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    • N-DReW25

      Just a reminder: Both my K1 Gameplay Improvement mod 1.15 as well as GenoHaradan Legacy Demo 1.5 has been updated.
      · 0 replies
    • mrmann

      I still live. Just finishing up my semester. Still have no idea what I'm going to do next in terms of the next mod analysis entry
      · 1 reply
    • N-DReW25

      Anyone know when "'Mod of the Years" coming?
      · 1 reply
    • diegodb

      Is there any chance of a Remaster of both Kotor 1 and 2? It's past time for something like that.
      · 2 replies
    • 90SK

      Loot and Immersion Upgrade Version 3.0 Beta is now available and has some shiny additions to the content
      v.3b is comprised of 2.0.8b and also the addition of cloaked heavy armor replacing the star forge robe class of robes. Two other components have also been developed for Version 3.0 that will eventually be included as well once they are done.
      In this new version of Loot and Immersion Upgrade, I have added a modded Akerre's merchant file (store_adum001.utm). If anyone knows about issues with doing that in TSL, please if you can send me a PM with the details. It would save me a lot of work
      I spent a long time approaching this phase of the Loot and Immersion Upgrade and I'm thrilled it's finally at this point. Very exciting!
      · 0 replies
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    • Greetings, fellow Jedi! May the Force be with you all. I need help with guessing; what texture is used with the windows inside the Ent. Promenade: Pazaak Den and Cantina? Here's a screenshot of it for details: As seen in the screenshot there is indeed a texture which blends with the windows. I have found a promising instance tagged as NAR_Wn02, but it seems it wasn't the texture; as any change made with the said tag, no change matters. I hope someone that had experience with the said texture can chime in and help me point to it; either to the room model or straight to the texture itself. Many thanks for considering this. Update: Welp, of all the possibilities- the texture tagged as DAN_Wn02. Using the whereami band I can finally locate the module's name and pointing the particular mesh by opening the room model [306_NAR variant]. Thank you for all considered been made! 🙏
    • Hi! I have made up my mind, and is so excited to participate; as this is my first! So, aside of submitting the nominees, I'd like to have some words with them, also. Best Texture Enhancement: @VarsityPuppet's "Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance" - Well, whaddaya' say? I can tell that lots of love and soul had been given to this creation. Amazing stuff; as it blends perfectly with the game either in modded state or vanilla.   Best Content Restoration / Addition: @JCarter426's "JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1" - This mod is a game-changer; undisputed. Along with its resource, it opened tons of new possibilities; particularly with K1's modding. As content addition, the mod is dreams-come-true in regards of robe's variety for the game.   Most Helpful Community Member: Welp, I'm about to nominate myself on this category but it was auto-corrected to @DarthParametric instead, lol! No one's been more helpful to me than DarthParametric in helping to loving the game.   Mod of the Year: It is fair for me to say that the Mod of the Year goes to VarsityPuppet's "Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance". It is unique; as-is and I can't ask for a better fully working high-quality model, bump-map, diffuse texture, and content than his mod had offered. Things you want to achieve in modding- it's there. As a closure; Happy Holidays y'all! May the Force be with you.
    • Merry Christmas! Season's Greetings! I'm trying to get us ahead of the curve this year (thanks @mrmann for asking), so we're opening Mod of the Year 2018 nominations! If you've never participated in Mod of the Year before, it's pretty simple. Rules for nominations: Nominate up to 3 mods (1 per category) and 1 community member If the mod/member you're nominating has already been nominated, try to think of another that hasn't received a nomination yet. This isn't required, but it widens the pool The mod doesn't have to be hosted on DeadlyStream to be nominated, but you should provide a link in your nomination Mods eligible for nomination have to have been released in 2018. Mod updates released in 2018 do not count The categories this year are: Best Texture Enhancement
      - Reskins, HD Textures, or any mod that adds new textures to the game Best Content Restoration / Addition
      - Mods that enhances the existing game content or add new game content  Most Helpful Community Member
      - A member that has been active in helping the community overall, whether performing mod requests, troubleshooting game installs or if you're named @DarthParametric  and of course Mod of the Year
      - The best Kotor/TSL mod released this year! We'll collect nominations all the way up until December 25th, so there should be plenty of time to get nominations in. Voting will start the first week of 2019. K1 and K2 mods will both be contending for the same awards, so choose wisely! 
    • Chiming in here several months later to say WOW these look amazing! Your nerdy passion project is not going unnoticed! Amazing facelifts all around!
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