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  2. I did not know that. If anything I have had more graphical issues with K1 (frame buffer effects working sporadically) than TSL, aside from this bump map issue. But why would the app running in wine cause this problem? Many if not all of the other bump maps render fine. It seems to only be the water textures. Maybe it has something to do with the textures being animated?
    Interesting mod, lots of potential! Nice voice splicing, by the way. Most of the lines are super recognizable for those that played this game bazillion times, but they're still fun to hear. Although this mod certainly adds to the replay value, at this stage I feel the Genoharadan faction is way too similar to the Exchange. They have the same base of operation and the storylines are directly linked. The new fight sequences and additional dialogues are nice but don't feel particularly refreshing. Completely separating the Genoharadan storyline from the Exchange storyline and change its base of operation to another planet (something like Telos surface military base) could potentially boost replay value. I would suggest adding some motivation for the Exile to go after Genoharadan. Perhaps instead of the Exile being kidnapped, its one of his/her companion like Atton that's kidnapped. And despite Kreia's disapproval, the Exile decides to go after the kidnapper and is lured to another planet for a final confrontation.
  3. I have the GOG version. And all this mods. Some mods > Its the videos rescaled to 1080 and the HD overhaul from nexus. The 1c - UI fixed its all the zzz packages prepared to install with one click.
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  5. List all of your mods. Provide links even if they are on this site. Should we assume you have that you have the Steam version?
  6. Woah lots of Nar Shaddaa bashing is making me sad....JK, JK. K1: Tatooine-for the fun quests, nostalgia, the loads of interactions, and that battle with Calo Nord at the end (I always go to this planet first). K2: Nar Shaddaa (given my name sake :P)-for the mystery, the music, the Exchange battles, the exploration, getting the majority of your remaining party members , and the Genoharadan fight at the end (thanks to my good friend @N-DReW25 ).
  7. You should finish the game! It's very good! Probably my fav game ever tied with KOTOR 1. Though like @Ebony Moon said the end game is very sad/not a lot of fun since we never got a proper conclusion (aka KOTOR 3) and instead we got a book that in my opinion ruined the series since several characters like The Exile and T3 are killed off, Revan is captured for like 300 years and other characters like Bastila grow old and die and never see Revan yeah all that sucks to me. But if you're interested in a fan made KOTOR 3 after finishing K2, then I suggest you try this incredible mod:
  8. I am stuck after the first scene of Malak, and the scene doesn't trigger, so the assault droids don't move from their positions, so I can't advance. I need help with this. One person in one thread pointed out that it was some kind of texture problem or skin problem with Malak. I have this mod installed > I tried erasing from the override folder every archive named Malak, but even doing that, I cannot advance. I had found two threads in steam talking about this bug. 1 > 2 > Please help - I have played all the game, and now I cannot finish it.
  9. Is The Exile the John Wick of the Star Wars universe (ignoring the Revan book, of course)?

    1. jc2


      You didn't kill the Exile's dog, u stole his lightsaber...

    1. Mellowtron11


      Man, I thought they were really scrapping the barrel with all the live action remakes of their animated films. But this just takes the cake.

    2. DarthParametric


      The answer you are looking for is "money".

    3. DarthVarkor


      I wouldn't care at all if they were churning out another sequel (I didn't even bother with Prometheus and Covenant), but if they actually plan on remaking the original Alien

  10. They were updates for mod's screenshots. Before this some mods were missing their screenshots, so Mods/Admins doing some BTS stuff to make them back; hence the notification. Though some are doing actual update to their content, and one might look at the changelog to see what's going on with them.
  11. Recently there were a wave of updates for mods and it has become a pain scrounging through them to find out if it was an actual update or something on DS's end.
  12. What changes were made in the last update?
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  14. If they (aspyr) are just launching wine or crossover mac on mac os to run Kotor 2, then most likely this is an issue with the version of Wine being used for Kotor 2 for Mac. I believe Kotor 1 runs native on Mac OS where as Kotor 2 is not compiled for Mac but instead just run inside a wine container.
  15. It seems that originally, the final boss would be either Atris or Kreia depending on your game choices, but they must have cut that pretty early on. And that's fine. The frustrating part is that Atris has some voiced lines in the Trayus Core that Kreia doesn't and they would be really nice to have.
  16. Wow, Improved Grenades mod has 3.7k downloads on deadlystream... It's a nice mod, just didn't expect it to by the most popular mod. The second most downloaded mod I made is Revenge on the Sith Lady, this perplexes me and amuses me.

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    2. jc2


      @JCarter426 Haha, I had forgotten that my mod made the "List," that would certainly explain its popularity. 

    3. Salk


      I like the idea behind it but I was wondering if it might be possible to make the damage be different depending on how far from the center of the explosion the affected targets are?

    4. jc2


      @Salk Idk... I have no idea, that might be out of my league to pull off.

  17. Well that makes sense as to why Atris has that dark side robe model in the game.
  18. Any mods that you would like to override the K1CP just need to be installed after it. Anything put into the override folder will take precedence over the K1CP changes in the various .mod files in the modules folder.
  19. Regarding the change to Uthar and Yuthura's outfits... will that be an optional change? I intend to use a mod that changes the NPCs to wear Sith robes so...
  20. Step 3 now in progress as I type.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Step 3 packages have arrived and been unloaded. Step complete. (Now to unpack the computer.)

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      As if I needed a reminder, unpacking isn't fun.

  21. ------------------------------------------------ 94 - HK-47 Upgrade Kit by G0t0 Here Ind By @Medragor-des ------------------------------------------------- Nice view from G0-T0's Yacht -------------------------------------------------- The GenoHaradan in Nar Shaddaa ------------------------------------------------ ...and Nar Shaddaa and G0-T0's Yacht are over. ------------------------------------------------ Let's go to Dxun!!!!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------
  22. I looked at your profile, and must wonder: did you register to Deadly Stream just to post this comment? Seriously? Did you actually read through my previous replies here? Because I had posted this before: It's about respecting representation of marginalized people, like LGBT people, in media and fiction. Fan communities like modder communities are made up of people whose values are shaped by society. If someone makes a mod that makes Juhani straight, they endorse the idea that gay people can/should be "turned straight", which is a homophobic mindset that harms gay people in real life. Gay people like me have every right to criticize homophobic mods like these. Juhani is a fictional character, but given the fact that she is canonically a lesbian, how you treat her lesbian identity reflects how you would treat real life lesbian's sexuality. Do you think these things happen in a vacuum? Do you really think ficiton has no impact on reality? Do you seriously think those modders who go out of their way to make mods to erase Juhani's lesbian sexuality do it out of nowhere? If you refuse to respect a fictional lesbian character's sexuality, how can real life lesbians like me believe that you would respect our sexuality? So yes, I take issue with the existence of mods that make Juhani straight, and I know other LGBT people who hate such mods too. Just because other modders can do what they want, it doesn't mean I wouldn't criticize the modder and their mods and talk about why I find those mods offensive. Just because you don't care, it doesn't mean no one else should care. Frankly, it's offensive that you tried to lecture me, a lesbian about why I shouldn't take offense from homophobic mods like the ones that make canon lesbian characters like Juhani straight, especially if you're not gay yourself. Also, stop using the word triggered lightly. Triggers are a real problem that affects mentally ill people. It's extremely disrespectful that you don't take the concept of triggers seriously that you added quotation mark on the term and misused it against a lesbian who criticize mods that reflect homophobic views that hurt real life gay people.
  23. Interesting. Sometimes I wonder if the Obsidian art crew had even a clue of what they were doing.
  24. There isn't any indication about a lot of things. My guess would be that you were meant to play as one of them as in the Atton vs Sion encounter, and then whichever one survives goes on to appear in the party confrontation scene, with perhaps Atton/Handmaiden being on Kreia's side. But there's no material left for such a thing. There's only one version of the party confrontation, and it implies a light side ending and that all the party members have been trained as Jedi. Also, frustratingly, some of the remaining content is only voiced by Atris, not Kreia.
  25. There will be issues because K1R dumps some stuff in the Override that is module injected in v1.8. It will require a compatibility patch presumably.
  26. I'm not extremely knowledgeable about this stuff and haven't seen anyone talk about it but I was hoping someone here knows something. The bump maps for the water textures are not showing up in vanilla TSL for Mac (from the App store). The texture is there and transparent but there is no "bumpyshinytexture" effect. I've attached a picture of this. The pictured texture is DAN_water03N, but it seems to be a problem with all water in the game. Also, I can override the texture file but I tried putting a new .txi with different effects or values to see if I could change anything like the transparency but it didn't seem to do anything. AFAIK this isn't just a problem with my computer; you can see it in this Youtube video at 20:26. It looks like he is using the Aspyr version, though I don't know if it is on Mac. I'm running macOS Mojave with Intel graphics. I know KOTOR is notoriously weird with these Intel cards but the water bump maps work fine in KOTOR 1 on the same computer so I'm hesitant to blame it on that. I was just wondering if anyone had insight into why this is happening? I doubt it would be a problem if there was an easy fix, but I'm just interested if anybody knows anything, or can confirm whether they've ever seen this with the Aspyr version on either Mac or Windows.
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