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  1. Good news DeadlyStream. Edge Of Darkness has arrived at build 0.16b. Enjoy this experimental pre-release to an anticipated reentry into TSL's World. A new planet will be added to Edge Of Darkness in its next build, 1.0.17b



    These two images represent the robe (first) and tunic (second) parts of the Jedi tunic in TSL that can have armor adapted to it. The armor section on the chest of the character remains clear, and different ones can be put onto it

    New Jedi Armors.xcf



    Body I - Tunic Parts without Armor.png




    Body I - Jedi Robe Robe parts.png



  3. New promotional image for Edge Of Darkness mod, update coming soon and new content approaching. :)




  4. I have achieved another selfie, although it was from earlier in the wintertime. I sold my car and I walk a lot more now, increasing health in a nice way
  5. 90SK

    Edge Of Darkness

    Level design and the progression of the plot is complete. Beautiful levels and vast areas of beta combat. Quest data for each planet is in beta form. All 11 possible party members, including a secret character! No cutscenes. Lots of alien dialog but not English dialog. It is a large game with foundation work only. Also It's abstract art, and please play at your own risk.
  6. 90SK

    Edge Of Darkness

    Yes, absolutely on the table and going to be considered, and sure Yimille is absolutely loaded with romantic epithets, and it plays out significantly in the story. I won't spoil anything. As far as standing inside or hugging characters, it's possible through using appearance.2da data
  7. 90SK

    Edge Of Darkness

    Yimille is interested in the player, regardless of gender or alignment. A disclaimer: this is generally considered a foundation build, something that can be grown out exponentially. In motion, as a movie, or considered events with real people, the story has all the telling of a book or bonafide KOTOR chapter. In this skeletal form, the entirety of an explorable and fractally expandable 14 planets. The levels are brief, but each could be considered a two hour planet in the raw, in Override, as assets. I am a one- man team with advisors and shadow contributors. I also advise and help other modders. So, the YImille romance was the first thing done for Edge Of Darkness, and it was my condition for making the game under other guidelines. It had to be there. Now, fast foward to the present, YImille changes the player's perspective: in reality, she controls your identity. In-game, otherwise, one way, or the other. The ending is inevitable in Edge. She is corrupting you, but do not expect this to be fast/slow/what you want. No sex or kissing. Quests are really not there in Edge. Every planet has a quest. The Ebon Hawk's computer has a quest that is concluded by Octavion. On Zeltros, Kharaelle and her husband are both Chiss, like Grand Admiral Thrawn's species. You can hug, kiss, or stand inside Kharaelle at all times. Kharaelle teaches Shi'cho outside of the Ebon Hawk if I recall correctly.
  8. 90SK

    Edge Of Darkness

    Yes. The romance with Yimille, the yellow twi'lek companion, is encouraged and possible. Also you can hug Kharaellle on the Ebon Hawk, no other KOTOR character can. Outside the Hawk, Kharaelle has alternate dialog options. She is recruited upon completing Zeltros. In the future I'll add more quests, expand on old quests, and add LS/DS. For the time being, it is all in the dialog and how you read the dialog. You'll be able to get an idea for what's going on if you understand the character IS somebody with free will in the game that you're directing and under the guise of. In lieu of other options, there is in fact a secret alternative party member included in the build. Please follow this next direction carefully: To Access the secret companion, Do Not Talk to "Aeon" the albino character aboard the Ebon Hawk. Go to Raxus Prime, and complete the planet. The secret character will be added upon completion of the quest. You can talk to Aeon after that.
  9. For anyone downloading the latest Edge Of Darkness patch: I updated it again. It's now 11mb, and patches Dromund Kaas Intro, Felucia loot, and additional cumulative changes in 0.10.6b onto older versions. Please PM me with mod issues, reports, ideas, questions etc. And I will definitely respond :)

  10. Sith Assassin tunic's texture template. Handy for future tunic skins.


    1. Dark Hope

      Dark Hope

      Just now I discovered that this is model Jolie Bindo.

    2. 90SK


      That's fascinating. I'm sure this expands potential for new tunic outfits. 

  11. Weird glitch.Make sure you're checking out mods to see if the same stuff is getting replaced On another subject, while on that article, I found this: Duplicate TGA TPC remover Cool!
  12. I recently learned that part of texturing for Horizon Zero Dawn is similar to Skyrim in the filetype, DDS. I am researching how to create retextures in this game, with hopes of creating new clothing or altered clothing. Horizon Zero Dawn - Wikipedia forum.xentax.com has a thread on Horizon Zero Dawn modding that I posted in. Page 25 - Horizon Zero Dawn Retexture Research STEP 3. Graphics Program: GIMP 2.10.22 , a Linux Graphic Editing Program cross-compatible with Windows all versions: https://www.gimp.org/downloads/ https://itechhacks.com/install-dds-plugin-for-gimp/ ^ With this, you can edit the textures. Leave the .dds files uncompressed when exporting. Edit: I need some help with researching this. Disclaimer - It's a 78gb game. BUT I will make skins for it if I can figure out the way to do so. To import/export textures from Horizon Zero Dawn, you can use the HZDMeshTool. This is a Blender addon that allows you to import and export textures from Horizon Zero Dawn's .core format . Here are the steps to install and use the tool: - Download the HZDMeshTool from GitHub. - In Blender, open the User Preferences and go to the Add-ons tab. - Click on Install and select the HZDMeshTool.zip file. - Enable the addon. - Go to the Scene Properties tab. - As of version 1.3, you can extract textures from the game files by enabling the Extract Texture checkbox in the tool . If enabled, the tool will extract every texture used by the imported mesh part to the Workspace directory. You can click the checkered icon next to the mesh import button to see the textures used .
  13. Edge Of Darkness is compatible with Duplisaber!

    • Direct Duplisaber's Installer to Install to an Empty Folder on your Desktop
    • Once finished, copy the Override folder from your Empty Folder, into your TSL directory containing Edge Of Darkness.

    That's it! Very easy and the tradeoff is great. It works really nicely in Edge. :)

  14. 90SK

    Edge Of Darkness

    Remember it's dialog based and yes everything has meaning and an in-game explanation.
  15. View File Edge Of Darkness moddb.com/mods/kotor-omega This mod replaces Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords It will totally reshape TSL into Knights Of The Old Republic Ω Enter the console code "warp 091ebo" Future content including additional side-quests, planets expanded, and party members. You are welcome to inquire about addons, ideas, and mods for Edge Of Darkness. Locations include: Thyferra, Raxus Prime, Dromund Kaas, Tatooine, Zeltros, and 6 other planets. It was inspired by older text-based games It is meant to be a throwback to 2004 gaming. It was created over the course of 8 years by 90SK & Holowan Labs Special Thanks: DeadlyStream.com & LucasForums.com OPEN ENDING / CLIFFHANGER Launcher Confirmed for disc version / Disc version working. Please start a new game to use the mod IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: This mod cannot be uninstalled. I recommend you clone your TSL directory to install it, so you can swap back and forth. V-Sync Setting is Required to be "On" In Edge Of Darkness You must disable “Frame Buffer Effects” in your TSL Graphics Settings Menu In-Game. Delete your previous Override out of your Edge Of Darkness directory before updating to most recent Please know that you will have to reinstall TSL to uninstall Edge Of Darkness. Copy folders and files from KOTOR Omega archive into your preferred TSL Directory* “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Knights Of The Old Republlc II” SteamApps/Common/Knights Of The Old Republic II/ OVERRIDE STREAMMUSIC STREAMVOICE LIPS SAVES MODULES MOVIES dialog.tlk You must start a new game, and a fresh installation of KOTOR 2 is “required” to install, unless you're updating your version. Please make a new OVERRIDE and MODULES Folder Permissions: Please do NOT claim credit for this mod and do not use assets from this mod! NOTES: Please reinstall your TSL if you want to Uninstall Edge Of Darkness. Known Compatible Mods (Use the following mods for Edge Of Darkness): TSL Vibro-Weapons HQ High Quality Blasters for TSL by Sithspecter CHEATS in EDGE OF DARKNESS: warp 091ebo – Go back to the Ebon Hawk giveitem killsaber – One Hit Kill Lightsaber giveitem d3_location – WhereAmI Armband After that, Copy/Install your downloaded mod archive into the Knights Of The Old Republic 2 directory containing Edge Of Darkness. Please consider this mod a WIP Concept Beta that is being shared for ideas and fun! Contact 90SK on ModDB.com or DeadlyStream.com for Questions/Comments/Ideas Special thanks to Fred Tetra, author of KOTOR Tool, and Obsidian / Bioware for their original material. Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE-MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE. Submitter 90SK Submitted 08/30/2023 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible No