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  1. Good morning 2019! I begun a rewrite of this a month or so ago because the code was quite bad. (For those fellow coders here, I switched from Vue JS to angular and most importantly rewrote it to use TypeScript to have much stronger file definitions). The program is currently in a state where I can browse both Erfs and Bifs and extract them. I won't be releasing any screenshots right now because the UI is very rough as I had intended to get all the file parsing/extraction code working before I spent long on the UI. I'm posting this update to let y'all know I'm alive, this is still being worked on, and I'd like some help: anyone who has different versions of Kotor/TSL like international releases, steam/gog releases/the old discs/etc and a working copy of KotorTool, I'd like to enlist your help with testing this to make sure that cross-compatibility is ensured. If you're willing to help, post here and I'll PM you for more details. Near term roadmap: 1. All file extractions implemented 2. TPC -> TGA conversion and Preview 3. A functional and pretty UI for browsing and extraction Once I've checked those off the list, I'll release a public version and move on to Editors. Anyways, feel free to follow my progress on GitHub.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if they did that. I also wouldn't be surprised if they just never officially mention Johnson again either. I would be surprised if he did make another star wars anything though
  3. Bumping a thread, I.E. asking for updates, is against the rules here. The great and terrible Sithspecter will let us know when he has something to share. Any further bumping will be disciplined.
  4. Anyone going to the 2020 Celebration in California? I know it's super early, but I figured since it's mostly sold out I'd ask!

  5. Any good robe skin mods for TSL these days?

    1. N-DReW25


      Apart from Effix's robes on the Workshop and on DS, there aren't many new ones. People tend to stick with Kainzorus Prime's Movie Robes for the Padawan model and DeadMan's Movie Robes for the Master model, to be fair they are both very good mods when used together.

    2. Canderis


      Great suggestions. I totally forgot about those mods and I like em a lot.

  6. Ok. It's time someone made a TSLPatcher compatible mod installer for mac.

    Looks like I know what I'll have to do this weekend

    1. DarthParametric


      Then next weekend pitch in and finish off Xoreos.

    2. DrMcCoy
  7. One thing i noticed is they say that everyone will receive the medal but only revan does in this clip
  8. Those are some cool looking lightsabers!
  9. Even better, someone should use a deep-fake AI to make Keanu into the voice of revan
  10. Any of you have blender experience? Is it decent? I know it's hard to learn and I don't know if it'll be worth my time. 

    Better free alternatives?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Canderis


      Looks like there's a major update coming out in July that overhauls the UI of blender. Maybe it will be usable then

    3. DarthParametric


      I seriously doubt it. They can't alienate all the poor bastards that have managed to adapt to it.

    4. Canderis



      Surprised someone hasn't made a UX fork of it and just moved all the buttons around and stuff. Had to use it today to repair a model I've been trying to 3d print and it seemed at least usable. 

  11. Tried as well. DP's meme is correct as of now.
  12. Well my new macbook can run SWTOR in a vm. Poorly, but it works. Perhaps it would run better in bootcamp vs a vm.

    Moving across the country in a week, and after the move I'll have my desktop again and be able to play it in a less hacky way.

  13. Locking. They can PM me to re-open if/when its needed.
  14. Got really into swtor again for a week, just in time for my computer to die. Joy.

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    2. Mutilator57


      I had a similar problem. Got really into the game right as uni break ended. Needless to say it did not end well.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Please post a new update when your computer is fixed/replaced.

    4. Canderis


      @Sith Holocron I've switched now to an older computer that runs it fine. Just less convenient than my laptop was. Having a friend look at the laptop in a few days though.