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  1. That's unfortunate, but I hope the full version of the mod comes out one day. Because I really, really want this. We dark side players don't get shit. I wish you the best of luck.
  2. Does anybody know if this is still being worked on?
    I originally made some upscales to some BoS:SR textures for my now-defunct Steam Guide because the low quality textures were especially noticeable when using High Resolution textures for the rest of the game, but those were never meant to be anything other than a quick fix, these on the other hand cover everything that can be reasonably upscaled and you can actually see the work put into it and take it a step further beyond simple upscales. The Skyboxes thankfully aren't included by default (Because of Kexikus' awesome Skybox textures and I can't play either game without them) and the textures for Shadow aren't included at all thanks to the existence of Dark Hope's lovely retexture. Even in 2024, Brotherhood of Shadow is alive and well thanks to the continued efforts of Sith Holocron, Dark Hope, Kexikus, ndix UR, and many others. That said, I think Brotherhood of Shadow is in dire need of new voice actors, dialogue revisions, and overall bug fixes before it can truly be considered in-line with the rest of the game. This upscale pack is is getting us one step further towards that goal. Oh, and there are some video upscales/60fps interpolation of the movies but I have it on good authority those might be remade in the future. Thanks for this and congrats once again on the release.
  3. I haven't tried the HoloPatcher with everything yet, but I have tested it with some and during my testing I discovered not all mods install correctly with the latest version of the HoloPatcher and end up borking my install (Backwards compatibility my eyelids), but I'm positive the last thing you and the Wizard want is me making a long ass list of mods that don't work out the box with it, so for now I'll stick with the last Community Patch version of the TSLPatcher for certain mods
  4. It's always the murdered settler quest that gets broken. As far as I know it isn't a mod bug, it's a bug caused by an outdated/buggy version of TSLPatcher.
    Thanks for these fixes! I absolutely can't stand holes in level geometry.
  5. This is incredible work! I need time to figure out how to mod my Xbox and I just sold my copy of The Sith Lords for the Xbox, but not a big deal. I look forward to figuring this out at some point.
  6. I think there might be an issue in changes.ini. I keep getting these errors regardless of how I install the mod. A fresh install of KotOR with just the Community Patch and this mod doesn't resolve them either.
    Absolutely essential mod! Back in the day K1R was the main mod for me, but the Community Patch just does so much that K1R can't even compare in terms of bug fixes. Thanks!!!
    There is literally no way I can play KotOR without this mod installed, it's absolutely essential to getting the UI setup correctly. Thanks!
  7. AFAIK, no but I could be wrong. Whenever you play KotOR make sure it's 100% or it won't look right.
  8. Is your Scaling set to 100%? If it's set to anything else, that's why. You can check this by rick clicking on desktop and clicking Display Options. Under Scale and Layout the Scaling should be 100% and under Advanced Scaling Settings make sure nothing is set except for the "Let Windows try to fix apps so they're not blurry"
  9. Any chance for a 2560x1440 version?
  10. For Marl, it's a TSLPatcher version I made of the Duros Lower City Merchant by MasterWaffle (The second option in the installer gives Marl the Taris Dueling Suit included with the mod). Don't think it touches Marl's head though pretty sure I left that in. For Bendak Starkiller, it's the amazing Bendark Starkiller Embelm Armour by redrob41.