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  2. Yeah, I can't really do anything with that. If you want you can try adjust lowering the high as your liking. And as for the volume, yeah - it gets normalized hence the cranked-up volume. Again, you can lower it down as you'd prefer. And again, when speaking about [professional] audio quality it all comes down to the resources. We can only do so much with the acting/voicing, but it's really those wares that does all the magic, hahah.
  3. It is vanilla TSL with skin mods. Just added party member npcs on the level via custom script.
  4. You could just build yourself an Hikari if you want. But if not.. tag and template= quest_sbr_100-109 quest_dbl_100-109 which point to models 100-109 single and double bladed.
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  6. I very much like the edits by ebmar to improve Salk's VO.
  7. This is beautiful. Can't wait!
  8. What version of the game is that?
  9. Mods used: TOR Armored Robes 3.0 by Ryuzakipwn Dak's Armored Robes (2.2) by Dak Drexl Movie-style Jedi Master robes 1.5 by DeadMan DarthDarkus Armored Robes by Darth Darkus
  10. Thing is, you can't change the actor's performance, whereas the quality of your recording can be improved. And your performance here is better than his. You can always try voicing your concerns to him and sending him your recording for reference to give it a second try. He may throw you a freebie. You never know.
  11. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Even if I must honestly say that I wish that I the actor's recording had some of that " expressiveness" I think I could inject my own recording, it does still seem to me that his is the best alternative overall and that I should go for it.
  12. The sound is clearer after @ebmar edit. In your cut, @Salk, the sibilance on the mic can be heard in the first half of the line, for example, in "whatever", "Sith". I agree that the tone of the voice changes slightly after editing, but I think this is a reasonable price for a cleaner sound. Maybe some tweaking in sound editing software will achieve an intermediate option, but it is alright as it is now for me.
  13. Is there a mod about which keeps the companions default clothes skin reguadless of what amour they are wearing ?
  14. Thanks, @La Ingobernable. And thank you for your edit, @ebmar. It is a definite improvement but there is a metallic ring to the voice (?) and a cranked up volume, perhaps?
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  16. Try this one, Salk -- nm35aavict23000_[Salk]_LowCut.mp3 See if there's any improvement with that. What I did was to cut the lower frequencies because I heard a bit too much around that area. Well -- that's just me with my ears, lol. As for the actor's; the quality of audio sounds professionally done -- well, as expected I guess. Can't really tell with the acting part, but I think it's pretty fittingly-good. But that cut at the end was a let down. Adding few silenced bytes could do, though not sure.
  17. @Dark HopeWhere do you get the photos of real people you use, if you don't mind me asking? They look incredible.
  18. Oooh. I like it a lot better now. We have some palpable fatigue and hardship. I also approve of the mixture of anger and agony. Considering that the original voice is downright Huttese, it's not too far a gap to imagine Mandalorians having different accents, so I say use your version instead. I can still hear the sibilance on the mic though, so I would advice muting those bits using a sound editing program. It's mostly noticeable in "Sith" in this sample.
  19. Thanks for the comments, guys. I have actually re-recorded my line because I realized it was really awful. And yes, I do have an accent but I don't think it's too big a problem in this case. The cold I have and the non professional equipment is though. Let me know if you think the second version is any improvement. If not, I will stop trying and go for the actor's voice which is good enough despite the flaws @La Ingobernable detected (and I agree). Cheers!
  20. All of these planets are looking so great! I'm especially loving your work on Taris and Lehon
  21. I don't have KoToR installed at the moment, so can't tell how these VO will work ingame with ambient music. It isn't simple choice as both lines have their own flavor. I would choose Actor's VO purely because of 'cleaner' audio quality.
  22. I can tell you my impressions, at least. The audio quality is naturally superior in the voice actor's. I can't help but feel he's making his best Cryaotic impression, which I don't think fits here. Now, there's basically no male character in Kotor with any sort of inviting voice except for Carth, I guess, so it's not like it brings nothing to the table. However, he doesn't sound exhausted or tortured in any believable way. He sounds like a charismatic person trying to convey assertiveness, which is not what's happening here. That said, the dialogue line doesn't allow for any truly believable delivery, I don't think. No one talks like that in that state outside of fantasy worlds. And it's not like Kotor is always perfect voice acting wise. Your recording, on the other hand, suffers from the lower audio quality, and it would be painfully noticeable in-game, especially in words like "Sith." It would simply stand out because of the microphone used. I also hear an accent, which doesn't have to be a bad thing, but again, stands out. Hope you find the input helpful. I would use the actor's recording simply because of the audio quality and decent delivery. I don't think it fits the character, although a change of appearance might help on that front.
  23. Salk

    #5: Lips

    I have sent you a PM about your kind offer, JC. I realized only later that you were asking for requests to be posted here. My apologies.
  24. I got the VO from the actor and I must say it's quite good although I believe I have done a decent job myself so I'm not at the moment sure which one I should go for. Perhaps you can help me make a decision. I will upload one line delivered by myself and one by the actor so you all get to chime in and tell me about your preference. UPDATE: Here it is. I do have a cold and don't have a good mic or anything remotely professional so the audio quality's difference is noticeable. But it's just an initial test. I think the actor did a very good job. My only concern was that I didn't hear much pain in his voice as you'd expect from a tortured prisoner. nm35aavict23000_[Actor].wav nm35aavict23000_[Salk].wav
  25. Ah you can disregard that. I thought the shape of the arms was slightly different, but it seems like that layout is already in the most relaxed state.
  26. Hey Darth_Misha! You can try opening the file that is displayed in your first screenshot with a text editor and change if (nMaxVersion == 14000) then bone_name = (skinops.getbonenamebylistid m bone_id 1) else bone_name = (skinops.getbonename m bone_id 1) to bone_name = (skinops.getbonename m bone_id 1) and try again. If that doesn't work I'll do some digging, but I may need your help in terms of testing because the issue is related to the version of max you're using.
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