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  1. You seem to be having a lot of trouble with this installation. I've installed KotOR on several wildy-different machines over the years and it's always just worked, so unless you're doing something very wrong I'd suspect the blame lies with the Best of PC version. Try the fixes here, see if that does anything for you. Otherwise I'd just suggest dropping 7 quid to get it on Steam or GOG instead.
  2. ...did you grind on respawning Rakghouls or something? You're meant to leave Taris at level 8 or 9. That's the intended progression.
  3. You're not, is the thing. Deliberately refraining from levelling-up is deviant behaviour counter to the game design. They give the PC bonus force points as a jedi specifically because they come to it late, it's intended. You could just lower the stats of the duelists if you wanted the duel ring to be easier. Or since the trouble is self-inflicted, just turn the difficulty slider down to Easy.
  4. That's not part of the mod, dude. The one on the left is the normal Sith Trooper. The one on the right is the 'lite' Sith Trooper model used on, again, computers that don't meet the requirements for the main one.
  5. It's this. When I first played KotOR it was on a laptop without a proper graphics card, and that's just how all Sith troopers looked. Honestly I prefer the matte white look, even if it is obviously Stormtrooper-derivative.
  6. Like most things in scripting there's more than one way to skin a fish. Local variables are stored inside each object, while global variables are stored in the save file. If you wanted to have something later in the game check to see if you ever read that datapad then you'd need a global. If it never comes up again then you could get away with using a local.
  7. Yes. Like I said, there's nothing special about Targeting that makes it work any different.
  8. There's definitely nothing special about Targeting, it works as a bonus feat just fine. Here, I went and tested it specifically. Seems rather pointless to put it on a blaster when you could just give the blaster +1 attack directly, but it shows up and functions just as you'd expect.
  9. Okay, forget that part then, I was misremembering. But bonus feats definitely don't care about class. I just tested it by adding Lightsaber Proficiency and Combat Logic Upgrade to the clothes item and putting it on a new character. They show up on the list and they function.
  10. Yeah, I see the problem, the heads.2da isn't referencing the darkside textures. This should do it. heads.2da
  11. If they've equipped an item with Bonus Feat then they have the feat. It won't show up on the character sheet or anything, feats from items don't, but it'll function.
  12. Correct, nss files do absolutely nothing by themselves. Generally modders will keep theirs around for reference (easier to read an nss than an ncs) and in-case they need to make changes and recompile the script. Some people also consider it polite to upload the nss alongside the rest of the mod so that other modders can learn from it/see what you did. But mechanically speaking, the game will work the same whether you delete them or not, the game is only reading the ncs files.
  13. Well, there's nothing wrong with the script. You might be putting it in the wrong place, here's a basic example for reference. giveexp.ncs convo.dlg
  14. Yeah, it's fine, same script file for any placeable that just needs to start a conversation.
  15. Placeables need an extra step to make them talk. void main() { ActionStartConversation(GetFirstPC()); } Put that script in the placeable's OnUsed event and it will work.