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  1. Would anyone be able to "restore" the Krayt Dragon pearls to Kotor 2? I've always been a fan of the lore behind them and appreciate the RP aspect of their use in Lightsabers. I had the idea of one being in the Twi'lek explorer's inventory on Dantooine. It could be looted off his corpse if he is killed, or he might give it to you as a gesture of kindness if you mention his force connection. He does use the same Twi'lek model as Komad, so it would be a nice touch there. Alternatively, the second Pearl could be in one of the containers in Vogga the Hutt's stash. Both as a nod to Tatooine and as a reasonable treasure a Hutt might keep. It would be interesting if Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force could be restored too, as power crystals instead of color crystals. But I am unsure how doable that would be.
    This is phenomenal! The blades look perfect in terms of color and shape, and the glow effect is both subtle and beautiful. I only wish that the glow and blade shape could easily carry over to some of the other custom hilts I have installed, though I tend to play K1 more vanilla than modded so the higher poly default hilts will do here.
  2. Yep, that did it! My eyesight is so bad though I can't tell if it's using my blade replacement mod or the vanilla blades, but it's definitely solid green! Thanks for the help, fam!
  3. I'm almost certain there was as well because I remember the one on Deadlystream being the second version I'd seen done. Maybe it was on the old Kotor filefront and never got backed up?
  4. Anyone have another Qu Rahn saber mod available? I'm aware of the one already uploaded here, but I'm not the biggest fan of how it "changes" colors from green to blue. I am hoping someone has done a version that is only green. Thanks!
  5. Not to necro an old post, but was this ever released? I don't know if I ever saw the original modeling back in 2018. It looks really good!
  6. That's a bummer. I figured that would be the case, but I wasn't sure if you could do something to the weapon tags that would allow for it or not. I recently learned (thanks to Movie Duels) that you could do this for JKA, so a part of me had hope it would be possible with Kotor too.
  7. Hi guys! I wanted to make a thread of general mod ideas I've had and see if anyone would be interested in taking them up as a project. I want to note that these aren't "requests" in the general sense, but things I would like to make if I had the talent/time to learn the mod author traits. If someone is interested in using these ideas in their own pet project, please do so! I'll likely never be capable of making them myself. All I would ask for in return is that you link to this thread so others can read through it. I'll post ideas I have below as separate post for formatting purposes. Darth Vader's armor (no helmet)- This is an idea I believe I posted in the past. Much like Stormie97's Jedi Journeyman Robes, this would be an in-game item that could be crafted with a high repair/treat injury skill or found on a planet like Korriban. This would be a heavy set of armor that would be identical to Vader's iconic armor, except it would lack the helmet. I feel like there is a significant lack of Jedi friendly heavy armor in Kotor 2 and that this could be a way to address the issue. Stat spreads I had in mind for it would be as follows: *Restricted to Heavy armor *+6 Str *-8 Dex *+6 Con *-4 Wis *-2 Char *Immunity Poison *Regeneration +4 *-2 Will Saves *-2 Reflex Saves *+4 Fortitude Saves *Upgradeable You could have a requirement of 20 repair or treat injury skill in order craft the item at a workbench, or one could have the option of coming across it in the torture chamber on Korriban. Something like the suit *without the mask, respirator, or helmet. Another idea I've had in the past is a sound effect replacer for the lightsabers. I know this has been done in the past with the Ultimate Sound Mod from Shem or DeadMan's Saber&Melee Sound Mod, but a lot of them sound effects pull from the Original Trilogy (or Vader specifically) for their samples. I would love to see a mod that uses the faster "snappier" sounds from the prequel films for the in-game lightsaber effects. Specifically borrowing from AOTC and ROTS as I've always loved some of the swings and clashes heard in those films. What would be really cool to see would be the possibility of sabers' sound effects changing depending on what color the lightsaber is, in a similar manner to how sound fonts work in the custom lightsaber collecting hobby. For example: you could have the green saber use effects from Luke's in ROTJ and the red model use sounds from Dooku's. I'm spit balling with these ideas, but that was the intended purpose of this thread for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cJCUVz7e6s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vXJjI3dJFw
  8. 6.4 thousand downloads already! Congratulations!
  9. @DarthParametricI don't think that would have been me because I'm more of an Obi-Wan ROTS fan over his TPM hilt. 2016/2017 was around the time I got back into SWTOR too, so it must have been someone else.
  10. This looks to be the nicest one yet, dude! I can't wait to start using it!
  11. @DarthParametricI've had that issue crop up once or twice before, though I usually spawn in the whole hilt rather than the crystal, so I probably would have missed that one. Thanks for letting me know!
  12. The Vader is new to me, so I'll be sure to grab that! I'm surprised you dislike the ROTJ version though. I've always liked the ROTJ version because it felt more chunky and large for Vader's massive hands. The poetry of it being a "bastardised Graflex" is pretty cool too, since Vader is just a bastardised version of Anakin. It also doesn't help that I had the ROTJ toy growing up. The Anakin you gave me a few years ago, but it's been in my Override since then and is usually my go to saber in a playthrough (unless I'm using Evasto's ROTJ). It's one of the best versions I've seen and completely blows the USM version of it out of the water!
  13. I wanted to make an update to this thread in case anyone wanted a few saber recommendations from the Downloads section of the main site. These are all relatively compatible with the files that have already been posted into this thread. If you're not sure on the compatibility, then I recommend downloading from my list first and then downloading (or redownloading) anything you've previously pulled. Or you can always read the file description or the Readme file included. Please note that all of these files are only meant for Kotor 2 (with exception of the Luke hilt that works in both games). Please use this as a reference for anyone new to the site looking for saber replacements. These are what I have kept in my Override for the past 5 years now. I haven't had any compatibility issues between them and other non-saber related mods and they work fine with running the Steam versions of TSL:RCM 1.8.5 and M4-78. There are others that I have run before and are also works of art, however I have left them out because they cause compatibility problems with other mods I have installed before. If you enjoy the work of these mod authors, please be sure to leave them a positive review. Sabers: Blade/Color Replacements (please download only one of these, as they overwrite each other in your override):