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  1. In fact, it grabs well, I also know about the problems you mention since I downloaded a save a while ago in which everything you mentioned happened, I imagine that the reason why they gave text problems was due to lack of files, which now as They are inside the module folder, they were solved, even so, as I said, some .mod files have to be fixed to work well on xbox, since for now 5 give problems, more than anything in telos and nar shadda, in fact I had to remove some. mod to solve an error and be able to enter the factory, I hope I find a way to solve those details, sorry if you don't understand what I'm saying, my English is not very good and I have to use a translator
  2. First of all, sorry for my bad English, I use a translator, I have been porting the 1.8.6 content restoration mod for xbox, it is almost ready, all the contents of the override, StreamMusic and StreamVoice folder are ready, only the module folder is missing , I have been testing and it gives more than anything problems in some parts of telos and nar shadda, I have been looking for the files when it gives an error and for now I have already found 4, 2 of telos and 2 of nar shada (I think you have to upload it to 3 to telos since after defeating atris he returned me to the telos military base, so I have to find the .mod that gave the error) for now those errors in the module folder I don't know how to solve them, I thought if I converted the . mod to .rim solved the errors, but doing that makes the .rim act as vanilla, that is, the game acts as if they were not installed, so I still have to search XD I thank the user YourSoul1sMine, my friend jeyson and the youtube channel AlvarosFilm, since they have all helped me with instructions or tests to adapt the mod I leave you a print of the mod working: and well, the nar shaddaa errors are in the 301nar and 305nar files, which give this black cinematic error, in addition to the fact that a restored combat looked the same and could not advance, here I leave print and good on telos I did not take print, but for now the files that give error are 201tel and 232tel, which give error of damaged game, there is another that gives the error after defeating atris, which instead of damaged game sent me back to the Telos military base but I still haven't identified which one it is
  3. jacd28

    TSL Restored Content Mod

    I think there is a bug in narshada, when I talk to Oondar he doesn't sell me anything, I even did his secondary mission, but the screen appears as if it were going to sell something but the store is not activated My mistake, it was a problem with my game since I installed something that didn't work, I already solved the error
  4. Something different happened to me when I converted it to xbox 360, I did get the notification window indicating that Iona was sacrificed, the detail is that it tells me that I found her in m4-78, even though we are in Korriban and that m4 mod -78 I did not convert it for xbox, I imagine it must be something from the unused files of the game, here I share a photo of that, by the way when I get the corpse of the canvas padawan in the cage of the Korriban academy and I I go to the PC next to me, it doesn't come out to see the holograms of this one, I don't know if it's because of the first option I put when installing
  5. Thanks for the name of the mod, I really didn't remember what it was called, and I wasn't really requesting that change as such, but rather it was an idea, maybe the message changed its meaning because I'm using a translator since I don't drive much the groin, sorry for the confusion
  6. jacd28

    Vrook and Zhar fix

    on xbox everyone wears blue, so there may be the source of the problem
  7. It's great, I converted it for the xbox and I'm happy because it actually bothers a bit that Juhani doesn't have references in Kotor 2, I wanted to see if it's possible to make an alternative version with the appearance of this photo to give Juhani's appearance more ( note: I don't remember the name of the mod, it came up in google images but I'm sure I saw it somewhere on the page)
  8. jacd28

    TSL Mission Vao Jacket

    Can you make a version of this mod and Bastila's clothes that don't replace Revan's or Star Forge's robes? I like all those mods XD
  9. I have seen that you have many mods that restore kotor 1 content, although ironically not all of them are compatible with the kotor 1.2 restoration mod, have you thought about making them compatible in an update or making your own restoration package?
  10. jacd28

    Handsister Fix

    It has a bug, I installed it with content restoration, everything was fine, until I went to change the appearance of the maiden who joins you, and it comes out without a head
  11. is it compatible with 1.8.6?
  12. Could it be updated to make it compatible with the kotor 1 content restorer? I have not tried them together but I see in the description that you put that it is not compatible with k1r
  13. Hi, I'm porting the content restoration 1.8.6 mod for xbox, I've already solved several things, but I have several errors with the Module folder, this folder contains several .mod files, several of these work without problems, but others generate errors How to say that the game is damaged, or that the characters appear totally black, I was checking the module folder of the xbox and it has the files in rim format, so I think that if it becomes rim, the xbox will take them without problems , something similar to the textures, that the mods bring the textures in tga format, but the xbox standard is txb, and when converting the textures to txb the mods run smoothly and without problems on xbox, so I assume that would be enough to solve the problems that remain in restoring content for xbox, the problem is that until now I had never touched any mod that affected the module, so I have no knowledge of how to do the conversion, does anyone know of a way or method to be able to do that mod to rim conversion? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me. I share some prints, of the moments in which the . mod on xbox and when they have failed .mod works: test i play on xbox .mod failure: