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  1. DarthParametric

    [KotOR] Custom splash screen

    It's known as the "legal screen". There are a bunch of existing mods you can look at to see what they did, like this one. I think the gist is a BIK is required for K1, but a TGA is fine for TSL.
  2. DarthParametric

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    The torso and arm meshes in the supermodel use completely different names, had their trimesh alpha values set to 0.5, had their render flags set to 0, and had all their alphakey nodes removed. I don't think the cause can be pinned on them. The problem for me is, is this something I am doing/not doing, some sort of bug, or just the game being a dick. Edit: Maybe it is the game being a dick. I edited the DLG and pointed that line of the LS cutscene to the (different) animation used in the equivalent line of the DS cutscene. Despite there being no problems in the DS cutscene, that animation in the LS cutscene also suffered the same torso and arms going full opaque issue. Edit 2: And I also tried switching the (off-screen) animation used in the previous line to the DS scene equivalent. Again, still does it. I don't know what the hell is going on.
  3. DarthParametric

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    The in-game model has no animations of its own. All of them are being pulled from the supermodel (which is a modified version of the original model). This is all being done via directly editing the ASCII in a text editor, since neither MDLEdit nor MDLOps will compile a version exported from KMax. And because I am using dummies in the supermodel rather than meshes (due to ease of editing), KMax wouldn't be able to handle it anyway (it has no provision for trimesh values like alpha for a dummy).
  4. DarthParametric

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    This Dodonna hologram is driving me mental. It works fine in the DS custcene, but for some reason, even after adding custom keyframes to all fifty freaking animations, in the LS cutscene her torso still momentarily goes to an alpha of 1 before reverting in the next shot to 0.5 as intended. I cannot work out how this is happening. I think I have identified the specific animation being called during that line of dialogue, but the way it works is weird. The DLG references animation 1251, but the animations on the model are named CUT001W etc. It looks like the LS cutscene animations start at CUT051W (the previous one being CUT025W), but it seems that CUT052W must be the one being used for that line. So it seems like 12XY = CUT0(XY+1)W. Anyway the relevant portion is: newanim CUT052W S_HoloDodonna length 4.0 transtime 0.0 node dummy TOR_Chest parent S_HoloDodonna alphakey 0.0 0.0 0.666667 0.5 4.0 0.5 endlist endnode All the alphakeys for that animation lacked the additional keyframe at 4 seconds, so I added that just in case, to no effect. Interestingly, when looking at the 60fps video the first frame of her reveal the chest mesh is completely gone (presumably alpha 0) while all the other meshes are visible: Edit: I just noticed the upper arms are also both missing in that single frame, and turning to a solid alpha 1.0 in that shot. So three meshes are affected, the rest not.
  5. DarthParametric

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    Look at the Misc TOR Ports WIP thread. K1 uses a texture-based approach for the hologram effect. I am swapping that to mesh alpha instead, but that requires animating the alpha value because they fade the models in and out, and they also had to hide eyeballs in certain shots because of the whole bug-eyed thing (plus they cheat with Vandar's eye blink, swapping between two sets of eye meshes with different textures rather than using physically animated eyelids).
  6. DarthParametric

    Misc TOR Ports

    As I said above, that was an animation issue due to it not setting the alpha value of the mesh to its intended value. That's fixed now, at least in the DS cutscene:
  7. DarthParametric

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    There's something weird with the animations for vanilla K1 models for hologram Dodonna and Vandar. MDLEdit will crash on loading the ASCIIs with animations, either vanilla or passed through KOTORMax. It has no problems with an ASCII that has been stripped of the animations. @ndix UR: MDLOps will successfully compile a vanilla ASCII and it will work in-game. It will also compile an ASCII passed through KMax with no errors, but in-game it will be stuck in the t-pose (i.e. no anims presumably). Interestingly, I can edit the vanilla ASCII and have MDLOps compile a working model, although so far I have only tried editing existing values and adding additional keyframes. K1_Holo_Vandar_Dodonna.7z The additional problem I am having - and I am unsure if this is a problem with these particular models, or something more general - is that the game is not respecting my mesh alpha animation values properly. For example, when Vandar first appears, part of the animation fades him in, so all the skins/trimeshes have an alphakey animation going from 0 to 1. Since I wanted to swap from texture blending to mesh alpha for the hologram effect, I changed all the alphakey values so that the upper value was 0.5 instead of 1. However Vandar still fades in to, and stays at, fully opaque (so I assume alpha 1). Any idea what is going on here? Edit: I managed to get my custom Dodonna model working properly when I use an edited copy of the original (with added dummies for my new meshes to add alphakey animations) as a supermodel. I'm doing exactly the same thing for Vandar, but he doesn't properly use the alphakey values, as stated above. K1_Custom_Holo_Vandar.7z For area models, yes. It may also apply to placeables, I can't remember. For area models, strictly speaking it is supposed to use the OdysseyBase name with an "a" appended I believe. I know @ndix UR and/or @bead-v provided a breakdown of the specifics somewhere, but possibly it was in a PM. Sure would be good if we had that wiki about now to document this sort of thing.....
  8. DarthParametric

    Misc TOR Ports

    I've given Dodonna the admiral's sash and swapped out the gloves for her original hands (necessitating grafting some sleeves back on). She seems to have a man-hands thing going on, but I don't want to have screw around with it further given her limited screen time. I'm also working on changing the hologram appearance. That is such a pain in the ass with the way Bioware did it vs what Obsidian did in TSL. I'm also fixing up holo Vandar at the same time to make them consistent, although trying to get his eyes to show up properly is proving difficult. Edit: Fixed the eyes, but now I am fighting the animations. Besides compiling issues, for some reason I cannot get the animations to respect the partial alpha values it is supposed to be using. You can see an example of the sort of thing in the Dodonna pictures - her face isn't transparent. The rest of the body parts haven't had custom animations added yet, so they are just using the base alpha value (which is 0.5).
  9. DarthParametric

    These mods won't install

    You can try replacing the TSLPatcher.exe with the one from here and see if that works.
  10. No, don't suggest that. If anyone had done it, they would have posted about it.
  11. DarthParametric

    Will pay for a tougher merchants mod for K1 and K2

    For some scripts, not all scripts. Most, if not all, of the module-specific scripts have no included source and must be manually decompiled.
  12. DarthParametric

    Will pay for a tougher merchants mod for K1 and K2

    Exactly what JCarter said. KTool will let you extract the compiled scripts (NCS) from each module. You'll want DeNCS to decompile them (NSS) which you can then edit in a text editor. You'll then need to recompile the modified scripts, which can be done in KTool, via NWNSSCOMP directly, KOTOR Scripting Tool, etc. Depending on the script names and their uniqueness, you'll probably have to inject them into MODs to avoid clashes, for which you'll want the ERF/RIM Editor. And if you plan on a public release, you'll need TSLPatcher in order to make your mod compatible.
  13. DarthParametric

    Will pay for a tougher merchants mod for K1 and K2

    Rarely are things as simple as using KTool. In many ways it's just a can opener (or rather a Swiss army knife). It can get you access to the juicy contents, but it can't make you a meal.
  14. DarthParametric

    K1 Republic Armor?

    The script spawns the item. It isn't attached to the item itself. There's any number of ways you can fire the script, but the item is the endpoint, not the beginning.
  15. DarthParametric

    K1 Republic Armor?

    There is no "modified" script. It's a custom script unique to the mod. There is no compatibility issue, unless someone literally steals it and copies the name.