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  1. LiliArch

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    Could you give a sample of said dummy aabb node, in case I want to make my life more difficult?
  2. LiliArch

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    For the record, if you need raw-ish comparing done on binary files, I have a software for that. In case you want checking done on differences between vanilla and compiled models. I’m in the process of moving right now though, but that should ease in a couple of days. Just in case.
  3. Huh. I’m not sure if I’ve ever dared to try that one.
  4. For mere weapon models, MDLEdit is quite enough. You read the source model, write it as ascii, load the ascii, set the target game, and write a new binary.
  5. LiliArch

    Area Research

    What makes a single-use placeable easier than making a room model?
  6. LiliArch

    Area Research

    Why would you lightmap a placeable anyway? That would make it un-reusable, since lighting would be wrong in other locations.
  7. LiliArch

    Star Wars: The Darkness Within

    For the most of the meeting, Janek just sat silently, listening and observing; he had nothing to add, and on top of that, taking a reading of others was equally if not even more important than getting all possible information out of the conversation. To say the least, this didn’t sound good. When agent Reskos’ hologram appeared, Janek blinked an extra time, crossing his arms, doing his best (athough not completely succeeding) to not break from his neutral appearance. No, this most definitely didn’t sound good. Well, at least there was no telling what to expect, which could be a very bad or a very good thing. Probably both. ”Splendid”, Janek said as casually as possible, despite his growing nervousness, when a suitable moment finally presented itself. ”Let me get this straight. We’re supposed to dance straight into the lair of a Force-using, mind-controlling, dual-wielding, unaccounted entity, who either is or is connected to a missing Jedi master, and who creeps out the most seasoned undercover agents?” He took a quick breath, and continued: ”Don’t get me wrong, I’m not backing off. I simply prefer to know where I stand.”
  8. LiliArch

    K1 Republic Armor?

    Yeah, in most cases it doesn’t work. My point was, you can’t say it never works, just that in most cases it doesn’t work. As far as factions are concerned, you need to create both a row and a column for the faction. It’s practically a matrix. And then you need utc using that faction, of course. Classes, if I recall correctly, set the required feat table column names (I’m pretty sure it worked there...) and skill/feat progress tables (I think you can actually create new files for that and it works, although I might have used a pre-existing skill gain table) in the main class definition 2da.
  9. LiliArch

    K1 Republic Armor?

    I remember successfully creating new factions and custom (non-jedi) classes with custom feat gains, so the files included in those do work. In K1, at least. What Kexikus said, pretty much.
  10. LiliArch

    K1 Republic Armor?

    Some 2das can be added columns to and game recognizes them no problem. It’s just that not all (or even most) of them can be treated that way.
  11. LiliArch

    [KotOR1] Alterations to the Sith tracker trio(s)

    I’ll be interested to see what you’ve come up with! (For the record, that wasn’t a serious suggestion.)
  12. LiliArch

    [KotOR1] Alterations to the Sith tracker trio(s)

    ”I’m the true Dark Lord of the Sith, bow down before me”? Seriously, I’m not sure it’s even possible to make the protagonist sound serious without rewriting half of the PC responses in K1...
  13. I keep reading ”unread content” as ”undead content”. That’s distracting.

  14. LiliArch

    Steam or GOG Version?

    They’re just a bit harder to install. Perhaps those people from other sites have had problems with not realizing that. It’s a bit different than installing on a wholly non-workshopped build, and the older installation instructions don’t take that into account (naturally, since it wasn’t an issue back when they were written).
  15. LiliArch

    Star Wars: The Darkness Within

    Tython - Jedi Temple The call had been vague, but that was not surprising. Vagueness was something Janek was dealing with on almost daily basis. What was curious though, was the location: Jedi usually cleaned up their own messes, so why would the presence of a spy be needed? The thought was not only confusing, but also unsettling - the Jedi breaking out of their habits could only mean something bad, right? Deep in this line of thought, Janek entered the Temple and stopped for a moment to take in the scenery (exits: check, ambush locations: check). Tython. Why it had to be Tython of all places? To say that the sheer amount of Force-users lurking around the halls was making Janek nervous would be an understatement; for someone with a lot to hide, the fact that anyone could dig into his innermost secrets without him even realizing was a living nightmare. And on top of that, the architecture itself was making him dizzy. That was not good. Focus, Janek told himself. Putting his hands into his pockets, he half-consciously started to calculate totals to twenty, and moved forward, trying to find the meeting location. Easier said than done. He was told to get to a meeting in Jedi Council chambers... but not how to get there. Perhaps nobody realized he wasn’t familiar with the location? As this was his first time visiting the Temple, he had no idea where he should be going. After taking a wrong turn for the twentieth time, Janek finally gave up and asked for directions, which did give him some sense of where he was going, at last. Afraid of being late of the meeting, he rushed forward, almost colliding with a group of Jedi walking on opposite direction, but finally found the correct door. Hopefully.