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  1. So I'm wanting to give this version of Revan's outfit: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/918?tab=description the cape and belt animations ect of or Hopefully this isn't too difficult I appreciate any help y'all can give me. I've tried fooling around with it but so far all I've done is get it into a state where if I try to put it on it crashes.
  2. Is it possible to modify Force Enlightenment to cast more than just the 3 passive powers? If so please explain what I would need to do in order to do that. I've got Kotor Tool open rn in the spells.2da but I'm not seeing anything that seems obvious. Edit: So I'm assuming I will have to go into k_sp1_generic.ncs and edit something in here to include a reference id to whichever particular power I was wanting it to additionally cast and then add that as another line of code to the ability. Only problem is I'm not understanding where the reference # or id is in the spells.2da that will direct me to the proper line in the k_sp1 file. I will also warn whoever's reading this that I'm still relatively new to modding this game. I can edit items and shit like that easy peasy. But I've never done anything in the game scripts so I have no idea how difficult this is going to be. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  3. Does this mod modify the texture/skin for Freyyr's warblade as well?
  4. Strange so it would appear someone has picked up work on this it's apart of a modpack called The Kotor Global Mod Pack. It's subtitled in Russian but the audio is English. Anyone know anything about this? As far as I can tell from translating the Russian on the modpack website the modpack is in a completed state meaning he somehow got this mod finished. Here's the new room I have no idea what's going on inside it but it looks very cool.