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  1. You have reduced these eyes, it looks much better. You should publish all the improved models, including Trask. This should see more people. I will look forward to an improved utility. Thank you very much for your attention and the time spent on me.
  2. I remembered another one. Sorry. She has one pupil above the other. The white dot is located in different places. I have not met more problems with protagonists.
  3. You are a true magician, optometrist and dentist! It seems to me that she herself is pleased with her operated eyes and inserted teeth. It has become much better. Only hair is darker displayed and a piece above the eye. Forgive me my meticulousness. In the second model, too, everything became much better with the eyes. Well, there’s such a thing ...
  4. The textures are original. Accordion teeth and crooked eyes are the norm for you. There is no symmetry. Even shine (white spot) is bifurcated in one eye.
  5. 1. The left eye is larger than the right. 2. The right eye is wider than the left, and the teeth are as if a booklet are folded in the opposite direction or overlaps with the tongue. How can this not be seen?
  6. Good day. Sorry if not at the address. Found a problem with the eyes in this model when creating the texture. Is it possible to fix this. I do not think this is so conceived. A similar story with this model. PFHC04. Plus, something incomprehensible is going on with her teeth.
  7. All the main textures of the main characters are ready. They still need to make icons, dark sides, underwear. There is still a lot of work. Zaalbar suitable for the role of a dog?
  8. Dark Hope


    In developing
  9. Dark Hope


    At the moment she is in development, still need to make a dark side and underwear for her.
  10. Dark Hope