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    K1 was the first video game I' ve played. It was so awesome that I played it six months straight. Didn't do anything else besides sleep, go to work. I ended up saving money, lol. I got a 360 later to check out Oblivion.
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    Kotor and halo were the reasons I picked up an old original xbox. At that time, the Xbox 360 was in its heyday with Halo Reach and Call of Duty Black Ops, but I was able to find an original xbox at a local Play N trade. A good choice all around.
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    I try to change up based on whom I wish to have when. I almost always do Korriban last.
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    After Dantooine - Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan, Korriban. Korriban is best with the Revan reveal and added dialogue, also fits great with Brother Hood of Shadow
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    Honestly I played TSL first mainly because of this advertisement I saw in Star Wars insider #79. As I was finishing up high school, I bought both games for xbox from a classmate for $10. And first game I tried was KOTOR 2. I had no idea what I was doing, aside from knowing that I wanted to play as a Consular. Honestly, I didn't spoil too much- I had no idea who Bastila, Carth and Revan were, as I was fairly clueless about the KOTOR 1 storyline. Heck, I accidentally set Revan to the dark side when the Exile first meets Atton on Peragus.
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    I've temporarily stopped playing KotOR because I got sucked into yet another game franchise, but I'll come back around to it one day. It'll probably be 40 years from now, I'll be old and moldy, and I'll think to myself... Where did all these mods in my game come from? Why am I a Jedi from the get-go? Why do all the blasters and lightsabers look so cool? And why on earth is Mission black and red?! I thought she was blue! Nah, haha. But seriously, once I get do get bored of spending half a day downloading mods, only to restart my campaign over and over in Xcom 2 WOTC, I'll be back annoying the folks of the nearest Star Wars community within reach. I'm definitely on a "Must download every cool mod" kick lately, mods are great, but if you could view my entire Steam comment history from the past 2 weeks, you'd know just how much undying respect I have for modders. Because I lack the motivation to learn how to make ambitious mods, I can't express just how bleeping awesome the modding community is in general. Taking the time out of their day to work on something, not just for themselves, but to share with others, and not only do these great people do it free of charge, they will take even MORE time out of their days to help players troubleshoot any issues. Modders rock. Ok, end of my tangent. I had maybe too much coffee and not enough sleep haha. I mean it though.