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    • Thor110

      Both KotOR games and the Jedi Knight series could become phenomenal games if the whole of DeadlyStream were ever to work together!

      Here's to hoping! Include a Battlefront 2 Original section as well because I really want to get into modding that and have all the tools, a bunch of mods and I had plans for a large project in that game around the same time I started my current project.
      · 0 replies
    • Stormie97

      Duros Rework in-game preview
      It's alive!
      What you're seeing is V3 of my Duros head. I've tweaked pretty much everything, multiple times. The head is pretty much done now, all I need to do is create the three texture variations, as well as incorporate any advice or feedback I'll get from now on.

      Now I'm off to work on the body model. Until then, here are a few other angles (diffuse texture only):
      And, as always, critique and feedback are very much welcome.
      · 1 reply
    • DarthVarkor

      https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-02-23-paradox-pulls-vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines-2-from-dev-cans-pre-orders Man, this game can't catch a break.
      · 1 reply
    • Leilukin

      My PartySwap and Extended Enclave Compatibility Patch has been updated to add an installation option to make PartySwap compatible with both Extended Enclave and @N-DReW25's Extended Enclave Patch.
      · 0 replies
    • tjsase

      If it's not obvious to some, I tend to pop in-and-out of the modding scene once every year or so and stay for a while, mainly cause my hobbies cycle around at a rate of 1-2 months. Now that I'm finished with college, I'll try to pick up some projects again, but if I disappear again, I'm not dead, I just get distracted for a while. Plus, I need to learn not to burn myself out on big projects so that I don't feel sick at looking at KotOR graphics and start modding Halo instead.
      · 2 replies
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    • ...or just open the baseitems.2da file and change the weapon damages? Make blaster carbines more competitive? I did that for K1 in my ongoing beta of a rebalance mod, I haven't yet gotten around to modding K2, but if it's anything like K1, I expect I can do something similar.
    • View File T3-M4 Lightsaber Construction Mod Are you tired of missing a lens? Are you tired of waiting most of the game to wield a weapon from a more civilized age? T3-M4 can help! With the T3-M4 Lightsaber Construction mod, you can have a lightsaber as early as your first trip to the Ebon Hawk in a way that fits in with the story and adds some additional dialogue and immersion to the game. T3-M4 Lightsaber Construction Mod v1.0 ====================================== By brents742 ============ Version Notes ============= v1.0 - Initial release 3/4/2021 Requirements ============ TSLRCM 1.8.5 or above Installation ============ Run TSLPatcher.exe and follow the prompts. The patcher will make backups of any existing files you may have that are the same as files this mod uses. Keep track of this backup folder - which will be located wherever you have the TSLPatcher.exe running  from Ignore the warnings from the installer. This is part of the process. Errors are what to look out for if there is a problem. Description =========== -This mod expands upon existing lightsaber construction methods (Bao-Dur) and allows T3-M4 to not only help you construct your first lightsaber, but further allows him to construct as many lightsabers as you have crystals available in your inventory (double-bladed, one-handed, and short lightsabers) - on demand. -The intention of this mod is to give players the ability to have a lightsaber that fits into the existing lore and story of the game as early as your first visit to the Ebon Hawk if they choose.I wanted a mod that didn't just magically give the player lightsabers. -How T3-M4 is able to help you create lightsabers is explained in as much detail as would be available to the Exile at this stage in their journey. Speaking to T3-M4 and asking him to help you construct a lightsaber will begin the series of short steps required that will activate this ability for T3-M4 and give you three crystals of your choosing for use in construction. -This mod pays careful attention to ensuring nothing is removed from the base game. If you still want to follow Bao-Dur's lightsaber construction method and search for parts across the galaxy - you can do that! -The Crafting a Lightsaber quest is now given directly after regaining your Force powers on Peragus. -Using T3-M4 to construct a lightsaber will trigger the Crafting a Lightsaber quest as completed just like if you made one through Bao-Dur. Bao-Dur will not ask you why you do not carry a lightsaber anymore once this occurs. Likewise, if you have not used T3-M4 to construct a lightsaber before bringing Bao-Dur aboard the Ebon Hawk, he will speak to you about a lightsaber as normal. -Lightsaber training with Kreia is CONFIRMED to be working using T3-M4 to construct your lightsaber. -Looting post Crafting a Lightsaber quest works as it would in the base game. Where you would have found a lightsaber part, you will now find a lightsaber, just like in the base game. -This mod was designed to work within the existing format of the game concerning lightsaber construction. The only difference is the lightsaber quest will trigger early and is able to be completed via T3-M4 versus only Bao-Dur. There are some additional dialogue options for immersions sake and T3 can construct multiple lightsabers but everything else works exactly as it should. -There's a cool story easter egg within the Security System tucked away Getting Started =============== This mod works best from a new save to experience all the changes as they were meant to be experienced. This is not mandatory, however, as the mod is designed to be used at any point in the game. If Using an Existing Save ========================= Talk to T3-M4 and he will give you the access codes to the Ebon Hawk. Ask him about lightsaber construction and he will direct you how to upgrade him. If using a New Save =================== Play the game as you normally would through Peragus. T3-M4 will give you the Ebon Hawk's access codes before leaving Peragus. Ask him about lightsaber construction and he will direct you how to upgrade him. Important - Timing ================== Due to the natural progression of the game, it is best to speak with T3-M4 about lightsaber construction just before or after your initial conversation with Kreia aboard the Ebon Hawk. If you wait, your next opportunity will be directly after leaving Telos. Compatibility ============= -IMPORTANT - This mod relies upon the default crystal files that come with the game. (U_l_colo_01 thru u_l_colo_10) -Any mod that removes some of these files for some reason will cause this mod to not function at 100%. Mods that change existing u_l_colo files should not be a problem. -Any mod that gives you a lightsaber and then changes how the Crafting a Lightsaber quest works is likely to conflict with this mod. -A mod that just gives you a lightsaber and messes with nothing else should be okay, if also redundant. -I have made a somewhat thorough search of existing lightsaber mods to search for any crystal files they may add. -To my knowledge, no existing mod adds new crystals to the game beyond Prydeless' Pink Lightsaber mod. -If you are using Prydeless' Pink Lightsaber mod, then after running TSLPatcher.exe and the installation of the base mod has completed, open the 'Compatability' folder inside 'tslpatchdata' and drag and drop the secsys.dlg to the override folder located inside the main directory of your KOTOR II installation. When prompted, override the existing file. I will update this file as more mods come out / I'm made aware of that add new color crystals to the game. If you run across a mod that this mod seems to conflict with, or a mod that adds crystals to, the game, please let me know and I will work to update this mod to address it. What Specifically does this mod do? =================================== -000.dlg was modified to give the player the Crafting a Lightsaber quest early (Peragus after regaining Force powers). -Global.jrl has been updated to reflect a non Bao-Dur specific lightsaber quest through string 128188 that comes  with the base game and a new string appended to dialog.tlk that reads "With your companion's assistance, you have crafted a new lightsaber."   -103atton.dlg was modified to reflect T3's new abilities and gives the player owner identification codes to the Ebon Hawk. -T3M4.dlg was modified with a new dialogue option that will begin the steps needed to allow for lightsaber construction (double-bladed, one-handed, and short lightsabers)  Will not allow creation without a crystal.  Will properly set boolean 000_Lightsaber_Built that flags the Crafting a Lightsaber quest as completed. This is the same boolean the game has always used.  T3 can be asked how he learned to help create lightsabers, after a short explanation of time serving the Jedi, conversation is routed to existing conversation that can lead to the holorecording with KoTOR 1 characters.   -Modified u_have_any_co_cr.ncs, a script that comes with the base game, so the game properly checks bronze crystals in your inventory when checking for crystals (This script will continue to be updated to reflect additional lightsaber crystals that new mods add to the game).   -Modified baosaber.dlg so that Bao-Dur's conversation about lightsabers will not trigger if Crafting a Lightsaber quest is complete. This conversation will occur as normal if it is not complete.   -Modified secsys.dlg with a Access System Commands option.  Added a hidden compartment with three crystals that can be made into any color.  Created the process for upgrading T3-M4 to allow for lightsaber construction.  Placed existing camera recordings within an Access Security Cameras option.   -Created the following Booleans: KES_CR1 boolean - flags when the compartment crystals are created, preventing crystal creation from repeating. KES_CR2 boolean - will allow for the secret easter egg to take place. KES_CR3 boolean - prevents an infinite LS/DS point exploit from forming from repeating the secrete easter egg. KES_CR4 boolean - flags T3-M4 as having had an update, allowing for lightsaber concstruction to take place. KES_CR5 boolean - flags whether the character has received the Ebon Hawk's owner identification codes. Permissions and Disclaimers ========================= I, brents742, reserve the right as author of this mod for sole permission to upload some or all of this mod anywhere for any reason. If you would like to include any part of this mod in anything, then please contact me for permission. The user of the mod is responsible for any damage to their game that may result from using this mod. Users are encouraged to make relevant backups and do their research on existing mods they have installed to double check compatibility. All efforts have been made to ensure this mod is as unobtrusive as possible  but ultimate responsibility lies with the end user to check for possible conflicts before installing. Special Thanks ============== Fred Tetra - KOTOR Tool TK102 - DLG Editor Stoffe and Fair Strides - TSLPatcher Prydeless for their pink lightsaber mod that inspired all of this to begin with. The entirety of the DeadlyStream modding forums for their inexhaustible resources and information that allows anyone with a computer and an idea to sit down and learn how to make their first mod. Lucasarts, Bioware, and Obsidian for making a game I'm still funneling dozens of hours into nearly two decades after its initial release. Contact ======= PM me on Nexus or DeadlyStream or alternatively post on the mod itself and I will get back to you. Submitter brents742 Submitted 03/04/2021 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
    • That will be amazing. Good luck in your mod to play K1 in TSL engine. That'll be awesome for all the added features, gameplay improvements and all the updated resolution support in TSL not in K1.   I've never been that good at art, But I'll see if I can edit the file to complete the texture. I already have GIMP installed so I may as well give it a shot. I'll show you the finished product once I'm done. Wish me luck. (Obviously I won't share the file, as the model is not mine. Just finishing the texture for personal use.) Well I messed around with the file in GIMP, I think it looks a lot better now.  
    • You are welcome, it is still my hope that in-time these games will be improved immensely and combined into one ultimate package of complete chaos! lol
    • Ah, I looked through the override folder for a file related to birds but I seemed to of missed that one. I just took out DAN_Birds.tga and DAN_Birds.txi and that seemed to of completely fixed the issue. If I had to guess, the mod author probably forgot to finish the texture for the birds. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it immensely. 
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