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  1. In theory yes, in practice probably not without a serious amount of knowledge concerning the internal architecture and operating system for the xbox series w.e Perhaps start by getting a full trace / print out of the games directory and files you can access, if you can access any that is, if you can make it to where you can see the Override folder, you could certainly start trying, but all it would take is a file list hidden somewhere to prevent that from firing up, maybe even crash, damage or get your online account banned, all speculation from me unfortunately as I don't own any new age consoles. In general though, I don't recall coming across anyone that has done so without modding their console or dev mode or dev console etc and I do try to keep an eye out for these kinds of things as I have plans to get my own mod onto the original xbox one day.
  2. I don't think there is a mod that covers this, but I am not sure it would make logical sense, given that they are busy with what is essentially the backup plan to destroy Malachor, at least that's how I saw it. My memory is a little hazey as I haven't played in a while and I am not as knowledgeable about the lore as some people. "it's presumed he died getting HK onto the droid planet" - I don't think this is entirely accurate either, the droid factory is not on the droid planet, it is on Telos. ( though how they miss you making a racket upstairs is beyond me ) But that's my thoughts.
  3. They need to be recompiled using the supermodel from each game as a reference, not sure if there is a way to do so in KotORBlender but there might be, hopefully someone else can shed more light on the situation though.
  4. That is most certainly not the reason the site exists. Perhaps that might be the reason for a specific section of the forum, that you keep managing to post outside of mind you.
  5. Which as far as everybody has said they cannot provide, maybe they can point them out but... at a certain point, somebody needs to come out and say it. Don't you think it's rude to be asking somebody to make you a mod every other day? @Revanbeta50 So... the NPC Overhaul Mod + ??? As people mentioned before in your previous threads, reach out to the authors and get permission to do so, or do it yourself. There is more than enough knowledge around here to get literally anybody started modding the game. It's clear as day. Not to mention the one word replies.
  6. You said no and your screenshot clearly shows a modded game. So why don't you tell me? Why did you lie.
  7. So they outright lied to me when they said no mods. - _ - Nice, kind of suspected as much, but was fed up with the constant questions by this person and wanted to find out for certain if something like this was the case, also thought I would drop enough information that perhaps it would be of use to somebody else in the future that might actually make the effort. Why lie?
  8. Then follow my instructions and you will be good to go.
  9. Once more I am not entirely certain on what you are showing. But at a guess you are confirming that you want the Sith Officers clothes from the Leviathan Bridge to be on the Sith Officer outside the hideout on Taris as well as maybe any other Sith Officers in the game. Is your game already running any mods that might alter their uniform? In short change 8001 to 9001 on each of the Sith Officers you wish to edit under their "Equip_ItemList" ( "g_a_class8001" to "g_a_class9001" )
  10. Still, I just wanted to be certain that you were on about the Sith Officer. Regardless of which character you were referencing, the process is as I just described. Maybe watch my crash course video in kotor modding where I cover the basic file types, what programs open them and what they do. ( in my tutorial series ) I am pretty sure there is an exact step by step tutorial to changing an NPCs clothing around here somewhere anyway. ( on DeadlyStream ) : Though that actually covers changing a few other things, such as the texture variation and the appearance.2da, but for the most part it still should highlight what it is you need to change.
  11. You really do need to work on the way you ask questions. What is "this"? There are five characters in the scene... Open the level with ERFEdit, find the NPC you want with KotOR Toolset or Holocron Toolset ( easier to locate them with the top down map in these programs ) from there open the NPC's character sheet with K-GFF Editor as well as the other character sheets you wish to edit and change their equipment list accordingly.
  12. There is a tutorials section on the site. I have also written a short tutorial series covering some of what I learnt while working on my own project. The first thing I would suggest you do, is get KotOR Tool, ERFEdit, K-GFF Editor, 2DA Editor and the Dialog Editor, there are a lot of programs available but these are what I use. ( KotOR Tool can work with most files, but it has always been described to me at least as quite buggy and should generally just be used to extract files from the game ) Though saying that, you might be better off starting with the Holocron Toolset, because it has everything built into one package, realistically you want to figure out what is best for you throughout the course of learning to mod the game. The second thing I would suggest doing is familiarising yourself with the games file types and folder structure. From there it's usually just a matter of opening up levels, editing files and repackaging the module, be it manually or using TSLPatcher to inject files into existing levels. Then from there, peruse the tutorials and site, there is a lot of quite advanced and specific tutorials if you do enough digging around here. Thor110
  13. As others have asked around here before, perhaps you could provide a little more context and information in your requests... This also isn't in the requests section... By the looks and sounds of it you just need to add Carth's head number to one of the player character entries in the appearance.2da Given how many requests you make, perhaps it would be wise to dive into the tutorials section of this site and learn how to yourself.
  14. Some TSLPatcher's are setup so that you have to point it at the directory. If you wish to change this then open changes.ini and change "LookupGameFolder=0" to "LookupGameFolder=1"
  15. Though I can't say for sure, I had a quick flick through this video and it looks pretty decent. : Hopefully that helps.