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  1. Thor110

    Expanded Galaxy Demo

    Could be that you need the latest patch, as a temporary solution you could warp to 201TEL and it will initiate the cutscene. I will upload the latest version in a single package at some point.
  2. Anyone and everyone is welcome to help, I will always give credit where credit is due. I believe the majority of .utc/.uti editing is done, though I do have one serious issue with the balancing still that is likely caused by the .utc files and I have not been able to determine what exactly is causing the balancing to be so off. After adjusting every .utc file in the game everything seemed to be okay up until around Dantooine and onwards, so it could be I missed something in some of the later .utc files. There is also a much more serious issue that I cannot seem to track down which is causing companions health to double every time they are swapped out using the party selection screen. To you and anyone else that feels they could lend a hand or help out I would say install the project, dig around in the files and message me with information or files regarding the changes made. The project has been getting on top of me for a while now which is why I have been taking a lengthy break from it. Given that I have finally finished my playthrough of a cancelled original Xbox game ( Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance ) I am sure I will be back at it in no time.
  3. Realistically enabling "Vanilla" at the moment only requires me to disable Yuthura and the extra planets. ( I think ) so it's likely I will do so. But I might have made changes or edits here and there that improve or fix things that might not be considered "Vanilla" The whole project is a bit of a mess to be honest, I had really hoped to get the rest of the KotOR modding community on-board with the project but there has been no real interest. So who knows. But also probably.
  4. How do you mean "vanilla only port" if you mean just K1 in K2 without all the extra content, that's sort of a maybe for now. But I will make sure to differentiate between releases as I start adding in new content. For now it is Vanilla with the only added feature of Yuthura being a companion. ( still lots to fix though )
  5. Some nice variations on the standard Jedi Robe's you have there there was so much room for variation within the game's base items. I look forward to seeing how it all turns out. ( also, when you are done I might request permission to port them over to KotOR2 at some point so feel free to drop me a message before-hand if that would be agreeable with you )
  6. As far as I remember if the sound exists it will look for a lip file of the same name, alternatively if the VO_ResRef is different it will use that for the lip file. So the sound exists flag might be what calls for that, but sometimes I forget which way around it is. Edit : pretty sure I always think of this the wrong way around, for some reason the VO_ResRef is the reference to the sound file which can also come from the string in the dialog.tlk ( I thinki ) and the Sound entry is the reference to the lip file which can be left empty if the Sound Exists flag is on, at least I think. I always get tripped up figuring this one out and then never remember to take note of it when I figure out which way everything goes lol
  7. Wait??? you haven't seen it yet? I thought I had made more than enough posts about it for the whole world to have seen lol and sorry for the late reply it seems I did not actually receive a notification about your comment.
  8. I should have probably noted I was on Dxun to check and that I didn't think to swap back to K2. Hehe
  9. You could use this. ( I released a version for people to use with TSL ) However I am not using just that, as you might be able to tell from Mission & Zaalbar being in the party. Edit / Note : misread your comment, it's not the TSL GUI in K1, just a colourised version of the K2 GUI for the K1 port I have been working on for some time.
  10. If I remember correctly, the problem that fixes is caused everywhere with fog by the Aspyr version, such as Dxun. Though I could be mis-remembering, I know that is a solution for the fog of M4-78 at least. Checked : yeah broken fog everywhere in the Aspyr version.
  11. Though it might not be the best solution as it comes with it's own problems. For a while I used the Aspyr patch which was cracked out of steam by a GoG user, besides hexediting the .exe this could be a viable solution for some people. But now I just use the Steam version directly. However I know that it messes up the fog on certain levels as well as a few other bugs that were introduced to the game by Aspyr.
  12. Getting the modules over is easy enough to do thanks to the tools provided by the community. I myself ported every level from K2 to K1 and every level from K1 to K2. Though it was very messy and I would generally suggest people do it themselves to avoid the clutter I created. I wrote a tutorial on porting the levels from one game to the other, if you wish to pursue this feel free to do so. It definitely needs a reskin though, but I do wonder if that could be easily achieved by making use of the textures from the Enclave itself.
  13. Definitely an interesting idea and something I am toying around with myself at the moment. However whatever I end up making won't be available for the first game and will only be for the second game and the port of the first game. I am sure somebody could port whatever I make backwards eventually though. Thor110