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  1. If you wanted to upload the mod here, you'd have to get permission. Sounds like it is a mod from one of two modders. You should immediately contact before continuing to use their work as a foundation for yours. 1. PC Response Moderation. If this is the mod you refer to, you can contact Kainzorus Prime via PM. 2. Dialogue Pack (2.1). If this is the mod you're referring to, you can contact Allronix on this site via PM.
  2. You did read what that mod says in it's own read-me, right?
  3. Seasons Greetings! Hope you all have a Happy Life Day, or whatever holiday you do (or do not) celebrate! This is my 2020 display which is appearing this year on my bookshelf.
  4. Your Thanksgiving gift:


    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Comments on the video would be appreciated.  :)

  5. And now I've lost two friends to cancer this year.  I can't even.

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    2. LDR


      I'm so sorry my friend. I can't even imagine.

    3. DarthVarkor


      Sorry to hear that man.

    4. InSidious


      Condolences, SH. It's awful.

  6. I've just released the second appendix video which can be found here. If you want to see a third, I'm going to need see some likes on the video. Off-topic: @zbyl2, would you answer the folks in this thread about their M4-78 EP issue? It would be appreciated.
  7. This is an English speaking forum. Please provide translations as well if you insist in communicating in Russian as well. Thank you.
  8. There was an error in the video that I posted earlier which has been corrected. Here is the link to the updated corrected video:
  9. In lieu of actual tangible work on the documentary, I plan to to do some work adding music to and then releasing some of the long-form reviews that I have already received for the documentary. I planned to originally release videos like these after the documentary but since my work has stalled, I may as well release something for folks to watch this calendar year. As usual with my stuff - with the regrettable exception a few posts up - there's no release date for this. When something is uploaded, I'll post a link in my Status Update and you can comment on the video's page. Alternatively, you can just subscribe to my channel and wait for something to pop up.
  10. @Vabulletizer: Ask the DS admins permission before uploading.
  11. Uploading a completely a new non-KOTOR video to my YT channel.  It's definitely an interesting artifact from 70's Britain.  Link to follow after it's up.

  12. Watch it until the end. Mandalorian, Season 2, Episode 1.

  13. How many of the hidden achievements have you got yet?
  14. This is supposed to be a yearly event, like the Nar Shaddaa Night Life and the Life Day events are. What reports have you been reading?
  15. There's a Gofundme set up for Kevin now. Here's the link.
  16. Many of you may know Kevin Smets (AKA Kaydon Sentry) from his well put-together KOTOR Machinima movies on YouTube. Unfortunately, today he publicly announced he's been diagnosed with cancer. It would be fitting of our fine community to show our support for Kevin and his family by posting well wishes and positive vibes in that diagnosis announcement thread which I'll link below. Alternatively, those that are more verbose can leave lengthier messages on his Facebook wall. Let's show Kevin that he's more than ready to win his fight and that we have his back.
  17. Read this post and follow the instructions. Precisely.
  18. Looks like the back of one on the Handmaiden's heads with the hood up.
  19. @solcelestial Wrong section. Moving to Modding.