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  1. Kainzorus Prime

    SKIN:Companions' Robes

    So, as usual, the human error was the cause.
  2. Kainzorus Prime

    HD MENUS AND UI Assets

    A much needed and appreciated upgrade. I hope there's a chance of integrating SithSpecter's Loading Screens in Color into this.
  3. Kainzorus Prime

    Download:Cassus Fett’s Unique Armor

    I'm gonna need more information than that.
  4. Kainzorus Prime

    SKIN:Companions' Robes

    Yes, I don't even need to look at the folder to tell you only have the texture files in the override, as that is the vanilla master robe model in that screenshot. Redownload the mod and make sure to put the mdl and mdx files into the override, that will sort it.
  5. Kainzorus Prime

    SKIN:Companions' Robes

    Post a screenshot.
  6. I'd assume it doesn't actually have any weapons or items equipped, and doesn't possess melee attack animations either. Editing its .utc file, giving it weapons and droid items would probably do the trick. Although I'm more curious as to how you even got them to attack you, since as far as I know they're just floating about as window dressing for the module.
  7. Kainzorus Prime

    Bastila's robe file names?

    The mdx and mdl files, along with the appearance.2da entry.
  8. Kainzorus Prime

    Bastila's robe file names?

  9. Kainzorus Prime

    Usable Mira's Wrist Launcher for TSL

    I assume editing the .uti file and removing the character usage restriction to Mira would do the trick.
  10. Kainzorus Prime

    Sabers of the Old Republic

    It's bundled with these - https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1039-tsl-patcher-tlked-and-accessories/
  11. Kainzorus Prime

    Sabers of the Old Republic

    You're looking for ChangeEdit for the second one.
  12. Kainzorus Prime

    eXtensive Dialog Overhaul v1.01 for KotOR 1.03

    I believe it appends additional entries via TSLPatcher, rather than just brute-force replacement of the file itself. But no doubt there's more stuff in there than vanilla dialog.tlk.
  13. Kainzorus Prime

    Is it possible to Reset NPC's in KOTOR II?

    I believe slapping the .git file of a specific area into the override folder will keep resetting it into an unexplored state each time you enter that area. Useful for mod testing.
  14. Kainzorus Prime

    eXtensive Dialog Overhaul v1.01 for KotOR 1.03

    I approve. Is it just for base 1.03, or does it also include changes made by K1R?
  15. Kainzorus Prime

    Taris Mercenaries

    Would be easy enough to make them tougher via utc edits.