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This mod was requested by @Spectrometer. This replaces part of the trio of Dark Jedi that ambush you on Tatooine and Kashyyyk with Sith Assassins from TSL. You have two options:

1) The two Dark Jedi by the sides are replaced with Sith Assassins

2) The leading Dark Jedi is replaced with a Sith Assassin

Personally I would go with option #1 because in #2 the Sith Assassin will be the one speaking to you, while in #1 they will silently stand by the side. I doubt Sith Assassins would waste time on pointless conversations. But it's your choice, otherwise I wouldn't have made it :)


Note: If you go with option #1, you will make the fight slightly easier. This is because one of the Dark Jedi had a Dark Jedi Knight robe, which I had to remove because it obviously looked weird with the new model. I might address this in the future.


Run TSLPatcher.exe, choose which option you want from the dropdown menu, and select your main game folder. You will get 4 warnings if you install one of the versions when you already had the other installed.

Remove n_darkjh01.mdl/mdx, n_darkjlowm.mdl/mdx, tat17_darkjedi01-03, N_DarkJLowM01.tpc, and N_DarkJH01.tpc from your Override folder. Replace your appearance.2da and heads.2da with the backup that was generated.


This is a port from TSL. I'm not sure if I have to clarify that, but just in-case. 

Compatible with any mod unless for some reason it uses the Sith Assassin TSL models/textures (n_darkjlowm.mdl/mdx, n_darkjh01.mdl/mdx, N_DarkJLowM01.tpc, and N_DarkJH01.tpc)



Obsidian Entertainment (Sith Assassin model/texture)

Bioware (KotOR)

Fred Tetra (KotOR Tool)

JCarter426 & Darth Parametric (helping me figure out porting between K1 and TSL)

Spectrometer (original idea)

bead-v (MDLedit)

Stoffe (TSL patcher)

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


-Uses the TPC files from TSL instead of converted TGAs

-Improved 2da compatibility with pretty much everything

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I tried the mod and it works perfectly, does exactly what it is supposed to do. I just had a little problem installing it first but that was because my WinRAR was malfuntioning, nothing about the mod itself.


I also liked the detail of the mix between red and purple lightsabers, it gives more continuity to the Sith from SWTOR, from which the Sith from KOTOR and TSL come (partially) from.

Overall a fantastic mod, a little dream realised, thanks.

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I always hated that the Dark Jedi all look the same. This mod fixes that and I am thankful!

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· Edited by ebmar


Yes! Downloaded the 1.2 version and it works like a charm! Both options are patched correctly as seen in the screencaps:

  • Option 1:



  • Option 2:


Thanks for providing us with the new installer. Appreciate it a lot!

And congratulations also with the [seems to be your first] mod, looking forwards for another releases! :cheers:

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