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  1. HK-47

    TSL Restored Content Mod

    Provide links by searching those mods. You know they're on this site or other sites you get mods from like Nexus Mods. You have to do the "leg work". Without the needed links to these, I recognize some of them, and am quite sure some are not compatible with each other. Sometimes you have to install some mods in a specific order to get them to work together (eg. always installing TSLRCM first, then M4-78 EP, then everything else).
  2. The description is a little vague. How does it "readjust" the Tach sound?
  3. No everybody isn't moving away from SWTOR. It's not dead or dying. It's still quite alive. As SH said, The first chapters are free, so give it a go. I'd give my referral link, but you can only use one at a time. By the way, I just remembered this perfect video that answers your question. "Is SWTOR worth trying in 2019?"
  4. HK-47

    MOD:JC's Security Spikes for K1

    Huh. It never occurred to me that they weren't available. Nice fix.
  5. Oh. Okay. I have edited my post to correct that.
  6. Incompatible? It's always been compatible. What incompatibility was there? I've never had issues with the galaxy map. I have all the Jedi Temple/Coruscant mods installed, and never had any issues. My guess is that anyone running into issues, is either installing it wrong, or they have other mods causing issues. My installation order: The base Jedi Temple mod, then the compatibility patch, then I add in the Coruscant Map and Textures mod (fixes galaxy map and has better textures, then the Temple Expansion, and finally the TSL galaxy map fix. I also just realized I don't have the Coruscant realistic skybox. I've grabbed that too. Links to mod installation in order of installation: 1: Jedi Temple base 2: Compatibility patch 3: Coruscant Map and Textures 4: Jedi Temple Expansion (the link to Nexus Mods in the previous mod description is no longer usable) 5: The TSL Galaxy Map fix by Bead-V which is required. The Realistic Skybox I'm sure can be tossed in at any time, though I like to add those last for any mod.
  7. HK-47

    EA Vetoed "KOTOR Sequel"

    WHAT?! Awww man. Lol hush you! Ugh. The guy who stupidly went around derailing threads correcting everyone's grammar is getting his grammar corrected. That hurts. weel i myt as weel qo all teh wag iph thtz waht's doing 2 hopn.
  8. HK-47

    EA Vetoed "KOTOR Sequel"

    The Knight story continues the Revan stuff. Starting specifically at Ch 2. And to me, the Knight is the official cannon character to go through all the story starting at Ilum. Also, the Imperial side flash points Boarding Party and The Foundry with Revan continue the story after Maelstrom Prison. Right now we're all cash cows and money trees for SW games. Until E.A. loses exclusive rights to the SW license, it's going to hurt us and them.
  9. HK-47

    EA Vetoed "KOTOR Sequel"

    EA needs to lose the SW license. I don't hate SWTOR, and don't feel that any characters were ruined. But they need to lose the license. EA is a greedy company that hasn't cared for the customer for several years now. T3 was destroyed by the Emperor in the Revan novel. The love for all the old games will never die. They were good for a reason. EA's greed keeps them from funding games that turn out to be just as good with up to date engines. The new SWBF2 had great potential, but their greed has set it back so much.
  10. HK-47

    MOD:Fixed Hologram Models and Admiralty Redux for TSLRCM

    Oh crap berries. I intended to put this in the thread for that. The exceptions I'm attributing to Win10 being the moron that it is since I was running the patcher as admin. And I recall seeing that in the readme. Gimme a break. My brain hurts from keeping straight what mods to install, when to install them, how to install them, and which ones I have setup with the complicated stuff already done. lol Edit: PS. The mention of the NM Fix, while in the DL page, isn't in a readme or the info.rtf with the tor port mod. That's why I didn't look for it. I didn't forget b/c I didn't look at the DL page again. But that did take care of it.
  11. HK-47

    MOD:Fixed Hologram Models and Admiralty Redux for TSLRCM

    I am having an issue where the TOR (saul karath) uniform has no holographic effect on the Harbinger. The four... bars?... on the cap and uniform as well as the body (head and hands) are holographic, and those in regular republic uniforms are fully holographic. I installed this, yes in order, immediately after M4-78 EP 1.5. When I installed the base portion, I got some "unhandled exceptions" where it couldn't create folders (like 102per_temp and 003ebo_temp) when installing (which aren't consistent as to which one happens), and it gave 16 warnings about modules already existing in the modules folder. The only model altering mods I have are JC's supermodel fix, JC's Zhug Attack Fix, the TOR Meetra Surik head, and the ones (mostly yours DP) that fix area geometry. The rest of my my mods consist of weapon model and texture enhancements, and general HD texture mods (like the OTE series). I reinstalled this (in order) again and didn't get any conflict errors ("x file already exists... skipping"). Just the same exceptions and warnings. The modules are 005ebo.mod, 101per.mod, 102per.mod, 103per.mod, 105per.mod, 106per.mod, 151har.mod, 152har.mod, 201tel.mod, 205tel.mod, 222tel.mod, 601dan.mod, 602dan.mod, 901mal.mod, 902mal.mod, 702kor_s.rim. That is base part of the mod. The M4 addon and patch don't give any errors. Is it likely that I need to redownload this and the base version as there could be corruption? Would removing the modules do any good (I get the feeling they're also RCM/EP files)? This is the only problem I'm having in my newest run of K2 (fresh install). I did have another with the Vrook Vandar holorecording crashing my game, but I haven't gotten that far yet and it's hopefully resolved.
  12. HK-47

    Fire effect while running

    Trying to go for the D2 Dawnblade Daybreak ability look in K2 are we? 😁
  13. HK-47

    Lana Beniko: Building a Soundset

    I know for sure of one other character that was voiced by the same actress that did Lana. Maiya Vix on Oricon for the Imp story. I do have all those lines extracted, and I can send them to you so you don't have to find them. Or I can sift through it myself and send you what I come up with. Whichever you'd prefer. There is one other character I know of very early on in base game voiced by her, but I can't remember who it is nor if it's Inquisitor story specifically, or one of the side quests.
  14. I came across a video today. It seems someone is attempting to get Star Wars: 1313 made/released. Video found here. If it's legal and pans out to release, I'd personally rather have what was originally going to be made, assuming it's different. However... I don't have high hopes for it to go anywhere. Higher than Aperion, but not by much.

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    2. DarthParametric


      Yes. Pretty much all mods violate copyright and/or trademarks to some degree or other. That was why the stance on K1<->TSL porting was always so stupid. It was all infringing.

    3. ebmar


      And then all comes back to the right holder. Whether allowed or not allowed is their choice to make.

    4. HK-47


      Huh. Responses made by a member I follow didn't show up in the "Members I Follow" section. Interesting. Actually, I never got any notifications.

      I want to clarify that when I said "If it's legal", I meant it in the sense that there won't be a C&D sent out. So... "legal". But as I said, I don't see that not happening. I found the attempt at this funny.


      If it isn't legal, then "I will make it legal". 😁There. I said it, and I'd say it again if I had to.