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  1. Define "official" Given that no mod's are official that is just not possible. If you just mean if anyone was planning to release it as a mod, I don't think anyone has plans to do so.
  2. Having long abandoned this project I am locking this thread. But I am also going to leave a note and a recommendation. My recommendation is that you check out the Republic Commando Remaster project : And my note is that I am still dabbling in the Unreal Engine, both UE2 & UE4 for a couple of different projects and that I recently decided to write a tutorial on porting Star Wars Republic Commando's levels to Unreal Engine 4, this tutorial should also work with any other UE2 era game or level. Though more specifically UT2003/2004/Republic Commando and it also worked for Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance's leaked game files. Tutorial Link : I initially only started this project as a way to check out AI upscaling techniques anyway. Have also been getting the textures upscaled by Topaz GigaPixel AI for my UE4 port project. Original : Upscaled : UE4 Previews :
  3. Thor110

    Ixgil the Bith

    Just make a TSLPatcher installer to add it to tar_m02aa, there is no way to fix it asides from this or renaming the one on the korriban module, but both solutions require a hard edit to the .mod file or a TSLPatcher installer. For reference I found this out using KotOR FindRefs Utility to search for "n_bith001" it's a handy tool.
  4. Thor110

    Ixgil the Bith

    There is also a n_bith001.utc in korr_m33aa so adding this to the override will break the bith on Korriban.
  5. The same as the original movies to ensure compatibility. In my opinion that's the only sane option. But I would definitely suggest rendering them at a varied set of resolutions to avoid them having to be upscaled. This is something I have been working on slowly though I don't plan to release it separate from my project.
  6. Thor110

    the switch port

    It was no rumour, I was merely referencing real world situations not related to this topic ( ie : society as a whole ). Apologies for the confusion.
  7. Thor110

    the switch port

    That's not the world we live in, unfortunately we seem to be living in some sort of dystopian capitalist hell-hole where stealing art is not only allowed but encouraged and enforceable by terms and conditions. But on the other hand, people aren't smart enough to make it anything but.
  8. Thor110

    the switch port

    It's just TSLRCM released for Switch as DLC as far as anyone knows. That's certainly the most likely anyway.
  9. I had this happen on K2 at first when I ported it and on K1 when I first installed it to test it, such an awesome addition to the game, I think it was because I had possibly been there in that save before. So that might be something worth considering. I loaded an earlier save in K1 and warped there and it worked fine. Thor110
    Another excellent fix for the game, this always bugged me!
    This is an amazing little mod that makes the game feel that little bit fresher, I am amazed it wasn't this way in the first place! Great Work.
  10. It sounds like you might just need to replace the appearance.2da in the mod with the one from your override, though you might also need to edit the changes.ini to ensure that it properly does whatever it is that it does. But I can't say for certain as I am not familiar with the NPC overhaul mod / haven't used it.
  11. Just properly added in Yuthura during the final ceremony / cutscene of the game for the port. Made sure she is facing the correct directions during each part of the cutscene, though her placement could do with moving a little but it works for now. #1 of the seven/eight appearances she makes during this cutscene, in this one I feel like she could do with being moved to the right a little which I will probably do at some point in the future. Hopefully the position will work for the rest of the scene as well. #2 This scene isn't too bad. #3 She barely appears for a split second on the side of the screen as it zooms in on the party/player in this shot. #4 Pretty sure this is her leg in this shot and it appears twice. #5 Again here you barely see here for a split second at the bottom of the screen as it pans up. #6 Here she almost seems like a mysterious figure at the back of the group, which I kind of like, if she was moved anymore to the right in the other shot she would be to the left in this shot, being under the players armpit or completely removed from view potentially anyway. #7 Again here she can barely be seen for a split second on the side of the screen as it slowly pans in and the zoom for the credits roll happens. Let me know what everybody makes of these shots, I am thinking I could just move her to the left for a couple of the shots and then move her back, but then it might seem jarring with her going back and forth. Thor110
  12. I've slowly been working on porting Brotherhood of Shadow to KotOR2 along with KotOR1. ( it's a long way off being done though ) But as I mentioned previously, it works fine on Android as shown by many YouTube videos, you just have to install it on a PC first then transfer the updated files across to the phone.
  13. As I am sure people have said, get a PC and install it to the game on there, then transfer it to Android. < that is the only way forward.