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  1. You can always switch back to the LegacyPC version on Steam via Settings/Beta Versions. Both the GOG version and the LegacyPC version is the same as the disc version. ( so I don't know what you mean by limited ) I mod the Steam/Aspyr version. But I also make mods for the game. The reason it's best to avoid the Steam workshop is because it doesn't actually install the mods. It installs them to their own folder and patches them into the game on runtime. Which essentially limits the user to having one mod installed at a time depending on what the mods change. For example : if you install two mods that both replace or alter the same file, the second mod you subscribe to on the Steam workshop will take priority for that file. Where as if you install the mods manually yourself this won't be an issue. That does not however mean that you can just install all the mods and they will work together, it all depends on what the mod does, what files it alters and how it alters them. As I understand it, most people just default to using the reddit mod build while other users resort to trial and error and some of us, inspect the mods contents to see how they work. Regarding what's best, that's all down to the user in question and their level of understanding on the issue at hand. Hope that helps. ( Though I know it will probably just raise more questions ) Thor110
  2. Just double click it and add it to the registry provided you are on a Windows system and have the game on Steam, then try running the Save editor and see if it works.
  3. You could potentially use these to update you registry entries or update them manually yourself if you know how. These are my own backups that I use to update my registry for the KotOR games in order to ensure that KotOR Tool and other tools such as the savegame editor work. They are only compatible with the Steam version of the game and mimic the location of the original registry entries. KotOR1.reg KotOR2.reg
  4. There is a lot more information you should share to make diagnosing this problem anywhere close to being even partially diagnosable. Operating system and computer specifications. Version of the game. ( Steam, GoG, 4CD, KotOR DVD Collection ) Beyond that you have to take into account that you installed a massive mod list and decided to make changes to it yourself, which could be the cause of the problem. I also do not understand why you chose to do the following. The best solution here is unfortunately and most likely, to start again from scratch, reinstall the game and the full mod-build with no alterations and see if the problem persists. Given that it is a runtime error it could be caused by any number of things being wrong with the game or the system it is running on. Hopefully that gives you some idea of how unlikely it is to find the solution to your problem. But I am also hopeful that perhaps someone out there might have experienced it enough times or diagnosed the problem in another form that could provide you with a solution. Thor110
  5. It is not a game script, just a script I quickly wrote to demonstrate the GrantSpell function and show the documentation for it in the scripting tool, that can be found manually in the nwscript.nss file if you need to find it. But in general you can just type out a function and hit enter and it will be displayed at the bottom, or you can navigate the functions down the right side of the program and click them to have the relevant notes displayed at the bottom of the application.
  6. It's possible that battle precognition is hard-coded into the game's executable as some elements of the game are. The above shows roughly what you would need to grant a force power at level 1, basically set up a script to grant your character that spell. Though I haven't tested it, this should hopefully point you in the right direction. Thor110
  7. Oh, I guess you are using the Steam workshop version of TSLRCM then, I usually suggest flat-out avoiding the workshop altogether when installing mods.
  8. Strange, did you install TSLRCM first? followed by the upgradeable swoop bike mod? If not, it could be best to try that.
  9. I just updated the links in my Signature. As well as reinstalled and installed TSLRCM to test if it requires TSLRCM and it does. Though that isn't noted anywhere, I guess it has just become one of those things people know or don't know.
  10. That's strange, unfortunately the only other suggestion I can offer is to use my own mod the Expanded Galaxy Project which includes this mod. Many thanks to bead-v Though my mod is a large and currently unfinished project so it might have just as many or more problems present in it. I actually just reinstalled a fresh copy of the game and installed this mod myself to test it and you are correct that the doors do not seem to be interactable, I warped there straight from Peragus and couldn't access the area via those doors. Which is very strange as from what I remember it worked fine when I first tried it.
  11. The Expanded Galaxy Project is still looking for texture artists, modellers, testers and finally writers to join the project! Drop me a message if you are interested.

  12. You cannot alter nwscript.nss. It is just a list of the defined constants and functions the game utilises. As defined in the nwscript.nss The game must be re-extracting and overwriting / updating it to it's original form. It's interesting that it still uses the effects of the Verpine prototype, perhaps it is defaulting to the only effect it can use for whatever reason. So you will have to make use of whatever effects and options are available within the constraints of the game. Thor110
  13. Yes, that is the location he is supposed to spawn at, I can verify it works for me so perhaps you did something wrong.
  14. It's an area of the map that doesn't even appear on the minimap and isn't usually in the game, exit the workshop at the back and turn right.
  15. Given that the bug or glitch has been clearly identified, perhaps you could go about fixing it yourself? Unfortunately many of us are busy with our own projects and are unable to dedicate time towards something such as this, though I certainly hope someone takes care of it!