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  1. Anyone else see Kotor II coming on Switch June 8th, with "Restored Content" DLC...

    1. 1Leonard


      Hope it's a better port than K1 for the Switch

    2. Mephiles550


      @1LeonardI heard people can't even get through Naga Sadow's Tomb on Switch cause the ring puzzle is broken so they're effectively stuck, been a problem for months.

  2. Hey JC, i noticed that for whatever reason, the S_female.mdl and S_male.mdl that come with this and the Bastila slave outfit mod interfere with Revan's Robes, specifically the red flap at the bottom. Would there be a way to try and fix this issue? DPs Revans robes work no problem since the model adds flowing capability.
  3. Hmm... interesting. Well, ill see if that fixes it. I'm also running the Jedi from the start mod which could affect it, but I don't see how since the script in question isn't even touched by the mod.
  4. What's funny is I just looked through my override folder and noticed that the k_ptar_openbase script was not present. So unless it's not supposed to be in the override folder, I'm thinking this was the cause. I'll let you know here soon what I discover.
  5. Sure, Did duel arena, recruited T3-M4, did Sith Base, went to lower city, went to sewers, and killed rancor. After that I got access denied, need access code from the elevator door to the vulkar base.
  6. So I recently downloaded the mod in addition to the Community Patch, and I noticed your description said it removed the k_ptar_openbase, however I did the Sith base before going down into the Lower City and could not enter the Vulkar base afterwards. Would this be an issue with the Community Patch's openbase script?
  7. I have to dig, but I did create fixes a few months ago for this. I'll PM you.
  8. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

  9. Knights of the Old Republic Remake... interesting


  10. Funny, I actually thought I made that only usable by WinRAR... go me 🤣. 7-Zip will be just fine, and after all it's free.
  11. Squall Lionhart

    PMHC04 HD

    Same, wish there was an option for a clean shaven version.
  12. I may be in the small camp for this, but if we use AI to recreate the voice, I think I would want it to sound similar to Kath Soucie. Not only do I love her as Tavion, I feel she had more feeling as Vash than Vanessa Marshall.
  13. @StellarExile Mine addressed the tounge clipping through both cheeks. I found it also went under the chin so I fixed it as well. I do not know about other fixes in RedRobs, sorry can't be of more help there.
  14. I do not know the specific cause, but if you disable shadows when you're in the mining tunnels, the game will no longer crash.
  15. Aye... Revan needs to lay off the pills. 


    1. Malkior


      Takei: "Oh Myyyyy"...

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      The force is strong with this one. Not so much with the girth though....

    3. Squall Lionhart

      Squall Lionhart

      I'm actually curious what could be causing it. Wondering what is affecting the models or the mdx files to do it that way. DPs hoodless model and the flowing models fix it but obviously not for the maskless versions. Oh well