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  1. TPK has been delayed indefinitely: 


  2. Hey everyone, Well, this is a post I had hoped I'd never have to make, but here we are. I regret to say that the final film in my series: "The Prodigal Knight" is on an INDEFINITE hiatus. This is due to my main voice actor for Zekk becoming AWOL and failing to meet various deadlines and (recently) no longer responding to my emails at all. Because of this, I have finally decided to part ways with this voice actor. I want to say now, that I hold no ill will against this person, this is not a character assassination or a rant against him, but I can no longer continue to delay this film because of him. I have an understanding of his situation and I wish him all the best, but I don't feel it's fair on myself to be kept waiting any longer whilst wondering if I will ever receive the final sets of lines to complete the film. What does this mean for the project? Well, first of all: IT IS NOT DEAD. This project WILL eventually be done, I promise. This setback, however, means I must now re-cast Zekk for this final film and find a new actor to re-record ALL of his lines for this film, not just the remaining few. I won't be happy with releasing a film where the lead changes voice halfway through. They don't do it in the movie industry, and I don't see why I should either. This will take time, yes, but I have all the lines written and ready to go, to be sent in one large batch to whoever eventually takes the part. Auditions for the part are now OPEN. If you are interested, please contact me directly on here. Or, if you have a recommendation for a voice actor, please send it my way. Please note I am NOT able to offer any voice actors any form of payment other than my undying gratitude and an early download link to the film before it goes public. I will not being looking into paid voice acting sites, either. If you want to audition for the role, you must fit the following criteria: - Have access to HIGH QUALITY/professional level recording equipment. I am not *too* picky, but background noise and/or gaming headset mics are a no go. - Have a link to at least one existing showreel you are willing to share with me, so I can hear your work before considering you. - Be punctual when replying to emails and meeting deadlines. - Able to act using a deep and confident tone. For further reference, please consult my previous films to see how Zekk sounded. Please remember: This is a BIG part, with a lot of lines. Please don't audition for this role if you are not up to the commitment. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me as I make it through this film. It will see the light of day, I promise. And I hope you will all agree when I say it will be worth the wait. ~ DV
  3. DarthVarkor

    MOD:[K1] - "The Revelation" Cutscene Custom Remake

    Well there weren't any in the original BIK (as far as I could see), but the wide shot of just the two of them is a bit...jarring, I'll see what I can do for the vanilla one. Speaking of the vanilla one, I now feel confident in using the Animated Camera Data Creator thanks to @bead-v, so expect to see that appearing sometime this coming week.
  4. Does anyone know of a method to slow down the walking speed of your party members in K1? This mod only seems affect the player character: 


    1. DarthParametric


      It's a simple appearance.2da edit, no? Just duplicate the values used for the player rows for the companion rows.

    2. DarthVarkor


      EDIT: Nevermind, turns out I had the wrong appearances.2da open. All sorted now, thanks!

    3. DarthParametric


      Depends on the game, and for TSL which version of the mod you are using.

      For K1, the walkdist and driveanimwalk columns both get values of 2.6 for both sexes.

      For the TSL "Movement Animation Fix", females get walkdist and driveanimwalk of 2.6, males get rundist and driveanimrun_pc of 3.96

      For the TSL "Running Animation Fix", both sexes get rundist and driveanimrun_pc of 3.96

      For the TSL "Walking Animation Fix", both sexes get walkdist and driveanimwalk of 2.6 (same as the K1 version)

  5. DarthVarkor

    MOD:[K1] - "The Revelation" Cutscene Custom Remake

    It is, yeah. I dunno how this thread appeared seeing as I already made one. Probably because my mod just got approved by a moderator. Removing that note now.
  6. Anicam testing is going well(ish)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN8k-AzbvEQ

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    2. ebmar



    3. N-DReW25


      Hasn't Anicam been made redundant? Or am I thinking about another tool that was made by Team Gizka?

    4. DarthVarkor


      No idea to be honest. I've just acquired @bead-v's Animated Camera Data Creator that works well with AniCam and am testing it out for future machinima projects. 

  7. View File [K1] - "The Revelation" Cutscene Custom Remake Please note this is a CUSTOM FAN INTERPRETATION of the Revelation cutscene, it is not 100% faithful to the original BIK and features the use of visual mods. File Name: "DV's The Revelation Cutscene Remake V.1" Author: Darth Varkor Works for: Knights of the Old Republic I K1 Restoration Compatibility: Yes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: For a while, I have been thinking about re-creating various BIK cutscenes within the games, not just for my own personal machinima-related use, but to upload for public use as a mod. Now, as I am fairly limited to what I can do (in-game scripting and some basic animation in After Effects) I lack the skills in software such as 3DSMax to fully recreate some cutscenes such as the various ones of the Ebon Hawk taking off and landing on the various worlds. Anyway, I decided to first have a stab at the infamous 'Revelation' cutscene, providing my take on the scene, capturing all footage in-game. The cutscene plays out fairly similiarly to how the original does, but, with some of my own alterations/additions. Any constructive feedback is welcome. Installation: Simply drag the BIK file provided and drop it in the "Movies" folder located within your SWKotOR directory. You should probably make a back-up of the original movie in-case the mod fails to work for whatever reason, or in case you simply prefer the original cutscene. Uninstallation: Remove the BIK file and replace it with the original. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video demonstration of the mod. Mods used in this cutscene: XediiXarwarz - Dantooine 2012 Reskin XediiXarwarz - Taris 2012 Reskin Oldflashi - K1 Movie Style Hilts JC's Lightbaber Visual Effects Sithspecter & jonathan7 - Darth Revan's Robes Revisioned CarthOnasty - Star Map Revamp V.1 Kexikus - High Quality Stars and Nebulas starforge1 - Darth Malak Reskin Pack *I do NOT give permission for this mod to be re-uploaded without my consent.* Contact Info: DeadlyStream. Submitter DarthVarkor Submitted 08/07/2018 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
  8. Could a moderator please approve my mod for public downloads?: 

     - Thanks.

    1. VarsityPuppet


      Whoops! Sorry man I thought it was approved already

    2. DarthVarkor


      No worries man, thanks!

  9. DarthVarkor


    Yeah, I have no experience in KOTORMax. Would you mind sending me a copy instead?
  10. DarthVarkor


    Hey @bead-v! Sorry to bring up an old topic but did you ever finish this mod? Would absolutely love to try it out.
  11. DarthVarkor

    [K1] - "The Revelation" Cutscene Remake 1.0.0

    A camera track generator? Interesting, that would come in handy for machinima projects, too.
  12. DarthVarkor

    [K1] - "The Revelation" Cutscene Remake 1.0.0

    That's not a bad idea, but, I do want to have a go at creating a vanilla one as a BIK first (as well as other planned K1 cutscene remakes), so I guess we'll see...
  13. DarthVarkor

    [K1] - "The Revelation" Cutscene Remake 1.0.0

    Unless someone would be kind enough to walk me through how to re-create it in game, that would unfortunately be outside my field of knowledge.
  14. DarthVarkor

    Porting "Lightsaber_Floating" from TSL to K1

    That's perfect. Thank you so much!
  15. DarthVarkor

    Porting "Lightsaber_Floating" from TSL to K1

    Yeah, sorry, should have specified it was for machinima uses. You’re right about the puppeting; I’m still a beginner at the serious modding stuff so my knowledge with cutscene stuff is limited. How would I go about the method you just described?