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  1. It explicitly says no public distribution, so yeah that's out. I would suggest you get GMax from Turbosquid (free) and use that to fix the smoothing groups. Without a finished I/O script, Blender isn't up to the task of dealing with KOTOR models.
  2. Depends on the nature of the mod and what permissions he prescribed. From the screenshot it just looks like the vanilla model. What's the actual mod?
  3. I don't know how Blender does it, so I can't really help on that front.
  4. Looks like the cross-mesh shading issue. Grab one of the newer beta releases in the MDLEdit thread in the tools sub-forum. The latest should be something like 1.0.9b3, but it has problems with danglymeshes/AuroraFlex, so you have to revert back to an older beta for those (something like 1.0.6b). Make sure that both robe meshes have the same smoothing group ID to ensure consistent normals across the seam. No. Head textures specified in portraits.2da will be applied to the entire model, overriding any direct mesh assignments.
  5. The mesh needs more subdivisions, at least on that back part. And the split should just be done as actual geometry. I don't have the time or interest to spare in remodelling and remapping it at the moment though.
  6. Is that a stretching issue on the lower "skirt" part on the back there?
  7. I'm not sure that's particularly relevant to the job of making textures. It will need a proper custom shadow caster at some point, but for now I'm sure you can live with the standard skeleton shadows. Redownload from the above link.
  8. No, the model for that one uses the vanilla texture. If you want the custom texture, you use the model associated with that.
  9. Sure. I haven't looked at it for 2 years, so knock yourself out - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Carth_Comics_Overcoat_Beta.7z
  10. ?? There's nothing to work out, just time to devote to it. The basic skeleton of the scene is already done and will be included in K1CP v1.8: All I have to do for the hologram version is edit a couple of extra scripts.
  11. I would actually prefer you report issues directly on Github if you are willing to do so. That's exactly what the issue tracker is for. If you want to repost all these over there, that makes my life easier.
  12. We already know why. The same reason they made a bunch of other head swaps for the PC version. To try and increase the diversity a bit. Anyway, this is not a subject open to debate for K1CP, so kindly take any further discussion of the matter to a different thread.
  13. The next menu will be even better. It will be Vandar standing on a bar stool, so you can see him over the fog. After that, maybe T3 doing an Empire Strikes Back tribute.
  14. You don't want to do that by the way. You want to create a MOD and inject your changes into that. Edit: Try this @Stormie97 and see if it works (you'll need to add your item's template name and compile it): void main() { object oStore = GetObjectByTag("m_202_001", 0); // To make sure the item only spawns once, check Dendis for the presence of // a custom local boolean we'll create. If it returns false, spawn the item. // Since the DLG we are firing the script from is owned by Dendis, we can use // OBJECT_SELF for any call that requires a target object, like the boolean set/get. if (!GetLocalBoolean(OBJECT_SELF, 66)) { // The check returned false, so set the boolean to true so that the // item won't spawn a second time on future triggers of this script. SetLocalBoolean(OBJECT_SELF, 66, TRUE); // Create the item in the store's inventory. The values are of the form: // Item template resref (string) / target (object) / item stack size (int) CreateItemOnObject("item_template_here", oStore, 1); } } After compiling it, you'll also need to edit Dendis's DLG and add the script name to one of the nodes. I would put it in the Script #2 slot on Reply 9 ("Just let me shop"). Just make sure not to replace any existing script.
  15. You could spawn it via script, either adding it to the store or a container. There would be a couple of ways to go about it. Hijack the module's OnEnter script and have it spawn it (and use a local boolean to make sure it only spawns once). Or edit the merchant's DLG and add a spawn script on a repeated node (like the generic greeting they always do, etc.) that does a similar check/spawn.