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  1. Don't think I did it fundamentally differently from you, but sure, here's what I did. - KotorTool, RIMS, Modules, tar_m02aa.rim, module.ifo -> Extract file. - K-GFF, open module.ifo, Mod_OnPlrLvlUp, change the Value to onLevelUp (I put unique values in all of the slots so I could check each one, just 'test' is fine too). - Save. K-GFF does not manually prompt you to save, so double-check that. - ERFEdit, open KOTOR /modules/tar_m02aa.rim - Drag module.ifo onto the window, say Yes to replacing it. - Save. This is not best practice, as JCarter said, but I have the module folder backed up so it doesn't hurt me. - KotorTool, Text Editor, write something I can easily check, save it as onLevelUp.nss and compile. I go with GiveGoldToCreature(getFirstPC(), 1) traditionally since you get the obvious popup. - Put the compiled onLevelUp.ncs in the Override. - Load the game, load my save in Taris South Apartments. - Level up the PC, receive 1 credit. - (Level up Carth, get no credits, get annoyed and scrap your nascent plans)
  2. Module rims have to go in the Modules folder I believe, not the Override. Oh yeah, and onPlayerLevelup will apparently only trigger on the PC's level-ups, not other party members. So, temper your expectations there, it's not as good as I thought.
  3. Don't call it a comeback, but here's 2 more new feats: Rationing Technique and Intimidation Factor. Doing K1 first this time, TSL can catch up later. Special thanks to JCarter426 for letting me know about suppressing inventory messages, which I previously thought was impossible. Opens a lot of doors.
  4. So it turns out healing items have been bugged for the entire duration of both games. Whoever wrote k_sup_healing assumed (logically, to be honest) that GetSkillRank() returned the raw number of skill points invested, and was adding the attribute bonus manually on top. In-fact it returns the full skill mod; this is correctly accounted for everywhere else, as far as I can see. So all medkits have been healing for an additional 1 to 3 times the user's Wisdom bonus, and likewise for repair kits and Intelligence. I wouldn't really care except I obviously assumed the basegame scripts were correct, so I've copied the same error into all of my stuff >.<
  5. Yeah, no worries, if you know that much you're alright.
  6. Yeah, I was just coming back to edit that >.< But the mod involves giving feats to multiple party members, so it's still not unreasonable.
  7. This works, but also you could just give her an onDeath. Her file needs to be edited anyway to add the feat. I assume you're looking at my Last Stand for reference? DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT is used for effects with no duration, like the heals I used there. For an AC bonus it needs to be either TEMPORARY with a set duration or PERMANENT to work. If this is in k_hen_damage01 it's only going to get called when they take damage. So it won't wear off when combat ends, it'll wear off only when someone takes damage out of combat.
  8. Have you tested that? Editing an include file will not, on its own, do anything. You'd need to recompile the scripts that use the include.
  9. Not while stealthed. Try applying Force Speed then turning on Stealth, you won't move any faster.
  10. Yeah, stealth is pretty untouchable as a whole, there's no scripting involved.
  11. Pretty sure they're all dummied NWN hooks, but it would be pretty funny if they worked all along and no-one had ever checked. Okay, so I went and tested them just to be sure, and they do actually work if you put a script in them. Minus the ones which obviously can't trigger in KotOR like the multiplayer ones, anyway. It'd be a bit of a pain to fill them up for every module to get consistent behaviour, but this is actually a pretty big deal in terms of what new feats can be added. The onPlayerLevelUp hook especially. But this doesn't really help the OP, because there's very little GUI stuff in there.
  12. Camouflage was written as a power to let Juhani stealth without equipping a stealth belt. That made it into the game, as Juhani's feat Force Camouflage. There's nothing to restore other than maybe the icon, no script was written for it. Some of these abilities have descriptions left in the dialog.tlk, you can read them there. Fundamentally, you can't implement Special Abilities in the way they were originally intended, which is a button you can press to do a special move. You can do those as force powers, or items like armbands, or as procs, but not that.
  13. You can't restrict items or item properties by level in K1, correct. But if you really wanted to, one workaround comes to mind. Create feats that are awarded automatically to all classes, either every level or every five levels or whatever. Then restrict items with the Require Feat property. For example, give Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor the properties "Immunity: Mind-Affecting, Required upgrade: Mesh Underlay" and "Feat Required: 'You're Level 10', Required upgrade: Mesh Underlay".
  14. Well, for starters you've made things a lot more complicated than they need to be. You don't need the stuff about checking the entering object, that's for triggers. The only thing that can move to a new area is the player. You don't need to use the coordinates to find the container, because you already know the tag. There's only one container with that tag in the area, so just use that. So we can get it down to just this. void main() { object oContainer = GetObjectByTag("tar02_firstaid"); CreateItemOnObject("g_a_class4014", oContainer); ExecuteScript("org_tar_a02ae", OBJECT_SELF); } Now, you haven't got anything in your script that makes it only fire once, so it'll spawn a new copy of the item every time you enter the area. That'll be the next thing to work on. But assuming g_a_class4014.uti is in the Override that should make it spawn.
  15. Scroll back through the comments, it's a known issue due to the creative way the mod is implemented. It works for the player character, but loading permanently breaks it for party members. Theoretically you could remove all repeating blasters, wait 6 six seconds, then save in order to make a 'safe' savegame. But you'd have to do that every time.