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    Going to be on my cousin's star wars podcast tonight to talk about the mandalorian if anyone is interested! Here is the link!

  2. For the first time in over half a decade, the original "Canderis" account has been returned to me!
    Add me on Old School Runescape if any y'all play haha

  3. Anyone else find themselves really missing the only LucasForums days? Feeling super nostalgic thinking of those days right now. Good times. Good friends. 

    1. DarthParametric


      Ah yes, trying to block mimartin and getting the "you cannot block moderators" message. Fun times.

    2. Stormie97


      I was to young to know LucasForums, my English wasn't quite there yet. However I'm glad there's still this great community on DS dedicated to KoTOR after all those years.

    3. Mandalore


      I wasn't around for its heyday but it is a real shame it's gone, was the end of an era when the place shut down, even though DS had been overtaking it as the premier KotOR site for a while it was still the venerable old bastion of the community.

  4. Old post, but still very relevant
  5. Well as I was searching through the skinning tutorials and there seemed to be none on how to make a good looking texture with gimp, there was a lot on photoshop but not gimp so I decided to share my knowledge of it with the community. __________ Basics Basics part 1: Selecting an area To make good skins you would need to select a precise area to make it look nice. To do this you click on the drop down menu at the bottom. Usually this has 100% in it as a default. Set this to anything you wish. you should be able to distinctly see the area you wish to select now. Now to select the area you click on this icon and then click on each "bend point" on the area you want. A bend point is wherever the texture bends away from a straight line. Basics part 2: Re-coloring To change the color of a Jedi Robe some beginners use the paintbrush tool. In some cases this might work, but not if you want to make the robes look natural. For a natural look you first select the area you want to change by using the free select tool, if you want to modify the whole texture's color at once you go into "Edit" and then "Select all". Next you go into the "Colors" tab at the top of the page and click on desaturate. Note only do the desaturate step if you want to compleatly change the color, if you don't and you just want a hint of the color in the already existing texture you skip that step. To change the color you go into the "colors" tab again and click on "Color Balance". A menu like this should open. In that menu you drag the bars around till you get the shade you want. This part should be pretty self explanatory as the bars are clearly labeled. If green was your desire, your outcome should be something like this: If you want a more direct color you go into the "color" tab again and go to colorize. This can give you a quick and effective color but might not retain as much detail. Basics part 3- Repair When you select an area and re-color it sometimes you see a tiny bit you wanted that color. To fix this you use the blur function adjust the size to around .15 then zoom in to 800% and take the re-colored pixal section and hold down the blur and "push them" on top of the other area. Advanced This section is for people who know the basic functions of gimp and successfully make a descent re-skin Advanced Part 1- Overlay Overlay is basically changing the way the new layers interact with each other when you paste in another texture. In the "layers, channels, paths" toolbar: There is a dropdown menu here: in there there will be a bunch of options you select and they make the picture somewhat transparent and molds it to the texture. Click on them all till you get the look you want. Note you must have pasted a new layer into it and NOT merged it down. Advanced Part 2- Enhance filter Up in the "filters" toolbar menu there is a section called enhance go into it and select sharpen. Drag the bar in the menu till you get a good look, it really adds to the overall appearance. I will add some more tips when I find them but here they are for now. Enjoy~
  6. I just went to see if anything was on the wayback machine but it seems TUCE and Holowan both no longer have any snapshots at all. There use to be tons of archived pages there! Where'd they all go?
  7. Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy are now on the nintendo switch. Really hoping Kotor/TSL and the original battlefronts follow!

  8. I mean, they did a great job with the homicidal droid turned pacifist companion in the Mandalorian.
  9. Would you modders prefer files inside a file tree to be organized into sub-categories alphabetically or by file type when a directory has a lot of files in it? Or would there be a more useful way to have them organized?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bead-v


      I second that. I hate it when I have to look for something in a .mod in kotor tool! You don't always know the name of the file, in such cases the alphabetical categorization is just annoying.

    3. Effix


      Yes, first the file types alphabetically, then the files of that type alphabetically.
      Things like models and textures don't really have a practical order in KotOR Tool.

    4. Canderis


      Thanks guys!

      I went ahead and implemented that way!

  10. Rim support has been added and I've been working hard on overhauling the UI. I think I will hold off on releasing a beta until I get a 2da and GFF editor added in. Getting close to that though!
  11. Someone pointed out to me today Ren's scar disappears for half the movie. Whoops.
  12. I liked it. I think it did the best it could with the time it had to make up for the flaws with TLJ, answer the questions opened in TFA, keep a similar tone and style to the other movies, and close the entire series out. With how much it had to deal with going in, I think it turned out nearly as good as it could have. I really wish they had had a coherent plan from the start. This trilogy really suffered from the improv.
  13. This is how I currently have the TXI information (when it exists) I can certainly have it save the file as well. I'd been ignoring most of the UX design while getting the functionality built in but before I release it I plan to do a few design passes over it.
  14. I'm running with the last one linked above
  15. Sent you an email 😁 Update here, I've implemented tpc -> tga conversion now. For the public beta now I just need to clean up the UI some and add RIM extractions, which is just a modified version of the ERF format. Edit: Since I know y'all like pictures: