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  1. You could delete or replace Hawk room model to get rid of the wall panel, but anything else would require DLG and script edits to change.
  2. It's not the sort of mod you can just pick and choose bits of. K1CP has the basic fixes included, so I'd advise sticking with that.
  3. Technically that should have been 1.2, but yes. Although not so much compatibility as telling it to get the hell off my lawn.
  4. Your setup is completely broken. The UTP shows it has been edited by KTool but lacks both local or TLK strings. Whatever it is you are doing, you're doing it wrong.
  5. The issue happened for me when the conversation triggered without the player being jumped into position. If you want to try reproducing it again, you could try hammering on the left mouse button during the end of the montage. It's possible the script that jumps the player got skipped.
  6. Hrm. Where was the player located when you reloaded?
  7. Yes, other mods can cause problems, especially if you are using the Steam Workshop.
  8. Not sure if you already have it, but I just noticed this while looking for a locked door barkstring: <string id="20037" sound="nm26acdoor28004_" soundlength="0.000000">[This door has been permenantly sealed.]</string> <string id="20342" sound="nm27aadoor01000_" soundlength="0.000000">[This door has been permanently sealed.]</string> 20037 is spelled incorrectly.
  9. You have no dialog.tlk in the game's root folder? Running without it is essentially impossible, since it contains all the text in the game. By "data" folder I assume you mean the Override folder? Or the actual Data folder?
  10. Attach the new MODs again, and the TLK/s as well.
  11. What happened after you saved/reloaded? It proceeded normally on the subsequent attempt?
  12. If you are using that mod then all you should need to do is simply set her Dantooine equipped outfit to a Jedi robe, since JC's mod will have set her default appearance to use robes. Note though that she will also need the Jedi Defense feat, since that is a prerequisite for wearing robes (and her UTC doesn't have it by default). This one should be ready to go if you drop it in your Override (although note it won't work with a save where you have already encountered her in the Courtyard, you'll need a save before she has spawned). dan13_yuthura.utc
  13. By default, Yuthura's appearance.2da row forces her to always wear the Sith uniform, regardless of what clothing/armour/robes she has equipped. Since you only want to change her on Dantooine, and since some other mods change her appearance row so that she wears Dark Jedi robes on Korriban, the best approach would be to create a new custom row for her in appearance.2da and set her UTC on Dantooine to use that appearance instead of her vanilla one.
  14. I had it during development when the player wasn't correctly jumped into position post-montage, but that shouldn't be present in any public build (and I haven't seen anyone else report it). I assume you aren't using any other mods that may edit that scene and its related scripts?
  15. It's entity count that it really chokes on, so static meshes shouldn't burden it too much. What you'd want to do though would be to combine as many of them into single meshes as possible (you'd need to do that per-room though, so they can be dropped out by the VIS separately).