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  1. That may be the problem. Unfortunately, if it doesn't use the TSL patcher, I don't think it will be compatible with a lot of other mods.
  2. I'm a little ignorant on this topic, but I did a little research, and I think the issue might be a messy appearance.2da file. Did you download the mod from here?
  3. Hey JCarter426, I think I may have found some of my own. It appears that female fingers clip through double bladed lightsabers and Rodians cannot form a two handed grip on weapons. Could these be SM issues?
  4. For some reason in KOTOR 2 sometimes areas become black and cannot be seen. I believe this mod fixes the respective files and removes the issue.
  5. It's the character seam line on the model. I believe it is a problem with mipmapping in the game. In your case, it may be the modded texture. Hopefully this will help.
  6. Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well during this uncertain period. I was just wondering if there was a way to make Kreia's Assorted Robes compatible with TSLRCM. I have seen a thread about it, but it only covered one texture. I understand it is incompatible because the mod adds new scripts and a new quest (I believe). I'm curious if it is possible just to use the models for the robes and leave out the dark shroud and Remote Tells Influence? I also heard something about clipping issues. Do those exist in the mod?
  7. I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned before, but has anyone else been plagued with the UV mapping errors of the black seam lines? More importantly, is there anyone who doesn't have them (most notably on Carth & Canderous)? Other characters are fine. It just seems to be them.
  8. Lol! I could never have imagined Griff joining the team! Why exactly does he have Jedi abilities, though :)?
  9. Hey everyone On my recent walkthroughs/views of KotOR 1 some things have caught my attention that have never before. I'm not sure many of you have noticed this, but for some reason I have been noticing a lot of lightmap or UV errors. I'm not sure exactly what they are, but they are apparent enough to annoy me. If you don't know what I mean, here are a few examples. There's one here on the Taris floor and another one of the Vulkar Base. I was wondering, does anyone know of fixes for these if they exist? Thank you.
  10. Hi all. I've come across a few model issues within the first KOTOR. I've noticed them in Trask, Zaalbar, and one of the player heads. As for Zaalbar, I'm not sure f you can see, but he has some sort texture inconsistency on his rear. As for the others, the head and Trask have some sort of weird triangle in the corner of their eyes. Is it possible for anyone to resolve these?
  11. I would recommend checking this mod out: It might help your issue. I hope it helps!
  12. Wait, is this not compatible with TSLRCM? I'm just a little confused, sorry.