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  1. Thor110

    Terminal texture

    That looks incredible, though I personally don't like what is displayed on the screen ( even if it still looks amazing ) because these terminals appear all over the place and I feel should have a more generic screen being displayed as they do originally. Other than that though it looks fantastic and I am just nit picking to be honest.
  2. Could have just been to give it a feel that it was bigger than it actually is, given that it is destroyed it is possible there would be lower levels that are caved in or inaccessible. That is certainly always an option ( adding a copy of the room to the layout / are off in the distance, kind of like how there are some little rooms for cutscenes at a distance in other levels throughout the game.
  3. I still haven't properly worked it out properly, used it a couple of times to place some assets then let it sit for a while as I still have a lot of scripting left to do. But I know the RoR developer made a tutorial on using it, which I need to re-watch at some point. What I did at first was use K-GFF editor to quickly add lots of assets stacked on top of each other to the level, then used KotOR toolset to roughly place those assets and KotOR Level Editor to refine their positions, certainly was handy to be able to see what you are working with. Hopefully it's not too tricky to add a room under a room, as I have this strange feeling it won't play nice. But if it doesn't you could always cut it out and make it it's own room / module altogether. Thor110
  4. Another interesting thought, you might need to make a walkmesh for it as well as make the ceiling. But I am guessing you might know this already given the image you have chosen to use. Though sealing the room shouldn't prove to be too tricky, nor should adding a walkmesh if it requires one. Could definitely be an interesting training area or something, perhaps even add a doorway just for show but teleport the player down there. Edit : yeah doesn't look like it has a walkmesh down there, unless KotOR Toolset cannot generate it due to it being directly below another.
  5. Ah well that was a bit of a waste of time then. Nevermind. Basically from what I can tell, you need to spend a little longer looking around DeadlyStream at the various resources. ( it can take time, but there is more than enough to guide people to making pretty much anything in the game available on this site ) If at some point you have speakers you can always re-watch that part of the stream from my YouTube channel. As I don't think you mentioned that you had no speakers in your messages on Twitch. 1. The audio files need trimming of their fake headers, the program SithCodec can handle that or you can trim them manually with a hex editor. 2. Locating the audio files will require you open the dialog files and find the name of the file. 3. My tutorials cover placing NPCs and similar things. I think that covers the questions you asked.
  6. No worries, hopefully I answered your questions. Just text chat I believe on Twitch. I am a lot more active on Discord so if you need any more help feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to answer whatever questions you have regarding KotOR, though I only really mod KotOR2 so it is possible that I might not be able to help regarding some things, but I am fairly sure I understand the basic differences between the two.
  7. If you have already managed to get Atris across then you shouldn't have much trouble, I wouldn't have thought anyway? Feel free to stop by my stream and ask me questions if you wish as I am currently streaming, not modding or playing KotOR though but I can try and answer any questions you might have. ( )
  8. You just need to add them to the 2DA file ( appearance.2da ) if you look around enough, there is more than enough information, tutorials and resources on this site alone to get you started. Best thing I could suggest is stop using KotOR Tool for anything other than extracting files, pretty sure in my crash course video I went over the basics of each and every program I used in the creation of my project. There are also limitations to how many entries the appearance.2da can have, in KotOR2 at least, but that limit can also be bypassed by using TSLPatcher to add new entries. The UTC file is literally just a character sheet, that points to an entry in the appearance.2da as well as soundset.2da and some others as well as lists their feats, powers, items etc What I did back when I started my project was just download every tool available, from a hex editor to every last program made for modding KotOR1/2, some of which I didn't need in the end and just hacked away at the game until I got it the way I wanted it. Or close enough for the time being. It could also be worth going back through some of my streams and watching me work on my mod if you have the time to do so, though I can't exactly say what will and what won't be useful. I definitely covered basic 2DA editing in my crash course tutorial video as I just checked, though not sure which 2DA files I discussed. Perhaps if you really need it I could offer live modding assistance sometime as I have been planning to do it, it's just a matter of finding the time, organising myself a bit better and streaming on Twitch more regularly, plus I have been taking a lengthy break from kotor modding and my project at the moment anyway.
  9. Due to the chaotic amount of stuff I was working on, most mods I released were already a part of my overall project which I will likely always use. I think there are only a few silly ones I made that I don't use. ( Rakghoul Spawner Armband and Map Unlocking Armband ) I believe are the two I don't use, but I do have a lot of incomplete odds and ends lying around as well.
  10. I thought I wrote a tutorial about that but it seems I didn't. Thanks to @Effix for helping me figure this out some time ago. The basic process is to determine the supermodel of the original and then recompile that model using K2s supermodel instead. Oh wait I did write one, it is covered under "Blender Tutorial 03 - Character Editing" in my tutorial series, perhaps I should rename the title or improve it. - It doesn't cover every step of the process but it should detail the basics. In-case it doesn't here is a short explanation. What I did for this was drop the original models and their supermodels into a folder, then convert them to ASCII using MDLEdit, I then put the ASCII and the K2 supermodels into another folder in order to recompile them using K2's supermodels and then deleted the leftovers.
  11. It could be that you need to make sure it has been set up right, did you set up the Aurora preferences etc? Have a little look through the KLE topic as I know others have had similar issues. I am also not 100% sure if it properly saves every last asset in a module, I know early on it didn't and what I did was use it to save the module and then extract the .git for the new coordinates. Hopefully that's all been ironed out, but I used it to place a few assets ages back and found it really handy. There are also a few video tutorials on how to use it made by the lead RoR developer. Also of note is that I am on an older version and it could be worth looking through the changes on GitHub and possibly rolling back to a specific version. Could be worth dropping a message in the topic for it to be sure.
  12. Yeah it can be very tricky and tedious to place objects this way, but it can also be done quickly / roughly first this way then KLE can be used to refine them down to the tiniest detail as well as visually being able to decorate areas and get a feel for them without having to load the game up just to have a look around.
  13. Looking good, how are you going about asset placement and have you considered using KLE (KotOR Level Editor) to get more accurate placement of objects? I presume you are doing things manually with the whereami armband or with KotOR Toolset.
  14. Given that it's a total conversion mod and not just a mod for K2, there's no reason to make it compatible. In my opinion. But perhaps they will think differently. ITSLRCM & M478EP + perhaps other large mods should really be the focus on compatibility for K2 I think. Plus maybe a few others I could think of.
  15. Revenge of Revan is a total conversion, it's even very possible they might be using that level themselves. Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel like that shouldn't be the first worry / stop in the road for compatibility. ( K1R / K1CP ) is probably the first stop. Especially if the end goal is for this to be a K1 mod, not a K2 mod. Because RoR is for K2.