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  1. Back again with some UV issues (I think). And this could be a Blender/me thing. I have a couple of tris/quads that are coming out mismatched or stretched. I double checked my files and everything looks legit in there. (Viewed with UV Editing: Display Stretch on) Any ideas? Thanks regardless!
  2. Thanks so much for sharing and wishing you the best on your journey and living your best life.
  3. Awesome, thank you so much for the detailed explanation.
  4. This is likely a setting I'm overlooking, but my models in game are much smoother than they are in Blender. I have Object set to Shade Flat on all my pieces and Export Custom Normals seems to have no affect either. Any advice is appreciated, thanks for your time.
  5. @DarthParametricNice! Thanks for these! I'll play around and see what works.
  6. This is something I've put a lot of thought into, yeah. Something that feels a bit more spacey/futurey than a low-poly sphere. I really like that gimbal idea, I could see that working really well. I'm not up to par on animation, but could be a good way to learn. P.S. Initial UV. These always change as I develop, but here's a start. All the tris and quads led to a bit more unwrapping that I would've preferred, but I refuse to have stretched textures. 😎
  7. Throwing around some orb ideas. There's a scaled down version of the starburst within the center of this thing, so I wanted to somehow show that. So far proof-of-concept works, so I'll throw a few more polys on here, maybe a .txi parameter of some sort of roll with it.
  8. It's got this area on the bottom too that will have some lights or something. Initial UV map. Likely to change as things go along, but it's a start!
  9. Me trying to remember Blender commands! Honestly, the most difficult part is deciding what to do. The base is very bland I agree, I've been thinking about baking some things in there as well.
  10. Thanks for taking a look, I'll give it a go. Thank you!
  11. Just me again, being a pain in the ass. I imported my model with Geometry, Animations, and Walkmeshes selected. I then made some edits to the model. However upon exporting (Animations, Walkmeshes, and Custom Normals selected), I'm thrown a list index out of range error. Any ideas as to what might be causing this error? Thanks for your time (and patience).
  12. Not sure if this is canon, but this would be pretty damn cool.