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  1. I can't thank you enough for this. For some reason I could not find the M4-78EP textures to upscale even on a fresh install so I upscaled an old texture pack I found on Gamefront. I'll use this instead.
  2. No worries. I have not modified the files myself as that is far beyond my current modding knowledge. The issue was resolved by copying danm14ac.mod from the Community Patch and overwriting the one in the modules folder so I'm not sure what that says exactly about a loose file in the override causing the issue. Even though this was the only mod I found in my build outside of the Community Patch that alters that module in any way I am no longer convinced this mod is the culprit, because while it touches that module it doesn't alter any of the files in that scene so it hardly makes sense. I mean, it can't break it if it doesn't touch it right?
  3. That's a fair assumption, yet from what I can tell only the Community Patch and this mod are the only two that modify danm14ac.mod in my mod build, with this mod being installed after the Community Patch respectfully. Truthfully, I'm completely lost since no other mods should alter the Murdered Settler Quest aside from Handon's Enhanced Waistline which I know for a fact doesn't touch that particular module.
  4. This mod (the danm14ac.mod file to be exact) seems to break the "Murdered Settler" quest on Dantooine about halfway through when used with the Community Patch. Is there any way to fix this?
  5. LordMerek

    Visas Dress Model Fix

    This is in the wrong category. Should be under the Sith Lords.
  6. These are really, really great! I have featured this in my KotOR II and KotOR II - Expanded Galaxy modding guides. Thanks a lot!
  7. Okay, I've finished making the changes. Everything has been merged together in one TSLPatcher and some of the hard overwrites have become edits but Part A and B remain seperate (as seperate install options, choose in the installer). As I said before I've removed changes to Bendak Starkiller, Removed Marl's Outfit changes, and removed the drops. Everything else is the same with the exception of the combat uniform textures being AI Upscaled and they look pretty nice. Thanks for making such an awesome mod! If anybody wants it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xlEgL-sD4dRAdxFh5KS4ULYw7xvn5He7/view?usp=sharing Please let me know if I made any mistakes (wouldn't be the first time) as I did this in 5-10 minutes. Should work though.
  8. Windows XP SP3, then again I don't have Windows 11 (and never will)
  9. I don't usually download your mods because they are outside of my tastes, however this one is pretty great. It gives the Taris duelers some much needed individuality. Gonna have to strip out the clothing changes for Marl, completely remove the changes to Bendak Starkiller for compatibility with my own build (Already have mods that alter them that I'm cool with) and upscale the textures, but I'll be using everything else. Thanks a lot! Edit: Okay don't think I really need the drops.
  10. LordMerek

    Sith Soldier HD

    Dude you're awesome! It's sad my knowledge was incomplete, but I always enjoy learning new things.
  11. LordMerek

    Sith Soldier HD

    I'm pretty certain there's a line for the Sith Soldiers in appearance.2da, you should be able to rename Dark Hope's CM_Baremetal to something like CM_Baremetal2 and change that as well in appearance.2da for the Sith Soldiers. Don't quote me on that, but I might be able to make the edit then make a TSLPatcher for it.
  12. Thanks so much! Love your mods BTW, they are essential in my KotOR Mod Builds.
  13. Just wanted to point out Telos_Model_Repairs_For_HQ_Skyboxes_v1.0.7z doesn't exist.
  14. I use all three. I guess it escaped me that JC's Republic Soldier Fix was included in K1CP. As for Dark Hope's retextures, what can I say except they are amazing.
  15. I assume this is compatible with JC's Republic Soldier Fix since this mod doesn't actually modify the female models?