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  1. There is no 920MAL vanilla or TSLRCM module. Do you mean 902MAL (Malachor V Depths)? Although I don't see that script in there. An added module from M4-78 perhaps?
  2. Image data is specified in reference to an origin point (i.e. one corner). Some programs use different origins (e.g. top left vs bottom right). Using a different origin than what Odyssey requires will result in your image being flipped, since it will display the pixels according to its own hardcoded origin, not the image's. You can try using TGA2TPC which has an automatic flip detector built in and see if that works. Edit: Doing some quick Googling, it seems that Krita exports TGAs with a top left origin, whereas Odyssey expects a bottom left origin. You can try flipping your image vertically before exporting the TGA from Krita if you don't want to try converting to TPC as I suggested above.
  3. Unless something has changed, that would be NCSDecomp which is from Xoreos Tools. It's not something you should be using since it is only partially functional. Use DeNCS instead, which requires Java. Although for most people that shouldn't be required too much longer, as the Community Patch team is working on decompiling all of the vanilla scripts from both games (well all the ones that can be decompiled anyway). HT should automatically load these for you in a future version. NWNNSSComp is the KOTOR-specific port of the community Neverwinter Nights script compiler that has been in use since KOTOR modding began. You can run it via a commandline (or batch scripts), but HT is set up to use it silently to compile scripts created in its script editor, so there should be no need to run it manually.
  4. Whatever body model that is doesn't have the correct UVs for your adjusted texture. Edit: What program are you using to export the TGAs? You could have the flipped origin issue.
  5. It should be easy enough to combine them. Just decompile the K2CP one, open the ASCII, find the disabled anim and edit the following: node dummy Mesh01 parent talkdummy orientationkey 0.0 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0333333 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 endlist endnode changing it to: node dummy Mesh01 parent talkdummy selfillumcolorkey 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0333333 0.0 0.0 0.0 endlist endnode (it doesn't need an orientation key anyway).
  6. No, that's still an open issue - https://github.com/KOTORCommunityPatches/TSL_Community_Patch/issues/79 The existing HK models are from JC's Shader Fixes.
  7. It's because they are 2048x1024. TGA2TPC is currently broken for non-square textures.
  8. Yeah. In fact I posted some batch files for it just the other day - https://deadlystream.com/topic/9793-tlk2xml-doesnt-work/?do=findComment&comment=87704
  9. You should only need one script. With TSL you can have a generic template and specify the creature tag and feat ID in the DLG, as I described in this post.
  10. How long is "too long"? What are you using to compile the TLK? The end game credits are mostly comprised of one gigantically long single entry (42190) that's roughly 600 lines or so, so I find it hard to believe that length would be an issue for any regular entry.
  11. From Xoreos? All of the Xoreos Tools exes are commandline. They are intended to be used from a console with user-supplied arguments. I have a couple of batch files for converting TLKs back and forth: @echo off set /p gametype="Please enter either kotor or kotor2 to specify game version: " set /p tlkname="Please enter the filename of the TLK (without extension): " tlk2xml --%gametype% %tlkname%.tlk %tlkname%.xml pause @echo off set /p gametype="Please enter either kotor or kotor2 to specify game version: " set /p tlkname="Please enter the filename of the XML (without extension): " xml2tlk --%gametype% %tlkname%.xml %tlkname%.tlk pause TLK_to_XML.bat XML_to_TLK.bat
  12. You can just add new rows in heads.2da that use my head model and then specify the texture you want in the alttexure column (leave the DS transitions blank). Then point to that row ID in the normalhead column in appearance.2da for the specific row you want to change.
  13. Doesn't matter, since they don't directly interact. But the patch has to go last since it overwrites the Rodian Jedi model.
  14. Most of the various head tex columns are for the DS transitions. They start at "headtexe" and work backwards (right to left) - Evil, Very Evil, Very Very Evil, Very Very Very Evil. These equate to D1, D2, D3, and D, respectively, for vanilla player head textures. Although as applied in heads.2da all the vanilla heads only make use of two DS textures, D1 and D2, with D1 covering the first three stages and D2 only applying at the VVVE stage. By default Kreia should never make use of DS transitions, since she is locked at neutral alignment in her party incarnation. However, per that screenshot you posted from Visas's viewpoint, they may script a change for that scene which would apply since that's a stunt NPC, not party Kreia. I haven't looked through the TSLRCM scripts for that module as yet though, so I'm unsure of the specifics of what goes on under the hood. What is it exactly you are wanting to do?