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  1. Thor110

    Kotor 1 Purple Clone Armor

    You are too nice! I would never consider a request as pointless as this. I don't even understand the logic in a request like this, but I guess there isn't any!
  2. Thor110

    EA Vetoed "KOTOR Sequel"

    Oh, when did this happen :( I thought I had played SWTOR quite extensively, my guess is its part of the new content with HK-47 that I also haven't touched. I am not as familiar with the books and writers as some of you seem to be, but I enjoyed SWTOR as a generic star wars mmo, trying to ignore that it was tied to kotor. Unfortunately K3 will never happen and I doubt another Jedi Knight game will happen either, for that to happen they would have to somehow reconstitute the rest of the Jedi Knight series right? Or throw them all out and still make a "Jedi Knight" game, doesn't seem feasible. It is definitely a shame that Jedi Knight did not continue as it had awesome gameplay and multiplayer. I would love to be wrong about these things, but I won't let all this kill my love for these original games.
  3. Does anybody get the fake lag bug in TSL? I was getting it for a while and think I have found a fix, would like to find somebody with the same issue for verification.

  4. Thor110

    EA Vetoed "KOTOR Sequel"

    Though it's a shame I think we have all known for a long time there would not be a sequel, I think the fact it is set outside of the main Star Wars era might hold it apart from the rest and in high regards for the fans of such things, but it is a bit of an estranged thing for other / mainstream star wars fans. SWTOR being atrocious I personally believe is EA's fault, filling it with generic slapstick content and micro-purchases. Thanks to EA & Disney we can and should lose all hope in the future of the Star Wars franchise as a whole... I don't know if you have seen Solo for example, but Disney couldn't even spend the money to make all the Wookies look proper, instead they all look like they are wearing chimpanzee masks, Chewbacca is the only that looks right. The fact of the matter is they don't care about the fans anymore, though now we know they are not going to bother with a remake, this could hold hope for Aperions revival, but I highly doubt it. If we want to see more KotOR content we are going to have to make it ourselves
  5. Thor110

    Kotor 1 Purple Clone Armor

    I know, it was just a mention / thought about what would be needed
  6. Thor110

    Kotor 1 Purple Clone Armor

    Download the mod, find the TGA file, then edit the file, or find the clone texture you want from another game and edit it to match. I am not entirely sure why you would want clones in KotOR but I do like the armour so I can see some reason to it. Use GIMP or Photoshop to add the relevant purple lines, I also don't know about getting the new clone trooper armour as opposed to the original Attack of the Clones armour, you would have to make a new model or import a model from another game, perhaps BF2.
  7. Are there any 3D Modellers or Texture Artists interested in getting involved in a project for KotOR & TSL? I am also looking for regular beta-testers, of the originals, patched versions, tslrcm, m478ep, the project and mods for both games in general.

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    2. Thor110


      It is all just ideas for the time being, most content has been converted but cut for the moment down to the base 5 planets, Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan, Lehon & Yavin, which will have short stories and side quests to accompany the main games storylines and be completely optional.

      Following that, if possible there will also be expansions and new stories overall for both games set after the main games story and credits.

      If any of all this makes sense, thanks for your feedback.

    3. Thor110


      I also hope to learn to make geometry fixes and small fixes like removing doors that are part of the map models myself, hopefully more I am just not great at 3D modelling, but there is already loads of room for new content, during and after the main games story, starting with during.

    4. ebmar



      If any of all this makes sense...

      For things to start makes sense you should start getting more technical and practical. That way you will gain trust from potential recruits who will lend their time and expertise for you [and the project].


      ...thanks for your feedback.

      No worries; I think that's the very least I can provide you at this stage. Best of luck with the project. :cheers:

  8. Old messages. New Ideas These are the ideas I had planned for the upcoming demo including re-introducing cut content. Lots of new ideas with great potential to re use all of the original maps from both games. As well as many scenarios and possibility to fight bosses from both games. 0_3_2 New Mod Resource & Expanded Galaxy Version, containing a total of 251 module files.
  9. Thor110

    K1 - PMHCO1 Jaw Model Issue

    Ah now you have explained it like that I can see it, does look a little strange. I haven't seen it so not entirely sure, have you tried an un-modded game to see if it still occurs? IE : you wouldn't have had any mods that might have changed the models to begin with? Not sure why this is, but I remember reading something about characters having a lot of points on them for animations, most of which the cut-scene characters do not have, though this shouldn't be the case for the main character, but perhaps the head is lacking some of these rigging points.
  10. Thor110

    K1 - PMHCO1 Jaw Model Issue

    Not sure if I am blind or just very tired, but cannot actually see what visual error you are on about in any of the pictures except perhaps one of them I can see a strange line, but not sure, maybe open the screenshot in paint and put a circle around exactly what the issue is. I know there have been quite a few character model fixes made though.
  11. Thor110

    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    I believe that is what subscribing to them is on Steam, though I am not sure I was reading about steam workshop mods the other day and it did say just to subscribe in order to access the mod, so I believe this is the case. Being that I haven't actually used the Steam Workshop for anything yet, I cannot say for sure. I would also imagine some steam workshop content would not be mac compatible, but I would expect it to be listed on the content.
  12. Thor110

    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    It could be possible to install a mod to an empty folder by deleting the game directory and leaving perhaps the .exe and registry entry in order to extract the necessary contents for any mods that use an installer, to allow for their use on Mac, but this is just a thought. I believe most TSLPatcher mod installations have the relevant files sat next to them, so for most mods this would be easy, but TSLRCM & M478EP are packed into .exe's so would require some form of work around, my thoughts were to install with just a registry entry on a windows machine and perhaps the swkotor2.exe to get the relevant files from the mods without having to individually figure out what is new and or has been edited, but it is also possible the .exe install may require access to files that might be modified, though I doubt it I know that the TSLPatcher is capable or combining mods that edit 2DA files or from what I have read anyway, from there somebody could upload the base files for Mac users.
  13. Yeah, I understand this, I would basically need to rewrite the Endar Spire scripts to work for the Peragus level and this is the plan for a potential demo. ie : Hook the first script of the Endar Spire to the Peragus level instead of the Endar Spire level, then maybe even replace the original maps with the new ones in order to force it to load the correct module / map instead of the existing rim / map. But who knows, it is no doubt going to be very difficult to achieve and may not happen, but I do believe it is possible, just how much work it might be is the question, my thoughts were to re-purpose as many K1 scripts for K2 maps as possible in order to save on time, then just hook the starting script / endar spire map into skipping over to peragus. This would allow to leave the K1 menu intact and simply skip over any alterations that would need to be made, creating a new character might need some work in order for the save file to actually work, or add a quick conversation that serves the same purpose.
  14. What's a game that you love but feel like no one else has played? I saw this posted on Facebook and I thought it an interesting topic that could reveal some gaming gems many of us may or may not know about! For me I decided Silent Bomber on the PS1 was one of my favourite games of which very few people I know have actually played it! Thor110
  15. He already knows this I believe, I may be pursuing the project once my Expanded Galaxy Project K2 to K1 files are completed, it would most likely require re-scripting most of the second game as well as re-creating each and every map / map piece in order to add any Placeable Objects that are not there due to the K1 limit. I have been slowly coming up with solutions / work around ideas for the limitations that would prevent this. Though I myself accept it may still be an incredibly difficult task that I may not be able to achieve. My main focus is the Expanded Galaxy Project - a small storyline for both and the overall ported maps for both games, if my K2 to K1 maps can be fixed to display properly then this could become more feasible, I have already managed to fix Dxun which did not display correctly, I also have a solution for both games ports lacking .vis files. But beyond the fixing of all the maps, there would be a lot of work to do, effectively and potentially re-building the entire second game in the first games engine. Thor110