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  1. Sleheyron set to have a star map? If I ever finish I could add a Sle option.
  2. Been a hot minute, but I have been working on this. I've mostly been working on the feet, so hoping to have something soon. Here's what the base texture is looking like at least.
  3. Nearly exactly what I was thinking. I was going to use a saber color for each, so for Tat I was thinking yellow or orange. And then Dan, possibly purple, but I like the idea of silver...
  4. Close as I could get before it triggered. I'll post from Kash in a few, that'll be the darkest area.
  5. Here's a quick screencap (close as I could get without triggering the animation): And eventually, yes; each planet will have it's own custom map, styled to the location and have the name of the planet. I'll have to make them part of the room though as it looks like K1 is pretty tight on placeables as is and adding another 5 could causes issues. Especially with K1R. Edit: Images won't load, I'll try later.
  6. Correct. It's the best lit one, albeit not great.
  7. Yeppers. Though I've been thinking about making something custom based off of random Rakatan glyphs in the games.
  8. Fixed some UVs. Played with some smoothgroups. @DarthParametric was a huuuge help. Started building a new base texture. Productive day.
  9. ::dominate mind:: These aren't the UVs you're looking for.
  10. Bad Carth, those are garbage UVs. Blue = good, green = slow down, yellow = stop, orange = GO BACK, purple = dead.
  11. Playing around with the new UV maps. Seeing how different colors respond under ambient light and seeing if I lined everything up correctly.
  12. Welding sooooooo many vertices. Like a lot.

    1. DarthParametric


      In Max under an Editable Mesh modifier you can use a distance threshold to weld all verts at once (within the specified range).

      But welding is often a waste of time. The mesh will always be split along UV seams, so many of your welds won't stay welded in the binary model.

    2. Hunters Run

      Hunters Run

      In blender assuming the verts are in the same location- got to edit mode,  press a then w then remove doubles.

      you can also remove doubles from  the left sidebar under  tool>remove. When you do this you have an option for merge distance.