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  1. Game meshes are not suitable for 3D printing. You want a watertight mesh to print with, and game meshes are full of all sorts of intersecting geometry and other various issues because that's fine in a game engine.
  2. There are 3 different die/dead animations. The combat animations (actually falling down) are die and die1. The matching dead animations (laying on ground) are dead and dead1. There are also getupdead and getupdead1, which should be self-explanatory. You can just duplicate the existing ones and rename them, since they are just variations of the same thing (falling over face-first). There is also die3/dead3, which is the prone/laying on back anim, the difference in this case being that die3 is dying while already prone, not falling from standing. I'm not sure if those two are used in combat. Possibly some Force powers may end in that prone state. If you want to test it you could always make a duplicate of something really obvious (like dance, assuming you made that) and see if/when it gets triggered. Regarding the insane Selkath, the Race model is set to N_SelkathCr, so it is presumably using that, not N_Selkath. Although the latter is set as body model A (naked/underwear model), and most of them don't have any equipped clothes/armour. Perhaps when a RaceTex is specified the Race model overrides the body models, not sure. I would suggest editing those rows in appearance.2da and changing the A model to N_SelkathCr to be safe. When you have a finalised mod ready for release, a TSLPatcher setup can be made that will dynamically edit appearance.2da.
  3. Those are purposely missing. They aren't loose files. The installer patches the vanilla versions inside modules. Whatever you are doing, your install destination is apparently completely broken, as the modules should be added if they don't already exist before any patching begins.
  4. Never use any mod that hard overwrites a 2DA if you can avoid it. That will always cause problems unless it is the very first mod installed. Can't say I have ever experienced the subtitle problem, nor do I recall seeing it reported elsewhere. The only missing subtitle issues I know of are a couple of very specific cases that should be rectified by K1CP (and you wouldn't have seen those yet if you haven't been past Taris). If you are getting a repeatable issue with the first line of every conversation then that points to some other problem. The only thing that comes to mind as a potential source would be the letterbox scaling option of ndix UR's High Resolution Menus patch for the game's exe, which does explicitly warn it can obscure subtitles and dialogue choices if used for some resolutions. But if that was the cause then the problem should exist for every single line in a conversation, not just the first. Beyond that, I have no idea.
  5. Yes, that one. Run that installer, then copy the textures from Silveredge's original mod. As the readme states: People were copying across the appearance.2da from Silveredge's original mod, overwriting the one already present in the Override (and already patched by K1CP). This causes the lite commoner appearances to break, amongst other problems. I see now though that the build install order has been changed to put K1CP after the Ajunta Pall mod in order to forestall further occurrences of this. Simply creating TXIs for the textures should be sufficient. Extract the attached into your Override and you shouldn't need a 2DA edit/replacement. I would advise that you delete Svosh's mod from your post. Rehosting/redistributing people's mods without permission is against the rules and will possibly get you banned. Bastila_TXIs.zip
  6. You followed the /r/kotor build list I gather? Your problem is a combination of poorly worded instructions on their part and failing to properly follow them on your part. A number of people seem to be doing the same thing. You overwrote appearance.2da, thereby effectively destroying your current install. You'll need to scrap everything and start again from a clean install. That means deleting your saves and starting a new game as well. Pay attention when you get to the Ajunta Pall mod this time. DO NOT install Silveredge's mod. Only take the needed textures from it, as instructed.
  7. That would be my fault, since I was that one that modified the training script to accommodate @Stormie97's robes. The issue is that the mod changes the default fake PC that is used for two custom ones (male and female), and, naturally, there is no provision to properly destroy those once they have fulfilled their purpose. An unfortunate oversight on my part. As luck would have it, the script that controls destroying the fake PC can't be decompiled, so resolving that will take a different approach. I've suggested a fix to Stormie to resolve the problem for future users. But fixing that wouldn't help in your case regardless, since the scene has already been completed. As a temporary measure, try extracting the attached into your Override folder and loading a save in the Hawk (or re-entering it from outside). Stormie_Robes_Fake_PC_Temp_Fix.zip
  8. I use the 3DS Max import script. There might be a Blender script, I don't know, I don't use Blender. You can try Googling for it. Otherwise Noesis with the TOR Python plugin is probably your only option.
  9. It's not particularly painful. Grab TGA2TPC, load your TGA, set the export directory, set the compression to DXT5 (make sure your normal map has a solid white alpha), create an appropriate TXI or change the setting to text and paste it in the box. At a minimum you will need isbumpmap 1 If you have modified the diffuse, then it will also need a TXI that includes bumpmaptexture filenamehere that points to the filename of the normal map.
  10. Due to the way lightmaps are baked, upscaling is unlikely to produce desirable results. You'll almost certainly end up with a lot of nasty artefacts. But yes, for K1 all you need to do is put TGAs in the Override. TSL uses TPC lightmaps, so if you are using TGAs you'll need to create matching TXIs. The engine only supports normal maps in TPC format, specifically RGBA DXT5. Given the fairly poor implementation, there's probably little to be gained trying to upscale them.
  11. Probably easier to just go into the install folder and delete the TLK in the base directory, the Override directory, and the Modules directory. Then in Steam you can do a local file integrity check and it will redownload the missing files. If you are using an edited exe for widescreen, just make sure to move that outside the game directory first, then you can put it back afterwards (so you won't need to patch it again).
  12. I did tell you not to reinstall the mod over the top of itself. Ideally you'd want to nuke the entire install and start over entirely fresh - including deleting all your saves and starting a brand new game. You've not only got the minor Dantooine NPC problem, which on its own would be salvageable with a save edit, but you've also broken placeables.2da which is now suffering from wrap-around due to the row limit bug. That is going to cause problems throughout the entire game.
  13. There are probably a few bits and pieces discussed here. You'll need to go to Xentax and read the big TOR threads which discuss what tools you need and how to use them.