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  • Effixian's Zeison Sha / Jal Shey Reskin 2010 By Effix

    ******************************************************** Knights of the Old Republic - The Sith Lords ********************************************************   TITLE: Effixian's Zeison Sha / Jal Shey Reskin 2010 AUTHOR: Effix(ian) CONTACT: PM me on the forums or find me on Steam   ****************** INSTALLATION ****************** Copy all files (or make a selection if you like) to your Override folder.   ****************** DESCRIPTION ***********
  • Mission Vao HD by Quanon By Dark Hope

    This mod replaces all Mission Vaos textures. She will have an updated skin which has a bit more detail. I tried to smooth the seams. Work Quanons, edited by Dark Hopa.  
  • K2 Exterior Textures, Part 1 By vurt

    Indeed they do.   Requested often - due to public file sharing sites being what they are of late, νυrτ has generously allowed his mods to be hosted here at Deadly Stream. We'll only be hosting mods that Filefront doesn't currently have - this mod and the previously posted Protocol Droids version 1.1.   On the mod, νυrτ wrote:   "I'm using Photoshop [for these textures]. Pics are my own mostly (taken with my Canon 500D) and some are completed using filters (such as the structure texture on
  • Complete Effects Overhaul alpha By Jorak Uln

    The goal of this mod is to give the various ingame effects a more recent look, i also highly recommend to use it in tandem with my Complete Overhaul series.   This mod is currently in alpha stage; since my goal is to tweak every effect until it looks right, it covers the most common fx effects for now:   Included are:   Fireball Beam Effects animated Force Storm Drain Heal Force Stun Adhesive Grenade Various muzzle flashes   Installation: Since this mod uses animations, XnView is mandat
  • Playable Lizardlike Characters By redrob41

    This mod will add 2 male & 2 female playable characters. The characters are lizardlike in appearance, and I was inspired by the green skinned PC included in the Holowan Plug-in2 (I think that skin was done by Colja).   The race of these PCs is listed as Lizard in the appearance.2da file. I tried to model them after a Star Wars universe race, but I couldn't find one that suited my personal tastes. According to Wookieepedia, there are 5 different mutated sub-species of Nikto. Unfortunately t