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  1. I've been playing around with the walkdist & driveanimwalk columns in appearance.2da to eliminate the "waddle" effect you get when holding down 'B' to walk in-game. While I'm pretty happy with the end result there is still one issue I'm stuck on. When I write a script to trigger, say, Carth walking to Bastila, they walk at their waddle super fast pace again, despite walking at the slower pace when I control them. This also happens when using the "Walk Towards" function in JC's Toolbox. Is there a fix for this? If anyone's unsure on what I mean, let me know, and I'll put up a video demonstrating it. EDIT: Scratch that, I've figured it out. If anyone is interested, I changed the values in walkdist to 3.8 and the driveanimwalk to 2.6 for the party members. Feel free to close this topic.
  2. Hey everyone. I realise this might be a bit of a long shot and unfortunately I lack the skills myself to really contribute to this, but, I was hoping to get together some people to finally crack an alternative to using the now defunct CSLU Toolkit to create LIP files as discussed in this thread. I, among a few others, still have access to the software, but there are plenty of people out there without access that would benefit from a new tool being available for it. I have my own reasons for this, too, as I plan to building a new PC soon(ish) and this software is essential to my machinima series. I had this idea after @JCarter426 mentioned this in the linked thread: "...The only tricky part of the format is the phonemes, as KOTOR only accepts a few specific phonemes and LipSynchEditor is set up to filter them based on CSLU's naming conventions. So long as whatever replacement tool is able to output its phonemes as a text file, it wouldn't be difficult to write a program to convert its text format to match CSLU's, or edit LipSynchEditor to filter based on the new format." If anyone would like to throw their hat into the ring, please feel free to do so. Hopefully among the many talented people on this site we could create a solution to this issue.
  3. DarthVarkor


    Apologies for the late reply, I completely forgot to report back on this. The short version is: yes, it’s easy to use. If a dummy like me can use it effectively then the rest of you guys will have no problem. Inserting co-ordinates & exporting it as an XML to be plugged into AniCam is a breeze. I’d highly recommend using it. Great work, @bead-v!
  4. DarthVarkor

    Warping onto the Swoop Tracks? (KOTOR & TSL)

    It works! I don't know how you did it, but thank you very much!
  5. DarthVarkor

    Warping onto the Swoop Tracks? (KOTOR & TSL)

    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking would be for the best. This whole endeavor was to get shots for my machinima, but I have plans to expand the swoop race beyond the in-game tracks anyway. Thanks for your help with this!
  6. DarthVarkor

    Warping onto the Swoop Tracks? (KOTOR & TSL)

    Yeah, looks like this might be a lost cause, then. I opened up both the .are and IFO files for 371NAR to see if K2 did it differently but it looks exactly the same as the Taris swoop track files. Either way, this has taught me a bit about extracting module information and how to view it. Thanks for your help, guys!
  7. DarthVarkor

    Request: Re-skinning the Swoop Rider model for K1&2

    Are you referring to the K1 version or did you forget to attach one to your post for the K2 one?
  8. DarthVarkor

    Request: Re-skinning the Swoop Rider model for K1&2

    No problem if not, thanks for looking into this!
  9. DarthVarkor

    Warping onto the Swoop Tracks? (KOTOR & TSL)

    Thanks for that find, DP. So, I've exported TAR_M03MG's .are file and found the "OnEnter" value, this is what I see, how do I find the name of the script? I opened another random module and in its "Label" box it had (what I'm assuming is) an actual script name in it, but as you can see from the screenshot this doesn't have one it just says "OnEnter".
  10. Anyone here watching Doctor Who? Mixed feelings on the new series after the first episode. Visually it looked amazing and it certainly feels fresh enough, but the story left a lot to be desired and unsure about Whittaker's Doctor yet (not a gender thing). She felt like an awkward mix of the 10th & 11th Doctor. Still curious to see how the series plays out...

  11. DarthVarkor

    Warping onto the Swoop Tracks? (KOTOR & TSL)

    Ah okay, for some reason I can't find the name of the Taris swoop track anywhere so I'll give it a whirl with Nar Shaddaa & post back - thanks!
  12. DarthVarkor

    Kotor 2 Movie Style Overhaul

    The Harbinger is looking particularly amazing, nice work!
  13. DarthVarkor

    Request: Re-skinning the Swoop Rider model for K1&2

    DUDE, thank you so much. That looks great! EDIT: @ebmar, are you able to do the same for K2? Not a problem at all if not, I appreciate you doing this for K1
  14. Hey everyone, as it exists outside the realms of my knowledge, would anyone be able to reskin the swoop rider model visible during the swoop races in both K1&2? The skin I'd like it to be changed to is this one. If anyone's unsure what I mean, see the image attached. For any help it's worth, @Sith Holocron has kindly given me the names of these models in both games, they are: K1 - V_Suprbike01.tga K2 - v_rider01.tga Thanks in advance!
  15. DarthVarkor

    Warping onto the Swoop Tracks? (KOTOR & TSL)

    Thanks for getting back to me on this. I think I understand it a little better now, but I'm still confused as to what I actually *do* first. By finding the three files in modules. rim files I'm assuming you mean RIM - Modules in KOTOR Tool? I'm unsure where to go from there. I know tar_m03af is the swoop platform (where Bastila is held captive) but I don't know where I'm looking for the actual swoop track itself.