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  1. I checked, it's just a renamed copy of the TSLPatcher exe. Any screwiness seems to be on your end.
  2. I mean, probably because we learned to mod this game 15 years ago and weren't aware of what tools released last year could do. Glad to see a solution's been found, though.
  3. Sorry, none of the UI is controlled by user-editable code. KotOR machinima is done by scripting character actions, like making custom cutscenes, not controlling the player while you record. You're looking for a half-and-half solution that I don't think exists.
  4. Well, locks and mines are a different kettle of fish, unfortunately. Those aren't scripted, they're hardcoded. That mine formula is mostly accurate, although there's at least one factor they haven't considered since lowering the difficulty to Easy cuts recovery exp to 10 per level as well. Bear in mind that holding levels doesn't for awarded exp, so if you have enough exp to get to level 2 but haven't yet you'll get 10/15 not 20/30. For the lock discrepancy, the wiki claims there are certain specific locks that scale to your level, ie they add your level to the DC. Those are the locks that grant 10 exp per level. I don't see any fields in KotorTool that govern that, so I don't know how they're designated.
  5. If you want to record yourself playing the game, no, I don't think there is anything. If it's a machinima-type thing, you can go into first-person mode by pressing capslock. All the GUI is hidden while you're doing that.
  6. This appears to be determined by a function in k_inc_utility. Unlocking doors, repairing weapons, repairing targeting systems and repairing shields gives 15 exp per level. Releasing gas, setting droids on patrol routes and modifying droids gives 20 exp per level. Deactivating turrets and deactivating droids 10 exp per level.
  7. No, none of the base-game party members have an onDeath script. All you need to handle that is the 'No Permanent Death' flag toggled.
  8. Oh, in that case you just need to set his AI scripts to the generic party member ones. Set him up like this and he should act correctly.
  9. Just having him follow you around is a dead-end, you'll need to properly add him as a party member to make it work. This already makes you smarter than the more common first-timers who come in dreaming of fully-voiced main-story-changing new party members as their introduction to modding, hah. I'll write up a tutorial on the basics, since this is a common request.
  10. If you reenabled them as is, they would not do anything. Control, Sense, and Alter was a way of categorising force powers used in the old Star Wars RPG. Bioware was obviously considering it for KotOR at one point, but didn't go with it. Force powers are mostly scripted, so there's no reason why you couldn't make 'force focus but only for some powers'. But you could do that regardless.
  11. int StartingConditional() { int int1 = (!GetIsObjectValid(GetItemPossessedBy(GetFirstPC(), "G_W_DBLSBR004"))); return int1; } Returns true if the player doesn't have any G_W_DBLSBR004 (yellow doublesaber), false if they do.
  12. Are you saying reinstallation will add more rows? Because that shouldn't happen, that's what I mean by a properly-made mod. If the Exclusive Column value is set correctly then the patcher will overwrite the previously-added rows, not make duplicates. Don't do this, for reference. The 2das in a tslpatchdata folder are unaltered basegame 2das. The modded stuff is added by the patcher when it's run. This is the problem. Don't mix workshop mods with patcher mods. Ideally don't use workshop mods at all.
  13. Nah, baseitem.2da changes are retroactive. It’s only changing a template, like a uti, that needs a new copy of the object.
  14. No, if it still mentions max dex than it hasn't taken. It should look like this picture. It's a very simple mod so there's not much to troubleshoot. It's retroactive with previous armour. If you ran the patcher and correctly pointed it at your TSL installation then it should have worked is all I can say. Works for me.