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  1. 1) The mod you have uploaded is already available on DeadlyStream here; 2) Please do not upload items without permission (see rule #18); 3) Please read and abide by the site rules in future; 4) If you intend to upload mods here, please use the mod uploader (go to "downloads" at the top of the page, then click "submit a file"); 5) This section is, generally speaking, for announcing your own mods, and usually contains threads relating to mods uploaded through the file uploader. Welcome to DeadlyStream.
  2. ChanceLightning in the .are file sets the frequency, but I don't know if the game requires specific meshes for it to take effect.
  3. I've attempted to address a couple of the points raised here (specifically, the XP overload and the overpowered lightsabers) in my Gameplay Rework mod. I'd certainly be interested in adding some more features to it to diversify the play experience a bit/ make the game more challenging, and hearing suggestions. I'm not especially thrilled at the idea of removing features, but I have been considering altering/reducing the number of startup feats, introducing some stat prerequisites for some feats (e.g., minimum strength for power attack), and possibly locking skills or feats out for certain classes or altering which skills are class skills, etc.
    One of the best KotOR mods. Just brilliant work, excellently implemented.
  4. Updated mod: Gameplay Rework v0.6 released:


  5. Changes in v0.6: -Poisons now do double the HP damage done in the standard game. Ability damage poisons now do a small amount of HP damage, too: 1 HP for mild and average, 2 HP for virulent. - Autobalance adjusted to make higher levels slightly more challenging, but hopefully not unmanageable; - Fixed a bug that borked skills; - Fixed a bug with regeneration; - Restored Alter/Sense/Control powers as prerequisites for starting powers in different combinations. Guardians receive Control at level 1, Sense at level 5, and Alter at level 10. Consulars receive Sense at level 1, Alter at level 5, and Control at level 10. Sentinels receive Alter at level 1, Control at level 5, and Sense at level 10. To accommodate the new prerequisite, class power gains have been adjusted so that the three base Jedi classes receive an extra Force Power at levels 1, 5, and 10. Prerequisites for starting level powers are as follows: Affect Mind: Alter, Control, Sense Speed Burst: Control Cure: Control, Sense Drain Life: Control, Sense Fear: Sense Aura: Control Jump: Control Valor: Control, Sense Push: Alter Resist Force: Control Resist Energy: Alter, Sense Shock: Alter, Sense Slow: Alter, Control, Sense Stun: Alter, Sense Stun Droid: Alter, Sense Suppress Force: Alter, Control Saber Throw: Alter Wound: Alter Barrier: Alter, Control Battle Meditation: Control, Sense Force Body: Control Drain Force: Control, Sense Force Scream: Alter Repulsion: Alter Redirection: Alter Revitalize: Alter, Control, Sense Mind Trick: Alter, Sense
  6. Hi Salk, Thank you for the response. Apologies for not replying sooner, but real life (as it tends to) has kept me tied up for the last few days, unfortunately. I accept that you hadn't read this thread before PMing me. I realise you hadn't uploaded anything of the mod yet, but you have announced you were releasing a mod-pack including work you didn't have permission for. Your intention to credit is of course welcome and salutary, but you gave the impression you were presuming permission when you didn't have it. I'm sure you can appreciate why that left a rather sour taste. I really don't see why not including three of my mods means you can't release the compilation at all. You are more than welcome to use the one mod you have permission for, and to release a smaller compilation. That is, of course, up to you.
  7. Hi Salk, Thanks for raising this mod again here. I notice you're currently planning to include four of my mods in your compilation, namely: - Korriban Academy Workbench 2.0 - Holocron Icon Replacement - Hi-Res Beam Effects 2.0 - [KotOR] Mandalorian Battle Blades 2.0 Thanks to the recent reappearance of the Lucasforums archive, I've been able to check through my old LF inbox. So I can now happily confirm that I gave you permission to use the Korriban Academy Workbench mod. However, you appear to have only ever asked for permission for this one mod, and not for any of my other mods. The other three mods of mine you mention there also make an explicit requirement for permission to be asked before you can upload them or publish a mod deriving from them. For the Holocron Icon Replacement and Hi-Res Beam Effects, this part of the disclaimer section of the readme reads: Use it how you like, but if you're going to post it up somewhere, or make a derivate mod, or use it in another mod, you must ask me first. For the Mandalorian Battles Blades, it reads: This mod, or any derivate or part thereof, may not be uploaded to any website, ftp, server, or as part of a torrent, except with the expressed permission of the author. I'm rather disappointed that you appear to have taken advantage of my good will like this. I think, at the least, you should remove my mods from the collection in this mod, and any other you've assumed you had permission for under a similar premise.
  8. Since a lot of us came to DS from LucasForums, or had accounts at both when LF existed, I know a lot of you will want to know that there is a more-or-less complete archive of LF now uploaded at link This includes a lot of stuff on KotOR modding, as well as other Star Wars and LucasArts related material. Also, if you had a an account at LF, these are also working on Mixnmojo, so you can log in, too.
  9. I have just discovered a complete (or very near complete) backup/archive of LF on another site, which includes the four tutorials forums that were on LF. The links are below: Users are advised that all information here may be somewhat out of date, particularly with regard to tools like mdlops.
  10. That looks like a problem with the different positions of the mask hooks on different faces. It might be possible to improve the positioning a bit, but there's no way to make it sit perfectly on every face.
  11. Well, you'd best roll up your sleeves and set to. Best of luck.
  12. It's one of the storyline mods e-varmint made. The other one that survives now is his Taris Ruins mod.
  13. Well, none of those errors are likely to be it, at least. ii_datapad_018.tga is an icon, probably for one of the lightsaber forms, and the other three files are all to do with the Korriban workbench. Four Force Powers and Force Enlightenment both modify your Force powers, obviously, and they might be the root of the problem. And BoS:SR changes so many things that we can't rule out a problem there, either. IIRC, Snigaroo's mod list is mostly texture files, so that shouldn't be the problem. But I don't think a mod conflict is to blame here; I just tested this (albeit with a similar list of mods) and got similar results. I have a couple of ideas for what might the cause of this, and will try and come up with a solution soon.
  14. So I see is back in existence, in its traditional form of an error message.

    1. DarthParametric


      Doing a domain lookup, I don't think it ever went away as such. It just doesn't exist as a functional site.

      Given the significant number of IP and registrar changes over the past decade and the fact that it is listed as being for sale, I imagine it has gone through the hands of a series of squatters looking to make a quid off it.


    2. InSidious


      Oh, that's certainly true. But last week the old front page was showing, too:

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Well . . . that's interesting.