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  1. They'll probably accidentally downgrade Obsidian's license(s) and files will start being deleted out of nowhere.
  2. HK-47

    [Request] Inverted Endar Spire's Panels

    Lol. I will have downloaded this mod for the fourth time. Strange that those textures were flipped.
  3. HK-47

    Blog #88 - What mods do you use for Tatooine?

    I use both the HQ skyboxes (using the no cloud sky option) and helena shan improvement mods that Ebmar has listed. I also use Tatooine OTE.
  4. HK-47


    Not only that, but TSLRCM modifies what's already in the game within the game's engine using all assets, and is therefore by definition a MOD. Apeiron was using a different engine requiring fully new assets (minus VO). Even though it required the original version of the game, a new engine, by definition, constitutes a full remake and is therefore not a MOD.
  5. HK-47


    And there's already a petition on it. I really don't see it doing anything but sit and go nowhere. It's sad that none of the big companies are willing to remake the games with a better engine and graphics. They would make a ton of money on it. More than their latest AAA Star Wars game that practically bombed due to EA's greed. Here's the link if anyone's interested.
  6. HK-47

    Blog #61 - I need a tutorial for a G0-T0 voice filter

    I'm sure it is. However I wasn't suggesting the use of it, and was indicating that since I used it or something like it, the loss of it and the editing program makes it impossible to share the program in it's full form. I altered it anyway. I can also see the blog now with that latest link. Odd that I couldn't with the others.
  7. HK-47

    Blog #61 - I need a tutorial for a G0-T0 voice filter

    3 is definitely much better. The reverb I think is so much closer to the original (assuming that's what was used), yet still a bit high (or perhaps more accurately it's a bit high with the echo part). Though it may actually be fine, but the other portions need adjustment. It sounds more like it's coming through over a PA system (might want to take note of those settings). The original has a more... mechanical sound with a small amount of reverb. What seems like reverb, could simply be a "x room size" effect and not actual reverb. Perhaps, and this part is pure guess work w/o my fav program, achieving the mechanical effect could be by making it so that the voice is "too loud" so that it gets a bit distorted when the voice gets loud. G0-T0 has always seemed to have a bit of a distorted voice sound when he gets agitated and "raises his voice". A program I played with for a long time and very highly recommend is Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro. P.S. When I click your link to the HK filter, I get: Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2
  8. Well, uniws (universal widescreen) is what I use for KotOR 1. I have the CD version, so I use it straight up following the instructions here: Regardless of the version, use the HUD fix listed in the instructions of that link. For Steam/GoG version, I'd recommend following the instructional video posted by our other resident mod reviewer Xuul found here I forget what I did with K2. I think it was the steps here: If none of that works, try Xuul's K2 instructions here:
  9. HK-47


    It was a two fighter escort for each transport. That isn't sacrifice, that's a job, just like the attack carried out on the Star Destroyers when the Resistance was escaping. Delaying the AT-ATs was a type of sacrifice, yes, but it wasn't a reckless or pointless one like Finn's would have been. Finn would have failed and his death would have been pointless. The Air speeders on Hoth were helping the Rebels escape (which wasn't going to fail), just as all of the Resistance pilots in the speeders were trying to do, but failed to do. If you want, you could say any attempt to fight the Empire was a sacrifice. Yet were the sacrifices pointless or not? That is what was pointed out by that tweet I posted, if anyone actually took the time to read it all. And the mission on Endor wasn't a suicide mission. It was a covert op to take out a barely defended shield generator. The whole "Rey is a Mary Sue" is so incorrect. HH, you contradicted yourself by saying she is a Mary Sue and then you say "she did LITERALLY NOTHING". A "Mary Sue" is a character whom everybody loves and who does everything right. Practically perfect in every way, but to such a degree that the character becomes almost a parody. Or more directly: A Mary Sue is an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character. Often, this character is recognized as an author insert or wish fulfillment. They can usually perform better at tasks than should be possible given the amount of training or experience, and usually are able through some means to upstage the main protagonist of the story, such as by saving the hero. Rey, is none of that nor did she do any of that. If Rey *was* a Mary Sue, she would have done and won everything. But she didn't. She didn't save the Resistance, she didn't turn Kylo, she didn't kill Snoke. She found Luke, flew the Falcon as Chewie's copilot, fought the Dark Guard *with* Kylo's aid, and lifted rocks. She's stubborn and headstrong, like when she foolishly races off to try to turn Kylo, walking right into Snoke's trap (much like Luke rushing off to face Vader on Bespin). Being able to use the Force and fight a partially trained and heavily wounded Kylo on Starkiller base with no training is not being a Mary Sue. Snoke's death being drug out... may have been an attempt at comedy, though I didn't find it funny. And I'm not convinced we're left with nothing. I'm not convinced that was it. It did show his overconfidence (a common theme in SW). "It's that we got no backstory AND no meaningful existence in both movies..." YET. Take note that the image of the first Jedi in the middle of the center of the temple room on Ach-To looks an awful lot like Snoke. Or he's really a nobody, so it doesn't matter. Basically he's just a pawn. In the TLJ novelization, Sonke says that he was Force sensitive at a young age being able to see premonitions of the future with constant reiterations of himself as the fulcrum (something that plays a central role in or is in the center of a situation or activity). Meaning he was just a pawn to get the real scenario started. There's more to it. There's also the RJ SW trilogy to come out, which could very well go into detail about Snoke. His black stone ring has a connection to Vader and a possible connection to the ancient Sith. Finally, you're assuming he *is* dead. I enjoy the channel Star Wars Theory. The guy does a lot of theorizing to make sense of things. And he reasons on it well, without saying "this is fact". How did the New Republic fail? Well, IIRC that's explained in the comics. Or it is possibly to be revealed more in the new Vader comics. Regardless, unless it's mentioned in the new animated series or Ep9, it's one of those things where the movies are relying on the comics and books to fill in the gaps. Before the comics were simply fans filling in the gaps with Lucas' approval. I've also noticed, like the OT and PT novelization, the movie makes more sense when those are read (as well as multiple viewings of the ST). But I partly agree, why rebuild something that failed again. Maybe something new? Maybe find that balance and achieve peace? Ehhh. It's too much crammed into three movies. Or at least, as I said, we're used to the EU supporting the movies, not the movies and the EU supporting each other. Ep9 is supposed to bring everything together. So we'll have to see. Until then, do some theory crafting of your own. Don't wait for it to be spoon fed to you. Read, reason, and theorize. Until you are given the answer from the official source, make it make sense to you.
  10. HK-47

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    That and novel also talks about Bastila and her child (son I think). K2 can give the impression that Revan immediately left for the Unknown Regions, but really, there's nothing to indicate that. And the Knight story is the continuation of the whole Revan story (from the standpoint of what happened when he came across the emperor at the end of the Mandalorian War in the Unknown Regions). That story goes K1 -> K2 -> Novel -> Knight story (with Taral V and Maelstrom Prison flash points Pub side -> Boarding Party and The Foundry flash points Imp side before or after Chapter 2)-> the rest of SWTOR to KotET end (doesn't matter if anyone didn't like the story, that's the story).
  11. HK-47

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    I'm still subbed to SWTOR. Have been since early access. The complaints on the forums are like they've pretty much always been: mostly folks that don't know what they really want or need, nor understand what it takes to make those things. To me it's been worth it. I'm a single player person myself, and while I enjoy group stuff, I love the nice balance between the two. I play STO as well, and while I like the F2P model of that game, the rest doesn't even compare to SWTOR. STO doesn't keep me engaged for more than a few minuets if there's an event. SWTOR on the other hand can keep me engaged for hours every day. Your questions about the Exile are kind of answered in the Revan novel. And the Exile being female was confirmed two years before SWTOR was started up, same with Revan.
  12. HK-47


    I'm just gonna drop this in here. K? K.
  13. HK-47


    There's the proof of it's existence in the twitter post in the video and in the description for the video, as well as other links. Perhaps I misunderstand what there is no proof of. Or maybe you're having a bad day and need some cheering up?
  14. HK-47


    The author of the video of the Bastila model said that it's not made for this remake, but was made by someone that was recently made part of the team, before they became part of the team. I personally am not expecting anything out of this. I am not watching it myself either. I am impressed with some stuff that I have seen. I hope it works out though, whether they're "doing it right" or not. After all, restoring K2 seemed a hopeless endeavor for a while, much less a fully fleshed out M4-78, and an M4 that was compatible with the aforementioned restoration.
  15. HK-47


    I was contemplating how this is viewed in light of the new changes to the rules regarding porting, uploading, etc. Though, after going over this thread again, it doesn't seem to be on the same low level as the K2 orange mod, or mods of similar and lower quality. YouTube, out of it's oddly selected video suggestions for me, recommended this video (I haven't seen any kotor stuff in a really long time). I finally gave in and checked it out. It looks like it's coming along. However it's taking a really long time, though that doesn't really speak to where they're really at, just what's available publicly (or however they're handling it). I feel like I've mentioned this before: EA loves money. I wonder if they realize just how much they could easily rake in by doing a remake of K1, let alone K1 and 2. The cost of remaking both would be made back 10x over with K1 remake purchases alone.