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    Blog #88 - What mods do you use for Tatooine?

    I use both the HQ skyboxes (using the no cloud sky option) and helena shan improvement mods that Ebmar has listed. I also use Tatooine OTE.
  4. Hi all again, 18 days ago a lot of you remember when I left a request of Dak Benkins Recruitment mod idea to be taken for considerdation and also for possible future use, well I am to discuss the topic regarding him about why he is so important for KOTOR mod community, So here I go, I introduced Dak Benkins back in 2016 onto the Star Wars fan fic wikia as what my thaughts where if KOTOR was ever declared Canon, the story focuses on Dak Benkins as a Corporal First Class in the Galactic Republic and would become a Major Character for my universe fandom story, I chose Corellia as I felt it would be a perfect homeworld for my character, and I had to help build him to be more of a acknowledged squad-leader of the Republic, in a position he attained due to his reliable nature, and he was believing to do his duty by the book, and also being a kind and preferred indivisual calling his friends last names and first names sometimes, and something I felt like creating when he looses his best friend Corporal First Class Aidus Denlin from the Endar Spire, and like I probably mentioned in that story which it's unlikely to be in my universe of it Benkins, Gurragann, Lancoln, where the only survivors of 2nd Battalion Alpha to survive though in my universe of it, 2nd Battlation Alpha Was based towards that of it's counterpart from Aliens the Colonial Marines unit 2nd Battalion Bravo Team, in which the characters where all commonly based of, Lieutenant Scott Gorman (became a composite for First Lieutenant Lathe Maggnar) Gunnery Sergeant Al Apone (became a composite for Master Sergeant Rych Halley) Corporal Cyntia Dietrich (became a composite for Corpsman Ellen Lo) Corporal Colette Ferro (became a close composite for Corporal First Class Aidus Denlin although Aidus isn't a women and the death is not the same as Ferro's in Aliens at all) Corporal Dwayne Hicks (became a composite for Corporal First Class Dak Benkins) Private First Class William Hudson (became a composite for Private J'aahn Lancoln) Private First Class Daniel Spunkmeyer (became a close composite for Private Jakk Sambrizi but it's not as same as Spunkmeyer's in Aliens) Private First Class Jenette Vasquez (became a composite for Specialist Xenda Billĭ ) Private Tim Crowe (became the composite for Sergeant Zab-Nagelsa Manadd) Private Mark Drake (became the composite for the character Staff Sergeant Makassk Donnovich) Private Ricco Frost (became the composite for Private Salitt Okee) Private Trevor Wierzbowski (became a composite for Private Dineas Kampenberger) where all composites I based them off though technically I too all the idea upon them for each an everyone of them what happens on the Endar Spuire, the characrter Kampenberger is the only Republic Soldier whom is mentioned as MIA roumer has it he was captured by the Sith being the only prisoner of war taken alive from Endar Spire as I thaught it would gladly fit right on in, each and all the others die with only Benkins and Lancoln surviving and Captain Hugo Gurragann not based on anybody from Aliens survives, As I told origins of Dak Benkins I mentioned after the war he still serves for at least many years roumer has it from KOTOR II he still remained for 10 years until retirement of a Major General, I am also currently writing a story about his mission with his two other friends in 3955 BBY after the war went on a secret mission on the Dynamic Class Freighter a sister of Ebon Hawk being the New Controller, with his friends Arod "Arrow" Renning and Vyrr Wezz, and of course Dak has a commando unit he takes care of called Squad Three, and also they're is Rennings' own crew members, before Dak wedding for Ellabelle Blenlin they have to complete a mission on Ord Mantell of a supposed Sith Threat at stake somewhere on the Island of Avilatan, more adventures are set to be told of Dak Benkins in my universe and what he did after KOTOR II for example, perhaps since it's risen with 200 and something views I decided to write up more tails he would of course be close as popular towards Legends Character heros and Canon Character heros like Poe Dameron, or for example but Dak has been marked a penulitmate for Star Wars Old Republic era in my universe, he is the most sucessor to Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Jacen Solo, Darth Bane, Asajj Ventress, Anakin Solo, Ben Skywalker, and mostly many more Legends and Canon universe characters in paticular so I think it's fair to say he has become so popular with many views, since more views are set to come soon for them I expect that I can write more paragraph stories about him what he did after KOTOR and a possible likelyhood if they're even was a KOTOR III to know what he did after KOTOR II where he goes, but I have high hopes in mentioning he retires a Major General in future, originally Dak was meant for being a Supportive Character but since he has grown a bit popular I have decided to make many more stories what our Republic Soldier hero does and possibly with his friends the Rodian Arod "Arrow" Renning, the Captain of New Controller and also the Chadra-Fan Vyrr Wezz the co-pilot of New Controller, and Dak's wife Ellabelle Blenlin, and also many more characters the crew of the New Controller, the known crew of New Controller include, a Mandalorian Neo-Crusader War Veteran named Rokis Zuhl of Clan Zuhl and knows very well of Captain Hugo Gurragann during the war Dak Benkins's traitorous Commander, Zuhl is the gunner of the New Controller, we have the Trandoshan named Tshossork Augri a friendly foe and also the gunner of the New Controller, we have the Nikto named Salsose Vec whom is a navigator of New Controller, we have a Kel Dor named Tol Ban whom is a crewman, and the Cerean named Ny-Mudurr-No Mosil whom is also a crewman, we have the Ugnaught mechanic named Montru, and four humans, a Female Crewmember named Yasmyn Starr, and Ships Medical Officer, Lea Stryder, we have a Communications Officer named Silus Riou, and an ex-Jedi Knight named Beltok Koren, we also have a Rodian Female named Hii Zsa whom is romantically involved with Renning and her position is gunner, and a Twi'lek named Fawzijoz whom is a crewmember, in later life it's mentioned Dak becomes a member in that group possibly after retirement, and he would meet his surviving foes from the end of the Jedi Civil War alive, of course the story will be a larger one to tell but if I run out of ideas that's not a problem, The main reason I introduced Dak i loved the character and I think it would be a brillent idea for all viewers alike the reason for his mod being introduced and put onto Mod Requests I have plans that someday he will be our new penulitmate mod for all viewers alike I am being respectful to all people on the deadlystream and I do show everyone who loves Star Wars with respect, and also to let everyone know I am okay if it's not made and it's okay and I don't freak out over things if they're not done I just what's called try not to let stuff get the better of me and that's okay, I am okay though and I respect if non of you wish or want to make it, but I would love to see the mod created sometime for KOTOR, and since it was my request for all people I will also be voice actor for Dak in the mod at somestage but many scripts have to be written and also we have numerous of problems how can we get Carth Onasi, and Bastila Shan and also Mission Vao, Jolee Bindo to speak to Dak, plus we don't have actors who sound like Jennifer Hale, or Raphael Sbarge, or Kevin Michael Richardson, and Catherine Taber as well, though to say it would be the most hardest thing to find in all our lives but I wish we had voice actors in KOTOR Mod community who sound similar to them most likely, You probably will be wondering what does Ellabelle Blenlin sound like in my opinion she would sound similar to voice actor Liliana Mumy if we can find one who sounds just similar to her, So with all respect to our main followers of KOTOR mod community I will respect the rules and also I will be paitent and wait and see what happens only time will tell that's all I ever wish to say to everyone and also please do give this topic and me a little bit of respect too thank you. 🙂
  5. I am looking for players for a multiplayer session with a mod for Star Wars Battlefront 2 called Humans vs Bots 3 as it is a mod that's intended to be played with multiple people for a cooperative experience If you are interested, let me know.
  6. Salk

    MOD:[K1] Three-tiered Dark Jedi Robe

    Hello ebmar! Since you are already planning a new update for this nice modification of yours I was wondering if you could consider including a version compatible with the essential JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 since I would really like to use them both together.
  7. Oaks

    have you seen this HK skin?

    Many thanks!
  8. Minuse

    TSL Effixian's Twi'lek PC Pack

    So, I have run into a bug. I chose the female twilek the grey one and after saving and leaving when I went back on it changed it to the male twilek.
  9. I tried to replace the Great Storm Beast on Malachor with a Rancor in Kotor Tool and it crashed a second after it showed the rancor loaded. Do you think the problem was something wrong with the animations or the model being too big and stuck in the map? Or was it something else? I'm stuck. 😕

  10. djh269

    JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1

    I love the new robes, the textures look great! Cloaked robes look far better than the original robes I think. TSL definitely had better robes. Another permanent addition to my override. 10/10!
  11. When it comes to content mods like my romance mods, it would be the best if you make suggestions about content that the author might have missed only after you have actually played or tested the mod. Just because some files are not altered by the mod, it does not mean those files in the game are not affected by the changes made by the mod.
  12. Yesterday
  13. JCarter426

    JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1

    Thanks! It's been in the works for a while and plans are in motion for some more robe models too.
  14. JCarter426

    JC's Cloaked Jedi Robes & Supermodel Port for K1

    Oops, looks like I attached the wrong zip. I'll fix it in a bit. Edit: Got it right this time.
  15. Going to watch this the very first time.


    I have watched TLJ early this year so, not going to be surprised 'bout a thing or two lol- but I'm kind of excited right now. 😁

    1. ebmar


      Dang. 35 minutes into the movie and I'm feeling this jetlag kind of thing. Maybe because not so long ago I have just finished the PT and OT so, the build-up on this one is kind of different really.

    2. ebmar


      If Rey wasn't Leia and Han's daughter/Ben's sibling then I'm totally going to lose my mind. Not because I'm wrong but because it would be the worst writing ever. What kind of twist will they have then?

    3. DarthParametric


      So I'm guessing this didn't have a happy ending....

  16. Hi, JCarter426! Hope you're doing fine. I am here to confirm that the package inside this resource is the same with what is there in the mod, which means there is no resource [Photoshop Document-PSD] included here. Many thanks for considering this.
  17. Liserg

    MOD Questions

    Dear forum users, if you have interesting bind commands for Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy could you share them
  18. ebmar

    Blog #88 - What mods do you use for Tatooine?

    With my past modded-playthrough [currently I'm running an 80% vanilla texture PT particularly with Tatooine's decorations], I have been using the fan favorite's- multiple's "Old Republic Skin Overhaul - Tatooine v1.0" for both the interior and the exterior of this [the way I see it] amazing planet. Apologize that for now I can't provide an actual in-game screenshots from my end, as I don't have the mod installed currently but I have some which I have grabbed from the host: Images are hosted here For the skyboxes; I can't think of anything more fitting than Kexikus's "High Quality Skyboxes". Pure sheer quality For content related stuff you just can't miss VarsityPuppet's "Helena Shan Improvement", or you'll just ends-up mistaken her with another lady in the bar I think that's all I can think of regarding Tatooine's essential contents for now. 🤔 Hoping more references are coming your way! Edit: I'll let you know with an update if I manage to found some other stuffs on the way.
  19. Isewein

    Leilukin's Kreia Reskin

    Just tried this; it looks great in game, especially the Darth Traya version. Her more pronounced facial features should give the scoldings she loves to heap on the Exile more edge. Minor nitpick: The gold braid ringlets seem a bit too shiny for my taste, now. I think the more worn-out look of the original would suit her better.
  20. Some hours ago I found the file in a german page. I thought it was the international version but must be for the german version only because gave me the same error trying to install it.
  21. [PATCH ERROR] "Old file not found. However a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match" (I'm using the 4 cd's spanish version, the launcher says is 2.00.420)
  22. Yes, I was checking it right now, but but the keywords leads me to the same broken links. The english version link seems is working but this file gives me an error if I try to install it
  23. Did you see my second response?
  24. Hi S.H. Thanks for the Light Speed answer. No, this page doesn't work. It's one of the pages I've checked before post in the forum. The link drives to a page that says "This page is not fully armed and operational" and I can do nothing. Thanks anyway
  25. Checked it myself. Went to a 404. Might I suggest you use that "Need more help?" button on the bottom of that page?
  26. todevuch

    Restored equipment for HK-47 - TSL

    Yes, you are right, as the N-DReW25 rightly noted, these elements of the droids were originally in the game, they are in it, but they cannot be obtained in the usual ways. Yes, for t3-m4, its parts are all present, the first one is included in it initially, the second part we receive from HK-50, and the third part is given to us for the return of the droid from Codin. Here they are: I plan to return the GO-TO parts. I will think about where to put them.
  27. I haven't played this mod yet; I'm trying to put together a safe mod build for my friend right now. So forgive me for my false assumption; I merely wondered why this file wasn't altered, but there not being a gender check in the first place of course explains that. Thank you for the fast support again, it's quite exemplary!
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