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  1. For those that are hypersensitive to spoilers and looking forward to Cyberpunk, you might want to batten down the hatches. Apparently console versions have escaped into the wild and people are now streaming the game.

  2. Against my better judgement, working on another head port:
  3. The problem you've got is overlapping transparencies. The engine is not able to get your GPU to render them correctly. This is likely a legacy problem stretching back to the game's launch, where it was known to have problems with then ATI GPUs. It also stretches to various other rendering issues across all GPUs for various things, but those are less noticeable for most people. Aside from installing the DX redistributable if you haven't already, I'm not sure there's much more you can do on your end. The only practical permanent/universal solution would be for @Kexikus to replace that background alpha'd plane with actual cutouts of the buildings so that there is no alpha masking is required.
  4. It has an issue with integrated Intel GPUs (laptop or otherwise), but this is a slightly different case. Aside from being AMD, it actually uses a weird setup. Rather than use one half-decent GPU, they actually use two crappy GPUs in CrossFire (AMD's equivalent of SLI). It doesn't even used a matched pair, it uses two different ones, one better than the other. I assume because at the time they didn't have a half-decent mid-range mobile GPU available, so they had to cobble together what they could from available low end parts. I assume that CrossFire is probably disabled for KOTOR, since it would require a driver profile for it to work and that is unlikely to exist. The question is which GPU it is running on. You should check the driver control panel and maybe the BIOS to see if you can manually disable the individual GPUs. If that is possible, try running it on both separately to see if you get the same issue after switching.
  5. That's pretty nondescript. I'm guessing a laptop? Model number?
  6. Post your OS and system specs.
  7. Just make sure that if it is just planes that (after UV mapping) you duplicate it and flip the normals, since Odyssey does not render backfaces.
  8. K1CP edits several AREs, but none that overlap with your changes (currently). Still, module injection would be the proper way to do this.
  9. Nobody was telling you to install it. You were instructed to take its version of TSLPatcher.exe, that's all.
  10. https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1258-kotor-1-community-patch
  11. TSLPatcher works fine for all versions of the game. It will prompt you to browse for the game's folder if it can't find it, but most modern mods don't even set automatic game folder lookup anyway. What you can't do is use the Workshop for the Steam version of TSL. As long as you don't do that, you'll be fine. TSLRCM doesn't use TSLPatcher at all anyway, so that's moot. Neither does M4-78 as I recall.
  12. You always need permission to reuse/distribute any author's work, unless they have explicitly stated in the readme/description that they allow reuse/redistribution without permission. So if you want to redistribute one author's model and another author's texture then you need permission, again, unless one or both has stated otherwise. The problem you are going to have in this case is the likely impossibility of contacting ToastyFresh. You'll have to talk to the DS admins regarding their position on that. Recompiling models to suit a particular game isn't difficult for weapons. You'll want the latest beta version of MDLEdit. Since you'll presumably have a bunch of models to work on, start by batch decompiling them. In MDLEdit, go to File -> Batch -> Convert to ASCII. In the window that pops up, select all the MDLs and hit the Open button. Wait for it to finish. Now you can delete all the original MDLs and MDXs. Make sure you toggle the game setting to KOTOR2 (button on the top left) before compiling. You can batch compile all the models at once via File -> Batch -> Convert to Binary, but be aware that you'll need to manually edit all the filenames, since they'll all be called something like "w_vbrdblswd_001-mdledit-mdledit.mdl" etc. Your other option is to manually compile them one at a time, which will allow you to edit the filename before saving (File -> Load to load the ASCII, then File -> Save -> Binary). If you have a lot of files to deal with, you may want to look into some sort of batch renaming tool to get rid of the cruft in the filenames.
  13. The more practical route would be for someone to develop a batch model converter. It would have to be black box and newb friendly.
  14. Ah, that one. Yeah you're out of luck for a texture for that one, but here's the UV template:
  15. If this is an existing untextured TSL head then it is just leftovers from K1 and you don't need to re-unwrap it. You can easily dump a UV layout image from Max or other 3D apps, but since it presumably already has a texture in K1 you just need to identify which it is. What's the model?