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  1. Kainzorus Prime

    Kotor 1 Purple Clone Armor

    I find it amusing that someone states "I don't have an issue with people messing with my mod", even though I never said such a thing.
  2. Kainzorus Prime

    Steam version area textures missing envmaps

    For the time being I've reverted to the legacy, slapped a metric crapton of widescreen fixes from here, plus flawless widescreen. Aside from some minor menu stretches, absolutely tiny subtitles at 3440x1440 and not being able to go up to 100Hz refresh rate, it's pretty much the same experience, enhanced further with proper textures showing.
  3. So, I've noticed a rather peculiar thing, and it's the fact a modded set of environment textures which had the shiny envmaps restored, and worked perfectly fine in the disk version, do not display envmaps at all in the steam one. They're as flat as the vanilla ones, as if the alpha channel wasn't present at all. Which is odd, seeing as the modded characters and weapons display all their envmaps correctly. Testing reveals that the Legacy version on Steam doesn't have this issue either. But this means no proper widescreen support for 21:9, or shite environments. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?
  4. Kainzorus Prime

    Force Enlightenment expansion

    The old version modified a single script. As I understand it, the powers were just appended to the list of existing ones that FE activates already.
  5. Kainzorus Prime

    Crossguard Lightsabers

    Any chance for a TSL version?
  6. Kainzorus Prime

    Kainzor's Tinkerings

    That might be a convenient solution. But then again, 1.8.5 is the latest RCM version, and no further updates are planned, and I am unaware of any major updates to M4-78. Might be easier to just go with straight module replacements in this particular case. As I recall, I used the module replacement in K1 prior to the initial release of K1R, but never got around to making a compatible version for it at the time.
  7. Kainzorus Prime

    Kainzor's Tinkerings

    Hmm, that could pose an issue, since I was aiming to streamline the TSL installer from having to be run fifty times to install each module, and just have it overwrite the .mod files with the Overhauled ones in one go, in a comprehensive TSLRCM+M4-78 package. The biggest issue people whined about was the need to run the installer for each individual module injection in the past.
  8. Kainzorus Prime

    Kainzor's Tinkerings

    I see. It does indeed sound like a harrowing mess with all the possible accidental overrides. Think I'll fine-tune the standard version first, before moving on to a workshop-compatible one.
  9. Kainzorus Prime

    Kainzor's Tinkerings

    Alright, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaytes. After years upon years of stalling, I am finally getting back in gear to get both versions of this mod updated. Even got K1 and TSL on steam to speed up the process. I do have one question though, is the method of setting up TSLPatcher for the steam version any different than the disc one? If so, I might need pointers.
  10. Kainzorus Prime

    Force Enlightenment expansion

    Got a quick request, which actually was fulfilled years upon years ago on Lucasforums, but that place is dead and buried. Basically, I'd like the Force Enlightenment to activate every single light side/neutral buff AND the heal power when used. As-is, the powers that get drawn into it are rather selective, and having to cast them separately right after FE and healing between battles is a bit of a chore.
  11. Kainzorus Prime

    Kotor 2 Movie Style Overhaul

    If I might make a suggestion - please don't forget to add some metallic envmaps to the environment textures. Obsidian stripped practically every texture of it's alpha channel envmap, making the environments very, very flat in comparison to K1. Restoring the alpha was easy enough on the vanilla textures, but it would be too small resolution for these new ones. A thing to consider.
  12. Kainzorus Prime

    [K1] SWTOR Male Jedi Knight - PC Replacement Soundset

    Colonel, this is Snake. You're pretty good.
  13. Kainzorus Prime

    K1 Twi'lek Male 3D Ears

    Nice change. I would also recommend thinning down the lard neck the males have. As is, they constantly clip through the collars of Heavy and Medium armors.
  14. Kainzorus Prime

    SWTOR Voice Clips for TOR Head Ports

    p_plyermw_block1 - "I'm eager to face these trials." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=186 p_plyermw_block2 - "When have I ever let you down?" - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=1243 p_plyermw_block3 - "I won't let you down." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=86 p_plyermw_flock1 - "We'll do this the hard way." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=356 p_plyermw_flock2 - "This mission is too important to fail." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=560 p_plyermw_flock3 - "No need to panic. We'll figure something out." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=604 p_plyermw_slock1 - "That suits me just fine." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=370 p_plyermw_slock2 - "Very smooth." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=458 p_plyermw_slock3 - "I'll take all the help I can get." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=560 p_plyermw_slct1 - "Time to move." - https://youtu.be/iuho1fQXqjY?t=221 p_plyermw_slct2 - "What do you need?" - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=447 p_plyermw_slct3 - "Just point the way." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=223 p_plyermw_slct4 - "What is it?" - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=1143 p_plyermw_slct5 - "What's happened?" - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=1562 p_plyermw_sprty1 - "I'll handle the rest." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=223 p_plyermw_sprty2 - "I'm ready to get back out there--do some good." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=701 p_plyermw_sprty3 - "I'll leave immediately." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=2167 p_plyermw_rprty1 - "Nice of you to join the party." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=725 p_plyermw_rprty2 - "You don't have to go through this alone." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=1353 p_plyermw_rprty3 - "We're a great team." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=2114 p_plyermw_stlh1 - "I feel like a spy already." - https://youtu.be/iuho1fQXqjY?t=128 p_plyermw_stlh2 - "We'll be back in time for dinner." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=512 p_plyermw_stlh3 - "I'll see you on the inside." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=668 p_plyermw_dmin1 - "You need better defenses." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=814 p_plyermw_dmin2 - "I'll get rid of these things." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=1389 p_plyermw_dmin3 - "I wouldn't count on that." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=1015 p_plyermw_lmin1 - "If nothing else, this'll be entertaining." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=432 p_plyermw_lmin2 - "Whatever it takes." - https://youtu.be/0dHLONZkAL0?t=98 p_plyermw_lmin2 - "Lighting up the darkness is one of my specialties." - https://youtu.be/iuho1fQXqjY?t=167 p_plyermw_crit1 - "I didn't come here hoping to kill someone." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=1077 p_plyermw_crit2 - "Lay down your weapons, I don't want to hurt you." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=312 p_plyermw_crit3 - "I'm sorry things ended in violence." - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=477 p_plyermw_srch1 - "What's the big mystery you wouldn't reveal?" - https://youtu.be/0dHLONZkAL0?t=13 p_plyermw_srch2 - "How do I pick up this trail?" - https://youtu.be/iuho1fQXqjY?t=188 p_plyermw_srch3 - "Where do I start?" - https://youtu.be/Zr9IIbKiQYQ?t=186 p_plyermw_tia1 - "We can't be certain of anything." - https://youtu.be/Izs1JrwZTVk?t=798 p_plyermw_med1 - "I got as many trauma kits as I could find." - https://youtu.be/tBjAASxhCDU?t=617 p_plyermw_med2 - "That's a relief." - https://youtu.be/tBjAASxhCDU?t=1157 p_plyermw_pois1 - "That trick only works once." - https://youtu.be/0dHLONZkAL0?t=437 p_plyermw_pois2 - "This was a trap." - https://youtu.be/iuho1fQXqjY?t=1315 p_plyermw_low1 - "I'll defend the Republic to my dying breath." - https://youtu.be/kty98YCs-SM?t=746 p_plyermw_low2 - "This is about to get ugly." - https://youtu.be/tBjAASxhCDU?t=541 p_plyermw_srch1 - "We must find it." - https://youtu.be/tBjAASxhCDU?t=271 p_plyermw_srch2 - "How can I get what you need?" - https://youtu.be/tBjAASxhCDU?t=603 p_plyermw_srch3 - "I'll do everything I can." - https://youtu.be/tBjAASxhCDU?t=1633
  15. Kainzorus Prime

    SWTOR Voice Clips for TOR Head Ports

    Would you take requests for other voice packs? I wouldn't mind seeing the male Jedi Knight voice. I mean, it IS David Hayter. And who wouldn't want Snake in KotOR?