightsaber, the crystal will change into the specific crystal for that lightsaber, so once you commit to a new lightsaber style, it's crystal is bound to that saber hilt. Also, the training sabers now do 1-10 damage, still with their +3/+4 energy field damages, to try and make them more worthwhile to use. Two new models have been included for the purple and yellow training sabers. You must run the TSL Patcher to fully install (aside from the lightsabers, copying files to Override folder will *not* work). Compatible with TSLRCM 1.7/1.8. Compatible with everything that dosen't use the same lightsaber model numbers. *This excludes HotOR and USM from being compatible. Compatible with Default Replacement MegaPack 4.1 or better. Compatible with Workbench Crystal Attunement Mod. Compatible with RandomSabers 6 Pack. Credits: -Darth_Deadman, for finishing off the training sabers and making them powered items that turn on and off like a lightsaber. Thanks Deadman! Thanks to Markus Ramikin, Varsity Puppet, Hassat Hunter for the Workbench Crystal Attunement mod. Bugs: None that I know of, if you get one then report it and I will see what I can do. PERMISSIONS: You may not use my intellectual property, work or materials for your own mod without asking me or collaborating with me. You may not upload my mods to other sites PERIOD. END OF STORY. THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THESE FILES.
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    Version 2.1


    ABOUT: This mod replaces every skybox and every planetary backdrop in the game with a new high resolution version made from scratch. This includes a replacement of every skybox model to fix all the glaring issues with the original. There are also some additional minor changes that either fix issues with the vanilla environments or serve to better blend ingame terrain and skybox. Other than that I recommend you just check out the screenshots as pictures say more than a thousand words or check the video to see the animated skyboxes. Click the following image to see additional interactive screenshot comparisons: There are also add-ons with new skyboxes for the following mods: Brotherhood of Shadows: Solomon's Revenge Yavin IV Ord Mandell including InSidious' reskin Green Grass for Dantooine If you find any issues or have any other comments, please let me know and I'll see what can be done. INSTALLATION: If you have a previous version of this mod installed, remove it before installing the new version or you might run into some issues. For installation instructions check the read-me files of the individual downloads. Usually it's just copying files to your Override folder. For the mod to take full effect you need a savegame where you have not yet left Dantooine. COMPABILITY: This mod is not compatible with any mod that edits skyboxes in any way. This includes mods that only edit their models. There might also be rare incompabilities with mods that edit non-skybox area models if those models are also edited by this mod. PERMISSIONS: You may NOT redistribute any textures included in this archive without my explicit permission. You may however use all the models as long as you give me credit. CREDITS: This mod was created by Kexikus using mainly Terragen 4, Photoshop CS6 and 3ds Max as well as some After Effects. Additional tools used: KotOR Tool by Fred Tetra K-GFF by TK102 MDL edit by bead-v MDLOps by ndix UR KOTORmax by bead-v tga2tpc by ndix UR Additional resources by: Andy Welder: Dantooine tree model Animum: Yavin tree model Bioware: Taris buildings, Kashyyyk buildings, Kashyyyk tree textures, Manaan building textures, Hammerhead cruiser model, Yavin ruins dandelO: grass shader Dantooine and Yavin, snow shader Dantooine Jeronimoe: BOS:SR Taris ship models Jorak Uln: Taris window texture killst4r: Unknown World palm tree Martin Frank: Yavin bush model Misha Winkler: Grass model Dantooine and Yavin Quanon: Additional Taris buildings, Unknown World crashed ship rhcreations: Yavin temple Riccardo Faidutti (SCIFI 3D): Additional Taris buildings Solarsystem Scope: Moon textures Dantooine, Unknown World and Ord Mandell, Yavin texture Tom Patterson: Yavin cloud texture Veronica Bush: Yavin bush model Yughues: Kashyyyk branch texture Unknown: Unknown World fern model THIS MOD IS NOT SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS OR BIOWARE. USE THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK. NEITHER THE AUTHOR OF THIS MOD NOR THE COMPANIES MENTIONED ABOVE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER WHEN USING THIS FILE.
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    That is exactly the reason! I am glad you enjoy the idea of it, I was so certain people would hate it. As the mod is now in Beta I am 100% developing a patch for Brotherhood of Shadow as we speak. Before the patch is finished we shall see 'previews' and 'teasers' of the patch. This is because this mod was started in July 2016, back when I didn't know how to make a TSLPatcher. But the reason why it isn't used now is because as the mod updates I tend to add a bunch of new items, files and 2da entries and much like many other modders on this site I do have a life outside of the K1GI mod alongside the development of other mods so the last thing I want to think about when modding under a tight schedule is "if I modify 50 items and add 20 skins with 20 new 2da entries which apply to 40+ NPCs across the game then I will have to add 71 new lines in the patcher in addition to dealing with the complicated 2da patching process every time I make 1 new update". But... when I do finish the mod and it is no longer a 'Beta' mod this mod shall recieve a TSLRCM/M4-78 style installer and shall receive patches for big mods the players enjoy such as BOSSR and K1R allowing for compatibility between fan favourite mods.
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    I am starting this as a new thread as I am hoping to get into modding, with a game that I want to mod I was hoping that if there are any KOTOR and Sith Lord mod authors out there who could possibly enlighten me in the creation of jade empire mods whether there are similarities to KOTOR modding, If it can use the same tools what kind of programs would be required to get me started i am no programmer but i do have a love for the game and would ideally like to give it a fresh coat of paint if anyone can help i would be most grateful.
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    Version 1.5


    This is a collection of various things that I found annoying enough to alter. It started with that crazy window on Nar Shaddaa, by the landing pad, that would mysteriously render anything that was behind it invisible. It turned out to be as simple as a missing TXI. But it was at this point that I decided to start collecting little things like that into a single mod, to be released to the general public when it became more substantial. Due to the nature of this mod, I haven't bothered to make a proper installer with the TSL Patcher. Just install whatever you want to install. Don't install what you don't want to install. Some of these fixes are included in TSLRCM, while others are not. Either way, it's compatible. Other mods may not be compatible; contact me if you have any questions.