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  • Revan's Hoodless/Maskless Flowing Robes For TSL By DarthParametric

    This mod changes the models for the Darth Revan/Star Forge robes to a modified version with the cape and belts seen on the cutscene version of Revan’s robes, but without the raised hood and mask.

    Alternative models with different arrangements of cape/belts/folded hood are available in the mod’s OPTIONAL folder. Once you have finished installing the mod, you may copy and paste the MDL/MDXs from relevant folder to the Override folder, overwriting when prompted.

    This mod relies on Hunters Run’s Revans Flowing Robe TSL mod for the animations. You can download that mod from here:

    Extract n_darthrevan.mdl and n_darthrevan.mdx to your Override folder. If you do not have this mod then you will not have any animations for the cloak or belts.

    How to Obtain:
    When Atris captured the Ebon Hawk, amongst the unencrypted data she downloaded from T3's memory core she discovered some interesting information regarding Darth Revan and his robes. She stored this data for later analysis, turning to the more pressing matter of the Exile's arrival on her doorstep.

    While at the hidden academy on Telos, in the room before you get to T3 you can access the robe data via a console and manufacture a set of robes with the fabrication unit in the same room:

    The male version is a straight replacement for the PMBJ model, so it will not be compatible with any other mod that replaces/modifies that model, or changes the values for that column in appearance.2da. Because of the way animations work, the female version must be set up as a disguise, so it uses its own independent models and appearance.2da rows and is unaffected by changes to the PFBJ model or appearance.2da values. Note, however, that this means it is not compatible with custom female head models.

    The Darth Revan robes use the vanilla PMBJ01 texture, and is compatible with texture replacements from other mods. The vanilla texture for the Star Forge robes, PMBJ02, has no provision for the cape or belts, so I have provided a very basic replacement with those sections coloured. I suggest that you replace this with a better quality texture from another mod. I recommend ZM_StarForgeA08 from ZimmMaster's Revan's Jedi Robes mod. Download that mod here:

    Extract Zimm’s texture from his mod’s tslpatchdata folder, rename it to PMBJ02.tga, and then put it in your Override folder, overwriting when prompted. Make sure you do this after installing the current mod! Additionally, grab the TXI from the OPTIONAL folder and place that in the Override folder as well.

    Known Issues:
    There will be some clipping during certain animations. Some of this is related to the animations, some of it the meshes. If you spot something particularly egregious, then let me know in the comments and I may be able to address it if it is model-related.

    Currently there are no limitations on the generator. You can fabricate either set of robes regardless of alignment, and you can make as many copies as you like (with the caveat of course that once you leave the academy, you permanently lose access to the fabricator). I may change this in future.

    If you are using TSLRCM, or another mod that has added 262tel.mod to your Modules folder, you will get a warning from TSLPatcher that this file already exists and was skipped. This is intended behaviour and not an error.

    Thanks to Hunters Run for the n_darthrevan flowing robes animations, without which this mod would not be possible.
    Many thanks to Fair Strides and bead-v for looking over my scripts, fixing/checking for errors and streamlining syntax.
    Thanks to DarthTyren for his tutorial on camera placement (although I had to source the quaternion conversion elsewhere)
  • K2 Exterior Textures, Part 1 By vurt

    Indeed they do.   Requested often - due to public file sharing sites being what they are of late, νυrτ has generously allowed his mods to be hosted here at Deadly Stream. We'll only be hosting mods that Filefront doesn't currently have - this mod and the previously posted Protocol Droids version 1.1.   On the mod, νυrτ wrote:   "I'm using Photoshop [for these textures]. Pics are my own mostly (taken with my Canon 500D) and some are completed using filters (such as the structure texture on Dantooine), the sky shots are from various sources on the internet, they're heavily edited in PS though. To create seamless textures I use the offset function in Photoshop, [which is] very useful..."   As the textures are quite large, those computers using older graphics cards may be affected.   Installation: place in your override folder.   Uninstall: Take them out of your override folder.   Please leave comments to express your opinion about this mod.   Note: You will also need part 2 to get the complete package.
  • Blasters Reloaded By Malkior

    =__- Blasters Reloaded: -_=
    Ranged Weapon Feats Overhaul for KotOR 2   By:Malkior  
    Description:   Many of my mods span back several years,
    but this one is a bit more recent. Essentially at its core,
    this is a realism mod focused on changing all of the blaster
    feats to be tied to each individual item rather than being learnable on the Level Up screen.
    This in turn means that you will need to purchase a blaster with the Rapid Fire,
    Power Blast, or Sniper Shot feat in order to use those abilities.   -Every single weapon UTI that I could find has been altered to add these feats when it is equipped, so each blaster should carry its own cost and benefit. Blaster Pistols have fewer feats but are generally more exotic, while Blaster Rifles offer more feats as well as advanced and master versions of them. A few unique blasters, like Luxa's Disruptor have their own share of surprises. Each weapon also follows a formula it "logically" would, such as heavy blasters carrying the Rapid Fire feat, and shotguns having the Power Blast. This should change up the general way to play, so experimenting on which weapon to choose may be necessary.   I designed this mod after noticing how in the later game,
    all blasters except for very specific ones become pointless as the
    Master versions of the blaster feats make up for any insufficiencies they have.
    From a realism perspective, this made no sense, as you can't "learn"
    how to fire any gun you find on full-auto; (or any other ranged feat spells)
    and from a practical perspective, it removed the need to use anything other than
    the gun you prefer for the entire playthrough, thus making purchasing weapons
    a futile affair.   This mod is aimed to remedy that situation.  
    Installation:   I have designed this mod to use the TSLPatcher for the
    benefit of mod compatibility.
    To install, hit the "Install Mod" button to proceed with the TSLPatcher
    installation, ensuring there aren't any errors in the changelog.   Uninstallation:   To uninstall, copy-paste the .uti files and feat.2da in your Override folder
    with the files from the "Backup" folder that the TSLPatcher created
    (Should be inside the same folder as the installer .exe).  
    Compatibility:   Please let me know if there are any mods that conflict with mine,
    and I will work to make them compatible.  
    Permissions:   Please inform me and credit me if you would like to add my mod to your own.   Credits:   This would not have been possible without the many people on DeadlyStream who have helped immeasurably including:
    LiliArch for coming up with the mod idea in the IRC chat;
    Rece of RealRece Youtube fame for his work in drafting up the weapon feats for all 60 weapons;
    Fair Strides for walking me through the intricacies of setting up a TSLPatcher Install and helping with this very Readme;
    The rest of DS for their constant support and feedback;
    Fred Tetra for his Kotortool with which the UTI edits would have been much harder;
    Stoffe for the TSLPatcher;
    Bioware for making Kotor 1; Obsidian for making Kotor 2;
    Lucasarts for allowing that to happen; and George Lucas for creating the first Star Wars which started it all...
  • Implant Feat Restoration By N-DReW25

    A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic II The Sith Lords
    Author: N-DReW25
    Release Date: 19.03.2017
    Release Date 1.1: 7.09.2017   Installation:
    Double Click the TSLPatcher.exe and let it do its magic   Uninstallation:
    Remove or Delete all the files with the "e_imp1_01.uti" all the way to "e_imp4_10.uti" (There are at least 30 of those so they aren't listed here)   When the TSLPatcher installs the mod correctly it generates a backups folder within the Implant Feat Restoration folder that contains the TSLPatcher. Open the backups folder and copy the
    "baseitems.2da" and "feat.2da" to the override folder overriding the Implant Feat Restoration files   If you have any problems be sure to contact me for support   Description:
    Kotor 2 is known for a ton of cut content. The TSLRCM restores most of that content but there were some they left behind due to it being not restorable or not necessary. However if you have sharp eyes you might notice the Implant Feat
    is unavailable. This is likely intentional by Obsidian as the Implants in game require a certain level of constitution in order to use them. This is all well and good until you realize you will have to abandon other stats completely for constitution in
    order to get good implants. This mod changes it so that you now require a certain implant feat to wear certain implants. There are three tiers of implants so 3 to 5 level ups should be enough to get max implants whereas before you'd need at least 6 to 11 to
    get max implants   Currently, only Hanhar and Mira have the feats. If you want your main character to have the feats you must give it to them on the level up screen (Since you cannot play as a scout you cannot get implants for free)   Also, ALL implants will require this new feat instead of the constitution. This means there is a low chance of an NPC having no implant since it doesn't have the new feat and cannot use it's implant. This is mostly a good thing as
    it will make the enemy slightly easier   Known Bugs:
    this mod shouldn't have bugs but if there is Just PM me on Deadlystream.   Incompatibilities:
    The TSLPatcher will make it compatible with nearly any mod...but if you do find an incompatible mod please alert me so I can put it in the readme
    Incompatible with Sireyn's Kotor 2 Implant Rebalance   Permissions:
    Do NOT claim credit for this mod and do not use it in your own mods without my permission   Thanks:
    Bioware for such an amazing game, Stoffee for TSLPatcher, Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool, Fair Strides for helping me get the Feat to appear on the character creation screen and everyone who downloads the mod.   Legal:
  • Alternate Revan Romances (UPDATED) By Leilukin

    ORIGINAL MOD AUTHOR: felixfelicitas
    UPDATED BY: Leilukin
    CONTACT: E-mail to leilukin[at]gmail[dot]com, or message to Leilukin on Deadly Stream

    In KotOR II: TSL, players are given options to set Revan's gender and alignment during the first conversation with Atton on Peragus. However, the game always assumes a male Revan is romantically involved with Bastila, while female Revan is romantically involved with Carth.   In March 2015, felixfelicitas released his Alternate Revan Romances mod ( to remedy that problem. His mod allowed players to set Revan's love ineterest(s), or lack thereof, and the rest of the game will have different variations of dialogue to reflect that change. Most notably, Bastila can be chosen as female Revan's love interest, and Carth can be chosen as male Revan's love interest.   Unfortunately, the original mod also had various bugs, including game-breaking ones. After becoming a modder myself, I had been trying to figure out how to fix the bugs with felixfelicitas' mod, and I was eventually successful. With felixfelicitas' permission, now I release my updated version of the Alternate Revan Romances mod.   Changes since the 2.0 version of felixfelicitas' original mod: Many bug fixes, including fixing the game-breaking issue with the 904kreia.dlg file from the original mod The WAV files of the custom VOs have been converted to MP3 format to make this mod compatible with the Steam version of TSL Tweaked the dialogue options to choose Revan's love interest(s) Added an option to refer both Bastila and Juhani as Light Side Female Revan's love interests Increased compatibility with the latest version of The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM) There are two different versions of the modified T3-M4's main dialogue file (t3m4.dlg): one for players who do not have M4-78 Enhancement Project installed, another for players who have installed M4-78EP
          2) INSTALLATION:
    First and foremost, make sure you have The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM) installed since TSLRCM is REQUIRED for this mod to work.   Extract the you downloaded to anywhere you like, as long as it is not within the KoOR 2 directory.   Run altrevrominstall.exe, point the installer to your KotOR 2 directory and let the installer do its magic.   If you also have installed M4-78 Enhancement Project, go to the "M4-78 Enhancement Project Compatible" folder, and follow the instructions written on the ReadMe file within the folder.   NOTE: During installation, a new folder named "backup" will be created by TSLPatcher in the same folder as the TSLPatcher. Do not delete the folder or any of the files within the folder if you are planning on uninstalling this mod.

    STEP 1: Go to the "backup" folder created by the TSLPatcher from this mod, cut and paste globalcat.2da, hk47.dlg and t3m4.dlg into your Override folder.   STEP 2: Go to your Override folder, delete a_createk1cnpcs.ncs, 101atton.dlg, 904kreia.dlg, carthend.dlg, 101101atton116 as well as .lip files starting from 221carthend111.lip to 221carthend152.lip, from 904904kreia300.lip to 904904kreia303.lip, and from gblt3m4501.lip to gblt3m4518.lip.   STEP 3: Go to your game's StreamVoice\101\101atton directory, and delete 101101ATTON116.mp3. Go to your game's StreamVoice\221\carthend directory, and delete .mp3 files starting from 221carthend111.mp3 to 221carthend152.mp3. Go to your game's StreamVoice\904\904KREIA directory, and delete .mp3 files starting from 904904KREIA300.mp3 to 904904KREIA303.mp3. Go to your game's StreamVoice\GBL\T3M4 directory, and delete .mp3 files starting from gblt3m4501.mp3 to gblt3m4518.mp3.  
    For the best experience with this mod, it's recommended to have a completely new TSL playthrough.

    During your first conversation with Atton on Peragus, after setting Revan's alignment and gender, you'll be given dialogue options to set Revan's love interest(s). Regardless of Revan's gender and alignment, you can choose Bastila, Carth, or both as Revan's love interest(s). If you set Revan as Light Side Female, you will also get the option to choose Juhani, or both Juhani and Bastila as Revan's love interest(s).

    Alternately, you can even choose to make Revan not having any love interest.

    NOTE: Even though this mod provides dialogue options to refer Juhani as a potential love ineterest for a Light Side Female Revan, there will not be any extra content for Juhani for the rest of the game.

    If you install this mod after playing past the initial conversation with Atton, and still want to customize Revan's romance, you can change it by using the KotOR Savegame Editor (KSE). Create a new save after installing this mod. Open KSE, expand a save file, and look for Globals > Booleans. At the bottom of the list of global booleans, there should be two new options, fc_revrom_bast and fc_revrom_carth. fc_revrom_bast checks if Bastila is chosen to be Revan's love interest, while fc_revrom_carth checks if Carth is chosen to be Revan's love interest. Switch whichever romance(s) you want to be active to on, and confirm changes.
    None currently known. If you find any bugs or problems, please let me know.       6) MOD COMPATIBILITY:
    Apart from TSLRCM, which is required for this mod to work, any other mods that modify HK-47'a main dialogue file (hk47.dlg), T3-M4's main dialogue file (t3m4.dlg), Atton's initial conversation on Peragus (101atton.dlg), dialogue of Carth's meeting after the Ravager (carthend.dlg) or Kreia's endgame dialogue (904kreia.dlg) are not compatible with this mod.

    If you want to use M4-78 Enhancement Project, I have provide a compatibility patch as noted in the "INSTALLATION" section above.   If you want to use my my Atton Rand and Male Exile Romance mod as well, you need to follow the installation instructions from the mod to make it compatible with this mod.   Among the popular TSL mods, Extended Enclave and PartySwap have also modifed the 904kreia.dlg file. Installing this mod will overwrite the changes made by either mod. However, there should be no game breaking issues if either mod is used alongside this mod.
    You may modify this mod for your personal use. However, if you want to use any files from this mod for your own mod, please ask for my permission before releasing your mod. If I give you permission for it, I request that you credit me and the orginal author felixfelicitas when you release your mod.

    I do not use nor support Steam Workshop, so I do not wish any of my mods to be uploaded to Steam Workshop.  
    8) CREDITS:
    felixfelicitas for making the original Alternate Revan Romances mod as well as giving me permission to use, update and reupload his mod
    The entire TSLRCM team for developing TSLRCM
    Fred Tetra for the KotOR Tool
    tk102 for DLG Editor
    Stoffe for TSLPatcher