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  1. Given that it was written in 2005/2006, is the major bulk of the story revolving around these world's? Or has there been some slight modifications? I wish you luck on your project.
  2. Anyone know of any reason why whenever I stick a reskin of a clothing item in the override folder, it doesn't change? For some reason I am perplexed by this.

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Why not post the texture so folks can tinker with it and see what may be wrong?

    3. Squall Lionhart

      Squall Lionhart

      I'm going to do one last check, but if that doesn't work, I'll post it here.

    4. Squall Lionhart

      Squall Lionhart

      Found the issue and deleted it. It was a .tpc file of her original clothing texture. 

  3. Ignore this, as I had originally posted about Brotherhood of Shadow. I just noticed the earlier comment so I retract this comment.
  4. To all my friends that I have made over the years on this site, I cannot begin to tell you how much your friendship has meant to me. Unfortunately, my activity on Deadly Stream will be ceasing to a halt (aside from the occasional download) due to having orders from the United States Navy. OCS here I come!

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Best of luck with your Navy career!  I will have my own news to report later today on my own military status later today. (Changed my mind - posted the info on my Facebook page instead as to not take away from your cool news.)

    3. jc2


      Congratz on the OCS selection!

    4. Mellowtron11


      Thank you for your service and stay safe out there after OCS!

      (If you don't mind me asking, were you enlisted beforehand and then later applied to OCS? Sorry if that's a silly question.) 

  5. Anyone know the script for the dialogue at the Polar Academy at the beginning where you get confronted by the handmaidens? The classic bug where you speak "All right, we mean no harm" and the convo does not continue has appeared again...

    1. LiliArch


      Isn’t it a dlg error and not script trigger one?

    2. Squall Lionhart

      Squall Lionhart

      It probably is, I'll just need to look at the file from the module and try to fix it.

  6. Open up the changes.ini file, and change every / to \ it will usually run fine then.
  7. I feel bad cause my earlier post was also to SLM, but I feel that would have to be moved to it's own thread.
  8. From my understanding when you download EE, there is an option to make it compatible with M4-78. Unless you mean another compatibility patch all together.
  9. I'm wondering if it's even compatible with TSLRCM 1.8.5, but I can definitely test this later when I get more free time.
  10. That reminds me, are you still going to continue the ME Omega style? Or are you combining that style with the movie style?
  11. I am interested to see how this continues.
  12. This part is intentional yes, as I've played through the mod many times and noticed that whenever 47 is selected, the HK-50s will not appear during this sequence, because of the self preservation programming I'm assuming.
  13. Running a Ryzen CPU, and I notice sometimes on both games it will give me a bad fps if I'm filming on the same drive I'm playing on. Other than that I've never had any issues with the Dark Side ending. My question DP is after the Dark Side ending, are you going to do the Light Side ending as well. I ask since I notice some of the "cutouts" look to be clapping and use Bastila's style of robe (90SK did a version of it if I remember correctly)
  14. Porting allowed? Now I can uncover a crap ton of stuff... if I didn't just delete it all.

  15. I feel like Jenks is going to love the rule about porting now, given his work on Kevin's Kotor films.