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  1. I like this idea! Not sure yet if I'd have time to do something like this, but I'll definitely keep up with the news!
  2. tjsase

    M4-78 Movies Remade

    The mod restores what content there is left in the game files (mostly the modules and music) while adding original quest lines, characters, and voice acting.
  3. tjsase

    HD Cockpit Skyboxes

    ^ Applies to V1, M4-78 and Peragus are both included
  4. I might eventually do a V3 once I figure out how to get the window texture to render over the skyboxes properly. The main difference between V1 and V2 is the increased dynamic range. In V1, the brightest color any skybox could be was 50% gray due to the model's material being dim. Another change of V2 is increased accuracy compared to the game's modules. The only reason I animated hyperspace is because the vanilla animation was broken when I edited the ASCII model file for the skyboxes (restoring that will be V3, though I'll probably need a break to focus on college, hopefully not too long since this semester I hit the ground running)
  5. Version 2.0 has been released!
  6. Peragus is FINALLY close to done! This one took a lot of model extraction and light matching, but it was all worth it. Now I just gotta double-check the other skyboxes and it should be close to done!