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  • Complete Effects Overhaul alpha By Jorak Uln

    The goal of this mod is to give the various ingame effects a more recent look, i also highly recommend to use it in tandem with my Complete Overhaul series.   This mod is currently in alpha stage; since my goal is to tweak every effect until it looks right, it covers the most common fx effects for now:   Included are:   Fireball
    Beam Effects
    animated Force Storm
    Force Stun
    Adhesive Grenade
    Various muzzle flashes   Installation:

    Since this mod uses animations, XnView is mandatory to install the mod properly - without it you can get weird errors like upside down textures, animations running backwards etc.
    Installation of all my mods via XnView is the same and very easy- i recommend to watch Xuuls videos or just follow these steps:

    1.FIRST, drag Part 1 Kotor\Override folder.

    2.THEN, install the Parts 2 via XnView into KOTOR\Override as shown in HowtoInstall.rar.


    This mod is compatible with all mods except the ones which change the fx effects - like Hi res beam Effects or Fire &Ice Whee etc.

  • Blasters Reloaded By Malkior

    =__- Blasters Reloaded: -_=
    Ranged Weapon Feats Overhaul for KotOR 2   By:Malkior  
    Description:   Many of my mods span back several years,
    but this one is a bit more recent. Essentially at its core,
    this is a realism mod focused on changing all of the blaster
    feats to be tied to each individual item rather than being learnable on the Level Up screen.
    This in turn means that you will need to purchase a blaster with the Rapid Fire,
    Power Blast, or Sniper Shot feat in order to use those abilities.   -Every single weapon UTI that I could find has been altered to add these feats when it is equipped, so each blaster should carry its own cost and benefit. Blaster Pistols have fewer feats but are generally more exotic, while Blaster Rifles offer more feats as well as advanced and master versions of them. A few unique blasters, like Luxa's Disruptor have their own share of surprises. Each weapon also follows a formula it "logically" would, such as heavy blasters carrying the Rapid Fire feat, and shotguns having the Power Blast. This should change up the general way to play, so experimenting on which weapon to choose may be necessary.   I designed this mod after noticing how in the later game,
    all blasters except for very specific ones become pointless as the
    Master versions of the blaster feats make up for any insufficiencies they have.
    From a realism perspective, this made no sense, as you can't "learn"
    how to fire any gun you find on full-auto; (or any other ranged feat spells)
    and from a practical perspective, it removed the need to use anything other than
    the gun you prefer for the entire playthrough, thus making purchasing weapons
    a futile affair.   This mod is aimed to remedy that situation.  
    Installation:   I have designed this mod to use the TSLPatcher for the
    benefit of mod compatibility.
    To install, hit the "Install Mod" button to proceed with the TSLPatcher
    installation, ensuring there aren't any errors in the changelog.   Uninstallation:   To uninstall, copy-paste the .uti files and feat.2da in your Override folder
    with the files from the "Backup" folder that the TSLPatcher created
    (Should be inside the same folder as the installer .exe).  
    Compatibility:   Please let me know if there are any mods that conflict with mine,
    and I will work to make them compatible.  
    Permissions:   Please inform me and credit me if you would like to add my mod to your own.   Credits:   This would not have been possible without the many people on DeadlyStream who have helped immeasurably including:
    LiliArch for coming up with the mod idea in the IRC chat;
    Rece of RealRece Youtube fame for his work in drafting up the weapon feats for all 60 weapons;
    Fair Strides for walking me through the intricacies of setting up a TSLPatcher Install and helping with this very Readme;
    The rest of DS for their constant support and feedback;
    Fred Tetra for his Kotortool with which the UTI edits would have been much harder;
    Stoffe for the TSLPatcher;
    Bioware for making Kotor 1; Obsidian for making Kotor 2;
    Lucasarts for allowing that to happen; and George Lucas for creating the first Star Wars which started it all...
  • Friendly Droid Kits By Fair Strides

    » Friendly Droid Kits 1.0 Read-Me
    NAME: Friendly Droid Kits
    TYPE: Added Content
    VERSION: 1.0
    SIZE - Unzipped: 959 Kilobytes, Zipped: 261 Kilobytes
    DATE RELEASED: March 10, 2017   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This mod, for me at least, started out as an idea back when I was discussing things like fumbling grenades and portable cover with Malkior. It re-surfaced when I stumbled upon and investigated the scripts the floating mines used. Then Khaledm99 on the KotOR Subreddit asked about a mod that would do something similar to what I had wondered about, so I decided to go ahead and give this a whirl.   What this mod does is allow you to build a "kit" at the workbenches. This is a one-time-use item that will create a floating mine droid that is friendly to you and hostile to your enemies, a welcome change. The droid can be talked to and given orders to follow you and you can determine how close an enemy can be before the mine will go to attack.   The settings are using the normal mine droid behavior as the defaults. The mine droid will not follow you (it will stay where it's spawned) and will target any enemy within 7 meters. You can talk to the droid and pick between three distances: 5 meters, 7 meters, and 10 meters.   In addition, if told to follow you, the droid will follow the current party member at all times and will stop following if you enter solo mode. Also the behaviors can be adjusted on a per-droid basis.   Lastly, two things: accessibility and damage. I've made it so you can't build the kits until you are level 12 AND have 15 or more points in the Repair skill (items do count towards this). As for the damage, first I'll show the vanilla damage calculations and then my own:   Vanilla: 1 to ( * 4). A level 10 player could expect a mine to do 1-40 damage.   Modified: 1 to ( * 4) + ( * 2). A level 10 player could expect a mine to do 21-60 damage.   I've modified the damage to balance out the weakness of the mines and making the risk a bit more real compared to getting a mine in the face and only taking 1 point of damage...   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    An installation which involves the TSL Patcher has been made ready for your use and is the simplest and easiest way to carry out installation.   You have two choices to pick from when installing the mod. The first will simply install the mod and use my modified damage calculation. The second will apply the modified damage to the rest of the mines you'd normally encounter, just to be fair.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    There are 2 ways to report bugs:
    1: Post your issues in the Bug Reporting Thread.
    2: PM your issues to Fair Strides at Deadlystream.   TO REPORT THROUGH PM   1) Go to DeadlyStream ( ) and search for the user Fair Strides ( )
    2) Send a private message with as much detail as possible of what is occurring in your game. He will likely report back to you within a week.   TO REPORT THROUGH THE BUG THREAD:
    1) Go to the Bug Thread ( )
    2) Reply with as much detail as you can provide, and please list (and preferably link to) all the mods you're using.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Malkior for play-testing and providing feedback.   Box for discussion of the concept and ideas in the past.   Khaledm99 on the KotOR Subreddit for making the request to get me off my ass and working on the idea...   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This mod may be re-distributed and re-uploaded, but I do request that proper credit be given to me for making the mod, even if you use parts of the mod instead of the whole thing.
  • Playable Lizardlike Characters By redrob41

    This mod will add 2 male & 2 female playable characters. The characters are lizardlike in appearance, and I was inspired by the green skinned PC included in the Holowan Plug-in2 (I think that skin was done by Colja).   The race of these PCs is listed as Lizard in the appearance.2da file. I tried to model them after a Star Wars universe race, but I couldn't find one that suited my personal tastes. According to Wookieepedia, there are 5 different mutated sub-species of Nikto. Unfortunately there are already Green Nikto in Kotor (Swoop Gang members), and I wouldn't be able to duplicate their look. Another reptilian species is the Koorivar. They have a large cranial horn that looks great for a senator with fancy robes, but didn't work for a soldier in Kotor (possible clipping issues with headgear). A close possibility was the Falleen, but they have hair, large spinal ridges, and tiny scales. I wanted bald with large scales, and I didn't think that I could model the ridges. In the end I just went with what I thought looked good.   My PCs are patterned after green geckos and desert tan horned lizards, and I have modified PMHC01, PMHA03, PFHB05 & PFHC05. The head models have all been changed to have rounded ears close to the head, with some additional ridges and spikes to the eyebrows and skull. The scales pattern is a re-used Krayt dragon skin, and the hardest part was to make all the scales blend and match at the seams in the model, especially around the ears. They also have underwear skins for all three classes, complete with wet looking scales.
  • Opening Crawl for K2 en Français By JCarter426

    This is a Bink movie replacing the original movie of the opening crawl for the French language version of the game. Allegedly, the original had spelling and/or grammatical errors, and I have rendered a new opening crawl to correct those, based on a translation by French speaker ttlan.