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  1. Canderis

    Update From Logan23

    No matter the outcome, whether or not anyone continues this, we all appreciate the time and effort you put into this project and this community. Take care of yourself, my friend!
  2. Obsidian's new space-fallout looks pretty cool.

    1. DarthVarkor


      Good god yes it does.

    2. Malkior


      If it's anything like Fallout New Vegas, I can't wait to dig into the new lore. :)

  3. Canderis

    Obsidian joins Microsoft Studios

    LF's management pretty much sucked since ROTS IMO. They just got louder about it since Disney took over.
  4. No news is no news. Locking this thread. No more update questions. If/when Logan returns to work on this mod, I'm sure he'll let everyone know.
  5. Canderis

    [Request] Serious looking Republic troopers

    It's unfortunate you neglected to read the post right above yours where the poster was warned they broke the rules by doing pretty much exactly the same thing you did. I'm going to lock this now. The project as it stands is dead. If anyone wants to fulfill this request here in 2018, please post a new thread.
  6. Did someone from here pop on my Minecraft server yesterday while I was AFK?

  7. Canderis

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    I just started playing again. Really miss my former guild. Don't know if I'll be able to put much time into this game without them on anymore.
  8. Holy hell this is amazing. Man, can I contribute? I'm a JS developer and this is a lot more impressive of a project than my little modding tool I was working on!
  9. Any fellow DS members going to go to the Star Wars Celebration in April? Just picked up Friday and Sunday tickets today!

    1. LDR


      How the hell is so much of it sold out already?

  10. I know I ask this every few months, sue me.

    Any DS members minecraft fans? I've got a server if anyone wants to join in the fun.

    (No, I'm not 12. I'm just a loser)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. LiliArch


      @jc2I haven’t... I get stuck with my mod build and find myself at Peragus over and over again.

      @CanderisI’m a sort of an on-off fan. Have never gotten myself very much into it, but I tend to play around every once in a while.

    3. Canderis


      @jc2 @LiliArch if either of you want to join I'll PM you the server

      Also I haven't played TSLRCM. Or TSL since RCM came out

    4. LiliArch


      I might give it a try, although don’t be surprised if I won’t stick after all. Never tried multiplayer server. :)

  11. Canderis


    Honestly I don't ever expect to get a real game out of this but if we can get a walking-through demo honestly that'd still make me very happy.
  12. Canderis

    KotOR II High-Res Icon Suite

    Locked to prevent future necromancy. If the mod author decides to revive this project, they can PM me or another staff member to have it reopened.
  13. Canderis


    I'm still so skeptical I'll ever get to download any of this and see it myself but my god I want them to succeed so badly. Every time I see stuff from this i feel that nice sense of happy nostalgia.
  14. Canderis

    Mission Vao with Mira's outfit mod?

    Yeah, I don't like where this thread is headed. I'm going to lock it now.