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    Thank you for reporting! Try it now, it should now work!
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    I am doing a thematic class mod for Kotor 1. And my question is that does deal with the Player Character is that should I focus on single highly flexible class for the Player character, Focus build class(like they are in the vanilla) or make each of the Jedi Classes highly flexible. One of the aspect of this mod, that I am converting Jedi Sentinel to the Jedi Shadow. Jedi Shadow Class: Force Jump Tree will be unlock fully. Force Immunity tree will unlock fully as well Force Focus Tree will unlock fully. Uncanny Dodge will automatic. Sneak Attack feats 1 to 10 will unlock to use. All Weapons Specializations will be unlocked and able to be used. As of right now, I am leaning towards making all Jedi Classes highly Flexible and selectable for the Player. Bastila Shan is supposed to be a mentor to Player Character; so having them the same class makes sense to me, for you only teach what you know. True, the knowledge base for Player Character is Jedi Council and choosing your class make sense as well. There are other New Non Force Using classes that will reflects their roles and themes. Zaablar: Mad Claw(Tankier Scout) Carth: Republic Pilot(Scout with good BAB and Improved Starting Defense and Saving throws) Canderous: Mandalorian Commando(tankier Soldier) Mission: Pathfinder(Scoundrel) T3-M4: Astro-mech Hk-47: Assassin Droid(i have plans to add Sneak Attack and stealth function to his hides if possible)
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    One of the reasons I want to focus on buffing the Jedi Sentinel into the Jedi Shadow and make it more well rounded class and make it attractive to the player to choose. And having optional sneak attack 1 to 10 for the players. Also Game Mechanic wise I want a subtle connection between Revan and Bastila while respecting player choice. For Revan and Bastila as a Duo, thematic reasoning for the Jedi Shadow is that Jedi Shadow are information gatherers about Sith and other threats to the Galaxy and silent and subtle observers. Bastila Shan's Role: Subtle Observer role Revan: Information Gather role I will post my reasoning for Thematic classes and having new feats( using base items and hides) that reflect their training
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    I'm encountering a problem with the installation:• Error: Destination file "856NIH.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section... • Error: Destination file "006EBO.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section..