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  1. The first one is completely correct. After Bastila throws her lightsaber, her lightsaber disappears and starts fighting Malak unarmed. And for Brandon's saber, he doesn't even spawn with one when he first appears on the Endar Spire. (I did a clean install with just the community patch and KSR mod and I still had the same problem)
  2. While testing mod, (And I'm not sure if it's just for me) Bastila's Lightsaber on the Leviathan would completely disappear after she throws her lightsaber at Malak. I'm not sure is this a problem on my part, or just a general bug, but a fix to this would be gladly appreciated. (11/10 mod overall) Edit: This goes for Bandon's Lightsaber as well when he first appears.
  3. I know it's been a few months, and you'd think, "This guy must've found a solution by now due to no respond!" I beg to differ. Jokes aside, I managed to get it back to its OG color scheme... kind of..
  4. It's been almost a week or two ever since I made this request, I'm hoping someone will respond with an answer soon... ☚ī¸
  5. I've always loved this Revan skin. But I never liked the 'redness' of the torso and arms. I've wondered if anyone would be willing to reskin this mod to give it it's brown texture from before (I don't have much experience with modding, so I've wondered if anyone would reskin this for me) Link to the Original mod: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic-ii/file/darth-revan-dark-lord-of-the-sith
  6. Thank you so much! You have my gratitude đŸ’Ē
  7. I haven't really been very successful finding this skin anywhere. Using this for a future playthrough that I'm doing soon. I'd be appreciated if anyone could send me a link to this mod 👍
  8. I never played the Revenge of Revan when it first came out. But honestly, this looks genuinely cool. Never knew this mod was off and on for a while, always thought it was dead lol. Good luck on the progress, can't wait to play it when it comes out. Definitely a lot of dedication to this mod. 🙂
    Very ear shattering. Still a great attempt for a mod that came out 3 years ago lol.
  9. Overall, a really unexpected but amazing mod upload. I always wondered if Vandar would ever get a high quality model one day. Definitely a 9/10. However, while testing it, I came across how how off putting the teeth and eyes slightly look. Aside from that, a pretty solid remodel!
  10. Great job on this mod! Love how it uses a very unique sith lightsaber. It looks so identical to Revan's TOR saber. Edit: After testing the mod, when I first got the lightsaber in the tomb, Uthar and Yuthura are nowhere to be seen. I've tried restarting the save, starting a new game and speed-running up to Korriban, but Uthar and Yuthura simply do not appear. It would be great if you could fix this, the mod is great overall.
  11. Another fantastic reskin! I also would like the head link to test in game, if it's not any trouble at all.
  12. This is a complete must have mod. It looks like Fen's Mission mod, but better. This will be a permanent save to my override folder! (P.s, I would like head download link, if you don't mind)
  13. I would like to request for the head link in a personal message if you don't mind.