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  1. I've heard about you, and I have an idea if you are interested.

    Once You recover the first three star maps on any other world after Dantooine, you will face the Leviathan. Afterwards, you find out you can no longer go to Dantooine because of what happened with the Leviathan. Well, I would like to go back and see the damage that Saul Karath has done.  If there was a way to put the ruined Dantooine maps from Kotor II into  Kotor, then do so. The Story of the Ruined Dantooine is that you arrive back in the ruins of the jedi Conclave in the ebon hawk and discover the damage that Saul Karath has done (keep in mind, the place is not overgrown yet, like in Kotor II, but the place is destroyed.) You and your party scout out of the Enclave and scour the plains, trying to find anyone still alive. If you already visited Korriban and you have redeemed Yuthura Ban, you may find her at the courtyard along with any other Jedi survivors. As the canon dictates, Master Vrook did not participate at the Conclave on Katar, so my idea is that, if you are leaned towards the light, you find Vrook back at the Conclave, trying to restore it along any other survivors. You can talk to him, telling him of the revelation that had taken place on the leviathan, and Vrook will tell you that he had feared that it would happen. He was worried that if they took you into the order, Revan would return. You can say that you are Revan, but you are not the dark lord you once were, you are a servant of the light, or state that you are not Revan. Vrook can ask about Bastila's fate, and you tell him what happened, and that you are determend to save her from Malak. As you prepare to leave, vrook will say 'may the force be with you'. However, If you are leaned towards the dark side, Vrook is not even there. (i'm not saying he dead).


  2. Thank you for the in-depth review of sorts it's really appreciated, these are definitely some things I will need to look into. Leaving the characters in place was just so that I had sets of co-ordinates to work with when placing new NPC's and so that it was not just a bunch of empty levels, though this is much easier now using the Kotor Toolset, but it is still good to have the Z Axis values as reference especially for placeables. One thing to note is that I don't remember modifying the main menu and wonder which files you are referring to? The only alteration to menus I believe was the TSLRCM / M478EP Animated Logo that I obtained permission to include. Making it so that dialog can all be skipped is definitely something I will change in future versions, I only tested the borders of Tatooine once and didn't think to make them skippable, though the same can be said for the rest of the dialog I have added into the game. As for the swoop tracks, the current versions are based off of the Telos Swoop Track but modified to have the relevant rooms, swoop bike and camera models from the first game, I really need to spend a bit of time diagnosing the problem properly ( such as the exit transition script / going through it step by step ), I also need to make sure it loads two different versions of each track for the upgradeable swoop bike mod by bead-v that I have permission to include. The Swoop Tracks are definitely an integral part of the mod that I need to get working, I haven't spent as much time on this project recently as I would have liked to but intend to sit down and work on it again properly for a few days sometime soon. Though I have the story ideas laid out now, I also have sets of test rooms to view all the placeables, characters and alien dialog to help me choose what I will want where. Using just alien dialog might be a bit of a setback in terms of quality it is the best option for the moment. I spent quite a while making changes to M478 because I felt the jumping transitions were really off-putting / disorientating, I have also played the game through a few times looking for odds and ends to fix ( distracting myself from the main part of the project ) I have since played M478 through quite a few times and found everything to work correctly, though I haven't been able to find two items to finish a quest there neither in the vanilla nor in my modified version, but this might just be that I have overlooked a container / placeable somewhere. ( Quest is Archon Communication - I obtained the schematics from one droid and didn''t find the other two items ) But eventually I do intend this project to come bundled with various fixes, the extra areas and as many Quality of Life improvements as I can make, I am also looking for suggestions on anything that might need changing, fixing or editing in the main game, I have a large folder of screenshots that I need to go through pin-pointing things I have already located to modify, move, remove or fix. Again thank you for your kind words and notes on any issues, also apologies for my long-winded response.
  3. Thank You, I am still working on this regularly but slowly. I have had trouble getting the swoop tracks working but I am still trying and I will be adding Pazaak players to each planet at some point, trying to focus on laying out a decent storyline for each area that fits with the game and trying to make links between both games. Also pin-pointing things that need fixing throughout the main game. Currently the mod only has three HK-50 encounters and the mystery box ( which doesn't have a journal entry and no way to end the quest yet ) but this allows players to get HK-47 restored before visiting their first planet, it always annoyed me that players had to miss out on at least one planets worth of dialog for HK before they could restore them. Being that it is just me working on this it is likely going to take quite some time ( possibly years ) before I finish everything, but I am still holding out hope that others will begin to contribute, offering their expertise or fixes for the game to be bundled as one in the future, I have already reached out to some mod authors and been given permission to include some fixes / mods. I am trying to stay true to the original game and only include fixes / mods that feel like they should be in the game.
  4. Much more settled on a direction for the project now, latest story descriptions can be found in my latest post on page 4 of my WIP topic, much more realistic than some of the outlandish ideas I had to begin with.

  5. Previous Messages Latest Story Ideas These are some rough drafts of the story ideas I have planned out for the areas I have added into the game, I have noted major plot points so that I can start planning out each level accordingly and trying to tie everything into the main game as best as possible, I have also added a group of HK-50s to each new location so as to offer even more chance to get the HK parts as well as more opportunities to track down the HK Factory ( Which I missed in my recent playthrough ) This is a much more definitive outline of what is now planned for the project than any of the far-out ideas I had to begin with, I look forward to finding out what people think, constructive criticism welcomed and appreciated. Visibility File Fixes
  6. Sorry about that, it is currently and will likely only remain as a "modders resource" as it includes way too many new maps for me to figure out how to use and implement properly all at once, I am working on a smaller version for proper release though. The intention was that the modules here could help others make mods using maps that were previously unavailable.
  7. Screenshots Yavin IV - 4 Planets Demo Release 0.5.9 - KotOR II The SIth Lords This is still just a bare bones version of the mod with Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan and Yavin, there are two or three graphical issues with some of the models that I have noticed lying around, one on Manaan and the other on Kashyyk. (kas_m25aa, man_m26aa & man_m26ae ) 0.5.9 Yavin Demo.7z [NOTE] - Please delete the three .ncs scripts contained in the "end_" folder within "override" in order to fix a conflict issue with the Royal Palace on Onderon, I will package the end game scripts within the correct module for Malachor for the next patch. Yavin Patch I am now also working on a host of fixes and small for M478EP 1.5.1, they are contained within Patch 0.6.1 and 0.6.2 onwards. Yavin Patch Yavin Patch 0.6.3 Removed as it was just for M478 and I am still making more adjustments, all included in 0.6.4 below. Yavin Patch Yavin Patch Yavin Patch There is now a group of HK-50s on Tatooine, Manaan and Kashyyyk that are capable of contributing to the HK Factory Questline, I have also re-added the missing areas of Dantooine from K1, these can only be warped to at the moment. Prerequisites : I suggest using a fresh install combined with TSLRCM, M478EP and the Jedi Temple Mod followed by this to test it out. There are only five NPC's that can be interacted with at the moment. Due to the way I am publishing updates all five of the above files are required to be installed in order following the prerequisites. I am slowly trying to write dialog and plan quest lines for these planets, please get in touch if you have any ideas or would like to join the project. Bug List Fixed Bugs List
  8. Unfortunately I have not had the time to work on it, I was homeless for a little while earlier this year ( some 6 months odd, I can hardly remember ) but in the past few weeks I have been getting back to grips with the project, coming back to a whole mess of files all over the place I was a little lost at first. I am going to try building the demo I had planned some time back over the next few months, though I have a lot of other things to keep me busy at the moment, looking for work being my main focus.
  9. Thank you for spotting that, those are some nice screenshots you have there also that would work great for desktop backgrounds. I didn't notice as I have so many screenshots I just chose a handful and haven't taken the time to delete ones that don't work so well or have problems like this. Having had quite some enjoyment out of the screenshots I have taken from SWTOR was the general inspiration for the topic and it's great to see some more posted!
  10. View File Expanded Galaxy v0.4.0 Update This is the update release of the modders resource and overall expanded galaxy project, for the time being this mod does break most of the main game, so make sure to make a seperate modules and override folder for this mod and swap between them if you wish to have various versions of the game installed at once. Please do not re-distribute these files without permission, if you use them to create your own modules please strip them down to bear essentials for the modules in your project and do not re-distribute the templates without modification. Thor110 Submitter Thor110 Submitted 03/09/2019 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible No  
  11. View File Module Templates for v0.4.0 Full Update These are the files required to recreate the modules in the v0.4.0 Full Update Release of the K2 Expanded Galaxy Project. Please do not re-distribute these files without permission, if you use them to create your own modules please strip them down to bear essentials for the modules in your project and do not re-distribute the templates without modification. Thor110 Submitter Thor110 Submitted 03/09/2019 Category Modder's Resources  
  12. This has not been brought up yet no, but you make some interesting points. I have thought about this before, but I think it will likely still need to remain two seperate K2 installations in order to preserve save integrity and eliminate the need to make the above changes. Given that I already had two free-roam type expansions planned for both games it seems unlikely that I could provide seamless gameplay or transition between them, thinking about the time frame between the two games also makes me think it doesn't need to be done. As well as this, both games follow different characters, so it wouldn't make much sense, or it would have to loop back to a new character creation screen, a lot of global variables would need re-writing, duplicating and possibly renaming, for the sake of development I believe the best choice is to go for making an installer that does the following : Verifies K1 & K2 Duplicates K2 Copies Necessary Files from K1 Deletes K1 ( Optional ) This would leave the user with two versions of the "kotor2.exe" in different folders pertaining to the K1 EG and K2 EG projects overall. So the short answer is no, it won't, but I did think about it. I still need to re-play the first game to see how well new planets would fit into the story-line as I get a strange feeling the first game is just as on-rails as the second, it has been some time since I played the first game. @JediArchivist Thank you for the example, there are many a mod that have taken this route, I personally would take this route to save space for the over-all download over any other reason, but it is also a safe way to avoid legal issues at the same time, serves two functions. Thor110
  13. Currently it is still a template version that is being prepared for the seperate projects, so it isn't actually applicable to any potential projects just yet. As far as I am concerned as a developer, provided I can verify both installations there is nothing wrong with this. The installation of such a thing would most require an installer to verify the existing installation of both games. I also wouldn't upload it here without permission from DeadlyStream so as to avoid such issues and I thought the general consensus was that as long as it was done through an installer and verified the existence of both games, it would be fine? To be honest having gone back over the topic, I still feel the thoughts on this were still not made clear. But the kind of concern that just talking about the matter could get the site shut-down is just insane amounts of paranoia, the very fact this entire project got likened to Aperion I found laughable, Aperion wasn't even a port but a full remake that turned into a port to try and get around legal issues, where as this is wholesomely different. Feel free to get people to chime in and considering how long any of these projects are likely to take and how they may not even be started, finished or released, what does it ultimately matter for the time being? The Mods here have already made their views on the matter quite clear, basically that they aren't sure, if EA have a problem, it would have to be with me not the website. I am also only going to be porting the tutorial level of both main stories and seeing if I can gauge a potential reaction from EA / Bioware to begin with. I studied game development for two years, I am well aware of the in-s and out-s of the Game Industry, they will never shut down a project like this, it would be a waste of their time. Aperion got shut down because it was a FULL FLEDGED REMAKE not a port, they tried to change it to become a port once they encountered legal issues. Regardless my intentions are still clear for the time-being, to work on the Module Templates until reaching 0.5.0 Final Release of the template pack, then I will be porting the tutorial levels and seeing what happens, more than happy to keep that away from DeadlyStream and uploaded elsewhere. But unfortunately I forgot everybody was worried about doing something that has already been done... The JS KotOR engine remake is just as dangerous as a product to EA / Bioware as this is, if not more so. Anyway, it's still just a modules template / modders resource at the moment, apologies if my message startled anyone, forgot that everyone here was oh so worried about a repeat of Aperion ( Which actually isn't possible, both legally and technically ) due to the nature of this project as opposed to Aperions Remake. Thor110 Apologies though you are right, but having been homeless and away from the project / forums for a few months, I somewhat forgot about this and am still unsure on the final conclusion.
  14. I am glad to be back, I have released a new version of the Modders Resource and overall Expanded Galaxy Project for K2, on ModDB, NexusMods and finally here on DeadlyStream! This is the second to last version of the template pack that I will be releasing, when I reach 0.5.0 it will be finalised and being duplicated to be used for various different project. K1 Story Port into K2 K1 Expanded Galaxy K1 + Free Roam K2 Expanded Galaxy K2 + Free Roam The above five projects would end up replacing Kotor 2 & Kotor 1 with 2 versions of Kotor 2 the k1 story port, expanded galaxy and free roam, then the k2 expanded galaxy and free roam. & hopefully if I am given access to the files, the continuation of the RoR mod and the TC Template Pack is the current and upcoming v0.5.0 resource release. A total of 6-7+ Projects with 2 Primary Projects as well as a launcher / download / config utility that I need to start work on and the tutorial series that I have been documenting while working on the projects. Template Module Construction Files Main Release v0.4.0 Expanded Galaxy Though the project and module files are compatible with the K1 Expanded Galaxy Project, everything is primarily tested with K2 and focused towards the K2 EG and K1 Port Projects which are my main two projects of the varying off-shoot projects created by this endeavour. As previously mentioned the overall focus of this project was initially just to port the Yavin Orbital Station into The Sith Lords, but it ended up making me set up templates for all of these projects. I hope to focus my efforts on the K1 Port and K2 EG projects for now as well as continuing work on the Swoop Demo for now. Thor110
  15. Version 0.4.0


    This is the update release of the modders resource and overall expanded galaxy project, for the time being this mod does break most of the main game, so make sure to make a seperate modules and override folder for this mod and swap between them if you wish to have various versions of the game installed at once. Please do not re-distribute these files without permission, if you use them to create your own modules please strip them down to bear essentials for the modules in your project and do not re-distribute the templates without modification. Thor110