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  1. There's still a few decades before that comes out, plenty of time.
  2. I'm not sure what you are referring to exactly. The only thing close is that a couple of heads had wrong bone names, so they wouldn't blink and such. And a few cutscene stunt animations got tweaks to address various minor issues, the most notable/extensive being the LS ending ceremony.
  3. I want to replace all three of the swords, so I need to figure out some ideas for the others. I have a vague idea for one based on one of the other TOR swords, probably the vibrosword since it's the only one that doesn't describe the specific shape. It is supposed to glow though, which I'm not sure is practical.
  4. It's already using mycube in the above pics. CM_SpecMap seems like it works a bit better with the existing envmap mask. The normal map is mostly pointless because the primary areas where it is needed don't have enough exposure through the envmap mask.
  5. So I was browsing the TOR subreddit the other day and there was one of those show-off posts where someone posted pics of their various outfits throughout their character's story progression. The thing that really caught me eye was the sword used in one of them. It was new to me, but apparently it was added to the game two years ago - the Ancient Sith Lord's Warblade. I figured it looked pretty cool and might be worth porting, maybe for use as Ajunta Pall's sword, since that is described as having an ebony blade. I did do an initial port of it, but then I realised that the description also mentions that the blade edges are notched. I had a look through the other weapon models to see if they had something like that. There aren't any swords, but the retractable blade from the Zakuulan Exile's blaster (which I made my own version of, back before ports were allowed) looked like it might work. I took that as a starting point, reshaped it into a sword blade and remapped it to fit the Warblade's texture. Then I swiped a hilt and crossguard from one of the other sword models, lopped a few bits off and changed the texture a bit. And here's the result: Still need to do some tweaking of the textures, and of course the envmap is a nightmare as always. Also in hindsight I think I should have duplicated the lower half of the blade instead of stretching it, so that the scallops were more numerous and more pronounced, since it looks more wavy that notched. Not sure if I really want to more or less remake the blade from scratch though.
  6. You might want to look at this if you haven't already - https://deadlystream.com/topic/5992-tpc-compressed-texture-transparency-alpha-blending/
  7. It should be compatible with any mod that does module injection rather than hard overwrites (so mods like NPC Overhaul need to be installed first). Although looking at the config, I note that it's not quite as compatible as it could be regarding Geeda's UTC.
  8. Yeah. Perhaps you could create some sort of parser to autodetect differences or something. At least they were pretty good about flagging changes in comments, prefixed by xxx-OEI. An example of functions with added variables: object CreateItemOnObject(string sItemTemplate, object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF, int nStackSize=1); vs object CreateItemOnObject(string sItemTemplate, object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF, int nStackSize=1, int nHideMessage = 0); And of course they added entirely new functions that don't exist in K1, for example GetScriptStringParameter (which is not a thing in K1).
  9. Do you have a game version toggle then, since some shared functions differ between K1 and TSL? I'll be curious to see how that goes when dealing with scripts using differing values for a given variable with a single declaration, like in while loops and so forth.
  10. Should only be the walk animation. ZimmMaster's original mod transplants the vanilla K1 running values to TSL. It should be noted that in either case the animation isn't actually changed. Just the distance values used when translating the character (which is why it's an appearance.2da edit and not a model edit).
  11. A TPC simply includes the TXI data directly in the file. No, it won't break anything. But only one has priority. I can't remember which it prioritises. I think @ebmar tested it a while back. As long as you are doing proper module injection and not just hard overwriting the MODs then some level of compatibility should always be possible, outside of two sets of changes to individual files. But injection should simply allow one mod to override the other, if implemented correctly.
  12. In my experience, dynamic camera behaviour with moving NPCs is erratic. And you'd have to rely on dynamic cameras for such an idea to be practical, given that the banter scripts and DLGs are global, not module-specific.
  13. Closing doors is pretty trivial. How you go about it though depends entirely on the specifics of when and how you want the door/s to be closed. Looks like those NPCs are from this mod? It may be possible to modify some of its scripts, depending on how it was implemented.