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  1. Let me see if I've got this straight - and please, correct me if I have any of this wrong... You modded up your game with many mods - none of which you've listed. (Listing all mods is required.) Then - you uninstalled those many mods (excepting TSLRCM) - without starting a new game. Is that about right? Edit: I'm going to head off to sleep right now. If @Kimosabe answers in the affirmative to both of the bulleted lines above before I get back, please feel free to jump in and explain why deleting several mods in the middle of a playthrough might be . . . problematic.
  2. I have to wonder how dark the Ebon Hawk is now with the dynamic lighting. Mind posting a video of that?
  3. The hairstyle for Luxa might be a good match but not the head itself.
  4. From what I recall from the Ravager, you could tell Tobin to assist with helping with the proton cores. (I think there may have been a check to see if you could convince him.) It would be nice to see a follow up on that and seeing as this mod already covers Tobin on the Ravager and you plan to do updates, it would niuce if something like this was included. You could even it so that the proton core that inevitably explodes takes Colonel Tobin out? Just a thought. Edit: This page should remind you all of the conversation with Tobin aboard the Ravager.
  5. You mean here? Put in the work and look past the first two posts.
  6. If a mod is added to this list, it MUST have a link to the place where it can be currently downloaded. If a mod is no longer able to be downloaded, it will not be on this list. In addition, the mods listed below individually work with TSLRCM but may not work with each other. Deadly Stream holds no responsibility for mod's interaction with each other. Keep in mind that some mods in the Compatibility List have extra requirements which are indicated next to the title. For mods hosted on Deadly Stream itself, check the YES/NO to TSRLCM compatibility, listed on each page. They will not appear on this list. To request other mods to be added on this list, contact the TSLRCM team via Private Message. Mods confirmed to work with the TSLRCM Movie-Style Retextures for Kotor and TSL by DarthJacen Ultimate Sound Mod by Shem (will give a blank force power with HK description though, bug with the mod itself!) Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox by Sharen Thrawn Coruscant Hiqh Resolution Textures by Exile007 Handmaiden Style Underwear for Female Exile by Shem Movie Style Jedi Master Robes by Darth_DeadMan Fixed Mandalorian Banners by J7 Coruscant Jedi Temple by DeathDisco (However, this mod is NOT compatible with M4-78 EP unless you also use the compatibility patch too.) Better Male Bodies by Trex Imperial Officers by Prime Full Force Mod by Team Hssiss Fixed Kreia's Fall Movie by Jinger Movement Animation Fix for KOTOR & TSL by ZimmMaster Darth Nihilus Animation Fix 2.0 by Khrizby Any Spell Mod by iLike_Speed Droid Enhancement by ElecManEXE Expanded Workbench Revised Revision 2.02 by Vanaheim (AKA Vanir) Realistic Visual Effects (for TSL) by Shem Remote Tells Influence by tk102 Insane Dustil by Princess Artemis TSL Visual Enhancement 2011 by Xarwarz High Level Force Powers by Stoffe (AKA RevanAnt) Bao-Dur's Charged Armor by ChAiNz 2da Peragus - the Republic Mining Station by Jamesolbyo52 Movie Mandalorians (4.2) by Darth_Deadman T.W.O - Heavy Repeater Pack by BryanWee20 Blaster Rifle Pack by BryanWee20 Heavy Blaster Pack by BryanWee20 Sith Assassins - with Lightsabers by Shem Invisible Headgear for TSL by Shem Invisible Reticles for K1 and K2 by Darth Enervus Skip Peragus Turret Game by Goldberry2000 Bao-Dur Wears Jedi Robes by Shem PFHA03 Red-head reskin by Fair Strides Mira Reskin by Fair Strides Dance Armband by Fair Strides Global Boolean Tracker by Fair Strides Warper Armband by Fair Strides Visas' Dancer Outfit and Dance by Fair Strides Onderon Museum Upgrade by Mono_Giganto The mods below this list will either not work with TSLRCM or require special attention to enable it to work with TSLRCM.
  7. Report it in the TSLRCM section and follow the point by point rules on reporting possible bugs. You should know this by now.
  8. Now if this hub is supposed to down n' dirty, perhaps a damaged version of the dancer sign is in order. I'd be happy to provide the individual frames to anyone that would like to try their own effects to this. There's a lot of folks that have Photoshop here (I don't) that can do wonderful things with that program.
  9. I was just wondering what happened to the coloring and the shape of that texture? Just so folks can see the original in action . . .
  10. Combined? No. You'd have to download from here and install them separately. It's only a minor hassle all things considered.
  11. Did you not use SithCodec?
  12. You're entirely correct. Suggestion withdrawn.
  13. Sounds like there's a need for a new landing and takeoff video then. Has anyone approached you about making one yet?
  14. What planet will the hub be attached to?
  15. So it's a K1 version of the Scrapyard Games concept?
  16. I'm looking for recommendations of soundtracks that I should look into on Steam.  Any suggestions?

    BTW, if you're looking for suggestions on what you can watch, you could always check out the M4-78 Documentary Playlist.

  17. If anyone has saves handy for either EP version 1.2, 1.3, or 1.5 before they've traveled to M4-78, I'd love to have them. Please indicate which version the save is for and any mods that you also used when playing them. If the saves prove useful in making the documentary (whenever I get back to it), you will be credited. This request also goes out to those that have already played through the mod so they could make reviews for the documentary. (Hint, hint.)
  18. I've sent the TGAs of the portraits to @StellarExilebut here's what I came up without having screenshots to use (yet).
  19. This is the second time this week I've heard of issues involving mods by that person. Curious.
  20. I'm willing to do the portraits for @StellarExile if someone else can handle the skins.
  21. Just link the specific mod so I can be ready to go after I finish eating.
  22. I can ask Shem for permissions on Facebook later for you.
  23. @Sithspecter You're our only hope!