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  1. Canderis

    LucasForums Lost Forever?

    Tried as well. DP's meme is correct as of now.
  2. Well my new macbook can run SWTOR in a vm. Poorly, but it works. Perhaps it would run better in bootcamp vs a vm.

    Moving across the country in a week, and after the move I'll have my desktop again and be able to play it in a less hacky way.

  3. Canderis

    Korriban Expansion: Modernizing an Older Mod (WIP)

    Locking. They can PM me to re-open if/when its needed.
  4. Got really into swtor again for a week, just in time for my computer to die. Joy.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mutilator57


      I had a similar problem. Got really into the game right as uni break ended. Needless to say it did not end well.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Please post a new update when your computer is fixed/replaced.

    4. Canderis


      @Sith Holocron I've switched now to an older computer that runs it fine. Just less convenient than my laptop was. Having a friend look at the laptop in a few days though.

  5. Canderis

    KOTOR Project Confirmed by Kathleen Kennedy

    The game of thrones guys are making an "old republic" series something like 500 years before TPM. Think this means that she has people working on pitches of actual knights of the old republic something, whether that's a movie, tv show, or game or whatnot is very unclear. As much of a star wars optimist that I am, I don't want anything other than a straight up HD remake of kotor. I'd rather them leave this story alone and tell new ones. Maybe make references to Kotor to pull it into canon but there's just no point in competing with the best story told thus far in this universe.
  6. Canderis

    Onslaught Might come back for this one. Onderon and Duxn!
  7. Canderis

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    Assuming you stop yourself before you kill your dad for talking crap about your sister!
  8. Canderis

    Star Wars jedi: Fallen Order

    I'm still skeptical EA can do something right, but assuming my PC can run this, I'll probably be tempted to try it out.
  9. Canderis

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    The cynicism sounds like Luke from TLJ talking here 😆 I'm enjoying the ride for the most part. To each their own!
  10. Just got home from an amazing weekend at Star Wars Celebration. Next time, I'm gonna have a costume.

    1. DarthParametric


      Slave Leia outfit?

    2. Canderis


      No, only because I could never top this one I saw


  11. Canderis

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    Plus Ian McDiarmid came out on stage right after the trailer was premiered and gave his most evil smile. It was epic.
  12. Canderis

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    I was at the celebration panel today. Honestly, I'm quite the optimist when it comes to star wars, and my jaw about hit the floor when i heard the cackle.
  13. Canderis

    Update From Logan23

    No matter the outcome, whether or not anyone continues this, we all appreciate the time and effort you put into this project and this community. Take care of yourself, my friend!
  14. Obsidian's new space-fallout looks pretty cool.

    1. DarthVarkor


      Good god yes it does.

    2. Malkior


      If it's anything like Fallout New Vegas, I can't wait to dig into the new lore. :)