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    Just out of the oven, freshly baked.
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    Even I have to do a tentative release date from time - if only to convince myself to finish it. Cast list subject to change or expansion.
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    There is no irradiated skybox in the original M4-78 but I changed the models so that there is now. And yes, it will change once the radiation is cleared. Sure thing. Here's an example. You can also see some more screenshots in other posts I made over the last months or so. As to the questions of why I'm not releasing K1 yet. There's no specific reason for why I want to release them simultaneously, but that's the route I want to go. One reason is that I still need to make screenshots and stuff like that that will take some time and I'd rather focus on getting all skyboxes done first before I go down this rabbithole so that I can then make all screenshots for both games at the same time. Depending on how long finishing TSL takes I might decide to release K1 earlier but not before I've finished the add-ons like BOS:SR and I haven't even started those. With the exception of Taris that I mentioned before, they shouldn't take too long though. I'll keep you guys posted. We'll see how it goes. Rest assured though, it won't be long now (at least compared to the 3+ years this project has been in the work now... )
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    Milestone reached: All K1 skyboxes, backdrops and models are finished or in short: Everything for vanilla (!) K1 is done Before you get your hopes up though, that does not mean that the release is imminent! The current plan is to release the mods for both games simultaneously, although that might change. However, I want to have the addons for K1 ready at least before I release it. That's mostly BOS:SR support which includes a Taris skybox that will probably take a while to do. The reason for why getting K1 actually done was that I had to do some tweaks to Kashyyyk and the Tatooine buildings, but mostly I iterated through dozens and dozens of iterations of improving Manaan as I wasn't really happy with the old version. The sky was too dark for instance and there were issues with K1s terrible bloom effect. But after several weeks I finally reached a result that I really like. Sadly I don't have a screenshot, so you'll have to wait for closer to the release to see it. Another thing that kept me busy was M4-78 which is now pretty much done. You've seen most of it before so it was mostly busywork of adding backdrops to all modules, tweaking fog, etc. But it also included the irradiated skybox: Certainly looks unhealthy, doesn't it?
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod makes a minor alteration to the Engine Lab room of the lower Black Vulkar base level to remove the Swoop Accelerator from the ground and put it on a bench. Said bench is moved from the other side of the room, where normally it impedes clear access to Kandon and his crew if the situation ends in combat. This has the side benefit of (hopefully) reducing pathing issues if the whole party tries to charge into melee combat. Additionally, several minor aesthetic fixes to the room are included. The cutting tools that normally have a static plasma (?) beam have been given some animation, and a number of pipes that had missing backfaces causing geometry culling issues have had those added. These fixes are also incorporated into the K1 Community Patch as of v1.9, so it is fully compatible with that as long as you install this mod afterwards. Installation Instructions The mod requires a GIT edit to reposition the accelerator (i.e. uses TSLPatcher), so simply run the installer. Known Issues There may some pathing issues if you try to loot the accelerator from certain angles. I've positioned it close to the front edge of the bench to minimise this from the most likely (direct) approach, but coming from the sides of the bench, especially towards the back wall end, may not work as desired. Acknowledgements Thanks to @bead-v for MDLEdit and KOTORMax.
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    You guys may want to do a test of a larger map in KotOR before proceeding. If I remember correctly, I tried rendering higher resolution maps for some of the Sleheyron areas, but they turned out all wonky in the game, as if the game only uses a set pixel amount for each dimension. There may be additional settings in the GUI files that could be changed to work around this, but I don't know of them.
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    Hello! I'd like to ask your opinion about this item's restriction. Currently it's restricted to Light Side but not to Jedi. The description speaks specifically of being an item created to celebrate Guun Han Saresh's acceptance into the Order. Do you think it would make more sense if only light sided Jedi could wear it? Thanks.
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    I think that's a great idea for consistency's sake. I mean, it does make sense after all. Perhaps adding Jedi Defense to Feat Required field on the item's template/UTI would be the best approach for that.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple edit of the camera model for the workbench upgrade screen that alters some of the camera angles/positions to zoom in a bit closer to lightsabers, so you can get a better look at the models when running the game at higher resolutions. Obsidian already adjusted the UI to provide bigger previews of other upgradeable objects, so only the sabers are adjusted for this version. Since the model preview window is a little narrower than in widescreen modded K1, all three hilt types have been rotated 45° to maximise the available space. Mostly intended for those using modded weapons. A version for K1 is available here. Installation Instructions Simply drop the MDL/MDX in your Override folder. Known Issues Only tested at 1080p. Results may vary at other resolutions/aspect ratios. Modded weapons that are excessively large will likely go off-screen, but they probably do that already. Acknowledgements Thanks to @bead-v for MDLEdit and KOTORMax.
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    I just checked footstepsounds.2da, and 0 is listed as "Soft", whereas 2 is listed as "Droid". So, hopefully this confirms what Jc2 is saying; just change the "footstepsound" column of the N_mandalorian section from a "2" to "0" in Appearance.2da with the Kotortool, and that should fix it. (Unsure about the "Soundapptype", as that's a bit outside of my personal knowledge base) One thing I'd like to note is that the Kotortool has an idiosyncrasy where it won't save your changes to a column unless you click onto another one before saving. It's a bit complicated, but I'd be willing to help if need be.
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    Yes, that's the case. It's on my bug list for the Community Patch, although it's been sitting there for a while. There's a similar issue with the dark side ending with only certain party members being lootable. We might've fixed that one already, I forget.
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    Hi I've spent the last month working on a new decompiler for NCS code, and I'm ready to share my work in progress with you all. It works properly on many scripts, but there are still situations where it produces incorrect code (but the issues are usually relatively minor). I started this project both because an updated, open source NCS decompiler would be useful to me, and also to learn more about decompilation theory. It's a fascinating topic - I plan to create a YouTube video series on decompilation, using this code as an example. It's also meant to be a reference for others who want to implement an NCS decompiler for themselves (e.g. in C++ for the xoreos-tools project), or for those who want to learn decompilation in general - although NCS is a relatively simple language to decompile (for many reasons, discussed in the GitHub readme), I use very little in the way of "heuristics" and have based my algorithms mostly on the famous 1994 Cifuentes thesis "Reverse Compilation Techniques". I'll keep you all updated if you're interested in any educational content I produce based on this project. Relative to DeNCS, my code has some new features (some implemented fully, some still in the works), including: - Detecting if-else if-else if-...-else chains and not using nested ifs (done) - Doesn't have any problems with ACTION assignments to global variables (DeNCS fails on this, which is one of the main reasons some K1 scripts don't work in DeNCS) (done) - Handles recursion gracefully using a technique I came up with (which I believe might be novel) (WIP but mostly done) - Detecting includes and using the source code from the game's NSS files rather than the decompiled code (WIP) It works quite well, but it's not perfect yet and there are issues (take a look at the GitHub README for more information). Please be very careful if you want to use this for your mods, and (if possible) decompile scripts with the original DeNCS as well to check for consistency. If in doubt, I'd trust DeNCS over my decompiler for now. You can find the complete source code on GitHub at https://github.com/lachjames/ncs2nss as well as instructions on using the decompiler if you'd like to give it a try. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions or issues anyone would like to raise I'm aware that other decompiler projects are currently in the works, and I'd be more than happy to work with anyone who would like to work with me. I've licensed the code under GPL 3.0; my understanding (I'm not a lawyer) is that you are welcome to use the code for anything as long as you open source that code too. At the very least, this is my intent. This is the same license xoreos-tools uses, so it seems reasonable. This project relies on xoreos-tools for disassembly; Windows binaries are included in the xt/ folder (but I intend to remove this before any official release, or at least work with @DrMcCoy to make this automatically update to the latest version of xoreos-tools).
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    So I was browsing the TOR subreddit the other day and there was one of those show-off posts where someone posted pics of their various outfits throughout their character's story progression. The thing that really caught me eye was the sword used in one of them. It was new to me, but apparently it was added to the game two years ago - the Ancient Sith Lord's Warblade. I figured it looked pretty cool and might be worth porting, maybe for use as Ajunta Pall's sword, since that is described as having an ebony blade. I did do an initial port of it, but then I realised that the description also mentions that the blade edges are notched. I had a look through the other weapon models to see if they had something like that. There aren't any swords, but the retractable blade from the Zakuulan Exile's blaster (which I made my own version of, back before ports were allowed) looked like it might work. I took that as a starting point, reshaped it into a sword blade and remapped it to fit the Warblade's texture. Then I swiped a hilt and crossguard from one of the other sword models, lopped a few bits off and changed the texture a bit. And here's the result: Still need to do some tweaking of the textures, and of course the envmap is a nightmare as always. Also in hindsight I think I should have duplicated the lower half of the blade instead of stretching it, so that the scallops were more numerous and more pronounced, since it looks more wavy that notched. Not sure if I really want to more or less remake the blade from scratch though.
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    the work on K1 is going well so far, i did numerous improvements to the different planets & also implemented a new type of reflections: Complex texture based noise reflections. As every texture has its very complex set of layers, shapes, this technique only highlights certain areas of the texture like only certain crystals on a marble tex or the blank spots on a galvanised metal plate. This makes a much more natural, realistic look possible for a wide array of materials. Apart from this a lot of detail work has been done, like for example the metal application at this wooden Dantooine door: The special thing about it is, that its using cubemap for shine and additionally fakes a Self-illum effect of that tiny lights within: Manaan also got a total makeover: Sneak peak at Dantooine: Kashyyyk:
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    Hello, ebmar! That is exactly what I had done locally but I wasn't quite sure. Especially considering that the polar opposite item (Tulak Hord's Mask, which also looks identical in the original game) is restricted to Dark Side but not Jedi. I hope others will chime in and give us their opinion as well. Cheers!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple edit of the camera model for the workbench upgrade screen that alters some of the camera angles/positions to zoom in a bit closer to certain weapon types, most notably lightsabers, so you can get a better look at the models when running the game at higher resolutions. Mostly intended for those using modded weapons. Installation Instructions Simply drop the MDL/MDX in your Override folder. Known Issues Requires ndix UR's KOTOR High Resolution Menus mod to work as intended. Only tested at 1080p. Results may vary at other resolutions/aspect ratios. Modded weapons that are excessively large will likely go off-screen, but they probably do that already. Acknowledgements Thanks to @bead-v for MDLEdit and KOTORMax. Thanks to @ndix UR for the High Res Menus mod.
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    K2 Upscaled Maps by tunalex adds a nice polish to the game, especially if you have other graphic mods. Seems worth checking out, I certainly will next playthrough.
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    I'm guessing its an appearance.2da edit, as both N_mandalorian02 and 03 both have footsteptype as 2 and soundapptype as 6 which is identical to the HK-47 foosteptype as 2 and soundapptype as 6. Perhaps change those two numbers to either what the PC normally has which if you check the P_mal_XXX anything you'll notice its listed as 0 and 0, or change it to any human NPC numbers. Since I haven't made this edit myself ever, I'm not 100% sure about it.
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    Obi-Wan's hilt from ANH. The true prototype hardware saber, cobbled together from random assorted crap. The balance pipe from a Rolls Royce jet engine for the emitter, a WWI rifle grenade for the upper body, a Graflex flashgun clamp with Texas Instruments calculator bubbles and a booster from a Browning machine gun for the middle/lower, plus an Armitage Shanks sink tap/faucet knob for the pommel. It's truly remarkable how well the individual pieces fit together given their diverse origins. K1 - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Obi-Wan's_ANH_Lightsaber.7z TSL - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Obi-Wan's_ANH_Lightsaber.7z
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    @La Ingobernable It worked! Thanks! The fruits of my labor
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    @jc2 OH JESUS OH GOD @La Ingobernable I'm afraid I'm stuck on how to save my changes to appearance.2da. I can save it as a new appearance.2da file, but I can't seem to overwrite the existing one.
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    Well as I was searching through the skinning tutorials and there seemed to be none on how to make a good looking texture with gimp, there was a lot on photoshop but not gimp so I decided to share my knowledge of it with the community. __________ Basics Basics part 1: Selecting an area To make good skins you would need to select a precise area to make it look nice. To do this you click on the drop down menu at the bottom. Usually this has 100% in it as a default. Set this to anything you wish. you should be able to distinctly see the area you wish to select now. Now to select the area you click on this icon and then click on each "bend point" on the area you want. A bend point is wherever the texture bends away from a straight line. Basics part 2: Re-coloring To change the color of a Jedi Robe some beginners use the paintbrush tool. In some cases this might work, but not if you want to make the robes look natural. For a natural look you first select the area you want to change by using the free select tool, if you want to modify the whole texture's color at once you go into "Edit" and then "Select all". Next you go into the "Colors" tab at the top of the page and click on desaturate. Note only do the desaturate step if you want to compleatly change the color, if you don't and you just want a hint of the color in the already existing texture you skip that step. To change the color you go into the "colors" tab again and click on "Color Balance". A menu like this should open. In that menu you drag the bars around till you get the shade you want. This part should be pretty self explanatory as the bars are clearly labeled. If green was your desire, your outcome should be something like this: If you want a more direct color you go into the "color" tab again and go to colorize. This can give you a quick and effective color but might not retain as much detail. Basics part 3- Repair When you select an area and re-color it sometimes you see a tiny bit you wanted that color. To fix this you use the blur function adjust the size to around .15 then zoom in to 800% and take the re-colored pixal section and hold down the blur and "push them" on top of the other area. Advanced This section is for people who know the basic functions of gimp and successfully make a descent re-skin Advanced Part 1- Overlay Overlay is basically changing the way the new layers interact with each other when you paste in another texture. In the "layers, channels, paths" toolbar: There is a dropdown menu here: in there there will be a bunch of options you select and they make the picture somewhat transparent and molds it to the texture. Click on them all till you get the look you want. Note you must have pasted a new layer into it and NOT merged it down. Advanced Part 2- Enhance filter Up in the "filters" toolbar menu there is a section called enhance go into it and select sharpen. Drag the bar in the menu till you get a good look, it really adds to the overall appearance. I will add some more tips when I find them but here they are for now. Enjoy~
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    Ugh, now you've got me on a saber kick. Here's a new one - Luke's "V2" saber from ROTJ. This is more or less the actual hero, since this is the one used for hanging off his belt and any non-stunt/combat shots. It's actually one of Obi-Wan's stunt sabers from ANH (notably in the scene where Vader gives him the chop), hastily pressed into service after they started filming with an ESB Graflex before realising that Luke was supposed to have lost that on Bespin... It's notable for being ratty as hell, covered in gunk and worn and flaking paint, with gaffer tape around the neck to stop the emitter from rotating and holes in the pommel/booster area plugged up with some random bits. A few other Obi stunts were also used, one of which, the short-bladed "Yuma" hilt used during the sail barge fight (where Luke gets shot in the hand), was later cleaned up, repainted, and given a custom control box to become what most people know as the hero for reshoots. It's only seen in a single shot, the insert shot of Vader twisting it in his hands on Endor. It was also used in the cut cave construction scene, which was later made available on the Bluray release. K1 - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Luke_ROTJ_V2_Belt_Hanger.7z TSL - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Luke_ROTJ_V2_Belt_Hanger.7z Doesn't look so flash in-game, since you can't really resolve a noisy texture like that from a distance, but eh.
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    Thanks! Work has been continuing with the first TSL skyboxes being rendered in their full glory. As an example, here's one of the Onderon skyboxes including holes in the turret gun barrels: At the same time, I'm also working on the mod skyboxes. So far M4-78 and Coruscant are done designwise but still need to be rendered. That brings me to a question for all of you though. Is there any mod that I should include, i.e. make a skybox for, that is not already part of my plans? So far I want to make skyboxes for: M4-78 EP (TSL) Coruscant Jedi Temple (TSL) BOS:SR (K1) Green Grass for Dantooine (K1) Maybe. I'm not sure about that one yet, so let me know if that's something you're interested in. It wouldn't be a lot of work so I'll probably do it anyway, but knowing what the community actually wants would help. I'm also considering Yavin IV and Ord Mantell for K1. I haven't played either of those, so I can't say how good or popular they are. So please let me know if that's something you're interested in. Are there any other mods that I should include? Please let me know.
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    Wow, this is looking pretty good! I'm interested in including these in my M4-78 Ebon Hawk movies if I do another version.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of Vrook, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024. To Install 1. Download: Vrook HD International Global mod 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated)
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    Welcome! It's great to meet a fellow victim programmer! I'm unfamiliar with NCSDIS, so I read a man page. As far as I can tell, it produces an assembly-like output, DOT output, stack information, and control structures? My binary does all of that, too. 🤣 Not sure how NCSDIS helps here or can be integrated, but I'm interested in looking at it to see what I might have missed. The documentation is accurate. It says the JSR instruction doesn't modify the stack. However, before you even get to the instruction description the section "Calling Subroutines and Engine Routines (ACTIONS)" states that "Invoking subroutines [Amano: that means JSR] or engine routines [Amano: that means ACTION] is done basically in the same manner. Arguments are placed on the stack in reverse order. The call is then made and the callee removes all the arguments from the stack prior to returning." So, somewhere inside the called function is where the arguments are popped. This makes sense given that NCS was patterned after machine code, and the most common calling convention at that time, stdcall, had the callee clean the stack. No worries, this is my thread to discuss the development of whatever this will be named. I'm not on Discord, but I will send you direct messages here if I run into any issues. You can also subscribe to this thread in case anyone else replies, particularly from DP, Salk, or DrMcCoy since they directly work with NCS files. 😊
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    Hi @DrMcCoy thanks for “@ing” me - I rarely post on forums but this has given me motivation to do so I’ve made the GitHub repo for my implementation of “ncs2nss” public at https://github.com/lachjames/ncs2nss. There are a few things to know: - Firstly, it’s a work in progress and isn’t perfect. However, all the fundamental components are implemented and the code runs most of the time without error (as in runtime error - it may well make decompilation errors) - I would be not just happy but “double plus happy” if this were ported into C++ and included in xoreos-tools - I say in the readme that one of my goals is to demonstrate how this can be done in Python (using tools I’m familiar with such as rply) so others can implement the same (e.g. in xoreos-tools). I haven’t put an official license on it yet but like DrMcCoy I’m a big believer in open source so consider it open with attribution. - My version works with ncsdis and I encourage you to do the same (and include your improvements in xoreos-tools) as one perfect library for disassembly is better than two that work most of the time. This is just my opinion and I don’t mean to diminish the work you’ve done on the disassembler (I’m sure it’s great, just like xoreos-tools is great) - I just feel that if we all merge our efforts we can make a better final product @DrMcCoy feel free to post/copy anything from our conversations if you’d like. I’m an open book; just didn’t want to annoy you on GitHub by cluttering up your inbox with posts on issues In particular, let me copy-paste my latest message to him on Discord below: *** BEGIN QUOTE *** Hey so I've realized that this heuristic analysis is not reliable enough to be used properly, but I came up with another solution which works every time. The problem is that the Skywing documentation is incorrect, and JSR does in fact work just like ACTION in that it modifies the stack pointer by popping off arguments. It doesn't push on a return value though (if there is one, space for that must have been allocated by the caller function before calling the callee). Perhaps what they mean is that the JSR does not do anything "intrinsically", but the function calling convention appears to be that functions pop their own arguments (which is more reasonable than making the caller do it every time; this is something I've actually taught before in computer science classes). In any case, what you can do is the following (after constructing a call graph): For each subroutine in the call-graph, iterating with DFS reverse post-order traversal: 1. If the current subroutine is part of a cycle in the call graph: 1.a. Collect all the subroutines in the cycle 1.b. Trace both the final stack pointer and subroutine calls from every possible path from the start block of each subroutine to a block with no successors. 1.c. For each of these paths, we can form an entry in a system of simultaneous equations, where the final stack pointer is on the RHS and the subroutine calls are on the LHS. For example, if a path through subA calls subB 2 times and subC 2 times, and the final stack pointer is -8, our equation would be "0a + 4b + 2c = 8". 1.d. Solve this (potentially overdetermined) system of linear equations for a, b, c, ... which are the number of arguments for subroutines A, B, C, ... respectively. 2. Otherwise, compute the number of arguments as per usual for non-recursive functions. Can then also determine if there's a return value after finding the number of arguments. One issue with this is the problem of vector/struct arguments. This method will tell you the size of the stack space which is popped from the stack after calling each subroutine; however, it does not tell you the structure of said space. However, this is easy to calculate once you know the number of arguments - when you call the function in another subroutine, you can use the state of the stack at that call to determine the types of the sub's arguments (including how much space they take up). *** END QUOTE *** Don’t mean to take over this thread so I’ll make a new one if you want. I’d also be more than happy to talk to anyone on discord about this - feel free to message me (Lachjames#6269 - if you’re on the DS discord server you should be able to message me).
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    It's been a while! I hope all is well. First, as you can tell I'm not dead. (But, I may be a zombie.) Most important, I am still working on the decompiler and have been since the last update! Back in May I was preparing a status update, but stopped because I didn't like the code. I couldn't say why, exactly. It worked, it was fast. But, for some reason I wasn't satisfied. So, I scrapped the code and started over. And I finally saw what the problem was: the original code wasn't written to be easily extended. Which was important, since it still needed features. (If I had to guess, I would say it was 5%-10% complete.) Since then, I've made significant progress: To do: Embedding NWScript function declarations into the binary Complete (Yes, all 877! No nwscript.nss needed!!!) Identifying simple expressions (e.g. addition, assignment, bitwise operations, and function calls) Complete Fixed handling of STORE_STATE op code Identifying statements Declarations Complete Assignment Complete Iteration, selection and jump statements Still working Operator associativity and precedence This is irrelevant at the byte code level Type conversions This does not appear to exist in NWScript Byte code conversion to source code Still working Source code conversion to byte code Not started GUI Not started Analysis of NCS file bugs Still working Given what I've learned over the last few months, I would say progress is now 30%. Here's an example of what the decompiler currently does: 02 03 [RSADDI, create a named variable of type int on the stack] 04 03 00000002 [CONSTI, Place a constant (i.e. temporary) value of type int onto the stack] 05 00 0300 01 [Action, Call the function 0x300, popping 1 argument off the stack] 01 01 FFFFFFF8 0004 [CPDOWNSP, Copy the result from the top of the stack to an existing variable] This series of four operations is represented by the following psuedo-NWScript: 02 03 int I0; 04 03 00000002 2; 05 00 0300 01 int GetScriptParameter(int nIndex); [Function 0x300 (768) returns an int onto the top of the stack!!!] 01 01 FFFFFFF8 0004 <some variable -8 bytes from the top of the stack> = <value at top of stack>; Continued evaluation: int I0; I0 = GetScriptParameter(2); We have a variable declaration, and then assignment of the function result to the declared variable. In C terminology, that's a variable definition: int I0 = GetScriptParameter(2); Some of the steps are omitted, but we see the following: Some NCS op codes translate directly to NWScript statements (e.g. RSADDx results in a named variable) Some NCS op codes translate directly to expressions (e.g. CONSTx places a constant, or literal, into the script, ADDxx places addition into the script) Multiple NCS op codes will need to be combined to make complex NWScript statements, as in the example above At the moment, I have partially decompiled scripts. And, the binary does not choke on global variables initialized by functions the way DeNCS does! @Salk and @DarthParametric should be happy, since this means the swoop race scripts from Manaan and Tatooine can finally be decompiled! I'm also tallying errors I've found in scripts. Here's one in pseudo-code: string S1 = "Blah"; string S2 = "Meh"; object(S1) == object(S2); NWScript does not have casts! Casts added to illustrate the problem! What's wrong with this? NWScript is based on C, and C is a strongly-typed language. This means an entity of type string is different from an entity of type object! So, when NWScript is told to test for equality, it needs to compare the entities using their type information. That means strings should be compared byte by byte, up to the length of the shortest string. But, we told NWScript that S1 and S2 are object types, which are pointers! The pointers are compared, but not the strings to which they point! Thus, they will likely never test correctly even when the strings have the same contents! This is a real bug I found, and while I don't think it breaks the script I found it in, it could explain weird issues I've had with the game over the years. (I once tried to leave Peragus, only to find the Ebon Hawk surrounded by 30-40 robots. There're supposed to be two or three!!!) That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll have more progress by next week.
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    I put that warning against using the Steam Workshop version of TSLRCM for a reason. I suggest you read this on why using Steam Workshop is NOT recommended: This is why I do not use the Steam Workshop, and I will not provide support for Steam Workshop. If you encounter bugs because you are using the Steam Workshop, tweaking a few files does not guarantee you won't encounter any more bugs, so I suggest you just reinstall KotOR 2, use the installer version of TSLRCM instead and reinstall my mod and other mods you want to use. Installing manually may sound like a hassle but that is the best way to avoid bugs and conflicts.
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    @VeganCannibalism, check this page for how to fix the registry issue.
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    I assume you're using MDLEdit, if not then that's the easiest way to go. No face animation means you need to have the super model from the game you're porting to be in the same location/folder as the model you're converting. If you load pfhc06.mdl with MDLEdit you can click on Header on the lower half of the screen, then on the top half you see Supermodel: S_Female03, that means you need to extract the mdl+mdx from K1 with that name. In the whole process you load with K2 on, switch to K1, export as ascii, load that ascii and then you can save as binary. I've seen the line in the middle on several models, but that's not something I know how to fix. It's not a problem with the texture but with the model or slight differences between how the 2 games apply the texture to a model. It might also be that it wasn't an issue when KotOR didn't have those wide screen or higher resolution fixes.
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    Nice catch, and yeah - that sounds like a good idea. Gained insights from this post moments ago, and thinking this mod can definitely fits somewhere. Would definitely having this installed on my TSL playthrough. And thank you, OP/Dark Hope -- for this mod. It looks very promising, and looking forwards to give it a go. Cheers.
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    This is great, tho this looks like it'll fit KoTOR 2 aesthetics more since that game had different head style (the new head only ofc, since they reused a lot of KoTOR 1 heads). Just look at Dantooine characters, all of them had more "realistic" texture rather than the more "cartoony" styled heads. Anyway, good job on these. I hope you can do for KoTOR 2 Masters as well.
  35. 2 points
    v1.5: - Added lightsaber forms to Dark Jedi NPCs in the game; - Fixed Form III: Soresu to give Defence Bonus +4 as stated in the readme; - Fixed description of Form V: Shien/Djem So to state a defence bonus *decrease* of 5; - Fixed Forms III and V to prevent effect stacking; - Corrected Makashi stats by reducing Will saves to +2 and changing Defence Bonus -5 to Damage +3; - Added lightsaber forms to c. 70 Jedi/Sith NPCs in the game; - Incorporated my old "Korriban Academy Workbench" mod; - Restricted lightsaber forms to characters wielding melee weapons.
  36. 2 points
    That recent animated aging avatar by Sith Holocron made me think about the external signs of the age of the Jedi Masters in TSL. The Council holorecord was from 10 years prior the game, but the members of the Council did not visually change (do they use the same models?). And obviously they could not be too young to begin with. Especially Vrook, he was same old man in the TSL (3951 BBY), in K1 (3956 BBY), in the holorecord (around 3960 BBY), in the comics "KOTOR" set shortly before the Mandalorian Wars (3964 BBY). He was even in the Council in the comics about Duron Qel-Droma (3993 BBY) and looked like he was already over 40 (this might just be an oversight, but funny in the context of this post). In less than 10 years, Malak received tattoos, unique armor, skin changes due to the influence of DS, lost his jaw, replaced it with a metal plate, as a result received a new voice and, in the end, was killed. Revan shaved / grew facial hair all the time. But the members of the High Council didn't even change their hairstyles (let's assume that Atris had closet full of same white librarian' s robes). This may be a reasonable idea for a mod or, perhaps, some kind of expansion to Full Jedi Council mod to visually reflect passing years on masters, for example, to make Atris and Lonna Vash younger in Holorecord and to age Vrook in the present time. Kavar and Zes-Kai Ell can be changed in any direction, I'm not sure about them (they appeared only in the background of one comic book). What do you think about this subject? And is anyone willing to create such a mod if it fits the lore?
  37. 2 points
    I wish you waited a few moments to let me respond. I just got home. However, @Effix is right about this. Mod updated. Update: Just so everyone knows, I was kidding @Effixabout this. However, I think the joke went over everyone's head so I've decided to let everyone know. It was odd (and funny) to see his post above pop up as I was literally looking at the files. If I didn't have to wait an extra 10 minutes for someone to come into work, I would've had the answer for @CratosGoblinready and posted. If you'd like to confirm everything now correctly works @CratosGoblin, please let us know. I'm now rethinking whether I should've made the Jedi Library Archive be red for a fully dark sided Disciple (d2 tier) rather than de-saturating the background. If I went with that instead, what should I do with the mid evil tier (d1)? This thing I've linked to below BTW is not representative of a Red Jedi Library as it's 85 frames. https://imgur.com/6MvYpI0
  38. 2 points
    I like the idea, for what it's worth. I'd say the new requirement should be implemented to every instance where it makes sense. So besides the circlet, there's Tulak's mask, as you said, but also Ragnos' gauntlets. Qel-Droma's robes you can't equip without the Jedi Defense feat anyway. It doesn't make sense to have a special restriction for the robes but not for any of these items. They should've either removed the Jedi restriction thing or applied it to everything pertinent. To be honest, Sith artifacts requiring a Force user sounds way more fitting than restricting non Force sensitives from wearing plain robes. EDIT: Ajunta's blade is another possibility, though more crippling gameplay wise.
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    You can do it directly in MDLEdit, or decompile it to an ASCII, edit it in a text editor to change the name, then recompile. Alternatively, you can hex edit the model and do an ASCII string find and replace, but you'll want to keep the same number of characters for the filename going that route.
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    That part is relatively straightforward to do in principle at least, since Max can make use of lightmaps via a DirectX shader: The real problem would be the impracticality of setting it up for every single level, since that would involve hundreds of materials. The only way it would work is if bead-v (or someone else) could alter KMax to add a mode where it automatically loads materials up with that shader rather than just using the default material settings. But overall, while an interesting thought exercise, as Kex alludes to it isn't a particularly practical endeavour.
  41. 2 points
    Honestly, I think it would be much easier to load the modules in Max and then render from there with an orthographic camera. Granted, you don't get the exact ingame lighting so that would have to be set up to look good but you get around the facing issue where not everything is rendered ingame depending on where your character looks. And stitching perspective renders taken from different places is a real pain as nothing matches up. The biggest issue with either of these methods is something else though. The modules in both games were stripped of all geometry that cannot be seen during normal gameplay or in other words: They're not meant to be seen from above and you'd get gaps and missing roofs and whatnot everywhere. I assume that the original maps were rendered before the unnecessary geometry was cut or something like that, but for a good looking map that would have to be restored at least in parts. Either way, I like the idea even though I don't know how feasible it actually is.
  42. 2 points
    I noticed I had a half-finished Vader ANH hilt from a few years back. I think I probably used that as the basis of the Anakin AOTC hilt, but then never got around to finishing it. So I put together a texture for it. Available as a unique and vanilla red hilt replacement. I think oldflash already has a Vader hilt in his movie hilts pack, but from memory it was the ROTJ version which I dislike (it was a Graflex bastardised to look kind of like an MPP). K1 - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Darth_Vader_ANH_Saber.7z TSL - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Darth_Vader_ANH_Saber.7z And since I mentioned it and I don't recall whether it was posted publicly or not, the said Anakin AOTC hilt: K1 - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Anakin_AOTC_Saber.7z TSL - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Anakin_AOTC_Saber.7z
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    Hello everyone! Over the last little bit we've been requesting permission from all of the authors whose content is in the K1CP to host binaries on GitHub. Well, we've finally got permission from the last few people, so be on the lookout soon for releases to be downloadable from https://github.com/KOTORCommunityPatches/K1_Community_Patch We'll continue to also keep the release here on DeadlyStream up-to-date, but now you'll be able to get alpha and beta builds from GitHub to help us test, or to get your hands on the latest fixes. Enjoy!
  44. 1 point
    You can still get the original version (blue) from my site for both K1 and TSL.
  45. 1 point
    I'm using a mod which replaced the Mandalorian armours with their disguise version, but the Red and Yellow version have a metal clanking sound for their footsteps like it was HK-47 or some other droid. I'm trying to see if I can change the footstep sounds for these 2 armours with Kotor Tools but I don't know how to do so. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks
  46. 1 point
    Any way to make this work with the Sith Assassins With Lightsabers mod?
  47. 1 point
    I was actually making a mod which does just that, all I need to do to finish it is to make the TSLPatcher and it'd be ready to go. EDIT: And it's uploaded- https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1376-light-side-ending-masters/
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    I'm really liking this overcoat. It gives off a real "Rick Deckard from Blade Runner" vibe to it.
  49. 1 point
    "Sith Holocron as the Sith Holocron" This was your evil plan all along, wasn't it?