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  1. Bek


    I wonder if you have anything planned for the Sith Troopers.
  2. Bek


    I REALLY miss his Fu Man Chu that he had going for him.
  3. Hi Effix. I don't really desire one single modder to jump onto a huge overhaul pack. It's good to know one's limits. The purpose of my post is to just inspire. How that inspiration manifests itself is up to those that read the post at the top. Thanks for your time.
  4. I'm sorta amazed so much traction has been made on your mod. Honestly a lot of the stuff I put in the album on Imgur was kinda random. This is great work haha.
  5. Hi, my name is Bek. listen I'm gonna be verrrryyy brief about this. I believe KOTOR II needs improvement. It needs the following; - Updated character models. - New lightsaber hilts. - New character clothing. - Updated environment/ character textures. Essentially I believe Kotor II needs a overhaul or a HD pack of sorts. Instead of posting a paragraph of what I think specifically needs to be changed. I will post a Imgur album that contains Star Wars art that may provide inspiration for the modders on this site. Hopefully this gets the creative juices flowing.. Listen I know I'm being very vague about things, but I just want the artistic theming and design to be improved and enhanced. This game does not have to look like a bland early 2000's game. Textures can be redone. The poly-count can be increased. Lighting can be improved. New shaders can be applied. Camera angles can be adjusted and be made to be more varied, to give a more cinematic look to the game. In closing I believe KOTOR II's aesthetic looks very bland and it needs to be improved. Also I want to call out members within the community that have been doing a great job at enhancing the game. @Dark Hope @ebmar @JCarter426 @Sithspecter @DarthParametric @sELFiNDUCEDcOMA @Koru @Stormie97 @Jorak Uln @Effix Thanks for the read!
  6. Literally nothing with the screenshots you posted. This is very fine work. I am anticipating your release
  7. Beautiful work on the Exile. I really wish we had more creative minds working on Kotor II. Very good original content, please keep it up!
  8. Cool Idea...

    It would be cool if we had a mod that adds Sith eyes to all the default character heads. Then add a shader that allows the eyes to glow slightly. Like they do in the films. I already know about the mod that adds Sith eyes to the character heads, but I think my idea is cooler.

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    2. ebmar



      Self Illum Color has RGB settings, right?

      Yeah, as on my attempt their nodes were set at 1.0.


      ...why not try 1.0 0.5 0.5 in the RGB with MDLEdit... That should get you a bright red color.

      I was looking to have that neutral-bright illumination -- only to see how the glow worked with the eyes, hence going with 1.0. But yours could work I'd suppose, if ones prefer that way.

      As for the texture; think I found a look that pretty much resemblance the intended result. I was trying to actually looked at some references instead of using memory [which failed me, lol], and realize that using only texture-shaders/CM_Baremetal [without touching the model] can actually work --



      -- and by closer look it is. The eyes doesn't look [and have to] glow as seen in the reference, but should have reflection that I think similar to what CM_Baremetal does. CM_SpecMap will not worked that I way I believe [mycube might probably does, but I didn't bother to test with].

    3. Malkior


      Using a cubmap could definitely do the trick, but it won't work for all of the heads, unfortunately. Some of them use the Alpha for transparency in the hair, and when you enable either Baremetal or Specmap they will end up with shiny edges where the hair is supposed to be cut out. As far as I know, the engine won't let you have both a cubemap and transparency, so you'd have to do something different for those heads (Or remap the UV to not display certain parts of the mesh.. I guess?) 

      It could also be useful to see how the different RGB settings look, since I'm sure there are many who want Chiss Player Characters.. 

    4. ebmar



      Some of them use the Alpha for transparency in the hair, and when you enable either Baremetal or Specmap they will end up with shiny edges where the hair is supposed to be cut out... the engine won't let you have both a cubemap and transparency...

      Yes, that's right. But there's a workaround. For me at least -- we can have the eyes meshes to use separated texture. Let's say -- in TSL, PMHC07 is the head that use blending punchthrough. With the model we can edit the eye meshes to use separate texture, let's say point it to PMHC07_Eye. Then the rest are pretty much follows -- PMHC07_Eye will use cubemaps, and PMHC07 use transparency [with each of their own alpha-masking]. Granted, it's not the most efficient way [two texture-maps for one head], but it works.

      Edit: oh you're right, I wonder if that's going to find troubles with LS/DS transition. As so far I have done that only for custom NPCs.


      It could also be useful to see how the different RGB settings look, since I'm sure there are many who want Chiss Player Characters..

      Wow, didn't thought of that, hahah. Cool idea -- and yeah, that would be really awesome.

  9. They both look great! I've been following this thread for a very long time. I'm very excited for the release of this mod, if you decide to release it. My favorite thing about this mod is it makes the environments look distinctly different. I wish you the best of luck with this mod, and I hope your creativity remains high. I'll continue to follow your mod with great interest.
  10. I like the sneak peek we see of the Ebon Hawk.
  11. Bek

    Dak The Lack

    Are you using reshade? How did you get it to work for kotor?
  12. Hmmmm.... Will we ever see a high quality swords pack? 🤔

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    2. Crazy34


      I am trying to reach them.

      Edit: Got into contact .

    3. Bek


      Do you still plan on releasing a Kotor II version of the swords? I would still love to see this released.

    4. Vabulletizer


      Its sad, but apparently, guys who could port this mod are offline for a while, I checked the profile of the mod's author on the nexusmods, he was online on November 10, i took this opportunity to leave a comment asking about porting for TSL..

  13. Have you ever thought of re-doing the jedi and sith uniforms?