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  3. Yes, you'd just need to change the relevant values for the model and textures. That's literally what I did here. Copy and pasted one of my existing head mods and edited the ini. Although note that this is for a male player. You'd need a separate version for female heads, since all the body model references and so forth are different. Maybe I should create a Powershell script that can spit out an ini with a few prompted user inputs.
  4. Wow.... Thank you. That would have taking me probably a week or a month to do...... Essentially could I apply what was done in the configuration file (changes.ini) to other vanilla heads based on whichever code they use? I get that these all sound like common sense questions for those who have experience, and much appreciate the help giving.
  5. That tutorial was for TSL, not K1. Obsidian added some extra head variations in TSL that aren't in the first game. You shouldn't need to actually touch the model or its texture if you just want Jagi's head. You can just point the 2DAs to the vanilla assets. Although you might want to make a custom portrait. Edit: Had some time so I whipped up a quick and dirty version for you. Creating a custom portrait for it took the most time by far. Note that it just uses the vanilla model, which means no goggle/mask hooks, and the vanilla texture, so no DS transitions. K1_Jagi_Player_Head.7z
  6. Thanks for the links. I read through them all and found the 2nd article to be most helpful, although I couldn't find the twilek files it talks about except the TPC but it wasn't twilek_m05 in KOTOR Tools, they only went up to _m04 I believe.... Would you have any idea as to where they would be found? Again, thanks for the input. I've dabbled with the CK for a tad bit for Skyrim years ago, but never really put any heart into it, so to say the least I have 0 experience doing anything.... I'm surprised I was able to install KOTOR tools without any issues...
  7. Hey, not the OP but I did post a report at KOTORMODSync. It's not the name that's the issue though. It's stating that it's missing "tat_senni.utc"
  8. Hey, looks like Senni Vek Restoration was updated and no longer works with the installer. Getting this error "Issue: Failed to find 'Senni Vek Restoration\Senni Vek Restoration\For Override\tat_senni.utc' in any archives!"
  9. KTool is still around and available for download in the Modding Tools section, although it's generally not recommended for use any more. At least when making mods for public release. As far as new heads go, utilising an existing NPC head is about as simple as it gets, since you don't need to touch the model or the texture (unless you want to). It's most editing 2DAs, which are just spreadsheets. Unfortunately DS is pretty lacklustre when it comes to basic tutorials for this kind of thing. But it has come up plenty of times over the years though, so here's some reading material for you: A brief overview of the process that I posted years ago. LucasForums' "New Appearance" tutorial LucasForums' "Heads/Portraits.2da Walkthough" tutorial Regarding Jagi specifically, by default he uses appearance row 191 (Commoner_01_Mal_Black). That points to head 11 (comm_b_m). Have a read through the above links and post if you get stuck or don't understand something. For myself, typically when creating a new head mod I just copy an existing TSLPatcher setup for one of my older head mods and edit the values in the ini to point to the appropriate models and texture names. That saves a lot of the manual 2DA editing effort. So I would suggest downloading some head mods and poking through their files to see how they work.
  10. Swinky

    KSR 2022

    Is there anyway to allow the forcesaber crystal to be put onto a regular lightsaber? I just want a black lightsaber or darksaber but it crashes whenever i try to put the crystal on.
  11. So I have been playing with these blades as of late... ...what do ya think?
  12. A lot of force power descriptions are incorrect
  13. Yesterday
  14. Thanks for the input - Yeah, essentially it would just be taking let’s say “Jagi’s” NPC head and swapping it so it’s in the player head option in the character creation at the start of a new game. What tools would you recommend downloading and using? I’ve done a little reading on forums, but don’t have much foreknowledge on tools such as SKE, and from my understanding KOTOR TOOLS isn’t around anymore or has been replaced…. Thanks again for your input.
  15. Thank you! So what I plan to do is edit the lev40_carth.dlg in the lev_m40ac.mod file using the Holocron Toolset where zm_dropdpad causes the datapad to show up. From my understanding I can do this all with the Holocron Toolset and just save it from there. Then I'll edit the k_hcar_dialogue.dlg to include the zm_ebocomp script as ZimmMaster intended with his mod. Where the PC talks to Carth about being Darth Revan. Edit: That appeared to work. I played through the Leviathan and was able to get the items as ZimmMaster's mod intended.
  16. Depends on what you mean by "random". If you mean "can you create a player-selectable head from pretty much any other head in the game", then yes. If you mean "can you create a mod where the player gets a completely randomly assigned a head when the game starts", then that is complex. Technically, yes, but realistically, no. While theoretically possible via scripting, that essentially creates a disguise which can cause all sorts of dramas when mixed with other disguises like the Sith Trooper armour, the Sandpeople robes, the spacesuit, and underwater suit. Not sure of any existing one that does, but it wouldn't be particularly difficult to do. Although only male bodies exist using the vanilla assets.
  17. I have a general interest in learning how to mod KOTOR but lack the time with work and all - With that being said how hard would it be to create a mod where you can take a (Random Human NPC head) and swap it with one of the main character(s) head upon starting a new game? Also is there a mod that implements the commoners smugglers vest? I have loved that garment since the games release and would like to finally be able to wear it myself. Thanks in advance for any input!
  18. The problem is not the changes it is making to the DLGs, it's the fact that it lazily dumps a module DLG in the Override folder. This is not just bad from a mod compatibility standpoint, it's bad from a general game compatibility standpoint. There are three separate modules that have a lev40_carth.dlg file. Dumping one in the Override will replace all of them. Finding out which module it is supposed to be editing and merging the changes into the version in that module's MOD file is the appropriate solution. As far as k_hcar_dialogue.dlg goes, that is Carth's global DLG so that can stay in the Override.
  19. If you want to see something get fixed, you'll need to create a new issue for it on the mod's Github repo. As to actually determining what is going on under the hood, you'd want to edit the scripts to pipe more verbose debug info to the feedback screen.
  20. I believe I've found an error in KotOR 1's text that hasn't been fixed. While poking around in the script for Force Whirlwind I discovered that it lasts for 9 seconds rather than 12 it lists in the description. Strategy Wiki has it incorrect too. Another person and I both tested it to be sure and you can check in the feedback logs. What I did was I used Force Whirlwind, and then I added 3 physical attacks into the que. Sure enough, after 3 attacks, he's free and immediately uses with force lightning. What I don't understand is how the damage is actually broken up in segments of time it. It does in fact do Level/3 damage but it doesn't actually break it down into 2 second chunks. It break it down into 7 chunks which are scattered willy nilly throughout the 9 second duration. At level 20, it deals 20/3=6.66 damage. 6.66 - 2 damage because of Malak's master toughness rounded down = 4 damage per tic x 7 tics equal 28 damage. I'm not sure how or if you want to update this description but I just thought I'd report it. Edit: I included screenshots of the damage logs but it displayed them out of order. So rather than confuse you, I'll just let you replicate it yourself. Also, I got a different result as far as how many times it proc'd the damage over time effect. When I was attacking it proc'd 7 times in a scattered fashion but when I disengaged immediately after casting it proc'd 6 times. I'm pretty confident that there's either a bug in the log or the intermixing of the damage over time with physical attacks get mixed up in the combat queue. If I was a betting man, I'd wager that it actually procs the damage over time effect once every 1.5 seconds aka twice a round.
  21. Last week
    Dont know why but it doesnt work for me. Have no any other pazaak mods, files located in override. It doesnt work, i got stretched vaniulla pazaak desk texture
  22. I am running into a potential incompatibility issue with K1CP and ZimmMaster's Revan robes mod. When the Leviathan sequence starts instead of the escape plan cutscene starting with everyone around the center table, a quick bit of dialogue plays from Bastila's "This isn't over Malak" line plays and then the PC is stuck in the Ebon Hawk with all the party members around the table. Towards the cockpit is a dialogue option saying "START CUT" or something along those lines. From checking around the files I think the culprit is the two Carth dialogue files from ZimmMaster's mod. And the following scripts I could not find any changes between k_hcar_dialog.dlg and the default KotOR .dlg file. I did not find any k_hcar_dialog.dlg files in any other mods so I think that one may be okay and from my understanding the ZimmMaster mod is supposed to add the zm_ebocomp.nss script to the k_hcar_dialogue.dlg dialogue. K1CP also has a copy of the k_hcar_dialog.dlg file. Now for lev40_carth.dlg I did find the following difference where it adds the zm_dropdpad.nss script. When I delete the lev40_carth.dlg file from the Override the problem goes away. If I add the zm_dropdpad.nss script to the default version of lev40_carth.dlg in the same place, the problem comes back. Here is what the zm_dropdpad.nss script does And here is what the the zm_ebocomp.nss does And lastly here is a screenshot of the changes.ini file from ZimmMaster's mod in regards to the script files and the dialogue files, I would really like to make these compatible and work and I would appreciate any help! Thanks everyone!
    It doesnt work for me. I dont have loading screen mods in steam workshop and i dont have .tpc files that can overwrite this pack. Files located in override.Why it doenst work?
  23. Yes, I included this fix already in my mod.
  24. Hello @th3w1zard1. First time user of KOTORModSync here. I've had a few issues that I've mostly been able to resolve on my own but one final one seems to remain. KOTORModSync isn't recognizing TSLRCM correctly. At first I thought it may be something as simple as a missing underscore in the file name or the EXE file not being in a ZIP file but those attempted workarounds haven't succeeded. Would you helping an old man figure out what he's doing wrong? Hopefully the attached picture may give you a clue.
  25. Timbo

    KotOR1 - Improved AI

    Did you ever get around to including the community mod fixes? Since your mod is a script change it overrides the community mod. It would be nice to not have to choose.
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