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  1. Guess I should have read that description closer
  2. No more running back and forth in Kash?!
  3. Yeah, good point. And thanks! Also more stuff:
  4. Here's a new shot of the geometry, textured up. I've got the Rakatan symbol on the base. Too on the nose?
  5. So before you import your decompiled model into Blender, you should open your .ascii file in a code editor (text editor should work as well), and look for a line that starts with newanim model_name. You'll want to copy from that line all the way down until doneanim on model_name. After you've worked on your model and have exported from Blender, open that file in your editor and paste the previously copied code. Make sure it goes after endmodelgeom model_name and before donemodel model_name. Save and close file the compile in mdlops as normal. As far as the settings, I haven't done any head work, so maybe just try both? Hopefully this all makes sense! Let me know if not and I'll see what I can do.
  6. One thing that I usually do is to grab the animation code from the decompiled file and save that separately. I'll then import the model into Blender, not including the animations, and then export without animations again. Then I'll copy/paste the animation code from before.
  7. See attached. .mdx is there just in case. s_female03.mdl s_female03.mdx
  8. Sorry, yes, that's what I meant, Read and Write. As far as s_female03.mdl, you can find it in Kotor Tools under BIFs -> models.bif -> Aurora Model. I'm probably not doing the description justice, body models are still relatively new to me, but this what's called a "supermodel" and other models reference this model.
  9. Try this: it's the lastest version of kotorblender, 1.03 I think it is: Also, try recompiling the model with the model with S_Female03.mdl in that folder.
  10. What version of Blender are you using? I find 2.78 to work best with KotORBlender. And when exporting, what are your Odyssey settings? Edit: Also, what version of KotORBlender are you using? Edit: Do you have S_Female03.mdl and PFH_TOR_JaesaK12.mdl in the same folder than you're trying to recompile Head n Hair model.mdl in?
  11. Added in some beveling here and there. Model looks a lot better, but maaaaaaan these UV maps need some work now, hahaha.
  12. Along the lines of envmaps, I was also considering throwing a bump map on it. Kind of give a corroded or broken effect in some areas.
  13. Awesome, thanks for the reply. Blotchy in regards to the "grungy" texture? As far as metal vs. stone, I'm kind of trying to bridge that. I guess original model is stone, but there seems to be metal pieces to it. Yeah, the edges look garbage in game. They have a slight bevel in the model, but it doesn't seem to carry over no matter how I export it. I might need to do that in max.
  14. Checking in with some model/texture work. Looking for feedback! (ignore the center shape for now)