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  1. The user RLG was last online July 19th 2023, so they might not be active or around to help you with this issue. However I took a look at the mod and you have to use cheats to add them to your inventory. Make sure cheats are enabled in the swkotor.ini file by adding "EnableCheats=1" under "[Game Options]" then press the ¬ key under the escape key on your keyboard and type "giveitem itemname" which would be "giveitem g_i_dbledge" for one of the items included in this mod.
  2. It doesn't matter, but any of the files it needs that are replaced by mods would transfer along with it. Currently that's only the contents of the following folders, lips, movies, streammusic, streamwaves and streamsounds. Update : Temporary Solution If anyone else experiences that error, just use the drop down menu instead of the browse button, this should be fixed shortly though.
  3. Thanks and I understand. Same here, I had hoped to convince everyone to work together on this project. No bother, I haven't seen this yet so it's good to know. The Port requires an installation of both games to install, so my current guess is that you did not select both installations. This is how the top of the installer should look, pointing to K1 in the first field and TSL in the second field. While I don't think that is your issue I thought I should check, I will speak to the author of HoloPatcher and see what can be done. Would like to note and forewarn people that the Port is currently still far from perfect, while it is playable and can be completed, there are a few bugs lying around and something fatally wrong with the companion classes and the way they level, which I have yet to fix. Currently there is no actual release of it and it can only be downloaded directly from the repository, I would like to issue a new proper release for it at some point soon though.
  4. A suggestion, something I do for testing multiple builds of TSL, is to just keep a copy of the vanilla game install in the Steam folder, I then duplicate it and rename it to append " - Vanilla" and install what I need to the installation, from there I can run as many builds of the game as I want, I just rename the folders back and forth. This is very helpful for me as it means I can swap back and forth by just renaming them. Well, I just got the base of it all setup already, which is only the two triggers, an additional waypoint and the lost shadowlands level, along with three booleans. So nothing yet really, but every little detail counts, so "The Lost Forest" - yes or no? ( Feel free to drop me a line on Discord or in DM's if you wish to prevent a constant back and forth in this thread ) My current thought is to have one set of waypoints to spawn loot at, dynamically through a script, using a basic string and integer number setup to randomly select what placeable type spawns where and under what conditions. Then another set of waypoints for spawning enemies, again with a similar system to try and ensure that the map doesn't feel the same every time you pass through it. As well as a set of waypoints for the random encounters, so that they could be at different spots each playthrough too. So pretty much just three widely dispersed sets of waypoints, in an otherwise empty map, a nice break from the Tach's too. An onEnter script would then check the boolean values and some other conditions and setup the map accordingly, while an onExit script would depopulate the area. The Kashyyyk patrons don't actually use a banter variable like I first thought, but instead use a return random value starting conditional, which is much more efficient and versatile. There are actually 11 G_Banter booleans in KotOR1 that go completely unused, I guess they were never used in the end as a better way was found to condition the dialogs. I'm not 100% sure which values I should use to determine the conditions because of this now, but I suppose I can just use the Random() function which would give me a much higher level of control over the amount of things that can change and how much they can change, along with the Booleans for which direction the player has just travelled from. It will feel a little strange though, getting the elevator all the way down to the ground level and then being confronted with a transition straight away, what are your thoughts on this? I am considering adding another trigger and dialog that says something along the lines of "It's easy to get lost in the forest" maybe I should replay Ocarina of Time or watch a playthrough and find a quote or reference for the fun of it. ( pretty sure there's a good one out there somewhere ) Will get the basic functionality setup and go from there, in the meantime if you have any thoughts or if you know of any cut content that could be used here, let me know. Or if you want to dream up a written story to go into a datapad as another random encounter, so that it isn't just Komad & some lost Wookie, but a human written datapad about someone's journey lost in the forest, that will give three random encounters, which is a nice amount to start with. If not, I guess I could write something too, you just seem to really go all-in when discussing the possibilities and immersion of the game, it's story, it's flaws and things like this, so I figured you might enjoy the opportunity. I tend to focus on functionality, but we will see what happens. ( if anyone else has ideas too, feel free to pitch in, but don't go too wild, just things that make sense lore-wise )
  5. Good to know, I am not entirely sure how I would handle that as while testing my KotOR Chess idea a little while back, I found out that you cannot use DestroyObject(); on a dead body, for whatever reason, perhaps there is another method that could be used. Here is where I would place the three waypoints (1,2 & 3) and two trigger zones (1 & 2) while removing the ( I think ) two Katarn that lie in-between the first two points. This "should" absolutely ensure mod compatibility. Then there's the lost forest, which doesn't have an actual map, but that could be used to mystify the area somewhat, or the map could be disabled ( at least it can in TSL, not sure if it's possible in K1, but if it isn't, then no map would suffice ) I'm really tempted to make a start on this idea as it sounds like it could add a great deal to the game in just giving the Shadowlands a lot more depth. Given that I could construct the base functionality of it in no time at all especially. Would you be willing and able to actively test this if I were to start working on it? As I would appreciate your feedback on how it would play. It would also be possible to add random events to this, such as a lost NPC or perhaps even specific loot, my thinking is by using the Kashyyyk variable that controls the random single line dialogs that some NPCs can speak, this would also make it highly likely that you would get a different event or set of circumstances with each playthrough of the game. A lost NPC could be a Wookie perhaps, or maybe even Komad Fortuna if you have already encountered him once of course, this would remove the need for non-alien VO. I am starting to wonder how many other unique possibilities could be added, but I think this is limited to a combination of how many turns the player takes through North, East & West, the counter for those turns and the random dialog variable, but when taking three booleans into account, along with a random dialog counter, that I think goes up to 8, but might be able to go higher, along with the counter, all of a sudden there is the possibility for a lot of variation.
  6. it would be possible to change the transition with the elevator to a new module, but doing this could potentially also break compatibility. I think the best bet for maintaining mod compatibility would be to inject the new transitions and triggers directly into that fist module, removing that first set of Katarns and placing a trigger and transition at both ends of it, one leading to the lost forest and one leading back to it, that way mod compatibility could be ensured, provided no one decides to alter those Katarns. Which is extremely unlikely. It would result in next to no changes to the two vanilla modules, except added trigger warpzones, an added dialog file and some scripts, then the lost shadowlands level and it's functionality could sit in-between those triggers. A further waypoint could be added so that if you exit the lost forest under the right conditions you encounter Jolee fighting the Katarns upon entering, such as getting lost, otherwise, you would encounter him naturally, by walking around that corner where the first set of Katarns usually are. It might feel a little rough though as I am pretty sure you can see the lift from around the corner, if you cannot, it should feel perfectly fine. Though this sort of thing could take days to weeks of solid work to properly construct. Not to mention all the testing and slight tweaks to improve it's functionality. I also considered doing something similar with the Dune Sea, but realistically that one would require a new level to be made that had four exits, fairly simple to do, but doing this type of thing twice in the game, wouldn't feel right at all. One problem I can foresee is loot being left in the lost forest from previous encounters, or dead bodies remaining, but I think that could be worked out by not dropping any loot on the encounters within, as for the dead bodies, that would begin to depend on if the user is using a mod to prevent them from disappearing as if I recall there is one, at least for TSL I believe there is, not certain about K1 right this second. If there isn't, it might be possible to have a short time dialog saying you venture forth north, east or west in order to account for those bodies disappearance so that they don't remain there as you return. Then there's the issue of what to spawn, where, when, why and under what circumstances...
  7. It's just an idea for now, but it's perfectly workable. Just requires some creative thinking to actually implement. The best way to do this would be to fill the lost shadowlands with a set of waypoints. The North, East & West transitions with a level exit that sets a Boolean value after resetting the previous value if it isn't the correct one, if it is the correct one, don't reset it, if it isn't increase a number variable as a counter to ensure you can't get lost for too long, on entering the level you would check these values and spawn an encounter accordingly, on exit you would have to delete any remnants of previous encounters because the level would be the same level you are returning to. It's fairly simple in theory, in practice, making it fun and ensuring it plays out well, not so simple. Definitely an idea that has been at the top of my list for a while now, but as I mentioned I was just going to use it as an extra area in the port that could lead somewhere or something, I hadn't really worked out the details of what I would do with it yet, just that I had considered doing the same thing as the lost forest in Zelda. Annoyingly you have now piqued my interest as I think this could play out really well, but it also requires a complete rework of the other two shadowlands levels. That could be simplified to just reworking the first area a little bit, depending on how you want it to play out. I would probably simplify it as much as possible to reduce the amount of work and stick an area transition where the first set of enemies are as you turn the corner, before turning another corner and encountering Jolee, at which point you would then be in the lost forest, after say four area transitions, I would spawn a copy of the Jolee encounter, or transition the player back to the first level just around the first corner, with an area transition behind you that turns you back, similar to the desert in Tatooine, unless you have encountered Jolee, or visited the Star Map, in order to try and prevent the player getting lost twice it would probably have to be the Star Map, which would limit your ability to return and leave you lost in the forest until you have found the Star Map. Or Jolee could inform you of the direction to take in the Lost Forest and provide a journal entry, which would ensure you can come and go as you please, as for the VO around this, I think he does say at some point it's easy to get lost, so it could probably just be appended to the current journal entry. From there it's just a matter of setting up variations of encounters in the lost shadowlands that spawn and despawn as you come and go. All sounds simple enough... but making it dynamic and compatible with other mods, might be tricky... if not impossible... Certainly sounds fun though.
  8. Could add a counter that means if you get lost for too long, Jolee find's you, that way the sequence and dialog from where you follow him to his hut could still be used.
  9. I had an interesting idea for the lost shadowlands level that I was going to attempt in my port at some point that could potentially be used for KotOR1 as well, though I hadn't considered using it in this way but now I am thinking about it. My idea was to add three area transitions that would lead you back to the same area, like the lost forest in the legend of Zelda games, where you have to go in a specific set of directions in order to reach your destination. So it would be like go East, then North, then West or something, each time you enter the level it could spawn a random arrangement of enemies based on whichever direction you have taken and eventually you could come out near Jolee's Hut or the Star Map. I was just going to have it as an extra area behind the log where Freyyr can be found roaming, but this might be a better use of it.
  10. Didn't you do a fix for this as well? From what I recall yours looked acceptable though you weren't happy with it, that version doesn't look nice at all. P.S. : That's a lot of requests!
  11. I edited it with KotOR GUI Editor and extracted it with KotOR Tool and I have no idea.
  12. character.gui from gui.bif Or use this one, you might need to make variants for different resolutions, but this is the default file with the Auto Level Up button moved to -146 which is just off screen. character.gui
  13. For disabling it completely, there are a few ways this could be done. You could either delete that part from the GUI altogether, though I suspect this could cause internal errors, or you could move them off-screen which would probably be the best option.
  14. View File Xbox Blue GUI While working on my KotOR1 Port I have been preparing the files for the Xbox GUI and thought I would post it as a stand-alone mod just as I did with the PC version. Warning : This is experimental! Backup your .xbe file just in-case, or don't use the one included. ( Dialog Text & some other elements will remain a TSL Green without it ) I couldn't get everything quite perfect unfortunately due to the way it works, I also had to edit hard coded values in the .xbe file in order to remove any traces of the TSL Green, details on how I did this are available in my KotOR Modding Tutorial Series #24 - [ADVANCED] - Hard Coded GUI Elements. Installation If you have the game on your hard drive, FTP the files over to the games directory. Alternatively, you can unpack the disc image and remake it using c-xbox tool as I have done for testing with Xemu. Thor110 Submitter Thor110 Submitted 05/18/2024 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  15. Thor110

    Xbox Blue GUI

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    While working on my KotOR1 Port I have been preparing the files for the Xbox GUI and thought I would post it as a stand-alone mod just as I did with the PC version. Warning : This is experimental! Backup your .xbe file just in-case, or don't use the one included. ( Dialog Text & some other elements will remain a TSL Green without it ) I couldn't get everything quite perfect unfortunately due to the way it works, I also had to edit hard coded values in the .xbe file in order to remove any traces of the TSL Green, details on how I did this are available in my KotOR Modding Tutorial Series #24 - [ADVANCED] - Hard Coded GUI Elements. Installation If you have the game on your hard drive, FTP the files over to the games directory. Alternatively, you can unpack the disc image and remake it using c-xbox tool as I have done for testing with Xemu. Thor110