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  1. Do you have the source for this tool somewhere? I was looking at the 2da file format, but the spec I found seems to have nothing to do with the actual format kotor uses.
  2. I tried doing that already. It has no controls over the rotation speed of the camera. It only has settings for the free view (Caps Lock). The only way I've found to fix this is adjusting mouse sens and DPI from outside the game.
  3. Let's hope this is the right place to discuss. I just ran into a rare bug with Canderous' personal quest, where the final conversation wouldn't trigger (the "I'm not happy with the way my life has turned." one). It has to do with the mechanism which triggers these(where you need to level up to trigger the next), and it makes me think this is not a bug unique to this conversation, but based on the mechanism. The triggers for these convos often include the following condition (i.e. check some global against your level): (GetHitDice(GetFirstPC()) > GetGlobalNumber("T_LEVC")) Which fails if that global number is 20. It should probably be changed to something like: ((GetHitDice(GetFirstPC()) > GetGlobalNumber("T_LEVC")) || GetHitDice(GetFirstPC()) == 20) The fix is simple, but tracking down all instances might be tricky.
  4. Adding "Controls_CameraRotationSpeed" does nothing for me. At least under [Game Options]. Also, the naming convention of that property does not match the naming convention of the others.
  5. For anyone who stumbles on this thread(it is pretty high in google search results): For me it was annoying having to recast everything, so I wanted to do the same thing. This won't be an exhaustive tutorial, just the high-level steps. First, obviously you need the NWScript compiler. The code for the powers is in "k_inc_force.nss". Use kotortool to get it. Syntax is C-like, so you can use any C syntax highlighting you want. This is just an include file. The actual script called is listed in "spells.2da", impactscript column. This is what you will be compiling. After making all changes to code you want, put the base script, and all includes it calls in a folder and compile. The result should be a .ncs and .ndb files. You only need the .ncs file. Put the .ncs file in your Override. These instructions are valid for for all games. Including Kotor 1/2 and even Neverwinter Nights (apart from any filename differences). Misc note: Some force powers just apply poisons. Those are configurable in "poison.2da", not the script itself. Misc note 2: If you want to preserve balance, you can adjust cost in "spells.2da" and damage appropriately.
  6. martixy

    KotOR 1 Restoration

    You know... that bug when first encountering Jolee Bindo still exists. That was 3 years ago.