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  1. Splicing is a way to expand the dialogue that's in the game. However it's limited to the skill of the splicer and what's available in the game. (We all know how awful some of my splices turned out.) It seems to me that DeepFake AI samples of dialogue may provide a decent workaround to those issues. Here's a Twitter account with a few examples of what I'm talking about. Perhaps this fella (or someone else working on this technology) should be influenced to work on making sound sets for the major KotOR and TSL characters. I think Kreia is likely the best sound set to make as there are many lines that weren't voiced (i.e. some of the Trayus lines that only remain voiced by Atris' character) or they didn't have the versions for both genders. I'm sure there are quite a few other missing lines by other characters that I'm not thinking of right now as well. What are your thoughts? Edit: Here are some videos in case you have no access to Twitter for some reason.
  2. If you want attention of r/kotor, promote your mods on r/kotor with a thread. Many will likely be glad you did.
  3. At last ... I finally was able to successfully solo my last Exarch in SWTOR.  (That's the Voss one BTW.)  I'll have to update my blog about that at some point!

    Update: Blog updated with a picture and a video. 

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      A corrected video should be finished uploading to the blog in about 20 minutes.

    3. Ashton Scorpius

      Ashton Scorpius

      I'm in the middle of my first Star Fortress playthrough and saw the achievement for that. I was wondering if it was possible. Gg

    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      @Ashton Scorpius, know which server you're on. I may be able to help you if we're on the same one.

  4. That would also lean towards many of the games too, but I digress.
  5. I wouldn't necessarily go with "should" but you could think of it as an option that you could take if you so desired. Or you could let Nexus do their thing and then make the comment, which would alter what you might write. In the end, it's entirely up to you.
  6. Someone using it has already reported errors on Reddit.
  7. There's a person named 2CRI on Steam that has grabbed mods en masse as put it into an collection called "Modded as F***". The following people have had their mods stolen and should probably report their stolen mods to the appropriate authority on Steam. In addition, this thief has also likely uploaded many of these mods as individually to Steam. @Hassat Hunter, @zbyl2 - TSLRCM, and M4-78 EP @Omega1 - Classic Jedi Project KOTOR II Original Trilogy Lightsaber Blades (Animated) @DarthParametric - HK Droids SWTOR-Style @InSidious - Holopanels, Hi-Res Beam Effects Mod @vurt - Vurt's Exterior Graphics Overhaul @Sithspecter - High Quality Blasters @Cinder Skye, @Malkior, @TriggerGod, @Curtis1973 - IceEclipse Power Textures @Curtis1973 - Onderon High Resolution, Nar Shadaa High Resolution, Dantooine and Korriban High Resolution, Dxun High Resolution, KOTOR2 Starter Pack @deathdisco - Coruscant - Jedi Temple @Fallen Guardian - Dustil Restoration @Kexikus - TSL Backdrop Improvements
  8. @Pwener, you could always give a review of the audiobook and the reader when you've finished it. I'll keep my eye out for it.
  9. Is your main player character male or female?
  10. Just realized that I never answered this. The sign with the Czerka Logo on pebbled glass is not animated. I am sorry about the delay in answering.
  11. Read this to know why this could possibly be happening. This isn't the first time this has been noticed with Atton, by the way.
  12. I may have spoiled something about the documentary in this thread today on Reddit. Read all of my posts in that thread to see the reveal - not just the initial one. Oh and upvote it, if you feel inclined to. Update: The following characters have been chosen already and are off the table: B-4D4, Mandalore, Imposter Batu Rem, Protocol Droid (using the "C_DrdProt03" skin), Zherron, and Captain Sullio of Onderon. (This list will be updated as more submissions are received.) And as always, Revan is unable to picked as a character choice for anyone.
  13. As my mods, Kexikus' mod, and Vasilii Zaytsev's mod have been used thousands of times - and are indeed all included in the KotOR Subreddit's Mod Compilation list - and none of them have been reported with this issue, the issue becomes clear. It has to be the KotOR 2 Unlimited World Texture Mod. As that thing has thousands of files without appropriate TXIs, I'd suggest just completely uninstalling your copy of TSL making sure that your Override is completely clear before install anything again. I can't recommend KotOR 2 Unlimited World Texture Mod, especially with the other issue that you reported to me via PM. Avoid KotOR 2 Unlimited World Texture Mod like the plague. If I had to hazard a guess, the offending mod probably has an issue with a bad alpha layer. And please stop capitalizing "KotOR 2 Unlimited World Texture Mod" - it's like you're shouting it when we probably should be ignoring it.
  14. Check this thread on Sounds like a GOG issue and not a game issue. Seeing as you paid for the game, aren't you entitled for GOG to fix it for you?
  15. I personally have never heard of this ray tracing thing for KotOR. Link?
  16. Specifically these questions listed under the section of "FOR TSLRCM AND/OR M4-78EP." Answer all 16 of them posting both the questions and the answers to them. And if you're posting problems with a mod, you probably shouldn't post them in the General Discussion section. Lastly, bumping a thread is a violation of Rule 6.
  17. My mod consists entirely of the four files listed above. Sorry to tell you but this is another mod's doing. However, I am still willing to help you out. PM me your complete list of mods (with links please) and maybe we can figure it out together. I ask you to PM this info rather than post it here so we don't derail the mod's comments further.
  18. Just a note - don't use the menu pictures as the save-game pictures are saved from that last save. You need to rely on in the room shots not the menu.
  19. @Cytaris: Now that I'm seeing the after shots, let's run a test. A - Remove the following files from your Override: LEH_scre01.tga, LEH_scre01.txi, LEH_scre02.tga, LEH_scre02.txi. B - Take new screenshots in the same room at the same distance and angles. Those will be our before shots.
  20. 1Leonard brought up an interesting point. I'm gonna take over from where he left off. You've stated . . . But it seems you're still playing through the restored content and still working out minutia like names of starships. Leaving dialogue aside - and that's a big aside - what have you actually completed? Because it doesn't seem like a lot is set in stone at the moment but you said that your story was written "back in 2005/2006." You've changed the antagonist and that's a small change. Hmmm. But what have you done with this unnamed very big planet - or the three small planets? Have you just wrote about it or have you done something tangible in the game? If the latter, are these planets that you've cobbled together and plan to reskin - or just preexisting planets unchanged excepting a few reskin? There's a lot of questions that I'm asking here and it's a bit much. I get that. But before I get the title of "curmudgeon" (or worse) thrown at me, may I remind you that I didn't make this WIP thread. I guess I personally am not seeing enough of a foundation here that justifies this thread at this point.
  21. Kylo Ren shares his views on the D23 footage.
  22. @Cytaris: Please post a few "before and after" pictures of this taking place on places outside of the EH cockpit (i.e. showing the monitors both with the mod and then with the textures removed from your Override folder).