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  1. If you really want folks to download this, you're probably going to want the relationship open no matter what gender you character is - in case they have more than one character available. From what I gather, you only removed the conditionals so the dialogue that was originally only for female now available for male. So without an additional branch specifically for each gender, the end-user is going to have to remove the mod every time they make a female character. As I pointed out in my PM to you, I'm willing to do the splicing for the male entries if you provide to me the file names that the original romanced calls for. (The ones that need changing the gender from male to female not - say - the lines that refer to Quatra and unrelated lines.) But you ought to consider opening the mod like I suggested in first part of this missive.
  2. @Reztea Though your mod description has in it that it's TSLRCM compatible, there's also something on your page that contradicts that. If you could either update the description or click the tab that'll say it is compatible, that would be peachy. Because I've got folks asking me about it and my only contributions were the avatar I donated and approving the mod in the first place. LOL
  3. No portraits for Remote, B-4D4, and 3C-FD?
  4. Let's start this off with a quote from an old post. It won't be the whole thing but it's more to remind our more seasoned members about it. Found in the TSLRCM section, that's a quote from the the READ ME FIRST thread. You know . . . it's the one that folks are supposed to read first before jumping straight in using mods with the TSLRCM. This page is supposed to act as a safety net. It helps folks manage the most basic modding of the game as many folks that come are need to the game by knowing the right way to ask questions. It's also a filter: to help those that are more familiar with modding and/or troubleshooting this game to give the new folks a quick answer to common problems. It wound up being so helpful that the TSLRCM (and M4-78 EP) teams made it a requirement to answer bug reports for the game. So why am I rambling about this now? I'm not a staff member as has been mentioned previously. Yet . . . I still get messages complaining about certain individuals. I'll continue in this post without specifically revealing either the reporter or the subject of the reporting. Aat what point does it go past mere willful ignorance and into the realm of trolling when a member can't follow the rules as clearly stated on the READ ME FIRST page. How long should it take someone to figure out how to ask the questions. A week? A month? If someone has been a registered member here since (at least) 2014, shouldn't they have figured it out? Because - in case you don't know - this is also part of the Site Rules. I even provided a solution in that READ ME FIRST thread for those of you that are upset about this person (and some others) that continue to do this. Only one post of this per bug thread - and only if they haven't provided the information. If they still don't follow your kind suggestion, report them to Staff. I didn't post any screenshots of the person in question as I'm not calling out the person but the behavior. For those reading this thread looking for juicy drama, I instead suggest posting the quote as suggested above. Perhaps with enough post (or reports) , you'll finally be rid of the menace. And maybe I'll stop getting complaints about this troll.
  5. Did you put both textures (EBO_Per.tga AND PER_Plnt01.tga) into your Override folder?
  6. Not sure if they bothered to update the logo. Use this if that really irks you.
  7. Have you tried Google?
  8. "Time to rumble" is a Carth line. My mod doesn't touch Carth's lines.
  9. If you follow the instructions, they make the lines silent. Read the reviews and you'll see the point of the mod.
  10. @Saul_R97: This should remove the voice but not the grunts.
  11. Mod updated. Description updated which in turn means thread's original post updated. Instructions complicated. Reading through them, appreciated.
  12. Read this post. Follow the instructions. Bug reports for TSLRCM require the format in the linked thread.
  13. I should have the long bar version uploaded to the package later today. In addition, I'll have versions of both short bar and long versions available in varieties that'll work properly for those using widescreen fixes so everything should be sorted. However, I'm in a rush at the moment - owing to the season - so that upload (and the changes that'll be necessary for the read me file) will be coming tonight.
  14. Well, I'll likely be uploading a new version soon. Done. Hopefully this one is a little smoother. The size should remain about the same as last time. Someone that shall remain nameless was inquiring about using my mod so they could extend the middle bar out to the end like the original menu logo did. Should I include this in the mod package as well or is this overkill?
  15. New version (with new instructions) for my [TSL] Replacement Logo for Menu Screen mod. Check it out now!

  16. Version 1.2


    MOD AUTHOR: Sith Holocron ORIGINAL RELEASE: 14 DEC 2021 UPDATED RELEASE: 20 DEC 2021 GAMES: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 Description: In before the inevitable request… As I just put up a TSL logo texture mod up yesterday, here’s one for the original KOTOR. This is my attempt to bring the logo in line with modern standards. This texture is sized at 2048 by 2048 (yes, you read that correctly) so it should definitely be slightly crisper than the original. The original texture was sized at 256 by 256. Someone that shall remain nameless was inquiring about using my mod so they could extend the middle bar out to the end like the original menu logo did. I have done this. Additionally, the coloring on this “long bar” version was slightly de-saturated to more in mine with the original in-game logo. For those not keeping up . . . Short Bar Version: That’s the logo that you’ll see on the box art, the game discs, and the Prima Guide Book Long Bar Version: A variant version of the logo where the bar that contains “Of The” stretches to the end letters rather being nestled in the center between the large “K” and large “S” A reminder: this whole upload was originally a gag just so I could avoid taking a request in the future. Looks like the joke’s on me. Before modding (actual size): After (actual size of Short Bar version): After (actual size of Long Bar version): If you find the difference to be pleasing, please let me know in the comments. Installation: With more options, there inevitably comes a longer instruction section. First, choose which version you’ll be going with: Short Bar or Long Bar. That’s where you’ll be grabbing textures from. If you’re using an original version of KOTOR – that is you’re not using a widescreen mod (such as or UniWS, Flawless Widescreen, or Aspyr's natively widescreen version) – then you’ll want to place the “logo_sw_02.tga” file from the “Standard (Vanilla) Resolutions” sub folder from either the “Short Bar” folder or the “Long Bar folder” If you’re using KOTOR with either UniWS, Flawless Widescreen, or Aspyr's natively widescreen version) – then you’ll want to place the “logo_sw_02.tga” file from the “For those using Widescreen fixes” sub folder from either the “Short Bar” folder or the “Long Bar” folder. Uninstallation: Remove the TGA file from your Override folder. Delete it. Known Bugs: None known at this time. Legal Disclaimer: All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Inc., I own none of the materials, and I'm not making any money out of this mod. It is to be distributed as-is without alteration, unless by permission of the mod author. This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either. I hereby state that I specifically do NOT wish this mod to be uploaded to Steam Workshop or to NexusMods. Usage in other mods must be requested AND approved by me before you include my materials in your mod. Modders that request permission to use my mods and don’t do so will have my permission withdrawn after a period of one year after I originally granted (i.e. permission and use is time sensitive.) Additionally: No, Publicola – you cannot use this in a mod of yours.