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  1. Violation of Rule 1: Be specific when you name your topic. This will aid in topic searches and help prevent someone from posting something you already have.
  2. I believe I've figured out which one you're referring to now. It's the droid I sometimes referred internally with the team as "The Inquisitive One" or the "Inquisitive Construction Droid Foreman." If this is the droid you haven't been hearing, that's a shame that needs to be rectified as it's one of my favorite characters in this mod. If anyone has a save from before they've talked with "him" and you'd like to try the following files out, here are the instructions for this different droid. Move or delete files in the folder from the file path: \SWKotOR2\StreamVoice\803\empl. Add the WAV files attached to this post to the aforementioned folder. You'll of course have to decompress the 7z. Report back with your findings, please - and tag me when doing so and note which droid or droids you're testing. Inquisitive Construction Droid Foreman.7z
  3. I just made the conversion for the Black Market Droid now. I was not involved with 1.5 so I had no oversight over any of the files. PM me the other files that have issues and I will check them out after I get home. (Alternatively, provide the filename path for those files.)
  4. Send me the files. I can look at fixing them after I get home from work. A 7z or RAR file will do nicely. PM them to so folks in the future won't grab the wrong package. Luckily I had time to do this before jumping in the shower. Move or delete files in the folder from the file path: \SWKotOR2\StreamVoice\802\blackmark. If you renamed if as Obi Wan Pere suggest, return the folder to the original name. Add the WAV files attached to this post to the aforementioned folder. Report back with your findings, please - and tag me when doing so and that you are telling me about this specific character. Black Market Replacement Files - Test 1.7z
  5. I have a Glow Rod restoration mod but it was made by a guy named "Sir Stroud". PM me if you want it.
  7. When asking to use my mods in yours, it's bad form to insult me. To the person asking, you've been blocked.

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    2. DeathScepter


      well blocking is a good thing. If I was going to ask to another to use their mods or elements thereof, I would be polite in asking while acknowledging in the Readme that I used their mods.

    3. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      The entitlement is amazing.

    4. DeathScepter


      True, Ebony Moon. The Entitlement issues are amazing and not in a good way. Also There are better modders than me in here.  So I can't blame Sith Holocron for what he did in blocking that twat.

  8. Here's the "low-effort" image that got my thread yanked off of the SWTOR subreddit. Apparently on that subreddit you can't have an image that has the UI but how can you show the achievement without having the UI?

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    2. DarthParametric


      I have seen various bashing for UI layouts in the past, yes. Whether that is the actual reason (plus lazy mods not wanting to deal with it) I don't know. That just seemed like an obvious answer to what otherwise seems a completely arbitrary rule.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      It's the only answer I've been offered - I'll take it.  Thanks.

    4. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      Better to be where you can have fun.

  9. So way back in 2005, there was a turn based tactics game by 2K Games called Shattered Union. It was set in alternate history version of the United States. I own this game and I've never played it to completion. I have this game for one reason and one reason only - the narration provided by Sara Kestelman. Wanna hear some more from the voice of Kreia? If so, enjoy the following... Do be a pal and like the video on YouTube too while you're at it.
  10. Happy New Year!



  11. @CratosGoblin, amend your last post to add hyperlinks to each mod - excepting TSLRCM.
  12. I'll make it simpler. Watch the video. If you have further questions, post a comment on the video's page.
  13. I'll just leave this here - taken from the KotOR Subreddit Mod Builds . . . If you want support for widescreen resolutions above 1280x1024, it's highly recommended that you follow the instructions presented in the following video. By using UniWS, you also avoid many of the issues caused by FlawlessWidescreen, including savegame corruption: KOTOR Widescreen Patch Please ensure your desktop scaling is set to 100%--not higher, not lower--to ensure that the widescreen functionality displays properly in-game.
  14. Apparently it's still an issue. Note that this picture was captured from my desktop and doesn't even show all of the ads.
  15. Those that wish to use my Soundset mods in KotOR2 should be able to do so if they install @JCarter426's mod first.  Thanks JC!  If you have questions about his mod, you should ask him though as he made it.  (For my mods, you can look here.)

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Find a line in SWTOR that's suitable for DS Jaesa bashing a door and I'll consider adding it. (I'll need specific details on when and where it's used in the game as well.)

    3. NikaAlexandrov


      I'll try, it's been awhile since I played with darkside Jaesa, I do tend to record her more bloodthirsty responses though lol. Thinking the best place to start would be the Taris plan zero ones. But don't quote me on that though lol

    4. NikaAlexandrov


      Nope, not hearing Jaesa at all which is a bummer oi :( I'm not even hearing the female voice do the lockpicking response either oO

  16. @Selphadur, it's an Override folder not a Partial Override folder. It doesn't refer to the replaced TPC because it is replaced. And the TXI info is encoded in the TPC...
  17. That doesn't quite track. If you're overriding the TPC texture with your TGA texture, you've also overridden the embedded TXI instructions in that replaced TPC. Therefore, there are no instructions for the game to interpret. It certainly seems to me that you need to include TXI files for each texture that you replace if TXI information was present in the TPC file.
  18. Happy holidays to all. A question to those that use this mod: Which textures - in your humble opinion - benefit the most here? In your answer, please exclude textures that you've seen done better elsewhere. I'm merely interested in the best of the best here. If you do include pictures, please have both a before and after screenshot to better illustrate your point/s.
  19. It's that time of year again. 

    And I'm sorry.


  20. Then make a request for it in the Mod Requests section, perhaps? Because it's highly unlikely that Fallen Guardian is going to do anything about your request.
  21. Shall we have a laugh on Christmas Eve Eve? I think we all could use one. (Keep your eyes open for the Santa cameo!) BTW, more on topic: is it possible that we don't have to quote the entire quote by @dg1995 every time it's cited? Perhaps some selective quoting is in order if it is going to be referred to constantly. Just my two cents. Happy holidays!
  22. Batman and Robin was shorter. One up for Batman and Robin - a phrase I never thought I'd ever be saying.
  23. This was one the word that I came to when trying to encapsulate what I just saw when leaving the theater for 930 AM showing. (As predicted, my wife dragged me there.) So . . . rushed. Rather than dwell on the avalanche of deserved ire that this movie will earn, I'd rather be thankful that this community here exists so we can remember what we like about all of this. KOTOR. KOTOR now. KOTOR forever.