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  1. 134340Goat

    Using K1R on xbox questions

    Yeah, that restoration was by someone else, several years before K1R was a thing. So don't worry, it's functioning as intended
  2. 134340Goat

    Using K1R on xbox questions

    1. I'm pretty sure that's intentional. I mean, your character's unconscious, or at least "slipping in and out" of it, as Carth says 2. Weird, but glad you got it 3. Huh. That's weird. I take it you're referring to the restored swoop track module and not the mandatory one that you need to progress the plot? Might have something to do with the way it was restored, but I can't imagine why it'd be doing that. Hmm
  3. 134340Goat

    MOD:KOTOR 2 Community Patch

    Excellent! Here's something that'll definitely have a permanent place in my Kotor II games from now on Thanks to all the modders who've made these various fixes and AFP for putting this together!
  4. 134340Goat

    Ranger Solo: Anticipation Topic

    That was a lot of fun! Considerably more enjoyable than I'd gone in expecting. Bit of a slow start, and I wasn't fond of the colour palette, but overall, I really liked it. Got used to Alden as Han about a half hour in, and by the end, I actually thought he was pretty good 7.5/10 from me
  5. 134340Goat

    Lightsaber Forms by deathdisco

  6. 134340Goat


  7. 134340Goat

    Download:KotOR 1 Restoration

    If you're referring to this mod compilation by A Future Pilot, it says it's unfortunately incompatible, though I haven't played with both to test how problematic it'd be
  8. 134340Goat

    Download:Queedle Fix

    Hey, nice catch! I'd never noticed that before. And now I'll never be able to not be bothered by it - if not for this mod!
  9. Dantooine, Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan.... and who cares Assuming one goes from planet to planet (in any order) and does not leave until they find the star map, Bastilla will be captured by Malak just before you head to the last planet, so naturally, she's not around to discuss the vision with you However, let's say you really, really hate Tatooine, so you want to do it last. But you love HK, so you stop there for 10 minutes to pick him up. You'll find when you reach the planet where you have your last vision, Bastilla doesn't seem to care to talk about it. If that planet is Korriban, that also results in her not giving the talk about it being unwise for her to leave the ship The devs obviously assumed you just wouldn't planet hop without first completing a planet. Perhaps somebody can work on amending this?
  10. 134340Goat

    Visas Marr's Med-Bay Body Position

    Hmm. Would this not maybe require a custom animation/model? I suppose one could use the animation for when a character's been knocked down by a Force push or something, but the idea is she's unconscious, so she wouldn't have her arms up and moving around, and as far as I know, the animation used there is the only one there is for a dead character on their back And while I'm looking at that, might not be a bad idea to push her down a bit. Her head's going off the pillow!
  11. 134340Goat

    What happens if you go...

    Hm, as far as I've read, the galaxy droid glitch only happens in the Xbox version if you end the fighter sequence a certain way. I think it was continuing to mash the fire button? Either way, even if you encounter that bug, all you'd need to do is tell it to take you to your next planet
  12. 134340Goat

    Ranger Solo: Anticipation Topic

    Well, assuming the rumours are accurate
  13. Another basic question and then a bit of a complicated question that's come to mind since the first thread - What were some aspects of M4-78EP as it currently is that sparked internal debate? Something like "Should we really make this thing go like this" or "Does this bit really belong here?" And of those things that were debated, what are some notable bits that ultimately failed to make the cut? Hypothetically, what is something, no matter how realistic or feasible to implement it might or might not be, that any members of the team wish they could put in the mod?
  14. 134340Goat

    K1 Community Patch

    I'd say no to that one. Fixing a bug is one thing. But while a lot of the dialogue options are indeed hokey or just plain silly sometimes, it isn't something unintended on the part of the devs Also, to address this That doesn't matter, since there's an unlockable/breakable box at the Czerka camp that contains 3 glands
  15. 134340Goat

    Crossguard Lightsabers

    I've not encountered or heard of such an issue before. Try removing and reinstalling the mod. If that still doesn't work, then is it possible you might have remnants of earlier mods installed which could cause a problem?