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  3. A Future Pilot

    K2 Community Patch

    Nope...somehow I missed the big bold text right on the top of the mod page I really need to stop modding on this little sleep
  4. LiliArch

    K2 Community Patch

    You are aware that it shouldn’t be used with TSLRCM, right?
  5. Did you add textures as well? It could be they need to be downsampled for Xbox.
  6. I gave you your 1000th rep DarthParametric! Thanks for the reply! I just ran a test and figured out the issue, however there is a new issue. The reason why the heads were not showing was because those models that were missing heads had no mdl/mdx files. Apparently the pc version has a few extra heads that are not in the xbox version, so when the xbox would the use the k1r appearance and heads.2da files to look up the heads, there was no head model to load. I used beadv's awesome tool to convert those files to xbox.Now the models are in override, and the xbox can see them. SO...... Now the issue is, the heads show, BUT there is graphical distortion and they flicker. Are there any more files that need to be added or do they need to be put in the models bif folder? I thought putting them in override should work?? Or is it an issue with the mdl converter? I converted some stuff before with it and it was fine.
  7. Are the normalhead values you are referencing in appearance.2da new rows in heads.2da, or existing ones? If you are editing or replacing heads.2da, I am guessing the former. What happens if you add a new row to appearance.2da and point it to a pre-existing head?
  8. ITzDarthRevan

    Newbiemodder's Korriban Expansion

    I can't seem to enter the mines were you have to save the jawas. Is it that red obelisk like thing outside of the Secret Sith Academy? I'm going the right place aren't I? I followed the bodies the mandalorian left. Edit: Never mind. I found it. I was just being dummy.
  9. JCarter426

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    I saw people on Reddit suggesting that as well and I've thought about it and I don't really see the benefit in it. If it were actually done, yeah, there would be a few nifty things about it, but... well, it would be a lot of work for little payoff, and there are a lot of complications. So, first of all, you can't just copy all the files from one game to another. You can do that with some of them - all the items, characters, and placeables should be fine once the assets are ported and dialog.tlk adjusted. The module files can be copied over without much change, but the area models need to be converted and that's a bit of work. It may take some time, but that's something I could see happening and I'm planning to do some myself. Nothing ridiculous so far. Now, here's the problem. All of the audio is set up differently in K2. It's not a difference in format, but the file structure is different. In a worst case scenario, that means every single voice file has to be renamed and relocated in order to work in K2 and then every single dialogue file edited to account for the new VO file names. That's hundreds and hundreds of files. Additionally, K2's NWScript functions are changed from K1. K1 scripts might not necessarily execute properly in K2. Some of them will, to be sure, but I'd be surprised if there were no problems at all. You'd be looking at the same level of bug fixes that the restoration projects have faced - and we're still fixing bugs that even those didn't catch. Furthermore, we don't have access to all the source scripts, so some things that go wrong would have to be programmed from scratch unless a more reliable script decompiler were developed. When you add all those up, this would be the largest KOTOR mod ever attempted. Easily bigger than TSLRCM or any planet mod. About as much work as a total conversion mod and how many of those have you seen released? And as much as I'd like having access to K2's new script function and assets and all that good stuff for K1, I'm having trouble seeing the point of it all. I can think of some things that would be nice to have, but I don't know if they would really positively impact the gameplay. Some would be tricky to implement too. It depends on what specifically you want to apply to K1, though, and I'd be interested to hear what people are looking for. Take the prestige classes, for example. There's no way to utilize those in K1. The player can only have two character classes, so unless you change the game to start as a Jedi then that's not going to work. Maybe you could give them to the party members or maybe you could edit the feat gain so the regular classes get those things at high level. You also wouldn't have all six to work with anyway; I think half of them would have to be converted to Jedi classes. It's been a while since I looked at that, but I recall that the starting classes can't be changed and they're Jedi classes in K2 - so you'd have to un-Jedi those classes, but you can't add more Jedi classes, so there go half the prestige ones. And about the level - well, K2 doesn't have a level cap. You gotta work out what to do with that. Either by leaving it alone and just allowing some minor level gain after the Leviathan or Lehon or wherever you hit level 20, or adjusting the XP gain to allow for higher levels than normal. The enemies also scale by the player's level in K2, so you would have to work out how that would affect things and re-balance the difficulty of all the encounters. And you'd have to take into consideration the new Force powers and feats now available from K2, and the different upgrade system. A lot of playtesting would be required. The saber forms are another mechanic that would have to be tested a lot - and you'd have to figure out how to incorporate them into the game. Perhaps Vrook's lines from K2 could be reused and you could go see him after finding each Star Map? I've thought of adding an influence system to K1 - it could be done even without the port - but for it to have any impact on the game would require a lot of programming changes. There are a lot of potential improvements here, no doubt. There's a reason there have been a few lightsaber form and Force power mods and the like to mimic what was introduced in K2. But even if you managed to port the whole game to K1 and had access to the real thing, you'd still have a lot more work to do to make it count for something. The mechanics are done for you but that's not really the hard part - the hard part is the execution and you'd have to repeat what a number of mods have already done. Anyway, I'm not knocking the idea. I'd be very interested to see what one would do with it. But I'm not interested in that one being me. I'd rather spend all that effort on making new things.
  10. Hi all, I have been working on getting the kotor 1 restoration project over to xbox and for the most part, everything is going mostly OK! Before i go any further, this is not a question about any help specifically with the K1r project but a request for information about 2da editing and where in the files the game looks for the information. The current dilemma is this. If i replace the appearance and heads.2da files from K1R into the override folder, the xbox will for the most part accept and read the 2da files and everything will work correctly. HOWEVER, if it adds a new line in appearance or heads, like those files do, then the xbox simply ignores any newly added entries and for anything that's added that adds or edits characters thats not in the default xbos 2da files, then the character will show the body, but not the head. I compared the 2da files for appearance and heads from xbox to the original pc version first to see if anything was different. There are some newly added entries to the appearance 2da file that is not present in the xbox, so it seems in the pc version they added a few extra versions of existing npcs. Obviously the 2da files are for pc, so how can i get the xbox to read these entries correctly? Hopefully i am making sense, and again this is not a question about K1R, but moreso about getting the game to read the newly added information in those 2da files. First i simply placed the k1r files in the override folder, and heads were missing. Then i tried using 2da merge to merge the info into the xbox 2da files, still no luck. I then tried replacing the appearance and heads.2da in the global.rim files for xbox, still didnt work, and causes the game to bug out with sounds so i had to move it back. Is there something i am missing here? There has to be a subtle diff somewhere, but the bodies show up, its just the heads. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and provide input!
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  12. A Future Pilot

    K2 Community Patch

    I forgot to include it in my fixes list, but could I have permission to use your Fixed Feat Icons mod as well?
  13. GNihilus2

    Mandalore Unbearded

    goodness. this one does quality as a creepy smile.... lol
  14. ChrisC26

    A New Chapter for the Kotor Community!

    So porting is finally good to go? In my honest opinion, this is long overdue. I can't wait to see what awesome content the community can storm up. Maybe eventually we'll even be able to get most of the story from KotOR onto the TSL engine.
  15. bead-v

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    In the header of the binary mdl file, there is a string that represents the model name. That is probably the name that the game uses for the things you mentioned. But the same name is also used as the name of the first object. This one is stored in the name array which comes after the header. You can open any model in mdledit and you will see this immediately in hex view. So while you only have one name in max (the name of the base), in the binary it appears in two places, once as the model name, and once as the name of the first object. They are always the same. I can only change the model name without recompiling the model, and not the name of the first object. So the question is, if I only change the model name, will it work or are there instances where the game references the first object name instead. It's not likely but it's possible.
  16. JCarter426

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    What is the "model name", though? Just the file name? It's definitely the base that the game looks at in many cases. For example, let's say you take a head or weapon model and give it new textures, but don't hex edit it to change the base name. If you load up your new head or weapon or whatever it might end up with the wrong textures. If there's an instance of the model you copied present, the game will recognize your new one as an instance of that model because they share the same base name, so your model will have the original's textures. As far as I can tell this is some sort of efficiency thing - the game stores in its memory how it should render a model and it catalogues everything by the base name. You can see the same sort of thing happen if you drop new versions of your MDL/MDX files in Override. The new version of the model won't be rendered until every other instance of it in the game world is replaced, because it's rendering from its old memory. Basically it learns how it should render a specific model and then keeps doing it until told otherwise. And the evidence suggests this is based on the base name and not anything else that might be more logical like the file name.
  17. bead-v

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    Under Header, you can only change the model name, not the name of the first object (the "aurora/odyssey" base). I don't know if that's enough for the game, or whether the mismatch between the model name and the name of the first object would cause problems. Anyway, this way of modifying data is without compilation – it changes only the relevant bytes in the binary, everything else remaining the same. Renaming any object necessitates recompilation, because the length of the name is not set and may affect the size of the binary, which messes up all the offsets, breaking the model. That's why I need to find another way to do it.
  18. JCarter426

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    It works! Thanks. Ah, I don't think it would've helped here either, but sounds useful. Filing this in my brain for future use. All the issues I reported are clear now. I was having some problems with bump maps seemingly not behaving with mesh transparency, but it was annoying me too much so I haven't properly investigated yet. Might not be an MDLEdit thing. You can't edit it currently? I see it as an editable value under Header, though I haven't tried editing it so maybe that would break it. I'd suggest either there or the root node right above it, which currently, which currently can only collapse or decollapse.
  19. bead-v

    New Site Layout/Format

    Whenever I get a new message, I also get a notification. This annoys me, so I go to the notification options to change it, and the option is there, but it says toggling it is disabled by the administrator. Why is that?
  20. bead-v

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    Regarding these... it's intended to work this way. Converting bezier controllers to linear is a switch for decompilation, not compilation. If you want to convert bezier controllers to linear, do it in max (the way JC did it) or change your CONTROLLERbezierkey to just CONTROLLERkey in the ascii with find/replace. To me that seems easy enough to do, so I don't think another switch is necessary in mdledit. Or am I wrong? @JCarter426 , so all the Holocron issues are clear now? Nothing that would require a change in mdledit, if I understand correctly? There has been a request for an option in mdledit to change the base name without having to convert to ascii (it can't work without recompiling because the new name may be shorter or longer than the old name). Any ideas what that would look like and where I could put it? It would be great if all bugs and suggestions are submitted in this thread, so I can see everything in one place. I will also start tracking open issues in the first message of the thread (let me know if I miss something).
  21. Darth Wreckage

    Ask the Developer of Revenge of Revan....a Question.

    Interested Query: Will the Handmaiden still appear if your Exile is female? What role will Visas Marr play? Can we expect a cameo of the Exile at all? I saw that you could get Dustil as a companion if Revan was Light side yet according to TSLRCM he was supposed to be dead in the Korriban tomb where the Exile faces their past, present, and future. How will you make his appearance work if he's supposedly dead on Korriban?
  22. Darth Wreckage

    JC's Handmaiden Sisters

    Thank you. I got a mod that changes Brianna and I was worried this would overwrite it, but it didn't.
  23. Sith Holocron

    Blog #80 - Looking for a small voice part to be filled

    Mellowtron11 hooked me up. Thanks, man! Closin' this thread.
  24. Well if you want to work on something like that and you want to include my work just to save yourself some time, that's OK by me - if you give me a credit in your read-me and mod description.
  25. bead-v

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    Something in the patch creation algorithm seems to have been causing this. I noticed that when I applied smoothing in kmax, that part between the torso and the cape would get smoothed, so I rewrote the algorithm in mdledit based on how I wrote it for kmax, and according to my preliminary tests, the issue is gone. The new version is attached. EDIT: @DarthParametric, I also tried recompiling Visas' head, I think that issue is fixed now too.
  26. I believe you could find some inside "Star Wars - KotOR\streamwaves\n_gendro_xx".
  27. No, the conversations. In Kotor 2, he sounds just like a R2-D2 rip-off (I like R2-D2 actually, but not the idea of any Astromech sounds like him.)
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