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  1. There is a Master Jorn Saber, it's somewhere in the vicinity of a cache of weapons.....on a moon...... You should be getting schematics as soon as Atris' academy at the end of Telos.
  2. At one point I did have something drop from that drexl, but I moved it somewhere else. In a word, don't worry about it. I will have to fix that next time around by making sure his natural items aren't droppable. You can play it no problem, you just won't get Vashs' or Kah's sabers, unless you use KSE to give them to yourself.
  3.  out of commssion for a bit. I destroyed my lower back. laid up in bed mostly.

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    2. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Thanks all. Yeah, getting old sucks. This is a reoccuring thing been going on for years. Not sure what original cause was, and can never predict when it'll happen next. Maybe just overworking myself.

      But its getting better slowly. Felt well enough today to try to go to work. That didn't last long. 

      Chiropractor would also be a reoccuring thing. Once you start you can never stop. 

    3. JDub96


      You're not wrong. I was in a car accident 2 years back. I still have to see a chiro because my spine got permanently messed up. Odds are I'll have an arthritic neck before I hit my 40's.

    4. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Ooooh, ouch. 

  4. Ok! So for my last trick...should I be doing compares for every UTC that I want to affect in game with TSLPatcher? 

    i.e. Just have the patcher place the saber or (crystal) in hand or in pack inventory on the UTC? Maximum compatibility?

    I suspect ...YES!!!

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    2. ebmar


      For appearance-only change I'd personally go with comparing/patching the presented UTC/s -- but, if there are couple of mechanics change [and/or in addition to appearance's] like feats, skills, inventories, etc. - I'd go with hard-replace.

      The reason is sometimes you'd want the creature/UTC to behave like you want--as mod's design--and to make sure of that you don't want left-overs from previous changes presented in there.

      Yes, there'll be compatibility issue with other mods -- but a plus for that you got your mod working as intent to.

    3. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Right, yes.

      obviously some are going to be like say a lev40_malak stunt double where I'm just changing the model in its hand. Others it's dropping what he fought with so you can loot it.

      oookay. Gonna get started on this tonite or tomorrow

    4. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Decided to just do hard replaces for .utc's.

      It's going to end up being the same thing as comparing unedited/edited files within the module. 

  5. No, I'm not re rigging, exporting, and converting a hundred or more hilt models. Actually come to think of it, I'd only have to fix every ascii model file with the right coordinates, maybe. But then you still have to decompile/generate/input those coordinates/then recompile all the models.... .ini files have nothing to do with that.
  6. Im jealous, wish i had done something like this for my hilts. These look really good.
  7. Almost done with KSR, then back to SLM to further refine installation. Woo!

  8. 😭My baby is so sick. She keeps gagging, lost her voice completely, not eating very much from said gagging, and generally looks like she feels like crap. Can't get to vet til thursday. 😢I'm starting to think she inhaled a cookie and its stuck in her throat or lungs.

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    2. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Thanks 🙏 

    3. AmanoJyaku


      How's she doing? Any better?

    4. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Yes thanks. Her voice is just starting to come back today. I actually didn't get her to the vet on Thursday, because I couldn't catch her. There's still some chest congestion but she's not gagging as much (maybe once or twice in the last 2 days). She's doing better and is playing but still needs antibiotics from the vet on Monday. She caught all this sickness from my new rescue...he is the culprit.

      He is doing alot better but passed it to Penny. My baby!IMG_E1387_800x600.JPG.0fd48b3b821825d60d15e879dfe195b9.JPG

  9. Wow. Ok so don't need all the int globs on top. (why are they there? ...don't have to answer that) Ok. so wait, I want her to fight Jo and Ju with it so I need to do the switch on #1,.. no? wait....what? Nevermind I got it. Thanks for the help!
  10. So I am trying to replace Bastila's saber from default to mine. I'm close. It did spawn in inventory and destroy the default one but she didn't equip it. Why? // Globals int intGLOB_1 = 1; int intGLOB_2 = 2; int intGLOB_3 = 3; int intGLOB_4 = 4; int intGLOB_5 = 5; int intGLOB_6 = 6; int intGLOB_7 = 3; int intGLOB_8 = 4; int intGLOB_9 = 5; int intGLOB_10 = 6; int intGLOB_11 = 7; int intGLOB_12 = 1; int intGLOB_13 = 2; int intGLOB_14 = 3; int intGLOB_15 = 4; int intGLOB_16 = 5; int intGLOB_17 = 6; int intGLOB_18 = 7; int intGLOB_19 = 8; int intGLOB_20 = 9; int intGLOB_21 = 10; int intGLOB_22 = 11; int intGLOB_23 = 12; int intGLOB_24 = 13; int intGLOB_25 = 14; int intGLOB_26 = 15; int intGLOB_27 = 16; int intGLOB_28 = 17; int intGLOB_29 = 18; int intGLOB_30 = 19; int intGLOB_31 = 20; int intGLOB_32 = 21; int intGLOB_33 = 22; int intGLOB_34 = 23; int intGLOB_35 = 24; int intGLOB_36 = 25; int intGLOB_37 = 26; int intGLOB_38 = 27; int intGLOB_39 = 28; int intGLOB_40 = 29; int intGLOB_41 = 30; int intGLOB_42 = 59; int intGLOB_43 = 0; int intGLOB_44 = 1; int intGLOB_45 = 2; int intGLOB_46 = 29; int intGLOB_47 = 30; int intGLOB_48 = 34; int intGLOB_49 = 35; int intGLOB_50 = 36; int intGLOB_51 = 37; int intGLOB_52 = 38; int intGLOB_53 = 39; int intGLOB_54 = 41; int intGLOB_55 = 42; int intGLOB_56 = 46; int intGLOB_57 = 47; int intGLOB_58 = 15; int intGLOB_59 = 10; int intGLOB_60 = 5; int intGLOB_61 = 2; int intGLOB_62; int intGLOB_63; int intGLOB_64; object objectGLOB_1; int intGLOB_65; int intGLOB_66; int intGLOB_67; int intGLOB_68; int intGLOB_69; int intGLOB_70; int intGLOB_71 = 1; int intGLOB_72 = 2; int intGLOB_73 = 3; int intGLOB_74 = 20; int intGLOB_75 = 21; int intGLOB_76 = 22; int intGLOB_77 = 23; int intGLOB_78 = 24; int intGLOB_79 = 25; int intGLOB_80 = 26; int intGLOB_81 = 27; int intGLOB_82 = 28; int intGLOB_83 = 31; int intGLOB_84 = 32; int intGLOB_85 = 33; int intGLOB_86 = 40; int intGLOB_87 = 43; int intGLOB_88 = 44; int intGLOB_89 = 45; int intGLOB_90 = 48; int intGLOB_91 = 49; int intGLOB_92 = 50; int intGLOB_93 = 51; int intGLOB_94 = 52; int intGLOB_95 = 53; int intGLOB_96 = 54; int intGLOB_97 = 55; int intGLOB_98 = 56; int intGLOB_99 = 57; int intGLOB_100 = 58; int intGLOB_101 = 60; int intGLOB_102 = 61; int intGLOB_103 = 62; int intGLOB_104 = 63; int intGLOB_105 = 64; int intGLOB_106 = 65; int intGLOB_107 = 66; int intGLOB_108 = 67; int intGLOB_109 = 68; int intGLOB_110 = 69; int intGLOB_111 = 70; int intGLOB_112 = 71; int intGLOB_113 = 72; int intGLOB_114 = 1; int intGLOB_115 = 2; int intGLOB_116 = 3; int intGLOB_117 = 4; void main() { object oBastila = GetObjectByTag("Bastila", 0); object oDblSbr = GetItemPossessedBy(oBastila, "g_w_dblsbr002"); object oBastSbr = CreateItemOnObject("bast_dblsbr_151", oBastila, 1); ActionPauseConversation(); AddPartyMember(0, GetObjectByTag("bastila", 0)); DestroyObject(oDblSbr, 0.0, 0, 0.0); AssignCommand(oBastila, ActionEquipItem(oBastSbr, INVENTORY_SLOT_RIGHTWEAPON, 0)); ActionResumeConversation(); } This is k_punk_bastjoin2.ncs from unk_m44ac.mod Oh, and I wanted to ask...there is k_punk_bastjoin and k_punk_bastjoin2. I was assuming k_punk_bastjoin was for dark side because it has the section that removes Jolee and Juhani from the party and available npc's. But now I think that's wrong because bastjoin2.ncs worked for Bastila joining me and at least creating the saber (even if equipping didn't work). So am I mistaken?
  11. Well...cheat codes if you know those? a_medium_24 and a_medium_44 are the codes (tags)
  12. No no, i just realized my mods are messing ppls games up. Time to shut it on down, im getting too many reports of problems with my mods
  13. You will need to go into swkotor2.ini in the main game folder and under 'Graphics Options', change "DisableVertexBufferObjects=1" to read "Disable Vertex Buffer Options=1".