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  1. LiliArch

    K2 Community Patch

    You are aware that it shouldn’t be used with TSLRCM, right?
  2. I just learnt that I got accepted to university. Can’t decide whether I should be thrilled or scared.

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    2. LiliArch


      Computer science.

      To be honest, the thing I’m mostly worried about is money. 😕

    3. DarthParametric


      As a bitter old man who has done a number of degrees, let me pass on this: the piece of paper you get at the end is essentially worthless. How worthless varies somewhat depending on the field, but ultimately all it really amounts to is a tick of one box on a long list you'll be measured against when trying to get a job. My advice would be to try and get as much real world experience as you can during your undergrad so you actually have something meaningful on your CV once you get the piece of paper. The world is awash with degree graduates. Make sure you come out of your degree with something that helps you stand out from the pack.

    4. LiliArch


      It’s a bit late for that, since I’m technically a bachelor already (trading that for a master’s degree). Technically. I mean, the degree I have is not exactly a bachelor’s (other than in English, anyway) but it equals (Finland’s schooling system may be a bit confusing). Not that it would have done me any good. One of the reasons for me to apply was to get something reasonable to do, since it seems to be impossible to get a job anyway (without having years of experience, which is impossible to get if you never get a job without experience in the first place. It’s crazy, but I probably don’t need to tell you that). Here’s hoping I’ll be able to build some connections at least.

  3. So... Steam decided that since my profile is not public, I don’t need to be able to see it. While I’m logged in. Just... what.

    1. VarsityPuppet


      Steam is a piece of work... lol

  4. In your opinion - Could a Sith carry a lightsaber that’s not red?

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    2. LiliArch


      Dominating and bleeding crystals? Good thing I don’t care about Disney canon.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      That's Disney for you: trying to get blood from a stone.

    4. Effix


      I really dislike what they did with that. So yeah, I ignore it... for me a Jedi or Sith can carry any colour.
      It's not like we saw Anakin's saber turn red during his fall to the dark side, episode 3 is still canon? Silliness...

  5. LiliArch

    [WIP] Twisted Rancor Trio Revamp

    I believe someone has done that in the past; if the target was stunned, they did a ”dance” animation instead of the ”stunned” one. I think. I never tried the mod.
  6. LiliArch

    Ajunta Pall WIP

    Is the fake header same for every file?
  7. LiliArch

    K1 Community Patch

    It just occurred to me - have you fixed Canderous’ quest, where the quest doesn’t update if you don’t deal with Jagi a certain way? I think K1R didn’t, although I may be wrong there (I haven’t played it for a while, and not reached that part in my playthrough with the newest one in any case).
  8. I was in a car accident. People are fine, car is mostly fine, deer didn’t report in for a check-up but run away. I got a good scare, that’s for sure.

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    2. LiliArch


      Yeah, it could have turned out quite nasty. Although the realization that I could have died without even knowing is way more frightening than the actual incident. (I was napping on the back seat, so pretty much all I gathered was a ”whoa”, a sharp turn, and a ”thunk”. Luckily the deer was already mostly past the car’s nose at that point. And even more luckily, it wasn’t a moose.)

    3. Purifier


      Glad hear you made it out okay and doing fine, LiliArch. Try not to think about what could of happened, sometimes that leads to anxiety in my own personal experience. Think positive thoughts like something funny you saw on the TV the other day or a joke you heard. :D That always helped me in the past.

    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Glad you are OK!

  9. LiliArch


    So it treats _ as whitespace inside a string?
  10. LiliArch


    I can send files, if that would help. (I have a 75-% complete KotOR rig for MakeHuman already, it’s the Blender part that’s giving me grief.)
  11. I am in comic heaven.

  12. Congratulations everyone!
  13. LiliArch

    New Site Layout/Format

    I seem to be unable to access my older PMs from my Inbox. No matter what I do, I seem to be able to have the list show only 5. What’s the deal with that? Nevermind, my browser was playing tricks on me. The list scrolls after all.
  14. LiliArch

    [WIP] Star Maps Revamp

    Probably not, but it would save you from the trouble of screwing up the original room binary.
  15. LiliArch

    [WIP] Star Maps Revamp

    Technically, you could make the map and its accessories a separate ”room”. Rooms can exist inside each other.