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  1. I like the trailer... to a degree. Then again I loved the Last Jedi teaser but that ended up a debacle. I'm getting some deja vu vibes with that Imperial Fleet *Dark Force Rising cough* and Dark Rey *The Last Command cough*. Kylo Ren seems to be the only consistent thing good in this trilogy, so seeing him in a more prominent role in that trailer is always good. And Rey actually getting some form of training with that remote. But I just WISH they would have some original star fighters or something besides the classic OT squadrons.
  2. As someone who hasn't liked the previous Disney Star Wars (barring Rogue One), this has got my attention. Love that duality of Light vs Dark, but I'm hoping this doesn't mimic "Luke vs Vader" fight with Palpatine on the sidelines coercing Rey to join the darkside (which by the look of the footage, seems to parallel Return of the Jedi...)