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  1. [Update: 03/31/2021/AM] Just to let you know that the project's not dead -- well, it actually is a couple weeks back since I haven't touched it from when. 😂 Will want to keep it short here. So there's a change of concept to most -if not all- of the room. The central area that was planned to have fountains will be replaced by a field-sized lounge that has an island bar at the center -- The idea comes from @DarthParametric originally, and with thorough discussions as well of careful considering -- can say that this one's final [conceptually]. 🤞 Also with his generous help we can finally get a beautiful TOR-ported-own-modification island bar at the center there. There are changes follows with the then drinking-lounge/bar, so it is now will be a *cough* stripper-stage -- You can see there as well a new-sleek-table-lip again made by DP, to help Pazaakers or drinkers or whoever they will be to comfortably keep their hands on the table. There are also lightbeams from the lamp that we get the idea from Kashyyyk's to make this sleazy-dirty place prettier [and make some senses]. There are couple of changes made but I forgot which, but for sure they're an improvement from the former. Will get back to you soon with another update -- one with significant progress, hopefully. Cheers. That's all for today -- catch you later, and may the Force be with you!
  2. I mean if it's more like -- let's say someone edits a creature object/UTC or any template objects inside one module; so for the change to take place immediately that specific module should need to be loaded the first time before entering, and won't work if the change made from a load of an already saved game [inside that module]. But if you say it does its best to recreate behavior of the vanilla engine then it's pretty much similar I'd gather. 🤔
  3. Looks promising, and congratulations for reaching the milestone! 🍻 Just a question though the answer might provide anyone here with insights as well -- did you utilize modular setup for objects like they did in Odyssey or something more real-time?
  4. Try checking G_FinalChoice -- from what I recall they use it to determine which one is LS path [set to 2] or DS' [1]. As DP mentioned above they're triggered on the Temple roof, and from my documentation the LS one fired with k_punk_bastesc, while DS' with k_punk_bastjoin.
  5. And they seem to be only happening in TSL, as they are not there in K1's -- far as I can recall. Interesting -- have that noted to when similar problem arises on my end. Will see if it actually does something, cheers! 🍻
  6. Diggin' the new light panel at the base -- looks great! Curious with what's happening in the last picture -- where there's light sneaking from the inside... something's going on there, hahah. Edit: late to noticed that it's in your earlier screenshot posted here -- fancy!
  7. [Update: 02/24/2021/AM] Some progress made -- and yet again, still with the bar/drinking lounge, hahah. Guess I got a weird connection with this particular area -- Lately I've been interested in TOR world-design as well being influenced by it, and using some screenshots/footages around I decided to change the table-top to imitate what they did -- more/less. Though not that close, but this one'll do for me. However, I haven't really pleased with the bar/counter one -- guess will have to fiddle more to get the result closer at least with the tables. Some adjustments as well with the mark-out walkways, not really visible but it's there. The change will also be applied to all the tables in the module, and I'd probably add the mark-out walkways to the other rooms as I really liked the concept. Just hoping I could nailed it right, lol. That's all for today -- catch you later, and may the Force be with you!
  8. Looks perfect to me. Congrats for nailing it! You as well!
  9. Most impressive! I'll take the initiative for a screenshot taken from the footage giving backing to a better look at it -- Don't have any questions regarding the project for now, only to give you my support on this. 🍻 Never thought I'd seen the day that KotOR can finally have dynamic lighting and stuffs -- so cool! Oh! Actually there's one question -- graphics-wise, will/can you probably add something like post-processing effects with it? I know there's already an external program for that, though maybe you want to add yours that integrated with the engine. 😁
  10. [Update: 02/21/2021/AM] Bits of progress with the bar/drinking lounge -- As suggested by DP I have changed the mark out walkways' colour, and can't be agree more with him -- I do like the new one! As an addition to that I have also changed its pattern, as well readjusting the curves/corners/angled sections. I did pleased with the result, and looking to move to another part which is... hmm, not sure, I can pretty much populating the area now but -- oh! Reshaping all the table trims to match with the bar ones. Anything I'd do in the near future would still cleaning up the place aesthetically anyway. That's all for this update -- catch you later, and may the Force be with you!
  11. Hello, and welcome! 🍻 Sounds fun! It is feasible. I'd recommend you to start from having KotOR Tool first -- it's a handy utility to extract the game files; including several sound-effects/SFX which can't be accessed directly through the game directory. Voice-overs/VO can be obtained via streamwaves [K1]/StreamVoice [TSL], background-music/BGM through streammusic [K1/TSL], and some other SFX and/or soundsets from streamsounds [K1/TSL] folder. Second, to have SithCodec with you, always. I'll just quote @JCarter426 as the author for elaboration -- -- with that in mind, few audio in the game contain the said headers and most of them are VO as well as BGM. In the game files they're disguised as WAV, though originally are MP3. Third, to know what audio setup the game's natively use -- SFX: Mono WAV at 22050Hz. e.g. pl_starmap_open.WAV -- SFX used for Star Map when opened [K1] VO: Mono WAV at 32000Hz. e.g. NGLOBECAND03473_.WAV -- one of Canderous' VO [K1] BGM: Stereo WAV at 44100Hz. e.g. evil_ending.WAV -- music for dark-side ending [K1] SithCodec should do more than enough to decode/encode the audio. For editing and stuffs you could pretty much use anything you like. That's all as beginning. I might've missed something there -- just ask if you have any questions. Cheers!
  12. Will try! Were about to use that colour actually but in doubt, kind of. I use the current one to match with what's in the counter as a reason. Got that noted! I'll try to improve on that part. Thanks for the feedback. 🍻 Ah, then just near it slaps on a bullet mark/decal on the wall -- perhaps put a backstory behind it? Neat idea!
  13. Yeah, was trying to pour myself into it also and -- there it goes. 😛 OK, I admit to made mistake particularly by altering the animation. Dang, I shouldn't have changed it, hahah. I'll fiddle with it again later. Thanks for the feedback! Now there you see it folks... Cool, and thanks! I'm as excited as you too. 🍻 Feedback taken! Thank you. I do also think the place need to be brighten, though not sure how much. I'll play with it at some point.
  14. [Update: 02/19/2021/AM] Here's a quick tour inside the Hub -- My rig's not the pretty one so you might notice a performance drop, but that's from recording the game. Still, there'll be an in-game performance-hit at some parts of the module because it had to load most room simultaneously to make them visible, particularly at the central area. But if you have pretty decent rig I don't think that'd be a problem. Most [static] textures are around x512 at most, and the animated one can be ~x2048 -- they're all in TPC format. I've tried populating the module and... yeah, the performance drops a little bit more, lol. But still at decent playable-frame-rate I'm certain. I'm creating this with efficiency in mind, so I try to remove any extraneous bits that [I think] could overload the machine -- my machine, lol. Started from removing isolated faces on the model to using reasonable texture resolution. Progress-wise, I have worked on the bar/drinking lounge -- by adding a mark out walkways as suggested by @DarthParametric on DS' Discord, and few other addition as well. Also in the dancer-lounge you'll notice a fancy-looking dancing Twi'leks' signage, courtesy of @Sith Holocron -- with a little collaboration I did. That's all for now, and catch you later!
  15. [Update: 02/18/2021/AM] Progress made with the bar/drinking lounge. I have added a signage to the counter, as well a touch of comfortness by adding a nice-gritty[?] carpet. The table trims also have been reshaped, and few other stuffs mainly to make this place more compelling, lol -- I'm looking to work on this project pixel-by-pixel on a daily basis. Trying to get my memory back with some stuffs I used to know at the very least, 'cause not modding for months makes me forgot more than what I've learned, lol. Catch you later!