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  2. I hate that this uses compressed dds files. Face (and sky) textures should never be compressed.
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  4. Amazing stuff! I quite like the look of Ahsoka, as well as the Luke robes.
  5. Sorry to necro this thread, but where did you find all of these mods? Some look familiar and others don't... are they all separate??
  6. Probably very possible, but the only things I've been able to mod in so far have been texture mods. So I'd need to learn how to use KotorTool.
  7. JDub96

    Blasters Reloaded

    There's a K1 version?
  8. Honestly, it would be less effort to just recreate it. It's very 'dude's first mod' level, nothing you couldn't replicate with KotorTool and five minutes.
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  10. Nice, now if we can have a version for the Taris workbench. I mean you do spend a while on Taris.
  11. (Spoilers)
    "10 Minutes of Useless Information about Knights of The Old Republic"


    1. DarthParametric


      10 minutes?! What's the one line TL:DR?

  12. Dang, he was a Watchman? Never would have guessed. Thanks for finding the wayback link, though. I wasn't able to recover it myself. I wonder if the GameFront wayback downloads still work...
  13. EAF97

    Visas Unmasked!

    She appeared unmasked in the scene where she was on the bed and Atton examined her after we fought but then when she was in her room she had appeared to have her mask on again even though the actual mask was in my inventory. And yes, i had installed this before beginning the game. I tried reinstalling it but it didn't change anything
  14. Hi I know I am almost three months late into actually reading your comment on my reddit post back in May XD, there are some edits I have to make to this video/ tutorial. I literally just finished making a Visas voice model today that worked surprisingly well only on 10 minutes of audio. I can try doing Jolee Bindo next if you still want that test.
  15. So i have found a way to re-add the files to the phone itself for moding kotor, although it does require buying the imazing software. the steps are: 1. buy both imazing and kotor 2 2. in imazing it lets you copy a app to a computer. doing this will give you a .imazingbackup file(close to a .ipa file) 3. unzip it to make it accessible 4. once in you navigate to \kotor\KOTOR\Container\Documents\KOTOR . that will put you in the right place to put all the mods in the dlc folder ( it should have the dlc folder, current saves folder, temp folder, and others ) 5. add mods with patches or overrides as you see fit( please be careful ) 6. now reopen imazing and go plug your phone in. go to files , then find kotor 2 , then find the corresponding folder that you messed with for the mods 7. open the unzipped folder at \kotor\KOTOR\Container\Documents\KOTOR. now just drag and drop the dlc folder and imazing will copy all the files to the game on your phone. good luck and if any questions arise just ask.
  16. Daemonjax

    Sith Stalker Armor

    The armor utc file has a Disguise property -- it's supposed to Disguise the wearer as wearing THIS armor to work around a problem this mod has when the armor is assigned to the wearer's body -- so it instead it actually uses the head slot and the Disguise property. So, if for some reason the utc file's Disquise property is pointing to the wrong armor entry, it'll Disquise the wearer as something else... Kreia's armor, for example. So... after you install the mod, open the utc file from within your override folder using Kotor Tool and ensure it's Disquise property is pointing to the Sith_Stalker armor entry. The TLSPatcher worked fine for me, but I'm NOT using the Steam version... I am using over 100 mods, including TSLRCM.
  17. Looks like the mod actually existed. Maybe, this page will be useful in finding it:;121157 From the description, the author changed G0-T0's model and class. For now, the closest to required mod is this:
  18. That's it. I can't work on this anymore.


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      You did?

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      Kaidon Jorn

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      Congrats. You've definitely earned a break.

  19. I adore those darkside hilts. Especially Malak's, I remember that from an old Jedi Academy mod. Would it be possible to replace his vanilla hilt with that, somehow? I'm curious. Also curious if they could hypothetically work with SLM. ...Oh, and I wouldn't mind the files.
  20. N-DReW25

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    The mod available for download is in a finished state and is compatible with TSLRCM. You should be able to start the game and finish it with this mod installed, the mod is very unlikely to break and no bugs are thought to exist. All restored content has new restored VO.
  21. The whole point of XnView is to be a poor man's photoshop for batch image file transformations/format conversions. I'm not shitting on the tool -- it does what it does well. So, if you simply select a bunch of tga files and batch convert them as (again) tga files without giving it any transformation instructions then it's the SAME AS JUST COPYING THEM TO ANOTHER FOLDER. So what's the point of using XnView to install this at all? Nowhere in the instructions or comments does anyone say what transformations to use. Is it because some of the tga's are saved using RLE compression and kotor2 can't read them in that format (by default XnView doesn't compress tga's)? I'll test that... No, the game reads RLE compressed tga's just fine. Either XnView isn't needed or there's missing installation instructions for specifying the transformation. If it's a transformation, then it's the same transformation (like flipping them all 180 degrees) that needed to be applied to all the tga's, not just some... and I looked at some of them and they seemed OK to me. So it looks to me like XnView is entirely unnecessary -- just simply copying all the files from both archives into the override folder should work fine. If I don't update this post, then it worked fine for me doing it that way. Who knows... Maybe blank alpha channels need to be added to all the tga's if they're missing. I guess I'll find out.
  22. I feel like I'm going crazy. I could swear that there was a mod on filefront that allowed you to replace G0-T0 with Revan. It made him into either a sentinel or a consular (I believe it was the former). I haven't seen it on Gamefront yet, so I'm assuming they either couldn't find it or didn't bother with it. Either way, I was hoping to play around with it on my most recent playthrough. I was wondering if anyone still had it somewhere. Thanks in advance.
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  24. EAF97

    Azgath N'Dul's Tomb

    I tried using JRL merger as instructed on the installer to avoid getting a blank journal but instead it gave me an error when I tried to merge it with TSLRCM. I tried it with multiple mods to make sure. What exactly am I doing wrong?
  25. During the installation with TSLPatcher, it showed this line "Warning: A file named global.jrl already exists in the Override folder. Skipping file..." Since global.jrl needed to be modified for the quest journal to appear, does this mean the journal will show up blank? If so how do I fix this? I was directed to Stoffe's jrl merger but I'm not sure how exactly to use it since I just need this mod journal modified and it's asking me for two additional global.jrls instead of one. I am using TSLRCM + M478EP from the workshop, so would this be a separate jrl from the main TSL game when entering it into the merger?
  26. EAF97

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    Two things: 1) Is this mod completed or at least mostly complete (i.e. any significant bugs I should know about that are still there)? 2) Are there actually additional lines spoken or will I have to read the subtitles to find out what's going on?
  27. Would it be possible to have Kaah replace G0-T0 and/or for G0-T0 to just become an unusable npc aboard the Ebon Hawk? I seem to recall something similar was done for the Dustil recruitment mod where he was brought on but HK-47 stayed as an npc. I'm actually surprised there isn't already a recruitment mod for Kaah allowing us to take him on considering we have no other Twi'lek companions in the game. His tech genius + jedi combo would make an interesting addition to the group and for the end fight scene given that Bao-Dur is dead by then (perhaps add him to the part where you play as the remote and re-use/splice together dialogue of his from the M4-78 expac for his lines). On top of everything else, I feel like being able to recruit him would make M4-78 more worth it in the end.
  28. The textures for this didn't generate correctly when I copied the files into override. It looked mixed up and like it was a combo of several outfits patched together
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