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  1. This is great, it is always curious what bioware cuts, would it be possible to make a tlk so that the decision can be made whether or not the companions enter the tomb? something like the bastila mod in korriban for example, sorry for my bad english
  2. This work is great, I hope you can finish it, I see that you made another tunic for Mission Kotor 2 style, although one of the mods to make her Jedi already came with a tunic, is it possible to add your tunic without removing the previous one?
  3. Hello, I didn't know that you had answered me, I didn't do the tests at the time, but they did serve me on Xbox (I model there) but they couldn't be used with each other or with content restoration, now it turns out that I reviewed both, both mods and the 2 have a change.ini, so I should be able to use the TSLPatcher, it would only be to create a folder called TSLPatcher and put the mods there and use the TSLPatcher.exe, I have not tried it because I am still testing some mods on kotor 1 xbox, but once I finish it I'll try it in Kotor 2, although you can try what I'm saying on PC, forgive my bad English, I use a translator
  4. Thanks, could you make one to also play like mission vao de kotor 1?
  5. If it is the masked revan star forge mod, a version of kotor 1 and 2 was created a long time ago, but both give problems when trying to open their mdl, for now I am trying the version of kotor 1, it comes with a model with a cape and one without cape, but they cause those problems in the photo, here is the link to the mod in nexus, be careful, even though it is in kotor 2, you can download the versions of both games right there, https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/918?tab=files
  6. Hola bien, Estoy intentando abrir el mdl del mod Masked Revan Star Forge Robes v1.2 para kotor 1 con la herramienta mdledit_v1.0.3, pero me da este error Me pasa mucho con el N_DarthRevan y el N_StarForgeA, tanto la versión con capa como sin ella, ¿alguien sabe a qué se debe este error o me pueden ayudar a abrirlo? Saludos y perdón por mi mal inglés, uso un traductor.
  7. Can you make a version in which you only add the suits but don't change the faces?
  8. jacd28

    Sith Academy Robes

    What difference does this version have with the shem version?
  9. If I only want the yellow armor, what files should be moved to override? I already have other mods with the red and blue armor
  10. I did a test and saw something curious, on PC it works well, without problems, but if you put it on Xbox, it doesn't take the red glass, but rather the yellow one, it makes me think that maybe the texture doesn't exist there, but it's strange, since all the mods that took unused things on pc worked correctly on xbox, maybe it has a different name there or something Maybe the correct texture was not on Xbox and they added it on PC but they did not accommodate anything, or maybe the texture had another name on Xbox and on PC they changed it but still without using it correctly, it is very curious to be honest.
  11. everything is fine, but the armor icon does not work, I get the icon of any armor
  12. Can you update it so that it allows you to choose a short blade saber?
  13. great job bro, this looks very promising, I would like to ask you a question, you see I tried to port the content restoration mod for the xbox kotor 2 and I even supported some corrections in the version that ended up being released, if I would like to try to port This mod is also for Xbox, should I also try to port the community patch? Or do you think it would not be necessary? Greetings and sorry for my bad English, I use translator
  14. jacd28

    Sith Stalker Armor

    thank you very much, you are great