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  1. ebmar

    Appearance.2da limit?

    I recall saw two row spaces [two consecutive rows with only ****] on your mod's appearance.2da - IIRC, perhaps that causes you the trouble. I mean, linking with your apparent problem which skips two exact rows - that seem to be likely. Did they only happened with ~600's? How about those at ~200's or ~300's - do they have the same number skipping? All clear. I'm at 783 rows now -without **** skipping- and didn't seem to having that issue. Which why I suspect them rows with **** could be the culprit for this.
  2. ebmar

    Head Help

    Hmm, you could try with this - Open kotormax.ini from this path [by default] gmax \ scripts \ KOTORmax Try to make sure having this on your end usemax=0 Not really sure if it was set to 1 or already 0 but I recall having encountered that too. But again, vaguely remembering how it was.
  3. ebmar

    Head Help

    Go with the [+ MDL Loading] - choose Import Geom Only and Import. I have edited mine as I realized there was lack of information there with the initial ones.
  4. ebmar

    Head Help

    Cool! Glad to see things are working very well in the end [minus the Dark-side transition issue]. I will then documenting and attaching the DS transition fix authored by @DarthParametric on Discord > r/kotor here; be back with an update later [or you can just sign-up there and see the post directly yourself]. Edit: to fix the UV you will need an additional tools which they're 3D modelling program -gmax and 3ds Max are most recommended for this- and KOTORmax. Steps are - Convert the latest PMHC01 binary to ASCII Run gmax with KOTORmax installed On the left toolbar there should be a button to load the ASCII, written as [+ MDL Loading] - choose Import Geom Only and Import then To have the texture shown [with the model] I usually put the relevant texture/TGA with the same folder as the loaded model - so you'd want to do that too. There must be another [legit] way on doing that but I don't know how. 🙃 Don't forget to reference the hair mesh, which is Object01 to reference PMHC01 as the bitmap instead of PMHC04. You can do that by following this - Done with collapsing stuffs we're going to export the model now. Select the blue box under the head model; it's called OdysseyBase that you'll see it's written on a box in the top right corner With OdysseyBase selected - you'll see Odyssey Base Params underneath and down below you'll find Export Geom only button. You know you're very close for a result so you'll know what to do, heheh The exported format [again] will be an ASCII. So you may want to convert them to binary with MDLedit, and rename as appropriate That pretty much sums it - just let me know at which part things are confusing or lack of necessary information.
  5. ebmar

    Head Help

    Ah! You should not load the MDX but instead the MDL from the menu; the app will load them both automatically. I'm still experiencing this few times, heheh - rookie-in-haste mistake. 😛 The only converting process were when; Converting from Binary [MDL/MDX] to ASCII - to transplant the hair node Converting from ASCII back to Binary [MDL/MDX] a.k.a the in-game format model; because the game only accept MDL/MDX format for things to work
  6. ebmar

    Head Help

    Don't! The first rule of general modding is; never change the extension, hahah. Keep the extension as-is [on exporting] and only rename the file. Edit: apologize that I might have confused you with a / on MDL/MDX there. My intention was to have you read PMHC01.MDL & PMHC01.MDX.
  7. Greetings, Mod's Author! A nice addition to the game! Particularly for role-play purpose as described. Though, apparently if our main-character went Dark side, the mesh [Object01] use PMHC01 as its default bitmap instead of PMHC04 for a proper hair appearance. Looking forwards to a positive feedback regarding this report, and many thanks for considering this.
  8. ebmar

    Head Help

    Thank you for the insight - much appreciated. Edit: I managed to get the models merged - so, here's how things goes: Prepare your tools; MDLedit and Notepad++ Prepare the models from this post and the long-haired model Download this - K1Supermodels_Vanilla.7z We need the Supermodel for recompiling from ASCII to Binary to work [step 14] - so put all of them at the same folder with the head models I'm going to index 1 for DP's model and 2 for the long-haired/valten7's Organized the files [including make a backup] as you see them fit, just make sure you know which one is which We're going with the hair transplant method in this case we're going to copy the hair nodes to the other model Load 1 and 2 with MDLedit and save them as ASCII Open 2 ASCII with Notepad++ and find this node using find command - node trimesh Object01 That is the hair node's header we'd want to copy all the information to the other model Block and copy all the nodes until you find the end of the node - endnode You can transit them for temporary to a new opened tab on the notepad Open 1 ASCII with the notepad and find this node using find command - node skin head Stop right there - that's what we would use as a mark to where we'd want to paste the hair node we copied earlier Make a space above that node and paste all the hair node we copied earlier there so more or less this is what you'll get on screen - node trimesh Object01 parent head_g ... ... ... ...35 0.91469 endnode node skin head parent PMHC01 ... Them three-dots means the information inside the ASCII/model Save the ASCII Load the hair-transplanted 1 ASCII with MDLedit and save it as Binary - overwrite when prompted. Be advised that you'll get warnings if you don't have the Supermodels in the same folder with the ASCII Pretty much done - next is to copy the binary model -which should be named as PMHC01.MDL & PMHC01.MDX- and paste them to the Override, and overwrite when prompted I think if you're following the instruction very clear you can have the wanted result. Just let me know at which part you got stuck/that is confusing. I should apologize if indeed the instruction are not very clear and is confusing. 🙃 The end-result is not without [possible] issue. If our main-character went Dark-side the hair texture went back to PMHC01, which will show a broken appearance on the hair mesh. We can discussed about that later after the attempted result above is actually working.
  9. ebmar

    Head Help

    Greetings! If I go with the ASCII route, should I only copy the hair mesh and paste it to the other model to transplant the hair? Many thanks for considering this.
  10. ebmar

    East Central

    You're welcome! Whoops! Yeah, I forgot to tell that it was ported from TSL, so you'd need a functioning model for that to use it in K1. Here's a model that has been ported/converted as appropriate, but not yet assigned/purposed to the game - [K1]_TSLPorted_Sith_Commando_Model.7z
  11. ebmar

    East Central

    Good evening! It's a vanilla Sith Commando texture. You can find it in KotOR2/TSL's game file; tagged as N_SithCom02. Though I'll just attach the TGA here - TSL_Red_Sith_Commando_N_SithCom02.7z
  12. Though am not sure that the [crashed] model I used, which is TSL-ported Swoop monitor model had a 0 polies' geometry. 🤔 That does makes sense, but then again - this is a placeable model, so it shouldn't be listed in the layout file, I think. Though worth to try referenced it into the list just to make things sure. And many thanks for the feedback - much appreciated.
  13. Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope y'all have a nice day. May someone confirm on their end that having a custom [placeables] model with custom name which injected to a module crashes the game only upon exiting the game? Looks fine when loading between saved game. Custom [placeables] model with vanilla name injected to the module didn't crashes the game at all though. Many thanks for considering this, and may the Force be with you all! Update: I can confirm on my end that this happens - I decided to move the crashed [placeables] model to Override and having the vanilla named custom area model which referenced the crashed [placeables] model injected to each modules [that shares the area model] The game doesn't crash [upon exit]. So indeed - on my end; having a [custom placeables] model with custom name on a MOD/module file, crashes the game
  14. ebmar


    And with inflated prices! In overall, I like N-DReW25's plot. That sounds wild! I like that! Though I like the idea that we are not wanted there in the first place, so we should got handicapped. Well, you could always add a your-everyday-antagonist a.k.a a local-reigning-champ-favorite who politically cheats their way having their own imbalance weapon smuggled to the ring for bit of spice as one of the scenario, hahah.
  15. ebmar


    Fantastic stuff, Sithspecter! Wow, for an arena that huuugggee I'd vote for a battle royal style. Like, there's a hostile_2 faction settings that makes a creature go hostile with anything that is in the same room as I recall. I think that'd be perfectly implemented with it! About death-match; I personally relish another underground death-match arena beside Taris' -as described by Ajuur the Hutt- and Sleheyron is the perfect place for that. Also I'm in for the idea that Sleheyron is the place to mine Dark side points. There's a conscious decision why our PC decided to go there in the first place.