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    • Sith Holocron

      Have the MOTY 2018 winners not been announced yet?
      · 0 replies
    • Canderis

      Well my new macbook can run SWTOR in a vm. Poorly, but it works. Perhaps it would run better in bootcamp vs a vm.
      Moving across the country in a week, and after the move I'll have my desktop again and be able to play it in a less hacky way.
      · 0 replies
    • DarthVarkor

      Well, that's it for Game of Thrones then. What a disappointing final season.
      · 3 replies
    • Sith Holocron

      This mod supposedly has 9 reviews but I only see 8.  Just wondering who was downrating my mod.
      · 5 replies
    • jc2

      So I'm working on a reflection for LME, should I make it a blog post? Or should I record footage of LME and talk about things?
      If you are not interested in LME at all, would you still give imput on which format you think would be better?
      Originally, I thought of doing a video and I started righting a script for it, but it's quickly devolved into a blog-like written article, so now I'm reconsidering what to do.
      · 1 reply
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    • I tried the test-models and the game still crashes. I've also already tried to dial all graphic options down to the lowest option, but to no avail.
    • He's fine. He posted yesterday on Facebook.  BTW: How did you expect him to see your message? He's not following this thread and you didn't tag him.
    • Have You been working / made any progress running K1 in K2's engine (your project to make both games run from K2, as a single, continuous story gameplay experience)? You said You were experiencing some issues with differences in the scripts between the two games, preventing You to make an easy full K1 to K2 engine port, but You were thinking of coming up with some ways around this problem (creating an automated tool that converts all scripts from K1 to K2 format and vice-versa). Have you found a way (at least in theory) to convert K1's scripts to run with K2's engine, or vice-versa? Maybe Fair Strides could help you with this, since he is the greatest programmer / scripter around for the Odyssey / Aurora Engine, he knows everything there is to know about the K1 and K2 script formats and the differences between them, he worked on most great mods such as TSLRCM, Revenge of Revan, etc. I talked with him some time ago and told me that he could easily teach me how to script for both games and that it isn't so difficult, because all scripts in both games are based on C / C++! So, if You're stuck, go ahead and ask him for a bit of help, he is a great, very helpful person and i'm sure he would help you figure a way to to develop a tool that automates the script format conversion from K1 to K2 and vice-versa, enabling You to quickly develop both K1 in K2 - both games in K2's engine as a single, continuous story gaming experience, and also the K2 to Mobile K1 port! I wish You a great weekend, all the best of luck and to accomplish everything You wish! Many Kudos for the great work so far (the map ports, the modders resource packs, etc), you will forever remain known and respected in Deadlystream's and the Star Wars KOTOR modding comunity as a genius, an innovator, and one of the greatest contributors! Kindest regards!
    • I have noticed that after You logged on in January to announce Your retirememt from the Revenge of Revan and an imminent release of the project files, there has been only...radio silence! You have not even logged on since then, and haven't posted anything at all...which makes me and your other friends here at DS verry verry worried! Is everything OK, i hope? Do not hesitate to ask of me if You need anything like help or even to borrow some money...game development isn't easy for sure, and i totally feel for You! Remember i am here to gladly help!   As for anyone else, has anybody heard anything from Logan, or can confirm that he is OK? I wish him all the best!
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