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  1. So cool seeing mods continuing to be made. And by folks that have been here for a loooong time.

  2. HK-47

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    New character model idea. GO!
  3. They're having some of the cast voice their characters. I hope they don't plan to do that for all characters. There are two major problems: Tom Kane is retired as of this month (Sept '21) due to a stroke, and Ed Asner isn't alive. I could believe it if they had Tom do his lines before retiring, assuming he was even able to. But Ed...
  4. I can tell. However you stated such right here: and here And again after that. As I said, your intended point that you meant to convey was your disinterest in the remake because of your disinterest in SWTOR and you don't want SWTOR references in it, that it would be best left as it was. However you outright stated that there is no connection between Kotor and SWTOR. If it isn't tangible, as you said, then it doesn't exist. Period. Which is my point, again. Your reasons that you stated for not liking SWTOR are your deal, and are your opinion. But your headcanon doesn't remove the link (which you have stated does), which is also my point. Again. Perhaps it might have been better to say "I would not be interested if they incorporate references to SWTOR or Disneyverse..." Also "Revan being corrupted by his war and choosing to do bad things is pretty much K1's byline." That's what I was trying to type when typing and it got messed up while editing. Onscreen tablet keyboard, it's being troublesome. Now that that's cleared up, perhaps we can get back to the main point of this thread? I agree with your sentiment about K1. I would very much prefer if K1 story be left as is.
  5. No, that is not lost on me at all. You can dislike it all you want, that doesn't make them not related or not cannon, which is what you were saying. Maybe not what you meant, but it is what you said. You can dislike the remake all you want. That doesn't make it not canon. If the remake is changed for Disney canon, then it will no longer be related and in the vein of EU canon it will not be canon. It was inevitable that some content was going to do that at some point. And like I said, the Light Side choices are always considered the cannon ones. So SWTOR did not do anything different than what is always done with games that have optional endings and choices. The idea that Revan chose to go dark side was not set in stone. It was an idea placed in your head by Kreia so she could try to exert influence and control over you. She merely postulated it as a possibility, which I found to be pretty awesome. It also still follows that Revan did it that way. It's still possible that he broke free of The Emperor's control which was actually stated by Revan himself in SWTOR. I personally don't care for the emperor himself and all that stuff, but it is what it is. And to your point of it not being part of K1 in the first place, the idea of why Revan turn to the dark side was never even talked about beyond the fact that it did happen. In fact the only thing you get is that it happened because he disobeyed the Jedi and went to war. And if you're going to sit there and say that one version of doing what your disliking about SWTOR is okay but it isn't for SWTOR to do that then you're being a hypocrite. I would also like to point out that some of your gripes about SWTOR is how the EU as a whole has always been. There is a lot of respect for the work of others, but mostly it's new stuff that was not mentioned before. I play K1 and 2, I don't do canon appearance and choices. I do my own thing. Also, it is not a guarantee that it will be changed. I don't want it to be changed, like I said earlier. However, if rumors are true, Hale has reprised her role as bastila for it. While it still isn't a guarantee, it might be more likely. Less so for a Disney canon change. Just the thought of that makes me feel dirty, and not in a good way. I was hoping for that too. As much as I want a better engine, just updated textures and models would be enough for me. And yes, mod support is basically a staple of KotOR. PLEASE allow for it.
  6. Your logic regarding the elements is flawed for two reasons: It wasn't exactly a planned series and they don't have to be planned to still be canon. Allow me to elaborate: The elements don't have to be there in the original. It only has to line up, and it does. Unlike the ST which had no plan and doesn't line up with anything, not even itself. It wasn't planned in that what we got wasn't the original plan, so you won't have elements from later in the beginning. Current KotOR 2 wasn't planned by BioWare. BioWare was busy with other games. That's why BioWare didn't make it. For a planned series see Mass Effect. KotOR1 was the only one originally planned. Next: The light side ending of any game is always considered the cannon one. The entire Jedi Knight series had light and dark endings. But the light was always the cannon one. SWTOR stating revan and meetra's identities was not an after thought. Revan was already male due to the comics (2006) that were out before SWTOR (2011). Meetra was already decided as female before SWTOR. You not liking SWTOR doesn't make it not canon.
  7. Incorrect. It is a direct, 100% link. It always has been. Kotor 3 became SWTOR. Not only did the developers state that all along, the story elements are directly linked since the game launched. If you actually play the story, it is clear it's linked. SWTOR also came out years before Disney. SWTOR is not part of Disney Wars. It is part of the very fleshed out and expansive KotOR era. Satele and Theron Shan are the direct descendants of Revan and Bastila. Revan's capture and imprisonment was in the Revan novel, and our character was tasked with releasing him on the Republic side while Imperials were tasked with taking The Foundry resulting in an encounter with him. Later There was the incident on Yavin, and finally the destruction of Tenebrae in the Echos of Oblivion story. Several locations have parts from and mentions of KotOR 1 & 2. Just to name a few. Yeah, I don't want a voiced character either. Silent with the exception of switching to the character. However, yeah SWTOR does count. The Echos of Oblivion story did all the characters justice. It put out what SWTOR should have gone to instead of where the KotFE/KotET stories did. It should have gone there much earlier in the Knight story imo, but it went there finally.
  8. I doubt that it will be tied to it. It's a game from Legends. If they do it'll be a huge PR failure, as big as the ST was. It's not likely that it will be. Also, current KotOR is already tied to SWTOR. So that's already done. SWTOR is not tied to Disney Wars.
  9. Imo, the best option is to keep the combat mechanic, have a new engine. Expand the world's some/make them more lively. I wouldn't mind better/expanded crafting. That's bonus. I am hopeful. They should also troll is by not having the scene where you kiss Bastila. Make it fade to black. That would be funny.
  10. I was browsing around one day, minding my own business. A beautiful day in the forumhood for a stroll. When suddenly a strange page shows up. It looked like this: My first thought was that something went wrong. Maybe the cache had a conflict, the site had a hiccup, or something. I tried a couple different pages that were in my history, just in case. Yet, each time it was the same. At that point I closed the tab as this "Account Verification" thing was not in a clearly defined or clean "window", nor was it cleanly part of the site page. I'm sure you can imagine my concern that something else was going on. Something that isn't legit from other places. I'm assuming there was something that happened to cause this, especially since there's always an announcement when something is being changed. But what could it possibly be?
  11. It happened a long time ago. That was in Pylon 3 at the Docks where Fassa is. I tried to replicate it and I couldn't get it to happen. I defeated the big droid, then suddenly he popped into the table. He wasn't stuck, just was funny.
  12. HK-47

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    I don't know why my character was standing like that. The black mercenary in the back is not holding his rifle right, and the two in the bottom right look like the one with the sword is photobombing and ran into the other to do so.