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  1. Arms, base, legs, pretty much all of it. Would it be difficult to relink the animations? I have no idea where to even start with that.
  2. So I've been thinking about this idea more and more. What do you think is easiest, building a new model? Or using what's already there and manipulating the structure of that?
  3. Be careful you don't invert your alpha channel.
  4. I was original playing around with punchthru back in v1 to try to get that effect actually. UVs needed work, but certainly possible now.
  5. How dare you. What were you thinking? Just a rebuilt model in general or redesigning the structure itself? Thanks And YES, that damn ball. Working on figuring out what to do with it actually. I really despise it.
  6. Finally fixed smoothgroups and UV maps.
  7. This is the only place that doesn't have this option past the first zone. I guess I understand story-wise, but it's suuuuuch a long run. Just me qqing, but would be nice. (without having to use warp)
  8. Whenever I clean out my inventory (mainly on Yavin), I have to click through this prompt sooooo many times. I'd like an option remove this prompt or at least adjust how many credits to be notified about.
  9. Have you ever considered doing an HD of Uthar similar to your HD Yuthura?

  10. Smoothing groups are dumb.

  11. I need a project to work on in between pazaak gui and starmap, any ideas?

    1. ebmar


      Recruit CarthOnasty mod? JK, lol.

      At least in K1, I'd love to see a female equivalent of Ajuur the Hutt -- a female [human, preferably] mob-boss that host a full deathmatch contest. You can try to add an arena let's say, on a new module/s accessible from Yavin Station?

    2. DarthParametric


      You should be able to whip that up in a weekend, easy. Get on it Carth.

    3. LoneWanderer


      How about creating new textures for the workplaces at the Czerka office in Telos? Perhaps adding animation to them in the process. Or improving an ugly low poly flowerbed in the Ithorian Compound. Not the most important thing in the game, but with Telos texture mods, these placebles stand out in bad way. Screenshots below.


      czerka_workplace.jpgithorian flowerbed.jpg