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  1. I had this happen on K2 at first when I ported it and on K1 when I first installed it to test it, such an awesome addition to the game, I think it was because I had possibly been there in that save before. So that might be something worth considering. I loaded an earlier save in K1 and warped there and it worked fine. Thor110
    Another excellent fix for the game, this always bugged me!
    This is an amazing little mod that makes the game feel that little bit fresher, I am amazed it wasn't this way in the first place! Great Work.
  2. It sounds like you might just need to replace the appearance.2da in the mod with the one from your override, though you might also need to edit the changes.ini to ensure that it properly does whatever it is that it does. But I can't say for certain as I am not familiar with the NPC overhaul mod / haven't used it.
  3. Just properly added in Yuthura during the final ceremony / cutscene of the game for the port. Made sure she is facing the correct directions during each part of the cutscene, though her placement could do with moving a little but it works for now. #1 of the seven/eight appearances she makes during this cutscene, in this one I feel like she could do with being moved to the right a little which I will probably do at some point in the future. Hopefully the position will work for the rest of the scene as well. #2 This scene isn't too bad. #3 She barely appears for a split second on the side of the screen as it zooms in on the party/player in this shot. #4 Pretty sure this is her leg in this shot and it appears twice. #5 Again here you barely see here for a split second at the bottom of the screen as it pans up. #6 Here she almost seems like a mysterious figure at the back of the group, which I kind of like, if she was moved anymore to the right in the other shot she would be to the left in this shot, being under the players armpit or completely removed from view potentially anyway. #7 Again here she can barely be seen for a split second on the side of the screen as it slowly pans in and the zoom for the credits roll happens. Let me know what everybody makes of these shots, I am thinking I could just move her to the left for a couple of the shots and then move her back, but then it might seem jarring with her going back and forth. Thor110
  4. I've slowly been working on porting Brotherhood of Shadow to KotOR2 along with KotOR1. ( it's a long way off being done though ) But as I mentioned previously, it works fine on Android as shown by many YouTube videos, you just have to install it on a PC first then transfer the updated files across to the phone.
  5. As I am sure people have said, get a PC and install it to the game on there, then transfer it to Android. < that is the only way forward.
  6. This is shaping up to be really decent, nice work. I like the layout. While I added this area to the ported version of the game I am not certain what I plan to do with it yet. So I might request in advance permission to include / port it for my project, though no guarantees I will use it yet anyway, I will have to wait and see how it turns out and make my decision later on as I might make use of the area myself yet, I am not sure for the time being. Either way, keep up the good work! Thor110
  7. I am not certain on what I am doing with Lehon just yet. Those are some good questions though. UPDATE 1 : The above appearances and many more have been fixed for the port. Available at : and on the Discord server for the project. There have been a few new mods included with the main part of the project, primarily model fixes by PapaZinos. As for what I am doing with Lehon, my thoughts are to potentially leave it out for now and create an end-game quest where you follow in Revan's footsteps, during the current free roam part of the game. There is a lot of stuff to work out for both parts of the project but each and every fix brings it a step closer. UPDATE 2 : The recent addition to the Yavin Station hanger has been added to both parts of the project for the next patch. Above is a link to the original mod for the first game.
  8. It is now possible to play through both the dark and the light side of the first game in the second games engine. As of the latest patch 1.1.3 available on the Discord server for the project. Now moving forward I can fix the remaining bugs and start expanding upon both games.
  9. As far as I know any mod can be made to work on Android, it just requires a little work getting it all installed properly. I don't own the game on Android so I can't really help too much, but a quick google turned up this.
  10. That's cool to know and thanks for the shout-out. Certainly does make sense to have them as part of the model they are actually viewed from.
  11. While I am not certain of it right now, I suspect these changes could have been made by altering the .vis file for the level. I made similar fixes for some other Nar Shaddaa levels such as the Refugee sector where the entire ramp disappears if you look behind you at a certain point going between the ramps out by the Speeder that you can fix. Still awesome stuff
  12. I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on this latest "Expansion" Legacy of the Sith. Personally so far I have pretty much given up playing the game due to this expansion and ultimately think it's a complete mess right now, coupled with the unnecessary UI "upgrades" that look ridiculously tacky and the loss of an absolute tonne of moves due to the new class system, I am starting to think I will never play the game again. Which is a real shame as I put a lot of time and money into my account / characters / the game in general. Still hoping that they just roll back to 6.0 odd. The expansion itself is also rather lacking when it comes to content, as well as being very buggy. What does everyone else think of it so far? Thor110
  13. I haven't played in a few years but got my account sorted out the other day. For a while I was also trying to 100% various things and gain all the reputation for whatever reason. Imperial Reputation