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  1. is it for kotor 1 or 2? there should be a feat gains mod for either. Do you have kotortool?
  2. classes.ada is important here. the attributes cap at 18. So if you want an extremely op Jedi, setting wisdom and charisma to 18
  3. Tamerbill, this is your mod first and foremost. so it will be your call when to end it.
  4. To Tamerbill, I do love your mod so far and I do want you to keep up the good work.
  5. thanks for the information about Echani Combat Arts and your new Feat Mod. Tamerbill, your work with this new feat mod is very good and I love your force forms concept.
  6. I have notice that Your grenade Feat has no icon. In your old Content Feats mod that it has Echani martial arts Tree that I do like a lot but there is an animated glitch that makes the character has Echani Feat looks like they are running in place.
  7. Keep in mind Tamerbill, My suggestions are Lore Friendly and Thematic friendly. In Short, if it fits into Star wars or fits into the game, I will suggest it. Well I do hope these ideas are good jumping off point. Martial arts Feats: All of the Martial arts feats should be able Armor or without Armor. Also Jedi Classes and Normal Classes should be able to use them. Echani Tree: Agile martial arts is similar to Kung fu that is taught to Special Forces and other organizations Taijutsu Tree: An adaptable martial art that can adapt to many situations Teras Kasi Tree: Able fight Jedi and other force users on equal footing Those three I would like to see but you can add any many other martial arts that you want. Jedi and Sith Specializations I would like to see: Jedi Battle Master: Lightsabers Specialists that focus DPS and off tanks. Lore Wise: They are Jedi Guardians primarily that pursue either Premier Jedi Lightsabers Instructor or Field Commanders. Jedi Battle Masters: Zhar and Kavar are proper Jedi Battle Masters within Kotor 1 and 2. Sith Marauder: Similar to Jedi Battle Masters, Sith Marauders are the Sith Combat Specialists that specialize within Lightsaber mastery. Darth Sion with in Kotor 2 is a good example of a Sith Marauder and Darth Vader is a tankier verison of a Sith Marauder. Jedi Shadow: Lore Wise: Jedi Shadows draws from Jedi Sentinels primarily and Information gatherers and able to take down Dangerous Enemies ranging from Sith Lords, Crime Lords, Bounty Hunters and other dangerous enemies. Capable of Stealth. Obi Wan is a good example of a Jedi Shadow can do. Sith Assassin: Similar to the Jedi Shadow, Sith Assassins can take down Dangerous enemies for their Sith Masters and gather information. Darth Bandon, due to writer's intention, is to be a Sith Assassin. Darth Maul is a better example of a Proper Sith Assassin. Jedi Sage: Lore Wise: Jedi Consular primarily that desire to study Force at the deeper level. Master Yoda within the OT and Luke Skywalker within the Sequel. Jedi Sages often heal others and crowd crowd. Sith Sorceror: Similar to the Jedi Sage, Sith Sorceror study the dark side fully and embrace it and torments their enemies with the force. Other Force user specialization Idea: Matukai Adept: Force using Martial artists organization that compliments Martial arts training and the Force Training. Jedi Seeker: Jedi that travels the galaxy. Some Jedi Seekers become Hermits, Some hunt criminals, Some searches Old Jedi Holocron thru out the galaxy learning the new Force abilities. And righting wrongs thru out the galaxy and helping other people. Jolee can be consider a Jedi Seeker when he was younger. Ataru Striker is one of the Jedi Seeker Specialization within Pathfinder. Jedi Bastion: Increase DC effectiveness of Stun, Stasis and Stasis Field. Also boost effectiveness of Double Lightsaber. Think of Bastila Shan. Jedi Shadow Commander: Revan/Player Character; Able to work with many builds to take on Darth Malak and win.
  8. Hey Tamerbill, I am liking this mod a lot. I am curious about future updates. 1) how big are future updates? 2) due to my lack of skill within scripting, are you willing take some of my ideas and run with them
  9. To TamerBill, there is nothing wrong to have high standards. Your old Kotor 1 Content: Feats and Force Power mod is good quality.
  10. thank you and I shall download and enjoy this.
  11. Pilot makes sense for Carth and Warrior makes sense for Canderous. For example a possible class for Mission is Undercity Pathfinder due to that she helps you with the Taris Sewers and your guide to the sewers.
  12. My ideas for Carth and Canderous for unique class ideas/ Carth: Gunslinger. Well Carth's theme is a duel wielding blaster pistol character why not having a class reflect that. Canderous: Mandolarian Commando. Canderous is a well known Mandolarian Commando during the Mandolarian Wars and a well known tank as well.
  13. Mission=Master's Luck feat(a lvl 12 feat that Scoundrel Revan with a 8/12 build can't get) can tied new equipment Juhani=Force Camofluage Bastila=Battle Meditiation Hk-47=Combat Droid class can have unique equipment tied too T3-M4=Expert Droid class can have unique equipment tied as well. Zaablar= Wookiee Toughness feat Carth, Jolee and Canderous will be need something unique ranging from a Feat or Class to tied equipment.
  14. This can be used for Jedi Specific class or can be used by any Jedi Class that the player can use. This is your mod first and foremost but these are examples of possible Force Using Specialization. I can see hides possiblity being used here Drew, please use your discretion in developing your Force using Specialization. As long as they are fun and have a function, you can name whatever you want. Fluff Flying Bunny can work as long as it has a function and it is fun. Kotor Campaign Guide Jedi Specialization: Jedi Specializations should be learned on Dantioone thru unique side quests Jedi BattleMaster, an Elite JedI Guardian that fills a few roles like Team buffer(Energy Resistance and Force Valor and Force Heal), so make a hide that strikes between DPS, Off-Tank and Force Regeneration or whatever makes sense for you if you have a Jedi BattleMaster style specialization. Instructor Jedi Battle Master: Zhar. Combat Jedi BattleMaster: Kavar. Drawing inspiration from them for Jedi BattleMaster style Specialization would be a good idea Jedi Shadow, an Elite Jedi Sentinel that has two specialization 1) Stealthy Jedi build or 2) Hunting Dark Siders. If you goes a Jedi Shadow type specialization, you can combine the 2 roles into a Specialization or have more focused specialization with a dedicated hide per specialization. Bastila can potentially fill the Jedi Shadow role of Hunting Dark Siders role. Juhani is more of the stealth oriented Jedi Shadow(I am aware she is a jedi guardian but she has Force Stealth ability and Force Stealth is used by Jedi Shadows and Sith Assassins) Jedi Watchman, an Elite Jedi Consular that is strikes a balance of a team buffer and a stealthy Jedi. Lore wise: Jedi Watchman works with Local Government to bring peace to that said world. Jolee can be consider to a Grey Jedi Watchman. Jedi Master from Nar Shadda is another Grey Jedi Watchman type. Jedi Sage, Matukai Adept, Jedi Seeker, Zeison Sha and Jal Shey are potential Jedi Specialization Sith Specializations: Sith Specializations should be learned on Korribian with an unique side quests Sith Assassin: Evil Counterpart to the Jedi Shadow. Sith Bladeborn are Sith Assassin that focus their training with Sith Tremor Sword and other Sith Warblades Sith Mage: Also named Sith Sorcerer, They focus on the esoteric side of the dark side. Shadow Hand: Sith personally training under a Sith Lord. Yuthura is a Shadow hand under Uthar, Darth Bandon is a Shadow Hand under Darth Malak, Dark Bastila is a Shadow hand under Malak and if Dark side ending, She is a Shadow Hand under Revan. Sith Marauder is more aggressive form of the Sith Warrior and Sith Juggernaut is tankier Sith Warrior
  15. I have a suggestion for Jedi Academy on Dantioone and Sith Academy on Korriban. the suggestions that has a Specialization Trainers for force using specialization of your choice. Remember how you did the hide for Carth for Republic Veteran Feat, Same principle for the Force Using Specialization