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  2. Hi Basically I'm on M4-78 and I've managed to get to the part where I have to find a ''Droid Memory Core'' from 1 of the many Cleaning Droids around the area. Once I find it I take it back to IS-43 who tells me to take it to a Maintenance Droid to identify it Now I figured out that the said Maintenance Droid is on the Central Zone, however every time I try to interact with him he just says ''I Don't Have it...'' no matter how many times I click him, even if I leave the area via load screen and come back to him. I also noticed that in my Journal that some of my mission entries are missing text, in fact it's all the missions that I've managed to get from around the planet. I'm playing the game on Steam and have downloaded the following Mod from the Workshop; TSLRCM (English) + M4-78EP (English) ( I had also downloaded this Mod; Love Between Brianna and the Exile ( However I deleted this mod after I believed it was interfering with the M4-78 Enhancement Project as I couldn't find M4-78 on the Galaxy Map after speaking to T3-M4 about Master Vash and her Apprentice. Sorry for the kinda long post but I would greatly appreciate any help or fix for my situation.
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  4. Emperor_Tzphard

    Misc TOR Ports

    As your mods are pretty much a love letter to both kotor and swtor, Is it too much of a request to ask for either the valkorion armor set or atleast a Zakuulan saber staff? I am really loving SWTOR and Kotor but one thing I always wanted in Kotor since KOTFE/KOTET was some zakuulan loot. Ideally hidden on korriban or maybe even the yavin station, anyway, love the idea and the work! Also a couple more sith heads just in kotor head model format so I can replace a couple of npcs in BOSSR with their head models as an addon for BOSSR. In any event, keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing how it all goes! -Gregthegen/Emperor_Tzphard.
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  6. ebmar

    Four Masks Reskins

    Just wanted to drop-by and sayin'; Darth Vhail, those masks are among the best texture works I've ever seen. Those details are insane! And they compliment the game's engine too. But this one- the Sith Mask, is my favorite among all! Amazing. Thank you, for creating these textures and then having them shared. I am enjoying this piece, very very much. Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled. In-game preview:
  7. eNoodles

    2DA Editor Alpha Release

  8. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Darkside Choker Script Editing [K1]

    GetIsPuppet (line 52) was the only "conflict". Since puppets do not exist in K1, I removed it, and it compiled fine. I have not tested, but you can. You will need to rename the file "d333.ncs" to whatever its name should be for your mod to work. I have a suspicion that this is just the beginning. Who knows, maybe it will work great :p decoy88.7z
  9. VarsityPuppet

    2DA Editor Alpha Release

    Could you tell me more about how it's broken? Is the link bad? Is the download itself bad?
  10. Tysyacha

    Star Wars: The Darkness Within

    TYTHON: JEDI COUNCIL CHAMBER "Excuse me, Grandmaster," interjected Master Vek, "but are all of us in this chamber on the task force to find Voleran and the data? Will we all venture into unknown territory?" She looked around, eyes veiled but seeing everything and everyone. "We'll require several ships." "When I said 'task force,' I did not mean 'strike force.'" Shan narrowed her eyes. "Are you volunteering for the latter, Master Vek?" "Yes." Vesi gave a start. The Miraluka had always taught her about caution, patience, weighing assignments before accepting them. Now this? The young Jedi couldn't believe her ears. "As is my apprentice, Vesi Svari, Jedi Consular of the second rank." "Excuse me," Vesi replied, trying not to stammer, "but with all due respect, I am grossly unqualified for such a mission. As my Master said, I've only reached the second rank of Consular training. Against experienced assassins, Dark Jedi or Sith, I doubt I'll achieve victory." A beat. "Besides, I'm equipped with an implant nodule at the base of my skull that could be hacked - exploited - by our attackers. I do not decline such a duty out of insubordination, I assure you, but a desire to protect myself and others from my inexperience." She bowed deeply to Grandmaster Shan, the other Council members, and finally to her own mentor. "I'm sorry." Murmurs from the other Councilors, followed by a firm silencing gaze from the senior Jedi. "May I ask you a question, Knight Svari?" "Of course." Vesi blushed. She sensed that whatever Satele Shan had to say to her next, it would result in disciplinary action. "Was I always this experienced? At your age, with my Force and lightsaber talents, did I hold my current rank?" When Svari shook her head, the Grandmaster continued, "Nevertheless, even in my novice years, I was sent on important missions to serve this Temple - along with my superiors. I did not work alone. Neither shall you. Even if you're assigned to clean battle and reconnaissance droids, will you forsake your chance to serve? Will you fulfill your duty despite your fear? Your Master sees much that you do not, young Jedi." "I...I know." What does she see in me? On a mission of this magnitude, why send someone so weak? However, if I'm needed..." "I accept." "Good." A small smile tweaked the corners of the Grandmaster's lips. "Now, then: My fellow Councilors, I have delegated roles upon the strike force or the task force here at the Temple to each and every one of you. As for the Masters, including you, Canitha Vek, you shall report to your Council superiors each day with the progress you have made on your various assignments. Any other questions?" When silence ensued, Shan said, "Very well. This Council meeting is adjourned, and in the meantime, one by one, come and report to me." As everyone filed into line, Councilors in front, Masters behind them, and apprentices and various attaches in the rear, Vesi asked Vek: "Why?" "Why not?" Seeing as this cryptic reply did not satisfy her apprentice, the Miraluka said: "Trust me, as you always have. Now is the time to put such loyalty and devotion to the test. I'll be with you every step of the way. Let your fear subside, and let courage take its place."
  11. TPK has been delayed indefinitely: 


  12. eNoodles

    2DA Editor Alpha Release

    Very curious and excited to get my hands on this tool, but the download is broken Also- y u do dis
  13. Hey everyone, Well, this is a post I had hoped I'd never have to make, but here we are. I regret to say that the final film in my series: "The Prodigal Knight" is on an INDEFINITE hiatus. This is due to my main voice actor for Zekk becoming AWOL and failing to meet various deadlines and (recently) no longer responding to my emails at all. Because of this, I have finally decided to part ways with this voice actor. I want to say now, that I hold no ill will against this person, this is not a character assassination or a rant against him, but I can no longer continue to delay this film because of him. I have an understanding of his situation and I wish him all the best, but I don't feel it's fair on myself to be kept waiting any longer whilst wondering if I will ever receive the final sets of lines to complete the film. What does this mean for the project? Well, first of all: IT IS NOT DEAD. This project WILL eventually be done, I promise. This setback, however, means I must now re-cast Zekk for this final film and find a new actor to re-record ALL of his lines for this film, not just the remaining few. I won't be happy with releasing a film where the lead changes voice halfway through. They don't do it in the movie industry, and I don't see why I should either. This will take time, yes, but I have all the lines written and ready to go, to be sent in one large batch to whoever eventually takes the part. Auditions for the part are now OPEN. If you are interested, please contact me directly on here. Or, if you have a recommendation for a voice actor, please send it my way. Please note I am NOT able to offer any voice actors any form of payment other than my undying gratitude and an early download link to the film before it goes public. I will not being looking into paid voice acting sites, either. If you want to audition for the role, you must fit the following criteria: - Have access to HIGH QUALITY/professional level recording equipment. I am not *too* picky, but background noise and/or gaming headset mics are a no go. - Have a link to at least one existing showreel you are willing to share with me, so I can hear your work before considering you. - Be punctual when replying to emails and meeting deadlines. - Able to act using a deep and confident tone. For further reference, please consult my previous films to see how Zekk sounded. Please remember: This is a BIG part, with a lot of lines. Please don't audition for this role if you are not up to the commitment. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me as I make it through this film. It will see the light of day, I promise. And I hope you will all agree when I say it will be worth the wait. ~ DV
  14. JCarter426

    2DA Editor Alpha Release

    Been using it for a while now. It's great!
  15. VarsityPuppet

    2DA Editor Alpha Release

    I have created a new 2DA editor that should be a little more user friendly than the standard Kotor Tool one. Current Features: It's got copying and pasting It's got filtering (yes, please try it) Some other third thing Features to come: Error logs (this is helpful for me) Row templates Multiple tabs Please download, use a it a bit and report bugs, suggest features. All that fun stuff
  16. Ragnarök

    Helena Shan Improvement

    So, big problem with the TSL Patcher in this mod. It says "File Not Found! Please locate the "heads.2da" ("heads.2da") file." • Installation started 16/08/2018 3:41:48 PM... • Installing unmodified files... • Copying file P_Helena.tga to the override folder... • Copying file p_helenah.mdl to the override folder... • Copying file p_helenah.mdx to the override folder... • Error: Critical error: Unable to locate file to patch, "heads.2da" file not found! (GEN-9) There is no heads.2da file included in the mod or already in my main/override folder so the patcher cannot find it to add the changes to it. Any fix for this?
  17. Obi Wan Pere

    Rece's K1 Lightsaber Mod (UPDATED+ADDON)

    Same problem here but your fix hasn't worked to me. I've installed this MOD before leave Taris and reach Dantooine, after removing upgrade.2da file the only thing I get is that in the wokbench only is shown the Light Saber upgrade option, but ALL the items (LS, fire weapons, swords and armors) are mixed all together in that option, but I just can try to upgrade the Light Saber, I cannot do nothing with anything else, even using a Save before leave Taris and reach Dantooine.
    Yes! The animated monitors does working for KotOR1, and their animation looks awesome! Thank you, SH- for completing my ship! Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled. In-game preview:
  18. Sith Holocron

    Czerka Sign and Desk Enhancement

    @N-DReW25 and @ebmar: It's been more than a year since I worked on this so take this next part with a grain of salt as I'm working with "old-man-memory" here. From what I recall, the same texture is present in both games as I believe I went through KOTOR Tool looking for it. However, I can't recall exactly where the texture is actually used. Your best bet is probably to check the areas where Czerka is located: the Tatooine Czerka Office, Kashyyyk Edean field office, and/or possibly on Korriban (possibly including the areas added by Brotherhood of Shadows: Solomon's Revenge? I would check this myself but I'm at work. If you'd like to look for them, I would start there. (Feel free to post some shots of the sign if you find one or more!)
  19. Thanks for the heads up, DarthParametric.
  20. ebmar

    Czerka Sign and Desk Enhancement

    Second this! I've been on Korriban and Kashyyyk and still can't find a sign similar to what is like on the screenshot. In spite of that- top quality stuff's, SH! Have been looking at the texture and the first word that came out, "Yes!"
  21. DarthParametric

    [KotOR] Custom splash screen

    It's known as the "legal screen". There are a bunch of existing mods you can look at to see what they did, like this one. I think the gist is a BIK is required for K1, but a TGA is fine for TSL.
  22. eNoodles

    [KotOR1] Alterations to the Sith tracker trio(s)

    I would be grateful if anyone could test this for bugs/oversights/installer issues, as I have some business to take care of for a few hours. After that I'll fix anything you guys report and submit the file Note: You must have talked to the trio twice before you get the new dialogue on the third time you meet them (they're on Tatooine, Kashyyyk and Manaan). You also must have completed the Leviathan in order to get the sixth dialogue option (the only non-joke one where you convince the trio you are the true lord of the sith). If you've already killed them in some places, I suggest extracting the area's .git into your override, as it will make all the stuff in the module reset. Or you could use a save editor to edit the "displeased" global to 2 and "LEV_MALDREAM" to 1 to get all of the dialogue that way. sithtriodlg.rar
  23. Hello! Changing the original (and ugly) splash screen with a custom one is an easy job? Someone could kindly give me a few pointers about how to do it? Is is a simple replacing of one single file (that is my hope)? Thanks!
  24. Phantom

    Who likes Anime? :D

    General discussion for any anime you have watched recently, the same goes for any manga you have read. Me personally, I have just started catching up on Naruto Shippuden - after going on a long hiatus with it. I also started getting back into Studio Ghibli films (most recently Laputa). But in terms of anything non-generic. Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) Highschool students switching bodies, is the basic summary. But will hit you in the feelers... At least for me it did. The story undoubtly has its fair share of plot holes, but I was definitely hooked. The animation and artstyle is also superb. Sword Gai I have tried to get into this... believe me, I tried... but I just could not get passed the first two episodes. From what I gathered, the plot revolves around people with too much money finding Legendary swords with their own shady past, with a mix of senseless violence. In terms of story elements, I am drawing a lot of similarities with Berserk, Elfen Lied and most especially Fullmetal Alchemist, to put it bluntly... but keep in mind, that is JUST my observation. What slammed the final nail in the coffin for me was when one of the characters "summons a lightning sword" - instantly reminded me of the cheesiness from He-Man or Thundercats (gems from their own time period)… But with that said, I will leave this up for your own judgement. I'm probably being too harsh with this particular anime. Feel free to share your list, thoughts, recommendations or anything you're curious to watch.
  25. DarthParametric

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    The torso and arm meshes in the supermodel use completely different names, had their trimesh alpha values set to 0.5, had their render flags set to 0, and had all their alphakey nodes removed. I don't think the cause can be pinned on them. The problem for me is, is this something I am doing/not doing, some sort of bug, or just the game being a dick. Edit: Maybe it is the game being a dick. I edited the DLG and pointed that line of the LS cutscene to the (different) animation used in the equivalent line of the DS cutscene. Despite there being no problems in the DS cutscene, that animation in the LS cutscene also suffered the same torso and arms going full opaque issue. Edit 2: And I also tried switching the (off-screen) animation used in the previous line to the DS scene equivalent. Again, still does it. I don't know what the hell is going on.
  26. JCarter426

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    Oh, ack... roundabout solution to roundabout problem, should've figured. If that's the case, I believe you can still edit the initial alpha value on their individual mesh nodes.
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