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  1. Blue

    TOOL:CSLU Toolkit (No Online Licensing)

    Not really, it can import phn files like the original LipSyncEditor by JdNoa. It still needs CSLU to create the phn files.
  2. Blue

    TOOL:CSLU Toolkit (No Online Licensing)

    You might want to look into Hyper-V and
  3. Blue


    Here ya go KotOR1 & KotOR2
  4. Blue

    TOOL:CSLU Toolkit (No Online Licensing)

    Ah ok. Thanks for the info. I think I can work with that 👍 (Edit: Everything is working in Win7 VM)
  5. Blue

    Lip Syncing?

    I'm also working on a visual lip sync editor for my KotOR JS project. I made a post about it here if anyone is interested.
  6. Blue

    TOOL:CSLU Toolkit (No Online Licensing)

    I'm getting similar results as @Ashton Scorpius is above. Getting entry point not found errors on all tcl files I have tried. Never worked with this software before so I could be doing something wrong. I also made sure to use Run As Administrator for the CMD prompt install. I'm also running this on Windows 10.
  7. I've got another small update. This time it's on the KotOR Forge Modding Suite. I took a break from coding over the holidays, so work has been a bit slow on the engine 😇. I had a bit of inspiration over the past couple of days and whipped up a visual lip sync editor. It's still early on, but It will be available for testing in the next release. As always I've thrown in a short video preview below of some of the things it can already do. Key Features List Timeline Editor for easy Keyframe scrubbing and editing Preview heads for visual aid Preview audio that tracks with the timeline Auto loads in audio from the game assets if the lip filename matches Let me know what you all think, and if something like this would be useful. 😃 I'm also thinking it should also be able to add .PHN support since someone seems to have uploaded a version to the site. I just can't get it to install properly on my windows 10 machine. Looks like i'm getting the same error as another person in the support thread for it. 😞 Edit: I was able to get CSLU Toolkit working after some help from @Ashton Scorpius. After referencing the conversion table in LipSyncEditor I was able to get PHN imports working yay! Oh and a little housekeeping.... I don't currently have any plans to do that atm. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I've been hard at work over the last few months. I'm close to putting out a new code release, and I'm in the process of working on a new update video for it. In the mean time I wanted to throw up a quick video showing the progress I've made on Dynamic Lighting and Animated Lip Syncing. Some of the things I've been working on for the next code release are: Handling more NWScript actions (I currently have a bug where While loops loop endlessly. I haven't had time to track it down and fix it yet... ) I'm rewriting the collision detection system to use the AABB trees in the models to more efficiently handle which faces to pass to the RayCaster. Reworked the lighting system to handle FadingLights properly (They now fade in and fade out properly) Lip Syncing data in the .LIP files are now read in and processed during conversations. Reworked the emitter system and most Fountain type emitters seem to work like they should. I still need to add support for Chunk emitters and the other types. Added support for weather emitters that are in the fx_snow.mdl and fx_rain.mdl files. And a ton of other small improvements and changes.
  9. Haha that is great! Oh my bad i'll be sure to look into that. I appreciate the heads up Those all sound like great ideas! My main focus at the moment is to get everything running as close to the original as possible. Once that is complete I would love to look into new features and things of the sort. Thanks for the feedback
  10. The code is now up on GitHub If anyone is looking to get involved hit me up
  11. Wow! thanks for the praise. I've always looked up to the work you and your team are doing, so coming from you that means a lot. I agree the term "further along" is misleading because i'm building off of THREE.js as my base which comes with a scene graph, lighting, shaders, materials, and all that jazz. If i'm not mistaken you all are building all of that stuff from scratch. If I was having to do all of that myself for the past two years i'm sure I would have given up by now. Here is what I have so far on the Endar Spire. Things kinda go off the rails once Trask opens the door. I'm only firing a few scripts like onSpawn, onUse, OnDialogue, and a few module specific ones. Heartbeats loop endlessly for the most part so I haven't turned them back on until I can spend some more time looking into why. I know one of the culprits is GetNextObjectInArea, my current implementation just uses GetFirstObjectInArea instead which causes while loops to continuously loop. I believe GetNextObjectInArea is supposed to return invalid once it exhausts itself. I think if I can get a few more of these core functions working I may be able to get a little farther without using the console. And thanks for encouraging me to contribute to xoreos. I'll be sure to see if there is anyway I can think to be of help. My main drawback is fear of proper memory management because most of the languages I have spent the most time with manage memory for me... though that has gotten me into trouble a few times on this project already. I can also now see the benefits of having the power to capture and release memory at will. Thanks! I sure will 😀. Ok yeah that would be a nice addition. The editor has taken a major step back since I merged the code bases back together. I'll try to free up some time to clean it up so it can be messed with once I publish the code. Thanks for the feedback
  12. I understand where you are coming from. I felt if I was going to throw my hat in the ring I needed to do something different and the xoreos team are definitely doing things the right way building it in C++. I also felt JS would be more accessible for collaboration and ease of testing. Thanks for the feedback! 😃 I would love to get some contributors on board! I've been working on cleaning up the code and trying to get it as presentable as possible. I also want to make sure the project structure and design principals are set before I open it up just yet that way people coming in know where to start and where things should go... I will keep you posted xoreos is an open source implementation of BioWare's Aurora engine and its derivatives, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (or later). The goal is to have all games using this engines working in a portable manner, starting from Neverwinter Nights and ending with Dragon Age II. - This is the description from their GitHub project page. |
  13. Yeah it's using WebGL which was originally based off of opengl es I believe. Though WebGL 2 is now the current standard I'm not sure if the Rendering Engine I'm using fully supports it yet. BTW I'm using Three.js to handle all the opengl interfacing. I'm still using the built in shaders that come with it which supports pretty much all the stuff KotOR seems to require except the animated bumpmaps for water... I'm probably going to have to write a custom shader for that. What kind of modern functionality are you thinking about?
  14. Win 95 in Electron now that just brings a smile to my face 😃. Yeah combat won't work until I get more of the scripting actions working. I did try to hard code some combat stuff early on until I realized it was controlled with scripts for the most part so I put it on the back burner for the moment. Without counting I think i'm close to a hundred or so script actions handled but there are like 8 hundred or so in TSL. Good thing is i've written both games to share code for the most part so K1 get the benefits TSL gets in that department. Percentage wise it's honestly hard for me to say at this point as most of the games rely on scripting and every time I add code to handle a new script action more of the game comes alive. It's still really early I guess is all I really feel safe saying at this point. lol good one 😄! Yeah the Atton grin is weird bastila's legs do something similar in both games. Could be something to do with skin weights but i'm not sure. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. ///// 01. Background ///// A couple of years back I had an idea to create a new modding suite for both KotOR games. My original idea was something along the lines of Kotor Tool on steroids with a built in 3d module editor. As time went on I learned a lot about the game and it's systems getting me to a point where my editor could load an entire module complete with 3d models, sound, waypoints, triggers, walkmeshes, and more. I then realized my knowledge of the underlying engine wasn't up to snuff because I kept making bad design choices on how I linked everything together. Fast forward about a year later after I've poured through about all the Docs and Resources I could find on the original games and the NWN Engine they spawned from. The project has now expanded to include game engines for both games. Yeah I know what you are thinking "Well that escalated quickly" and I have to agree because I never thought I would ever attempt to recreate the original KotOR games let alone in JavaScript lol. ///// 02. The Big Question ///// And now to the big question i'm sure a few of you have asked at this point... Why write something like this in JS? Well because it's fun. I do a lot of work with JS when i'm working on websites and am constantly blown away by everything it can do. It's also cross platform and at it's core platform independent. The original scope was also just for a Modding Suite with some 3d sprinkled in so it made more sense then. ///// 03. The Other Big Question ///// Why not just write your stuff in C++ and contribute to the xoreos team. Well that's simple i'm not even close to being well versed enough in C++ to contribute in any meaningful way to that project. I mean for the most part I can look at C++ code and understand it and get the gist of what it's trying to do. I wouldn't have even had a shot at this if it wasn't for them I owe so much to what they have discovered so far . I do wish them well and hope that once I publish the code they can hopefully find some stuff they can port the their project. And yes I do plan on making this an opensource project so anyone can contribute. ///// 04. Credit ///// I want to be sure and give credit where credit is due. I am totally standing on the shoulders of everyone who came before me. I could not have gotten this far if not for all the people who have shared their knowledge on these and other forums. @bead-v @DrMcCoy to name a few were instrumental in helping me get this far as the MDL/MDX format was really the bane of my existence for a while. Also all of the tool makers who shared source code allowing us to follow in their footsteps. I can't begin to mention everyone by name but if you have put anything out there in regards to cracking a file format or how the internal game mechanics work there is a good chance I have read it and have been helped by it! ///// 05. End Game ///// I really don't have an endgame per se. I just really have a lot of fun doing this in my spare time. I would love to someday have the entire game playable with this engine and finish the modding suite. In the mean time I will post updates when I have stuff to show. ///// 06. Ok That's Enough Talk ///// Source Code: I'm sure by now you're ready for me to show something. So without further delay here is some footage from TSL enjoy! ///// Screenshots ///// I copied the post template from this thread