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  1. I would like to request combat animations for the TSL Space suit. It can't hold items, but it displays pistol, sword, idle, and unarmed animation. I thought perhaps recompiling the Wookiee or Trandoshan animations into the space suit to get the desired effect. Also, clipping isn't my concern, moreover a functioning one could have clipping and still be good. Thanks for reading, hopefully it's possible to do, would be amazing for heavy armors to have that thing.
  2. Use this tool here, "Sith Codec". It will do some of what you need.
  3. Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?


  4. I love this game. I was never the same after LF went down. Became obsessed with modding, no less. This was a year or possibly two years ago.
  5. Hello DeadlyStream FO4 Modding: Background Fallout 3-NV-4 are my top favorite games alongside TSL and KOTOR This can be a thread to discuss Fallout 3/ New Vegas / Fallout 4, and Skyrim I'll go over my latest fallout 4 modding. My experience:https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/68189?tab=description Turns out Fallout 4 modding is the frontier of armor/weapon/character new texture art. Example Texture: All of these power armors started as sharpie ink on watercolor paper that I scanned. I did over 200 of those to the point where3 generating a new metal texure like in these armors was quite good. More favorites: (FO4)Winterized Fallout 4 - For Die-Hard New Englanders (FO4)Martian Bio-Alloy Gear (TSL) KOTOR OMEGA: EDGE OF DARKNESS (TSL) TSL Robe and Armor Upgrade
  6. https://www.moddb.com/mods/kotor-omega/downloads/kotor-omega-jedi-armor-variations-patch

    This part of the Edge Of Darkness mod works with default TSL. Might be interesting for new players, it has 6 interchanging versions of the ZS/JS Skirt Armors. The UTI Items are the same for the six types of textures, so you can patch at any time.

    I was working on this part for years, tinkering and experimenting with models, textures, etc. It's fun to have it around as experimenting with the UVMaps always leads to new components being achieved.

  7. I feel I owe the community an apology for going on a tirade about criticism over the summer. I truly mean to rescind that upset status. You should always feel comfortable to share your honest thoughts to Modders about their work. And in the future, if you have comments for me, I promise to be sensible and nonpartial in my responses. :) 

    1. LordMerek


      If only every modder shared your view on critiscm. Most of the time if I say something about a mod that isn't a blather of mod praising the mod author will usually flip out and accuse me of being rude. At the end of the day, whether I like a mod or not is completely irrelevant and I instead choose to support mod authors regardless of whether I intend to use a mod or not, as I understand how hard you guys work to deliver new content for games and that deserves to be acknowledged.

    2. Thor110


      Criticism can be very useful at times. But it can also be confusing and or driven solely by opinions which is a problem.

      I don't let it bother me, I think all my work is rubbish anyway! :D

  8. 90SK

    Tunics for Jedi Armors

    In the future, yes. I will try to start it soon, maybe get some new skins done. Good idea!
  9. Using GIMP, it asks some question that needs to have the box unchecked. Although GIMP 2.10 knows to orient the option from bottom-left, you're supposed to uncheck the box. As far as why this happens/what it is, not entirely sure. I never needed to know too much about it while using GIMP with KotOR or TSL.
  10. I need another beta tester to play KotOR Omega: Edge Of Darkness 0.9c. It requires an install of KOTOR 2. You will have to copy your Knights Of The Old Republic II folder/reinstall TSL to reverse the process of installing KotOR Omega. If you're interested, send me a PM and I will give you more info. 

    Edit: Thank you to the folks that volunteered. Still accepting more volunteers at this time. :)


    The mask here looks great in-game. If you want to replace the wearable Nihilus mask's texture with a reskin, the mod's mask model uses Nihilus' default head texture. If you want to replace the default Nihilus mask item with the wearable one: Change the modded mask's .UTI item tag and/or filename to nihilusmask
  11. They're the same, yeah. should be fine either way. Sorry for late response, but yeah should be fine to use either
  12. To elaborate on Thor's post, this is what it looks like to find them in KOTOR Tool. the GUI Erf section has them, lbl_map401DXN.tga , for example.
  13. AFAIK: Add "CM_GLOW" or "CM_BRIGHT" depending on which one works, in the ENVMAP column in appearance.2da (the envmap column is towards the back) Row 560 for the C_ConDrdL-using droid. This modified texture has transparency applied to the glowing parts only, not on the body/reflective (aka just the eyes) C_CONDRDL.tga So, adding flicker is beyond me. They won't flicker for sure without model edits, isolated eyes, and new uvmapping all across AFAIK Hopefully this texture and this information is helpful!