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  1. @DarthParametric You seem to have the most experience with gmax as far as I know, wondering if you could help me with an issue? I had some wonky smoothgroups in gmax that I fixed but when I exported and imported into Blender, the smoothgroups were wonky again. Any idea why those weren't preserved? This was my process: 1. Decompiling the model with MDLOps 1.0.2, I had Compute smoothgroup numbers and Weld model vertices (Remove doubles) selected. 2. Import into gmax, default settings. 3. Fixed wonky smoothgroups. 4. Exported. 5. Imported into Blender, had Import smooth groups selected. Smoothgroups wonky again. I tried deselecting Import smooth groups, but same result. Any ideas?
  2. Here's Dantooine and Tatooine: dan-starmap.mp4 tat-starmap.mp4 Great! Thanks for grabbing the original too! This is pretty cool, what is this from?
  3. Playing around with some textures. I think I made the sphere too detailed. It feels out of place now.
  4. No prob. Holler if anything else comes up.
  5. When you set permissions, did you click the gear toward the bottom and select Apply to enclosed items...? P.S. Just try setting the permissions to the Assets folder and still Apply to enclosed.
  6. K, I think I have the model to where I like it now. I just need to do some remaps and then back to texturing!
  7. Been doing some work on the base today. I added some details so it's not so boring as well as lined up some of the polys so the arms, legs, and pyramids fit better.
  8. @DarthParametric You mentioned something like this before:
  9. I've been playing around with adding some detail to the geometry of the piece: Gonna keep the star forge in my back pocket for something else. I feel as if it's too complex for something of this size actually. I know what I want to change about the base and the "orb", but anything I do with the legs has been kind of meh. Something will come to mind eventually I spose.
  10. Okay, yeah, Blender's basically the same. Thanks for the Notepad++ tip, that's really convenient! And then for my new model, would I need to export that as an .ascii? And that's what I would copy/paste?
  11. I'm sure you did. I'm forgetful and don't save things. So I would need to export the new model to ASCII via KotORMax/Blender. And that's the code I would copy and replace in the ASCII of the original model? How would I know if I'm exporting it in the same hierarchy?
  12. First things first: yes, this is star map related. 😉 I created new arms I'd like to try out but have no idea how to get those into the current star map model. (plc_starmap.mdl) I created them separately. So question would be, how do I replace what's in the old model with what I have created, and then how do I retain the animations?