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  1. Oh I see. Well then I really hope that you make the version with different tiered robes! 😊
  2. Having different styles for different tiers sounds even better! I always wished that was a thing so that you could tell them apart. Maybe you could even collaborate with Shem to use the skins from his prequel style robes for K2 (for the purpose of a large variety)? I've just never liked cream white tunics myself, so I'll probably borrow some skins from there.
  3. This is great! I always wondered why this hasn't been done earlier, but you've made a lot of people very happy with this, including me! Thank you! Now I can't decide between these awesome robes and Kainzorous' tunics... For the brown/red/blue option, would it be possible to add a bit of variety to the tunics under the robes? Say, have grey tunics with the blue robes and tan/sand colored tunics with the red robes, like in the all brown option?
  4. The description says it's in Oondar's store, but the file refers to Kex's store on Dxun. I'm having an issue with the latter that I can't access it at all. Clicking "Let me see what you have" when talking to Kex boots me out of the conversation. I suspect that it's because of the file kexsstore.utm. Can you please have a look at it and work with me to get it fixed? Perhaps there's a way to combine this file with the Prototype Knight Breastplate too?
  5. Does this mod include the or is it the other way around? I'm trying to install just one saber mod, and I don't know which one I'm supposed to pick. Also does anyone know what mod makes the Trayus academy look like in the last picture? It's amazing! Thanks!
  6. I installed the mod and there were no errors. However, in the game, all the sabers are metallic without any of the skins on the hilts. Can someone please help me fix it or point me in the right direction? Thank you!
  7. Can you also make a version that replaces all of the Dark Jedi in the game with Sith Assassins from TSL? I always found the Dark Jedi appearance a bit comical, but the Sith Assassins look pretty sweet. There's multiple tiers of Dark Jedi, so making a couple of alternative skins for the Sith Assassins could also be an interesting idea.
  8. Yeah, I was talking about the character creator screen. I wasn't aware that it's okay for things to be messed up there. I've gone ahead and removed the jacket texture and edited the appearance.2da file, so now it pastes the normal clothing texture over the default PFBBM clothing model in the character creator. I wonder if this will now cause the clothing model to be the one you had of the jacket later in the game (I've only tested it as far as the start of the game, before getting any clothing).
  9. This mod is awesome! However, when I try to make a new character, the custom jacket texture is pasted incorrectly over the default clothing style. I've re-run the installer, and it's still like that. There were no errors both times. Seems like the jacket model files are simply missing.
  10. Shem's mod that gave Korriban students robes gave Uthar Bandon's armor with a custom skin that was red and black; it looks amazing in my opinion. Maybe you could do something similar? Does this mod make the Sith patrol officers inside the academy and in the valley of the Sith Lords into Sith soldiers (in armor)? I think this mod has some real promise since Shem's mod adds a bunch of stuff and makes a lot of changes to the students that aren't always justified. I think that you should really consider giving Uthar and also Jorak Bandon's armor (like Shem's mod), and also consider changing the Sith officer patrols into Sith soldiers.
  11. Did you mean Alex's pack? Personally, I really liked the idea of differentiable named wookies, so I started with those. They're also the easiest to implement in my opinion. Also Belaya having a unique head seems cool. I don't know how to add extra variety to the alien species, so for now I just copied some of the textures and renamed them to fit the original variants.
  12. Actually, that mod is what started my quest for hi-res NPCs. It's good for reskinning commoners and such, but what I mainly wanted was a fix for the super low-poly "filler" background NPCs like the two women talking outside the Jedi enclave as you head to the plains (near Nemo). Their faces are made up of like 4 polygons, and their hands are mittens, and Alex's mod advertised replacing that kind of characters with normal NPCs (that could use the skins from the mod you linked). I think at this point I have to give up on the dream of no low-poly NPCs and just make some of the named NPCs unique, like Nemo, Belaya, Sunry, etc., but I am reluctant to run the installer from Alex's mod because it seems to include a ton of other stuff besides what I want in the NPC redux. That's why I am going to try and do them one at a time and only change the appearance. I wish he had made partial installers for just the Twi'leks, just the gangs, etc. In case someone has or can easily put together a version of his NPC mod that *only* adds the extra variation of alien characters (more Twi'leks, Rodians, and other variations) without anything else, I would really appreciate that!
  13. That looks like a great project! Keep it up! Unfortunately, at this point my game is too modded to try it. I was really looking forward to SpaceAlex's mod replacing the low-poly background NPCs, but then I read he didn't finish that part. And having the named NPCs look unique would have been awesome, but my mod folder is currently stable with no conflicts, and the Improvement mod would introduce conflicts and too many new files that I can't tell what they do, so it seems also like a mod that should be installed first. Looks like I have to make a few edits by hand, like the unique wookies, Zaerdra, Nemo, etc., which will take forever...