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  1. Thank you, Darth Parametric. You're the best modder I can find.
  2. But there is a mod that can correct that problem.
  3. I like this mod. It's very cool. I hope that Visas Marr would become Sith Assassin, or Hanharr (if he were a Guardian) would become a Weaponmaster.
  4. No. It's something from a retired modder. It's from XediiXarwarz. Is there anything you can do?
  5. I hope you make a K1 version of Revan's lightsabers and Malak's lightsaber, so I get a more dramatic feel.
  6. I was hoping to use the old Revan head on NexusMods for my game, but it's under moderation. Can you somehow upload the old versions so that it looks like the vanilla head and the Keanu Reeves head?
  7. How can I do this without TSLPatcher? Is it possible? If so, then can you make a version without TSLPatcher?
  8. I wonder if you can make a HD version of Kreia's Assorted robes.
  9. I am on the Mac TSLRCM and the Cyan lightsaber looks unmodified. Why? Is it because of the hi-poly tin can that automatically comes with TSLRCM? What can I do about it?