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  1. I would say the unmasked model needs a bit of work, particularly with the scar being mirrored on both sides of the face, but the hooded & masked version is pretty sweet. Nice work!
  2. I still use that mod to this day in my machinima films, great work! Well, since this mod's release, I've learnt a lot more in regards to scripting, and now using 3Ds Max to create custom VFX sequences (spaceships, etc.). So, I may one day - time permitting - revisit this mod (and do my own take on other cutscenes, too), but we shall see.
  3. https://www.pcgamer.com/cyberpunk-2077-is-delayed/ Well, I had a feeling it was coming. Gutted I won't be able to play it as soon as originally hoped, but if it means the game will be a more perfectly polished experience then I'm happy to wait.

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    2. DarthVarkor


      Damn shame, because they make great games & their consumer-friendly approach has always been well received. Hopefully the amount of tension this has garnered will force them to approach the crunch in a healthy & reasonable fashion.

    3. DarthParametric


      their consumer-friendly approach has always been well received

      Except that time they threatened supposed TW2 pirates with lawsuits unless they handed over a bag of cash (up to €1000 apparently). They soon realised that probably wasn't the best way to win friends and influence people and did a complete 180. They also used the horribly invasive DRM Starforce for the original release of TW1.

    4. DarthVarkor



      Except that time they threatened supposed TW2 pirates with lawsuits unless they handed over a bag of cash (up to €1000 apparently).

      Admittedly, that wasn't the best tactic on CDPR's part at all. But, I find it hard to sympathize with these alleged pirates who pirated from (at the time) an up and coming game studio who was relying on the success of The Witcher games to stay in business. Not saying they are perfect, by any means, but they are a far cry from the likes of Bethesda, Activision and EA these days, I just hope they don't devolve during this crunch period on Cyberpunk.

  4. Playing The Witcher 1 the first time before a play-through of 2&3 and...YIKES. The story is good but the gameplay is absolutely killing it for me.

    1. LDR


      The gameplay is AWFUL but the story is great. It kinda grows on you in a sick demented way. I jokingly referred to it as gaming Stockholm syndrome.

  5. On the whole, season one of The Mandalorian was absolutely fantastic. Given how divisive the Disney produced Star Wars films have been, it's great to see the majority of fans really enjoying some new Star Wars content again. Bring on season two!

    1. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      It started out good and ended up great. I hope they can keep this up.

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I was happy with The Mandalorian.  Too bad that we'll have to wait until Fall 2020 but at least that will give them plenty of time to do some great things. 

    3. Effix


      It was awesome, I watched almost every episode twice, but I'll binge them all again in a while. Yes, quite a wait until season 2.

  6. Six episodes in and I am absolutely loving "The Witcher" Netflix series. I absolutely adore the games, read bits of the books and it's been great so far!

  7. I...honestly don't know how I felt. There were some visually stunning moments and exciting set-pieces, but the story was all over the place. Incredibly convoluted and rushed, especially the first hour. There's a whole trilogy's worth of story in this film, it's a shame we didn't get that adapted properly over three films as apposed to cramming it all into the last one. I thought it was good to finally see Rey, Finn and Poe together off on an adventure, they had a lot of chemistry, just wish we had gotten more of it. Overall, while I think I need to see it again, I can definitely say I'm very underwhelmed with what we got.
  8. You thought the last image was bad enough? Well...


    1. Mellowtron11


      Oh man, this is even more painful and frightening to look at!!! :D


    2. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon


    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Proof that Revan was always too mouthy.

  9. Canderous demonstrating an advanced Mandalorian stretching technique.


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    2. Mephiles550


      Mandalorian Yoga calls on the Dark Side of the Force

    3. DarthVarkor


      For those wondering, this was actually the result of my first attempt at creating a custom animation in 3Ds Max and importing it into the game. Not perfect but it's a start!

    4. Malkior


      That pose would really make sense if he suddenly grew to 150 feet tall.

  10. The Mandalorian: Ep3 - WOW. More of that, please.

    1. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      I've been avoiding spoilers but I've heard a lot of good stuff about this series. I don't have that disney channel, but will have something to look forward to streaming it when it is available elsewhere.

    2. DarthVarkor


      I'd absolutely recommend it when you get the chance!

    3. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      I'll look for it somewhere else. At least buy the season on Amazon. I definitely want to see it.

  11. To open and read ncs files, you'll be needing DeNCS. It de-compiles scripts them back to nss format which is readable and editable. Then, you can use either KOTOR Scripting Tool or the "TXT" button within the menu of KOTOR Tool to open them. Once you've written your own script, make sure you export/compile it as an ncs otherwise the game can't read it. Afraid I can't be of any help with your AI scripts specific questions, but I hope that helps get the ball rolling.
  12. Juhani's been hitting the gym.

    Star Wars  Knights Of The Old Republic Screenshot 2019.11.13 -

    1. ebmar


      Which reminds me of this guy, hahah -




    2. ColbyJames43


      Honestly I wonder how she be hitting the gym. 😂

  13. First episode of The Mandalorian was great. Very gritty and had a unique feeling, looking forward to more of it!

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I have spoken.

    2. Mellowtron11


      Looking forward to seeing this series. Been hearing good things about this show so far.

  14. Christ, can we not go one Star Wars film thread without moaning about Rian Johnson and TLJ? I think the majority of us are in the same camp: movie was not good, moving on. At any rate, I can't say I'm upset over this getting cancelled. Game of Thrones was one of my favourite shows, until the absolute mess that was Season 8 dropped.