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  2. That's it?! THAT's what causes the clothing issue? This fills me with such rage.
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  4. great job, I converted it for my xbox 360 and it works very well, the only problem is Lite of my Life that makes the fps drop a bit, although I don't think that's entirely from the mod, but from the bad backward compatibility that is he did for this game and the second one for the 360 and that microsoft never updated, it would be nice to see how it runs on a classic xbox
  5. Any directions apreciated , I have had a a look around but so far i cant see if there is a group or a forum or a thread etc and im very interested on the new tools and wondering if it can be used and interested to know what the comunity may or may not do with Remix.
  6. @jjuacamole As I pointed out in the FAQ article of my same-gender romance mods for KotOR 2, I cannot help directly with modding KotOR 2 on any console or mobile devices, because I only own the PC version KotOR 2. However, since the KotOR subreddit mod build includes another one of my mod, Darth Sion and Male Exile Mod, which also involves injecting files in the lips folder, there must be a way to install mods that involve the lip folder on the mobile version of KotOR 2, so you may have better luck in getting help with identifying your issue by asking it on the KotOR subreddit mod build thread.
  7. The Vulkar Update has been released, albeit without the droid component due to glitches in trying to give Vulkar NPCs the droid hide (an invisible item which makes a droid NPC immune to poison and such) via the TSLPatcher, time and patience will be key in fixing those bugs so I decided to release the main update now whilst the Vulkar droids will be added in an upcoming patch. Anyway, I'd like to announce some good news for the project going forward... and this is something @LDR in particular would probably like to hear as well! I have discovered what causes the 1st major bug I mentioned at the start of this thread, more specifically, the bug that causes this issue: Those NPCs are all wearing different clothing items with texture variants from 2-8 yet they all show the 1st texture variant when it logically isn't meant to. Here's the problem that causes that: Let's take the NPC "dan14_setf001" from the module "danm14aa", she is a female Lite NPC in the vanilla game though in NPC Overhaul style mods she's often one of the many NPCs who are given a proper appearance with a piece of clothing. She, and all the other Lite NPC settlers in the "danm14aa" module, are all affected by this same mysterious bug. Now let's take the NPC named "Jon" from the same module, he wears "g_a_clothes02" and as such his clothing texture uses the 2nd clothing variant, so why can Jon wear unique clothing yet the Lite NPCs cannot even though they logically should? What makes Jon different from the Lite NPCs? The answer lies in the "Race" field in the UTC file. Jon's "Race" is set to human whereas the Settler NPC is set to "****", I cannot explain why setting these 'bugged' NPCs from "****" to "Human" allows for them to wear clothing. I'd like to give credit to SpaceAlex for this bug fix as he technically encountered and fixed this bug before me in his K1 Enhancement Pack mod all the way back in 2008, if it weren't for his modder's resource that allowed me to analyze his files this fix would not have been discovered today! Whilst the bug isn't fixed in the latest release of the NPC Diversity Pack, I can assure users that this fix shall be applied to the very next update coming up.
  8. Depends on what you are using, the Workshop version or the standalone version. I haven't installed the standalone version for a while, but last time I did it still forcibly installed to Program Files. The Workshop version will obviously install in the Workshop directory of your Steam library where the game is installed. In either case you'll want to copy and paste its contents over the top of the game's directory (and then unsubscribe from the Workshop version, if you are using that). But this is not the place for tutorials on dealing with TSLRCM.
  9. Ok if I use the restore content where would that file be located at so I can add the handmaiden mod in there
  10. It's spelled out in the description. It won't be compatible with any other mod that alters her head model or her hooded clothes model, but otherwise it should be fine.
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  12. Do anyone know whether the handmaiden hair mod will work with this one and if so where do I put it?
  13. I will started with a fresh install so when installing this mod and will delete my saved games and stat a new one. Is there any other mods that you know would work with the handmaiden hair mod? Like and I use the restored content from this website or it won't work. I'm really rusty with modding so I'm just wondering?
  14. friend, could you make it look similar to the version of the old republic?
  15. Hi, could someone make a mod to have the Exar Kun's armor with its appearance from the old republic game? It is in fact very faithful to the one in the comic (although I remember that it was black, I think I have to read it again), it would not have to be a complete mod as such, the truth is that I have seen that there is an exar armor mod kun, it just doesn't look like any I've seen, so it could be like a retexture of that mod, if the creator gives permission of course, sorry for my English
  16. Fun fact LDR, emotional inflection control is one of the things they've been working on a lot recently, and going by their announcements about it so far, I already think I should be able to get a lot better emotional inflection control moving forward (though sadly that's also going to go hand in hand, with a lot more splicework for me). Another downside of this enhanced emotional inflection, is that I expect that it's most likely going to take up more of my monthly quota, to get the optimal results from the new control we've gotten over how the AI VA says the TTS. The new way it's now setup is to give you the emotiional inflection you want, by writing out your TTS sentences something like this: "She shouted angrily: I don't want you to go there!". She continued in an apologetic voice: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout at you and be so angry" Essentially we can now narrate the emotional inflection we want any given sentence to be said with, which I think is a huge step forward in gaining better results (I didn't have access to this feature, when I created all the audio in the WIP clip that I've shared). Edit: Only 5 days left before my quota resets, so hopefully I'll be uploading another WIP clip in the next 1-2 weeks of my progress at that point.
  17. No. If you do that, you'll break your game. More than you already have. Either stick with what you have now, or nuke the entire thing - including your saves - and start from scratch with a fresh install.
  18. Okay so I just need to uninstall all of my mods I installed from the workshop?
  19. Yes. You should never use any Workshop mods. If you absolutely must, you can use TSLRCM or the combined TSLRCM/M4-78 Workshop mods. After that, every other standalone mod must be installed in TSLRCM's Workshop folder, not the game folder. If you use any Workshop mods with appearance.2da edits, whatever the last mod that was installed will take priority (and forcibly override any other appearance.2da in other Workshop mods and the game's folder). So just don't use Workshop mods. They are bad. Plus a bunch of assholes post stolen mods there.
  20. I’m using the carth mod, restored content, and an outfit mods. Will workshop mods stop it from working?
  21. I tried to install it it installed properly but it not working for some reason. Can someone please help?
  22. Any chance of a compatibility patch for Svosh Collar Fix & Ilikcommas additional robes 1.00 or Prequel Robe Replacement 1.0?
  23. Dickums

    Exile Item Pack

    Hello again, Thank you for the reply! I had suspected, but was unsure. Thank you for your work on this mod. It is much appreciated!
  24. Hi! I really love your mod, so for the last few days I've tried adding it to the KOTOR II full build on reddit here: (right before the Extended Enclave as the compatibility readme said to). I've started from scratch three times now but the error below occurs every time. No further errors occur in the patches and mods I install afterwards, but I wanted to ask if there is a way to fix them? I don't want to start a save using the mod build and have the game crash hours in. [Error] Destination file "lips\003EBO_loc.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section... [Error] Destination file "lips\262TEL_loc.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section... [Error] Destination file "lips\903MAL_loc.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section... [Error] Destination file "lips\localization.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section... I've read the FAQ, readmes, mod page, and comments, but I've only seen a few people with the same errors and their circumstances didn't completely apply to me. I am not using Steam, and I am using a dummy executable in place of the actual game .exe file in my mods folder. I checked for the lips files and they were not present, but I could not find them in the mTSLRCM content even before I altered it. Thank you for your time! I really hope I can play your mod!
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