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  1. I don't use Blender as a general rule, so you'd have to look up a tutorial for that. It's not a KOTOR-specific operation.
  2. If you are looking for character animations then yes, they are on the supermodels. Note that if you are wanting to modify an animation, you do not want to touch the animation on the supermodel itself. Import a copy of that animation onto the target model (for example the Dark Jedi in your screenshot) and modify that version. That way only that specific model will use the modified version. Everything else will use the vanilla animation.
  3. Character models typically use supermodels for their animations rather than having animations directly on the model itself. You can see the root supermodel designation in your screenshot in the OdysseyBase properties (just above your circled section). Supermodels exist in a hierarchical chain, with animations being pulled from multiple files. Animations are always pulled from the lowest (i.e. first) instance in the chain, so animations on the model itself will override any animation of the same name in any of the supermodels. This allows males and females to share some anims but have unique variants for others. For example, the base supermodel is S_Female03, which only female characters use. The next one up the chain is S_Female02, which is what males use. That allows for there to be separate walk animations for males and females, for example.
  4. Make sure you edit your swkotor.ini to set the resolution under the [Graphics Options] section. For example: [Graphics Options] Width=2560 Height=1440 Also, I have always found the best results when telling UniWS to patch the 800x600 resolution. I have gotten issues when trying the others in the past.
  5. Sounds like adding a _false.utc to the Override would be an awesome troll mod.
  6. Given that the mod works fine for everyone else, it's unlikely to be the cause. The primary element of the mod is an edited room model, the files for which are in your Override folder - m10ac_31a.mdl / m10ac_31a.mdx / m10ac_31a.wok. The other change is a tweak to the module's GIT to reposition the engine placeable. But that's not practical to revert if you've installed a bunch of other mods, which clearly seems to be the case. It also shouldn't cause any problems anyway. To start with, before deleting any files I would suggest going to the Modules folder and temporarily moving tar_m10ac.mod somewhere else. Try loading the module again. If it doesn't crash then it's something injected into the module. If it still does, then it's something in the Override folder.
  7. This should only be possible with the Aspyr version of TSL, since they added controller support to it. Won't/can't happen in the vanilla version or in K1. At least not without some emulation layer allowing controller input. So as with many other problems it introduces, your life would be easier rolling back to the "legacy pc" version in the betas branch drop-down. At least for future reference anyway. You don't want to do it mid-playthrough since it will nuke your current install.
  8. It's definitely not a mod issue. It's user peripheral input for sure. Might help to see the full contents of Device Manager to see what's plugged in.
  9. I haven't played ME for several years now, but for ME1 if you have an AMD CPU you'll want the "Silent Patch" which fixes broken lighting on character models on Noveria - https://cookieplmonster.github.io/mods/mass-effect/ There was an alternative mod that did the same thing before that on Nexus (might still be there) but it was laced with adware. Here's an exhaustive rundown of what is happening under the hood to cause the issue for anyone interested.
  10. Yes, replacing the exe with HoloPatcher will prevent the issue happening.
  11. Specifically, it nukes files that use certain characters in their filenames when it repacks the MOD for the Grove module, meaning that k_pdan_state1-.ncs and k_pdan_state1+.ncs get deleted. These scripts are the starting conditionals that check the value of the DAN_BOLOOK_STATE global, without which the DLG won't function correctly.
  12. Is the ship meant to be crashing into the station?
  13. It would be useful to know which site, specifically. Is that the only version of the texture available? It's only 128x128 which would be pitiful even when KOTOR was new. Edit: Just had a look at the model and it isn't going to work. It uses blendshapes (AKA morph targets), not skeletal animation.
  14. So it's already rigged then. That makes things a lot easier. I gather this is something you downloaded somewhere?
  15. Simply rigging it isn't going to achieve anything unless you also create a suite of custom animations for it as well. Let's be honest, nobody is going to do that for you. Your only practical option for custom models is to use an existing skeleton so that you can use its animations. I don't think there's any quadruped rig in either game that would work for a cat though.