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  3. Just thought of a few more questions😄 (But seriously if I'm being annoying with them to you both do tell me and I will stop) How many locations/episodes are you all planning for the full mod? Have you all decided what you are going to do with the trust system (Logan talk about different ideas for it though the years) which will be replacing the influence system? How closely are you planning on tying the story (In particular the endings) to the Revan book and what is talk about Revan and the Exile fate in ToR itself? I do recall there being talk of a book/ToR canon path but I do hope there will be non canon light and dark endings too. Like for a example a light side ending where things go down a lot better then it did for both Reven and the Exile in the book or a unique dark side ending where if you pick the dark side ending for both KOTOR games then go full murder happy dark side (Instead of Kreia's greyish dark way of manipulation) in the mod then the Republic collapses without putting up much of a fight against Vitiate.
  4. JasonRyder

    K1 Clothing Pack

    • Warning: Unable to copy file "N_CommMD01.tpc", file does not exist! • Warning: Unable to copy file "N_CommFD01.tpc", file does not exist! I get these two errors when installing the second part of the mod. Also, Shaleena still does not have her unique head when I installed this and RC-K1CP. I installed a separate mod, but this gives her the beige-colored commoner clothing from K2. Even if I just manually take the "tar04_shaleena" file out of the RC-K1CP tslpatchdata and place it in Override, it gives Shaleena the beige commoner clothing. I tried installing both RC-K1CP and the K1 to K2 Clothing Pack again, but it doesn't work. It seems there's an incompatibility with RC-K1CP and K1 to K2 Clothing pack when it comes to Shaleena's head. Also, I installed an earlier version of the mod at first, and then downloaded both parts of the latest version of the mod on top of it. Am I not supposed to download both options?
  5. I've never really done a request before, but it would be really nice to have a tsl PFHC07 port to k1.
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  7. What icons in specific are you seeking? From what I recall there are width and height values that can be accessed through the Visual KotOR GUI Editor, however screen space and aspect ratio's have to be taken into account when modifying something like this of which there are many variants, I believe most people just replace them as they are in order to match the original GUI style.
  8. Other Projects Yes, though progress has been slow lately as I have been busy with another project that aims to automate conversion of old Unreal Engine games to UE4/5. Currently it's just a series of batch scripts that utilise existing tools to extract and convert the game files in preparation for UE4/5 but I am preparing to go through the source code for each of the tools and re-work them to deal with any issues present at the moment. Expanded Galaxy That aside, the last update to the Main Expanded Galaxy Repository was 16 days ago, a lot of my time has been spent reaching out to other mod authors and looking for people who wish to join the project, as well as testing which consumes quite a lot of my time unfortunately. The project recently overwent a major overhaul to bring it over to the new HoloPatcher installer, which took quite a while to prepare, it is no longer a drag & drop replacement install and is now a dynamically handled installation similar to TSLPatcher installs, which should make the project compatible with other mods, though I give no guarantees on that because mods can easily cause conflicts with one another. Recruiting Currently the project could do with a few more hands on deck, as expected it is far too grandiose for me to handle alone, though I think I have done well getting it this far on my own. Looking for Testers, Modellers, Texture Artists and finally Writers to join the project, though I did plan to do it all on my own I am starting to think finishing it will be unlikely without a team, I am still holding out hope that as a community we can pool our efforts and resources to unify all of the best content into a single canonical overhaul of both games under the Expanded Galaxy branch. End Goals My end goal would be to create a singular install that totally overhauls both games as well as an additional optional install that overhauls the textures and models for both games. Though it might be better that I wait for one of the open source engine re-implementations to be finished in order to better accommodate the needs of this project. Road Blocks Currently there are still a few roadblocks for me to overcome in order to fully realise the goal of this project, primarily forming a team and keeping things better organised, but additionally I need to work out what the best way forward is for the project, recently I have been reminded of the infamous dialog skipping bug that is present in TSL and I feel like it really is something that needs solving in order to make the project the best it possibly can be. This is however a difficult task and a bug or problem that has plagued the game since it's release and has gone unsolved for a long time. I also initially intended to try and finish the Port of KotOR1 to TSL before shifting my focus back to TSL itself, due to the need to incorporate a launcher and save importer that allows players to carry over their choices from the first game into the second game, but this is becoming increasingly difficult for me to swap between the games and playtest as well as work on both of them, for the time being I have set the Brotherhood of Shadow : Solomon's Revenge port aside in order to help reduce the workload, but the reduction is barely noticeable as that was just a side-project or venture to see how quickly I could get the majority of it reworked for TSL. In Conclusion In short, there's lot's to do and the project may never reach a stage where it is to be considered completed, but I very much hope this isn't the case and intend to continue working on it for as long as I can, getting it all this far has been physically and mentally exhausting, while the majority of the work is fairly easy, I started this project back when I was homeless for a short period of time and at times I find it debilitating to be reminded of that part of my life. However, rest assured I will be continuing work on the project indefinitely, it's very much a life-long project which seeks to revitalise the original games as much as physically possible within the constraints of the TSL iteration of the odyssey engine. Initially I had hoped to get a forum section for the project here on DeadlyStream and to raise regular discussions about what needs improving in the game as well as creating polls that the community could vote on in order to try and determine what changes are best, what fixes should or shouldn't be included and allowing the community to guide Expanded Galaxy to it's final destination. However that didn't happen, keeping up with everybody's thoughts, ideas and opinions on the games is difficult enough, let alone everybody's suggestions for improving the game! There is a Discord server for the project where people can discuss things, though it's been a little quiet as of late, it's very easy to discuss the possibilities for these games endlessly and while that can be helpful at times in order to bring forth ideas and suggestions that might help the project, at times it can leave me whiling away hours simply discussing the semantics of why I don't intend to include or add something to the project. My Thanks Thanks for checking in on the project and many thanks to all those who have helped support or contributed to the project so far. Apologies for the super long response, but I felt it would be best to give a proper summary of what's what regarding the status of the project. Thor110
  9. Thank you so much for this, downloaded it and applied it. Thanks again!
  10. Hello. I need help with TSL, I'm making new icons for GUI and I'm 95% done, but one problem turned out to be no use for them, since the icons themselves in the game are very small, no matter how much I searched for different GUI, but the same situation is everywhere, however, somewhere in the vastness of YouTube, I saw in the review when the player went to the abilities\powers tab, he had quite large icons I have already downloaded the visual GUI editor /, there is a field for finding icons, but there is no size of the icons themselves, or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Please help me, in response I will fill in the tests for GUI in 256 and 128 quality
  11. You should have an 'errorlog.txt' or a 'installlog.txt' in the same folder as HoloPatcher if it was a holopatcher error. Sounds like you're saying your game already has problems before installing k1cp? If so you should be asking in tech support. Try reinstalling your game, or post more informative details so we can help you.
  12. I added a revised TSLRCM logo with the latest version number as a separate download. Just extract it into the Override and replace the existing one.
  13. Looks good to me. All of those errors are pretty self-explanatory of what the issue is. updating a field/struct directly when the struct doesn't exist, the mod's changes.ini needs to use AddField syntax. EDIT: looks like the path holopatcher's outputting is wrong actually, should rather say 'Parent field at 'Equip_ItemList\1\' does not exist'. will fix in next release
  14. Okay, thank you so much for the reply and for this mod
  15. For now, I would advise waiting for @N-DReW25 to look over it and release an update. There are multiple files that will need to be looked into and possibly have their configs regenerated.
  16. In \tslpatchdata\Diversity\changes.ini: [Warning] [15:35:10] Orphaned ini sections found in changes ini: k33_prospective5.utc gff_k33_prospective5_Dropable_0 gff_k33_prospective5_Equip_ItemList_0_0 gff_k33_prospective5_EquippedRes_0 [Note] [15:35:23] Patching existing file 'dan13_yuthura.utc' in the 'modules\danm14aa.mod' archive [Error] [15:35:23] Unable to add struct to list in 'Equip_ItemList\0' is not an instance of a GFFList. [Note] [15:35:23] Patching existing file 'dan14_ahlan14d.utc' in the 'modules\danm14ad.mod' archive In \tslpatchdata\Weapon\changes.ini: [Note] [15:45:03] Patching existing file 'tar03_blackv039.utc' in the 'modules\tar_m03ab.mod' archive [Error] [15:45:03] Unable to modify Field 'EquippedRes'. Parent field at 'Equip_ItemList\1\EquippedRes' does not exist! [Note] [15:45:04] Patching existing file 'tar03_blackv039.utc' in the 'modules\tar_m03ab.mod' archive [Error] [15:45:04] Unable to modify Field 'EquippedRes'. Parent field at 'Equip_ItemList\1\EquippedRes' does not exist! [Note] [15:45:04] Patching existing file 'tar03_blackv042.utc' in the 'modules\tar_m03ab.mod' archive
  17. How does HoloPatcher handle the mod after the syntax error is cleared up?
  18. Can you open a terminal and execute: find "~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Knights of the Old Republic II/" > ~/tree_result_k2.txt && open ~/tree_result_k2.txt and post the results? This'll show me the long-awaited directory structure for the second game. For the first game: find "~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/swkotor/Knights of the Old" > ~/tree_result_k1.txt && open ~/tree_result_k1.txt there's also the mac store version of the games, after someone comes along with that information, every known version will be supported.
  19. Using HoloPatcher, and with some troubleshooting help from @th3w1zard1, the following errors exist in \tslpatchdata\Diversity\changes.ini: Line 3019 - There is a spurious = at the end of the [kor33_pilot2.utc] block. Line 213 - The GFFList entry File181=tar03_blackv037.utc points to a file that does not have a config block. TSLPatcher has a weird bug that it will report the file in the list before the one that actually causes the error. Line 214 - The GFFList entry File182=tar03_blackv044.utc points to a file that does not have a config block.
  20. HoloPatcher has been updated several times since K1CP released, so that exe will have a different "signature". Since the detection is entirely heuristic, it's a crap-shoot as to whether any particular version will be flagged or not. But as far as functionality goes, there's no problem using the separately downloaded exe. We'll likely switch to a new version of HP in the event we push out a hotfix at some point.
  21. It is not. We don't make any changes to the Sith Governor's quarters.
  22. Per the description, this mod includes a modified TSLRCM logo. It was made long before the most recent update. It's entirely cosmetic and doesn't affect anything in the game itself.
  23. Here's the KotOR 2 path for Steam on Mac in case you don't have that yet: /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Knights of the Old Republic II/ Probably you could put that together by looking at the Mac steamapps path + Windows game path already, but sharing just in case. (My Mac is Intel, so this does at least mean I can confirm Steam's got the same path as on the other commenter's M1, if nothing else.)
  24. N-DReW25

    K1 Loot Overhaul

    Alright, it looks like tar_m09ab must not be included with the K1CP then. I'll get an update out soon!
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