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      Remember @Quanon?  I sure do but I apparently I forgot I had a text interview that could've gone in Stoney's M4-78 chapter.  As the models for the Archons are in both Stoney's version and in the EP, I may as well use the interview in the next chapter. Since Quanon has not been heard from in a long time and he no longer responds to emails, I'll need some one to "perform" his interview.  If that sounds like something that you might be interested in, please PM me.
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      If you couldn't tell, I'm doing a Sith Lord Kotor playthrough with Bastila Shan as the Exile and loving it. It's an interesting spin on the classic story. I did the first game darkside first.
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      MC Meme Highlights - May Week 3
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    • 1) Here is an example script I use in one of the levels I am working on that should give you the basics, you will have to work your dialog so that it runs this script only for your NPC on whichever reply you want them to walk away on, you might also then want to use a camera so that the camera doesn't pan wherever it wants while the NPC walks away. 2) For a computer you just need to set your dialog type to "computer" instead of "human" on the main entry. 3) The first script also opens a door when they get to a certain location. ( you would have to add the animation before opening the door as the NPC gets to the waypoint ) Hopefully that helps. Thor110  
    • All my efforts to decompile vanilla scripts and even scripts from other people's mods for TSL have all been in-vein. They'd decompile using DeNCS but when I opened them in Kotor Tool text editor and tried to compile it for TSL, even when I didn't even touch the decompiled code, it would always have some form of error preventing me from doing such. The point of me decompiling the scripts was for me to attempt to view the code, see how it works and use it in my own mods but that's seemingly not an option at this time so I've decided to create this thread asking what I would need to do in order to create these scripts for TSL.   1) Dialogue Cutscenes This I imagine should be fairly basic, what I want to create is a cutscene where NPCs walk from where they are standing to a given set of coordinates. From what I can make out from the scripts I've decompiled, their seems to be two ways for this to work, its either a script which makes an NPC walk to the coordinates or a script which makes the NPC walk to a waypoint which would be placed at my coordinates in the git file.   2) Terminal dialogue to normal dialogue If you remember on Telos during your house arrest when you'd access a wall terminal, click the option "accept call" and it'd start a normal conversation separate from the wall terminal. From what I can see from the script which does this all I'd need to do is to put either the tag of the NPC speaking or the name of the dialogue into the correct places in the script to work.   3) Opening doors with a script Through dialogue, I want to create the effect that an NPC is using a security animation to unlock a locked door. Before the convo starts, the door shall be locked and cannot be opened except through this cutscene and shall remain open after the cutscenes end. The script I'd want is one which would turn a door from locked to unlocked and open during said conversation.   If anyone would be able to share their scripts for any of these and/or dip their 2 cents into this topic it would be greatly appreciated
    • Attach the two modified MOD files from your Modules folder.
    • yes a save from before entering. No to the second part. I added the items the way you showed me in this thread.
    • You should collapse the Unwrap UVW modifier into the Editable Mesh modifier before exporting by right clicking on it and choosing "Collapse To".  This will only collapse everything from the selected modifier down, as opposed to "Collapse All" which will collapse the entire stack to the bottom modifier. It's a useful habit to get into when dealing with modifications to skinned meshes, where you definitely do not want to be collapsing the Skin modifier. That said, I think KMax does support parsing a floating Unwrap UVW modifier, and there are sometimes workflow benefits to keeping it as a separate modifier, but I prefer to collapse it for an export version. You can always save out a separate "working" version of the file with an uncollapsed stack if you want to have a backup. Tweaking a mesh after unwrapping it is fine - i.e. shuffling vert positions around. Adding new geometry is not recommended, since they won't have UVs and can screw up your existing layout.
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