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      Currently in the midst of moving house! Will be on and off this site for the next couple of weeks, should be all set up with internet by the end of the first week in July.
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      Go and like my reddit post! https://www.reddit.com/r/KOTORmemes/comments/8szaa6/chad_canon_vs_virgin_vanilla/?st=JIPMKLG4&sh=c459f175
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      I just learnt that I got accepted to university. Can’t decide whether I should be thrilled or scared.
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      So Traya was originally supposed to be Yoda's species?
      Would you have preferred that? I think that would have been a really intriguing idea. Would he/she talk like Yoda and have his speech patterns? Would they more or less be exactly like Kreia personality wise? A grey/evil version of Yoda sounds cool.
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    • [Updated: June 23, 2018] Another update which again, focused solely on Selven's "Unique Blaster pistol" or actually, we could name the blaster now; SS-SL7 Rapid Blaster. The blaster had some details engraved now, referring to the designer and craftsman of the blaster- Sithspecter. Any updates of current development will also be posted in thread's introduction post.
    • View File Give Kinrath to Nubassa ***********************************
      Knights of the Old Republic
      TITLE: Give Kinrath to Nubassa
      DATE: 6/22/18 FILENAME: give_kinrath_nubassa
      FILESIZE: 56 KB --------------------------
      Simply put the all the files in the override folder into the Override folder in your KOTOR directory. To uninstall, remove the files from the KOTOR directory. ------------
      All material included can be used in your own mods without asking for permission beforehand. Just mention me in your readme. ------------
      When I first played KOTOR when I was very young, I thought that giving Nubassa the extra kinrath bodies from Kashyyyk would be a valid way to satisfy his need for exotic animals. Well, this mod does just that. Somewhat humorously. -----
      None I hope. If you find any please post them in the comments. I will address them as soon as I can. -------
      Fred Tetra for his very useful KotOR Tool. JCarter426 for assisting me in scripting. The DeadlyStream staff and community for still making KOTOR relevant after 15+ years. I love and appreciate you all. Submitter LDR Submitted 06/22/2018 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
    • OENS (pronounced like the Welsh name Owens), the Odyssey Engine Netbeans Solution is/was something I've been working on.  There are already a lot of great tools other authors have put a lot of hard work into - so I thought I would try and create something that has the full 'rich-client' experience that would run multi-platform, and the best way I could think to do that was to create a plugin for an existing IDE. OENS is a plugin for Netbeans 8.2 w/ Java8 designed for editing Odyssey Engine files.  Sadly, it may not go much further - I'd hoped my current job would be a lot quieter than previous jobs and I would have a lot more time for my own fun projects, but sadly not Here's where I've got to (not that far):   2DA Editor   Open, edit and save binary 2DA files Full Undo/Redo support! Add/remove rows and columns Move rows/columns up,down,left & right Auto-resize column width for content Rename row and column headers   To Do Text 2DA support Maybe add a descriptive box at the bottom for known 2DA columns à la TlkEdit   NWScript Editor   Open/edit/save .nss NWScript files Full undo/redo support Basic (not 100% perfect) syntax highlighting based on the deprecated Netbeans language specification (basically regular expressions..) The palette (can) contain code snippets that can be dragged & dropped into the code (working - but I only have #Include at the moment.  Suggestions?)   To Do Write real lexer and parser  Syntax checking Intellisense/code completion Code folding Allow user to specify location of nwnnsscomp and compile scripts or PIPE DREAM implement a Java based compiler    At this rate it may be done in oooooh, I dunno, ten years??? 😂
    • There are three textures for Sith soldiers labeled N_SithSoldier01-03. There are also 3 appearances for them in appearance.2da labeled Sith_Soldier01-03. Sith_Soldier01 defaults to the race texture (the texture set in the model) while Sith_Soldier03 specifically uses the N_SithSoldier03 texture. The model is set to use N_SithSoldier03 which makes Sith_Soldier01 and Sith_Soldier03 redundant. However both are used throughout the game, generally all in an entire area (so one whole area will use 01 while another would use 03). Given the number of bugs, some of them extremely obvious, I'm not convinced that "Bioware had a handle on what they were doing". Had they only used one of the Sith appearances throughout the game, I would agree that this would be a restoration of an unused texture. However, they purposefully used both types of appearances, which leads me to believe the model texture is what's at fault here. As I said though, it is a rather huge change, which is why I've left it as an optional download.   EDIT: I realized after posting that this may have come across as adversarial, and if so I apologize, that wasn't my intention. Also, even though I think this is a fix, this is the Community patch, so if most others disagree with me, I'll host it as a separate mod.
    • Your basis for this assertion? I'm pretty sure Bioware had a handle on what they were doing. I'd put this in the "unnecessary restored content" bracket. If the community patch is supposed to be about bug fixes, this doesn't belong, even as a separate download. It should be a separate mod.
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