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  1. Is there something special about the GOG version Vs the Original? Steam users can also set the game to LegacyPC to obtain the original version. Honestly if I were you, I wouldn't get another version, the original version is as dependable as they get, if you are desperate for the shiny perks go download the Cracked Aspyr Patch available at : This works with GoG, Original, LegacyPC etc
  2. Depending on where the loot is coming from, be it a character or a placeable or even a script, they will be referenced within the associated files. I would suggest K-GFF Editor and ERFEdit to help achieve this. Use ERFEdit to open the relevant level's .mod or .rim files. You can also use KotOR Toolset for a quick overview of the map to help you track down the item visually. From there you will need to edit the .utc (character) or .utp (placeable) and their inventory, alternatively if it is controlled by a script you will likely need to use DeNCS to decompile it and then KotOR Scripting Tool to recompile it after editing. Thor110 P.S :
  3. It certainly is, though in this one case ironically and hilariously their installation broke and didn't work and they ended up following the reddit build guide from scratch over the next few days. But I am sure that is not always the case.
  4. I added a note to my previous post, I personally wasn't sure whether or not to report it, technically between two people that own the game it is not piracy. But it does prevent websites getting accurate download numbers for mods, as well as that the users that prepare the packages more than likely get hailed with likes, follows, views and credit. It seemed like a regular occurrence though I have only been on twitch a few weeks I have seen it a fair few times now while passing through kotor 1 & 2 streams. The majority of users over there either use the Steam Workshop ( which as we all know is a complete mess ) some use the reddit build guide, some have never heard of mods for the game and some share their installations or pre-built packages that contain the mods.
  5. Yes, that is basically what I witnessed on a live stream I watched the other day. Some use pre-built install folders such as many here set up for themselves, but instead of keeping it for themselves they share them around Twitch, but the one I watched the other day literally downloaded someone elses SWKotOR2 installation folder that had been uploaded in it's entirety to their google drive. Note : Considering they own the game and can prove it, it isn't technically piracy, same as it is perfectly legal to download a rom if you own an original copy of the game.
  6. Something I noticed recently that is along similar lines to this, is that Twitch streamers regularly send around pre-built installations of the game that include various mods, but again I doubt all that much can be done to prevent people doing this.
  7. Check all your other settings, I helped somebody sort this out recently and they had to alter it in four different places. In-Game, Windows, Nvidia Control Panel and on the Monitor itself to 60hz, if that doesn't work turn off v-sync
  8. You're welcome, I believe some people also make the machinimas directly in 3D modelling/animation programs, but some of the ones I have seen around use the game engine directly.
  9. Check the tutorials section, it is effectively like building a mod.
  10. View File Bao Dur & Force Fields This mod makes it so that Bao-Dur actually uses his arm and the associated animations shown in the cutscene that introduces his ability in order to open force field doors in the Military Base on Telos. For now that is the only place it works until I remember or rediscover any forcefields elsewhere in the game that he has the ability to open. Thor110 Submitter Thor110 Submitted 02/01/2021 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This mod makes it so that Bao-Dur actually uses his arm and the associated animations shown in the cutscene that introduces his ability in order to open force field doors in the Military Base on Telos. For now that is the only place it works until I remember or rediscover any forcefields elsewhere in the game that he has the ability to open. Thor110
  12. I kind of doubt anyone can give you an exact answer to that except possibly Obsidian themselves, though I guess you never know. I suspect there will be some fixes but probably not that many.
  13. It might be worth looking through the official list of fixes for both games in the relevant modifications or restorations. As for what is fixed in the base game, I would take a look at the patch notes of the official versions. I cannot say whether any of these were fixed, but I would imagine most of them either were, have been or are being worked on.
  14. Controversial projects are my speciality and it's not that no-one cares, I think a few people have put quite some effort in to their replies. Unfortunately everybody has a different view on both what the games stories actually are, represent, mean to them and how they interpret each and every aspect of the story which means that when discussing something like this, it is almost inevitable that everyone will be at odds or in conflict about certain key points somewhere along the line. You have raised some interesting points I think and certainly many that I have heard raised before and perhaps even a few that I have thought about myself, but I definitely feel after playing it through in recent years that it started to make a lot more sense to me, especially with TSLRCM. Yes it's not perfect, yes it's not what Bioware might have made, but it is what we ended up with. Have you played TSLRCM and been through all of Kreia's deep conversations? I remember there being some key points about why Revan left his place at the helm of the Star Forge. Nothing specific but enough to satisfy me, though I could be remembering it wrongly myself, this is one of the problems discussing these things. ( As I remember it, Revan went to look for something on the outer edges of the galaxy, that is good enough for me ) as good or bad, seeking something powerful or hidden is almost always worth it. Especially if it could be something related to the force. Before settling on anything like this, I would suggest re-playing both games to make sure that there aren't any small details that I, you or anyone else has forgotten or missed out on. It could be interesting and no one is telling you not to do it, just raising what we think are key points in relation to the points you have raised. Thor110

    I've been streaming development of the Expanded Galaxy Project on Twitch for a few days now, come check it out, make suggestions and see the state of the project.

    1. Thor110


      A long stream of testing and development for both parts of the project showing it in action and more is now available after I changed to save streams before the stream prior to this one.

      Check it out if anyone following this in the future wants to see the current state of the project and see the port in action as well as discussion on the project and it's inner workings as well as get a glimpse into KotOR modding.

  16. Thor110

    Blue Kotor-Like GUI

    This just happens from time to time, it doesn't seem to properly calculate the levels of my companions in the party select menu. It's also the GUI from the Port I am working on, that I decided to release standalone, that is why the images contain the KotOR companions and or levels.
  17. I guess this is just down to the two games being made by different developers and written by different people, unfortunately I suppose some of these things are the main reason some people tend to prefer the first or the second more, personally I thought they worked together quite well leaving the player to imagine the ultimate conclusion and backstory of the player character in both games. Though there is of course still a lot amiss and that might not add up so well, correcting this could mean potentailly rewriting both games, or just rewriting the second in it's entirety. Ok, now I remember it a bit clearly but it still sounds more like a campaign was led during that last battle that ultimately broke through their lines during a large battle over Malachor V, the inevitable conclusion I think is ultimately irrelevant as it is after the fact. I kind of agree with this one, but no one can say with certainty what any one person would do in any given situation, there could be a reason to shy away from being the centre of attention in the galaxy for a while. It certainly could be possible to tie the two games together a bit better, but major changes to the dialog is a tricky thing to do.
  18. It only punishes you, from a certain point of view. ( namely the view of someone who has played it before ) P.S. I am taking your suggestions seriously and trying to consider them in the context of the worlds as I understand them and the games, I would also happily point you in the right direction and make suggestions for making these sorts of edits, I am also trying to take on-board suggestions from the community at the moment for improving both games.
  19. At no point does the game suggest you do not level up, therefore there is no encouragement to refrain from levelling up too far too soon. I think you are mis-remembering it to be honest, I remember it being tough but I remember it also being a satisfying challenge to complete, it is also a challenge that not everybody takes on, which I think is also part of the point, not everyone does all the side quests for various reasons. Be it that they have done it before or they don't have the time, or that they just don't want to. Personally I like to do them and I like them to be challenging, if you can find something in the game that truly encourages you to refrain from levelling up, I would like to hear it because I am confident that there is no such suggestion or encouragement, other than that which comes from online guides or people who have already played the game.
  20. I took those to be two separate battles, but maybe I read it wrong. Considering info is spare as you say maybe we are both reading it wrong. 1 : Considering the character was on their way to the Star Forge, going to the closest planet to the Star Forge, might have made some sense, rather than darting off to the other end of the galaxy. As for the Star Forge, I don't think it really needs any mention of what happens to it or who might control it, I thought that was all meant to be a part of the end and your own imagination as to where you think the story truly goes from there. It is also made to be quite clear that no one even knew what happened, or only knows vague details that have spread across the galaxy like wildfire but likely remained inconsistent with the truth. From a certain point of view! lol
  21. You are certainly not encouraged to refrain from levelling up, considering the Endar Spire forces you to level up once ( mainly to teach you I guess ), but no one would have known prior to playing it that doing it this way would have gained you extra force power progression meaning that it is an after-play tactic. I myself remember being a high level leaving Taris the first time I ever played it, the Arena is meant to be a challenge, defeating the final opponent is not meant to be easy and nor is getting to them. As suggested it would be easy to do this by either altering the module or just adjusting the difficulty slider, definitely don't think it's something that needs modding into the game. That's just my opinion though, if you think it is that worth doing grab ERFEdit and K-GFF editor and dive into the level to alter the characters stats.
  22. View File Blue Kotor-Like GUI I recently made this GUI with the help of a tool created by another user that should see a release soon, I also automated the colour correction of all of the icons that were not already in the first game. Slowly I have been finding every last texture that is involved in the GUI's operation as well as the appropriate colour values in their .gui files. They aren't the best / don't match the other icons very well, but I will work on it again in the future as well as release it on it's own. Thor110 This should work for the base game and most variations, if not let me know. The only unnecessary entries that I can think of might be the planets on the galaxy map but they will now show unless scripted to do so, so it should not cause any problems. These .gui files are based on the base game's .gui files so might not contain any changes made in any other mods such as TSLRCM ( I am not sure how much the .gui's are altered ) Submitter Thor110 Submitted 01/07/2021 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible No  
  23. I am not sure I would call all of TSL's writing crap, but it's definitely lacking here and there. Honestly I would say if you wish to go through 130,000 lines of dialog and improve them, rewriting them as well as finding a way to fix the Audio around them, crack on. Or otherwise good luck finding a team do so, I myself have had thoughts of changing all sorts of things, though I cannot say that the writing was heavily one of them, other than perhaps typos or out of place lines. There is also one huge thing to consider, which is compatibility and interest, compatibility for something like this will be practically non-existent and I suspect interest would be lacking also, though I can also say that on the other hand if done right interest would be huge, so all in all good idea, huge undertaking, I would say make a start on it, or form a team and make a start on it, or start by heavily improving the writing of just a single area in the game to showcase your suggested improvements.
  24. Good to know and incase anyone else is following this, I looked up : Which could be handy for people and that they are found in "k_inc_generic" for TSL I had simply forgotten as I haven't really used them yet, though I have known for a while that I really should start doing so.
  25. Perfect response, thank you and good to know that it can be used on placeables also.