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  1. That would work, albeit only for TSL. Doubling the multiplier doesn’t give exactly double the VP due to the way the formula works but it’s certainly close enough for horseshoes. I don’t know how many enemies are exempt from level-scaling but ideally you’d boost their VP manually to match, or they’d come across as unusually weedy.
  2. No need to make a job of it, djh has the right answer. The author simply forgot to include some base-game scripts.
  3. I'm getting deja vu over here. Like I said the last time you posted this, the difficulty settings don't affect HP. The only thing you can do with difficultyopt.2da is change how much damage enemies do.
  4. Maybe see if you get your hands on the old Versus Books 'Neverwinter Nights World Builder Guide', it's got a nice tutorial on nwscript. Different game, obviously, but the language is the same.
  5. It's one of Rickard's lines during the murder investigation, "Yes, you green-skinned nerfherder!" You have to get only half the evidence before making the judgement for him to say it, which is why you wouldn't have heard it. The line's not actually in error; in the original XBox version Bolook was green. He was swapped to orange in the PC version, presumably for variety, but whoever made the change obviously didn't see that line either.
  6. If you just set the base type to lightsaber then it would be a lightsaber in all respects. Theoretically you could repurpose one of the slots. Remove either shortsabers or doublesabers from the game, and change their old slot to have vibroblade appearance, sounds, damage type, feats etc. Never tried it but in theory that would work.
  7. Unfortunately the basic attack roll mechanisms are hardcoded and can’t effectively be modded, including the mechanism behind finesse. In terms of how the game sees it, it’s specifically looking for the three rows in baseitems.2da, the ones for lightsaber, shortsaber and doublesaber. Any weapon using those rows gains all the benefits of being a lightsaber, including blaster deflection, throw saber, and finesse. TLDR: Gotta play TSL if you want melee weapon finesse.
  8. Changes made to item files won't affect items you already have. You'll need to reacquire the robe to get the changed version.
  9. Eh, yes with heavy caveats? But there's a far simpler solution if you think blaster rifles are underperforming and it's this: This is actually very easy, because base damage is already separated by weapon type. Open baseitems.2da, row 77 is blaster rifles. Base damage is the columns numdice and dietoroll. For rifles it's 1 and 8, for 1d8 damage. Put whatever numbers you like in, save baseitems.2da to your Override and you're done, all rifles will have the new damage numbers.
  10. Put the uti file in the Override folder in your game directory.
  11. No, you have the right method, that's not the problem. First thing is to confirm that the game is actually reading your edited file. Try setting a class's level 1 feats to some other number and checking it in character creation. Secondly, check you're changing the right values. Scoundrel feats are the column 'scd_reg', and note that the level is the 'label' value, not the row number (because 2das are indexed from 0, not 1).
  12. The difficulty slider actually only affects enemy damage, not their HP. So while you can tweak the numbers in difficultyopt.2da it won't help you with this goal. The simplest option would be to edit the individual enemy files to give them more HP. There's a lot of enemies, though, so I don't recommend it. You can change max HP values via script, so the best way to do it would be editing the spawn script to give more HP to all non-PC creatures.
  13. Well, looks like you’ve screwed up your dialog.tlk somehow. TSLPatcher can only add strings, not change them, so I’m going to put this down to installing something wrong. Delete your dialog.tlk and repair the installation to get a fresh copy, then start the modding over again.
  14. The sounds are associated with the base item type, in baseitems.2da. It's easy to have different sounds for lightsabers, doublesabers, and shortsabers, because those are different base item types. Different colour lightsabers all share the same item type, though, so you can't give them separate sounds. You could make a new base item type, but the game's hard-coded to only recognise the original three as lightsabers. A clone would look and sound like a lightsaber, but it wouldn't function for things like blaster bolt deflection and Throw Lightsaber. Edit: I notice you asked the same question 3 years ago. I assure you the answer hasn't changed since then.
  15. Given that you can't see their face, and that they're missing their left hand, that character is probably just using Kreia's model wholesale. Kreia's model is a single piece, she doesn't have separate robes and head like most party members. This is why her appearance never changes no matter what you equip her with.