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  1. Both Vulkars are using the Twi'lek male Huttese VO. There aren't really a lot of alternatives unless you swap them out for Rodians or something. And that's really at the point of being outside the scope of the Community Patches.
  2. I'd suggest a different colour than the hot pink, since you appear to be using that elsewhere for barriers. Maybe just a slightly yellowish white rather than a super saturated neon. It also looks like you'll need some custom textures to handle curves/corners/angled sections. The bits where it "steps" look a bit iffy.
  3. Ok well that is a massively modified appearance.2da, so outright replacing it was going to cause multiple breakages somewhere. I'm not entirely sure why Jolee was affected though, since the only difference to his row was Bandon robes in the Revan robes slot. But it seems you are using K1 Restoration, and I know other people have had crashes during that scene because of changes it made. I wouldn't be surprised if you encounter further issues later on.
  4. Well that possibly explains it if you hard overwrote appearance.2da, although it should have just fallen back to the vanilla Jolee model. Attach a copy of the restored appearance.2da.
  5. Having random mods installed without even knowing what they are is a recipe for exactly this sort of thing. You should always start a new game from a clean install. That said, presumably what you are specifically referring to for Jolee are textures, assuming they are TGA/TXI/TPC. They shouldn't cause a crash (or turn him invisible), at least in theory, but try removing them from the Override and see what happens.
  6. Looks like the only change in your 2DA vs the vanilla one is for Mekel's appearance row, so it isn't that. Check your Override for the presence of P_JoleeBB.mdl/mdx. And list the mods you are using.
  7. Usually this sort of issue is caused by appearance.2da specifying a model that doesn't exist. But typically the game will crash as soon as it tries to render the model, which in Jolee's case should happen as soon as the cutscene of him fighting the Katarns starts. Is this where it is happening? Upload a copy of the appearance.2da from your Override folder.
  8. It's jumping the gun a bit to worry too much about landing videos right now. That would be the last thing you'd want to address, once everything else is finalised. But it shouldn't be too difficult to arrange some in-engine animations and then capture those as videos when the time comes.
  9. For the first, check this post. As to the latter, redrob41's mod makes significant structural changes to the DLG. I recall I did look into it once, but it would require building an extensive custom patch which I have no particular interest in.
  10. Padawan, there is a very large difference between "this doesn't work" and "I don't know how to make this work". Simply saying "it doesn't work" is not helpful in trying to diagnose a problem. Lay out exactly what you did and how you did it.
  11. As I said above, the stealth effect gets disabled when they take damage. You can try the attached. The xxx_ud script needs to be added to the UTC's UserDefine script slot. The xxx_sp script gets added to the OnSpawn script slot. You can rename them whatever you want, just don't let the filename exceed 16 characters. I'm not entirely sure if the UserDefine script will work properly or not, so you'll have to see what happens. Also you need to wait for at least 2.1 seconds after you spawn them to jump them to the new location to make sure the OnSpawn script has finished. Invis_Assassins.7z
  12. Trying to orient the PC while the player is directly controlling them is pointless, as it will be ignored/overriden. You'll need to either put the trigger further away out of direct line of sight, or trigger a cutscene with a fade-out to hide the spawn-in. As to the Harbinger assassins, no, you can't replicate their exact process, since Obsidian added new engine and script functions that allow for creatures to have their render status toggled on and off. You could approximate it by spawning them in off-screen with the stealth effect either applied in their OnSpawn or applied afterwards, then jump them into position. The Harbinger assassins don't get their render flag enabled for 2 seconds after they spawn, to allow time to add the stealth effect. They then have an OnDamage event in their UserDefine script that removes the stealth effect. This also uses an added function not in K1, but I think that could be gotten around by chaining a few other functions together (presumably why Obsidian added a new function to do it in one command).
  13. The map rotation in a few modules, like the Endar Spire, differs between the layout and the game (seemingly entirely to best fit the mini-map on screen) but the cardinal direction script constants remain the same. 0 degrees is always East.
  14. That's because Effix presumably didn't change the original rig. The TSL and K1 face bone positions/orientations differ and are thus not interchangeable, so you can't just recompile the model, you need to edit the rig and adjust the face bones.
  15. Location uses degrees. 0 degrees is East. You can also script facing commands to force an NPC to reorient and face in a specific direction: AssignCommand(oNPC, SetFacing(90.0)); You can also use fixed cardinal direction constants: float DIRECTION_EAST = 0.0; float DIRECTION_NORTH = 90.0; float DIRECTION_WEST = 180.0; float DIRECTION_SOUTH = 270.0; Alternatively, you can face them towards another object: AssignCommand(oNPC, SetFacingPoint(GetPosition(oObject))); This can be temperamental though. Often they won't change their facing until they perform an animation, so adding a short anim to a script is something necessary if you are trying to assign facings in a conversation, especially with interjections from companions where the NPC may be changing their facing to look at multiple different speakers.