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  1. Convert it to a .bik and replace the intro movie biologo.bik or leclogo.bik, you won't be able to add an entirely new video without more hassle than it's worth so if the loss of leclogo.bik is a problem you would have to combine them into one.
  2. Have you ever made a mod for anything? No, but outright saying it's dead leads others to believe it is. Oh! We can all understand that! Money doesn't always seem to get the job done does it! It'll get there! I really enjoyed the demo myself as I am sure many did, all in good time! This happens from time to time, there can be countless reasons but I have to say in recent times I have seen some incredible projects that are absolutely breathtaking! Including many that would be considered impossible due to legal issues, thankfully many have managed to properly defend themselves. So be patient take a look around, sometimes some of the coolest stuff pops up out of nowhere!
  3. I have to second this, rest assured they are still working on it and I help them out from time to time. It's comments like this that probably lead to 95% of big mods not being finished. Some of us just throw our arms up in the air and go, well don't have it then. DELETE. Thor110
  4. Ah of course! though from what I remember that error can cause the game to minimize so I wondered if perhaps it could cause a black screen as well. Still, those file name mismatches are something I have been fixing in my own project so I thought I would post it. Though I should have probably asked if they have any other mods installed etc
  5. Drop this file in your override, it should fix the problem. Though it is a quick hexedit and not a fully rebuilt model, so please get back to me and let me know if that resolves the issue. pmbnm.mdl
  6. Short Answer : Yes Long Answer : You would have to make it. Still a short answer, but you would have to determine the way to make it work and ensure that any conflicts are taken care of. As I don't think this is the kind of request anyone would want to take on, if they do though, more for them.
  7. It's recently been updated by th3w1zard1 : th3w1zard1/PyKotor: requested by DarthParametric by th3w1zard1 Though given that you requested it, I figure you might already be aware of this. I am using the modified version from the3w1zard1 as my primary installer, for the Expanded Galaxy Project. It works well for my project currently, but it's definitely still a work in progress. As for this mod, unfortunately I am unfamiliar with both mods in question so don't have much to say other than agreeing with DarthParametric's comments regarding the fact you could just release a compatibility patch.
  8. Just been tinkering with my own script again and while considering using GetAreaUnescapable like you are, I came across the fact that the following levels are not set to be unescapable in the .are files. 004ebo 007ebo 102per 104per 107per 154har 501ond 502ond 503ond 512ond 853nih 907mal Plus all of Telos ( though you handled that with a global variable check ) and thought it might be worth noting here for you. Though most of these are levels that the user is unlikely to use them in, except for perhaps Onderon. Edit : Also, if you were to travel to a new planet after warping back to the Ebon Hawk, you would be able to warp back to a planet you just left! I had to add a Boolean and set it during the galaxy map script to deal with this.
  9. I second this! I was considering downloading this and the other HQ Music Patch by SithHolocron to compare myself, but I suspect it will be difficult for most to actually hear the difference! Given that the author has gone to the trouble of overhauling them all, hopefully you might know the best tracks to select for comparison.
  10. The Expanded Galaxy Project for Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic II : The Sith Lords Main : The Expanded Galaxy Project Port : The Expanded Galaxy Port of KotOR1 for The Expanded Galaxy Project Hood : Brotherhood of Shadow : Solomon's Revenge for The Expanded Galaxy Port "Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic" in "Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic II : The Sith Lords" ToDo : Add "Expanded Galaxy" under the logo on the menu. Here are the links for the latest version with an installer. Just extract using 7-zip and then use "use-this-install-please.bat" and wait for it to do it's thing. Unfortunately it will require a full reinstall, as future versions probably will for some time to come due to the various changes. Keep in mind that both parts of the project are still riddled with bugs and that there is little to no extra content yet! Lots left to do! So apologies in advance for any broken playthroughs! Let me know how you all get on with it. This is mainly still all for testing purposes, so very much consider this all still a work in progress. So expect bugs! TSL Expanded Galaxy ( Main ) - v1.1.9 Release v1.1.9 Release · Thor110/Expanded-Galaxy-Main ( TSL Expanded Galaxy Port of KotOR ( Port ) - v1.1.9 Now includes a batch file called "launcher.bat" in the main game directory, that lets you pick between playing KotOR1 or 2! Release v1.1.9 Release · Thor110/Expanded-Galaxy-Port ( TSL Expanded Galaxy Brotherhood ofShadow : Solomon's Revenge Port from KotOR ( Port ) - v1.1.9 ( NOT RECOMMENDED ) Now includes a batch file called "launcher.bat" in the main game directory, that lets you pick between playing KotOR1 or 2 and or Brotherhood of Shadow : Solomon's Revenge! Release v1.1.9 Release · Thor110/Expanded-Galaxy-Hood ( TODO : Finish transferring 2DA file changes to the main and port parts of the project. IE : Assign 2DAMEMORY Tokens accordingly. ( Main & Port ) Finish transferring GFF file changes to the main and port parts of the project. Fix any bugs present in all three parts of the project as of v1.1.9 Join the Discord server and let me know what bugs you encounter! Discord : Tatooine Kashyyyk Coruscant Dreshdae - Korriban - KotOR1 Port Unknown World - KotOR2 Expanded Galaxy This has only just been fixed so it will not look right for people using v1.1.8! Thor110
  11. There is yours : TSL Rapid Transit System There is this one by HangoutHermit : TSL Ebon Hawk Armband - Star Wars: KotOR II: The Sith Lords - GameFront And there is my own version : Ebon Hawk Armband - Mods - Deadly Stream Don't know if there are any more lying around!
  12. Thor110

    Ebon Hawk Armband

    v1.0.2 should be near perfect, let me know if you discover any issues with it.
  13. I noticed there are three, possibly more mods that do something like this now! It was interesting to take a look at the source and see how differently each modder has achieved this.