The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification - LOTO's Xbox Version 1.1.0

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It's finally here!

At last, The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification 1.8.6 has been successfully ported to the original Xbox. The game is now able to be fully completed from beginning to end with zero major issues. This upload is in the form of patched files that must be added on top of an existing installation of the mod.



-An original Xbox capable of launching homebrew (soft or hardmodded)

-Some method to transfer files between your Xbox and PC (FTP is recommended)

-At least 5GB of space on your Xbox's HDD

-A physical copy of Knights of the Old Republic II for the Xbox



1. IMPORTANT! If you have previously dumped the first Knights of the Old Republic game to your Xbox, ensure that you change the folder it's located in from its default ("StarWars") to any other name. If you do not do this, both games will end up dumped into the same folder, ruining both installations

2. Use UnleashX to dump your game disc to your Xbox's HDD. Other methods of dumping the game may be possible, but I can only promise it works using UnelashX

3. FTP the entire game folder to your PC, and create an additional backup of it on your PC in the event you need to restart the installation

4. Run the official TSLRCM 1.8.6 installer .exe, which you can find here:

5. Specify the Xbox dump of the game as the folder to which the mod should be installed. (i.e. D:\Games\SWKotOR2\). When in doubt, it's the folder with "default.xbe" located inside it.

6. Delete the following files from the newly created Override folder: 235TEL.lyt, 235TEL.vis, 235TELA.mdl, 235TELA.mdx, and 235TELA.wok,

7. Delete every .tga file from Override

8. Delete 601DAN.mod from Modules

9. Extract the contents of the Install Package into the root game folder, overwriting any files if asked

10. Delete the original, unmodified rip of KotOR II on your Xbox's HDD

11. FTP the modified KotOR II back to your console in a location of your choosing


Known Issues

High Priority:

-The Battle of Khoonda is currently not implemented. The restored version of this sequence spawns so many NPCs that it causes the Xbox to choke to death on its own assets within seconds of the battle starting, so it has been reverted to its vanilla version. If you would like to see this happen (not recommended), simply don't delete 601DAN.mod from the Modules folder.

-Lightsaber training with Visas is currently bugged and does not end.


Low Priority

-On very rare occasions, a significant performance drop may occur during combat that passes after a few seconds. This may or may not be an issue with the Xbox version and may or may not be related to Jedi Guardian characters not currently controlled by the player initiating a Force Jump, but it's so uncommon that diagnosing it is difficult.


If you would like to contribute to fixing the last few remaining issues, feel free to DM me and I will be happy to implement your fixes in a future update.


Special Thanks

Though this is my release of the port, and I have been the one to do all of the labour in putting it together, this would not have been possible without assistance from various members of the KotOR community including, but not limited to:

-@Alvar007, for advising on various fixes, both major and minor, and contributing to the s_male02.mdl/.mdx fix

-Jacqyl Frost, for offering to playtest the mod

-JCarter426, for technical support, bugfixes, and creating SithCodec

-Thor110, for technical support

-armado548, for pioneering much of the early steps of the process and leaving enough of a paper trail for me to pickup on

-bead-v, creator of MDLEdit

-Fair Strides, creator of ERFEdit and DLG Editor

-Darth_Sapiens, creator of KOTOR TOOL

-Blue, for creating KotOR Scripting Tool

-Monochrome Jones, for creating the "LOTO's Xbox Version" text in the logo

-The original TSLRCM team, for creating the mod in the first place

-Sith Holocron, for creating and implementing the in-game logos for the mod

-Jacd28, for contributing to the s_male02.mdl/.mdx fix

If you don't see your name here and feel as though you contributed to the project, I apologize! Please DM me and I will add your name here without delay.

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


-The custom animation of Atton leaning against walls has been implemented, courtesy of jacd28 and Alvar007
-The texture error on the force cages in the Telos Academy has been corrected
-The starboard window view of the Sojourn has been corrected
-The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification - LOTO's Xbox Version logo has been added to both the main menu and loading screens, courtesy of Sith Holocron
-A critical game crash error inside the Ebon Hawk has been fixed, courtesy of JCarter426

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