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  1. Honestly, it would be less effort to just recreate it. It's very 'dude's first mod' level, nothing you couldn't replicate with KotorTool and five minutes.
  2. NPCs will use whatever feats they are given, class lists only matter for party members.
  3. Placeables don't automatically use dialog files the way NPCs do. You'll need to put a script in the OnUsed slot to make them run it when clicked. void main() { ActionStartConversation(GetFirstPC()); } Something like this should work.
  4. That link's a dead-end, then. The pictures on that page are just from Battlefront, the only mod it leads to is the one on Nexus.
  5. That site just seems to be scraping webpages. The real archive is on the Nexus, here.
  6. Not my speciality, but I notice you're missing the Sound Exists flag on a couple of lines. That might account for the inconsistency.
  7. I'm not averse to the idea, but it's easier to justify flashy special moves for the guys who can already cast magic. I do have another combo feat written for droids, if I ever get round to adding it.
  8. Both games have exactly the same invisibility effect for stealth mode. If you're getting this effect then you need to enable Frame Buffer Effects in the graphics settings, it is not the intended look.
  9. Presumably. Guardians have a d4 Force Die, so that would match up with the 4 in your screenshot.
  10. I think your issue is that you're needlessly antagonistic to people trying to help you. But no, after testing it the Hit Points value is not current hit points. It's HP from previous Hit Dice. Using your most recent pictures to explain, Guardians have a d10 Hit Die, so they get 10 HP a level from that. 10 (Hit Dice) + 3 (16 CON) + 25 (War Veteran feat) gives you the 38 shown for Max Hitpoints. When you level up the game remembers you were a Guardian for one previous level and stores that 10 in the Hit Points slot. Since you're also Guardian for this level you get another 10 (Hit Dice) + 3 (16 CON) added to Max Hitpoints, giving 51. TLDR: It's an artifact of how you can level in multiple classes, and is actually misleadingly named.
  11. Also, as stated in the readme:
  12. Okay, you can grab it now.
  13. View File Request: Keep the Krayt Dragon Pearl Mod by TamerBill, requested by JDub96 The Sand People Chieftain no longer pockets the Krayt Dragon Pearl you show to him, so you can listen to the Storyteller and still use it in a lightsaber. Submitter TamerBill Submitted 07/01/2021 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
  14. Ah, probably got the wait for the file to be verified. It’s there, anyway.
  15. Eh, nevermind, I went and did it myself. Here you go.