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  1. DarthParametric

    Head Help

    You can either transplant the hair mesh node/s from the mod's model to my model, or transplant the head mesh node from my model to the mod's model. Should work either way.
  2. DarthParametric

    Head Help

    Ah, the second one adds a mullet. No, there is no alternative solution, since the model skin weights need editing. You'll need to contact the author of the second mod and advise them to fix it themselves, or choose between fixed deformation or changed hairdo. You could fix it yourself if you know what you are doing, but it would require either editing the model in Max/GMax, or possibly doing some swapping of nodes in an ASCII model.
  3. DarthParametric

    Head Help

    The model has some bad deformation. It's nothing to do with mods, it's a base game issue. This will be fixed in the next version of the K1 Community Patch, but for now you can download a fixed model from this post.
  4. DarthParametric

    K1 Endgame Cutscene Improvements

    Yeah it might be possible to move her in the previous wide shot perhaps. But while she would be masked better in that angle, the problem is still the same. Namely that there is no sufficient animation to get her from her starting point to where she needs to end up. Hence why I was doing it offscreen. Edit: This needs some further adjustment, but how does this strike you as a general concept @bead-v?
  5. DarthParametric

    K1 Endgame Cutscene Improvements

    I altered that shot because I moved Dodonna in all subsequent shots, and reframing the Vandar shot was the most expedient solution to hiding that change (since you see where she ends up in the vanilla Vandar shot). I'm not super thrilled with the end result myself, but there's only so much I can do with the available assets. Here is a shot-by-shot breakdown of the changes. https://imgur.com/a/bgVV92z
  6. DarthParametric

    K1 Endgame Cutscene Improvements

    So not exactly what I was originally intending, but I have been cleaning up the Light Side ending for inclusion in K1CP. Here's where it is at (note that the skybox is one of @Kexikus 's mods, the robes @JCarter426's and are not part of the changes): And for anyone needing a reminder, this is the vanilla cutscene:
  7. DarthParametric

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    Saucy. Makes me want to port some of TOR's Lehon props and textures, as I think that is some of the best looking stuff they ever did.
  8. DarthParametric


    Not quite. It just means it will also attack anyone flagged as STANDARD_FACTION_HOSTILE_1 in addition to the usual friendly factions. Combatants won't attack members of their own faction. A good example is the Dark Side ending to the Sandral-Matale Feud quest, where the two sets of droids are set to HOSTILE_1 and HOSTILE_2 so that they attack each other and the player.
  9. DarthParametric

    K1 heads question

    The head model itself specifies the base texture per-mesh. If you are recompiling it with MDLEdit, opening the texture list and double clicking the name should allow you to rename it.
  10. DarthParametric

    Music Overhaul?

    Like most modern AAA games, TOR uses Wwise to store its audio, both VO and music.
  11. There's also the Sonic Screwdriver -
  12. Tsk, tsk, look at all those Steam users. It's good news for @Effix though I guess, since it seems like about 75% of the mods on the Workshop are by him. That must more or less make him the most popular modder by user/download count outside the TSLRCM crew. It's not surprising that the Nexus remains popular, despite being even more barren now after losing all the stolen Gamefront files. Aside from sheer inertia and mindshare of the site itself, I think the average user just wants the convenience of something like the Nexus Mod Manager (or "Vortex" now I guess). It's why the Workshop is so popular. It's easy and requires little effort on their part. Maybe @Tyvokka should put some Deadly Stream ads on the Nexus. I'm sure Dark0ne wouldn't object at all.
  13. DarthParametric

    K1: Map notes - Add/Remove/Edit

    Edit the GIT in KGFF. Edit: Actually, there's this: // 386: Set whether oMapPin is enabled. // - oMapPin // - nEnabled: 0=Off, 1=On void SetMapPinEnabled(object oMapPin, int nEnabled); I suppose it's the Waypoint's tag? I guess someone needs to try it in-game.
  14. DarthParametric

    K1: Map notes - Add/Remove/Edit

    The mapnote is just a couple of flags on a given waypoint. HasMapNote set to 1, MapNoteEnabled set to 1, and MapNote set to a TLK StrRef. As JC alluded to, editing the GIT is the route to switching off notes for vanilla areas. I would not suggest deleting the waypoints outright in case they serve a double purpose for something else. You couldn't switch them off dynamically without destroying the waypoint presumably. Spawning a new waypoint should add a mapnote, assuming the UTW has the relevant flags.
  15. DarthParametric

    Help T3 Canderous Hologram Crash

    It might just be a case of modern system-itis. In which case the only "fix" is don't play it on a modern system. Go find some old junker and install XP on it and use that.