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  1. DeathScepter


    Just curious will there be high level enemies in this mod? High Level Enemies would be in this case is Level 15 or higher with Higher Stats, Equal to or Greater Than Feats for that Level, Equal to or Greater than Force Abilities for that Level with Superb Gear Sets and Weapons. Like a Nightmare of an Enemy, A level 15 Dark Jedi that fights on par of a Dedicated Level 20 Jedi. If you consider this, Balance it out with excellent late game gear that gives players a chance to fight back.
  2. DeathScepter

    Temple guard mask

    it would be a nice gear set for Player to earn. Also having NPC on Dantioone that are Jedi Guards that use that Gear Set to defend Jedi Academy. Conversely Sith should have Sith Guards similar to their Jedi Guards Brethen in look and gear set. for Korriban SIth Academy.
  3. DeathScepter

    Fair Strides' Script Shack

    what are the limitations on Creating New Feats similar to Tamerbill's Content Feats and Force Power mod?
  4. DeathScepter

    [REQUEST] Kalatosh Zavros in KOTOR1

    it would be cool to have a sidequest to face him after the Sith Governor battle. And having an excellent Sith Gear set for the Player to use for the Player Character.
  5. DeathScepter

    Usable Mira's Wrist Launcher for TSL

    or make an Implant that has that Feat in it as a bonus feat.
  6. DeathScepter

    MOD:JC's Robe Adjustment for K1

    it would be a good idea for further updates to have a Jedi Robe that is reflective of class within Mod. For example, Jedi Guardian Robe would be good for combat oriented Jedi. Jedi Sentinel Robes are good for Stealth and Jedi Consular Robes for More Force Usage.
  7. DeathScepter

    Fair Strides' Script Shack

    Just curious, it is possible to make a passive force ability that boost certain other abilities. Expmple of a Force Passive that appears on the Force Tab: Jedi BattleMaster Passive: +4 Strength +4 Wisdom +5 Defense +5 Attack +5 Damage +1 Attack per Round then it unlocks new abilities like Slashing Charge(a Force Speed ability that adds Slashing damage to the Jedi) I have other Ideas in my idea if curious.
  8. DeathScepter

    Darth Sion’s Healing Power

    Well Just an idea for your mod, a Dark Side Force buff ability that requires both Death Field and Force Drain as requirement. When your character is buff with it and on the dark side, it will grant Second Wind similar how you describe it.
  9. DeathScepter

    Kotor 1 Electric Judgment

    it would be a good idea to make a Dedicated thread about having a New Force ability pack Similar to StarAdmiral's Kotor 1 Force Powers 2.0. A possible Suggestion for placement for Electric Judgement is under Jedi Sage Specialization. Possible Jedi Specializations: Jedi Sage: Dedicated Healer and Student of the Estoretic Force abilities including Electric Judgement(Jedi Consular Feel) Jedi BattleMaster: Jedi Battle Commander that buffs allies and Front Line Leader during War Time, Leading Jedi Lightsaber Instructor(Jedi Guardian Feel) Jedi Investigator: A Jedi that Investigates crime and by Stealth and disables Enemies thru the force.(Jedi Sentinel Feel) Jedi Watchman: Jedi that works with Planetary governments with Stealth I don't have the skill or knowledge to do that.
  10. DeathScepter

    Way of Jedi Shadow

    Right now, I am playing Kotor 1 playthru with StarAdmiral's Kotor 1 Force Pack (2.0) and Quanon's Armor Pack. I am liking both of them a great deal. Later on, I might contact the authors in the respective mods to see if they want to help. Right now what is in my head, after I get KotorGFFeditior and TSL Patcher. Phase 1: Re-balance The Classes to a comfortably high level and the rename Jedi Sentinel to Jedi Shadow Port Sith Assassin as an Enemy at Endar Spire, Tatioone and Kahyysk Port TSL Crystals at sensible locations, for example, Dead Jedi and Sith on Endar Spire, Sith Taris and Manaan Base, Jedi Academy on Dantioone, Sith Academy and Tombs on Korriban and Rakatan Temple on Lehon. Phase 2: Monique: A gorgeous Red hair Jedi Guardian that becomes an unofficial Jedi Padawan for the Player Character. There is a Connection between the Jedi Master that was killed by a Sith Assassin that you personally killed out of self defense and Monique. The Jedi Master had a side mission to recover Jedi and Sith Gear from an Old Jedi Conclave. During the Assault on the Sith Base on Taris, you find the Said Sith and Jedi Gear(including some robes and crystals) when you rescue Monique from the Sith Base. Interconnecting sidequests that connects Monique's Jedi Master to various people on all main quest planet exluding Lehon. Somehow connects to Exar Kun on YAVIN 4 Moon. I have an idea that re-uses the Lehon Temple for Exar Kun and connects to a New Module that is similar to A New Hope and Rogue 1. Exar Kun vs Revan match up will be Post Leviathan Scene. Phase 3: Post Leviathan Return to Tatioone that Revan confronts his own old Jedi Padawan that went to the dark side during Mandalorian Wars. She has information about the Krath and their leadership. Czerka Depot and Rakata Temple on Tattioone will be included and a New Korriban Tomb would included.
  11. DeathScepter

    Way of Jedi Shadow

    Well with my story idea of right now to keep it simple, I would have Kaevee as a 17-18 year old with her friend Isabella(she is a new character) Sith Holocron, I will be use Wookieepedia as Much as Kotor 2 Mostly as Inspiration for my ideas. on the game play side, I will be doing some changes for the characters if possible. For example, Changing Bastila's class from a Jedi Sentinel to Jedi Consular. Jedi Consular for Bastila and Jolee will have an option to learn for Force Jump and Force Immunity. Jedi Guardians like Juhani if you spare her, will have an option to learn Force Focus and Force Immunity. Keep in mind that I am using more famous Jedi like Yoda, Qui Gon and Anakin as Inspiration for Changes. Soldiers will have more feats per level and a skill boost. Scouts will be more balance and Scoundrel will be Skilled focused compared to Scout and Soldiers. If you go on Wookieepedia, Jedi Shadow is your Sith hunter Jedi Sentinel Specialization. I am using inspiration from that as the main Class for Revan. Despite him having anmesia of his time as a Sith and Jedi, his fighting abilities, overall intelligence and force abilities will be taken in to consideration and his ability to fight Force Users aka Kotor 2 Lore will be intact when I finish it up. Some of the Dialogue ideas I have, On Korriban, Revan will have dialogue options about the Sith Lord Tombs if the player goes to Korriban last.
  12. DeathScepter

    Way of Jedi Shadow

    Right now given with my old thread and in FairScripts Scripts thread, what I have decide on. My internal logic gives Revan a "Canon" Jedi Class in the context of Kotor 1 is to show a version of Revan that is information gather-er, capable force user and a capable fighter. Well Within the Star wars Legends, Jedi Shadows and Jedi Investigator are Jedi Sentinel derviated Specializations. Jedi Shadow are known for gathering information on Sith and other Dark Siders and their plans, And Jedi Investigators are known for taking Crime Lords and threats to the Jedi Order and the Republic. In Kotor 1, You as Revan's duty is to gather information on Sith and their source for their fleets by finding Star Maps. Right now, I am working on understanding Kotortool. I do want to learn how to port from Kotor 2 into Kotor 1. For example, Port Kaevee and developing her into an actual character. with a side quest idea, I have is that You recover an Ankarres Sapphire from a Dead Jedi during the Endar Spire Escape. With Ankarres Sapphire and with Kaevee's help, you use the force to heal a Fellow Jedi Padawan. Isabella and Kaevee will appreciate you healing Isabella, the Injured Jedi Padawan. Isabella is a very tall 5'11'' jedi padawan with long thick curly brown hair with pretty blue eyes. Kaevee will not look that different from her Kotor 2 look howbeit with a healthier fuller look and longer hair. Within Dantioone, there are several more side quests that you help other Jedi with their work. Story Line Mod with a Jedi Recruit Mod: Endar Spire Escape, I would like to port a Kotor 2 Sith Assassin with the Red Goggles and you and him fight after he murders another Jedi to death, when you defeat him, you get his Sith Assassin full helmet, Robes(it would be a light armor), Sith Stealth belt, Qixoni Crystal, Stygium Crystal, Red Lightsaber. Jedi that he fought has the Ankarres Sapphire and good jedi gear set. The Fallen Jedi Master has a datapad that takes about a Old ruined Jedi Enclave on Taris(think of the comic book series Kotor) and he sent his Jedi Padawan, Monique to find recover any useful Jedi gear and Crystals(many Kotor 2 crystals will appear here and new Robes) I do suspect that I have to learn how to use a GFF editior how to model Monique for this. or at least good Character Editior due to her extremely long hair and height. Due to I want to have Monique as a Jedi Companion, and my understanding that 9 companion(as kotor 1 crew as is) is the limit. Also It would be cool to connect my post recruit Mod into an New Exar Kun Yavin 4 Mod that Revan has to face Exar Kun. And Facing Kissasi and Massassi allies of Exar Kun and having Sith from Malak's Sith Empire is trying to cut a Deal with Exar Kun to help over come the Republic. There is a rough idea of a Rough Draft for that. In short that Exar Kun surivied the Wall of Light at his temple but couldn't leave because of it, so Sith are finding ways to break the Wall of Light and in return, Exar Kun has to kill Revan and bring his head to Malak and Exar Kun become a Leading Master of Sith Assassins and Second in Command of Sith Empire if he has success in killing Revan. Of course if that happens, Revan vs Exar Kun fight will be brutal due to both of them are extremely capable Sith/Jedi. Of Course Yavin 4 story is post Revelation scene. Also Leads in possible Krath Storyline. I will post more later. It is perfectly alright to ask questions about my idea. Keep in mind that my technical skills are not that advanced compare to the others here.
  13. DeathScepter

    Ajunta Pall WIP

    thank you for the information
  14. DeathScepter

    Ajunta Pall WIP

    Your Ajunta Pall looks great, Just curious would the Ajunta Pall's robes would be included with the infamous Ajunta Pall's sword in this mod?
  15. DeathScepter

    Dark Stalker on Endar Spire - Revised.jpg

    will this be able to be downloadable like in the Screen shot soon?