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  1. As in transfer them to the other characters skeleton? Yeah it isn't for modding it's moreso for just using the model for machinima. How exactly would I copy them, if you don't mind me asking? To the other skeleton that is?
  2. So your saying I have to find the supermodel itself and then take the animations from there? In order to use them for the regular character models?
  3. I used the latest version of Kotor Blender and for some strange reason the models I've extracted don't have animations. To extract them I also used the reone tool but for some reason there's no animations in the animation tab. Why is this? And if possible how do I extract said animations?
  4. Last thing I want to ask is how to delay the conversation while they are fighting because it instantly exits the dialogue when they fight?
  5. Fixed the problem it was holocron toolset that was the issue I compiled the scripts there but then I switched to kotor scripting tool and it worked!
  6. Double checked yeah there correct it has to be something with the script syntax wise then. Or do you think its an issue with the module? Since its cloned via the holocron toolset.
  7. I changed the code but they still are doing the same thing. I forgot to mention this is in a cloned module so maybe that has something to do with it? void main() { object roland = GetObjectByTag("n_roland", 0); object oron = GetObjectByTag("orontag", 0); ChangeToStandardFaction(roland, STANDARD_FACTION_PREDATOR); ChangeToStandardFaction(oron, STANDARD_FACTION_PREY); } Or maybe I messed up with the syntax or something?
  8. I'm attempting to script a fight scene between two npc's in a dlg file. The npcs don't fight, however and the screen just vibrates for no reason and they just stare at each other. Here is my source script: void main() { object roland = GetObjectByTag("n_roland", 0); object oron = GetObjectByTag("orontag", 0); ChangeToStandardFaction(roland, 2); ChangeToStandardFaction(oron, 4); }
  9. I believe I figured out the problem thanks for the help. I was mixing up the tag with resref ID thing.
  10. I recreated the dialogue in DLGEditor which still ended up the same. I am curious, what do you think the problem with the structure is?
  11. I actually didn't put any text in responses, it gets the first entry to play but the reply ends the conversation.
  12. I fixed that problem, but my only issue is how do I continue the conversation without player responses at all like the cutscenes in the normal game?
  13. I've been trying to create dialogue between two npc's without player responses, but for some reason the dialogue skips every time I click the npc who was the dialogue file on him. Keep in mind I've been using the holocron toolset's dialogue editor. I've attached the file and am curious to see what I'm doing wrong. fight.dlg
  14. Thanks for info, I did use clone module which seems like it could use an update. Fixed it by just reusing the original modules .VIS file.
  15. I save the GIT for a new .mod file using the leviathans bridge and for some reason it didn't spawn me at my start location waypoint and all the area's where door's used to be are black voids that can still be walked through normally but look really weird. What should I do to fix the problem?