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  1. Yep! I also would really like to use two of his textures for two character saber models. Sion's and Infernal Warrior's.. What do you say @Sithspecter?
  2. Heh. One of the most satisfying things I've ever seen in this game. Oooohh, that glow!
  3. I am actually switching Bao-Dur’s ElectroMesh Armor to be a reskin of Jamoah Hogras armor which will just be Bao-Dur’s Liberator/Oppressors armor...i lost the template for the electromesh armor reskin from back then. Haven’t gotten to it yet but it’d match (well, lightside anyway) his SLM Liberator lightsaber 😜 Dont know how any of that will fit in with your idea but just to let you know😉 SLM is going to take up all my time for a bit
  4. So in case anyone was wondering, I AM working on a new SLM. SLM 2020 Been working with and learning from Crazy34 on these new blade models with ambient lighting or glow. Which means new blade cores and planes that look spectacular, that sit gloriously atop my SLM and Default Replacement hilt models. Already replaced some hilt models in SLM and would like to get GMax again to be able to model brand new hilts that don't have all those damn vertical vader grips. In fact I plan to remove a lot of those. In addition I've already expanded the workbench dialog to be able to break down or "disassemble" every single type of lightsaber in the game so you can get the crystals back out of the lightsaber and build whatever hilt you want from SLM. Oh, it'll be awhile...I only just was able to get the single saber portion of the default hilts done with the new blades.... More to come. -KJ
  5. Oh thank GOD. Hey yeah I just got your message. Totally don't mind the "work" if I have time, but I also don't really understand how to use MDLEdit fully yet. I'm-a-learnin' though! I will keep trying it with the heads up in your message. Thanks!
  6. So I've been trying forever to remember how to switch models on any given lightsaber and I know I'm doing this correctly but there is a problem... I'm trying to switch a model that Crazy34 sent me that has his new 3D blade core model and ambient lighting effect with another hilt model of mine ( blue default replacement hilt ). I get this... So I am assuming it can't be done with all the extra textures and such that are in his model. If i put the new binary mdl in my override it'll crash. Also i just noticed that MDLOps dosen't go through the whole reading faces/vertices thing it used to, that may well be my computer about to die one me. I'm about to give up and say it cant be done. I'm stuck with the few saber models he rigged with his new glowy ambient lighting model. No idea what to do except try to find GMax to download so i can try to rig it up the OLD way.
  7. No I didn't mention them to anyone, I just figured that everybody probably already knew about them. I literally just went poking around Bao-Dur's GBL folder and started listening to every single sound clip. I came across those and realized they weren't used and started coming up with how I was going to use them.
  8. There's definitely a lot more that could be done for Bao-Dur. Gonna ponder these ideas for a bit.
  9. Hey well guess what? My pc just crashed and wont come on anymore. I’m guessing power supply but don’t know for sure. Was actually testing something in TSL and it just shut off. dead. capoot. Guess im done for awhile.

    1. AmanoJyaku


      Feeling your pain. I have to RMA my laptop because it crashes when the battery goes below 40%. Guess that's better than it exploding...

    2. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Welp, i’ll see today if i’m right. I can’t imagine it’s something worse.

      my computer is my whole life practically so if i go completely broke now at least I’ll still have a computer to tool around with

    3. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Back up and running, was the power supply as suspected. But now its (windows) been running really slow and I uninstalled alot of stuff and am trying to consolidate and optimize.

      May end up reinstalling windows and everything else.

  10. I've forgotten how to switch hilt models with mdlops. ☹️

    Can you believe it?!

    1. DarthParametric


      You don't need to do that any more. That was only required with ye olde MDLOps. MDLEdit and MDLOps v1.0 and beyond can compile sabers properly just like any other model.

    2. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Um so I need MDLedit?

      ...is 1.0 new?

    3. DarthParametric


      In both cases the downloads in the Tools section are out of date. You can get the most recent beta version of MDLEdit from this post. You can get the most recent version of new MDLOps from its Github repo.

  11. So wait,..these are new blade models?? Or textures? Or,...wait what is this?!? Man, I've been working on blade textures for 2 weeks since I was able to get Photoshop CS6. Cause let's face it, my saber blades sucked. Been diligently reducing opacity in the glows and reducing the sizes to try to get it down to barely anything. Like how I'm picturing The Mandalorian's Ahsoka blades to look like. -All beam and little glow.
  12. ok hold on. All you should need to do is take the .uti's for the quest saber (single bladed, there are no hikari short or double bladed) and put in model variation 120-129. The Hikari models are 120-129 so just put those model numbers in the .uti files for the quest sabers. Shouldn't need to mess with tags or templates. Sorry for being confusing I haven't done this in a loooong time.
  13. Listen to Khruangbin

    That is all.

    1. 1Leonard


      Thanks! Sounds pretty great 

  14. It's definitely crashing on loading 262TEL which could very well be slm. But yeah Steam Workshop or no?