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  1. Ah well, it happens. Dw Admin, won't be commenting on this anymore, you can relax haha
  2. So given the resounding silence here, I'll assume this never worked out haha, this is totally okay Just wanted to thank those who tried none the less you almost made my simple little dream come true and thats better then nothing at all! Note from Admin: The next time you bump this thread without a comment from someone else saying they are working on this, action will be taken.
  3. Won't lie this is pretty much the only reason I've reinstalled KOTOR
  4. Soooo.... did anything else come of this? Haha
  5. And to think I was just spitballing haha! Great work!
  6. Idk about you guys, but I always loved Carth's look in the Old Republic comics, always thought the long coat he wore looked awesome: Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone has looked into trying to make this outfit, or atleast something simmilar for KOTOR and if not, is it possible?
  7. Could we get one that has a plain background to match the other portraits in the game? Beyond that, this would have to be the best Revan head I've ever seen! Great work!
  8. Yeah doesn't look like it was ever released. That's a shame... can't seem to their other clothing mods installed, the installer stops responding everytime, ah well guess I'll just have to make do with vanilla Carth. Thanks for your help anyway guys.
  9. Anyone know if this was ever released? I know that the author made three other related clothing mods for Carth, but I wasn't sure if this one was ever released.