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  1. We have Sith Assassins with Lightsabers and Sith Assassins with Swords. Is there any chance we could get Sith Assassins with Force Pikes? The Wiki states that Force Pikes were a common weapon for them, and seems a little more intimidating than their quarterstaffs: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Sith_assassin/Legends It would be cool to see a few more Sith Lord encounters in the game too (possibly on Korriban or Dxun leading the ambush by the Sith Assassins), but that might be for another mod.
  2. It does not appear that the Viridian double or short sabers are working correctly.
  3. Amazing! Any plans for an update to your saber blade mods or anything of the sort? A LOT of your mods from pre 2015 are staples of my override, so I'm very excited to see you producing content that I will instantly download.
  4. Would you be open to bringing these hilts and the ROTS Obi-Wan over to TSL? You could stick the crystals to craft them in Kex's or Daraala's inventory, similar to the JK hilt pack.
    Superb! Glad to see we're getting saber mods like this again!
  5. I'm going to try and do a fresh install of my Override (once I get bored of Lego Star Wars) and see if I can dodge the issue. I can't think of any other mod I have that messes with placeables, but I'm currently running my slimmest mod folder and still hitting the issue.
  6. Hey @90SK, I've run into this glitch in two different playthroughs now, and it has only been when I have Loot & Immersion downloaded. I keep having the Medical Supplies Cylinder in the beginning of the game load in with Revan's Robes inside, then having it clone itself in various other sections of the game where it only contains a medpac and the robes. Is this a bug you are aware of? I am running other mods, but I have no idea what would be causing this if there is a conflict.
  7. Would anyone be willing to make the SWTOR Tempted Apprentice Lightsaber as a replacement for the Viridian and Green vanilla sabers? https://swtorista.com/weapon/tempted-apprentices-lightsaber
    Damn, Effix. This is really really good! I have nothing more to add except that it's great seeing mods like this again!
  8. @ebmarcan you clarify your edit? So the TSL patcher you linked just swaps the models, it doesn't retain Mira's default clothing for Kira?
  9. I appreciate it, @ebmar. I will update you on how it works once I reach Nar Shaddaa in my latest playthrough!
  10. You are correct, apologies for the confusion. I would have attempted going about this myself if I could get the KotorTool working. I've run into issues utilizing it to modify files since I bought a new laptop back in 2018. My abilities to work within Kotor's files have atrophied since then too, so I wanted to pose a request.
  11. Would anyone be willing to do a head replacer for Mira that utilizes DarthParametric's Kira Carsen head but retains Mira's default appearance in her armor/clothing? I have the same outfit on Kira in SWTOR from the Cartel Market, so I wanted to see if this was something possible to do in K2.
  12. Would anyone be able to "restore" the Krayt Dragon pearls to Kotor 2? I've always been a fan of the lore behind them and appreciate the RP aspect of their use in Lightsabers. I had the idea of one being in the Twi'lek explorer's inventory on Dantooine. It could be looted off his corpse if he is killed, or he might give it to you as a gesture of kindness if you mention his force connection. He does use the same Twi'lek model as Komad, so it would be a nice touch there. Alternatively, the second Pearl could be in one of the containers in Vogga the Hutt's stash. Both as a nod to Tatooine and as a reasonable treasure a Hutt might keep. It would be interesting if Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force could be restored too, as power crystals instead of color crystals. But I am unsure how doable that would be.
    This is phenomenal! The blades look perfect in terms of color and shape, and the glow effect is both subtle and beautiful. I only wish that the glow and blade shape could easily carry over to some of the other custom hilts I have installed, though I tend to play K1 more vanilla than modded so the higher poly default hilts will do here.