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  1. I'll look over your lengthy list in a minute. But first, which part or parts of your game set up is - in your opinion - overly shiny? This may help narrow down the sources of the issue, which can't be gleaned form only two screenshots of the same area, same character, and even the same angle.
  2. Mods? List all of them. I repeat. All of them. Provide links.
  3. The hobby is not the chore. You and other demanding folks are the chore.
  4. Is it just me or did the site get a lot more ads on it recently? In addition to regular ads at the top of the page, I am seeing ads in the middle of threads and weird ad-like links at the bottom of the front page. This was noticed on mobile, BTW.
  5. Help IGN realize that Lego Star Wars is not the best Star Wars game by voting in this poll.

    1. DarthParametric


      Imagine being the sort of loser that likes a game less than half as popular as Force Unleashed.

    2. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      I voted for KOTOR 1😎

      There's a lot of casual gamers there. Tbh, I'm not surprised Legos is in the lead. It's one of those games that appeals to everyone. 

      I like them all, except for Battlefront, which I've never played.

  6. Two contributor's videos are now done. Who's the next person that is ready to contribute? PM me with the deets.
  7. We used to call those pigeons and seagulls.
  8. Isn't grabbing the model from SWTOR more feasible?
  9. Second contributor has has his lines prepared and they have been sent to DV for animation. This contributor will appear on screen as Imposter Batu Rem.
  10. Nice work! If only we could get the uniform to the same high quality.
  11. I'll send you a link and more details via PM, @Naelavok
  12. Good to know, @Naelavok. I'd say welcome but you've been here since 2015 so welcome to open communication with the forums. BTW, I'm "scarletguard" on YouTube and have been the guy voicing his hope that you'll be bringing your videos here. Though I mentioned Snigaroo before, any of the admins should be able to smooth any issues with getting videos up on here.
  13. The guy that made the remastered BIKs for KOTOR2 named ClassiCinematics on YouTube (and Naelavok on Nexus) also did the trailer for KOTOR2. Check it out! @Naelavok, is this you?
  14. Still not available on mobile.
  15. Raucous laughter would be an improvement over Solo.
  16. I think it might be a good idea for someone to create a KOTOR2 video tutorial for dealing with cutscenes resolution issues that includes this mod's videos.  Alternatively, Xuul could update his old video, of course.

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      They're already done.

    3. djh269


      I downloaded them the hour they came out, but about half a day after he took them down to update them even further with the message I just posted.

    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      That's not what I'm saying.  The NEW scenes are already done.


  17. @Hassat Hunter Didn't say I was excited, as I am getting dragged to the theater whether I want to or not. May as well keep spoiler free anyway.
  18. I'd rather not be spoiled on The Mandalorian or the next movie. I'd like to see the spoiler feature return as well.
  19. For someone that has only commented or reacted to things in this section, may I recommend the rest of the site? There are other things to see here... If folks do decide to take up where Logan23 left off, it won't be on your time table. So you may as well keep busy with other things.
  20. In order to unify the visual identification of the M4-78 A History playlist that'll eventually appear on my channel, I've made new thumbnails for the movies that'll appear in this playlist. I thought I'd share them with you - and assuming Xuul uses them - will appear both on my videos and the previous chapters. Update: Xuul has approved the thumbnails and they may be live at this very moment. Update 2: Xuul has put them on all of his videos.
  21. I think the locking mechanism would be wonderful on the numerous lockboxes we encounter throughout the game.
  22. It wouldn't be a reaction video if I drank some before the video. You would be seeing me drink it for the first time! And that first time would act as the "before picture." About world peace though? Coming from a guy that uses Sith Holocron as an avatar and screen name, that might be too much.
  23. I was in my local supermarket when I spotted this. This. This is a thing. Apparently the original price for a 12 packs of cans - according to the supermarket anyway - was over 20 bucks. (I'll provide a shot of it tomorrow when I return to that supermarket.) Apparently there are several different can pictures. (The Darth Maul cans apparently are all gone and who knows who else they stuck on these things.) The only cans left "feature" Kylo Ren. Now the going price is two 12 packs for 5 bucks. This must be rancid. So I did what anyone would do in this situation. I bought two of them! I was musing about this for most of the day: what to do with this potentially noxious substance. (Besides - duh - drink it.) But how to do it? I settled on the obvious - I must make a reaction video consuming this swill. But when should I release the video? Then it came to me. April 1st, 2020. I'll record a video drinking it on Monday and then record another video on March 31st, 2020 - drinking it again. The reason for the delay is so I can see a before and after of me. I'll be real with you folks - I've gained way too much weight since retiring from the military as of May 1st. Having a deadline to improve how I look (and feel) will prove helpful to making serious in-roads on efforts to curb my weight. Also, if this stuff is as rancid as I expect it to be - think of the extra hilarity of knowing I'll have drink this stuff twice. So . . . thoughts?
  24. Has anyone considered asking the developers on Twitter why the species change of Xor was made? I don't care if a change is made in the mod one way or the other but it does seems like an interesting question. Seeing as a few of you are motivated to make a change, having that definitive answer could possibly bolster (or hinder) your arguments.
  25. I believe I promised treasures?  Here are the two that I think you lot would enjoy the most.

    1. KotOR Campaign Guide

    2. The Virago (but best known around here as visually similar to Mandalore's Basilisk wardroid in KotOR2.)

    1. GNihilus2


      thanks for the treasures. Agreed, about the Virago. Quite similar to Mandalore's Basilisk wardroid, just a more "winged" stylized model here.

      P.S. thats one of the best TSL cutscenes for me btw (although there are many awesome scenes) when descending with the Basilisk to Onderon.

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I am looking forward to the remaster of all of the TSL videos as seen recently on YT.