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  1. Is it me or is there a mistake in Jorak Uln? For some reason I think he wears regular Jedi robes and not the Dark Jedi ones as I've seen in a video.
  2. Does the mod work or are there still problems? Really looks awesome and want to install it.
  3. I tested it out on my Mac and it's an issue with the mod. I wouldn't worry about it though, it isn't too bad.
  4. StellarExile


    I love it! This was my favorite head whenever I played! I hope you release it!
  5. Yeah a little while ago on a laptop that wasn't mine. Although I don't think I had the issue. Can you try equipping you character with a single melee weapon and send a video of that?
  6. The issue might be with your system, then. Are you on Windows 7?
  7. @Ranma It looks like something else could be affecting it as I don't think the swords should be swaying like that. What else do you have installed?
  8. Yikes, that isn't pleasant. I know I'm not Stormie, but I think I may be able to shed some light. Usually, DeadlyStream and Steam Workshop mods tend to work dreadfully together. I had a friend once who had a similar issue. I recommend unsubscribing from all mods except TSLRCM and see if that works. If possible, just use mods from DeadlyStream. Hope this helps!
  9. Yeah, should be fine. The label says TSLRCM compatible.
  10. @Marion Ash for some reason, I think it may be an error on DeadlyStream's part. I would ignore those, most of them do work anyway .
  11. I think it was the head models. I think some other models might have their own problems, similar to the ones @JCarter426 fixed in his Supermodel Fix where characters freeze due to misnamed animations. I've noticed a couple in the past few days, most notably HK-47, Malak and the Aqualish/Walrusman model. What's weird, HK-47 seems to have the issue only when he's wielding a heavy weapon and tries to use actions like Sniper Shot or using a special weapon. Not sure if those were seen before though.
  12. I tested it out and it works great, although I'm sure there may be something missing on his model. Whenever he's attacked unarmed or with a stun baton sometimes his animation will hang (for example his casting animation like when using lightning). I think it may be a vanilla issue.
  13. Also, I've heard it fixes misnamed animations if I'm not wrong. Are there any ones specific that are fixed?
  14. This looks amazing . The images and lighting are amazing .