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  1. So I have been playing with these blades as of late... ...what do ya think?
  2. fixed version of KSR 2022 is uploaded. Uses K1CP's installer and took the Revan disguise off his saber.

  3. You can't use the Steam Workshop version of TSLRCM. You have to use the Legacy PC version.
  4. I might be able to put it out next month. It works it just needs finishing touches.
  5. Kaidon Jorn

    KSR 2022

    So she starts fighting him with no lightsaber? It disappears into thin air? No idea. Does Bandon have a lightsaber or does it disappear? Might be a mod conflict. Need more info. You can only use them in a standard saber, not short or double. Need more info.
  6. Kaidon Jorn

    KSR 2022

    You just need to pick the dueling feat at level up.
  7. Were you granted the "Learn Schematic" force power when you built your lightsaber? Did you activate the schematic just like a forearm shield?
  8. Do you have a crystal? You may just need to overwrite handmaiden's dlg file with the one from SLM's patchdata folder.
  9. 😃What about a burgundy lightsaber?😄

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    2. LDR



    3. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Was seriously thinking of turning the magenta saber into a dark red/burgundy, if it's possible to make look good.


    4. JDub96


      Actually, the French word for lightsaber is sabre laser. "Laser sword."

  10. So I ended up just making 7 separate scripts for the party members to get their read schematic feat when they make their sabers, just like the pc. All I have left to do is remake icons again in 256, and finish the revan reborn saber texture. Then I should be releasing it fairly soon.
  11. Scripters block ERADICATED!