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  1. FluffyHk47 is right. And Exploring all of the Kotortool will be important.
  2. SithSpecter, I am a firm believer of Quality over Quantity. With 10 years plus, I do understand that you have a life outside of Modding as well.
  3. why no both having Exchange and Hutt Cartel and having a conflict between them. Sithspecter, please take your time with this.
  4. Well I don't know if you have heard of Tamerbill. Right now, I have his Kotor 1 Content: Feats and Powers Mod and Yes I love it a lot. Yes I am wondering how in the heck he did that. For example, Echani feat tree is a Stun Effect that scales to Dexterity to against the Will Saves of Enemy. There are generally good unique feats in his mod. Also I do love Staradmiral's Kotor Force Pack as well. Keep in mind I do want a mod that gives Players several options while somehow implementing my ideas. For example, Not everyone wants to roleplay as a Jedi Shadow but having an option to do so is what is going thru my head. Another possible idea for a future Mod is having Exar Kun on Yavin 4 and have him an arch villain. I am aware of Yavin 4 and Exar Kun mods and have played Yavin 4 and liked it. Instead of facing Trask as the End boss but having Exar Kun as main villain awaking from the darkness of the Jedi Civil War and cutting a cut deal with Darth Malak's Sith to kill off Malak while freeing Exar Kun by destroying the Wall of Light erected by Nomi Sunrider and other Jedi. Monique and Kyle are new characters that the players could recruit.
  5. yep. I am deciding against it because of it.
  6. My technical Skill is on the low end as of Right now. I was thinking earlier today about a possible new passive feats that for Kotor 1 Jedi and each Specialization would have a different feel from each other. These Specializations will be avaible for all Jedi Classes Jedi BattleMaster: (Jedi Guardian like) Prerequisites: Level: 12, 14 and 16 Attribute: Strength: 14 Dexterity: 14 Wisdom: 14 Feats: Light saber Specialization and Master Jedi Defense Intention: a Frontline Jedi Duelist that improves Their Light saber Skills while being a good tank and Encourages players to Team Force Buffs like Force Valor and Energy Resistance. So Defense And Light Saber Attack Bonus will increase with the feats while opening up new Feats similar to Toughness and Wookiee Toughness to increase Tanking Jedi Investigator:(Jedi Sentinel like) Prerequisites: Level: 12,14, and 16 Attribute: Dexterity: 14 Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 14 Feats: Light sabers Specialization and Master Jedi Defense Intention: A Stealth Oriented Jedi that infiltrate Location to investiage them. It would be a Skill passive that Increase Stealth, Awareness and Security. Jedi Watchman: (Jedi Consular like) Prerequisites: Level: 12,14, and 16 Attribute: Dexterity: 14 Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 14 Feats: Light Sabers Specialization and Master Jedi Specialization Intention: A Defensive Oriented Jedi that using the force in order to protect himself and others. Inspiration: Jolee, Obi-Wan, Arca Jeth and Atris. In short: A very capable Jedi Consular Tank Build with superb Blaster Deflection. I am wondering if I can learn how to make them into usable feats and using the Game Mechanics as in Kotor 1 as is. I have other feat ideas that includes a Specialization for Bastila Shan, Jolee Bindo and Juhani and Sith Specialization for a later post.
  7. Well All I have to say is that do want you can with the files in order to restored them fully first then fill the rest with your ideas. A possible idea that Each time the player discovers a Star Map, new content and side quests can appear on Sleheyron.
  8. To be lore friendly with Iridorians gladiators, having them to be High Tier Enemies regardless when you do face them. and Trandoshan would be another good enemy type to face.
  9. Maze Arena can set many different challenges of your choosing.
  10. Suggestion of a Potential for dealing with Rakghouls, Exchange Beast Handler Armor gear set. Well It does have good damage resistance to Slashing and Bludgeon damage also increase Fortiude Saves against Poison. Fighting against Beasts of all stripes will be a good challenge. Rancors, Rakghoul, Terentatek, Shyrack, Tuk'ata among other beasts would be fun to go against. Possible Side quest of a Rescue Mission of a Jedi Master and depending on the stage of the game, the ending will change.
  11. Sith Marauder Gear Set is an example of One of many possible New Gear you can introduce for Quest Rewards. Regardless when you can make Sleheyron visit-able, As much as I love Stronger enemies of all stripes, The Merchants should sell good gear to balance the Enemies out. In Short, it is perfectly right to make the Enemies extremely hard. Imagine that You are fighting an Alpha Rakghoul Fiend with possible High Stats, Immunities or Insane Health Regeneration that makes Deadpool envious. Or 1 vs Squad of Your choice for another death match. Tranodsans Hunters and Mandolarian Commandos would be nice for 1 vs Squad Matches and Each of them has an unique Fighting style that the player has to watch out for.
  12. On a Side Note On Death Match Rewards, Sith Marauder Gear Set would be a good rewards for Dark Sided Players and it is alright to set them with Feat Required that fits feels the Sith Marauder Gear Set. It is alright to go dark if it fits your mod. Also Personal preference only, it is perfectly alright to make it a Late game planet with High Level Higher Stats Enemies of all stripes. And Good gear should balance the Harder Enemies.
  13. is there a way to do height adjustments to the Player Character is what i am curious about?
  14. to JCarter, what are the limitations to the Character Creation?
  15. Just curious will there be high level enemies in this mod? High Level Enemies would be in this case is Level 15 or higher with Higher Stats, Equal to or Greater Than Feats for that Level, Equal to or Greater than Force Abilities for that Level with Superb Gear Sets and Weapons. Like a Nightmare of an Enemy, A level 15 Dark Jedi that fights on par of a Dedicated Level 20 Jedi. If you consider this, Balance it out with excellent late game gear that gives players a chance to fight back.