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  1. This mod supposedly has 9 reviews but I only see 8.  Just wondering who was downrating my mod.

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      Is this a permission bug? Or were you just looking in the wrong place?

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      Sith Holocron

      I had him blocked so I couldn't see him.

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    Blog #100

    Currently in Chicago. Next stop: Columbiana.
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    Blog #100

    All of my blogs now have one of those pictures that (usually) indicates the title of the blog. I’ve numbered all of my blogs since I’ve started creating them and I’ve finally reached 100 of these things. Wow. 100 blogs. Someone, please call a doctor! Instead of me rambling on yet another niche topic, I’ll now invite you to go through the previous 99 blogs and see if there’s something you may have missed from me. I’d like you to have opportunity to consider if there’s something you might add to the conversations I’ve previously started. Yes, I do realize that many of the blogs are locked. You’ll be able to tell because it has this picture as the blog’s title picture. If you encounter one of these locked blogs and you still want to acknowledge it, I believe you can still drop either a “like”, or “light side” icon, or a “thanks” icon on the blog. If you’re going to comment on M4-78 stuff, I would recommend you limit the comments on the “like/love” blog on M4-78 EP version 1.5, the “disappointed/hate” blog on M4-78 EP version 1.5, or the “M4-78: Set Decoration” blog covering all of Zbyl2 and Hassat Hunters versions of M4-78 EP. Having detailed reviews of version 1.5 – split in the pro and con blogs – will help me work on another chapter on the documentary if at some point I decide to resume working on it. Note that as of this date: version 1.5 is only available on Deadly Stream. Version 1.3 is only on the Steam Workshop, and MODDB has version 1.2. As I’m preparing to move across the country relatively soon, I’ll be holding off making any new blogs until I am settled in a new place. I haven’t even figured out where on the east coast that my wife and I are moving to so I can’t offer any estimates. And let’s be honest, time estimates aren’t one of those things that I like doing any way. (Have you ever seen my signature? LOL) If you do decide to comment on my blogs, I want to read your comments and not look at one of these . . . This . . . is less helpful to me than something like this . . . or this With the last two pictures, I know what you're trying to say and have more information to use when replying to the comment and/or making new mods. (In the above example, I corrected the mod by putting the missing file.) The likes and thanks icons don't give me any hook to work with. So my faithful reader: Keep safe, keep modding, leave some comments (on my blogs, my mods, and my videos), and I’ll see you at some point on the other side.
  4. Sith Holocron

    [WIP] Star Maps Revamp

    Will your new base texture utilize the fonts used on your last texture?
  5. Sith Holocron

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    I agree with @KnifeMaster and @Salk. The first of your two options works better because you're not reinventing the wheel.
  6. This isn't for the documentary. This also isn't for (any version of) M4-78. It's something else entirely. If you might be interested in doing a voice for project that I've provided absolutely no details for . . . Please leave a sample of your work without filters or computer-aided pitch changes. Post the sample as a YouTube video. This not only enables me to hear your voice but can let others listen as well. (Those others might even help figure out how your vocal talents can be best utilized. (Yes, even without knowing what project I am working on.) State what sort of parts that you personally feel you would perform your best work as. Those chosen will receive the lines via PM. Update on 19 MAY 2018: A little more information . . . I don't have to be as secretive about this anymore as I've got the go ahead from Newbiemodder to proceed. The project is to repair any issues with Newbiemodder's Korriban Expansion. It will involve repairing bugs, fixing some texturing issues, correcting some spelling/grammar issues, some other issues, and getting the voice actors back from the original version to re-record lines. Some of those voice actors might not return for one reason or another and in those cases, we'll have to recast those parts. That's where you'll come in. THIS THREAD ONLY HAS TO DO WITH THE VOICE FILES. (Now open to discussion of all portions being worked on for the update.) Having videos of your parts will enable the team to make determinations on which voices might fit the parts available. Thank you for your interest!
  7. Sith Holocron

    Korriban Expansion: Modernizing an Older Mod (WIP)

    The point is moot. The other two guys have the materials and fixes (or only Ndix UR) follow this thread. Unless one of you can contact Ndix UR and have him finish what was started, what's the point? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - and so often in this thread. Perhaps this thread can be locked until the aforementioned two respond?
  8. Sith Holocron

    Korriban Expansion: Modernizing an Older Mod (WIP)

    @Mamita, none of this is new news. In order for anything to move forward, @ndix UR and @newbiemodderwould have to either get the lip synching done themselves or hand over what they've done to someone willing to do the work. @JCarter426previously offered to do the lip syncing. However both @ndix URand @newbiemodderare incommunicado. Bumping this thread will accomplish diddly squat. Your best bet? PM them.
  9. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    Once I am settled at the end of the trip, I'll have pictures of the more "fun things" we did on the trip. You'll eventually see that I have a fascination with neon signs.
  10. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    I am currently in Oakland, CA. We leave here Tuesday morning.
  11. Sith Holocron

    KOTOR 2 - New player, mod suggestions please

    Try this spoiler free build.
  12. Sith Holocron

    Yoda Animation Fix for K1

    If you could give the full name of the mod, that may speed up replies to you.
  13. “Star Wars” actor Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the original trilogy, died on Tuesday, his family announced on his Twitter. He was 74.

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      no idea 'bout that thanks for the input. 

  14. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    April 30: And then he was in Canada. Unlike the boy's parents in South Park, I have nothing to blame on them. Yet.
  15. Sith Holocron

    TSL Restored Content Mod

    The above mod compatibility issue with TSLRCM discussion (started by RedBlaze) should probably be split from this thread and shunted to the TSLRCM section. If RedBlaze has posted in the correct section, he may have seen this important thread.
  16. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    April 28th: I saw Endgame but I will not be discussing it until I reach the end of my trip. #DontSpoilTheEndgame
  17. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    April 26: Boarded ferry from Kodiak to Homer which we finally left around 9PM. Then a long ride from Homer to Anchorage. Long because there was road work almost the whole way. Didn't check into hotel until 3AM on April 27th. So tired.
  18. Sith Holocron

    Strange baby on a screen

    Has anyone reached out to Bioware on Twitter to ask about the baby picture and the green tinted picture of an Asian man with lines on his face. I am not good enough with my new phone to attach pictures on a question to them but maybe one of you are. Has anyone reached out to Bioware on Twitter to ask about the baby picture and the green tinted picture of an Asian man with lines on his face. I am not good enough with my new phone to attach pictures on a question to them but maybe one of you are.
  19. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    April 23rd: Base housing inspection completed and passed. My household goods (including my computer) have already been shipped off the island. Tomorrow, I work on (hopefully) finalizing the paperwork for my civilian life. As @Logan23used to say, more to follow.
  20. Sith Holocron

    Download:TSL ORIGINS - Telos Overhaul

    @Jorak Uln doesn't follow this thread. However, since I have just properly tagged him in the last sentence, perhaps he'll see it now. This should stand as a reminder for modders to follow their own release threads as well as their download pages.
  21. Sith Holocron

    MOD:[K1] Tach's Grunt Readjustments

    I agree with @HK-47. A video would go a long way here.
  22. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    April 18th: The house was packed off into many boxes for their transport to the East Coast. After filling out some paperwork, it's basically a waiting game for the island's ferry to pick us up.
  23. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    April 17th: The computer has been unplugged and its assorted cables and accessories sorted days ago. In mere minutes, the movers should arrive to start packing our belongings for the trip between Kodiak, AK to the U.S. East Coast.
  24. Here's the place to report bugs, errors with other mods, etc when using M4-78 EP. (If you wish to leave a comment about the M4-78 EP that doesn't concern bugs or errors, leave those on the Impressions thread here.) While there are currently no plans to update M4-78EP any further, if any game breaking bugs are found they obviously will be fixed (and maybe other tiny ones with them), if at all possible. So please don't assume it's automatically a useless thing to report stuff here. NOTE: Only report issues here if you use the latest version of M4-78! If you don't have version 1.5, please update to the latest version of the M4-78 Enhancement Project as that very well might resolve your issue. (Read the current version's read me to see if that may be the case.) When reporting bugs . . . use the following format and include both the questions and the answers to them. 1) During the game, when did the problem begin to occur? (List a general description of the issue.) 2) Did you install the latest version of the mod? (We are only covering issues concerning version 1.3 - the latest edition.) 3) What version of the game do you have? (Steam, GOG, 4CD, or the KotOR Collection?) What region is the game designed for if it's the 4 CD version? 4) Did you update your game as required by your game's region? (Update is required for 4-CD version only. If using a Steam, KOTOR Collection, or GOG version, put down "N/A") 5) Did you use the TSLPatcher, if provided? 6) Were there any errors in the TSLPatcher installation? 7) What other mods have you installed? Please give an accurate list and provide links to each of these mods - even if they are found on this site. (We don't actually know them all!.) 8 ) Can you be more specific about the error? At what point did it happen? (List a detailed description of the issue.) 9) Have you tried re-downloading the mod? 10) Have you tried using a different save game? 11) Have you tried starting a new game? 12) What Operating System do you use? (List Virtual Machines as well if you are using them.) If you're a Mac user, please note that here as well. Update: Here are a few extra questions to include as well. All posts (after the one following this one) should include all 16 questions and your answers to them. 13) Can you confirm that you see the TSLRCM logo on the the main menu screen? 14) What language is your game set for? 15) Which language of TSLRCM are you using? 16) Are you playing this on a laptop or a desktop computer?
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    In other more recent news... Free Decorations and Flair Code: Go to and enter the code SWCELEBRATION19 four new exclusive decorations and one piece of flair from the Star Wars Celebration 2019. While you're there, you can try some of the other codes which may or may not work. SWCELEBRATION18 (character profile flair) SWCELEBRATION17 (free droid) SWCANTINA17 (free mount) NYCANTINA16 (free mount) If you can't recall how to activate flair in the game (or just want to see the free flair for last year), visit this thread.