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  1. Well, matter of personal preferences then, I guess. Because that's the least thing I'll choose regarding metal-based/hard-surface texture, hahah. Just my imagination, but perhaps if you apply enough envmask on the dark area of the blade [and using the normal map so it don't look like it's laminated], something good might came out of it.
  2. That indeed looks cool! and should be very fitting for Ajunta Pall's blade/sword. Anyway, about -- Yeah, I think it can't really helped much [though I guess mycube can tackle that -- unless you want to use customs]. But I'm sure by taking advantage of using normal map [best feature one can get on this engine, texture-wise, I guess], the blade would look really great.
  3. From log perspective, that's fine. It means that the installer not copying the module from the archive, and go with the patching process instead. If you don't have the said module on your modules folder, then it'll copy a fresh one for the installation to proceed. And since you're using K1CP, that log was to be expected [if this was installed after it]. But still, to see the mod working or not you got to see it in-game.
  4. From my test, the game takes priority over TPC, followed then by TGA/DDS, but it prioritises loose TXI files over TPC. Let's say, if you have XYZ.TPC with envmaptexture mycube packaged inside but then you have XYZ.TGA/TXI with envmaptexture CM_Baremetal in the Override, game will read the information from TXI while the diffuse loads from TPC.
  5. Nice catch, and yeah - that sounds like a good idea. Gained insights from this post moments ago, and thinking this mod can definitely fits somewhere. Would definitely having this installed on my TSL playthrough. And thank you, OP/Dark Hope -- for this mod. It looks very promising, and looking forwards to give it a go. Cheers.
  6. That didn't go unnoticed, as an issue has been raised for that in K1CP's Hub, also -- They seem to have resolves it -- - though I'm not certain where did they herd the PMs.
  7. I think that's a great idea for consistency's sake. I mean, it does make sense after all. Perhaps adding Jedi Defense to Feat Required field on the item's template/UTI would be the best approach for that.
  8. This is not in any way your go-to modding tools, though perhaps closer to *amazing new discoveries*, lol - so I dropped it here. 🍻 So, this list of texts and numbers below -- //::////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //:: [TSL] PlaySound Utility Script //::////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //:: File Name : eb_playsound_wav //::////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /* Param1/P1 - Delay that will be applied before playing the sound string sSoundName - sTemplate of the Sound in the game files to play Created By : ebmar [based on OEI's implementation] Created On : May 05, 2020 Modified On : June 11, 2020 -- v1.0.0 Credits : JCarter426 -- Odyssey++ : Fred Tetra -- KotOR Tool : tk102 -- DLGEditor : Don Ho -- Notepad++ */ //::////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void main() { int nDelay = GetScriptParameter(1); string sSoundName = GetScriptStringParameter(); DelayCommand(IntToFloat(nDelay), PlaySound(sSoundName)); } - is an equivalent to a_playsndobj, a TSL's utility script that plays the sound objects indicated by tag passed in. On the other hand, instead of using the oTag of sound objects/UTS in the game-world like its older-brother, this will use the sString that it gets from the String Param of the DLG. To use it is fairly simple: Drop the compiled script/NCS to the Override folder Insert the script name [default eb_playsound_wav] to either Script #1/#2 field in the relevant node of the DLG Use P1 to determine the delay applied before playing the sound Use String Param to determine which sound to play, based on their template/file name Notes: In my experience using this script -which is in TSL, and not K1- PlaySound action can only play custom files that placed in the Override. I have tried with customs placed in StreamSounds but I can't seem get it to work. You might though, perhaps I was missing something You can't input decimals. I don't know what the legit term is but you can only insert integers/INT; something like 0, 1, or 2, and not FLOAT, like 0.2, 1.25, or 4.20. You can though - but not with this script and using the DLG as the medium Anyway, here's the compiled script if you don't feel like compiling yourself -- eb_playsound_wav.ncs Hope that helps anything of your projects, and may the Force be with you!
  9. I haven't tried the mod yet [I had it installed but not aware of compatibility issues] so I can only tell it might not be compatible right now. I'll try to look at the setup and let you know later. Update: by the looks of it - they should be compatible, @StellarExile. None of the files clashes, and their setup did not seem to linked one with another. It seem JC's mod did mentioned 02 & 05 variants of the robes [which are Dark Jedi robes' reference] on presumably one of its scripts, but I don't think it should change the way this mod does, as well around. Update2: also be advised that this mod is not compatible with JC's other mod -- the JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 one. Just letting you know in any chance you thought about it.
  10. For the diffuse/LMA_ floor01s.TXI, you can leave out both envmaptexture and wateralpha [unless you needed that, but I don't see why], and use only these two -- bumpyshinytexture CM_asith bumpmaptexture LMA_floor01sB as well as the normal-map/LMA_ floor01sB.TXI, just leave it like this -- isbumpmap 1 bumpmapscaling 2 See if that changes anything. Though more importantly is how you setup the normal-map. You'd be better export it as 24/32bpp uncompressed-TPC format using tga2tpc, that's the only way the game would read it - far as I can recall. Edit: I haven't really practiced using the uncompressed version, so I'm not quite sure about it working or not. That information I got from the tool's page. In the past I was using mostly 24bpp/DXT1 -- it works, but the result could have been better when using the uncompressed one I'd gather.
  11. ebmar


    Wallpaper I used recently, that were made from pnl_mainmenu -- an GUI asset extracted from TSL's game files. The resolution is in x768, pretty fit for a notebook.
  12. Thank you for the heads-up! As I get far enough on -preferably, finished- my playthrough I'd love to be involved in this.
  13. For voice-overs, it's also good practice [at least for these games] to always export the files first as 32000Hz's mono-MP3 at 48kbps with max of 16 characters [it also is necessary to remove any metadata embedded with the files], and then add the WAV header as instructed here. To quote a point from the post -- Though I'll recommend to only put VOs to StreamWaves\ [K1] or StreamVoice\ [TSL] - no other than that. You're good to go then!
  14. That with the attachment I posted above or using your own like you said -- By theory the INI I have posted wouldn't end a failure because I did have success with it on my test. Edit: also -- That one looks like from your system, not something that caused from a mod.
  15. Sorry, not to bump this thread but I think this post better be separated from that one above. Here's the readjusted changes.INI of the BoS:SR mod, both the main installation [bos_sr_1.0] and v1.1 patch [bossr_patch_1.1] -- [K1]_BoSSR_INI_Update_[BETA].7z Edit: this one did not setup Saves installation - so you'll have to put the provided ones manually. You can rename the [Saves] folder as you see fit, just make sure it's unique as it can be. Attached also the installlog.txts which shows from my test, they're working 100% intended - at the very least, from installation process POV. Please be sure not to be switched between the INIs - they have been placed at their dedicated folder to easen the process. Also I noticed a UTI had been installed eight nine times -to one Override folder- yeah, which was unnecessary, and also an MP3 three times. They're all now only installed once. Hope that could at least reduces the number of times people experiencing troubles, not that from playing the mod but only from installing itself. This great mod deserves love greater than itself surely. And may the 4th be with y'all.