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  1. I mean, they did a great job with the homicidal droid turned pacifist companion in the Mandalorian.
  2. Would you modders prefer files inside a file tree to be organized into sub-categories alphabetically or by file type when a directory has a lot of files in it? Or would there be a more useful way to have them organized?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bead-v


      I second that. I hate it when I have to look for something in a .mod in kotor tool! You don't always know the name of the file, in such cases the alphabetical categorization is just annoying.

    3. Effix


      Yes, first the file types alphabetically, then the files of that type alphabetically.
      Things like models and textures don't really have a practical order in KotOR Tool.

    4. Canderis


      Thanks guys!

      I went ahead and implemented that way!

  3. Rim support has been added and I've been working hard on overhauling the UI. I think I will hold off on releasing a beta until I get a 2da and GFF editor added in. Getting close to that though!
  4. Someone pointed out to me today Ren's scar disappears for half the movie. Whoops.
  5. I liked it. I think it did the best it could with the time it had to make up for the flaws with TLJ, answer the questions opened in TFA, keep a similar tone and style to the other movies, and close the entire series out. With how much it had to deal with going in, I think it turned out nearly as good as it could have. I really wish they had had a coherent plan from the start. This trilogy really suffered from the improv.
  6. This is how I currently have the TXI information (when it exists) I can certainly have it save the file as well. I'd been ignoring most of the UX design while getting the functionality built in but before I release it I plan to do a few design passes over it.
  7. I'm running with the last one linked above
  8. Sent you an email 😁 Update here, I've implemented tpc -> tga conversion now. For the public beta now I just need to clean up the UI some and add RIM extractions, which is just a modified version of the ERF format. Edit: Since I know y'all like pictures:
  9. Good morning 2019! I begun a rewrite of this a month or so ago because the code was quite bad. (For those fellow coders here, I switched from Vue JS to angular and most importantly rewrote it to use TypeScript to have much stronger file definitions). The program is currently in a state where I can browse both Erfs and Bifs and extract them. I won't be releasing any screenshots right now because the UI is very rough as I had intended to get all the file parsing/extraction code working before I spent long on the UI. I'm posting this update to let y'all know I'm alive, this is still being worked on, and I'd like some help: anyone who has different versions of Kotor/TSL like international releases, steam/gog releases/the old discs/etc and a working copy of KotorTool, I'd like to enlist your help with testing this to make sure that cross-compatibility is ensured. If you're willing to help, post here and I'll PM you for more details. Near term roadmap: 1. All file extractions implemented 2. TPC -> TGA conversion and Preview 3. A functional and pretty UI for browsing and extraction Once I've checked those off the list, I'll release a public version and move on to Editors. Anyways, feel free to follow my progress on GitHub.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if they did that. I also wouldn't be surprised if they just never officially mention Johnson again either. I would be surprised if he did make another star wars anything though
  11. Bumping a thread, I.E. asking for updates, is against the rules here. The great and terrible Sithspecter will let us know when he has something to share. Any further bumping will be disciplined.
  12. Anyone going to the 2020 Celebration in California? I know it's super early, but I figured since it's mostly sold out I'd ask!

  13. Any good robe skin mods for TSL these days?

    1. N-DReW25


      Apart from Effix's robes on the Workshop and on DS, there aren't many new ones. People tend to stick with Kainzorus Prime's Movie Robes for the Padawan model and DeadMan's Movie Robes for the Master model, to be fair they are both very good mods when used together.

    2. Canderis


      Great suggestions. I totally forgot about those mods and I like em a lot.

  14. Ok. It's time someone made a TSLPatcher compatible mod installer for mac.

    Looks like I know what I'll have to do this weekend

    1. DarthParametric


      Then next weekend pitch in and finish off Xoreos.

    2. DrMcCoy