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  1. I'd probably start by using the actual Leviathan hangar. K1CP already added a revised Hawk model to it that adds in all the missing geometry (also a bay forcefield, which you could hide if that's not your thing), so right off the bat that would make for a more suitable backdrop with some revised camera angles. Edit: Assuming they are using a custom module, to do the above I would change the LYT to beginlayout roomcount 3 M40ac_32a 105.0 135.0 0.0 M40ac_37a 115.0 176.0 0.0 M40ac_42a 190.0 80.0 0.0 trackcount 0 obstaclecount 0 doorhookcount 0 donelayout And the VIS to m40ac_32a 2 m40ac_42a m40ac_37a m40ac_37a 2 m40ac_42a m40ac_32a m40ac_42a 2 m40ac_32a m40ac_37a That should allow you to also make use of the observation room above the hangar bay, should you need to. I believe K1CP also edited that room to add in glass meshes to the observation windows.
  2. But note that different versions will have platform-specific strrefs, like for tutorials and so forth.
  3. I can't help you with the specifics in Blender, but the general idea is that you keep the skinned meshes (head, tongue), the danglymeshes (hair flappy bits), and the rendered trimeshes (eyeballs/eyelids, upper/lower teeth). You transplant those onto the rig of a head from the target game. 3DS Max makes this trivial due to its ability to store skin weights and reapply them, but I don't know if Blender has equivalent functionality. Edit: I haven't tested it, but try this. Swapped to K1's PMA04 rig. PMHA06_For_K1.7z
  4. DarthParametric

    DP's 3D Printed Stuff

    A collection of various pics of Star Wars props and other items being 3D printed
  5. TSL's rig/skeleton is subtly different from K1's. That results in bad deformation when porting heads between games using their source rig. To fix it, you need to swap the head to use a rig from the target game, or potentially adjust their original rig to match. You could conceivably do this via only editing the ASCII model in a text editor, but it's generally more practical to do it via KMax (Max/GMax) or KBlender (Blender).
  6. I don't know that it's possible to do in GMax. Max has the default option for "wire" materials that make it super simple, plus a toon shader that lets you get more fancy. GMax lacks both of those. You could probably do it Blender, although I have no experience of doing it there. I can do it for you if you want to send me the model. Edit: Yeah I guess you could hackily do it in GMax with a screenshot. Add a white material, enable edged faces, screencap and invert in PS or other editor.
  7. It could conceivably be possible to create some sort of batch script that could dynamically recompile modded head models, create new appearance rows, etc. etc., but that's not worth the effort for what is an edge case.
  8. Both. Because the Revan animations are male only, the female version uses a disguise with duplicate female heads that use male animations. In order for modded heads to work, they would need their own dummy head model added, a new disguise appearance.2da row using that head added, a new UTI pointing to that appearance row, and that UTI linked to the added head's default appearance added to the item spawn script.
  9. Sure, it's not difficult. I've made some before when playing around with stylised icon and logo ideas: Although that example is not strictly speaking a wireframe. But it is created in the same way (take a 3D mesh and use an ink/cartoon shader on it), so it's easy enough to do that as well if that's what you want. Edit: The thing with an actual wireframe is that you want all quads for a good result. A triangulated game mesh isn't going to look so hot:
  10. No, you can inject LIPs directly into the appropriate MOD inside the lips folder.
  11. Always use TSLRCM's content as a basis for comparison. And make it clear that TSLRCM is a hard requirement for your mod (as it should be for pretty much any TSL mod). For some GFFs there probably won't be any difference in the resultant ini data. But DLGs, especially for major conversations/cutscenes, are far more likely to have significant structural changes under the hood from even minor in-game differences given the way they work.
  12. Probably easier to just source some new upscales. Either do it yourself via something like Waifu or I can give you some. If your recolours are layered PSDs then it would be an easy swap.
  13. It's a complete non-starter without proper custom VO, especially for the party members and major NPCs like Uthar and Yuthura. But fortunately we are on the cusp of that being a realistic proposition (as in it actually sounding good/natural). As to the mechanics of the rest of it, the way I'd tackle it would be to create a branching point with a cutscene on the Hawk after landing. If you go the "guns blazing" route then you could just load a separate module. Otherwise you'd get the vanilla module. That would maintain compatibility with existing Korriban mods with minimal issues, although certain mods might need extensions to have their content appear in the other module.
  14. K1R, as its name suggests, is primarily focused on restoring content that was cut from the game. I think the primary examples are an additional level of the Black Vulkar base on Taris and the Pazaak tournament on Manaan. It does include some bug fixes, but that isn't why people use it. K1CP, on the other hand, is exclusively focused on fixing bugs and other issues. It makes the occasional quality-of-life change, but for the most part it is intended to be fairly seamless and unobtrusive. As K1CP has expanded, the scope of changes it makes to various modules mean that it is no longer considered safe to use with K1R. There are certain types of changes that can't be integrated with TSLPatcher. Hard conflicts like two mods overwriting the same script that would require manual merging. I'm sure with some effort they could be made compatible, but nobody has expressed any interest or volunteered to create such a patch that I am aware of.