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  1. Kainzorus Prime

    K1 Monitor Frequency Fix

    Interesting. Can it also be applied to TSL?
  2. Kainzorus Prime

    [REQUEST] Kalatosh Zavros in KOTOR1

    Governor mentions he has a master that would reward him with the lightsaber for killing the party. The guy mentioned would probably be one you're looking for.
  3. Kainzorus Prime

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    When we say "huge filesize", what's the estimate?
  4. Are you sure? It might be the "Complex Unarmed Animations" feat that connected with Unarmed Specialist feat, available to all Jedi classes, Handmaiden, and Bao-Dur. It makes the dodges in unarmed melee more dexterous and fancy than simple sidesteps.
  5. Kainzorus Prime

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    Now for an interesting question - would it be possible to have an ANIMATED skybox? You know, in the same way we have animated Holocron textures and such, using proceduralcycle argument in the TXI file. Would look really nice with a vortex if it worked properly.
  6. Kainzorus Prime

    MOD:[K1] Tach's Grunt Readjustments

    I'd look at the submission date, if I were you. The staff has been more than a little slow with approving this one on time.
  7. Kainzorus Prime

    [K1] Tach's Grunt Readjustments

    I thought we were way past April Fools now. Oh wait, I see this was uploaded and submitted then, but somehow only got approved 19 days later. Welp.
  8. Kainzorus Prime

    Star Wars jedi: Fallen Order

    It's still EA as publisher we're talking about, with their well-known executive meddling. That's reason enough to hold back and doubt EVERYTHING they say. They're guilty until proven innocent, by default.
  9. Kainzorus Prime

    Star Wars jedi: Fallen Order

    Early days? The game ships in 7 months. Everything is sorted by now, EA is just testing the waters of how much shit the community will swallow, and what can they cut out of the game to sell as a DLC later.
  10. Kainzorus Prime

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    I went on about this in several threads, I can't be arsed repeating myself for n+1th time.
  11. Kainzorus Prime

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    JJ possibly giving whoever-the-fuck directed The Last Trainwreck a finger, and retconning bunch of shit so the movies make a coherent trilogy? Sign me the fuck up.
  12. Kainzorus Prime

    Kainzor's Tinkerings

    That's where you're wrong. The TSL version is very near the release state. K1R version will take some time.
  13. Kainzorus Prime

    Kainzor's Tinkerings

  14. Kainzorus Prime

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    Perhaps Quanon's old work would give you some ideas? -
  15. Kainzorus Prime

    Why does Visas survive?

    I think there was a comic that elaborated on it a bit better, but I have no idea on the details.