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  1. So . . . when will a mod of this be appearing?
  2. Just out of curiosity - seeing as I have some time to actually sit down and type this - but what would you folks out there want out of M4-78 EP documentary? I've been gathering lots of wonderfully detailed reviews of M4-78 EP and have gathered a decent amount of reminisces from M4-78 contributors. (I have even more coming my way soon.) Having some sort of inkling what folks would want to learn about the EP would probably help make for a better product in the end. Have you had any questions about the mod that you'd love answered? Is there someone from the mod that you'd like to pose questions? (If so, which member and what questions please) What sorts of things from the previous chapters that Xuul and I did could you do without in the next chapter? If you're bored enough at home reading this to have gotten this far - congrats! - you're my target audience. I'd love to hear from you. And of course, I'm still interested in your audience reviews and remembrances of the EP. (Jump to the first post for details if that sort of thing tickles your fancy.)
  3. Splitting this into it's own thread. Stop hijacking other folks threads.
  4. Have you checked out the K1 Reddit Build? (See the sidebar on that linked page to access the build list.)
  5. I've received another audio contribution today and - oh boy - they didn't hold back! However, [name redacted] has not notified me as to which character that they wish to have represent them so I'm still waiting on that. They don't need to rush though as two other contributors have their videos ahead of them in the movie making queue. If you haven't contributed yet but are now leaning towards doing so, why not consider joining the team? I don't have a deadline in mind so jump to the first post in this thread to find out all the details and see if you are the right fit for this project. Your views can be on the spectrum of loving the mod to hating it, or having mixed views of different aspects of M4-78 EP. You aren't limited to using M4-78 EP version 1.5 either! The one that's currently on Steam is version 1.3 and (unless I'm very mistaken) version 1.2 is still available on MODDB. Have questions? Ask below or PM me if you have a question you'd prefer to ask privately. Meanwhile: Stay safe during our collective COVID-19 nightmare! Update: The contributor has chosen Atton as the avatar. List in OP has been updated accordingly.
  6. Take your time - don't rush. But you might want to have a link to the mods in your description on this page when both mods are here.
  7. "Use in conjunction with my other mods for maximum difficulty. (Level Up Rate and Extensive Difficulty Overhaul)" When might those mods be coming to Deadly Stream?
  8. @LanguageWriter123, I have merged your last three posts as they are a clear example of bumping a thread. That's a violation of our Site Rules and you will be penalized accordingly. You should've edited the previous posts in order to not bump the thread. Wait until @Ӄhrizby responds before posting in this thread again.
  9. Yes. Lid locking in itself for a solid month would be torture. The clip in addition to that is a crime against civility, nature, and the Geneva Convention.
  10. Lid lock her eyes a la A Clockwork Orange and make her watch this video on a month long loop. Not forever. Just one month. That would do it. But seriously, I think the point no one can specifically know what they would do or say to her and not knowing that is the scariest part. When you fill in the blanks, you'll come up with the scariest answer. Not everything should be spoon fed to the audience. It's the same with what Nihilus says any time he speaks or what the main characters in my linked video say - without subtitles, you as an audience member have to provide the context. If the rest of the material is worthy of your attention, the effort to fill in the context can be entertaining. If the rest of the material isn't - well - you're likely watching akin to the SWHS and your effort would be likely wasted. And capitalize the S in Sith, buddy! We're all strange.
  11. For those that see this in the future: Seeing as RedHawke's site will be gone on (or before) April 2020, I'll point out that RedHawke's ORD Mandell mod is on our site now. You can find it right here.
  12. Mercy of the Sith holocrons? You don't know us very well, do you?
  13. I am quickly losing steam on the JumpStationZ archive transfer.  Of what hasn't already been brought over here, what is actually worth bringing here?

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Have you seen the folder for FurioKotor in the archive?  It's multiple different modder's mods in there making the whole thing more complicated than it may first appear. The folder "Fett's Items" (and I believe another one) had similar issues.

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      Oh man, no I hadn't. That sounds like a mess. 

    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      It is.  It may be time for someone else to take this over because I'm tapping out.

  14. You're welcome. @zbyl2, you can put those sound files in the mod, if you want.
  15. List all of your mods. Provide links so folks (other than me) can confirm if compatibility is possible or not.
  16. Now that COPPA and YouTube are making life so interesting through their quests to make everything rosy for kiddies, what do you folks think is the appropriate text at the beginning of a video that's not necessarily intended for children?
  17. You may have noticed that quite a few of these are up now. I tackled the stuff you're seen from modders A through D. jc2 is tackling RedHawke's mods when he can. However until I get another day off, I'm done for now. Perhaps it's time for you to follow the pattern I've started and help pick up the slack? It would be appreciated. Ask any questions you may have before you start.
  18. Yes, and I've corrected my last entry now. It looks like the Battlefront II screenshot has the colors a little off on those Naboo energy things. I'm guessing you can get it closer than they can. Here's a screenshot from the movie so you can compare. Could the texture you're looking for possibly be "fx_tex_19.tpc"? Just guessing here.
  19. I'm not crazy about the new energy beams as seen in the Peragus pictures as I liked the original color. The dark look of Telos might take a bit getting used to. It's well done though and it does seem to match the plot better than a more pristine mining colony.
  20. It's hard to tell just seeing the two texture textures by themselves. I think I'd have to see them in the actual environments to get them in context.
  21. Are those Dathomir runes from Fallen Order?
  22. Glad it all worked out for you. Perhaps you'll post what your characters look like and what server you're on in the Let's See Your Characters thread!
  23. If you're using Steam Workshop, I personally wouldn't recommend using ANY mods.