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  1. @DarthParametricI don't think that would have been me because I'm more of an Obi-Wan ROTS fan over his TPM hilt. 2016/2017 was around the time I got back into SWTOR too, so it must have been someone else.
  2. This looks to be the nicest one yet, dude! I can't wait to start using it!
  3. @DarthParametricI've had that issue crop up once or twice before, though I usually spawn in the whole hilt rather than the crystal, so I probably would have missed that one. Thanks for letting me know!
  4. The Vader is new to me, so I'll be sure to grab that! I'm surprised you dislike the ROTJ version though. I've always liked the ROTJ version because it felt more chunky and large for Vader's massive hands. The poetry of it being a "bastardised Graflex" is pretty cool too, since Vader is just a bastardised version of Anakin. It also doesn't help that I had the ROTJ toy growing up. The Anakin you gave me a few years ago, but it's been in my Override since then and is usually my go to saber in a playthrough (unless I'm using Evasto's ROTJ). It's one of the best versions I've seen and completely blows the USM version of it out of the water!
  5. I wanted to make an update to this thread in case anyone wanted a few saber recommendations from the Downloads section of the main site. These are all relatively compatible with the files that have already been posted into this thread. If you're not sure on the compatibility, then I recommend downloading from my list first and then downloading (or redownloading) anything you've previously pulled. Or you can always read the file description or the Readme file included. Please note that all of these files are only meant for Kotor 2 (with exception of the Luke hilt that works in both games). Please use this as a reference for anyone new to the site looking for saber replacements. These are what I have kept in my Override for the past 5 years now. I haven't had any compatibility issues between them and other non-saber related mods and they work fine with running the Steam versions of TSL:RCM 1.8.5 and M4-78. There are others that I have run before and are also works of art, however I have left them out because they cause compatibility problems with other mods I have installed before. If you enjoy the work of these mod authors, please be sure to leave them a positive review. Sabers: Blade/Color Replacements (please download only one of these, as they overwrite each other in your override):
  6. Thanks, Effix! I appreciate it!
  7. Looks pretty good! Could you make the hair one "notch" darker, if you know what I mean? Maybe change the eyes to blue as well? (unless that's too involved for a quick update). Thanks!
  8. All good to go now! Sorry to bug you with it! Thanks again!
  9. Either way. If you ever go through your hard drive and have some finished sabers (or unfinished ones you decide to finish up), absolutely feel free to post them here. They're must-have files for me, and the traffic in this thread shows there's at least some demand. I threw the ESB hilt into my Override, but the texture seems to have a bug on the upper half of the saber. Would you be willing to take a look? @DarthParametric
  10. How much stuff like that do you have on file, out of curiosity? I've pulled your Kyle Katarn hilt off your site before, and I've gotten the Ven Zallow and Anakin hilt from you in a PM a while back. Would you ever consider throwing everything you've got into a single TSL Patcher install and posting it? Either in this thread or on the main site? Your work honestly is the best I've seen for either game, and I would easily be the first one to download a mass folder like that if you ever released one.
  11. Thanks, Darth! Your work is the best of the best on here! I don't know what the equivalent is to buying you a drink on here, but let me know and I'll return the favor!
  12. Why does the male PC use the female combat stance when using a saber? I've tried reinstalling this multiple times,but it always uses the incorrect stance.
  13. Sorry for the double post in a week's time, but would anyone be willing to reskin the PFHC07 head to be a Brunette? Thanks guys!
  14. Hey JC, would you be willing to update the blades with an optional flicker or pulse? These look gorgeous, but they're missing some sort of animation like what you'd see in other versions or in the films. Kind of like what you see here: Update: I didn't realize I had commented here back in 2018, lol. Finally saw your follow up response on texture sizes and model editing. My bad, man! If you do ever end up doing another version though, or overcome the size limitations for the file, I'll leave this up as I think the gifs are good references for blade animations.
  15. Would anyone be willing to do Kol and Cade Skywalker's lightsabers? It's the same design for each, I just need one in blue and one in green.