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  1. zbyl2

    Blog #61 - I need a tutorial for a G0-T0 voice filter

    I think #3 is the only one that sounds remotely close to Goto.
  2. That's pretty awesome, congrats. What's xoeros?
  3. zbyl2


    Lol HK. Might as well argue that Jar-Jar is a good character. The elevator scene? No
  4. zbyl2


    That deleted scene in the elevator... wow 😮
  5. zbyl2


    Did you ever? I missed it if you did, I'd like to see it if you've got any links. Cool swoop bike vid. True. What people prefer even more is to see some kind of combat mechanics, so it looks like you have a game at all, instead of collection of cool Unreal level. You can't tell me you haven't been able to prototype combat in couple of years? If you're a pro, you know that making level models before designing quests is a bad idea, and making so many levels without getting gameplay down just can't work. Also if you're hanging around any game dev forums, you obviously see all the people starting rev share games or putting together unpaid teams, then never actually producing anything, so you must understand why Apeiron looks like "one of those" projects to people here. Oh... oooooh. So the game didn't even have a programmer until few months ago? That would actually make sense.
  6. zbyl2


    Oh hi, are you an actual Apeiron developer? Would you mind speaking some more on what your development process is like? It seems from your updates like you've modeled out a lot of levels without getting basic gameplay in place first, which seems weird. Unless I'm mistaken? On that note, can you talk about what your team size is and what kind of people you got working on the game? No idea if it's on your website or anywhere, I haven't followed the project very closely. I know you've got at least some talented Unreal level designers, do you have any full time developer doing actual programming on the project as well?
  7. zbyl2


    Rrestoring bunch of content by an ever changing group of people, or even making a new planet, isn't anywhere near the level of complexity of a game; and 99% of mods that are in any way ambitious get dropped pretty quickly.
  8. zbyl2


    Show me a legitimate, proffesional, non-terrible developer, with any kind of experience, willing to work on a project this complex for free. I'm very interested in hiring that person. edit; by developer I mean a programmer who can do any kind of gameplay stuff. DP did a good job of explaining what they should have done first, but that'd require apeiron team to know anything about game development. also making levels without a gameplay isn't just useless, it's a complete waste of time. You just can't design a level without knowing how the game behaves, how good your path finding is, how your AI behaves and so on.
  9. zbyl2


    Did a youtube video ever change anyone's mind about a star wars movie?
  10. Tbh it's kinda worthless. The question was asked with a click bait already in mind. Once the question is asked, there's gonna be an article about it, and it's either gonna be "OMG STAR WARS CHARACTER IS GAY" or "STAR WARS SCREEN WRITER HATES THE GAY!". "Uhh, yeah, I guess Lando could be whatever" is pretty much the only answer you can give when promoting a 500 million disney movie, doesn't matter whether it's implied in a movie or not.
  11. I've also heard of Marvel fatigue. Which I thought I had, but then Avengers was pretty great, so I guess it's more of "average movie that doesn't do anything new or particularly interesting" fatigue?
  12. There's a third group (me) that likes TLJ and is definietaly going to see Episode 9, just isn't interested in a Han Solo movie. Surprisingly, a lot of people I know who were in the same camp watched the movie and said it was perfectly fine, and doesn't fall into the same dumb fan service trap as Rogue One did, so I'll probably catch it when it's out on blu-ray. I bet he's a villain in Obi-Wan movie that's gonna be announced around the time Boba Fett comes out.
  13. zbyl2

    New Site Layout/Format

    Whoa, found it. Fancy.
  14. zbyl2

    New Site Layout/Format

    WHO ARE YOU I WILL FIND OUT oh hey is there some kind of preview button? I don't see it
  15. zbyl2

    New Site Layout/Format

    Been few days, so I kinda gotten used to some of new changes. I'm not a fan of how big everything is now, but it's not a huge deal. I hate how you can't read whole status updates and its comments from the main forum page, though, can we change it back? There's not even "see more" now, I think you have to click on "replies" to read the whole update, even when there aren't any replies? Also, why can't we see who rated our posts? I want people to know I'm the one laughing at them when I give them a "haha" (congrats to UnusualCharacter for getting all 4 ratings in a single post) I added a "new stream" in unread content that was supposed to only show me threads, but I'm not really sure how to access it again. Every time I go to "unread" I just get the default view. Also, I liked "new posts" on the old forums better than "unread", because it was easy to go back to the latest threads even after clicking on them once. Seemed just more functional.