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  1. You will need to go into swkotor2.ini in the main game folder and under 'Graphics Options', change "DisableVertexBufferObjects=1" to read "Disable Vertex Buffer Options=1". Just put spaces between the words and it will be fixed.
  2. 1. I'm going to say no for that because i replace 301 and 303NAR i think. This time I'm just inserting files. 2. Yes it should.
  3. 1. Not that I know of. Someone else would have better knowledge of that though. 2. No somethings wrong with that.
  4. Yes. Yes you do. Legal.tga is just the splash screen. You can have it overwrite the one in override if you want but it doesn't matter.
  5. Here, both of you try this. Put this in your Modules folder and let it overwrite then test it again. I may have left an old version of kj_drd_death01.ncs in place of the revised one. 232TEL.mod Then drop this kj_drd_death01.ncs in SLM's tslpatchdata folder and that should fix subsequent installs.
  6. Uum, what? Duplisaber uses a few of my models, yes. I honestly don't even remember which ones.
  7. New fixed version is up. Sorry to everyone who's tried to play it already. That was a dumb rookie mistake. Fixing what you already have installed is as simple as opening up your dialog.tlk file with TSLPatcher's TalkEd tool and matching the string ref numbers to the fields in the global.jrl file found in your override folder with the Kgff tool. Ehhhehehe....simple right??
  8. Ok, SLM has been fixed. Stupid mistake. 😞

    Redownloading and reinstalling would probably work but that would be messy, I think.

    You'll get alot of brown error messages because all the stuff is already there. But it will fix the global.jrl  entries so the quests show up.

  9. Don't download SLM 2021 until I can get a fixed version up (tonite).

    Sorry folks, I goofed. Been a long time and I'm really rusty. 

    if you've already installed it, I am really sorry but the two lightsaber quests won't work properly. Will post when fixed version is up.

  10. Ok I need to lock this download until I can fix what I think I definitely know is wrong with my patcher. Awww man. i will get a new version up asap
  11. OK! Welp, yeah that was me. I don't think I fixed something after I went back and added a new entry that should be writing to the global.jrl. So, let's have both of you post your dialog.tlk files as well as your global.jrl's and I'll have to rebuild them and post them back here. I can probably maybe fix them here and get them back to you.
  12. Yeah you could just use KSE to get the part (the energy cell) and then also use KSE to set the "weapon of the jedi" quest to 10. Or if you've already gotten the emitter, put the entry for the global.jrl to 20. Could've been an error with writing my global.jrl entries. idk Did either of these two mods do a hard overwrite of the global.jrl? I'd have to see your build to know exactly what happened, which I can't, so.... Just try that with KSE and see if there's any more problems.