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  1. While I'm at it can i report my own files as being broken? I need to fix my mando armour mod ASAP

    1. N-DReW25


      You could just type in the comments of your mod something  along the lines of "DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE MOST RECENT VERSION WHICH IS VERSION X. UPDATE TO FIX BUGS IN VERSION B IN PROGRESS" or something like that.

  2. honestly, it's quite awkward: you have to kill a tach and pretend it was him. I know it's silly but the dialog and scripts around Rulan was more complicated than i thought so i just tried to make do (especially for my level of modding). If i can find a better way it'll be in the next update! BTW when i next update this mod i might change it so you don't gain any lightside points (as suggested), you just dont get any darkside points. I think that makes more sense in-universe, but i wanted to create an alternative for lightside players so i'm not sure.
  3. i need to update a couple of my mods - specifically my K2 Mandalorian Armour one and Genoharadan LightSide. Posting this update so i don't forget (or at least if i do i'll get the shame i deserve).

  4. True. To be honest, there's very little left to compete, it's just been so long for me that I've forgotten how to do it (I think all that's left is some scripts to position HK48 at the right area during cutscenes). I once took some sage advice that I should never ask for voice work until the mod was 100% complete, and here I am several years later, when once I arrogantly thought it was ready at 98%. So, yeah, I def regret not taking that advice. HK-48 means a lot to me personally, so I do promise that I will finish it when I can. I just need to relearn KOTOR modding in the meantime.
  5. this is new to me, i'll try to figure it out. I don't have much to update since I've just been really busy with life and uni and stuff. That said, it would be such a shame to let this project go to waste, especially since I have such amazing voicework provided by UnusualCharacters. I am committed to finishing and releasing this mod when I can, I just don't really know how soon that will be.
  6. having some trouble working out how to get the voice to play. right now it just skips like there's no voice files attached, but i don't know how to fix it. the only change is that i now use the Steam version of the game, but otherwise everything's the same from when it did work just fine. i've tried putting the .wav files in StreamVoice and Override but nothing seems to work. Is this a Steam thing or am i misremembering something else?
  7. The HK-48 mod i was working on a few years ago, i feel a huge obligation to complete simply bc it was SO near completion. Just a couple of scripts and it could've been released. I was so happy with it was well i think i'm gonna try my hardest to finish it within the next few days.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Good luck. How compatible would it be with things nowadays?

    2. LoneWanderer


      Cool. The HK-48 mod was an interesting idea to improve the HK-factory experience. Good luck with the revival of the mod!

  8. Definitely something I could do or at least think about but I've been really really lazy with HK-48 as it is so it'll have to be when i'm a bit less busy.
  9. I really like this idea of enhancing some of the various characters throughout the game. I once thought of doing something similar by giving unique appearances/items to some of the named characters that just look like generic NPCs (the Genoharadan for example). Good luck with it I'm very impressed with what's been done so far!
  10. Don't worry I've come across this as well, I didn't realise that some of the dialog files were used in other parts of the game. I'll fix this when i get some time
  11. Been working on yet another Recruitable Maxis update lately, part of which includes giving a new voice to the Spirit you encounter on Korriban. (don't tell anybody but it's the Gran voice from K2 with reverb). If anyone's interested in how it sounds, here's a video. 


    1. ebmar


      Nicely done! Maybe if you change Maxis' animation at 1:46 [which pointing to he's finally be able to overcome the screaming voice on his head] back to the usual dialogue animation, the result would be somewhat nice, and fit with the situation also. And if you don't mind to change that typo there- decieved should be typed as deceived, I believe.

  12. Had a few fairly big setbacks with HK-48 but I'm still really excited to bring it out. I've got more time now so hopefully I can re-do what I've lost and polish it up.

    1. jc2


      Looking forward to its completion!

  13. Quick update at where I'm at with testing: HK-48 is a little too OP so I'm going to take another look his character to make him more balanced. I'm also just learning how to use script parameters so I'm gonna be rewriting some of the scripts to decrease the amount of files and make things a bit smoother. Other than that everything seems to be working just fine, but I've not yet tested all the endings to the HK Factory. Don't want to promise anything yet but I'm really close to getting this finished and released. If anyone's interested here's a little look at HK-48:
  14. HK-48 is in its final stages, and now is fully voiced thanks to UnusualCharacters! All that's left to do is finish adding the audio and then test it all out. Here's a little look the new character:


    1. UnusualCharacters


      So fun to voice this character, glad to be a part of it! Loved the writing, felt straight out of the game.

    2. ebmar


      Seriously, those lines were hilarious! 😂 Loved the writing; as UnusualCharacters said:


      felt straight out of the game.


  15. I've hit a slight problem. I recently reinstalled the game and now when using KotOR Tool for K2 scripts I get an error saying "Value cannot be null. Parameter name item." Since most scripts from K1 work on K2 i should be able to work around it but I'd still like to know what the issue is/