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  1. I believe you could find some inside "Star Wars - KotOR\streamwaves\n_gendro_xx".
  2. ebmar

    [WIP] Selven 2.0

    [Updated: June 23, 2018] Another update which again, focused solely on Selven's "Unique Blaster pistol" or actually, we could name the blaster now; SS-SL7 Rapid Blaster. The blaster had some details engraved now, referring to the designer and craftsman of the blaster- Sithspecter. Any updates of current development will also be posted in thread's introduction post.
  3. ebmar

    Solomon's Revenge

    Get the mod here:

    © BioWare & LucasArts

  4. ebmar

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [HK-47]

    Wow- an interesting concept there, @djh269! - Didn't crossed my mind before 😁 Okay, I'll see what I can do with others but then again- thanks for the input! Thank you for the kind words! Some motivation for me there, and very much appreciate that
  5. He's not really gone! #gonefishin


    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I always wondered what it would be like to have a stalker.  Now I know.

    2. ebmar



      I always wondered what it would be like to have a stalker.  Now I know.

      There is even a proof-picture! Privacy is a myth.


  6. Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I haven't yet played TSL so it's obvious that I haven't yet take a feel into the mod too. But after watching this video, I can surely say that the overall ambient of this mod is amazing. It feels like it's already been there, being a major part of the original game, really- from my point of view. Splendid.
  7. ebmar

    Selven "Legends"

    An "extras" Follow the WIP of Selven "Legends" here:

    © BioWare & LucasArts

  8. ebmar

    [WIP] Selven 2.0

    [Updated: June 20, 2018] This update focused solely on Selven's "Unique Blaster pistol". Ultimately, the final puzzle of this 1.0 saga has been resolved. Permission has been granted from Sithspecter [detailed matter in the opening post of this thread] to use the assets from High Quality Blasters! And it seems SS even have the original files uploaded as a resource so, we'll absolutely go with that! Much thanks, SS! So, more nor less- this how Selven would be with Sithspecter's "SL7 Blaster pistol". Any updates of current development will also be posted in thread's introduction post.
  9. ebmar


    Impressive! The tool allowed us to optimize the bumpmap/normalmap feature in the game. Without this tool, the texture wouldn't be that "bumpy" and realistic- for me, anyway 😁 And the important thing is; the tool is easy to use, very informative and user friendly. Thanks!
  10. ebmar


    Nice! With this tool I finally be able to bumpmap the texture. And the tool's interface seems to be user-friendly, although I have zero knowledge of those code appeared on the screen 😂 Thanks!
  11. ebmar

    [WIP] Selven 2.0

    [Updated: June 19, 2018] The head and body tex's has been finalized; using [as far as I'm concerned is] the legit way of normal mapping. The objective has been accomplished, and personally happy with result. Hats-off to @DarthParametric, again-and-again for the ultimate-guidance Any updates of current development will also be posted in thread's introduction post.
  12. ebmar

    [WIP] Selven 2.0

    @DarthParametric, I have tested it and it works! And it seems I'm going to have to re-edit both to the texture [head and body] and the normals now that I finally know how to do it legitimately; and to optimized the usefulness of the bump-map feature. You're a saint DP- Thanks!
  13. ebmar

    [WIP] Selven 2.0

    So, that means there would be a .tga file which is the color texture and a .tpc which is the normal map; both with the same name [pfbselven01.tga and pfbselven01.tpc] to the 'Override" folder? Edit: This what I'm having from converting the normal map to .tpc, and then putting the diffuse and the normal map to 'Override' folder- it is so obvious I did everything wrong here 🤣
  14. ebmar

    [WIP] Selven 2.0

    I noticed there's a quite significant difference [have no idea whether it's the render or texture quality been produced] between TPC and TGA, especially with those details below the breast plate. I'd take it; the TGA have better quality than TPC, noticeably in-game. TPC produced a grainy texture [on my screen] which cannot be seen here, while TGA doesn't. Is that normal or is it just me not doing things right, DP? And was it necessary to do some edits to the model to have that optimum result with the texture? As for the head texture, the result was pleasing [especially with notably reduced data size- which would be helpful!] but it seems I'd have to compromise for not using the alpha channel which is put to use with her earrings. Is there any way to utilize alpha channel to TPC? Sorry for the long asking. Again and again- thanks!
  15. ebmar

    [WIP] Selven 2.0

    Oh my.. thanks for pointing that out DP! Anyway, I've been there when to generate the normal map, blending the diffuse with the normal using PS- and then export them to a .tga. And I have noticed you once saying this So, anything I have missed there?