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  1. Okay, I used GLoverride and it removed the line from Carth but I still have a partial one on another head and some models have a gold colored seam in both games. Is there any way to fix that?
  2. StellarExile

    Train The Disciple

    I have a question. Do you need the broken comlink to have the conversation or will it trigger once you obtain it and initiate normal dialogue with Disciple and he's already trained as a Jedi?
  3. The model itself looks fine to me, so I'm guessing it might be the texture. Do any of those mods modify her hair texture?
  4. What system are you running, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. I hate to necro, but I'm getting the issue even at 1080p on Carth. Do you have the issue on Carth at 1080p @DarthParametric?
  6. I guess I'll have to ask @Salk. The uti might be incorrect.
  7. Hello my fellow DeadlyStreamers! I hope your Januaries have been treating well! As you probably already know PMHC06 is my favorite player head. However, I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to retexture it (recolor the hair and eyes to brown) and include some custom portraits for my personal use? Here are the files (thanks to Effix!) Many thanks! -StellarExile
  8. What she should look like this if there was KOTOR 3!
  9. Hey, just a heads up. I think the vanilla contains textures from the Old Republic Skin Overhaul and Jorak's Overhaul Mods. I saw in the update you moved the vanilla ones to the kotor folder, but you may have forgotten for some of the ratios. Could you include vanilla loadscreens of those for us vanilla lovers xD? Amazing screens, by the way! I will certainly be using these very soon!
  10. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see other mods included as well.