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  1. Hello, I recently downloaded Kotor 2 on my new laptop and have run into multiple runtimes errors that have stifled my playthrough. The error I am getting specifically has to do with a C++ Runtime Error forcing the game to terminate in an unusual way. This started to occur when I would try to leave Citadel Station for the first time (which I resolved initially by removing the Movies folder) and now has me stonewalled whenever I try to travel to a new planet after leaving the Telos Academy (the issue is not tied to any Movies trying to play now). I have read almost every Reddit and Steam forum post and watched multiple fix videos on YouTube that have not resolved my problem. I have already tried the major fixes of updating/reinstalling drivers, repairing and reinstalling all relevant C++ downloads, downloading All In One Runtimes, uninstalling and reinstalling Kotor 2, and playing with various graphical settings in-game and in the EXE. I am completely stumped and am hoping that someone on here may have the one fix that I have not tried or some sort of file download that will fix everything. Please help me if you can! Processor AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS w/ Radeon 780M Graphics 4.00 GHz Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.2 GB usable) Edition Windows 11 Home Version 23H2 Installed on ‎4/‎24/‎2024 OS build 22631.3527 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22700.1003.0
  2. Would anyone be willing to add some Darkside heavy armor variants to Kotor 2? I'm thinking a few lore friendly heavy armor versions that don't restrict force powers but have some balanced weaknesses that set the apart from the Jal Shey robes? Darth Vader, Warb Null, and other Darksides wear heavy armor without force restrictions, so I believe this could be something expanded upon to spice up gameplay a little.
  3. How does it change their stats though? What are the value differences?
  4. Bumping this, hoping there's some interest.
  5. M4-78 is a good start. You should get 2-3 extra levels from that. I also believe that Azgath N'Dul's Tomb is compatible with both of you wanted to install that. I don't think I've ever gotten above level 33 before fighting Kreia in any of my playthroughs.
  6. Would anyone have any interest in implementing the Krayt Dragon Pearl into Kotor 2? I understand why it was cut, but it seems odd being the only missing crystal from the first game. I have two ideas for locations where it should spawn: 1- Geeda's shop after completing Dantooine for 2500 credits. 2- Looting Ahrnell's corpse after killing him in the Crystal cave (similar to killing Komad Fortuna for it in Kotor 1). Thanks!
  7. Fantastic work! Would you be willing to do something similar for Luke's saber with compatibility for Crazy34's blades? Obi-Wan, the Graflex, and others would be additional options that would be awesome to see!
  8. Mantle of the Force was created by Exar Kun during his experiments with Sith Alchemy. It was one of the items kept in his laboratory on Yavin 4 and was rediscovered by Suvam Tan. (Originally I think the devs wanted it to be Exar Kun's lightsaber crystal, but this was changed in a comic) Heart of the Guardian was one of the Jedi artifacts that Exar Kun and the Massassi plundered from Ossus during the Great Sith War.
  9. I've had a few fun ideas and "this would be cool" style moments over the year of replaying both Knights of the Old Republic games, but I've never really had anyone to share them with. I thought it might be fun to start a thread sharing these bits of "head canon" to see if anyone else found them interesting and see who else might have something similarly detailed or minor that would a fun little enhancement to the world of Kotor. Here are a few I can name off at the moment, though I may come back and share others as I think of them. -Juhani is one of the Jedi who is wiped out during the gathering on Katarr, which is why she doesn't have any unique items or mention in Kotor 2. Her death also adds to the threat of Nihilus and adds some "personal loss" for the player. -Jolee Bindo is either hunted down and killed by Darth Sion (something that makes Sion feel even more like a threat and adversary to the player), or loses badly to Sion and is able to fake his death to survive the purge (Newbiemodder's Korriban expansion gave me this idea a few years ago). -The SIth Ritual Master on Dxun in Freedon Nadd's tomb is a former Jedi Knight from the Mandalorian Wars, specifically Talvon Esan from the vision on Korriban. -*Some* of the other SIth Warships that make up Nihilus' assault fleet when he attacks Telos were salvaged from the wreckage of Lehon following the Battle of the Star Forge. -Darth Sion's Sith Assassins are immune to the effects of Battle Meditation on both the positive and negative ends of influence due to how they "feed" on their prey and due to the conditioning they are put through during training (not an actual effect in game but a cool thought). They are also unable to use force powers that provide inwardly directed stat increases due to them relying entirely on pulling strength from the Jedi they prey upon. Like a Battle Meld, but unconsciously linked to the force signature of their target. -Darth Bandon's master was Zez-Kai Ell (he mentions having a padawan who joined Revan during his meeting on Nar Shaddaa). Bandon left to join Revan later in the Mandalorian wars, he was not one of the first to join up and leave. Bandon leaves at the tail end of the conflict, partially due to listening to Zez-Kai Ell's beliefs that the council was partly wrong in condemning those who left to fight. Malak chose him as his apprentice partly due to him directly witnessing the hypocrisy of the Jedi Council. They're also both bald guys with double bladed lightsabers. 🤷‍♂️
  10. A while ago I received permission from Evasto to upload his Luke Skywalker hilt pack to Deadlystream to help preserve the mod. Evasto gave me permission to really do whatever with it, due to him moving away from Kotor modding in favor of other games. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to update this mod for me in a few areas to make it a little more modern with the times. Specifically, I had three requests for the hilt pack: 1. Split each hilt into it's own separate unique lightsaber instead of replacing the vanilla Green lightsaber. 2. Make each saber compatible with Crazy34's New_Lightsaber_Blade_Model_TSL replacer as an additional install option with TSL patcher. 3. Throw each saber's crystal into a unique location to obtain without SGE or cheats (one hilt's crystal in Daraala's inventory on Dantooine, one hilt's crystal in Geeda's inventory on Nar Shaddaa, one hilt's crystal in Kex's inventory on Dxun). If anyone can help out, I would greatly appreciate it!
  11. @Sith HolocronI had meant for this to go into the Requests section, but it's been a bit since I've posted and it seems to have missed the sub category. You're welcome to keep it here if you think it fits fine, but I intended for it to be in the other category and apologize if this looks like spam in the wrong forum.