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  1. ...they may not be needed anymore though, assuming that the version FS uploaded actually includes the fixes I made for it. I cleaned up a lot of junk and bugs from the installer. 🤷‍♂️ Well, assuming the issues weren’t met in the fixed version instead (I’m assuming here it was the original one), in which case a notification there would have been appreciated.
  2. You need a save before ever entering Korriban, if I recall correctly. Otherwise, it is safe to add mid-playthrough.
  3. It may be, actually. It’s quite small with mobile, too. And now that I’m at it, I second SH’s point as well, just in case it’s browser-dependant.
  4. Huh, I always thought that the torch body was a placeable (and as such, doesn’t need a walkable position to be on).
  5. I believe the Peragus morgue also has a bed with a walkmesh on it (probably the one with Kreia?) that could be used as a reference, but I could remember wrong.
  6. I do recall encountering in some 2da (can’t remember which one, could have been appearance for all I know) that the numbers in the id label skipped over two numbers, which caused the shown numbers and the actual row numbers to not match, which broke things (and fixing the row numbers fixed the issue). Just in case, be on lookout for those?
  7. LiliArch


    No, you need to point it to the workshop folder where the dialog.tlk is, not the root workshop folder.
  8. LiliArch


    You need to point it to the workshop folder of where TSLRCM & M4-78 (assuming you have the compilation of them both) is.
  9. LiliArch


    You need to install it into the Workshop folder, not the main game folder, if you got TSLRCM & M4-78 from Workshop.
  10. There is a setting for viewing (or not) the signatures in the signatures section in the account settings. (Although I still can’t see them for some reason, but I’m also not convinced it isn’t just a mobile being antagonistic.)
  11. Did you try it other way around? It is what this error usually is (installer being unable to deal with compressed files when the path is marked wrong). Well, that, or OS being cranky. Also, remember to restore the game installation to the state it was prior trying to install the mod. Trying to run the installer multiple times without it being able to complete is just begging for problems.
  12. You need to find the offending line in the changes.ini and swap the \ (or /, I never remember which ones they are) vice versa.
  13. Is there functions to edit those flags?
  14. Worldbuilding question: in your opinion, what makes villain a villain?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. DarthParametric


      I think he is probably more nuanced than that, depending on which version you are talking about, but I don't follow comics much, especially DC, so I can't claim more than a passing knowledge.

    3. Canderis


      The Christopher Nolan film was what I was referring to

    4. LiliArch


      I don’t recall what happened in that film, but I definitely agree with you, especially as an answer to my original question. After all, I didn’t ask what makes villain an interesting character, and I seriously doubt that a character who acts solely out of malice would suddenly be not-villain due to their lack of noble goals.

  15. Looking forward to it!