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  1. Oh, you already know about it 😅 It's the bug I wrote about here, where healing items were erroneously coded to heal potency + (skill + stat)*mult + stat instead of the intended potency + skill*mult + stat Ehhhh. I've never used the community patch so that's not surprising. I'll bear it in mind if I ever update.
  2. If you need something to trigger off a party member’s HP level you can use a Heartbeat. It’s not perfect but we go to war with the troops we have etc. I think the closest thing to your Force Shell would be a heartbeat that put up a weak shield every six seconds while it was active. Maybe scale the potency of the shield based on how low their HP was.
  3. The some reason is that the hen in k_hen_damage01 is short for henchman. Henchmen from NWN evolved into the party members of KotOR, so party member scripts are marked hen. The def scripts, meanwhile, are the default scripts. Anyway, this is normal behaviour for both games. Despite its potential for interesting effects the onDamage hook is basically only used for AI purposes so it's automatically skipped when the player controls them. Still good for having things happen when enemies are damaged though.
  4. I can confirm that 2.3.4 just works out of the box on Windows 10. Whatever's causing your problem it isn't just the OS.
  5. I assure you people were using the term 'skill challenge' long before 5e stamped a claim on it.
  6. Enlightenment's effect is entirely scripted. You want the file k_inc_force.nss, it contains the scripting for all the base-game powers. It won't be a simple cut-and-paste job though; the individual powers are added to Enlightenment manually, you can't just point to the originals.
  7. A turn's a turn whether you're in combat or not, there's no way around that. Theoretically you could make a special force power that's only usable out of combat, checks what buff spells the caster knows and applies them all at once Force-Enlightenment-style. In truth though, having to apply buffs one turn at a time isn't done just to annoy you, it's a natural way to put diminishing returns on buff stacking; the more you cast at once the less duration you'll have left on the earlier ones when the fight starts.
  8. 0 / 1: The class can take the feat. 4: The class can not take the feat. 3: The class gets the feat for free at a certain level. The level is determined by the _granted column.
  9. It’s not a mobile mod, and I’ve never claimed mobile compatibility, so you should lead with that next time. Your game isn’t reading the edited dialog.tlk file, that is why you aren’t getting text. Whether that’s user error or a difference in the mobile version I can’t say.
  10. Not to be all RTFM about it but the TSLPatcher is not arcane technology, if you follow the instructions it will work. If you're using Workshop mods, don't. If you're copying files manually, don't. If the patcher is actually returning an error message, then I want to hear about it.
  11. Don't think I did it fundamentally differently from you, but sure, here's what I did. - KotorTool, RIMS, Modules, tar_m02aa.rim, module.ifo -> Extract file. - K-GFF, open module.ifo, Mod_OnPlrLvlUp, change the Value to onLevelUp (I put unique values in all of the slots so I could check each one, just 'test' is fine too). - Save. K-GFF does not manually prompt you to save, so double-check that. - ERFEdit, open KOTOR /modules/tar_m02aa.rim - Drag module.ifo onto the window, say Yes to replacing it. - Save. This is not best practice, as JCarter said, but I have the module folder backed up so it doesn't hurt me. - KotorTool, Text Editor, write something I can easily check, save it as onLevelUp.nss and compile. I go with GiveGoldToCreature(getFirstPC(), 1) traditionally since you get the obvious popup. - Put the compiled onLevelUp.ncs in the Override. - Load the game, load my save in Taris South Apartments. - Level up the PC, receive 1 credit. - (Level up Carth, get no credits, get annoyed and scrap your nascent plans)
  12. Module rims have to go in the Modules folder I believe, not the Override. Oh yeah, and onPlayerLevelup will apparently only trigger on the PC's level-ups, not other party members. So, temper your expectations there, it's not as good as I thought.
  13. Don't call it a comeback, but here's 2 more new feats: Rationing Technique and Intimidation Factor. Doing K1 first this time, TSL can catch up later. Special thanks to JCarter426 for letting me know about suppressing inventory messages, which I previously thought was impossible. Opens a lot of doors.
  14. So it turns out healing items have been bugged for the entire duration of both games. Whoever wrote k_sup_healing assumed (logically, to be honest) that GetSkillRank() returned the raw number of skill points invested, and was adding the attribute bonus manually on top. In-fact it returns the full skill mod; this is correctly accounted for everywhere else, as far as I can see. So all medkits have been healing for an additional 1 to 3 times the user's Wisdom bonus, and likewise for repair kits and Intelligence. I wouldn't really care except I obviously assumed the basegame scripts were correct, so I've copied the same error into all of my stuff >.<
  15. Yeah, no worries, if you know that much you're alright.