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  1. Have you ever thought of re-doing the jedi and sith uniforms?
  2. Do you plan on releasing the swtor masks and cockpit. They look awesome.
  3. It would be nice to see a "high quality Vibrosword & Swords" pack for TSL

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    2. Bek


      I've actually tried using Toasty Fresh's Mod with kotor 2. It's actually not fully compatible with the game.

    3. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      The meshes are different, so the textures don't match up right. It's a shame because some textures can be used in either game because the models are the same.

      I'm surprised no one has made a complete conversion to K2 because vibroblades and swords are so much more extensive in K2. Unless you want the colored lights vibroblades, but those didn't appeal to me.

    4. Bek


      Yeah I really don't like those. What's the point of getting a lightsaber when you have those?

  4. I'm really looking forward to your mod, especially the swords! There's currently no good vibrosword replacements for tsl.
  5. Do you think you'll do something similar for the jedi robes?
  6. Bek


    Bernie Mac lives!
  7. Is there a link for the gray robes? Or are they custom?
  8. It would be cool if someone made a mod that would make the exile take random members every time they went out.

  9. Clean port, but the art style of tor doesn't really work with kotor.