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  • Genoharadan - Light Side By DarthRevan101

    Genoharadan - Light Side Description: One of the more exciting subplots in KotOR was the Genoharadan, a secret guild of assassins that your player could join and hunt multiple targets across the galaxy. Sadly, you couldn't complete this quest without accumulating a whole lot of Dark Side Points - until now.   This mod allows you to spare the lives of Vorn Daasraad, Rulan Prolik, Ithorak Guldar and Lorgal (There's an option to let Zuulan go free in the game already so I'
  • K2TSLR - The Sith Lords Remastered By sELFiNDUCEDcOMA

    FYI: To discuss this mod and to post bug reports, please use this forum WIP thread, thanks. This is a teaser release of what will be a much larger mod to replace all the textures of Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords. This initial release focuses on Telos as a WIP teaser.   You will either have to start from the start again and work your way up to Telos to see all the textures changed, or, use an old save game to replay the areas once more.   You have a numb
  • Effixian's Zeison Sha / Jal Shey Reskin 2010 By Effix

    ******************************************************** Knights of the Old Republic - The Sith Lords ********************************************************   TITLE: Effixian's Zeison Sha / Jal Shey Reskin 2010 AUTHOR: Effix(ian) CONTACT: PM me on the forums or find me on Steam   ****************** INSTALLATION ****************** Copy all files (or make a selection if you like) to your Override folder.   ****************** DESCRIPTION ***********
  • JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 By JCarter426

    Summary This mod replaces the Jedi robes worn by the player and many NPCs with a more iconic, cloaked one based on a model from K2. I've made some fixes to the model and made new textures both to improve the quality and fit into the game more smoothly. There are three texture options: 100% Brown, Brown-Red-Blue, and Brown-Red-Blue Alternative. The Brown-Red-Blue textures maintain the color scheme of the K1 Jedi Robes. The 100% Brown textures look more like K2 textures, with different (
  • Opening Crawl for K2 en Français By JCarter426

    This is a Bink movie replacing the original movie of the opening crawl for the French language version of the game. Allegedly, the original had spelling and/or grammatical errors, and I have rendered a new opening crawl to correct those, based on a translation by French speaker ttlan.