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  1. CarthOnasty

    [WIP] Pazaak Revamp

    This reminds me, I did have the idea of doing a purely Aurebesh deck for the hardcore fans. And good point about the other cards in game. I could reach out and see if they'd let me make these in game, could be fun.
  2. CarthOnasty

    [WIP] Pazaak Revamp

    I made a green version actually, knowing people would want the K2 version. 😉
  3. CarthOnasty

    [WIP] Pazaak Revamp

    You're always my biggest fan, haha, I appreciate it. I hit a little snag last night as someone pointed out these look like Uno cards: So what I'll think I'll do in the meantime is create a revamp of the current design and work on another design at some other point. (Needless to say, this was a punch in the stomach!) P.S. I'll PM you about star map. This looks like it'll save me a hell of a lot of work. Thanks!
  4. Stupid Uno card game.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I have deleted your last post due foul language.

    2. CarthOnasty


      Noted, got frustrated there. My apologies and I'll keep it cool in the future.

  5. CarthOnasty

    [WIP] Pazaak Revamp

    ///// 00. Disclaimer ///// Yeah, another side-project. Get over it. ///// 01. Background ///// Pazaak! The game whose name I misspell nearly every time I type it. Anyway, the cards are looking pretty dated these days and I've always had a small niche admiration for playing card design. Not to mention, this is a good way to practice with .guis. (Noticing a trend?) Here's the basic layout: ///// 02. Planning ///// I grabbed every pazaak thing I could find in KotOR Tool, including the boards, cards, their variants, etc. I then was able to locate the .gui for the board itself and holy flarksnorzen is that complicated. Everything you see has a height, width, x, and y. The names, the icons, the cards, the numbers on the cards, the scoring, EVERYTHING. Layers of .tgas and a font. I started mapping out the location of everything, and well, if you can decipher this, here's my rough translation of component locations and well as their dimensions: Note: The npc name game the with the save download. 😛 ///// 03. Work Thus Far ///// Here's what I have thus far. I'm happy at this point with the card design. There are some touch ups to be done here and there for sure. ///// 04. Next Steps ///// I need to build out the rest of the assets of course. There's the back of the cards, revamp the icons and the board, and a few other things. One thing I noted while grabbing all of these assets, is that there are boards for different screen sizes AND there's the side deck selection and wager windows as well. At the very least though, new cards. P.S. I can make green cards too for those who want them. ///// 05. Future Plans ///// Play around with the positioning, size, and color of the numbers. Some really cool things in general can be done with the whole board, but that'll take a lot of time and a lot of work. (I mean, I have to finish the star maps at some point, yeah?) ///// 06. Final Remarks ///// I'm always open to comments, critiques, and suggestions. Thanks for taking a look.
  6. CarthOnasty

    [WIP] Twisted Rancor Trio Revamp

    Right, the images are scripted in. The instruments were indeed blasters. Seems there's a trombone, clarinet, guitar, and accordion. It'd be pretty funny actually to make these usable blasters that shoot musical notes at people. Or maybe even cuts "swords". Exactly! Player sees it every playthrough, and it just seemed like a good small project to practice with. Thanks for the heads up on PFBAL. I was thinking along the same ideas of using a female starter. And I'd be happy to take a look at the model! Novel way of approaching the holograms and the animations. That's so far beyond my capabilities as of now, but again, this is a practice project. And then isn't G0-T0 a K2 npc? Or we it ported into K1 via K1R?
  7. CarthOnasty

    [WIP] Twisted Rancor Trio Revamp

    Yeah, I was thinking that as well. I mean, it just seems to logical. On another note---and this makes sense---the instruments are a separate model. I'll have to grab those and make them translucent as well.
  8. ///// 00. Disclaimer ///// I haven't given up on Star Map Revamp 2.0, just messing around with a little side project. ///// 01. Background ///// This is about .01% of the game, but I thought the Twisted Rancor Trio puzzle in Taris could look better. This was also a good opportunity for me to branch out from skins to editing .utcs, .utps, .gits, etc. So here's the original: The models are pretty pixelated, and the animations are very choppy. These are holograms, thousands of years from now, surely they can be displayed better and in a 3d space. ///// 02. Planning ///// I started digging around in the files, bugged @A Future Pilot for who knows how long and got an idea of what I wanted to do. It turned out the holograms were an animated .tpc that consisted of 8 frames, hence the choppiness. There were already Bith musicians in the game, so that was an easy replacement and I could bring the Twilek dancers over as well, but Elinda and Ashana are not Twilek, so there's still some thought to go into that. ///// 03. Work Thus Far ///// Here's a basic proof-of-concept. Through some alpha channels and .txi entries, I maintained the hologram look. I think these look so much better now and much more "realistic" holograms. ///// 04. Next Steps ///// There's still a good bit to be done, mostly scripting. These new models show versus the old animations. They are placed above the hologram base versus behind it as they are now. (for proof-of-concept) Any interactivity with them is disabled. They are customized to their respective names, (editing .utcs and such) and then clothing. They all face the right direction. Find models to replace the Twileks. Apparently Elinda and Ashana were human (hard to tell from the hologram), so it'd be a matter of finding a female human model that I think would work. ///// 05. Future Plans ///// This is silly, but creating an item that would activate these holograms wherever. I'm on Dantoonie, I want to hear some music. Fire up the hologram and watch these guys perform (music included of course!). ///// 06. Final Remarks ///// Thanks for taking a look and by all means holler with any comments, questions, or suggestions.
  9. Got an idea for a mod. I'll be starting a WIP thread soon. FYI, Bith will be involved if that wasn't clear.

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    2. ebmar



      Got an idea for a mod. I'll be starting a WIP thread soon. FYI, Bith will be involved if that wasn't clear.

      We need a "thinking" badge for this one 🤔

      'Cause I don't actually feels like "liking" this 😂


      More. We need MORE Bith! Make every party member a Bith!

      The name would be "The Son of a Bith" mod.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Improving the Twisted Rancor Trio holos?

    4. CarthOnasty
  10. CarthOnasty

    Requesting Some Decompiled Scripts Please

    You the best. I owe you a beer.
  11. I've been having a hell of a time attempting to get scripts decompiled. I've tried DeNCS (keeps failing), KotOR Scipting Tool (errors out and crashes), and xoreos-tools (I can't read bytes). If anyone would be so kind, I'm attempting to get the holo scripts from the Rancor Trio room on Taris. (I believe the mod is tar_m03ad.) There are some scripts in there named holoon, holooff, holoboom, etc. I've tried to find the source, but couldn't find anything that matched up. So if anyone would be so kind as to attempt a decompile on their end, I'd be much obliged. TYIA.
  12. I'm going to try scripting a mod. ::fingerscrossed::

  13. CarthOnasty


    Tried within and outside, same result.
  14. CarthOnasty


    For sure, if I come across anything, I'll shoot your way. Thanks! Oh nice, yeah, I can make this change then. I'll give it a shot with the updated code. Thanks fam. I'm still getting the reading ascii model lockup in MDLOps. Here's what the code reads: Sorry if I being a pain in the ass.
  15. CarthOnasty


    Should I just hold off using this until the next patch comes out then?