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  1. given how big of this project, Offering him help would be a nice thing to do. It will be up to him to accept for he is the leader of this. I am a good ideas guy but skill to help him would make me dead weight for him. A good idea for a boss he can use is a Sith Juggernaut inspired Dark Jedi for the Death Matches side quests. Side note: I have a lot of good ideas but lacking of skill is my weakness of right now. Busy with work.
  2. well this is just me, the stuff that you have shown is pretty good and I like it
  3. This is just me, Regardless of how powerful the item truly is or the stage of the game, it should be available to the Enemy and Player at that stage. As for Boss Characters that you are developing, it is alright to give them slightly stronger equipment.
  4. Well I know your mod is a dedicated Restored mod. Also adjusting prices to make them more sensible and increase prices if you are going to add traits to them. Also with Broken/overpowered equipment should be end game equipment only if you are planning to keep them broken as is. So it is alright to adjust them to make them fit to that stage of the game
  5. I have been with Work and yes I am still learning both Kotortool and TSLpatcher in order to do the mod ideas I want to do.


    1) Jedi Sentinel to Jedi Shadow conversion Mod.

    2) NPC Classes Mod

    3) Jedi/Sith Prestige class(It will be using Hides to enable that)

    4) Korriban Hardcore with a potential Recruitment

    5) Monique the Jedi Shadow( Yes it is a Recruitment)

    6) Cassidy Yates Jedi Healer( I might tie her to Korriban Hardcore and Transodan Sith Assassin would be a Boss)

  6. well I would love to see a Sith Reaver armor for Dark Side Players for Kotor 1 and 2
  7. To Effix, good mod you have here. For Future updates, Sith Shadowhand Robes should be similar to your Dune Sea Robes but a darker set
  8. This mod is for PC version of Kotor Not for Android
  9. as for me, Drew, I just briefly read this thread of now. For i have be on call for work
  10. what i am saying that Mandalorians Enemy NPCs should be powerful enough to be a proper boss but not so powerful that they are undefeatable that they are consider to be Mary Sue
  11. fun idea: Bonus Feats(force jump and lightsaber feats) to an mandolarian armor of your choice with JC's Dark Saber. Force Jump for Armor Improved Force Jump for Upgrade Master Force Jump for the other Upgrade Same logic for Lightsaber as bonus feats. Think of Canderous as a Mandolarian Jedi without the said Jedi Class with this armor. Also Mandos should function as a boss type Character but Never Mary Sue Level
  12. Looks great. Side note: I am not good with TSLpatcher but i am half way decent with Kotor tool. I can upload a class mod with a mandalorian commando for any NPC if you want.
  13. Those are good ideas, DP. I am not a player of TOR but they have interesting aesthetics that everyone should look into or get ideas from
  14. good to know. I do enjoy your content, N-Drew. Just curious, other than appearances, what other content are you planning for Heart of Beskar?
  15. just curious would it have any of the special effects of Bao-Dur's arm