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    • View File [TSL] Animated Computer Panel   This is a replacement for Computer Panel [PLC_comPanel] that be found throughout the game.   # Background # Sith Holocron's request about his least favorite texture in KotOR2/TSL motivates me on working the particular texture. Not only that, SH take his role on doing the hardest-task by animating the monitor; hence the amazing end-result.   # About this Mod # Inside this mod is a PLC_comPanel in TPC format.   # Final Remarks # Thanks to Sith Holocron for his work on the animation- and in the end I have the honorably-pleasure to release it. Critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and any feedbacks for the next update are very much appreciated- just PM me or write a public message on my feed. And thank you! for downloading, and playing this mod.   Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do!   Installation: Make sure to remove any instance of PLC_comPanel's TGA/DDS and its TXI from the 'Override' folder first, and then you can copy-paste the PLC_comPanel.tpc from this pack into the 'Override' folder. Overwrite when prompted. Uninstallation: Remove the said file from the 'Override' folder. Redistribution: Feel free to include the texture in any mods you want to make. Just make sure to credit Sith Holocron, vecteezy, Obsidian Entertainment and LucasArts in your Readme. Credit to me would be nice too. Credits: Sith Holocron for the idea and his awesome monitor animation vecteezy for the Free HUD Vector Elements used in the monitor Fred Tetra for the 'amazing' KotOR Tool ndix UR for the tga2tpc Obsidian Entertainment and LucasArts for TSL All streamers on DeadlyStream All modders either active or inactive DeadlyStream for a place to hangout and to discuss                                      -eb   Submitter ebmar Submitted 10/19/2018 Category Skins TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
    • The neck is the only thing that seems really different. Its got a high light brown collar before the darker brown. The gloves are also a lighter brown. @DarthParametric made a bunch of different Revan models, but I'm not sure if he made ones that are just PMBJ with the Hood and Mask added, no cape and/or belt. It would be a nice model to have anyways, as it wouldn't rely on using the animated model that has the textures baked in.
    • sry, havent seen that earlier -  happy belated anniversary !! About the screens give me some time, there are still many changes to make, so it might be best if you/we try out something near/after release.  You still have those SWTOR loading templates?Dont delete them if possible, they might be useful later. Currently i draw some inspiration from BF2, amazing textures! Hopefully, i can mimic some e.g. for the med monitors as well. Nar Shaddaa is already done more or less - in ME Omega style however. I'll need to do some adjustments to get a bit more the vibe from the movies though.  
    • You can change it from a looping to a fireforget animation in dialoganimations.2da. But this means the animation will freeze after it plays until the end of the node. The mouth still moves but if the node is a bit longer, it looks kind of weird. Up to you to decide which option is worse
    • Over the last weeks I continued to tweak the clouds for TSLs Dantooine and finally arrived at a version that I'm really happy with, so as always here's the render to celebrate the completion of a skybox: And of course some screenshots. These also show the changed fog settings for the Khoonda plains. The enclave didn't need any changes. I also continued work on the Taris skybox. This screenshot shows only the actual skybox, the 2d buildings are disabled here as are most of the clouds to save render time. I think I'm getting there. Currently I'm stuck on finding a good way to lightmap the 2d buildings. The problem is not to get them lightmapped, that's easy, but to create the lightmap automatically and not by hand. I was thinking of projecting a cylindrical image onto their geometry to create the lighting, but tests in that direction have not been very successfull. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this done, please let me know. And as the last update for today, I rendered the 2d buildings for Tatooine. I'll have to see whether or not I'll disable the fog for Anchorhead and I might also tweak the Tatooine skybox some more. We'll see^^
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