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  1. friend could you pass these mod that you modified for xbox? I play both kotro in 360 and it has cost me a lot to get mods, by any chance don't you also have mods for kotor 2?
  2. Kamaitachi69 great mod, I play kotor 2 on xbox and grabbed the mod, although the Bounty Hunter armor did not go on sale, in addition to the outfit of Revan when equipping it, the console iced me, I wanted to ask you if that is the vanialla model of revan (I think they say vanilla is that I do not know much about mod, I mean the model of the game without any change or improvement) is that and tried to install several mods of revan and none have caught me, forgive my bad English, and great job friend
  3. todevuch great mod friend, I am an xbox user and the mod grip great, the bad thing is that it is not compatible with another mod that I use which is the Kamaitachis Epic Armours since they overwrite the same appareance.2da file, but it is one of the mods of kotor 2 that works well on xbox, forgive my bad english
  4. Good afternoon, I am new and first of all I want you to forgive me for my bad English, I would like to ask for support for some mods of star wars kotor2 for xbox, I have installed several mods from this page such as the Kamaitachis Epic Armours by Kamaitachi96, and the Visas Marr's Robe fix 1.0.0 by todevuch, both work very well, but they are not compatible with each other since when installed the apperance.2da file is overwritten, I wanted to know if there was a way to keep both? at least rename the file or get them back 1? Another support that I would like to ask would be if anyone has any mod the revan steal with a mask that can be used in xbox? It is the only one of the Kamaitachi96 armors that does not catch me when I equip it, I have downloaded several revan mods but they all fail the same, I do not ask for much with this one, it may be the vanilla model of the game with some file that allows me to use it (I say it because I have seen some that are model and animation improved and I do not know if that is the fault) sorry for the inconvenience and thanks in advance for the support you can give me