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  2. BlueDreamSage

    Download:TSL ORIGINS - Telos Overhaul

    Any luck with the pixelated boards, Duns? I also followed the instructions and most of the textures have loaded properly, it seems the boards haven't though and look just like in the pics posted above.
  3. Yesterday
  4. I remember getting to a point where Atton had ridiculously high Dexterity and all of a sudden his "Evading/Dodging" animation included him doing some fancy acrobatic maneuvers whenever an enemy missed an attack against him. Is this something everyone knows about? I don't have k2 right now so I can't upload videos showing it.
  5. jc2

    Revanator Korriban Loot Mod Picture 1

    Here's a link to it, it's by Revanator, of course, and it makes the loot on Korriban a little more powerful,
  6. ebmar


    Greetings, Thread Master! I'm here to report that there seem to be a broken feature from the released version/v1.0.3 which is tangentspace compiler, by hypothesis. Here's the breakdown: If a model decompiled by v1.0.3 and then went changing the tangentspace flags from 0 to 1 on its ASCII; the bumpmap flag looks to be ticked on the UI while it actually wasn't working in-game It'd then working if the flag was re-ticked using the [officially] unreleased v1.0.102b I hope the information provided sufficient for some troubleshooting, and many thanks for considering this.
  7. DarthParametric

    Strange baby on a screen

    The one in black is clearly the larval form of a Bith.
  8. DarthVarkor

    Strange baby on a screen

    Woah, BioWare you creepy guys.
  9. diegodb

    K2 Improved Gameplay

    Hello MetaBee, great improvement to TSL, it makes the game more engaging, thanks a lot and continue with your work. Do you have any project to make a similar mod to KOTOR?
  10. Hmm, Czerka - I see what you guys are doing there... Hahah, so the texture name is LTA_scre02 and should looked like this when unwrapped: And about the nun Malkior mentioned earlier; I'm curious as if we can see her in-game too, hahah.
  11. Glad to hear it did. Be careful with reusing an existing crystal however. If you do that and at some point take the crystal out of the saber you won't be able to get your saber back. That's because when you put the crystal back in, the game will check upcrystals.2da for the first row with this crystal and give you the corresponding saber which would be one of the standard sabers. If that's no issue for you and you don't want to release it as a mod you're fine of course. Otherwise I'd recommend creating a new crystal item and also short and double blade versions of your saber.
  12. Kexikus

    TSL Patcher, TLKEd, and Accessories

    The skipping is actually a good thing. Modules being overwritten not so much. If a mod edites files in a module and is properly set up it will do the following: It checks whether the module already exists in the module folder. If it doesn't it takes an unmodified module file and copies it there. Otherwise it will skip this step. This is where those warning messages come from. In either case the installer will then proceed and modify the content of either the unmodified or the already existing and modified module. This feature of editing the already existing module files is what makes TSLPatcher so useful as that allows for much better compability. Unless the mod author decided to just straight up replace the module files in which case you want to install that mod as early as possible. And all of the above is also the case for files in the override folder.
  13. N-DReW25


    Cloaked Jedi Robes belong to JCarter whilst this mod belongs to Jc2... two completely different people. And no, these robes in this mod use the vanilla K1 model... unless Jc2 ever decides to do a "cloaked patch" of sorts.
  14. Shalashaskka

    [K1] Form of soldier HD "International Global mod"

    Fantastic. I love it. It's my go-to mod for soldiers from now on.
  15. Last week
  16. Doctor Evil

    TSL Patcher, TLKEd, and Accessories

    hmm, well i'm noticing modules being skipped or overwritten in every instance which leads me to believe it's not working properly for me, however if this is the case then that makes sense. Thank you
  17. JasonRyder


    Will the Jedi Robes she sells be compatible with your Cloaked Jedi Robes mod?
  18. Ah, you are correct. I added my saber to the list and pointed one of the existing color crystals to it and it appears to have worked. Thanks!
  19. Ooo no I haven't. Where is it?
  20. I see you found the baby... No but, seriously that texture has been a mystery for a long time. Many people have tried to find a definitive answer, but to my knowledge none have so far. Out of curiosity, have you seen the nun, yet?
  21. It appears that behind this Rodian fellow at Tatooine's czerka offices there is screen with a baby on it. What's the meaning of this? I'm putting my money on a dev's child but i do not know for sure...
  22. Seems to be a reskin mimicking the tan jedi robes we see npcs wearing on Dantooine.
  23. Thank you for the insight! I've never certain that that was [presumably] lightmaps because surely can't tell only by how they looks. Perhaps what needs to be explore now is finding the relevant LM and change any green tint inside to preferred color. Again, thanks! That'd really helps. Update: yes! Indeed they're lightmaps - particularly are m26aa_14a_lm0 & m26aa_14a_lm2 [not sure which one actually is but both had green tint on them]: If wasn't asking I don't think I would dare to take the risk rummaging through the lightmaps section, hahah - thanks, DP!
  24. DarthParametric

    AuroraLight or Lightmap?

    Any static surface colouration like that will always be baked lighting (i.e. lightmaps).
  25. Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope y'all doing fine. I need an assistance on guessing what these are: Are they AuroraLight or Lightmap? The area model in discussion is m26aa_14a. The problem is - I have changed every AuroraLight's Color Controllers there to my likings but they don't seem to linked with the glowy area around the yellow marks. So I guess I'm stucked and needing assistance to proceed further. Many thanks for considering this and may the Force be with you!
  26. I think you have to add the saber to upcrystals.2da for it to be upgradeable.
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