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  1. i always enjoyed this mod, N-Drew, great deal and I will wait for a future version of this mod.
  2. This is just a suggestion, Having an Item of your choosing to have Bonus Feat: Force Jump and Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber for this new Mandalorian NPC. Also Talk to JCarter about using his DarkSaber Mod for this mod. Well I do think This Mandalorian NPC should be a boss tiered NPC. Side note: you can use the scripts from Jedi and Jedi Classes if you need too.
  3. Well I am curious if they can be restored into Kotor 1. Special Ability Camoflage is what I am more interested in right at the moment and if possible restored them all.
  4. Tamerbill has more experience in this department. He has an excellent mod that has feats and force power.
  5. Salk, Like everyone here, I am here to learn how to mod Kotor 1 and 2. I am happy to help when I can. And don't mind getting corrected when I am wrong
  6. For example, main reason why Canderous and Hk-47 can recover health and why Juhani can stealth without using a Stealth belt is due to they have an item hidden in their inventory. Go to Inventory then go to Natural items you can the armbands and hides in there.
  7. With Bastila Shan, Hides can be helpful. In Short, Armbands and Hides can do a lot for your ideas. I don't think that K2 Stealth Run can't be properly ported given there are many new scripts within Kotor 2 that Kotor 1 don't have.
  8. right now with me, I am organizing my ideas with a heavy usage of basetime.2da. right now, i am busy with work.
  9. Armbands would be a good idea for your mod.
  10. i would love to see a lot of ToR oriented content like lightsabers
  11. thank you, JCarter. I will have to use KotorBlender for a Recruitment mods I have floating in my head. Monique and Celeste Morne Recruitment i have floating in my head.
  12. right now, I am working on it while giving other their own specialization. There will be new classes as well. For the Ebon Hawk crew and Various Enemy NPCs. If Possible to added hides to various Enemy NPCs. I will go into detail if curious.
  13. it is possible to do a custom class for non force users. Right now, I am working on a mod that gives Zalbaar Wookie Berserker class and a fairly big mod that tries to make NPCs bit unique by custom classes and specializations. While giving a Player to "learn" new specialization over their travels and able to upload them into the Ebon Hawk's computer. First off you need to get familar with both Dialogue and Classes.2da files completely before you do anything. Adding or removing Columns are a No due to the fact they are hard coded. Also due to his status as a Wookie, he is unable to equip armor of any sorts. there is a script code that prevents any Wookie from wearing Armor within Kotor 1.