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  1. Wanted to give it some time before saying this. In SWTOR, the way Revan's story ended on Yavin, I didn't care for. I accepted it because it was canon. It was really crazy though to think that with him not being himself, took EVERYONE there to fight him because he was so powerful (as he should be).

    Ofc, the Knight story is the true cannon one, and it follows/continues Revan's story/efforts in defeating the Emperor. Blah blah blah. However, with the recent story piece, Echos of Oblivion, I feel he got a true and great end. Even our beloved outcast Jedi. And Satele was made so awesome. An awesome I haven't felt about her since the game trailers/cinematics. Lol, THAT was Grand Master Satele Shan. It also resolves so much, even from KotFE/KotET.

    And I think BioWare just did a better ending against the big bad than what Ep9 had. They out did the movies. What happens in the game should have happened in the mess we got. Ofc the mess shouldn't have happened, but that's a different discussion. Can we please get BioWare to rewrite the ST, please?


    I was absolutely blown away by it. I am giddy every playthrough. I have never felt this way when playing SWTOR. I love SWTOR, but this story piece...

    1. Thor110


      If only! Ah I miss SWTOR every time I see mention of it, but stopped playing around 2 years ago due to issues with my account being locked out and not having the time, money or desire to put up with customer services to get it unlocked.

  2. Mando. S2 finale. THAT is how a certain trilogy should've been. Not the bumbling mess we got.

    1. HK-47


      And yes, you read that right. I did call the ST a huge bumbling mess.

    2. Malkior


      Totally agree. Should have been able to incorporate OT elements while still standing as its own contained story. What we learned is that it isn't as easy as Hollywood thought and that it really requires some level of interest in the greater Star Wars universe (Whether sticking close the the EU or not). Also it turns out that Filoni and Favreau are marketing geniuses. ;)

  3. KotOR 2 for mobile?! Well... time to get TSLRCM ready for mobile. 😁

    1. zbyl2


      we made it ready 4 years ago lol

    2. HK-47


      Well that was fast. 🤣

  4. AHA! I knew the Selkath had a Star Map in Ahto City! Darn Force visions... making me go to the ocean floor... risking going crazy... almost get eaten by a shark... <trails off mumbling>. My these look good.
  5. OH! MY! GOD! This is great! One animation I wish could be adjusted, is the rate of the breathing animation. It's unnaturally fast.
  6. What is this fixing? All I see are random screenshots of things. Images that only show the "Before" don't tell us anything.
  7. I try to change up based on whom I wish to have when. I almost always do Korriban last.
  8. So infuriating when you can't find the play disc for a game you want to play, and for some reason it's not where it should be.

    1. Mellowtron11


      That happened to me with my Jedi Outcast disc a while back. Still haven't found it... :(


    2. jc2


      Yes, it really is. You have my sympathies.

  9. For me, the band/bar (forget the technical term) behind where "Browse Activity Downloads etc" is is stretched edge to edge of any page, while the rest isn't. There's also a gap between it and the bottom of the Battlefront/KotOR images making the size difference of the two visible. And on that, the merged image has a visible line down the middle of that whole section. This is on desktop Chrome.
  10. I hope it's not going too bad.
  11. G0-T0 suffers from the rushed state of the game. Like many characters, there wasn't enough put in for development (or for mod makers to work with), and some things were clearly not finished being revised. The dialogue and what happens is clearly not finished, and definitely needed revision. I'm mostly annoyed by the fact that I managed to get max influence with him, once and not since then. I've played the game dozens of times back to back. I don't remember how I did it. I also wouldn't take him with me because I wouldn't spend any time at all setting characters up for anything specific. I would barely do much better than auto-level would. When doing that, he's fairly useless. He'd go down super easy. I just picked him up before I went on vacation, so I'll have to set him up with proper stats for ranged combat and see just how good I can make him. After all, I was able to mop the floor with the bounty hunters on Nar Shaddaa with my companions when going from the Hawk to the Jek Jek Tarr on Hard Difficulty, which used to be a challenge. From Mira's hideout to the Hawk was another matter because when they'd switch to melee or already be melee, they'd hit super super hard (50HP from a flurry hit) even with 20+ DEX and heavy armor with max level melee resistance mods. (psssst, OP HAX!!)
  12. *in tears* OH MY GOSH! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!
  13. Change the "Appearance" option. Made my character a Duros once. A couple of strange occurrences though like lightning/drain life coming from the ground and a headless opponent in the cave on Korriban. But otherwise full animations for everything, you just can't see the armors you equip because it's like wearing a disguise. That's the closest you can get with KSE.