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    Here you go. Effixians_Mira_as_Bastila_K1.zip
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    @Effix Sorry for asking, but could You also port Mira's head to KOTOR 1 and make it replace Bastila's default head? I intend to use this to record the male PC and Bastila kissing animation (added by the Bastila Romance Enhancement mod) and have it play as a movie for my KOTOR II Mira Romance mod! Many thanks in advance!
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    Version 0.3

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    Part of the... AniCam Author: JdNoa - [contact info in read-me] Notes on dlg fields compiled from observations by Tupac Amaru, Dashus, and JdNoa. Tupac Amaru did most of the testing for this. Thanks! Thanks also to tk102 for updating DlgEditor for us & Darth333 for passing it along quickly. It made testing *much* less painful. Thanks to several people for their notes/code about the mdl format: Torlack for notes on binary mdl and for NWNMdlComp, sorcerer for notes on ascii mdl, and cchargin for MDLOps. --------------- Version --------------- Beta 3 - Dec 1 2005 History: beta 3 should fix the bug where cubic interpolation treats angles as numbers and so interpolates the wrong way across the 360 degree mark. --------------- Description. --------------- AniCam is an internal tool used by TSLRP (The Sith Lords Restoration Project). It is being released to the public "as is". There is no warranty, implicit or explicit, of any kind. AniCam is an animated camera editor for KotOR 2. Animated cameras are just models in a specific format. AniCam lets you open & edit existing camera models or create your own. You can then use the animated camera model in a .dlg. --------------- Installation --------------- Requirements: JRE 1.5 or newer. (Developed with AniCam will not run with JRE 1.4. Simply extract this zip to your preferred install location and run the jar file, AniCam.jar. --------------- Uninstallation --------------- Delete the files that came in the .zip, plus the configuration file anicam.conf (if it was created). --------------- 1. How to use AniCam: --------------- --- 1a. Basics: Fill in your desired camera name and the length in seconds of the camera shot. Add entries for your camera. An entry needs the time in seconds, position as x,y,z, and orientation as h,p,r. (heading, pitch, roll). To add an entry, select "insert row" from the Edit menu or type ctrl-i. Orientation is done in degrees. Straight ahead is (0,90,0). Left is (90,90,0). Right is (-90,90,0). And so on. If you're getting position from WhereAmI, keep in mind that the Z location given is lower than what you see (I think it's the location of your feet). You probably want to add 3 or 4 to get a shot at eye level. When you have all of your entries, select save from the file menu. The files cameraname.mdl and cameraname.mdx (which is an empty file) will be created. These can go in your override folder. To use the new model, set the camera model field in a dialog, then in the dialog entry/entries that will have the camera shot, set the CameraID to -1, use CameraAngle 4, and set CameraAnimation to a useful number (probably 1200 or 1000: see part 2 for details). An example: Entry Time x y z h p r 1 0.0 -70 20 3.5 0 90 0 2 3.5 -70 30 3.5 70 90 0 3 4.5 -70 31.5 3.5 50 45 0 4 6.5 -72 31.5 3.0 30 0 0 with animation length 7.5. This will (1) start looking straight ahead, (1)->(2) move along the y axis and rotate left, (2)->(3) rotate right and down while moving a little more along the y axis, (3)->(4) rotate right and point straight down while moving a little along the x axis, then (4) hold position for 1 second. -- 1b. Interpolation: If interpolation is selected, then when you save, extra intermediate entries will be generated to smooth out changes in position and orientation. So, if your entries have the camera going straight forward, and then moving left, instead of an abrupt transition from forward to left, the camera will move in a curve. If interpolation is not selected, what you entered is what you get. Sudden changes in direction will be abrupt. -- 1c. Importing: You can import from a binary model, an ascii model, or xml. For both binary and ascii models, I'm only looking for the data found in the standard animated camera models. This means that there is a single node, called camerahook, with animations called CUT###W (where ### is a number, usually 001), which has positions and orientations. The import routines can't handle anything else - no mesh nodes, no emitters, etc. (Note that, if you're looking at the original camera models, importing 003EBOcam.mdl will fail because they misspelled "camerahook" - the camera won't work in-game, either.) The XML import is *very* limited and has pretty much no error checking. It was set up to import data from Excel. If you enter your time, position, and orientation in Excel - like on the main screen for AniCam, but without the "entry" field - and then save as XML, you should be able to import into AniCam. --------------- 2. Indices, Multiple Animations, and your Dialog --------------- -- 2a. Multiple Animations and their Indices One camera model can have multiple animations. As a .dlg file can only have one associated camera model, this lets you do multiple animated camera shots in one dialog. (An example: kreiatch.dlg in 301NAR uses 2 of the 3 animations from 301narcam). Each animation has a name of the form CUT###W, where ### is a 3-digit number. The number should be 001 or greater. If there is only one animation, usually the single animation is called CUT001W. This is not required (101percam uses CUT002W). When you add an animation to your camera model, the ### is what you're putting in the "New Index" box - so if you enter 5 and click New Animation, you'll get a new animation called CUT005W. -- 2b. Some general notes on using animated shots 1. Once you start an animated camera shot running, it *keeps* running, in real-time, even if you've switched to static shots. If you do 'start animation'->static shot->'continue animation', the second animated shot will probably be at a different position/orientation if the user clicked to skip one of the earlier nodes in your dialog, or if they had to choose a response. 2. Only one animation will run at a time. If you 'start animation' with CUT001W, then 'start animation' with CUT002W, then 'start animation' CUT001W again, the final call will start back at the beginning of CUT001W's camera shot... it won't pick up where it left off the first time. And if you do 'start animation' CUT001W -> 'start animation' cut002W -> 'continue animation' cut001W, the 'continue animation' will continue with cut002w, not cut001w. Once you start a given animation running, it's the only one you can use until you start another one. -- 2c. Your .dlg file: Useful fields are Camera Model in your dlg header, and CameraID, CameraAngle, CameraAnimation, Delay, and WaitFlags in your entries. -- 2c.1 Camera Model In the dialog header ("General Properties" in DLGEditor), set the Camera Model to your new camera's name. -- 2c.2 CameraID and CameraAngle Every node that is animated uses CameraID -1 and CameraAngle 4. (Although all the Obsidian .dlg's use CameraAngle 4, other CameraAngle values will also work.) -- 2c.3 CameraAnimation You also need a CameraAnimation field in each entry using an animated camera shot. CameraAnimation is where you specify which animation to use if you have multiple animations. 'start animation' is 1200, 1201, etc. To start CUT001W running, use CameraAnimation 1200. To start CUT002W, CameraAnimation 1201. And so on. 'continue animation' is 1000. Or 1001, 1002, but... ...in the official .dlg's, at the very least, 1000, 1001, 1002, and 1401 are used - but testing doesn't show any difference in using them. If you start with 1200, then call 1001, it's not going to jump to the other animation. If anybody sees a difference between these, please let me know! -- 2c.3a Start/Continue and the end of the animation Your animated shot is 20 seconds long, but you gave the user a choice of responses in between animated shots, and they took 30 seconds to pick a line. What do animated .dlg entries do after the end of the animation? If the entry is set to 'continue animation', it will hold the last position/orientation from the animation. If the entry is set to 'start animation', it will re-start the animation. You could probably do some looping with this. If you reach a 'start animation' entry and the current animation hasn't finished, the behaviour depends on which animation you specify. If it's the same one that's already running, it won't restart - it'll continue, acting like a 'continue animation' entry. -- 2c.4 WaitFlags If you set WaitFlags to 1 and use 'start animation', the entire camera shot (or the remaining portion) will be used in one entry. This won't work if you use 'continue animation'. If you leave WaitFlags at 0, the camera shot will run for as long as the entry does, so you can either have VO or set the Delay field. (WaitFlags = 3 is used in kreiatch.dlg, but I've seen no difference between WaitFlags=3 and WaitFlags=0 in my testing). Setting WaitFlags doesn't block the user from skipping the entry. -- 2c.5 Delay If WaitFlags is not 1, the animated shot in your entry will last as long as the VO lasts, or for the length of your Delay field if it's set. If there's no VO, like the long animated shot of the ruined Dantooine enclave, then you'll want to set Delay to specify how long your camera shot lasts. Delay is set in seconds. Note that if you set Delay=0, it seems to override your VO length, so it may skip lines. If you're not using Delay it should be -1, not 0. -- 2c.6 CamVidEffect doesn't work CamVidEffect will *not* be applied to animated camera shots, but you can use a script to turn video effects on and off. Check out the first two nodes in intro.dlg in 001EBO: they call a_video_effect to turn T3M4's freelook on and off. (Notice that the developers tried to use CamVidEffect!) The a_video_effect script simply calls EnableVideoEffect(VIDEO_EFFECT_FREELOOK_T3M4) or DisableVideoEffect(). Don't forget to disable your video effect, or it will stay on forever. --------------- 3. Some examples from the original files: --------------- These are a few places where camera models are used in different ways: kreia_kr.dlg in 701KOR has a camera shot that spans several entries. Under "{Intro to 701KOR...", it starts at "{Animated camera begins}" and ends at "{Angry at end...". kreiatch.dlg in 301NAR has an animated camera that plays intermittently. It has animated angles followed by static angles followed by animated angles. It also uses two different animations, CUT001W and CUT003W. enc_ruin.dlg in 605DAN consists of one long animated shot.
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    Thank You very much! You have been of great help! Great mod by the way! After a bit of tinkering with your files and adding the texture file i wanted, i managed to make it work the way i intended. I also managed to come up with this mod for Bastila that gives her a Twin Suns look, it is fully compatible with Your Mira outfit for Bastila mod, all you have to do is unequip her clothes and it acts like an underwear. If You like it You could also publish it here on Deadlystream in the Downloads section. ;) Twin Suns outfit for Bastila.rar
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    See the attachment below. Texture replacement instructions: (There's 3 of each because the different classes have different textures in vanilla) Caucasian: pfbal01.tga, pfbam01.tga, pfbas01.tga Asian: pfbalA01.tga, pfbamA01.tga, pfbasA01.tga Black: pfbalB01.tga, pfbamB01.tga, pfbasB01.tga Dark side: pfbald01.tga, pfbamd01.tga, pfbasd01.tga Effixians_Female_Underwear_Alternative_K1.zip
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    Rehost/Upload + blanket permissions are granted. Please credit the original author and, if possible, include their original readme file with any upload. You can of course add or append your own readme along with upload that might contain any relevant information. I also have a permissions post in my blog, link in sig, pertaining to my own mods if any are unaware. They are 100% open to any one for any reason. Read the blog for details. Absolutely
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    This texture is made for the Twi'lek model, it will never work with the robe model. I adapted my underwear mod to K1, this is the correct model:
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    You may have noticed that quite a few of these are up now. I tackled the stuff you're seen from modders A through D. jc2 is tackling RedHawke's mods when he can. However until I get another day off, I'm done for now. Perhaps it's time for you to follow the pattern I've started and help pick up the slack? It would be appreciated. Ask any questions you may have before you start.
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    Low res textures on a standard definition TV. It all kind of blurred together into mush. But yes, by modern standards you'd throw everything Bioware did in the trash and start from scratch, given infinite resources.
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    Thanks! Turns out most of the game models are a mess and need a lot of clean up. Like random edges and verts just floating around all over the place. Idk how they ever worked with that, lol.
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    Version 1.23.3


    N-DReW's K1 Gameplay Improvement Demo A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic Author: N-DReW25 1.0 Release Date: 03.7.2016 1.23.2 Release Date: 12.02.2020 Installation: 1) Make sure you install my mod first before any other 2) Simply place the ALL the files within the "For Override" Folder into your Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic override folder 3) Then place ALL the files within the "For modules" Folder into your Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic modules folder 4) Make sure you place all the VO audio in "For Streamwaves" into your Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic streamwaves folder 5) Then place the "dialog.tlk" into the Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic folder and overwrite the one currently in there This is not necessary though if you want the soldier uniforms in High Quality simply open the "Optional" folder and copy ALL the files within "HD Soldier textures" and place then in your override folder Description: N-DReW's Gameplay Improvement is an upcoming mod project that plans to cover the whole game by improving certain features in the game including NPC's, Party Members, Merchant Loot, Custom and Restored Content, Items, dialogue and much more. Future updates may yield content including small side quests! Please be aware this is only a DEMO and is incomplete but it does *plan* to span across the entire game and add new content! 1.23.2 Fixed a bug where the Sith Base was forever locked 1.23.1 Fixed a bug where Carth's blaster appears white Fixed a bug where an Upper City Cantina dancer wears normal clothes Added 3 new Bith variants Fixed the Drinking animation Fixed the bug where you got Sith Armor instead of a Sith Passcard 1.23.0 Fixed the bug where, when you wore K1 Jedi Robes and another NPC wore TSL Jedi Robes the model of the K1 Jedi Robes would break Janos the Ithorian is now a Gamorrean with matching dialogue Carth's blaster is now upgradable, Canderous' repeating blaster is now fixed (One upgrade was broken on it) Added new models for Carth's Blaster, Canderous repeating blaster, Calo Nord's blaster, Bacca's blade and Ajunta Pall's sword from T7Nowhere's WOTOR Czerka Scientists wear a grey uniform, Czerka Merchants wear a Czerka commander variant uniform from ROR, Czerka admins wear a red commander variant uniform Restored a Czerka employee on Kashyyyk who warns the player not to put their hand in the Wookiee cage in Janos' office Modified the dialogue of the Czerka Merchant and Junior scientist Eli and Matton have new heads and a modified dialogue Fixed the broken male Twilek Slave texture in Davik's Estate, added a human slave to the Estate You now can bribe the Cantina Sith (Regardless of your Gender) to allow the player to attend the party Added TSL Slave outfit variants for Twileks (Model based on JCarter's, textures from ROR) Added DeadMan's "Laser Swords", these Laser Swords are new items which are seperate from Vibroswords. In future updates these will be scattered throughout the galaxy Modified the XP Table, now the player should be able to become a Jedi on Dantooine at a lower level Captain Dehno has a new head, Denho's patrol will have new lines Davik Kang now wears Tarisian Noble clothing during his intro, wears Verpine Fiber Mesh during his fight instead of Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh Fixed a misplaced Dreshdae citizen with a Sith Hopeful as it was meant to be Added TSl style pilots and modified Czerka staff on Korriban Major/Experimental Feature: The Sith Soldiers and Sith Party no longer give Sith Armor, now you recieve a Sith Passcard which can be used to enter the Sith Base. Inside the Sith Base Armory is an Armor locker which contains the Sith Armor. The Elevator leading to the Sith Govenor is locked and can only be unlocked via the correct terminal, the option to unlock the elevator only appears if T3-M4 is in the party. The Sith inside the Sith Base have been made significantly easier to accomidate this change. For previous updates please check the update log Main Features: Trask is now a lore friendly Jedi Twi'lek (No more Trask Tutorial) NPCs overhauled throughout all areas the mod covers NPC Loot Drops overhauled Merchant loot overhauled (Merchants now have lore friendly loot worth buying) Item stats overhauled Party Member and player stats overhauled Movie Style Dark Side Transitions Realistic Visual Effects "Blasters Reloaded" style balance Ported TSL Items Various Cameos and custom created characters that are seen throughout the journey New items Incompatibilities: Will be incompatible with anything that uses .mod files (So yes k1R and K1 NPC overhaul aren't compatible), appearance.2da, baseitems.2da, classes.2da, classpowergain.2da, featgain.2da, and regeneration.2da If you want to know if a certain mod is incompatible with my mod please PM me on Deadlystream If you have any suggestions for future idea's please give me a PM on Deadlystream and give me a detailed description of what you want and it may be considered (Don't be shy). If you would like to help the mod out I will accept whatever help I can especially if you can script or make textures! Permissions: You can NOT edit, upload to other websites or claim as your own without permission from me. Thanks: Bioware for such an amazing game Obsidian for the second game and its assests Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool FairStrides for trying to help me with ERF Edit VO Talent: Zhaboka- Kaah Ohtok Credits: Bith Musician items/HK Melee Mod- Khrizby Dark Side Reimagined Mod- darksidebirdie Jedi from the Start scripts- darthbdaman M200 Intervention Sniper model- Skateordie808 Realistic Visual Effects Mod, Jedi Robe Skins- Shem Various textures- 90SK K1 Enchantment Pack assests- SpaceAlex Wookiee, Echani, Combat Suit skins- redrob41 Dark Jedi Robe texture- Ankh MedHypo mod- Rtas Vadum Sith Commander/Manaan Sith Soldier Skins- Dak Drexl Scout/Scoundrel uniforms- jonathan7 & FoolInTheWave Force Fashion 2- jonathan7 Sungladdes, Shields, Female Mandalorians by Inyri Forge Saber Pikes by DeadMan Brotherhood of Shadow Assests- Silveredge9 Female republic soldier skin and the HD republic soldier skins- Dark Hope Republic Helmet- SithSpector Revenge of Revan Assets- Logan423, RedRobe41, Paige Lehnert Various Textures- Whyp JC2, TheRealDarthRevan- Scripting aid Sith Stalker- Qui-Gon Glenn, Dak Drexl, redrob41, Marius Fett, Varsity Puppet and j7 JC's Heads Modders Resource- JCarter426 Saeikan's Armors of the Old Republic Textures- Saeikan Leviathan Differentiated Dialogue- Revanator K1 Better Twi'lek Heads- Ashton Scorpius Robes for Korriban Sith Students assests- Shem JC's Vision Enchantment/JC's Slave Bastila/JC's Supermodel Fix/JC's Head Modders Resource/JC's Republic Soldier Fix- JCarter426 WOTOR weapons- T7Nowhere Manaan and Korriban Sith Soldier- sELFiNDUCEDcOMA Drinking Animation- Darth Parametric and Alvar007 This mod contains assets ported from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords by Obsidian Entertainment. Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Tried this file to stop Lashowe, but it didn't work. For some reason I have 2 lots of override folders. One is in the restored content folder and the other is a general folder under games in my GOGgalaxy folder. I've tried to the file in both. Do I get impressed points from Uthar if I tell on Yuthara? I wanted her to go light side.
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    Read the manual, padawan: E.g. to install a file in the _HuttHap folder inside the AVO folder inside the StreamVoice folder, type in StreamVoice\AVO\_HuttHap in the Folder name box. If the specified folder(s) do not already exist in the user's game folder, they will be created.