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    I won't have time to update the instructions and do tests but you can download the previous version it's looking for, just press this button on the DS page. v1.3.1 is what you want. Looks like @Ashton Scorpius updated their mod to use my latest update of HoloPatcher. From what I can tell no content changes were made. As for the dm_qrts yeah it looks like I accidentally used the archive from the full build. Both should be the same thing, since you aren't interacting with the archive outside of KOTORModSync there shouldn't be any spoilers but otherwise just try not to read the main DS page when downloading it. Sorry I couldn't provide a direct fix at the moment but I hope this at least gets your install going if you did want those two mods.
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    Download the attached 7-zip archive. It contains the freeware ImageMagick program needed to combine the textures, and a batch file to feed it the commands. Extract the archive somewhere (preferably not in Program Files). Download both sets of DH's textures linked above. Extract DH's textures and put them into the INPUT folder. Alternatively, if you want to use the vanilla Scout leg textures or ones from a different mod, put TGA versions of those in the OUTPUT folder. Double-click on Create_Combined_Texture.bat and it will merge the two sets of textures together in the OUTPUT folder. In that folder you'll find the two newly merged TGAs, two TXIs, and a sub-folder with the models. There are two versions of the model, one with the vanilla pouches, one without. Pick whichever version you prefer. Copy and paste the models and textures into your Override folder. However, since the textures are pretty big, I would suggest an additional step to convert the textures from TGAs to TPCs. Download TGA2TPC and extract it somewhere. Double-click tga2tpc.exe to run it. In the row of buttons up the top, click the first one, the folder icon, to set the export folder where the TPCs will be saved. Next click the +TGA button and browse to find both merged textures to load them. On the far right, click the Settings button and select "DXT5 (Alpha)". Now click the Run button. You can copy and paste the two TPCs into your Override. You don't need the TGAs or TXIs. The TPC step is entirely optional though, so I leave the choice up to you. The UVs for the jacket of the pouchless version, especially the female, were pretty wonky, so I fiddled with them to improve them a little. It's still not perfect however, as DH created the Scoundrel texture to fit the vanilla UVs. My pouchless model was a bit of a hack job that resulted in lots of distortion/stretching. I've (hopefully) gotten rid of the worst of it though, and as a bonus the back is no longer mirrored now as well. Scout_Scoundrel_Hybrid_Combine_Textures.7z
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    View File Movie Mandalorians - Retextured Movie Mandalorians - Retextured by Mcfly -------------------- My intention in making these textures was to fuse the concept of the Movie Mandalorians mod, with the original in-game Mandalorian designs. I initially made these just for my own use, but I decided to release them once I finally completed the set. -------------------- Install: -------------------- - These textures require the Movie Mandalorians mod by Deadman. - Copy all .tga files into your KOTOR2/override folder. -------------------- Uninstall: -------------------- - Delete the .tga files from your override folder. - Reinstall Movie Mandalorians mod to restore the original textures -------------------- Special Thanks: -------------------- - Deadman, for creating the original mod. Thank you Deadman! -------------------- Permission: -------------------- - Anyone is welcome to do whatever they like with these. -------------------- Contact: -------------------- If for any reason you want to contact me, you can find me on DeadlyStream and NexusMods. - Mcfly696 @ NexusMods - Mcfly @ DeadlyStream Submitter Mcfly Submitted 10/18/2019 Category Skins TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
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    Version 1.0.0


    About ===== I personally don't like the higher difficulty levels as they only change damage and don't make the game all-around harder. The amount of effort to make every enemy all-around stronger is monumental, so the easier approach would be to make your character all-around weaker. I'm using this with the `normal` difficulty, but you can absolutely combine this with a harder difficulty. This mod changes the values in `exptable.2da` multiplicatively so that you can change your rate of leveling. Here's the list of multipliers you can use: 0.25x 0.5x 0.75x 1.0x 1.25x 1.5x 1.75x 2.0x 2.25x 2.5x 2.75x 3.0x The experience tables for these multipliers can be viewed in `EXP Tables.txt`. As a reference point: 1.0x (default) amount of EXP required to reach level 20 is 190000; if there were no level cap, for level 25 it would be 300000 and for level 30 it would be 435000. The amount of experience required to reach level 20 with 2.0x is 380000; for 1.5x it's 285000 and for 2.5x it's 475000. So reaching level cap in 1.5x would be similar to reaching level 25 in 1.0x and level cap in 2.5x would be similar to reaching level 30 in 1.0x. It is worth noting that you'll be lower level throughout your run, so your enemies will have a higher challenge rating which will give you more EXP for killing them. Conversely, you'll receive less EXP for computer use and repair as those are multiplied by your current level. I haven't fully tested this, but I anticipate this balance working well in our favor so that the amount of effort to reach level cap scales less aggressively than the multiplier indicates. I'm not sure if I should change the CR tables to compensate for this. I would highly recommend reviewing the Experience article in Strategy Wiki for more context: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Experience Installation ========= To install this mod, select and stick an `exptable.2da` file in `Overrides`. Compatibility =========== This mod does change the experience level required for level 2 so you will need a mod to avoid the forced leveling on the Endar Spire. I'm personally using this one which is part of Snigaroo's build: In the future, I might consider fixing level 2 to match the EXP required in 1.0x since it doesn't really change the experience either way. Credits ====== Lastly I would like to give credit to Zulkain who made a mod that inspired this one. I personally didn't like the approach of +1000 EXP or +2500 EXP per level as that only puts you behind 1 or 2.5 levels, so I went with a multiplicative approach instead. Zulkain's mod is here:
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    "giveitem g_a_jedirobe003" should do the trick, but ONLY in the Sith Governor's Room. Install my mod after his and it should work.
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    Version 1.5.2


    HoloPatcher is replacement for the old TSLPatcher tool. HoloPatcher offers an alternative that makes installing mods faster and is backwards compatible with any previous mods using TSLPatcher. For more inforrmation see: Installing mods with HoloPatcher Information for mod developers HoloPatcher is open sourc and can be found on GitHub.
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    4 stars, 4.5 stars if I could. It's amazing, but I don't like how it doesn't install to Steam Workshop TSLRCM folders, would be nice to see a fix for this, so it's easier for those to use who use the Steam Workshop TSLRCM.