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  2. I do love the appearance changes you made in your mod and I can remember you implementing that into your mod xD
  3. djh269

    PMHC01 HD

    Hahaha, brutal
  4. JasonRyder


    What kind of mod is this?!?
  5. JasonRyder

    Custom Robe for Davik

    I like this! Recolors/Retextures of this outfit could be used for Tarisian nobles as well. But only Davik should have purple!
  6. I wasn't expecting for you to have such big plans! Keep up the good work!
  7. Sci

    PMHC01 HD

    Destroyed. xD
  8. That's actually possible! The utc for Davik's intro and the utc for Davik's battle are two different files meaning just this is possible. I did something very similar for my K1 Gameplay Improvement mod actually:
  9. Hi, I'd like to port this handmaiden armor to Kotor 1 I basically want Nymph's 'Play as Handmaiden' mod ( for Kotor 2 in Kotor 1. Whilst it would be nice if someone else did this for me, I cant really expect anyone to do it. I don't have any experience in modding or porting but if anyone could give me an idea of how to port this to kotor 1 I'll try my best.
  10. Yesterday
  11. I love the Robe! Maybe have him equip his armor when his battle comes around
  12. I can confirm the issue after installing the game on the secondary computer. I might add that the animation is not glitchy when I am using an Adrenal item as opposed to a Basic MedKit. Weird, considering they should use the same animation.
  13. EAF97

    Custom Robe for Davik

    Custom Robe for Davik Kang, Crime-Lord of Taris. Ported in the stored head and skin for him from Kotor 2 as well which are a higher resolution
  14. Custom robe for Davik, designed by yours truly
  15. Sullustans will now also appear in Kotor 1 and will replace a few of the Rodians
  16. Depends on how you define "working on this mod", I guarantee you... this mod will be getting new updates, though I am currently a Developer for the Revenge of Revan mod. I do not have much in terms of "new content " planned, and I'll explain that in a bit. But here are some things which you can expect in a future "small update" of this mod: Now the reason why I am not working on a "big update" of K1GI is because I am waiting for either Kotor Level Editor or another tool to be made so I can place objects and other items inside a module. While I can do that now using the "whereami" cheat, using something like KLE is the far superior way to go. The user Logan, who makes ROR, said that the KLE makes a job which would take months now takes weeks with the KLE tool. I have big plans for many areas in the K1GI, so obviously I would want a tool like KLE to make the process faster and easier for me to make these plans come to life. Here is a description of what I want the Taris Undercity to be like: You might think that is pretty grim, because it is. The Undercity is described to be a very dangerous and depressing place so that is the reason why it was my mission to plan this place out to be visibly dangerous and depressing. Now image if I made changes like that across the game? Image how cool places like Dantooine would look like, It'd be cool! It is stuff like that I got planned for the bigger content updates of K1GI, and until a tool like KLE becomes more stable for me to actually be able to use it I'm afraid a proper big content update may be a bit away. Though also keep in mind that I am also developing Revenge of Revan for TSL, but thank you for keeping interest in the mod! Comments like these keep me motivated to one day return to the mod.
  17. Draughtking

    Grey Jedi Freedom

    Do you overwrite the module and override files that are already there on the tslrcm?
  18. Would anyone who knows about porting models and textures from SWTOR (TOR) be able to give me pointers and/or advice on how to port in creatures and animals from SWTOR? I am specifically trying to port in the models and textures for rakghouls, terentateks, kath hounds, tukatas and shyracks. More specifically would Blender be the best option or is there a method which is more preferable for porting?
  19. Last week
  20. I've been thinking about the KotOR remake, and we should lobby to #CanonizeDakBenkins

    1. ebmar


      I didn't know that DS can do hasht... #OhShootThatsHowYouDoIt

    2. TK-664


      My first remake mod to be sure #RecruitableDakBenkins (how do you do that)

    3. N-DReW25


      Is this about that Recruitable Dak Benkins mod which was requested a few years back?

  21. hello i just read about your mod and just wanted to say that im very intrested in it, i hope things work out for you and that down the road you can do what you love. keep it up and remember the dark side will always rule of the light.
  22. Devaronians will now be in my mod and will replace a few of the Twi'leks
  23. EAF97

    Devaronians in Kotor I

    Devaronians will now be ported into Kotor I for my upcoming NPC Overhaul Mod, and will replace a few of the Twi'leks.
  24. Hello! I have the GOG version of the game and on a clean install I noticed a weird glitch with the injection animation outside of combat. I am just wondering if it is something others experience too. I made a couple of videos that show what I am talking about. I have only tested this using a basic MedKit and an Advanced MedKit. The latter seems to cause very little/no jerkiness while the first causes little to serious jerkiness in the animation.
  25. Well, there are also UTCs and DLGs there but I see. 🤔 Hmm, alright -- you know your mod/setup better than I do obviously, hahah. I mean, must say I can't really follow what you're doing there because that's out of my usual practice -- which might be good, as well go the other way around though. We'll see about that. Edit: Ohh, I see -- yeah, you simply transfer the Tatooine setup to Taris'. Well, that looks fun, hahah. To be fair, you can always use custom name to optimized the compatibility -- but you do you. Granted, that takes more effort. Alright, good luck with that. 🍻
  26. If we're talking about the scripts, those are not located in the modules tar_m02aa or tar_m02ac natively, they come from tat_m17ac, with some slight modification for pricing values. An override here can be toggled but it would likely never run across such unless another mod has pulled them from tat_m17ac before this one to my thinking.
  27. Alright, just do a quick check and found some minor-nitpicky stuffs but overall looks fine, so cheers for that -- though this one looks critical -- Don't you think it's better for them to do hard-overwrite/replace? With what they're now they will simply be skipped -- assuming they're already in the module, that is. Granted, you might have your own logic and/or plan for that and I didn't see it for sure.
  28. I look forward to further education or confirmation it is passable!
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