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  1. Update to 303narl -- [TSL]_303narl_Selfillumed_c06_Monitor.7z gmax being good and is firing up now. Probably my machine choked on something the last time and I didn't bother doing anything about it. My bad on that part. ๐Ÿ˜› So, that one should be a rather appropriate fix as the monitor is now detached from the desk behind and is self-illuminated -- therefore, no need for CM_Bright hacks, in case someone doing it. Also the lightmaps should not even be working with the former [it should broke, even] as I've been reminded by @DarthParametric that it needs to be UV-ed properly -- and I didn't do/remember that. It's set up similarly with the monitor beside it which is Object231. Let me know how and if it works.
  2. Got some spare time and currently invest on looking for the relevant model/s. I think I know what the issue is and how to fix it. I'll let you know when I found something. Though don't hold your breath on this one. ๐Ÿ˜› Cheers! Edit: Alright, @N-DReW25 -- apparently I can't export the edited model from gmax/KOTORmax and fail to figure out what happened. The program works weeks ago but not this time -- such shame. On that attempt I was able to add two floating mesh copied from c06 that allows each to have separate self-illumination from the panel that supports behind. With only MDLedit in hand I can only provide an edited model that enable the lightmaps to Object231 -- therefore they're dimmed at the same level with c06. Here, try this if you like -- [TSL]_303narl_Object231_Lightmapped_BETA.7z -- be advised it haven't been tested so I can't tell if it works let alone how it looks. The person that does the texture can utilize CM_Bright to light the monitor part if you they want that glow effects though. Indeed not the best solution available, so I hope you can have it sorted best as possible.
  3. Oh, that I was decompiling the one KJ's attach. Oh, I see -- guess it's all good then. Thanks for the heads-up. ๐Ÿ‘ Also, @Kaidon Jorn -- better look/use the one DP's linking there as a basis, it's properly commented rather than I did.
  4. Should be looking like this, more/less -- -- haven't script for a long-while so I might be missing things there, hahah. Anyway, with case 25: -- is there any scenario in-game where Bandon choke Trask? Interesting, can't remember though to be honest.
  5. Care to try this [and see if you can provide an in-game screenshot]? -- C_Seabeast01.tpc Anyway, it's not a fancy retexture -- was an 2K-upscale and few retouch to add more depth to some details, but that's it. Would go for 1K resolution but I think 2K's quite necessary for this one knowing its chunky size. Here's an SBS comparison versus the vanilla -- -- and let me know if you see [and what you think] about the specularity/reflection 'cause I utilize Manaan-underwater envmap to it. Can't tell on anything myself 'cause I haven't test it yet, hahah.
  6. About to wrap up some screenshots for an upcoming update of my mod, then the jab kicks in, lol.

    Yeah, just got my 1st dose this afternoon, all is well not until tonight. It's crazy it feels [yeah, the sensation] totally the same like when I wasย hit--unvacc--by it back few months ago.

    Let's see how tomorrow brings -- stay healthy you all!

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    2. ebmar


      That's quite an unusual case, I wonder if you were shot by plain water, hahah. Nah, of course JK.

      I mean, I'm not telling that it feels bad of course [different when you naturally get it] -- yeah, it's just like when you're drugged [well of course you are].

    3. Effix


      I'm 41, I also only had bit of a sore spot from the Pfizer shots. I've been getting the flu shot for years, it was pretty much like that.
      My girlfriend got AstraZeneca before I got my jabs, she did have a few days of tiredness.

    4. ebmar



      I've been getting the flu shot for years, it was pretty much like that.

      Thanks for sharing the news, I see. Flu shot is not really common thing here where I lived -- well, at least no one talked about it. But I'm gaining awareness now thanks to you.

  7. It has that "Alien" vibes, sounds cool. Though I can't say about its implementation with Peragus 'cause honestly I haven't gotten myself out from there, lol. So I'm still going to give the vanilla a chance, and see about using your idea another time. I was only curious about your choosing for the music -- that's all, and honestly say that is quite an interesting one!
  8. I just checked and listen closely to the battle music and indeed, there is a delay from between the loop which comes from the track naturally, as we all know about it in general. If you're talking about seamless-loop tracks, I honestly have no idea on that application with KotOR engine as I thought you're talking about common music/songs that has intro/outro. Sorry I can't post a video about it 'cause I don't have time for that. If you're willing though, perhaps you can post or give the link to the custom music so we can inspect and look if it's feasible for the game.
  9. Hmm, I can't tell if MusicBattle use that node to define the delay as well, but far as I'm concerned they will always instantly loop as long as the battle round goes. I did have custom setup [which use ported TSL stuffs, mostly] that works fine. Oh, worth trying to remove every metadata with the track--like track/artist/album name and those extra bits, if there's any--preferably using Audacity. I always do that to follow the original setup, at least -- as there are known issue as well which the [area] music tend to cut at the middle and repeat often with metadata still intact.
  10. Hmm, quite surprising actually -- as the game use that setup on every cantina and it works on custom content as well, like this one did. Yeah, probably best to try again, and see how it goes this time. And make sure you got the GIT installation right by putting one into the MOD instead of dumping it to the Override. Also just a reminder to check for the track itself as it probably contain that long silence at the end of its play.
  11. It controlled by MusicDelay node on each module/MOD's GIT. From a source I found/discussions in the past [that I remember] it is defined in milliseconds, which often the game uses somewhere between 10000-30000, IIRC. To have the track loop instantly simply set the value to 0.
  12. Post a preview video or a link to the said tune -- I'd like to see/hear one!
  13. Here's a relevant answer from another similar thread -- Just let us know at what part you need help to understand, and -- Nope, you don't want that setup for background-music/BGM [unless you want to go back to 40/50's, hahah]. Mono channel at 22050Hz is only for sound-effects/SFX. With BGM you'll always want it as Stereo channel at 44100Hz. P.S. Be advised that all of this was written with GOG version in mind. I'm not sure about the others though.
  14. Greetings OP, Can you shed some light about !saveas= function? I know that it is not officially documented and not publicly known, but I happened to find it inside the EXE by looking up using HxD. Sorry if that comes as an unpleasant move but sometimes curiosity gets the better of me. Much thanks for considering this. Cheers!
  15. Wow, that's news for me! Much thanks for the heads-up. ๐Ÿ‘ Always nice to know there are less to worry about from now, hahah. Also yeah, the parameters gave it away -- compresstexture 0, should've figured that out before hand.