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  1. This actually occurred to me too the other day, and I'm using an English keyboard 😕 Never used cheats since playing it in 2004 until this bug crept up. By the way, there are two gamebreaking bugs that might occur later on a Mandalorian ship (an invisible console and a force field that doesn't block it)
  2. Do you have GOG? I've had minimal problems modding Kotor on there (Steam isn't 100% mod friendly for older games from my experience)
    Fun little mod! She didn't have too many interactions from what I saw but it was nice to see some new content, thanks @Fair Strides and the K1R team
  3. Has anyone ever found a fix for the bug darthbdaman came across? I have the Kotor Restoration Mod installed alongside this and I have the same problem 😕 Addendum: I have resolved it by manually installing the mod (aka, putting the two ncs. and dlg. files into the override) instead of using the tslpatcher!
  4. I don't know, as a Disney Star Wars critic, I happened to really love Director Orson Krennic and to a degree like Kylo Ren. But I agree on that Disney really has no idea what makes their IP or legacy characters resonate so much. Honestly, I think BioWare should do a license game first (i.e. Star Wars) before diving back into their own franchises, given that at least some effort needs to be made to please its target market.
  5. Just saw it a second time. Hated it on first viewing. But I think there were more aspects that I found to be more positive than the previous two where it made me enjoy TROS more so in IMAX. Its pretty obvious there were *tons* of reshoots for this film; Palpatine seems shoe horned, and the Mortis inscriptions on the holocrons lends credence to the fact the Son was perhaps supposed to be the main baddie. 2/3rds of the film was completely original unlike TFA or TLJ (both ripoffs of ANH and ESB), but I think I will just stick to the prequels and originals for the future. The people on Red Letter Media are notoriously Star Trek fans and have even stated that Star Wars is and can never be original (which is completely a farce, what with Kotor, the prequels, TCW, Rebels, and a couple great Star Wars legends materials being good to great). As someone who loved the prequels, I respect their opinion, but that documentary "The People vs George Lucas" epitomizes the fanbase they appeal to so I never paid heed to their overly nitpick of the prequel trilogy. The films have problems, though not as egregious as many claim.
  6. I generally would be, but from the new Hollywood Reporter, she's now scouting for "diverse" and inclusive filmmakers. Wasn't a fan of Game of Thrones Seasons 6-8, but they had potential (honestly I think they hated doing the show four seasons in and decided to short cut it all). I kinda wish Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, or Denis Villeneuve would step in the ring though I'm sure they're smart enough not to deal with the Kathleen Kennedy and her group of cronies in the Lucasfilm Story Group. Defintely agree with Canderis, pretty sure they just want Rian Johnson's trilogy announcement to be a vague memory.
  7. The most recent trailer really killed what remaining interest I've had for this film. It's yet *another* OT remake, the film will be killing off more OT characters unnecessarily, and it shows that these films will merely just be flash and no substance. A shame, because 2/3rds of the film looks like a solid Star Wars adventure and they have an awesome cast. Curious though, what do y'all think Luke, Leia, and the Knights of Ren's role will be?
  8. I like the trailer... to a degree. Then again I loved the Last Jedi teaser but that ended up a debacle. I'm getting some deja vu vibes with that Imperial Fleet *Dark Force Rising cough* and Dark Rey *The Last Command cough*. Kylo Ren seems to be the only consistent thing good in this trilogy, so seeing him in a more prominent role in that trailer is always good. And Rey actually getting some form of training with that remote. But I just WISH they would have some original star fighters or something besides the classic OT squadrons.
  9. As someone who hasn't liked the previous Disney Star Wars (barring Rogue One), this has got my attention. Love that duality of Light vs Dark, but I'm hoping this doesn't mimic "Luke vs Vader" fight with Palpatine on the sidelines coercing Rey to join the darkside (which by the look of the footage, seems to parallel Return of the Jedi...)